Thinking Caps

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Remember them?

Kids used to be encouraged to put them on – and think about things. Maybe more adults ought to try it.

We hear – from the Gimp in the White House – that “cases” of the ‘Rona are likely to “surge” to as many as “100 million” this coming fall/winter, a prediction of doom made before we’re even officially in summer. It is interesting to think about how it and its agents can make such an assertion so far ahead.

Or rather, why they might be making it.

How could they possibly know? Or is it just another wild-eyed assertion? If so, why would they deliberately present another wild-eyed assertion? The prior assertions having all proven to have been wildly over-stated. Is the point of the thing to maintain fear by doing everything possible to prevent the public from ever calming down? And why would they do that?

The facts are calming.

Well, for those who managed to not given in to the fear (or the pressure) and avoided the Jab. They aren’t dying or eve getting sick, much – if at all. But the “vaccinated” are – which brings us back to those thinking caps.

The White House Gimp’s “COVID-19 Response Coordinator,” which might be translated as “Pandemic PR Flack,” Ashish Jha, told ABC News the other day that it is “largely up to us as a country” whether we experience “100 million” of those new “cases.”

He says, “We’re looking at a range of models, both internal and external models, and what they’re predicting is that if we don’t get ahead of this thing, we’re going to have a lot waning immunity, this virus continues to evolve and we may see a sizable wave of infections, hospitalizations and deaths.”

Lots of italics added. Where to begin?

How about “range of models”? Does the bad doctor mean “models” similar to those used to scarify the populace for the past 40-plus years about the catastrophic “climate change” that never seems to actually happen? The models based on false assumptions that “predictably” produce worst case scenarios that never seem to actually come to pass? That latter, you’d think, might cause people to think that, perhaps, the “models” are flawed and ought to be ignored in the face of contrary facts.

But then, no worst-case scenarios. No reason for mass panic. And they have many good reasons to not want that. If instead of perpetually predicting catastrophic “climate change” – all due to the “actions” of human beings that result in them being able to not starve or freeze to death and to enjoy a comfortable life rather than a hard (and short) one – it were acknowledged that the “change,” if any, is slight and normal and no cause for panic – it would no longer be possible to guilt-trip human beings over it, so as to get them to accept their own impoverishment as the wages of their sins.

Now we have “models” that are “predicting” an implied third of the country finding itself knocking on death’s door this fall/winter. Just in the nick of time for the next (s)elections, eh? There’s a prediction you can take to the bank.

But wait a minute. How is it possible that “waning immunity” could result in “100 million” new “cases”?

Thinking cap time, again.

Don’t vaccines – as we’ve understood them for the past 200-plus years – inoculate the recipient? Give him immunity? Why is it that people who were vaccinated for, say, measles and mumps as babies and toddlers didn’t need to be vaccinated again, as adults, to avoid getting or giving measles and mumps? Why is that people who have been “vaccinated” to avoid the ‘Rona need to be “vaccinated” again, before six months have elapsed?

Because “waning immunity”?

Wait a minute. The people who’ve been “vaccinated” were never “immune” at all – though they were told they would be by the Gimp in the White House and those managing him. Put on those thinking caps now and try to remember: “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations . . .”

So said the Gimp, as the “vaccines” were rolled out.

Having been rolled out at “warp speed” by his spray-tanned predecessor, who cut short any bother about testing their effectiveness and safety before telling the “vaccinated” they were both.

And yet, these “vaccinated” people continue to get sick – and give the sickness they took the “vaccines” (plural) to ostensibly prevent spreading.

Interesting, isn’t it?

If you stop to think about it, a little bit.

Now, the Gimp’s bad doctor is implicitly suggesting more – that endless –  “vaccinations” will be needed come this fall/winter, so as to fight the “virus” the previous serial “vaccinations” weren’t able to prevent those “vaccinated” from getting – and giving.

It’s a lot to think about.

If only more people would.

. . .

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  1. ‘Do You Want to Matter More in This Fight?’

    … “We have a chance right now for accountability, or we have a chance right now to acquiesce. Accountability is one way to leverage the moment and to help save the day. It will not always be an opportunity open to us, but right now it is, and it can be such an effective tool. This moment needs you to demand accountability in the world around you, and for those who need a little extra help, I am going to make myself available.

    I am launching a project, working name: Project Accountability. It will only be open to paying members.

    In bite-sized pieces, I will break down what other successful activists are doing to make accountability possible in the world around them and to help you do the same. […]

    I have identified the laws that were broken.

    I have interviewed prosecutors and law enforcement as well.

    And have spoken to plenty of journalists.

    At this point, I am convinced that in any county in which we scratch the surface, we will find a plethora of criminal laws broken.

    If this is of interest to you, then I am offering my email newsletter subscribers a very special one-time offer. Join my newsletter now to be included in that offer. (

    At 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, Tuesday, this offer will close.

    If you want to matter more in this fight we are in, do the things that work. That means focusing as close to home as possible”…

    I presume he means by Next Tuesday and not yesterday. …in case anyone’s interested.

  2. Leftists Hate Free Speech Because They Fear Dissent, Not “Disinformation”

    I think one of the most bizarre social developments of the past 10 years in the US has been the slow but steady shift of the political left as supposed defenders of free speech to enemies of free speech. The level of mental gymnastics on display by leftists to justify their attacks on freedom and the 1st Amendment is bewildering. So much so that I begin to question if liberals and leftists ever actually had any respect for 1st Amendment rights to begin with? Or, maybe the only freedom they cared about all along was the freedom to watch pornography…

    One can see the steady progression of this war on speech and ideas, and the end game is predictable: Is anyone really that surprised that the Biden Administration is implementing a Ministry of Truth in the form of the DHS Disinformation Governance Board? Can we just accept the reality at this point that leftists are evil and their efforts feed into an agenda of authoritarianism? Is there any evidence to the contrary?

    Before I get into this issue, I think it’s important to point out that it’s becoming tiresome to hear arguments these days suggesting that meeting leftists “somewhere in the middle” is the best and most desirable option. I see this attitude all over the place and I think it comes from a certain naivety about the situation we are facing as a country. Moderates and “normies” along with people like Bill Maher and Russell Brand are FINALLY starting to realize how bag-lady-crazy leftists are and the pendulum is swinging back slightly. But, it was conservatives that were calling out the social justice cult and their highway to hell for years.

    • Hi Anon,

      The Left favors power.

      When the left is not in power, then it favors free speech (and so on). Once it has acquired power, it no longer favors free speech – or tolerates dissent – bot of which are then a threat to its power. Understand that the Left has no goal except power; everything else is a means to that end. The Left is inherently dishonest and totalitarian.

      Read Lenin to understand the Left. Alinsky, too.

    • “Leftists Hate Free Speech Because They Fear Dissent.”
      The leftists hate free speech because they fear the truth, Anon.
      Truth can easily withstand any scrutiny, criticism, or argument. It neither needs, desires, nor requires protection by censorship. LIES DO!!!

    • Thank you Anon. I quite enjoyed that. She is quite right. For there to be any justice, and to prevent a repeat of this, there has to be consequences. Will there be? Perhaps for some. Some will no doubt be thrown to the wolves. But those ultimately responsible for the last two years (and so very much over the last century plus) they will answer only to God. But perhaps that will be enough. It will have to be.

  3. I thought this was an interesting article. I do love how they emphasize that none of these made it to the public….um, sure, okay. If they are willing to deceive inspectors, I am sure they give a damn about the average American. Four hundred million doses being thrown out would be quite the loss in revenue. Are we sure they were tossed or just quietly injected into an American’s arm?

    Any bets on the news media covering this on tonight’s 6 PM news?

  4. There may well be a hundred million cases, among the vaccinated, since their immunity does wane. Not so for those with natural immunity. It has become apparent that the vaccinated are in fact far more vulnerable to infection, as what little protection the vaccine offers wanes, while their immune system has been damaged by them. The prediction may be based on what was planned for us.

  5. Lets just take a step back here… so let me get this straight… we in America (and most other countries on Earth) have elections… and people vote… but they don’t actually vote… instead they vote for other people that will actually vote. Can someone explain this to me — because this seems like pure insanity to me.

    Can you imagine what people on other planets must think of us?

    But wait! There’s MORE!

    The voters (the people that get to actually vote) are all corrupt (big surprise, like, what did we think would happen when you give a bunch of idiots absolute power?), … anyways… some people have figured this out, and everyone is unhappy with their entire world’s systems & stability & infrastructure being destroyed… so what do the people want? They want to elect better voters. They don’t want to vote… no… instead they want the voters to vote for what the people want. So I ask the obvious question… why don’t the people just vote?

    • …Because, the ‘experts’ on the TeeVee. Duh.

      Bat-shit insane Lindsey Graham, “boldly called on the US to “take out Putin” and said the Russian leader no longer had an “off-ramp.” He predicted that the lack of an off-ramp would provoke Putin to use chemical or nuclear weapons, causing the US to enter the conflict directly.”

      … “Fauci has an important position, and he’s on television.

      And that’s the definition of science, right?”

      See, if they’re on the TeeVee – it’s everything – & goobermint will take care of, “it”.

      Brawndo, it makes things grow.

      Idiocracy: Brawndo Has What Plants Crave!

    • KH, be VERY thankful that we aren’t actually a Democracy. Its not difficult to imagine how much worse things would be. The typical low information voter is horribly ignorant of just about anything related to the economy, science, history, warfare, you name it. They are easy to drive into hysterics, and slow to regain any faint grasp of reality. Look at the last two plus years as just a more recent demonstration of this reality.

      The entire concept of voting is illegitimate. It is based entirely on numbers. In other words might makes right. Might doesn’t make right, it merely makes able. But simply because one can do a thing, does not mean one should do that thing.

      The entire idea of coercive government is based on a series of illusions and delusions, of which voting is one of the key elements. The reality is that governments are little more than gangs of thieves and murderers writ large. Their so called “authority” is based on the illusion that voting confers some type of legitimacy to their plunder. The reality is starkly different. Their rule is based on force and its threat. Due to the nature of coercive government, it can’t be any other way.

      • Hi BJ,

        Excellently said. Especially as regards this business of voting. Nothing is secure when it can be voted away. This is why almost nothing (if anything) ought to be up for a vote except in cases where all freely agree to be bound by the results of a vote, as for example: What are we going to have for dinner? Otherwise, it’s just a mechanism for conniving an illegitimate thing (e.g., robbery) into a “legitimate” one via process.

        • It’s not that VOTING is wrong; it’s what’s being voted FOR.

          I’m sure you’re familiar with the aphorism about “Democracy” being two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

          Hence why the USA is SUPPOSED to be a Constitutional Republic, with a Federal Government, subservient to the several states, the creature and servant of them, and limited by the text of that Constitution in its powers and NONE ELSE. Likewise is each state supposed to be limited by what its can or cannot do; and with free movement of persons and/or commerce between them; the laws of the MARKETPLACE suffice to settle most differences between the several states.

          So the counter-aphorism is that in a Constitutional Republic, the sheep is ARMED, and in the resulting discussion about what to eat for diner, the wolves discover they have a taste for salad!

      • All governments are coercive, and they all rely on their assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey to function.

    • Because then there would be no buffer to discourage the 51% from forcing the 49% to band over and take it, without any lube. At least that’s supposed to be the way a republic works.

  6. I’m a born sceptic, never bought the BS about covid and the jabs. Pureblood, both my wife and I. That’s probably why we’re still alive.
    Sars-cov-2/Covid-19 is a bio-weapon. The mRNA “vaccines” are bio-weapons.

    Think they’ve dispersed several different bio-weapons in different ways with different effects.

    Don’t believe anything anymore. It’s all lies. Ukraine, covid-19, 911, the Kennedy assassination, even the moon landings. War after war after war.

    I was sold on the moon landings up until a few months ago when I came across Bart Sibrel’s videos and books. He makes a compelling case. When there are so many lies, everything becomes a lie.

    The only thing I believe in unequivocally is The Lord Jesus Christ and Him crucified for our salvation.

    • Wik,

      There is no God, just an idea, any atheist can tell you that. No God, go God-given inalienable rights, no liberty, no pursuit of happiness, and even life, pure nonsense, makes no difference if you have these things called ‘rights’.

      Those rights aren’t even there, never existed, just words from some crazy fool out of his element. Completely out of his mind, Jefferson was in the loony bin when he wrote such subversive words like ‘… in the course of human events, we hold these truths to be self evident.’ Go no further. Full stop, right there, right now. Just because you say life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are rights doesn’t mean they are.

      Gotta do something about the disinformation of God-given inalienable rights, you just hope you have those rights, you’re wrong. The government needs a Ministry of Truth agency to expose the lies about life, liberty, happiness, false truths from some idiot back in the 18th century doesn’t count anymore. Can’t have stuff like that.

      Look at what is there in the here and now. You can see it plain as day, ain’t nothing like it s’posed to be.

      To be a devout Christian is not the correct path, human nature won’t allow such a beast.

      When I was confirmed, I repeated these words: I renounce the devil and all of his works and all of his ways. A confirmation like that sticks around for a long time.

      Let’s have another look at some historical facts.

      Jesus and the Apostles were running around the Holy Land causing trouble, the original thought criminals, teaching people to believe, to pray, to have peace of mind, to rise above, to think for themselves, to question authority is just not right.

      Are you nuts? Can’t have stuff like that going on in this world. Good Lord, get a grip.

      Somebody like that has to be crucified, no other choice in the matter, the decision is final.

      The Pharisees meant business and the death penalty was the punishment, all dissent must be dealt with harshly. Thought criminals are dangerous, just have to know what happens or will happen, somebody starts thinking and it’s all over.

      A late afternoon on a Friday would be a good day for a crucifixion. The world’s leading thought criminal must be stopped.

      A one true God is enough, don’t need a structured religion that can punish women for committing adultery by stoning them to death. A very damaging way to live life, don’t be stoning people to death just because they were not behaving correctly.

      Being an Old Adam is not going in a positive direction, life can be messy then.

      King Herod built the Second Temple which is now the Wailing Wall. Herod was also a murdering tyrant. His wife, two sons, Herod just offed them and that was it.

      John the Baptist’s luck ran out, Herod was just fulfilling a request, it’s not his fault. It is a true story, believe it or not.

      Baptizing Jesus in the Jordan River was the last straw.

      The Jews in Judea did not like him, Herod was installed by the Roman government and not accepted as a true leader by the Jews there.

      Can’t be in denial of the real history.

  7. I was actually able to get in & out of a hospital today w/out taking any cvd test! Hospital would be about the last place I would want to have anything to do with. Anyway – since it was oral surgery per tooth issue – I escaped the machine.

  8. Well we didn’t quite witness the “winter of severe illness and death” for the unvaccinated. That the Biden thing promised. I haven’t seen anything out of the elf himself faux-chi. I’m not sure how many more miles they’ll get out of the Corona-chan narrative. Of course, the true believers will never let go much like the climate change cultists. I’m guessing they’re looking for any and every excuse for maximum mail in ballots and other cheating mechanisms with mid terms coming up.

    The thinking cap has been traded in for the stink-rag compliance muzzle for the vast majority. I still find myself wondering if people were always this retarded, or IQ has really dropped substantially in the past few decades.

  9. After admitting that the J&J ‘vaccine’ poses a risk of blood clots, the FDA STILL didn’t take it off the market.

    Rather, they just directed J&J to add a warning label … and for doctors not to administer it except as a ‘last resort.’

    Kind of like recommending fentanyl as a ‘last resort’ for a bad headache, if you can’t take aspirin or ibuprofen. Consult your dealer; take your chances.

    Our rulers are venal criminals. Lock them up!

  10. Seems people just refuse to understand that case numbers mean absolutely nothing without correlating hospitalization and death. Might as well get your panties in a wad over dandruff, which I suspect we have well over a hundred million cases of. Not to mention that most of the “cases” are manufactured out of thin air with a test that doesn’t work. And the Medical Industrial Complex KNOWS they don’t work. Except to collect funds from the Psychopaths In Charge, previously lifted out of your pocket at gunpoint, and your progeny hereafter with transgenerational debt, at gunpoint.

    • Exactly. I’m pretty sure that we’re gonna have about 330 million “cases” of “pain in the ass” this winter but nobody is talking about burning down the planet over that!

  11. And how very little thought it takes. No long term safety testing? No liability for Pharma? No thanks.
    Politician: One most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually a sociopath (Republican) if not a psychopath (Democrat).

  12. I’d be happy if those who get sick this winter, from whatever it might be, would… Stay home!

    But many of them won’t, because they think the face diapers work!

  13. 100 years of Bernasian propaganda tactics are not going to simply go away all of the sudden. These tactics are here to stay. They’re wildly successful for those in power to mulct and enslave. They’ll never let up.

    This is a never-ending war that needs to be continuously fought! Should one become depressed by this realization? Nope. Learn to love the fight and it almost becomes enjoyable!

    • Indeed Mister Liberty, there is cause for hope. One of our longest running and most successful opponents in the fight, public education, is severely declining in its reputation. Once parents saw what their kids were being taught in their on line classes, and how ferociously they opposed parents having any say in the matter.

    • Hi Mister!

      In re: “Learn to love the fight and it almost becomes enjoyable!”

      The importance of this is . . . really important. Staying upbeat – happy, even. Never let these pricks get you down. We will prevail – if only by not letting them win. I feel grand knowing I have never worn a Face Diaper and thus my self-respect didn’t get all balled up in snot!

  14. I don’t know much about propane cars, but the forklifts run well on it, and it will take higher compression ratios. Spot propane is 1.27/gallon. What it costs at your distributor will be something else entirely.
    This is a fantastic free site for live prices on spot commodities, stocks, currencies and even crypto.

  15. Climate change is pure horse hockey. Why would Obama and others buy Beachfront property if in a couple of years it would be under water? Same for Trump,,, why would he have any properties in Florida since Florida will also be under water. The end (latest guess) is 5-7 years.

    Covaids is a hoax. Never proven to exist. Oh, sure,,, the doctor/hospital will tell you your infected with it. How else would they collect the government bribes if they didn’t?
    The PCR is a tool not a test. Even the CDC admits that which is why they did not extend the EUA. It couldn’t determine the difference between the flu,,, a cold (a coronavirus) or covaids. Yet it continues to be used.
    The inventor himself, Kary Mullis, said it should not be used for diagnosis of any disease. But gee,,, he is after all just the inventor and is not a gov official so anything he said is conspiracy theory. Funny how he had an untimely death in August of 2019,,, just before covaids.
    Why do I call it covaids? Because the shots destroy the immune system, just like AIDS. Each one degrades the immune system by 30-50%.
    How can they say there will be a 100 million ‘cases/deaths’? Because the test is fraudulent, the shots themselves have more poisons in them than Carter has liver pills and the doctors/hospitals are paid to call anything you have….. covaids.
    In ‘free’ Florida, a person that goes through the CDC covaids hospital protocols and the death is written down as Covid the hospital receives over $100,000 per case. Not bad eh? Even in these days of worthless dollars. Open VAERS has almost 28,000 deaths due to the death shots.

  16. I regret getting jabbed because of my work, but thankfully I’ve had no adverse effects from it (yet).

    This is an attempt by the regime to spread fear in advance of the midterms. They want “main-in” ballots that allow them to stuff ballot boxes by the score, like they did in Georgia, Pennsylvania and other states. The Orange Man allowed that to happen without a peep of resistance.

    I’m so tired of this totalitarian BS and ready to throw off the shackles. Give me V-8s or give me death!

  17. If you wear a thinking cap, you will be called a thought criminal.

    Anyone see the Stephen Colbert skit on television maybe a year ago? I remember the take on tv, saw it by accident one day, can’t remember the exact time.

    Has to be New York City’s official Village Idiot, what a maroon Colbert is. If you watch Colbert’s show, you are an idiot.

    And you’re supposed to submit and comply? Really? What kind of dern fool does stupid stuff like getting a vaccine that doesn’t work? Anyone? Bueller?

    Be like the Doobie Brothers and listen to the music.

    Do not listen to anyone in gov, big mistake.

    No thinking allowed and no reading.

    • Forgot to mention it was a skit of people dressed as injection needles and marching around the set.

      The Vac-scene skit was obscene.

      • Hi Mark,

        I feel no pity as regards people like Colbert (and Kimmel, et al) who used their public positions to belittle those who raised questions and wanted answers. If they reap what they have sown so be it.

        My sympathy is reserved for those who trusted and listened. Yes, they ought to have asked questions, been a bit more “hesitant.” But I think all of us have made a similar or several such mistakes in life, so I do not condemn them. But anyone who pushed this, who pushed people into a corner – those people are on the other side of the Rubicon and I lose no sleep over their fate.

  18. Oh, I see on Zero Hedge that they’re “asking” for yet another $20 BILLION for this prediction. We know fully well that most of these “aid” or “relief” (or however they’re styled) “packages” are just trojan horses. They’re used to tighten the security noose by beefing up all manner of shit that has nothing to do with health and everything to do with control.

    They have also continually put their woke nonsense into those bills as well. They’re using this to destroy whatever they can as quickly as possible because they see the potential for a shift in the political wind.

    Here we are with everything crashing down and they just won’t stop making it worse. Seems they’re accelerating their destruction just in case they can’t rig enough of the votes again.

    • EM, all that you have to do to get the twenty billion is to go to a state that has people with a thousand in the bank. Steal all of it spread across twenty million folk/households, and there it is! Of course that means only very highly populated states.

    • They can rig the vote. They can lie, using the media to give it a veneer if credibility. But when the pitchforks and torches come out—which sooner or later they will—it will be game over.

      The question is, will it be better or worse afterwards?

      History seems to suggest that most the likely answer is worse.

      • Indeed Publius, slavery has been the normal human condition ever since “government” was invented. Governments are built upon a foundation of slavery. They require authority to kill you if you disobey, else they cannot function. The sane do not seek such power over their neighbors. Hence government is composed of sociopaths and psychopaths.

        • And humans steadfastly refuse to learn this lesson, except maybe sometimes the hard way. “Oh, but it will be better this time!” Sure, it will.

          Does anyone mind if I sit this cycle out?

      • The answer to your question Publius, depends. Will any pushback come sooner, or later? Sooner would be better as they’ve already fu@#ed things up beyond all recognition, and they’re just getting started.

  19. Compare the “Adminstration’s” predictions and rationale for legal actions to continue diaper “mandates” to this statement about the CCP in the following link. BTW, no thinking caps allowed!

    Xi has put his personal stamp on China’s zero-Covid strategy, with state media often reporting that he has “personally commanded and made arrangements” for the country’s fight against the pandemic.

    “In that sense, zero-Covid has become an unquestionable, unchallengeable policy that is closely tied to his political authority — and therefore there will be no flexibility when it comes to its implementation,” Wu said.

    Closely tied to political authority. That’s the key.

    • Hi Anon,

      “Zero” anything is definitionally insane – as regards the cost vs. the benefits. Imagine “zero” traffic deaths. It would require the end of all driving as even the most cloistered/controlled/automated driving will inevitably result in the occasional death. Shall we also ban walking – on the same basis? If not, why?

      This “zero COVID” business is no different. But it is brilliant – as a measure to impose total control, indefinitely – as there will always be people who get sick from something. ‘Rona or not.

      • Yep. As brilliant as a perpetual war against a tactic to implement totalitarian. No victory possible.

        Regarding the issue of political authority in the US, I see the abortion kerfuffle as the “Administration’s”, really Brandon’s Deep State handlers, means to de-legitimize the judiciary, particularly the Supreme Court. I think this is being done, as a slightly delayed but direct response to courts striking down vaxx and diaper mandates which are specifically the denial of the Executive’s… political authority. They are mobilizing the mob, paid or useful idiot, to intimidate and hoping to use the legacy and social media to create the appearance, at least, of some sort of majority approval, which, as part of the scam, has become their substitute for duly legislated laws administered by the Executive and checked by the judiciary. It’s a race against the unrest sure to accompany the coming economic collapse. Fun times, eh?

        • Its such a small, and feckless mob. FFS have you seen those pictures on ZH? Basement dwellers, large Marges, trigly puffs, cosplay idiots, and ancient dirty stinking hippies. I don’t even know what all those words mean but the media sure makes em look and sound cool.

          Good strategy Brandon, with such fierce resistance I’m sure we’ll all just fold like the stupid supreme court did.

          Most of the country now sees ‘my body, my choice’ as one sided BS that only applies to needle rapists. The only ones protected are fugly, so called wahmen, who imagine rape and impregnation around every corner. Most of them look so diseased, so foul, I doubt the Mexicans would do em, with the Sqautamalens pushing.

      • Hi Eric,
        I think (hope) China’s zero covid policy will be their downfall. I understand Shanghai has a population of about 28 million, yet they’re submitting to lockdown and starvation because Xi says so. Hopefully at some point enough of them will realize that
        1) If you ain’t got nuthin you got nuthin to lose, and
        2) 28 million people are way more than however many of Xi’s minions are enforcing said lockdown, so
        3) They should all pour into the streets and overwhelm their prison guards with sheer force of numbers and give them a good curb stomping. One can only hope.

        • Mike, it isn’t about “zero COVID.” It’s about screwing up supply chains and flexing their muscle. The message to everyone in the west that they are dependent on China, not the other way around. I’m starting to notice a lot more “American independence” stories popping up in news feeds lately. One very interesting one is that apparently there’s all the lithum the US will need for decades floating in the Sultan Sea, for example. Not one word about destroying the “delicate ecosystem” of the Sea either… although that would be a stretch to say the least.

          Some believe that this is a test of Xi Jinping’s so-called Mandate of Heaven, and if he fails to shut out COVID he’ll lose the backing of the people. I have no idea, I don’t know the Chinese culture well enough, but that sounds a little bit too esoteric to me.

        • Mike, there have already been “incidents” of entire groups of their riot troops being over run. But the problem is that the CCP has no problem what so ever with killing any number of their own people that may be necessary. Not to mention that the Chinese have a different mentality than exists in some parts of the west. Put those two together, and you have the type of control that our own “leaders” can only dream of.

      • What changed in people from knowing sickness was a part of life to allowing the scam to happen and continue? The promoted, propagandized notion of a “novel” virus. The people have been tricked by doctors using fraudulent tests to believe they have “it”, the one virus, and lied to by the media that all the “measures” are meant to protect the people from it. That’s what they’ve weaponized. Not sickness generally. You give them that power or at least the benefit of the doubt about the use of that power by believing in “it” as a thing as distinct from sickness generally.

      • But autonomous vehicles will save us all!

        In three years Cyberdyne will become the largest
        supplier of military computer systems. All
        stealth bombers are upgraded with Cyberdyne
        computers, becoming fully unmanned, Afterward,
        the fly with a perfect operational record.
        The Skynet funding bill is passed. The system
        goes on-line August 4th, 1997. Human decisions
        are removed from strategic defense. Skynet
        begins to learn, at a geometric rate. It becomes
        self-aware at 2:14 a.m. eastern time, August 29.
        In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

        I’m 100% certain there are people at DARPA who think the Terminator’s Neural Net Processor is just around the corner. The day when the majority of military aircraft are drones is probably already here, at least in-theatre. If you look at the early DARPA Grand Challenge over the years you see some really amazing progress. But what you don’t see is the lawyers, politicians and public acceptance. The military wants an automaton warrior, one that will always follow orders, never be a veteran and no one will miss when it is decomissioned. The SillyCon Valley types building such things want to be loved by the public and investors want war (but they tend to be pretty NIMBY about it). If they can practice on public streets while they work out the kinks, supply lines of the future will be completely automated.

  20. They have poisoned millions of people in a very consequential way with the experimental gene therapy. If you read around substack, people all over the world keep getting sick after such poisoning. That they have VAIDS now is becoming very evident.

    We have one “organization” to “thank” for this mass poisoning and culling.

    Dear fellow purebloods, prepare yourselves for yet another push by the “drinkers” of this kool aid to make us join them in their suicide pact.

  21. These are not vaccines because they don’t stop transmission, so they can’t be called vaccines, end of story, they lied.

    ATTENTION: It is zero % effective researchers looked at the data, they committed fraud during the trials this vaccine is zero % effective

    if you are injected you can transmit and get infected
    if you aren’t injected you can transmit and get infected
    no difference then

    if you are injected with a vaccine for the wrong variant there is a huge problem, you get sicker and worst of all you turn into a variant factory, a super spreader, spreading everywhere.

    They said the vaccines were effective at reducing the symptoms (they say 95% effective but it was 0.9%), of the “A” variant for which they were designed.
    ATTENTION: It is zero % effective researchers looked at the data, they committed fraud during the trials this vaccine is zero % effective, it does nothing, useless.

    Dr. Paul Alexander
    ATTENTION: it is over, the virus has mutated down to it’s mildest, weakest, harmless form the omicron variant, it is not a problem or threat at all, non fatal, very weak, benign…… data from isreal shows.

    but the people that were injected destroyed their immune system…bringacoffin

    The winners: so the uninjected are the winners…they didn’t get the lethal experimental injection the vaccine which is zero % effective.

    The losers: If you took the experimental gene modification injections here is what you have to look forward to over the next 2-3 years:

    1) Sometime between October 2021 and April 2022 we will see if ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) strikes you like it did the animals in 2012.
    2) Around 18 months we will see if “mad cow” strikes you like it did to the humanised mice that were injected with the spike proteins.
    3) Around 24 months we will see if Alzheimer’s strikes you like it did the Macaque monkeys that were injected with the spike proteins.
    4) 60% of the injected have detected ‘microclots’ with the d-dimer test in the first week after injection. Right side heart failure within 3 years is common.
    5) The spike proteins impair your telemerase synthesis which is known to lead to cancer, CVD, diabetes, vascular dementia.

    These useless vaccines are now assisting those who were vaccinated at developing more severe symptoms and developing higher viral loads for the variants, because of this useless vaccine they become variant factories, super spreaders, the new zombies……

    NOTE: be careful these injected people are now biosecurity terrorists, super spreaders, spreading to the un injected people.

    Dr. Bryan Ardis says it is genocide

    the bottom line: Dr Sean Brooks PhD Oxford has a message he says:
    Anybody who gets it will be dead in 6 months to 3 to 5 years. . It destroys your immune system and you die. Everybody gets blood clots and is sterilized, people are getting their children injected.

    Dr. Zelenko makes it very clear that, in his opinion, the Cv19 injections are neither safe nor effective nor necessary and that, in fact, forcing anyone to take the experimental injections equals gen ocide. zelenko said the injection is like the gas chamber and people are running into it.

    • I’m not seeing the bodies stack up like cordwood yet.

      Not saying it won’t happen, or that there aren’t risks, just saying I don’t see evidence that it’s happening exactly like that yet. And April 2022 has come and gone already.

      There is enough other evidence of problems to be seriously concerned.

      My entire family is like triple maybe quadruple vaxxed, couldn’t wait to get it. None of them has exactly keeled over yet. I know of a few cases of “died suddenly” which I attribute to the shot but that is not a clear connection.

      • placebos, russian roulette

        The big losers are the v. injured

        Their placebo injected buddies say they are too weak, doctors won’t talk to them, they won’t accept the shots injured anyone, ever, anywhere, the injured are labeled insane and given psychiatric drugs and told to piss off.

        Roadkill…… The placebo injected are now confident that the shots are harmless, they will take 20 or more, but the 5 out of 6 are placebos means you run out of luck, plus the wef/who want a 95% population reduction, they will get you eventually.

        1000’s of vials of the demon shot were acquired, research found about 5 out of 6 are placebo (saline). it is like russian roulette, but after the 3rd or 4th injection your luck runs out.

        Looking at the data it appeared they were experimenting with the dosage, to make it lethal (within 3 years) but not strong enough to draw attention to the die off/injuries, gates did this in africa, some were placebo, so when people died or had injuries, he said no look at these ones, they are fine.

        Looking at more data they found the non placebo shots were targeted to conservatives/conservative areas. More non placebo shots in conservative areas…..

      • Publius, one of the factors involved in that, is not all of the batches are active. Who ever came up with that idea is dangerous. The place to look is all cause deaths. Also keep in mind that complex biological systems react differently to the vax. Some fail quickly, some take longer. Others take much longer. It depends on a vast number of individual details. Insurance companies and undertakers will be the ones to watch for hard data. Also keep in mind that just about any establishment site is going to obstruct or out right hide their real data. The DOD has already been caught red handed doing that. But of course that was just a “data base error”… I’d imagine that its going to be another year or two before we have a better grasp of just how bad this is going to get.

      • publius

        If you think these extermination injections are safe, go for it and get lots of them…..


        Who said the placebos are safe? All the ingredients for these shots are made in china,
        japan dumped millions of doses of the injections because they are contaminated with metal, including the placebos, all contaminated.
        (japan does their own testing after they receive the vaccines, they don’t trust big pharma
        they stopped complying, they are using ivermectin only now, no more killshot very smart………),

        other researchers found contamination in these shots including the placebos, including metal contamination and parasites.

        other countries did no testing of their own, just trusted china, did no testing of the shots. (The politicians were exempt from injections they don’t care and were given huge bribes.)
        The politicians that faked the shot on camera didn’t get injected with the placebo either, what does that tell you?
        it was just mostly white people in the G7 who were getting the extermination injections, so who cares. extermination of the whites.

        china supplies all the materials used to make drugs and vaccines for all the world a lot of contamination was found in these shots, the materials they use are low quality and contaminated. Why would you inject untested contaminated sewer water from china into your veins?

        Looking at the data it appeared they were experimenting with the extermination injection dosage, to make it lethal (within 3 years) but not strong enough to draw attention to the die off/injuries, gates did this in africa, some were placebo, so when people died or had injuries, he said no look at these ones, they are fine. bringacoffin….

    • A very small % of the shots are hot, around 5%.

      So the claims that the shanked are all going to die or be injured is absurd and frankly hurting our cause. That Brooks guy was an idiot.

      That being said, it’s still murder and democide. We just need to be as accurate as possible about the risks. is updated regularly with lot injuries and murders.

      • one out of six isn’t 5% it is 16%, the non placebo shots were targeted towards conservative voting areas……so it depends on other factors if you get a non placebo shot, plus if you get four shots how are the odds now? russian roulette ….one of six chambers has a bullet…pull the trigger four times…. you are nuts…..just another way to suck people in and cover up a crime…. brooks is a Phd, one of the few that spoke up, we need more of them, what are you? why would anyone listen to you?

        trying to talk down these extermination injections means you are supporting the globalists agenda. 5% link?…..there is none…….

      • Placebos

        Who said the placebos are safe? All the ingredients for these shots are made in china,
        japan dumped millions of doses of the injections because they are contaminated with metal, including the placebos, all contaminated.
        (japan does their own testing after they receive the vaccines, they don’t trust big pharma
        they stopped complying, they are using ivermectin only now, no more killshot very smart………),

        other researchers found contamination in these shots including the placebos, including metal contamination and parasites.

        other countries did no testing of their own, just trusted china, did no testing of the shots. (The politicians were exempt from injections they don’t care and were given huge bribes.)
        The politicians that faked the shot on camera didn’t get injected with the placebo either, what does that tell you?
        it was just mostly white people in the G7 who were getting the extermination injections, so who cares. extermination of the whites.

        china supplies all the materials used to make drugs and vaccines for all the world a lot of contamination was found in these shots, the materials they use are low quality and contaminated. Why would you inject untested contaminated sewer water from china into your veins?

        NOTE: here is another exempt group, don’t get the extermination injections….the billionaire elite:

        gates and other .0001% rich families don’t vaccinate their own children,

        gates, his wife and their children have never been vaccinated….
        NOTE: gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

        elon musk and his family will not be vaccinated

        the 17 elite nobility families are exempt of course:
        one example of the families: the queen of england and her family (they are at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet at the top of the elite nobility control group, controlling the whole thing), they use homeopathic medicine.

        rockefeller who created our worldwide, fake, fraud, germ theory based, allopathic medicine, didnt use his own allopathic nazi death medicine, NOTE: he used homeopathic medicine.

        FAUCI TAKES 6,000 IUs OF VITAMIN D PER DAY. but he tells you to get poisonous vaccines

        NOTE: Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the vaccine to be injected into his body


      • david

        brooks said the people that get the extermination injection the real one not the placebo will be injured/dead, you say he is wrong, nuts….hahaha

        he is wrong? the injections are harmless?….haha….where is the data to prove that? there is none it is lies….you are spreading globalist propaganda

        the one doctor out of millions on the planet speaks up and you trash him…how much do the globalist/satanists pay you?

        brooks is a Phd, you are a paid globalist moron….

  22. The sister in law has harassed/ tisk tisked the wife for months re the jab, we’ve never done it and never will. Weekly updates “got my Covid vaccine you need to do this “. On and on, 2nd dose, the booster, the son of booster.

    This weeks update, she’s got the Covid!

    Back in ‘76 she was first in line for the Swine Flu vacc, some people never learn.

    • Hi Sparkey,

      I am very thankful my sister is not a Covidian. I doubt I could remain on speaking terms if she were. My girlfriend is more stalwart than I am – and that says a lot. If she weren’t, I’d be sitting here by myself, just the cats and me.

        • Hi Erle,

          It’s interesting about cats and chickens… mine (all of them) seem either indifferent to chickens or scared of them. Some just ignore the chickens. Others actively avoid them. It’s interesting because chickens are birds, after all – and cats love to stalk and eat birds. But I think cats may be wired to go after small birds. From my observations, chickens are too big to flash “prey” in the mind of a cat – and may even flash “potential threat.” There is a variable, though, as regards my situation in that I feed all my cats well – including a loose band of ferals who hang out around the house. So maybe they’re too well-fed to want to mess with chickens!

          Meanwhile, the chickens love to eat cat food – and I have a time keeping them away from the feral cats’ bowls.

  23. A triple vaxxed in law got covid twice in one week. I had an excruciating but short discussion with my dh who cannot seem to remember the vaxxes ever being touted as providing immunity. He thinks of them as flu shots. Really. Safe effective and preventing serious illness. I was wrong. He said it must have be my faulty memory along with my conspiracy theory tendencies causing me to believe that initially the vaccines were sold as preventing the recipient from catching and spreading covid. But wait. Isn’t that why the family got in an uproar over me being the unvaccinated bad person and requiring me only to wear a mask around them? I quickly concluded trying to converse on the subject of vaxx effectiveness to a believer will quickly induce a massive headache along with the sensation of going completely crazy.

    • RE: “He thinks of them as flu shots.”

      I got that same response from a relative as well. You (I) know they’re too far gone when they say that.

      Today, I was thinking about this photo I saw at CFP, it looks like it’s from the 1950’s, but it could have just as easily been taken in my old neighborhood in the 1970’s – 1980’s …just as easily.

      I think of the title of the link, and then remember being forced to stand in a single file line in the elementary school gymnasium with my classmates as they gave us all the swine flu shot.

      Or, wonder if that was similar to how ‘they’ gave children the polio vax in the 1950’s, some of whom later developed polio as a result of the vax, and were never told.

      …I guess, we all might have had it easy in comparison to what ‘they’ are doing to children today.

      ‘The luckiest generation in one photo…’

      … Time to make hay.

      • helot

        As soon as you come into this world they destroy your immune system so big pharma can make billions of dollars. In the U.S. 72 vaccines are mandated for children, they destroy your immune system so you get sick and they can sell you lots more drugs, vaccines, the rest of your screwed up life, they make a market out of you.

        • I am being asked to cough up 18,000 fedbux to educate my daughter’s offspring. Is it fair to demand the innoculation papers on the livestock?

  24. Of course “he” knows the cases are going to go up in the fall. Because we will once again be closing up buildings and turning on heat. Heat that is almost all supplied by forced air systems that are great for circulating whatever is in the air. We have two years of data that shows this, and have done nothing to fix the fundemental problem. Sealed up super efficent buildings don’t breathe. You get the same stale air over and over again. Oh sure, there are filters, but unless they’re HEPA and changed regularly they are as effective as the face diapers. And you can’t just slide in a HEPA filter in place of a normal one or you’ll screw up the back pressure and burn out the fan motor. So we’re back to sick buildings making us sick… I mean… positive test cases.

    • Sometimes I can’t tell if you’re taking the piss or serious. This whole sniffles in the recirculating HVAC thing is just another joke in the overall scam. I know I guy who was an HVAC contractor in NoVA who just retired after 2 years of serially installing new systems in buildings on the Fed gov’ts dime. In these last 2 years he bought 3 houses and had a brandy new one built for himself, all for cash. Needless to say, he supports the latest things.

      • Anonymous I’m not an HVAC contractor, but my line of work involves dealing with data center grade air handlers. I’ve been in equipment rooms with failed AC that were pushing 110º F and equipment racks so hot you couldn’t hold your hand on them. When the AC came back up the room was down to 70º in less than a half hour. I’m not saying all HVAC is capable of moving this much air, but it is pretty amazing to see just how much air can be shuttled around a building with a couple of fans and well designed ductwork. Given that COVID is spread via air and it is extremely light it will circulate through ductwork easily.

        • That you even capitalize the name of the scam marks you as as a believer in it. Shit’s faker than fake but here you are dreamin’ up the aerosol spread. Time for another bootsah.

    • RE: “closing up buildings and turning on heat”

      Add to that, the chemicals in the “air sterilizing” solution an Annon posted a link to here awhile back, a solution which just so happens to cause symptoms identical to covid-1984.

      Do you suppose there’s a huge backorder of those machines & they’re being installed everywhere at a breakneck speed?

      • Thanks for bringing this up. Not only is the HVAC thing a scam, but the purported “solution” to the imaginary problem is really an implementation of actual harms. Notice the pattern?

    • “Sealed up super efficient buildings” are generally required by building code to introduce at least 10% fresh air into the return air system. Some codes requiring 20%. Far more dangerous than any virus is the off gassing from building materials.
      Which brings up one of the beauties of wood heat, in that it REQUIRES intake of combustible air from outdoors, as in fresh air. Back in the 70s, when natural gas taps weren’t available, houses heated electrically were built extremely tight. Fire places in those homes wouldn’t work, except to smoke up the place.

  25. Your mistake Eric is the premise that these Covidians are thinking at all. They’re not.

    This is a purely fear based reaction. Pure emotions have ceded their autonomy to their new God, The $©ience.

    Facts do not matter, at all, to those so heavily hypnotized by the cult handlers.

    To “fix” the wooly fold one would use the same techniques as deprogramming a cult member which is nigh impossible given the trillion dollar fear and propaganda machine we are up against.

    My few successes have been with isolating a few of that middle 40% that Desmet talks about. There is a vast ocean of sheep adrift in this category that we can help if the timing is right. The key, for me, is to identify who the truly lost are in that first 30% of the orthodox Covidians. These are the same people who’s ancestors cheered their children’s heads and hearts being cut off/out on the Aztec temples. This 30% are both dangerous and unreachable and not worth the time.

  26. Will this 100 million surge also overwhelm the hospitals and create severe illness and death? And how can an alleged vaccine, which didn’t work for the alpha strain that apparently no longer exists, possibly be of any use to avoid this putative surge? I’m guessing some new vaccine will be rolled out under EUA, plus a hard return to diaper and vaccine mandates – this is what this forecast portends. And the whole of this country will… comply.

    • Hi BAC,

      In re: Compliance, this time. I wonder. Or rather, I hope. I may be allowing that to get the better of me. But – just maybe – enough people have wised up and won’t comply, next time ’round.

      We’ll soon see…

      • Talked to someone who said the first go-round they obeyed the diaper (but they remain unjabbed)…the second go-round they said, “No.” Better late than never. I suppose this person is not unlike many others, who perhaps were encouraged by their memories of those of us who resisted from the beginning.

        Keep up the good work.

        • Thanks, Anon –

          And the same to you and everyone else who questioned, refused to accept non-answers and outright disobeyed. God bless you, every one.

  27. But people don’t think anymore. They wander around like sheep clutching a magical box in their grubbly little hands whilst “influencers” tell them what they must believe today. The last picture in the article was spot on. I quit watching or listening to almost all of the MSM because even I could spot the BS, I do listen to those shows you appear on because what they say seems truthful, but I’m a wrong thinker. When all else fails just remember the old Latin phrase; “Cui Bono” and all your questions will be answered. If that doesn’t work there is always: “In Vino Veritas”..

  28. I reject the idea that I have to be jabbed with pharma chemicals over and over to be and remain healthy.

    • Hi Snap,

      Me, too! Especially given that these pharma chemicals aren’t keeping people healthy. It just astounds me that this fact doesn’t impress more people than it apparently does.

      • Hi Eric: Another thing that bothers me is the one-size-fits-all attitude about vaccines, both the traditional versions and this new higher-tech quackcine. There’s no medicine or treatment perfect for everybody, or safe for everyone. Seems an obvious point that many people who got in line for these injections have forgotten, or maybe never thought about.


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