Diapers Are “Trending”

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Apparently, Face Diapers are “trending” on Twitter – the Leftist speech control organ that suppressed any speech that questioned the wearing (and the “vaccinating”) until facts about the medical useleness of the former and the dangers of the latter could no longer be characterized as “misinformation.”

But – nevertheless – a “trend” is apparently “trending” on this medium of mass manipulation to #BringBackMasks. Which is more accurately styled #ReaffirmMentalIllness.

No one, after all, ever told the mentally ill that they are not allowed to wear Face Diapers – as many as they like. The hashtag ju-jitsu here is to conflate the not-mentally-ill not-wearing Face Diapers with a ban on the wearing by the mentally ill that never existed.

What the #BringBackers really want, then, is what they wanted before – and had, in many parts of the country. That being a ban on mentally healthy who refused to wear them to placate the feelings of the mentally unhealthy.

Indeed, it was something far worse than that. By banning the mentally healthy from entering places of business – or even public spaces – the mentally unhealthy made great strides in normalizing mental illness. When everyone – just about – looks crazy then it looks like crazy isn’t. It would be the same if everone – just about – wore a literal Diaper, outside their pants, even. The people who didn’t would look like oddballs.

Worse, they would be treated as such by the herd of mentally ill people, who would draw power from the appearance of general agreement with their aberration as perfectly sane, rather than evidence of insanity. It is why – in the Before Time of less than three years ago – when people saw a person wearing a “mask” outside of  an operating room in a hospital they immediately assumed the wearer was . . . ill.

Which was a safe assumption, for the same reason one would assume the same if confronted with the spectacle of someone wearing a literal Diaper outside their pants. Would steer clear of such a person, too.

The mentally ill who wear a Diaper over their Faces know this, instinctively. Are aware that if others do not wear a Diaper over their Faces, it makes the Faces of the Diapered look just the same as they looked in the Before Time of less-than-three years ago. But unlike the shambling, muttering, shopping-cart-pushing schizophrenics of the Before Time – who never tried to force their ways on others – the crazies of our time did insist on it. And now they are insisting upon it again.

Not because Diapering your Face serves any medical purpose – outside of a surgical suite – but because it furthers the purpose of keeping mental illness a general (and ongoing) thing. The weaponization of hypochondria has succeeded in permanently deranging a significant percent of the general population – as can be seen by seeing them, practically anywhere you go. It is certain, almost, that you will see at least one and probably several mentally ill people – easily diagnosed by the presence of a Diaper over their Faces. It is no longernecessary to seek such sights under freeway overpasses. One can see them in the supermarket (also pushing a cart). At the gym, looking like rutting bullfrogs, their Diapers bulging in and out with every breath.

Most of all – most inevitably of all – one sees them at hospitals and any other such places subsumed (even loosely) under the rubric of “health care.” The sick irony of which is more pregnant than a Duggar. The most mentally ill people can be found within the walls of hospitals – not for the mentally ill. The places where, putatively, they treat phsyical illnesses – ideally, not administered by the mentally ill. And yet, that is precisely where you will find and can see the most concentrated etiolation of the mental illness that #BringBackMasks wants to  . . . bring back.

Which of course is funny, given it never left. Still remains – as a kind of “hot spot” of lingering sickness. And therein lies the rub. Or rather, the contrast. The outside world looks increasingly normal, aside from the occasional sight of a Diapered Face. It is their inside world that looks compratively crazy – because that’s just what it is.

And that is what the Bring Backers hope to bring back – in order that they look sane again by seeing to it that everyone else looks crazy again.

. . .

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  1. The Morning After

    This is the weirdest part of the PSYOP.
    The mild flu relabelled as deathly bat germ, insane, bs, fake science narrative…..

    It has been quite a trip these last two and a half years, but the orgy of fear and hatred is over, the mass hysteria is wearing off, and the reality of the damage they have done is beginning to become undeniable.

    And now comes the really nauseating part, the part where the New Normal authorities admit that they “overreacted,” and that “mistakes were made,” and that they deeply regret having needlessly murdered and seriously injured God knows how many people,

    and psychologically crippled countless children, and accidentally totally destabilized and restructured the entire global economy, and explain in a lengthy piece in The New Yorker how they’re sorry, but they were drunk at the time, and swear they will never do it again.


  2. … “Everything that’s happened and is happening becomes much simpler and it all makes sense, only when you force yourself to think the impossible.


    Even if your immediate response is that this is absurd, please try it for a day or so. […]

    They are coming for you and your children. It is happening again. There’s ample evidence emerging of long-term, patient planning. I’m so sorry.

    It’s now up to you. I genuinely don’t see what else I can do.” …


  3. For the past 2.5 years, I’ve kept asking myself why the dildos keep insisting on wearing those dreaded things. I always thought that they were just idiots and/or cowards. It wasn’t until recently (about a couple of months ago) that it finally hit me. Most of them were never afraid of a virus to begin with, but rather, afraid of losing their newfound power over us pure-bloods. This is why tyranny is successful (to an extent), and has been throughout history. It’s all about pride and ego. No matter the alleged justification for said tyranny, it will always come down to “I don’t like you! I’m better than you!”. Now that the dildos realize that they may have very well screwed themselves by taking an untested drug, they will fight us tooth and nail to make sure that they don’t go down alone.

    • RE: “It’s all about pride and ego. […] it will always come down to “I don’t like you! I’m better than you!”.”

      I suspect it’s more than that.

      We have some super-duper face diaper vax-worshipping TDS relatives. Talking to them, it’s clear they are spell-bound in their convictions, in a way that is beyond what they think of themselves. Their self, is absorbed by the collective.
      There does not seem to be any pride in what they say & think.
      It’s just,… hate.

      Wikipedia says ‘Groupthink’ “causes the group to minimize conflict”. However; from what I’ve encountered, it causes the individuals within the Groupthink to Maximize conflict, to the point of cutting off relations based on a lack of, ‘two minutes of hate’ towards such as the Guvnah of Florida or the lack of reverence towards the evil witch Pelosi.

      It truly is, bizarre.

    • Hi Blue,

      I think you’re right, in re the psychological motivation that supports ongoing Diaper Wearing. At this point, I’d be willing to bet that at least 90 percent of the Still-Diapered are Leftists. It is the uniform of their ideology. The good news is we can reall see who they are, now. And – dark thought – most of them may not be around to plague us for very much longer.

  4. I crashed the Aspen Flight Academy annual fundraiser auction. Lots of interesting aircraft on display including several of NetJets’ fleet. Also got lunch. Noteworthy that no one, NO ONE at the event was masked. Aspen was full of mask lunacy even as late as last winter. I guess because O’Biden decreed the pandemic over on 60 minutes.

  5. #BringBackMasks…

    With the lack of conflict it takes just to walk into a store or gas station these past 6-8 months since most have abandoned the cult of masking. I am still adjusting to going out and browsing just for the hell of it. I spend way more time at home doing productive things around the property, I’m sure my cortisol and adrenaline levels are lower than they were a year ago too.
    Although there is a small sliver of me that feels gone not having the conflict on a daily basis, (in a good way). Like moving out of a really bad crime ridden neighborhood and not having to look over your shoulder and size up every interaction with every stranger you see. It really has been an adjustment not looking at 90% of the population as adversaries and or brain dead morons. Oh well, just wait till the teee-veee throws the switch on the next psyop I guess. I’ve conceded I’m not of this world, just passing through so what does it matter anyway. Fools will be fools.

  6. Had a dental hygienist appt yesterday and for the first time I walked in without a mask and there was no tray of masks at the receptionist counter. Staff was masked, no one said anything to me and I waited unmasked in the waiting room while two or three fully masked clients walked in. Then my dentist walked in from the parking lot. Unmasked. No one mentioned wearing a mask at any time during this appointment. Obviously they have changed their rules. It was so refreshing.

      • sharing the road with the vaxxed

        World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab wants to eliminate car ownership all together. The organization props up the Spanish city of Pontevedra as an example. It banned all cars in 1999. That model is unrealistic in the United States. Thus, Klaus’ goal is all ride share transportation by 2030. It might happen by default if economic conditions continue as is.

        Gas prices in California are pricing a lot of people out of driving in the state.

        It’s best to trust yourself driving versus getting into an Uber, Lyft, taxi, city bus, etc. knowing there’s a 90% chance the driver is genetically-modified. This blogger certainly embraces “social distancing” on highways and busy roadways. Give yourself at least an additional second or two to react in the event of some sudden circumstance.

        Vehicular deaths will easily surpass 50,000 in 2022. The U.S. hasn’t seen that many roadway deaths since 1980. The most roadway fatalities in U.S. history in one year is 54,589 in 1972. Don’t be surprised if that record is shattered this year. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.

        • agenda 2030 does have a depop mandate……

          part of the plan….the 60% vaxxed drivers take out the 40% pure bloods?….lol…death by zombie driver…

        • Hi Anon,

          While I can’t prove it, I am certain something is “up” with regard to drivers – i.e., the “vaccinated.” Every single time I try to get somewhere, I find myself dealing with a “driver” who us addled by . . . something. Who is doing at least 10 MPH below the posted speed limit and often 15 or even more. Wandering left-right, across the double yellow, then swaying back toward the shoulder. I’ve had two near-misses in ten days – drivers coming at me in the opposing lane, wandering partially into my lane. This sort of thing happened in the past but not every single time … something is up. I wonder what it could be?

          • Eric,
            I have no doubt the test subjects are contributing greatly to the increase in accidents and poor driving. At the same time we can’t ignore how many people are drugging themselves into oblivion and staring at dey sail fawns to escape reality. Get a pair of polarized sunglasses and glance at oncoming drivers. You’ll be stunned at how many are staring at their lap! Now go observe how many people have dead glassy eyes at the big box store of your choice. So many have mentally checked out of this shitshow we’d be seeing horrible driving even without the microstrokers shuffling around.

      • TPTB understand that the non-vaccinated, except for elite-level fools, are not going to roll up their sleeves at this point. The goal of the injections is two-fold: kill as many as possible and install the transhumanism software in those who survive. The swab tests also potentially installed the software. Thus more than 90% of Americans are connected to The Great Reset grid. Mission accomplished. They’ll deal with the non-vaccinated/non-swab tested at a later date.

        People will continue dying off by the tens of thousands, and into the hundreds of thousands per day, with far fewer births, as 2023 approaches. And the more data that come out (even if said data are mitigated to prevent mass panic and chaos), the more realistic The COVID Blog™ prediction of only 4.5 billion people on Earth by the end of 2024 becomes.

        The European Union released new data on excess mortality last week. The entire E.U. rose to +16% in excess deaths for July, up from +7% in June. That amounts to about 53,000 additional deaths in July 2022 compared to the average July from 2016 to 2019, according to the data. The situation is even more ominous when you look at excess deaths by individual member state for July 2022.

        1. 🇮🇸 Iceland, +55.8%
        2. 🇪🇸 Spain +36.9%
        3. 🇱🇮 Lichtenstein +35.8%
        4. 🇨🇾 Cyprus +32.9%
        5. 🇬🇷 Greece +31.2%
        6. 🇵🇹 Portugal +28.8%
        7. 🇲🇹 Malta +26.4%
        8. 🇨🇭 Switzerland +25.9%
        9. 🇮🇹 Italy +24.9%
        10. 🇦🇹 Austria +17.5%
        The E.U., of course, blamed climate change for the rise in excess deaths. TPTB have no choice but to continue normalizing all these deaths via mainstream and social media.

        The American Heart Association, in a 2006 study long before mRNA and viral vector DNA-induced myocarditis and pericarditis, found 20% and 56% mortality rates after one year and 4.3 years, respectively, for biopsy-verified myocarditis. Again, the vaccine genocide is only going to accelerate.

        Mainstream media also must normalize all the other “mysterious” deaths. A 42-year-old man was minding his own business at a Calgary bus stop on Sunday morning, September 18. He was struck and killed by a speeding Dodge Ram truck that crashed into the bus shelter.

        Calgary Police said the driver was in his 70s and may have suffered “a medical incident.” But CBC News created a strange deflection narrative. Calgary Police implied that the dead man may have caused his own death because he owned a car, and thus shouldn’t have been taking a bus. There have been no further updates on the victim or the killer.

        The countdown to major aviation disaster continues as well – and of course mainstream media are coy about the details. A Boeing jet (we don’t know which model) was forced to land after the pilot died mid-flight on September 18. The flight from Novokuznetsk to St. Petersburg (Russia) was redirected to an airport in Omsk. It’s unclear how many passengers were aboard. But if there was no co-pilot to land the plane, all of them and perhaps hundreds more on the ground would be dead.


        • Anon1,

          In U.S., there’s a children’s hospital in New York that is trying to normalize childhood myocarditis with an ad they put out, blatantly implying that it’s NORMAL for children to have myocarditis, even though prior to jabbing children with the COVID shots, it was actually RARE for children and teens to have myocarditis. And the mainstream media used a term called SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) to explain the excess deaths among healthy adults and athletes since 2021. They (or whoever writes the narratives) were bound and determined to have the masses belieeeeeeve that excess deaths were NOT from an experimental Big Pharma product but instead “Died Suddenly”.

          • Hi John,

            Yes, I’ve seen this as well. The worrisome thing is that – as in Orewll’s book – most people may actually believe it. May intuit that 2+2=5 rather than four. That Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia… even though it was at war with Eurasia just a moment before….

            • Eric,
              In Oregon, there’s someone running for governor who stated a few months ago in an interview with some TV station that she would “Bring back mask mandates if the science said to do so.” However, the only “science” that justified mask mandates was SCIENCE™️.

              Such “science” dictated that forcing everyone to wear masks would ‘Bring cases down’, vaccinating the ENTIRE human population would “End the pandemic”, the coronavirus ONLY existed in small businesses and churches, thus governments forcing small businesses and churches to close down but allowing LARGE corporations to stay open, etc.

              And now, these same people, using the term “Climate Crisis”, are using SCIENCE™️ to call for ending fossil fuels, BANNING ownership of gas powered cars, BANNING meat consumption in favor of eating bugs or artificial food made in a laboratory, and even “carbon footprint trackers”. I’m surprised there hasn’t also been calls for PERMANENT masking or taxes on breathing as the dreaded CARBON DIOXIDE comes out of our noses every time we EXHALE.
              It’s astonishing how many people fell for the narratives involving COVID and the government response to it and STILL believe that and the narratives involving the “vaccines”. They’ll likely also believe the “solutions” being called for to “Solve climate change”.

  7. A bit off topic, but otoh, the COVID “vaccines” were sold to the masses worldwide as “The way out of this pandemic” until it was becoming increasingly obvious that was complete bull crap. The online program The Highwire streamed a brilliant new documentary on ordinary people who’ve been injured by the COVID jabs. It’s called “Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion”. Since it was made in the UK, It has people in the UK telling their stories of vaxx injuries, though there’s FAR MORE people around the world who’ve taken these shots only to suffer permanent injury or death…. it’s 55 minutes long.


  8. My neighbor had a heart attack earlier in the week; his wife can’t drive anymore so our little neighborhood klatch has been taking turns carrying her to the hospital to visit. They still require the stupid face diaper. But, of those wearing it, most had their nose uncovered so it was/is pointless. I refused to wear one and no one said anything –not the staff, the volunteers, or the lard butt ‘security’ guards.

  9. I was sitting with an elderly friend (87) a couple of weeks ago at the local hospital. I was there mostly to support my friend who is her unofficial care giver. Anyway, had been sitting in her room for a while after coming from the ER. Had been in the ER all night–fell broke her right shoulder, in a sling. No medical care of any kind given her whole time there—except meds, maybe an MRI. Anyway, sitting waiting on the nurse to come do her admission, waiting, waiting, finally Kristi went to the nurses station and said something to them. They did not even know she was in the room! Waited a little more, finally her nurse comes in, double masked! Looked like a dust mask, then over that one of the little yellow mask (instead of blue), her talking was muffled of course. I told her I didn’t see how she could stand wearing that–don’t remember what she said. Then said they had to wear them and she had been ‘exposed’—oh no! Looking around I noticed not all employees were wearing masks, so she was crazy.
    My friend Kristi is a practicing RN and I’m a retired RN. Kristi had her mask pulled below her chin, told her to take the thing off which she did. I didn’t have one on—because why???
    The nurse was obese with tattoos all over her arms, no stethoscope anywhere. All she did was ask about our friend’s meds, did not touch the woman and barely looked at her. I noticed later most of the employees at the nurses station were all obese and had tattoos. I told Kristi, I guess to get in nursing school or the medical field of any sort, you have to be tatted up, must be a requirement now…..and look sloppy in your clothes.
    When I was a nurse, everyone wore white, down through the years eventually scrubs. Every weekend, my uniforms got washed and ironed, even when I wore scrubs, they got ironed. Then if I was wearing street clothes in other nursing jobs, my clothes were ironed. I still iron my clothes before going out in public. Around the house, I do look like a homeless person, but the squirrels haven’t complained yet.
    Also, when I was a floor nurse and I had a new admission, I got in that room as fast as I possibly could, because we had to do a complete head to toe assessment, listening to heart, lungs, bowels, etc, get a complete health history, on and on. The admissions took forever, especially if you had a talkative patient, then possibly start an IV, etc. This RN did not do any of that. I was amazed and asked Kristi if they didn’t have to do all of that anymore? She said they are supposed to.
    Back to the clothes. I was in the hospital quiet a few times in 2019, I would see employees walking around in all kinds of clothes, some even looked almost like pajamas and sometimes I couldn’t tell an employee from a visitor. Very low standards now in nursing I hate to say.
    Back to the topic, I still see plenty of people wearing the mask—-here and there, and by plenty I mean very few—but the thing is, no one should be wearing a mask. I did wear one last time if I just had to, this time, I will not. Oh—if you have a family member or a friend in the hospital, better go stay with them as much as possible—well if you don’t like them, don’t, they won’t be in this world long if left alone in the hospital.
    She only saw a Nurse Practitioner in the ER—which a lot of them are smarter than MD’s, but still. As far as I know, the ortho doctor saw her finally on Monday, discharged Tuesday, (she got to ER late Thursday night) the whole plan anyway, was no surgery because of her age and brittle bones.
    I jumped around a lot in this tale, hope it makes sense. Too lazy to fix.

  10. A couple of anti-mask/vax YouTubers I’ve followed since 2020 (both with tiny audiences, mind you) just had their accounts deleted. Another anti-masker said he’s being harassed by YouTube and is thinking of quitting his channel. Could be a coincidence, but it sure smells like something is brewing again–and just when it looked like it was all over!

    • That was a sight to behold – I think I nearly peed myself laughing. If ever we wanted to know what Jesus had to contend with in the Gergesenes, where he drove demons into the pigs, I’d imagine this comes pretty close.

  11. Twitter is a Bot farm, how much of this twat trend is legit when at least half of Twatzi is just bots?

    Deep State wants to push riots and chaos, they can’t have their foot soldiers ID’d, so if everyone’s back to masks, be easier to hide their minions, although the Weaponized Autism of 4Chan can ID anyone and find you no matter where you’re hiding (like with Shia LeDouche).

    What’s really going on is the bots are active and the sheeple who are weak minded are believing that crap, simple as that. If they drive Douchella’s (Tesla’s) and Douche Buggies (Prius’ and other Hybrids), ya know they’re more likely to fall for it, or if they got “Democrat” signs/bumper stickers on their lawns/cars

  12. I am convinced that 25% of people are clinically insane, another 25% are drug addicts, and 45% are just stupid and mean. About 5% have some common sense and morals.

  13. There were a bunch of articles in the local paper just yesterday by so-called “medical professionals” whining that the CDC lifting the diaper mandates for medical facilities and mostly everywhere now was “too soon!” Right, these craven bastards know the game is over but will never admit they were wrong. Eternity will be “too soon” for them.

  14. It is indeed quite unsettling to see the bastions of “health care” completely absorbed in requiring one display acquiescence to mental illness. That hospitals and doctors offices continue to scream “wear a mask” at the top of their lungs. How many have, and will die, because of this insanity? As I’ve recently stated, I’m not too trusting of one who embraces such insanity with my “health care”. I don’t want any such imbecile anywhere near my eyes with a laser.

    • That’s right, John. If they are either too stupid or too compliant, then why would I trust them with my well-being? I never have and never will. They bank on the fact that most would rather turn in their thinking skills and bow to the white coats.

      At this point I don’t know how I will ever go back, unless I need a good surgeon.

      • Hi Local,

        I think it’s fair – self-preservatory – to regard any doctor who wore a Diaper as either a poltroon or a fool. Neither is someone I would allow to “treat” me.


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