The New Bogeyman

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The old bogeyman – “COVID” – is getting tired. It’s time for a new bogeyman, “climate change.”

Does anyone remember the older bogeyman – Islamofascism?

Of course, it’s always the same bogeyman – in that all of them are based on fiction used to terrify people into submission. The three threes, if you like. It’s the old witch doctor formula: Do as we tell you or the sky will fall! Accompanied – in the past – by the shaking of a dead chicken in the audience’s face.

Today, accompanies by assertions just as ludicrous.

Wearing a “mask” will keep you safe. Taking a “vaccine” will keep you alive. Assuming it doesn’t kill you first.

The “COVID” mass terror was based on the fiction that an airborne plague was afoot, dangerous to all – when in fact it was lethal to very few. That fact was deliberately suppressed, in order to create the mass terror that was used to justify the measures imposed upon the masses, which they otherwise would never have accepted.

In exactly the same way, dire assertions about “climate change” – often issuing from the mouths of people who clearly do not believe these assertions, themselves, as evidenced by the fact of their own actions – are being used to justify mass-impoverishment. People are told that if they do not drastically curtail their “emissions” of carbon dioxide – which they “emit” with every breath exhaled –  the sky will fall.

Or the equivalent.

It’s all the same, at any rate.

Ask yourself this question: Can you name a specific negative effect of “climate change” that has affected you, personally? I have yet to have this question answered by anyone I’ve asked it of. Instead, one often hears – or rather, re-hears – the assertions made by the people on TV about “climate change,” who are paid to assert them (and won’t get paid if they don’t assert them).

The same people who asserted that “masks work” and that “vaccines” are “safe and effective.”

Also, that those who shied away from wearing – and taking – were terrible people, indifferent to the well-being of others.

Expect more of the same, again.

People will be told that those who “deny” the supposed reality of “climate change” – the latter a thing so vague as to have no specific definition, making it very hard to understand what, exactly, it is that’s being “denied” – are . . . terrible people, indifferent to the well-being of others. They are likely to be cast as criminals – as was the case at the height of the mass hysteria over “masks” and “vaccines.” The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, literally used the term to characterize people who raised questions about the “vaccines” he was pushing.

But don’t fall for it. The sky isn’t falling – and the “climate” isn’t “changing,” except as it normally does. There’s no bogeyman under the bed, either.

They just hope you’ll believe there is.

. . .

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  1. While the Biden Thing and some governors across the U.S. are trying to SHOVE “green energy” down the masses’ throats, some leaders in Europe are warning what WE face if we continue down this obsessive path……

    And considering that green energy all but necessitates that electric customers have a SMART METER on their homes for electricity rationing or jacked up electric rates, if you don’t want one on your home, you could one day face your local electric company just SHUTTING OFF your power. One electric company in Virginia is doing just that…..

    • Hi John,

      Whenever I hear or read “smart” in reference to a device, I automatically think: controlling. Because that’s what these things invariably are. It’s becoming necessary to learn a whole new language.

      • Eric,

        I’ve been suspicious of devices with SMART in their name myself. Over the past several years, it has become quite apparent that these “smart” devices are a dream come true for Technocrats, government bureaucrats, Amazon, Googuhl, insurance companies, etc., who wish to gather up as much data as possible on people who use such devices. The only “smart device” I have is a smart phone. I don’t even have a SMART METER, as I opted out of getting one because I had a pretty good idea of what they would one day be used for when Oregon’s Public utility commission effectively ordered the local electric company in my neck of the woods to install them on people’s homes and businesses a few years ago.

        With a soon to be new Queen named Tina Kotek coming in next year who’s ALL IN on “Green energy” and the “Climate Change” agenda, will she, through the state’s PUC, order that the utility company use the capabilities of these UGLY smart meters to jack up electric rates or even SHUT OFF power to avoid a complete collapse of the electrical grid? Or perhaps even SHUT OFF power to rural Oregon but SPARE Portlandia, given that the soon to be ex queen invariably put PORTLAND’S interests ahead of the rest of the state? Who knows.

        I see dark days ahead for the state I was born in under this new Queen. To paraphrase that old saying, “Meet the new queen, same as the old queen.” (Or perhaps WORSE)

      • Eric,

        I don’t know if you heard about this, but earlier this year, there was an electric company in Colorado that seized control of smart thermostats that their customers had and locked it at a certain temperature. When customers tried to override it, they got a message on their smart thermostats that said ENERGY EMERGENCY and thus couldn’t change the temperature back to where they had it. IIRC, people who experienced that were signed up with that utility company’s “Energy Saving” program and got a smart thermostat accordingly. They had to learn the hard way that that meant the utility company could seize control of their smart thermostat at will and, in this case, claim it was necessary because of an “Energy emergency”. I don’t doubt that “smart meters” WILL eventually be used for control as well if they’re not already.

  2. Qatar naturally bans support of the homo agenda and all the virtue signalling Euro fucks shut up and go right along with it. LOL. Western men are complete PUSSIES. Well done Zios. Load the water supply with estrogen and take over the media and education and here we are. All the white schlubs cheering soccer (and football) while their nations get invaded is funny. Yay cheer for your daughters getting raped! Slava Ukraine!

    It really is funny they banned beer. Suck it brits.

    • >Load the water supply with estrogen
      Unforeseen consequence of oral contraceptives, AFAIK.
      Women who are on The Pill pee female hormones.
      Men who drink this water become “feminized” to one degree or another.
      Sperm counts for male homo sapiens have been dropping steadily for decades, beginning with the widespread adoption of The Pill. ITLR, male homo sapiens will be unable to impregnate female homo sapiens, and The Pill will no longer be needed.

      General Ripper had it right. 🙁

  3. The Mask Is Off: WEF’s Klaus Schwab Declares China A “Role Model”

    Once upon a time, the Soviets had a tightly controlled network of internationalists known as the COMINTERN to promote their communist model to Europe and beyond.

    As it stands now, the Red Chinese have gone them one better: They’ve got Klaus Schwab.

    A role model? A country of zero freedom, low social mobility, social credit scores, and constant government surveillance?

    China in fact is a giant prison, complete with slave labor, sweatshops, low wages, continuous lockdowns and actual laogai, or Gulags. Challenge the government in any way and you’ll be packed off to one for years upon years in no time. In the case of the Uighurs, just being the wrong nationality is enough for such punishment.

    Seems the old COMINTERN always gets the last laugh. Because who would have imagined that by 2023, that the chief of the World Economic Forum, son of a man with at least some Nazi ties, is out shilling the China model as Mr. Respectability, using the prestige of his international organization as credibility to influence Big Corporate and various activists and NGOs who have completely succumbed to the views of the left.

    This organization should be dismissed as the shill of a filthy dictatorship but somehow, with all those nice mountains and good food and good private jet airports out there in Switzerland, where most of the WEF’s exclusive and pricey billionaire-filled meetings are held in all that aroma of money, it’s not.

    Schwab’s organization has infiltrated industry, sometimes with actual monetary interests, influenced many others to adapt “stakeholder capitalism” which is Schwabs pet project, and influenced others to adapt to something called the global “reset.” Naturally, they are all in for the government control brought on by the “threat” of global warming, which is completely bogus

    Schwab is now advocating for corporate and state control of all the free nations of the West, which hold little distinction from what the Nazis and its communist allies (read: COMINTERN) have sought for decades for the West. The urge to kill freedom lives large in this bunch.

    All the G7 leaders are all WEF controlled now….
    We don’t have politicians anymore. We have WEF middle management….
    just fire all the politicians…let the wef run the country directly, that is the future plan anyways….

  4. Having studied climate science and energy for 25 years, I find it hard to believe anyone would think climate change is a new boogeyman. We have already had almost 50 years of wrong predictions of climate doom. This is a 50 year old boogeyman.

  5. I watched “Died Suddenly” last night. Any critiques here?

    I’d like some mass-spec done on that strange blood-vessel filling protein ASAP. I’d do it, had I the instrumentation. Looks like collagen/elastin or something like it.

    One guy in the video called it an amyloid protein, and perhaps it is. I wonder if the spike proteins (or what passes for them) which are produced by the action of the “vaccines” (transfection systems) could, perhaps, polymerize, or maybe form a complex with something normally present in the blood, to form this horrific, circulatory-system clogging string cheese.

    One, of course, has to ask, is this shit for real? I’ve been hearing of this phenomenon for about a year, coming from funeral home proprietors, and people like Mike Adams. Sure as hell looked real. I watch a lot of horror, and you’d have to be a pretty good effects man to pull off faking what they show in this video.

    Lastly, one hardly has to be paying attention to have noticed the surge in young people and athletes dying suddenly of unexplained heart ailments and “unknown” causes.

    • I watched it a couple nights ago BaDnOn. Thought it was very well done. With a short attention span I rarely get through ten or fifteen minutes of most videos. Died Suddenly held my interest for the entire hour.

      The line between Information and entertainment gets blurrier all the time. Not to undermine the serious nature of the film, but it does have an infotainment quality to it. This could work well with many fence sitters. If this gets wide viewing, it might do wonders to hammer the foundation of the crumbling narrative. If we can destroy their narrative, next we can strike at the root, pull up the noxious weeds, and throw em on the burn pile.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      I watched it also – and was appalled. Especially by the physical evidence, which is hugely persuasive to me. Something is going on – and something has to be the cause of it.

      In ordinary, times, such physical evidence would have triggered mass panic – legitimately. But it does not, this time, because it is not “reported” – by the “mainstream” press – and so might as well not exist.

      What I do know for certain is that at least one young person in my own orbit has “died suddenly.” Shortly after having been “vaccinated.” He was a healthy 20-year-old prior to that.

      Prior to 2021, I knew not one person who “died suddenly,” especially a young person. The only people I knew who died were elderly, in the natural course of things (e.g., grandparents) and people who died in accidents, like my friend who lost control of his car in 2019 and died in a bad wreck.

      It’s enough to warrant suspicion – and certainly looking-into. It is telling that the powers-that-be seem uninterested in doing so given how rabidly they immediately attributed every death prior to the “vaccines” as being caused by the “virus.”

      • Eric and Norman,

        Yes, this was a well-done video, and they did it well to make it somewhat entertaining, and I think they had to do so, as people require to be entertained these days or they’ll fall asleep. Too much stimulation from every direction.

        I have been looking for refutations, or “fact-checks” of the video, and the results have been very sparse, unlike something such as “2000 Mules”. I think this is because the mainstreamers want this to remain underground and “fringe”, and as long as it is so, it will not be mentioned much.

        One of the few “fact-checks” I found stated that one of the people in the video (basketball player) passed out on video before the “vaccines” were released. Also, some of the people passing out, in the lengthy syncope montage, didn’t die… Which, so what? The video didn’t say all of those people died.

        I sure hope the truth DOES come to light. If even a small percentage of the population is plagued with these “white fibrous clots”, and they are somehow generated by the “vaccines”, there should be absolute HELL to pay.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          It has huge potential to reach the sheep. Anything that opens with Animals, more specifically Sheep from Pink Floyd catches my interest. For me to sit through a movie, and not fall asleep it has to grab me in the first five minutes, Have interesting characters, with interesting arcs. It needs nuanced and layered back story and villains. This has all that.

          Can confirm it will have broad appeal. Got my 85 year old mother to watch it. Even though she took the first dose of the goo, she is now regretful and sad. She’s never been the same since.

          It would be cool if some meme masters find ways to insert this into the slipstream of our dying culture. If I commented on pro EEEVVV sites, Id find a way to say something like. “YMMV as far as battery life goes. Just google “Died Suddenly” to learn more. I’m sure there are million ways to skin this cat. Hopefully some really smart cats will come up with them.

  6. It’s like I’ve seen so many rants I know the way down the mountain.
    I used to get great joy going from Blowing Rock from my brother’s place to Lenoir on 321 without hitting the brakes, just let it roll.

  7. The earth and moon are hurled and tumbled around the sun, bodies in motion stay in motion. The Sun’s gravity does a great job of keeping the earth and moon from flying off out of the solar system. 186,000,000 miles in diameter, takes 500 seconds for the sun’s light and energy to reach the planet, it doesn’t ever stop.

    March 21 to September 21 is six months, a thousand second difference when a celestial body appears in the sky from one side of the sun to the other, Galileo did make some findings in astronomy.

    Perihelion is on January 4, 2023.

    A one mile thick ice sheet from Iowa to the North Pole, the weight and rotation will cause the earth to wobble. When the earth is tilted 23 degrees towards the sun during the summer months, ice will melt, doesn’t matter how much. Jim Steele, an environmental scientist out in California, says the last ice age is still in the melt mode.

    Didn’t have to be -40 degrees F everywhere. If the temp doesn’t get above freezing year round, you will have a nascent ice age.

    Mount Tambora changed the lives of New Yorkers back in 1816, the year of no summer. Volcanoes can go all pyroclastic, can’t stop any of them. Very frustrating. There are over 100,000 earthquakes every year with a magnitude of 1.0 and higher.

    It could remain 25 degrees F year round average, doesn’t get any warmer, there will be ice. Antarctica is a Polar climate, just stays the same year round, cold and ice, an ice sheet two miles thick exists on Antarctica. After a hundred thousand years of snow and ice accumulation, you are in an ice age. It never rains in Antarctica, it only snows.

    Climate is merely a series of weather events, becomes a climate, is classified by Koppen the climate classifier. Tropical, temperate, continental, desert, polar, the information is there. Read Koppen’s climate classifications and learn about the climate.
    John Kerry is full of it, don’t listen to that horse-faced crackpot.

    Lake Missoula was a lake formed by ice during the last Ice Age. The Laurentide Ice Sheet would wax and wane, the sun did cause seasons even during an ice age. Lake Missoula began to form when ice blocked the flow of water, the ice continued to build, a huge lake became too much to bear for the ice dam holding back the water. The Cordilleran ice sheet to the west of the Laurentide probably added to Lake Missoula also.

    The summer months got here then too, the dam broke and Lake Missoula water rushed out to the Pacific Ocean at incredible speed and volumes that tore eastern Washington State land into a water sculpted landscape. Believed to have happened some 90 times through the thousands of years of ice sheet that had scoured the northern hemisphere by the movement of ice, striations in bedrock exist. Fluvial deposits stacked each time the flood occurred by Lake Missoula waters.

    Grand Solar Maximums and Minimums change climates. Eleven year solar cycles have direct effects the earth’s climates. The Milankovitch cycle works, another ice age in the future will get here soon enough.

    Large stones become encapsulated in glaciers and ice sheets, then some are trapped in ice bergs, eventually the ice berg drifts south in ocean waters and drops the stones to the ocean floor. Happens on land too, plenty of evidence out there, erratics is what they are termed. Rock hounds in the know know.

    It was eight below zero on Monday of last week, not much warming in a temperature that is below freezing by 40 degrees F.

    Today, the daytime high will be around 36 degrees.

    By early May of next year, there will be some global warming in the Northern Hemisphere. It is an uncanny phenomenon.

    Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, seasons have been happening for a long time with not much change in what has been taking place every year like clockwork.

  8. I live in SW FL, and moved here just in time to experience the wrath of Hurricane Ian. It was a monster. Nothing its size has hit this area in over 100 years, supposedly. It did a lot of damage and we just got most of the vegetative debris cleared from the city I live in.

    The climate “scientist” (propagandists) would like us to believe that hurricanes are becoming larger and more deadly. No. They are affecting more people since more people now live in coastal areas and more people live in FL now that air conditioning is ubiquitous.

    These same propagandists would like us to replace our coal and nat gas and nuclear power plants with solar and wind! In Fl, when there are no hurricanes, the wind is practically non-existent. Solar power can work here except when it’s cloudy – if you don’t mind an AC bill that’s quadruple your current bill and losing power (and AC) when the sun is hidden by clouds and at night. I have a friend whose solar panels were ripped off his roof by the hurricane. It compromised the roof and water came into the house. I saw other solar panels trashed by the hurricane. Solar is out.

    Adults recognize the facts and deal with them. Zealots want everyone else to deal with the consequences of their insanity.

  9. I’m old enough to remember:

    The next ice age
    Peak oil
    Hole in the ozone
    Manhatan/florida being underwater in ten years
    All polar ice caps dissapearing in 10 years
    Safe and effective
    Wear a mask
    Pandemic of the unvaccinated

    The sheer lack of ability to make one prediction that comes true with these fear pornagraphers should put them in the same category as a witch doctor shaking bone rattles and dancing on a bed of skulls. Telling you the only way to appease the volcano god is give him all your gold and let him sleep with your
    Virgin daughter an then throw her INTO the volcano!
    See! We did everything withc doctor said and the volcano didn’t erupt and destroy the village!

  10. There is nothing new under the sun.

    H.L. Mencken nailed it about a century ago, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed with and endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    Fear is a great controller as we heard at the Nuremburg Trials. Interestingly, the most common phrase, or variation, in the Bible is “Fear not.” Now, if God is saying “Don’t be afraid” and politicians are saying “Fear, Fear, FEAR!!”, what side does that put GovCo on?

    Don’t “fight” climate change, embrace it.

    And as a side note. Isn’t it interesting that non-leftists are constantly being harangued for not wanting “change” in areas such as sex and morality, yet these leftists are the ones banging the drum hardest to keep the climate from “changing”. Interesting.

  11. Getting close to fight time. Why else do you think they are going after guns so hard. If the Jews in Germany had been armed and fought the bastards coming for them it might have been different. In this country whatever they say we are armed and will not go quietly to the slaughter house. I raise beef and know what it is like to kill an animal I have raised for food. If cows had guns it would be different. You can call us sheep, but we are wolves. Dogs by the way are wolves that are our friends. Not sheep. Men have never been sheep. That is the big mistake they are making.

  12. The piece below outlines Joe Biden’s ambition to be a “Transformational President”. However, over the past going on 2 years, he’s increasingly acted like a KING or a DICTATOR instead of a PRESIDENT, and he’s already the WORST President in my lifetime. Not only that, ordinary Americans have been forced to suffer from higher prices on food, gas, etc., as his regime obsessively pursues an INSANE climate change agenda and sends billions of dollars overseas to Ukraine. Some Americans have even lost their jobs because they wouldn’t take an experimental mRNA jab that ISN’T “Safe and Effective”. Did any of these people who’ve lost their jobs due to arbitrary vaxx mandates ever get an apology from the Biden Thing? I doubt it, but don’t worry. With the way Biden is going, his delusions about being a “Transformational President” seem to be reality, but at the expense of the middle and lower class…..

    • Yet, people appeared to choose more Democrats than Republicans in major statewide offices and the Repukes barely won the House of Representatives. The cheat is transformational.

      • Hi Swamprat,

        Yes, it does appear the Democrats cheated again, given that the country has gone to $#!+ under Joe Biden. He’s also VERY UNPOPULAR, and historically the political party of past Presidents have lost seats in Congress in that President’s 2nd year in office, plus the fact that DEMOCRAT politicians were largely the ones who’ve enacted ineffective draconian COVID measures such as lockdowns and mask/ vaxx mandates that have DESTROYED countless lives. Look at all the governors who’ve gone FULL authoritarian during the “pandemic”, and yet somehow they’ve been “reelected”. Even in Oregon, its soon to be ex-governor Kate Brown went full authoritarian herself, and yet, we’re to believe that her wannabe successor, Tina Kotek, won this year’s gubernatorial election. Given her history as a state legislator, she’s likely to be even MORE of an authoritarian than Brown upon taking office in January 2023.

        • Hey John B –

          Under a normal election rigging scenario, the Republicans would have gained 60 seats in the House, 10 senate seats and gotten all teh governorships they lost this year.

          The cheating mechanisms, machine rigging and ballot harvesting were even more widespread than in 2020, where they were concentrated in 6 states. This time, it was nationwide.

          Some are blaming “rural turnout” and “candidate quality.” Bullshit. It was a cheat. Pure and simple.

          Hope you have a happy thanksgiving.

          • Swamprat,

            Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving as well.

            As for the recent elections, given the ineffective mask and vaxx mandates that many DEMOCRAT politicians supported, If more Republicans running for office ran on a Medical freedom platform, they’d have probably won, as most if not all of the few Republican candidates for office who did run on such a platform won their races.

          • swamprat, in AZ Blake Masters was at least running against an incumbent, Mark Kelly. Kelly’s a total dipshit but that doesn’t necessarily matter, see John McCain. But there is ZERO way Hobbs beat Lake here. That was a complete steal. There were many this election but to me, that was the most blatant bullshit of all. There should be riots but hey it’s football season so…

    • Obama is (still) in charge. You can’t convince me Robinette knows what he’s doing. Obama is the worst president in our lifetime. And that’s saying something after W Bush and FDR.

      • Andrew E,

        There are theories out there that Barack Obama is the REAL President. It makes sense, given that many of Biden’s cabinet members were once members of Obama’s cabinet. On the other hand, others think that the REAL President is Susan Rice (Who was also in the Obama Regime) or Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain.

  13. The Biden Thing recently pledged millions of dollars to “Fight climate change” at COP27. However, it’s likely all that money WON’T come from these billionaire elitists at the UN & WEF who lecture US about “Climate Change”, nor from Joe Biden himself, but rather AMERICAN taxpayers, who are already suffering under the ever increasing cost of energy, food, etc. What are the odds that elitists, corporate types, or bureaucrats will make BIG BUCKS off this latest scam at the expense of the middle and lower class? Many of them have already made BIG BUCKS off of COVID “vaccines”.

  14. One more thing I feel compelled to share. There is another false idea festering in the public’s mind, that somehow this fake ass global warming assertion has ended the current ice age we are still in.

    You must wrap your mind around this, we are still in the ice age, we never left the ice age, AND CO2 IS NOT A DRIVER OF EARTH’S TEMPERATURES. And ice ages can last a very long time, like 50-100 million years, and our current ice age is only 2.6 million years old.

    That means that if the sun’s output and orbital cycles cause ice age continuance, CO2 levels have no effect whatsoever.

    Another thing you might want to consider is this, how do we know we are not in the last final ice age? Think about it, earth cooled over the last 50 million years, CO2 levels kept dropping with each glaciation cycle, until they did not get above 280ppm and got as low as 140 -180 ppm.

    There is good evidence to suggest that megafauna extinctions in the last 3 cycles is due to low CO2, plant death, starvation. Ice core analysis shows raging dust storms in the last two glaciations:

    You know, lookin’ at this with my intuition, I would say earth is a former hothouse planet growing cold with age. And that is why ET chose this planet as a prison planet. We might just be inmates on a dying planet.

    In the last glaciation the situation was grim, cold, dry, ice storms, trees dying, big animals going extinct. Unfortunately Robert Felix of Ice Age Now died and all that information he presented on his site was 86ed.

  15. Sorry Eric but I HAVE been personally affected by Climate Change. Just the other day, I went to wash my car and on my way back home, it began to rain. You Deniers cost me an hour of my time and $4 in quarters!

      • Hey Eric,

        I don’t know why, but many of Yukon Jack’s posts are going into moderation and not appearing in the thread.


          • Good Morning Eric,

            I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be spending it with a dear friend and his family. We’re doing Turkey 2 ways, one smoked and the other deep fried.

            I am grateful to you, for your passion, your integrity, your writing, the remarkable community that has formed here and, of course, your friendship.


          • Hi, Eric. Just in case you aren’t aware, there almost certainly are settings for comments somewhere in your controls of your website. One of the settings is about whether to hold for moderation OR to automatically approve comments that contain links, and usually there is a choice for how many links. All three of my websites have had such controls that I could adjust as desired. My guess is that Yukon Jack’s comments with multiple links are the ones thrown into the “wait for moderation” folder.

        • Some post, some don’t post right away. I thought it was certain words I was using, but the link idea might be correct. Most blog rolls have a setting function, and what gets auto approved or not.

          On other websites sometimes my comments are not posted because I used a word or phrase that is banned. Websites like godlikeproductions will perma ban you if you type AJ or Alex Jones or if you use the J word or even if you try to get around the J word ban by typing (((them))).

          I have been permabanned at that site for over 3 weeks by using this word: “Dr. Shekelstein” while describing how certain tribe members are pushing the vaxx program for profit. I thought it was funny and accurate and they view it as racist.

          • Hi Yukon Jack,

            Facebook put me in jail a few months ago for posting a piece by Dr. Pierre Kory that said that Pfizer’s then brand new drug, Paxlovid, could have negative interactions with certain drugs, claiming it went against their “Community standards on spreading COVID misinformation”. Fast forward to about a month ago, where Big Media admitted that Paxlovid CAN have negative interactions with certain drugs patients were already taking, but did I ever get an apology from The Zuck or Facebook? Nope.

  16. There are only three types of people on this topic

    1. climate realists
    2. climate shysters
    3. useful idiots

    I can’t add anything better than the posts below

  17. Is a Crisis Worse Than COVID Coming Next? Potential Generated Crises on the Horizon

    Potential Generated Crisis #1: Bill Gates’ Pandemic II
    One generated crisis could be, as NWO frontman Bill Gates boasted in 2020, a “Pandemic II” where another fictional virus (or an alleged SARS-CoV-2 variant) is foisted on the public, though this time supposedly more virulent.

    Potential Generated Crisis #2: Climate Lockdown
    Another generated crisis could be a Climate Lockdown or some sort of lockdown pitched on the idea that we must all work together to stop an impending climate emergency. This could involve banning red meat, banning people from using gasoline-powered machines or vehicles, and banning air travel.

    It would involve restricting energy use in general (a very technocratic idea, since technocracy is based on a small group of technicians controlling the energy supply of society). For the average person, the lockdowns were devastating, while for the NWO psychopaths, lockdowns worked very well indeed.

    The key feature of the climate change agenda is to convince you that the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by humanity is ruining the planet (this is in spite of the obvious biological fact the CO2 is a gas of life). So humanity itself is the villain and the carbon they want to reduce….

    The key feature of Operation Coronavirus is to convince you that some alleged tiny invisible virus is going to kill everyone. The human body produces exosomes which produce viruses as a clean up agent…Thus the human-produced exosome/virus is the enemy (and thus humanity is the villain, again). It is clear that whatever force is orchestrating all this is pushing forth a clear anti-human agenda…..depopulation

    Thus the human-produced exosome/virus is the enemy (and thus humanity is the villain, ….the evil within you that has to be killed…

    big pharma says virus’s are evil….big pharma lies….if big pharma convinced people their right hand is evil…60% would cut off their right hand….but 99% would believe it…1% would say bs…..people are stupid….

    We All Have Viruses, All The Time, as Part of our Virome and Immune System

    The humble virus is deeply misunderstood. The human body is composed of an estimated 6 trillion cells, 60 trillion bacteria and 380 trillion viruses.

    Just as we have a microbiome of friendly bacteria which forms the basis of our immune system and 2nd brain in our gut, so too do we have a virome (a collection and community of viruses) which play a role in our healing. Viruses come from exosomes or tiny particles our bodies produce. They are not infectious agents. The exosome theory states that if cells are poisoned, they produce viruses (secretions) to clean up the toxins.

    which one of the 380 trillion viruses are you going to kill?… should go in there and kill a whole bunch of them, that should work out well….which are the evil ones?…..380 trillion in there, that is a lot of evil, might as well get MAID….medical assistance in death….

    big pharma has screwed everybody’s mind…they are convinced they are full of evil….lol

    Potential Generated Crisis #3: Takedown of the Net and Grid (Cyber Polygon)

    They are planning for a takedown of the internet and the power grid, a crisis which could even include worldwide disruption of supply lines and transportation, a shutdown of global commerce and major food and energy shortages.

    The ultimate NWO scheme in this area is to create a whole new version of the internet where you must present ID in order to gain access, thus transforming the right to information and the right to use the net as a public utility into a privilege where you must get permission to gain access.

    Potential Generated Crisis #4: Fake Alien Invasion Scenario

    the fake alien invasion scenario or fake second coming of Christ scenario, which are referred to as Operation Bluebeam. This would involve a brilliant technological display in the skies to mimic UFOs, ETs or religious figures descending from the clouds. The idea is to unite people behind a One World Military or a One World Religion, which have always been planned components of the dictatorial NWO One World Government.

    If the NWO manipulators were bold enough to actually put this plan into motion, there would be no turning back. The sheer chaos and mayhem that would be created by pretending we were being invaded by hostile aliens would completely transform society and people’s perceptions

    • they want you in an EV when they do this scam……..

      Potential Generated Crisis #3: Takedown of the Net and Grid (Cyber Polygon)

      They are planning for a takedown of the internet and the power grid, a crisis which could even include worldwide disruption of supply lines and transportation, a shutdown of global commerce and major food and energy shortages…….starve and freeze to death….

      The ultimate NWO scheme in this area is to create a whole new version of the internet where you must present ID in order to gain access, thus transforming the right to information and the right to use the net as a public utility into a privilege where you must get permission to gain access.

    • Anon…If you want panic, shut down the grid. Number 3 is what I think will happen. And that’s because the dollar is dying, hyperinflation is near, and faith in crypto is falling. They’ll be forced to create panic to avoid blame for the dollar death (which will affect the globe), and millions (if not billions) will suffer.

  18. The ‘Rona bogeyman is far from dead. For example, this article:

    “The more times you’re infected with COVID-19, the higher your risk for severe symptoms, hospitalization, and death, according to a new study published in Nature Medicine.”

    So the more times you’re infected, your outcome gets WORSE?!

    This isn’t how immunity to anything else works. I had the ‘Rona once, and the “Long COVID” fucked me up for months. My GF, however, had a very bad time with her first infection, and the two following (for her, not me) were increasingly mild.

    Also: “…Based on previous reports, natural immunity from prior infections is not as robust as vaccine-induced immunity.”

    Really? That would seem contrary to any other disease as well.

  19. But Eric, if there’s no bogeyman, we might discover we really don’t need the Psychopaths In Charge. At all. For anything.
    Even several years of drought or flood is weather. The Sahara turning from savannah to desert is climate change, and that happened before people had discovered hydrocarbons.
    I’m going to repeat my suspicion that people have become addicted to the endorphins that fear produces. They get high from it, and they don’t want to give it up.

  20. They still haven’t told us how we’re going to become more prosperous with energy scarcity. Nor have they explained why the sea hasn’t yet engulfed Martha’s Vinyard. Why is there polar ice?

    Seems like the climate models might be a little out of whack. Yet they continue to think they’re something more than a guess.

    • RK,
      And not even a good guess. They leave out the most important factor, the Sun, because we would know there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

    • Obummer doesn’t seem too worried about the sea engulfing Martha’s Vineyard anytime soon since he built his mega-mansion there, not to mention the giant propane tanks to heat it. So much for keeping to a small “carbon footprint”; I’d like to put MY footprint on the rear ends of all the climate hysterics.

  21. Very very good video and article, I see you live out in the country, that is good also because the cities are all becoming violent liberal shitholes.

    Your video is a repeat of what you talked about on the radio, and I’d say you are a kind of genius who can articulate the scam, how they are screwing us with meaningless phrases like “climate change” which (like you say) means absolutely nothing, since the climate is always changing regardless if men exist or not.

    If you look us what the libtards say “climate change’ means, they say it mean anthropocentric global warming. Their claim is that CO2 levels are dangerously high, and if they go higher, the planet will have a catastrophic heat increase. Thus we must stop CO2 at all costs or we will all fry.

    All those claims are utter bullshit. First of all CO2 levels on the planet have been above 3,000 ppm for most of earth’s 4.6 billion year history – and life thrived and evolved into us.

    Secondly, high CO2 levels never caused warming, in fact Ice Ages always start at high CO2 and end at low CO2. CO2 and temp are not correlated that way. CO2 always follows temperatures, it never forces them.

    The way it works is this, the atmosphere and ocean is like a can of soda pop that is opened on a warm day. The soda soon goes flat, the warmer the liquid in the can is, the quicker it goes flat. The reason for that is basic chemistry, all concentrations try to equal themselves. Thus if you warm ocean water (like what happens in a interglacial) the CO2 dissolved in the ocean comes out and equalizers in the air. Thus when ice age glacial maximums end, the ocean warm, and CO2 goes up.

    When you have cold ice age conditions the reverse happens, the oceans suck the CO2 out of the air. Cold water can hold more dissolved gases. For instance, to raise trout, you must have cold water to keep the O2 level up. Other fish, like carp can survive in very low oxygen levels.

    In the last glacial maximum, just 18,000 years ago, the earth warmed and the glaciers melted. All of Canada was under 1-2 miles of ice, and it took 10,000 years for all of that huge volume of ice to melt. Man being of a very small cave man hunter population had nothing to do with it.

    Now get this, and this is very important, during the long hundred thousands of years of glacial condition, CO2 is removed from the air (the reverse of the warming CO2 going into the air, what happens is farming becomes impossible. When CO2 gets below 240 ppm you can only farm in places where CO2 (heavier than air) accumulates like the Levant. That is why farming started there!

    This is not taught in schools because teachers read from a prepared curriculum meant to make you a dumb beast. You can not farm north America during peak cold ice age. In fact the situation in the last couple of ice age maximums got so bad the megafauna died out, not from hunters, but from low CO2. Plants quit growing at 220 ppm, the megafauna were starving to death:

    The great untold story is that the planetary life was dying in the last ice age FROM LOW CO2.

    So what I am trying to do is show you all that the entire mainstream CO2 narrative is dead wrong. CO2 is still very low, it is at bare recovery levels for farming and plant growth. All this hoopla climate alarmism is pushed by complete retards who do not understand the situation we are in. We are in an ice age, we never left the ice age, and CO2 levels going up is good for humans because crop yields go up dramatically.

    To call CO2 a pollutant is double top secret retarded. CO2 is a life gas and we humans can not live without it. Trying to sequester CO2 to zero is an insane death cult dogma. Bill Gates and his project to blot out the sun is beyond looney tunes, if you blot out the sun now, at ice age inception, you will kill all life on earth.

    I dug up this chart yesterday, and find it to be very good at dispelling the CO2 bogeyman.

    • Thanks, Jack!

      I know I may “harp” on this topic a lot, but I consider it necessary – especially as regards the common thread (fomented hysteria based on gross exaggerations if not outright lies). I think that once people see the common thread, the whole fabric comes undone. I will do my best to continue pulling on that thread!

        • Eric should harp on it, over and over. A good teacher presents the information in a calm and logical way and the repeats it. The population has been seduced and brainwashed, to undo the spell someone has to play a different tune.

      • Eric, you are a very good teacher and articulator on this subject. You have figured out the scam and can articulate the scam without having to rely on massive technical data (that most will find boring and confusing).

        They are literally destroying ICE production based on phrases. Mere phrases destroyed the entire car industry! What the hell kind of world are we on, when meaningless phrases become our program code to destroy ourselves?

        We have been hypnotized by this “climate change” phrase to destroy our entire industrial society.

    • Hi Jack,

      I’ll add a few things to your excellent post.

      – “It” used to be called CAGW (catastrophic anthropogenic global warming), then AGW, then “climate change”. Notice that the language changed from a hypothesis with defined effects, to a hypothesis with undefined effects, to a meaningless assertion. This is not accidental, the first two are falsifiable (in the scientific sense), the latter is gibberish. CAGW is a hypothesis asserting two falsifiable claims (humans cause global warming and the effect of that warming will be catastrophic), AGW is a hypothesis asserting one falsifiable claim (humans cause global warming). “Climate change” is “unfalsifiable woo-woo pseudo-science”.

      It’s a neat trick, remove the “debate” from the realm of science (falsifiable) and put it in the realm of politics and religion, replete with untestable doomsday scenarios and the call for urgent and coercive action, while vilifying anyone who points this out as “science deniers”.

      – “Climate deniers” do not exist, it is an invented term designed to silence anyone pointing out problems with the hypotheses.

      – There is a broad consensus on the basic elements, CO2 is a greenhouse gas, human activity does contribute to an increase in CO2 levels (though not necessarily warming), there has been a slight rise in GAT since around 1850 and CO2 levels have risen during that time. But these facts do not prove either the CAGW or AGW hypotheses.

      – As you point out, CO2 has been much higher in the past, this did not cause the oceans to boil or life to end, there is no credible reason to believe that a slight increase in CO2 will cause that now.

      – ECS (equilibrium climate sensitivity) matters. In fact, it is the core of the matter. The alarmists (at least the scientists) concede that increased levels of CO2 alone will not cause CAGW. They argue that increased CO2 will cause a positive feedback loop that will eventually lead to “runaway global warming”. The skeptics argue that there will be positive and negative feedback mechanisms that roughly cancel each other out. Two points to consider. The alarmists describe an inherently unstable system which begs the question, “why are any of us still here to debate?” And, the data overwhelmingly supports the skeptical position.

      – What is magical about 280 ppm (this is the supposed CO2 concentration before major industrialization)? Is it ideal, should we aspire to it? Seems unlikely to me. Plant death (which means all death) occurs at around 160ppm. Life has flourished on earth with levels of 8,000 ppm or more. Does it make sense, given the habitable range, that the “ideal” level is perilously close to plant death?

      – Finally, even if the doomsday predictions of the alarmists are credible (they’re not), there is no reason to believe that following the dictates of the elite cabal who claim the right to rule us will produce any positive benefits. But, it will give them more power, wealth and control while impoverishing the rest of us. Methinks this is the real point.


      • Outstanding summary on how the meme morphed.

        “What is magical about 280 ppm (this is the supposed CO2 concentration before major industrialization)? Is it ideal, should we aspire to it? ”

        The answer is, of course, no. 280ppm is not ideal at all, it is the pathetic maximum of CO2 during the current ice age cycles, 280ppm is all the earth can do in the relatively short interglacials.

        Glaciation phases are around 100,000 years long.

        Interglacials are around 10,000 years long.

        The current “Ice Age” that we are still in, started 2.6 million years ago. The last 5 interglacials shown here:

        Note how our current interglacial (Holocene) is colder than the last.

      • “CAGW is a hypothesis asserting two falsifiable claims (humans cause global warming”

        “But these facts do not prove either the CAGW or AGW hypotheses.”
        Warming is part of the evidence that AGW exists
        CAGW has no evidence, just always wrong predictions

        “The skeptics argue that there will be positive and negative feedback mechanisms that roughly cancel each other out.”
        The skeptics make no such argument. They argue that is a water vapor positive feedback, but it is limited (not eliminated) increased cloudiness negative feedback from more water vapor in the troposphere.

        “What is magical about 280 ppm?”
        280 ppm is a very rough approximation based on ice cores for the CO2 level in 1850.. The almost +50% increase of the CO2 level since then is only from manmade CO2 emissions. We can compare the CO2 increase with the temperature increase of +1.1 degrees C. since 1850 (also a very rough estimate). unknown percentage of that warming was natural, and the rest was manmade.

        “ECS (equilibrium climate sensitivity) matters.”
        ECS takes 400 years — how much could that matter?
        TCS takes 70 years — that could matter.

        50 years of always wrong predictions of CAGW are not science. Wrong predictions are never science. The predictions are being made to create fear. When people fear a boogeyman, whether rea or imaginary, they demand that their governments “Do something.” And hearo ing “do something” is the goal of climate scaremongering: with the ultimate goal or more government control and power over energy use.

    • “CO2 always follows temperatures, it never forces them.”
      Atmospheric CO2 changes can be an effect of oceans warming from natural causes
      Manmade CO2 emissions can also be a cause of atmosphere and ocean warming.
      These are two different processes that happen at the same time.
      One is natural.

      Climate change means CAGW, not AGW.

      There are thousands of CO2 enrichment – plant scientific studies. I have read at least 200 of them in the past 25 years. C3 photosynthesis plants used for food thrive with CO2 in the 750 to 1500 ppm range. Greenhouse owners typically CO2 enrich to the 1000 to 1500 ppm range. Based on science, our planet would benefit from a doubling or tripling of the CO2 level, and so would the humans and animals who eat plants for food.

      • Hi, Richard,
        I do not have a reference conveniently to hand, but do remember reading that earth’s atmosphere was once ~30% O2, or ~1.5 times what it is today. At that O2 level, it is possible for insects, which have very crude circulatory systems, to grow much larger than they can in our world. We are talking 30″ dragonflies & such, for which there apparently is fossil evidence.

        Presumably, all that extra O2 was produced by plants via photosynthesis, which means there must also have been much more CO2 in the atmosphere than we now have, probably produced by volcanic emissions.

        If you, or someone else so inclined, can dig up actual journal articles, that would be spectacular.

        Just sayin’…

  22. If you can stomach this video, you’ll see what we’re up against here in WA, Fearless Leader Dimslee blames it all on climate change, including roads buckling from the heat, it’s really him not the Babylon Bee:

    Note to Dimslee, it’s called “summertime”, as a kid in the 60s it was plenty warm in the summer too. In 1968 we had several days western WA in the mid 90s degree range. Crops would grow better if you quit releasing our irrigation water into the rivers all summer thus short changing the farmers. Lucky this year there was enough snowpack for farmers and fish, if not the fish take priority, it’s insane.

    Also not unusual for long Fall seasons in this state. In 2008 Halloween was shirt sleeve weather, this year cold and windy.

  23. As a matter of fact, I have vague memories of the bogan of Soviet Communism. The Reds would take over the world…unless we spent more and more on weapons which, if they worked as intended, would never be used. Like the OU812 Stealth Veeblefetzer, which just happened to be built in Senator Klaghorn’s home state. Never mind that it turned out that the Stealth Veeblefetzer was a useless weapon, and it was not promoted to defend us, but enrich Senator Klaghorn…”But if we don’t build it, the Commies will build one and hit us with it!”

    So this whole shtick has been going on for at least most of my life; in fact, longer.


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