Have Yourself an Awkward Little Christmas . . .

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Christmas will never be the same again. For the same reason that America will never be the same again. Millions of us will never be able to look upon some of our fellow Americans – including some of our friends and family members – as we once did, ever again.

The ones who turned their backs on us – and worse – for questioning what we rightly identified as a mass hysteria they embraced. Who feared and loathed us, because we would not wear a “mask” – which we didn’t because we knew that putting it on only fueled the mass hysteria. We didn’t wear the things for their sakes as well as our own. For the sake of calm and common sense. To show normality rather than “masked” insanity. For doing that – often at the cost of being denied not merely service but our ability to earn a living – we were abused as pathologically selfish, granny-killing ne’er do-wells.

They told us we weren’t welcome in their homes at Christmas. That we weren’t welcome, period. Unless, of course, we bought in to their hysteria and played along.

We who questioned – and disobeyed – were cast out, by those who did not question and mindlessly obeyed.

Some of these friends and family members would have supported more than just excommunicating us from their  homes and lives and from society, generally. When the drugs that aren’t vaccines were rolled out, many were in favor of everyone being forced to take them. Tens of millions of people were effectively forced to take them, being under duress. They were told to take the drugs – or take a hike. Lose your job – or lose your bodily autonomy and your self-respect, having bent knee to a violation of your body for the sake of grubby money.

Some of the most hysteric wanted (and no doubt still want in their secret hearts) to see everyone forced to take the drugs they took, perhaps for the same vicious and ugly reason that some people resent people who “get away” with not being made to do what they were made to do.

They then blamed us when they got the sickness they’d been “vaccinated” against. The illogic of that escaping them.

Now we are supposed to pretend it all never happened and sit down for Christmas dinner with these people. It is not quite sleeping with the enemy but it’s not that far from it, either. For, no matter the superficialities, the feigned pleasantries of our previous association, they regard us with suspicion and contempt.

Just as we so regard them.

They know we know what they did, just as we know they know what we didn’t do. They perhaps feel ashamed, some of them. In which case, it would help things greatly if they were to say so – and ask our forgiveness for what they did to us and supported being done to us. We might then be able to forgive them.

But can we ever trust them again? Would George Washington have given Benedict Arnold another command, if he’d apologized for betraying Washington’s trust? Only if Washington were an idiot.

Are we?

What we are wrestling with is a far more profound form of betrayal. It is personal, familiar. Intimate. People we thought we knew, in many cases friends of decades’-long standing. People we grew up with, sat around the Christmas dinner table with. Of course we had our differences. We knew that Uncle Jeff was a Democrat and he knew we were not. What we did not know – before – was that Uncle Buck would support our being treated as black Americans were treated in the Jim Crow South. The same Uncle Buck who smiled in our faces, shook our hand and hugged us as we left the Christmas gathering just the year before the mass hysteria descended.

How do we sit across the Christmas table from Uncle Buck this year?

Maybe it would be better not to. For the same reason it is better to not pretend to be friends with someone you know isn’t, really. Someone you now know you cannot count on to be your friend except in the most superficial and meaningless sense. The wave across the fence to a neighbor sense.

Only with more reason, if the person is a relative.

A parent. A sibling. Someone who not only knows you but has known you since there was a you. To be betrayed by someone like that – for the sake of someone like Dr. Fauci – is something that can never be taken back, even if apologized for.

Better to gather this Christmas with friends and family whom you know are just that – because you know they didn’t betray you for the sake of someone like Dr. Fauci. Even if that means you spend Christmas by yourself. For – as Washington once said – ‘Tis better to be alone than in poor company. 


And Merry Christmas!

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  1. Once you’ve been bushwhacked, there is no going back.

    You will never trust anyone ever again.

    The vaccine bushwhacking is over, done with.

    Assaulted and battered never goes away, never heals, never forgiven.


    Let it all burn to the ground. Let them eat shit.

  2. Greetings, Eric!

    I know I would be better having never known of das Fauscista. But I don’t know who was the worse liar: Him or President Bite-me. i know that I have a clearer conscience than either of those two weenies.

    Regarding the entire masking regime: Why would any of those kommissars be so upset if I wasn’t wearing a diaper in their presence, when the diapers they wore are supposed to be enough protection?

  3. Looks like these globalists are planning MORE lockdowns next year. This time, there needs to be MASS pushback if politicians who are puppets of the WEF actually try this crap again, because they will undoubtedly launch ANOTHER fear porn campaign aimed at getting the masses to comply, since they succeeded in getting LOTS of people worldwide to comply with the COVID lockdowns in 2020. They may even say that we NEED PERMANENT face diaper wearing, digital health passports, and 100% vaccination, “For saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety”……


  4. I had a fun time with the diaper nazi’s at a hospital yesterday. My boy had an appointment for x-ray and partial cast removal on broken leg, and we walked in free-face. (After I had called ahead of time asking for exemption, which of course was denied.) The place is swarming with security, all giving me crap and telling me I can’t go in without the diaper of obedience. I finally asked one of them if he understood the meaning of “can’t”, but he didn’t get it. They kept telling me we had to have the diaper, and I kept telling them we can’t, and they kept telling me I couldn’t go in for his appt. without the diaper, and I kept telling them I can’t, but my boy still needs treatment. I started threatening to just walk in, and make them physically batter me in order to stop me, and told them I wanted to hear his doctor refuse service. Finally the chief of surgery or something like that came down and told me that the CDC makes them diaper everyone, and that according to the best known research the diapers are saving immune compromised youngsters, and she wasn’t going to let his doctor see him without diapers. I asked her if she would get in trouble if she relented, and she wouldn’t answer. Then she made a veiled CPS threat if they thought I wasn’t taking care of the boy. I pointed out the threat she had just made. I made sure to get her name off her badge, and she asked if that was a threat, and I reminded her that there is a liability issue if the boy is harmed due to their refusal to treat. She told me that his doctor said that it is okay to come in in a couple of weeks, and repeated several times that his mom would be glad to diaper up when she brings him in. I didn’t think to ask at the time, but I wonder why his doctor wanted to see him now when a couple weeks is fine. I doubt if I’ll get the opportunity again, but a possible strategy to defeat them is to confirm with the local doughnut eaters that it isn’t trespassing when a member of the public enters a place that accommodates the public, and then just slowly and calmly walk past security while looking them right in the eye, challenging them to either threaten to batter me (assault if it is a credible and imminent threat) or actually batter me. They lose as soon as that happens, at least in theory although I know it will be hard to collect damages in this coof cult area. If they just shout and make noise and I get to the doctor and she refuses treatment, then in theory she loses too, with the same caveat as above.

    • Hi Mr. Gold –

      Appalling. The medical industry (the correct word these days) has lost all credibility and – worse – become the tool of tyranny. It’s despicable. Your kid posed a threat to no one – not being sick. And a Diaper does nothing to protect the “immune compromised.”

      May they all choke on their Diapers.

    • Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but about two years ago I was doing the Door Dash thing and had to deliver to a nurse in the main branch of the local hospital, Novant or Atrium or whatever the hell they were calling it that week. Security stopped me at the front door, took my temp, which was normal, and then requested I put on the Mask of Submission before going any further inside the building. I gave them a flat “NO” to that, and somehow managed to argue Paul Blart and his team down to being allowed to just take their Dipey with me to make the delivery, carrying it in my hand without ever actually putting the stupid thing on at all. I still have to laugh about that one.

  5. ….I wore a mask for about 30 seconds of the Covid Diversity Genocide…and that was to sneak in the back door of my local lab so that I could get some blood work done for my epilepsy. They knew they had to work with me for reasonable accomodation…as I needed the blood work, and wearing a mask might put me into a seizure from hyperventilation. They had me put it on, but slipped me in the back door to a treatment room just 4 feet away. After they took blood, I hung it off my ear and made my retreat out the back door. I was denied service at Walmart in spite of my disability. I was denied entrance to another retail store, and filed complaints with the state discrimination folks and US DOJ. I was told that these government oversight agencies were “too busy” to investigate my claim. In my life I have seen a lot of corruption. Personal corruption, corporate corruption, local government corruption…and the billions or trillions of corruption that pour from our government. I had a pretty unique international career with US DoD for 25 years, and as a winning Federal Whistle Blower I know about their complete corruption. I was brought up by corrupt parents who worked in law enforcement…and I was raised swimming in corruption. The regular people who have been sheltered from such corruption, or who have bought into the myths of America just can’t let go of their loyalty to liars thieves and murderers. It’s that simple. While I love all of my family and hold no grudges…I was segregated because of my no mask, no shot demands. My brother died ten days after his first shot, and I was told if I travelled to the Midwest from California for my brother’s Celebration of Life, that I would have to sit outside on the lawn, and not enter my sister’s home. That same sister just died from a ten inch blood clot on her brain. I feel sorry for the ardent supporters of all of this, especially those who took the shots. It’s not all their fault. They are programmed. No one gets mad at a computer program that does what it is designed to do. Their brains have been programmed all of their lives for this moment in time, and although the Globalists didn’t get the numbers they wanted from a compliance perspective, they certainly grew some nasty division in the country, and fertilized millions of empty souls with anger and hatred. Now, those of us who didn’t bend the knee…we sit and wait for the next word of the next loved one who has died. We read our morning news and spew…”Clot Shots” at every announced sudden death, cancer death…or malformed baby. It is horrible. Except for the most vile and egregious of the public abusers, I cannot be continuously angry at regular people who behaved harshly…because now they are paying the price for their choices, and there is nothing we can do to help them. Wait until the full truth is known by the masses. I have no impulse to gloat, but even if I did, it’s hard to say “I told you so”…when all your relatives have died. The designers and initiators of this depopulation plan are the ones that we should focus our anger towards. It may take some time for everyone to recognize what the Elite have done, but when all is known…good luck with that.

  6. My experience with mask wearing must have been unique. I never wore a mask anywhere except once and was never approached by anyone mildly suggesting or hysterically demanding I put on a mask. I didn’t comply with any C-19 mandates and suffered no ill consequences. The mayor (female)of this West Texas town issued an edict instructing the golf courses be closed. That was absurd. There is no safer place to be in an earthquake or pandemic than a golf course especially if those cute tarts in short skirts are still driving around in carts serving beer and highballs. I didn’t comply with that order either and was not arrested or otherwise accosted. The only occasion in which I wore a mask was when my wife asked me to accompany her to the hospital to visit her sister after a minor emergency surgery. I told her (a nurse practioner) that I refused to wear a mask. She gave me that look that said, ” So….You want to spend the next two weeks in celibacy prison? Fine. Stay at home.” I donned a mask for the first and final time.

    • I will raise you, James!

      I never wore that god-damned rag once. I never will. I knew, instinctively, what wearing it meant – and portended. I was kicked out of the coffee place I used to go to regularly but other than that, I defied the “mandate” with relative impunity. It was not that hard. It seemed to me it was mostly just a matter of not giving a damn about what other people-sheep thought and just going about my business. It may have helped that I am pretty big and probably radiated hate toward any potential Diaper People. I was quite prepared to smash in someone’s face if they accosted me with their god-damned rag.

      I still am.

  7. I am one of the lucky ones, evidently. Our circle of friends and family is pretty small, and I haven’t experienced any of the insanity I’m hearing about. My pharmacist friend sees zero value in these shots. My sister in law and her husband have been vaxxed, but we never stopped getting together for holidays or Sunday football. No shortage of hugging and fellowship. Although the BIL does think that new battery technology is just around the corner, we can argue about that in a civil manner. Just good clean fun. I can’t imagine the hurt many are feeling from friends and family turning on them like that. I guess it just showed who you could really trust, and it sure ain’t Fauci.
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to Eric and all on this site!

  8. To hell with Uncle Buck ,and all my family who sided with Evil.
    This whole thing just flushed them out for what they are.

    Great article as usual Eric!

  9. I can’t go back. I’ve tried. Just can’t do it.

    The county in which I live is one of the most-vaxxed in America, and so proud to be following The Science. Practically everyone I know got it. Friends, family, everyone. I had to sit for the Listen To Experts/Follow The Science/Don’t You Believe speech so many times that I lost count. We were shut out of our social circle. People stopped letting their kids play with ours. My wife was harassed in her office so badly that she left after 17 years with the company.

    Now they want to pretend it never happened. They wonder aloud why they’re always sick. My mother’s immune system is attacking her liver. People are getting cancer. Spending time with these people now I just come away feeling like I’m surrounded by people clinging desperately to a failed religion. We go through the motions, but it’s not the same. Never will be. People comment on how much I’ve changed. How I used to say so much more than I do now.

    “We just wanted to go back to normal….” Yeah, me too.

    But “normal” is merely a memory now. The New Normal is all that’s left. When I’m in good enough humor to make light of it I joke about making a video series called 2019 Man in which I go about day-to-day life as though I just woke up from a three-year coma.

    It gets to be a lonely life but the silver lining is knowing that I don’t have to fall apart and lose my mind along with everyone else. I worry about my kids though and how they’ll ever fit into this world.

    • This is well-said, Matt –

      I feel the same way. It will never be the same. Whether intended or not, they – the ones behind all of this – succeeded in driving a permanent wedge between people, one that can never be mended. I am reminded of the end scene in 1984. Winston and Julia meet again, but there is a deadness between them. The betrayal is known within each and things can never be what they were.

      Like you, I take comfort in knowing the friends I still have are truly my friends. I wish you and your family the best for Christmas.

      • Well, for the sake of my beloved younger sis, who’s the only Democrat in a family of “Wascally Wepublicans” and/or Libertarians (myself and my kids), mostly due to her husband, recently retired as an AGW (County Correctional Officer, became a full Sheriff’s deputy upon making Sergeant and retired recently as a Lt.) and a committed “union” Democrat…socially conservative, but parrots the Democratic Party line, including the Trump Derangement. Spent TWO whole days with them, and that was ENOUGH. He was nice, we simply avoided politics. Sometimes it just takes having an attitude of tolerance and forgiveness, and much biting of one’s tongue.

  10. I don’t know about health agencies in other states, but in Oregon, the state’s “Health Authority” mailed out a propaganda flyer saying that the brand new booster jabs are here for the holidays, and essentially implores everyone to “Get vaccinated right away!” because of RSV, flu, and COVID. It even has a list of things to do to “Gather safely this season” and “Keep yourself and others safe”, and implores people to “check it twice”. Some of the crazy ass suggestions include “Get the latest booster!”, “Wear a mask indoors”, “Ask others if they’re boosted”, “Get tested before gathering with family”, and others. Considering that we KNOW that the “vaccines” and “face diapers” don’t freaking work, plus the tests aren’t all that reliable either, someone should report the Oregon Health Authority for “Spreading mis/ disinformation”, but I guess that only applies to people who dare challenge the government/ big media/ public health agency narrative.

    • It’s widely accepted that a child’s first word is often, “no”. It seems to me that his first phrase, then, becomes, “I know”. I think that that, then, leads to this great desire to be able to say, “I’m right” or “see, I was right “

      In my case, I’m ashamed to say, part of me is waiting, hoping for the day that the Vaxxed begin dropping, like flies. But then I am sobered by the fact that my younger brother, 43 years old, is getting out of the hospital today, after having had a bunch of cancer removed from his pelvis.

      I’ve been following doctors Malone and McCullough, and other, so I feel like I can be pretty sure that the clot shot was the cause of his cancer. He is a nurse and was forced to take the shot . I certainly don’t hope for his death, to prove myself right. And then I have to remember that I am a disciple of the aforementioned doctors. Just like the VAXXers are disciples of CNN, et al. We lay people aren’t scientists or doctors. We haven’t conducted any studies. We may not completely be right in our views. I believe that I am right. And I want to be proven right. I certainly think that the other side is insane. But I think it’s important to remember that, what we, on our side, believe it really looks to be correct. But who is to say? This is one of many questions, to which I look forward to the answer.

      • Hi Scott,

        Here’s what I knew – when the “vaccines” were first “rolled out”:

        1. I was fine and not at serious risk from the putative sickness; even if I got sick, it was extremely unlikely I would get sick enough to need to see a doctor. So why take these “vaccines”?
        2. The “vaccines” were not being presented as a good choice and here’s why. They were being pushed – and stop asking questions. People who push things are ipso facto trying to make you do something that is almost certainly not in your best interests.
        3. The “vaccines” were produced by sources known to be untrustworthy, with a long and sorry record of acting in bad faith, who stood to make billions from essentially forcing the population to take them.
        4. The established long-term testing protocols were discarded, so no one could know what the long-term risks were. Who takes a drug – any drug – absent knowing what it might do to you?
        5. The liability shield. Would you buy a new car without a warranty? From a company you could not sue if the thing turned out to be defective/dangerous?
        6. The sleazy redefinition of “vaccines” so as to remove the qualities that formerly defined what made a drug a vaccine; i.e., it prevented infection and stopped transmission.
        7. No disclosure as to what these “vaccines” contained.

        All f the above preceded by a deliberately fomented mass hysteria. I knew – in early 2020 – that “cases” were being exaggerated; that dead people were not stacking up like cordwood, that hospitals were not “overwhelmed.” I also knew, as someone who came from a family of medical doctors, that this “mask” business was show business.

        In other words, I knew it was all in bad faith. So why would I even consider taking a “vaccine” on top of all that?

        • Eric,

          Here are some other things I found fishy when these “vaccines” were being rolled out….

          1) Large corporations and government were offering people incentives to “Get vaccinated”, such as free donuts, a free burger and fries, or a chance to win a jackpot in a state vaccine lottery. I’ve NEVER seen that before with other experimental pharmaceutical products.
          2) Given that the dreaded ‘Rona had a 99 point some percent survival rate for people under 70 years of age, and tended to be more problematic for people over 70, it sounded illogical for younger people to take this experimental mRNA injection that to this day STILL has too many unknowns, but after the mass incentives didn’t achieve the desired vaxx uptake, government resorted to trying to FORCE the masses to get vaxxed through mandates.
          3) The FDA “fully approved” something that wasn’t even available in the U.S. at the time called COMIRNATY, though the media and the federal government gleefully claimed that it was PFIZER’S COVID jab that was “fully approved”. However, Pfizer’s COVID shot remained under EUA, rendering any mandates illegal.
          4) Thanks to a FOIA request last year, we learned that the federal government gave media outlets and organizations BILLIONS of dollars to PROMOTE the “vaccines”.
          5) Now these corrupt public health agencies are targeting children after a CDC panel unanimously voted to “recommend” adding the COVID jabs to the childhood vaccination schedule, leaving some states just ITCHING to “mandate” them for children to go to public school, which are themselves corrupt.

    • I live in Washington state. Same flood of get your vaccines. All health and dental require masks by order of the governor. Unfortunately, if you are forced to use public transportation, the mask thing was a big problem. I fought back as much as possible, but “criminal trespass” is the whip of the law enforcement here. I was forced off of the county buses where I lived for 6 months. Apparently wearing a mask is federal LAW here, or so they said. Expect January to be the start of more hell. But have a merry Christmas!

  11. My family openly flouted our state’s mandate to keep holiday gatherings restricted to 10 people or less. We had huge parties, and sometimes I was nervous that my neighbors would report us when they saw all the cars, but they left us alone. My family also attended anti-mask rallies together, and pretty much kept each other sane! Except one brother, whose wife is a nurse. They would politely decline our invitations, and the rest of us felt kind of bad about that, but they never tried to force their paranoia on us, thank goodness.

    • Hi Li’ljen,

      My family did the same thing and I think that is why (for the most part) we came out of this plandemic somewhat lucid. None of the kids are spazzing out because we tried to keep their life as normal as possible. The stores may have been shut down, but the family pool wasn’t. We still met for birthdays, holidays, and poker tournaments and tried to ignore the on goings happening throughout the world.

  12. Clowngress dons its Santa Claus suit:

    ‘Given that the 4,155-page package is the final, must-pass legislation for this Congress, lawmakers stuffed it with dozens of funding priorities and unrelated bipartisan measures.

    ‘The release of the legislation came around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, just days ahead of a midnight Friday deadline to fund the government or face a shutdown.

    ‘The package also sets aside billions of dollars more for emergency aid, including more than $40 billion for Ukraine, higher than the $37.7 billion the White House requested.’ — NYT


    Unremarked by the NY Slimes is that the regular budget appropriations process hasn’t been used since 2007. Clowngress is now completely dysfunctional, only doing these desperate pork-laden, 4,155-page, 1:30 a.m. omnibus deals — three months after the fiscal year started, mind you — so they can get out of town for the holidays.

    Needless to say, no one has or even could read 4,155 pages. Most of those pages were written by lobbyists and inserted after midnight.

    To quote the immortal Nancy Pelosi, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

  13. Actor Tim Robbins Expresses Regret For His Support Of Covid Authoritarianism

    With multiple peer-reviewed studies showing the potential danger from autoimmune side effects associated with covid mRNA vaccines (the more doses the higher the risk) , along with numerous studies debunking the notion that lockdowns, mandates and masks are effective at stopping the spread of the virus, more and more public figures (took bribes?) are beginning to speak out about their initial support of the authoritarian measures…..took bribes…now scared of hanging?….lol ….took bribes….politicians, all the media, scientists, medical staff, influencers and all their helpers…

    From tim robbins Apr 2021 tweet…..

    “Me and my family are vaccinated. All local vaccination site have many open appointments. If you choose to not vaccinate at this point I don’t care if you get sick or die. And anyone you spread it to isn’t vaccinated so I don’t care about them either. It’s time to move on!”


    • We need more like him.

      People who admit when they were wrong – and who apologize and atone for acting in a manner that harmed others – can be forgiven. Those who do not never can be.

    • Hi anon,

      I had my heart broken this morning. I met up with a long-time client of mine. Her thinking and mine are pretty similar. Just found out her entire family (including her) got vaxxed. I couldn’t believe it. My only response was “Why”. She asked me if I had, and my response was an unequivocal no. She asked me what my reasons and I clearly stated, “I don’t trust my government.” She replied she stopped at two but look back on it and wished she had not gotten them.

      I thought the total number of “vaxxed” may be somewhere between 65-70%, but I believe it is closer to 80-85%. I believe the government’s fear campaign was very successful. Other than my family and many on here I know of only a handful that disobeyed orders. It is a very, very small number.

        • Hi Publius,

          I see my poor nephew trying to maneuver the new dating game. It is horrible to watch. He has joined so many dating apps. I told him he had a better chance of picking up some chick at the grocery store. You can tell a lot about someone with what they put in their cart, how do they pay, what they are wearing, are they nice to the cashier, etc. It has to be easier than constantly swiping left. FYI: I just learned what that meant about five minutes ago. 😉

      • Hi RG,

        If the vaxx uptake had been around 85%, it would likely have been a lot easier for the Biden regime to accomplish their dream of implementing digital vaxx passports NATIONWIDE. Considering the calls for endless boosters, literally anyone who doesn’t get the “latest booster” would likely be labeled UNVACCINATED or NOT UP-TO-DATE. From what I’ve read, only about 15% of vaxxed people eligible for the bivalent booster have received it, though the campaign to get MORE people vaxxed and boosted is as intense as ever.

        • Hi John,

          I don’t think we are out of the woods yet. The vaxx passes will be labeled biometric passports. They have been in the works for years. Have you noticed how many new things are now requiring a two-step authentication process to log in? Most of them occurring in the last month. All kinds of new “Terms and Agreements” being set forth.

          I think a majority of Americans have removed the rose-colored glasses, hence, the decrease in those lining up for Booster #5, but they needed to remove them about five shots ago. I still believe about 80-85% have at least one shot (more likely two shots) though. Most don’t have the mental toughness to disregard peer pressure, which seems to be the #1 culprit of these jabs.

      • Hey R.G., et al,

        In my immediate family, my brother and I are purebloods, my sisters took the clot shot and parroted the screed about following “The Science”. This has destroyed my relationships with my two sisters, which is very sad. I doubt either one will ever own up to the mistake even as they suffer from consequences. Among my friends, the few who I have any contact with….compliance is actually fairly low. I don’t fall into the camp that enjoys revenge….but I also do not easily forgive and forget. Such a path merely reinforces bad behaviour and remains counterproductive from a human psychology PoV. Punishment really does not lead to desired results, but reinforcing desirable behaviours does tend to work fairly well. I ramble…but the data currently seeing the light of day refutes the whole agenda rather powerfully. Our problem remains that the whole Covid narrative, much like the faux elections now normalized, serve mainly as distractions to fundamental problems inherent in the implementation of a ruling corporate/deep state collusion that rules all. The market may eventually take care of this, but if Biden and his puppet masters manage to false flag Putin into a nuclear war, everything goes away…..truly an existential threat…..I wish I could embrace a more optimistic position but……

        • Giuseppe,

          My position is, forgive those who acknowledge the wrong they did, and ask.


          So far in my life the numbers are pretty low, but I feel like I have to leave that door open, just in case they come to their senses (even though I also know they probably won’t).

    • Mr. Robbins…in spite of his considerable acting talents, culminating in his role as Andy DuFresquene in “The Shawshank Redemption”, just another pompous, elitist, heartless ASSHOLE.

      Those of us that chose to decline the “Jab” have “Moved On”, Mr. Robbins…and the outcome has proven BETTER than those that were either propagandized or arm-twisted into accepting it. Since this entire sordid tale has shown that the majority of American physicians are only interested in either reaping financial gain, or otherwise supplicating the Almighty State, disdaining their Hippocratic Oath to, above all else, “Do No Harm”, then why the hell need we pay them any attention anymore?

  14. Even amongst informed people I shake my head.
    There are only two causes of illness.
    Deficiency and toxicity.
    It is so very simple that most people cannot grasp it.

    • Hi Robert,

      I’m open to this, but questions remain. One of our cats developed a respiratory infection. The other two did not have symptoms for several days. Now they do. If it was not a transmissible virus that led to the other two catching whatever the first cat got, how to explain the lag in their coming down with the same symptoms? I mean, if whatever’s wrong was caused by deficiency and toxicity, why would they not all have come down with whatever it is at the same time, having been exposed at the same time?

      Why do we seem to catch colds when exposed to people who have them?

      • I agree Eric. I’ve read a fair bit of articles debunking germ theory, and they make some good arguments. However, I have a lifetime of experience with one person in the house coming home sick, and over the course of the next few days, everyone gets sick one by one. I wound up in the hospital 3 years ago. I met an old friend, she took my hand, gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. Then she said she was sorry for being late, but she has the flu and just couldn’t get going. Dumb bitch! Two days later and I have the flu. Regardless of the arguments against germ theory, experiences like that tell me instinctively that germs are real.

      • Cats and people have different levels of immunity even those in the same household. Prior to 1902 and Rockefeller medicine, Germ Theory basically did not exist. A scant amount of research and COMMON SENSE would end this farce. 99.9% of the public is mind controlled beyond belief. Govern = Control Ment = Mind. They even tell you if you understood the origin of words. There are no frickin’ viruses…

      • Shared environments, similar diets, etc. Time lag is most likely individual.
        EG, toxin exposure could take a family down all within a short time frame.
        Some rotten fish might hit one person hard and the partner less, all down to individual responses.

      • Book Review: The Contagion Myth by Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell

        Essentially, what the authors are proposing is that so called “contagion” can actually be explained by communal or mass poisoning in an area – by everyone being subjected to the same toxicity/deficiency that gives rise to the disease.

        A certain cause occurs (people all in the same area are exposed to toxic EM fields, toxic gases or toxic chemicals, or are all subject to poor sanitation) and then a disease arises where everyone shares similar symptoms.


      • 1. Contagion has never been proven. How would you go about proving a microscopic critter flew through the air and “infected” someone else? Try as they have, there is no proof of contagion. In fact, this has been written about extensively, but all of that has been ignored in order to maintain the Rockefeller model of illness. One bug one, one illness. One ill, one pill. Coughing, runny nose, headache, etc., all the symptoms of being sick vs coughing, runny nose , headache, etc. How do you know the difference between a cold and the flu? Survey says: you can’t! How can you prove this bug vs that bug is causing the symptoms without a test that actually detects the presence of a virus? There is no test that can do this.

        2. In order to prove #1 you would have to know exactly what you are looking for and show that Jim and Mary have the same critter running around in their bodies. With regards to what they are calling viruses, this, too has never been done. No one on Earth has isolated, and purified any virus. The excuse for this is that they can’t culture a virus outside a cell. OK, then culture it inside a cell, remove it, purify it and isolate it from all things you’re pretty sure aren’t a virus and infect someone and see what happens. Then test that person and demonstrate that the very same critter is wreaking havoc. Virologists claim they can’t remove a “virus” from the cell and isolate it because, well…. Excuses, excuses. In fact, once you examine virology with any vigor, you find it is based on presumption and assumption. They put some snot goo from a sick person in a petri dish, add antibiotics, some monkey kidney cells, a little antifreeze, and God knows what else, and observe that either the monkey cells or the cells of the sick person kicked the bucket. Duh, of course they did! They were swimming around in a toxic sludge. That a virus caused the demise is merely a presumption. Well, it must be a virus because the cells died. This is the kind of thinking you run into when you examine virology with more than a cursory glance.

        As for bacteria, it isn’t the bug that makes one sick, it is the toxins produced as it munches away on whatever its preferred food is: oil, dead cells, plant proteins, what ever. The analogy is a dog peeing in the yard. if the dog pees in the same place day after day, one would expect the grass to die in that spot. Is it the dog killing the grass or is it the urine? Well, of course, it’s the urine causing the damage. If you can convince Fido to pee here today and over there tomorrow, the grass will be just fine. Same with the body. There are bacteria that produce toxins that can be harmful to the body but if they are kept in check cause no harm. It is only when the body is overwhelmed by a particular bacteria, one that shits toxins that are harmful, that one gets sick. This is why antibiotics work, they reduce the number of bacteria pooping up their harmful goo. Is two or three people protesting (whatever) more or less effective than a million people taking to the streets? You get the idea.

        R Helton above is correct, different bodies deal with toxins in different ways. Then there is the sympathetic response of one body with another. Both may be dealing with the same deficiency or toxin, but body #1 may not exhibit symptoms until it is in the neighborhood of body #2. Kinda like body #1 has given body#2 permission to get sick. If that sounds whacky to you I suggest you visit a sorority house and ask the inhabitants if they noticed their periods have “synced” up since moving in.

        You don’t need a virus to explain illness. In fact, by introducing these phantoms, one muddies the water to the extent that the search for the real culprit stops. It must be a virus. Here, take this vaccine, go home and call me in the morning (if you’re still alive after the poison shot), when in fact, you may be living in a potential super fund site but would never know because some virologist settled the matter with his magic viral wand. It’s a virus, silly, don’t be alarmed.

        • I just watched an interview with Dr. Cowan last night in which he said that the job of bacteria and fungi in our natural living world is to consume poisons, and that that’s why we may see the same bacteria in various people and animals who have been in contact with each other. He gave the example of feeding a cow cardboard and dead cow parts and other filthy food, causing bacteria to multiply in the cow as they consume the poison, and the bacteria get in the milk which is also poisoned from the cow’s diet, and in the person drinking the milk who also gets sick from the poison milk. Someone see’s the bacteria in all three places and concludes that the bacteria were the cause of the sick cow, the poison milk and the sick person, when in fact they were the effect. He gave examples of where people have tested the hypothesis that the bacteria are the causes, and every time they turn out to be the effect.

        • allopathic medicine had one win though antibiotics, they work killing bacteria….but are over prescribed causing more issues, like antibiotic resistance super bugs…

    • Deficiencies can be toxic.

      Cholera, smallpox, chickenpox, diphtheria, measles, mumps, polio, pneumonia, influenza, people become infected, so sick they are incapacitated, the body reacts to the toxins as the virus spreads, then you recover. Strep throat is caused by streptococcus bacteria. You’ll be a super spreader.

      Other people can become infected, the viral intensity increases as it spreads. Sicker than dogs.

      My dad ate a bowl of soup at a hamburger joint, a few days later, he had salmonella. Three days later, my sister was sick with salmonella, spent two weeks in the hospital.

      Sepsis is another story. Ain’t no fun, you can hardly function.

      In France, during the 17th century, a heatwave caused a cholera epidemic, 700,000 people died. You get thirsty, then you drink water, cholera goes wild.

      You can’t drink the water. Beer and wine are the beverages of choice. Don’t drink soft drinks, they are very bad for you. Tonic water has high fructose sugar. Do not drink water from municipal systems, it is not drinking water, it is treated water.

      Drink RO water or distilled.

      Reduce sugar intake by 95 percent and more. You’ll feel better and won’t get sick as much.

      Then there are parasites, elephantiasis of the scrotum will be a natural bean bag for you.

      A good case of pin worms will be a doctor’s nightmare.

      Get a clue.

    • Deficiency and toxicity certainly contribute to the detriment of your immune system but I assure you, viruses exist.

      Ask anyone with genital herpes whose spread it to every partner they’ve had. Or how about chickenpox for a different herpes variant? Rabies?

      The pox’s are pretty easy to prove since the symptoms are so easy to differentiate.

      30+ years ago I worked as an undergrad with potato/plant viruses doing grunt work. We killed thousands of potato plants in various gruesome ways with these bugs.

      When bacteria were first discovered and blamed for disease, there were plenty of naysayers then too. People scoffed at surgeons washing their hands…

      • Dr. Sam Bailey and others have looked in the literature for evidence of virii, and say that no one has ever proven the existence of such a thing. They speculate that what people are finding is exosomes, which is what results when a cell dies and breaks apart. They have nucleic acid in them and are labelled as virii which are carrying DNA and multiplying and making people sick. What are they getting wrong? Dr. Bailey has a web page and a lot of videos on Odysee.

      • Do you have proof that viruses exist? There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 FOI requests to various institutions requesting proof of isolation, purification and proof that there is a virus that causes disease. None of the institutions contacted could provide that proof. Many complained that the methods requested by the inquiries were too rigorous. In other words, you’re asking us to use the same techniques used to isolate bacteria and that’s just to hard…excuses, excuses.

        As for murdering various plants with a “virus,” given the techniques used to “culture” them which includes various known toxins in the mix, it doesn’t surprise me that you were able to commit planticide with the greatest of ease.

        As for herpes: https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/germ-theory/what-we-werent-taught-about-herpes/

        Every attempt to debunk Bailey et al is riddled with statements like: it has already been proven, or you can’t use Koch’s postulates when dealing a virus. Or, statements like this: “And in fact, it would have been impossible for researchers to undertake this work on the in situ structural analysis of the viral ‘spike’ protein if they didn’t first have a purified sample – in situ means in place on the viral particle. The paper even includes a description of how the pure sample was obtained.” Except the author doesn’t include that description. Just about every article that purports to debunk the no virus stance are appeals to authority with no examples of the methods used. It’s just too hard they say! My take on it is, if it exists and it is a thing, you can prove it.

  15. Have yourself an explosive little Christmas — Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, speaking today:

    “After the high-profile fiasco in Afghanistan, America is increasingly drawn into a new conflict, not only supporting the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev financially and with weapons, but also increasing its military presence on the ground.

    “This is a dangerous and short-sighted policy that puts the US and Russia on the brink of a direct clash. For its part, Moscow urges the Joe Biden administration to soberly assess the situation and not to unleash a spiral of dangerous escalation. We hope that they will hear us in Washington, though there is no reason for optimism so far.” — ZH

    As the US slides into an inflationary recession — a massively unpopular event — do “Biden’s” neocon handlers think a European war will distract us?

    Big Gov loves war because the rules are suspended. Among other things, WW II brought IRS wage withholding, rationing and rent control. They ‘forgot’ to lift withholding when the war ended: some ’emergencies’ last forever.

    WW III might bring central bank digital currency, which can enforce all those WW II restrictions and many new ones too, such as totally freezing out dissidents from any economic activity whatsoever.

    Fuck the Ukies and fuck the war.

    • Although I admired the achievement of General (of the Army) Douglas MacArthur, in the end, President Truman was dead to rights to fire him. “Dugout Doug” was doing everything to expand the war raging in Korea, and since Mao had already shown his pledge to not let the DPRK under Kim Il-Sung be utterly wiped out, sending Chinese boys, over 300K of them, with but sneakers on their feet and “fish heads and rice” in their knapsacks, even dragging their artillery pieces by not only mules but massive human effort up those Korean mountains, that he was NOT BLUFFING. We were able, in short order, to wipe out the DPRK People’s Army which was more or less led by incompetents, but the Chicoms were another story…at least, even if most of their generals weren’t much better than Kim’s, they had NUMBERS. I had a friend from years back who fought as a Marine at the Chosin Reservoir, akin to the fictional Walt Kowalski from “Gran Torino”, but this man’s experience was no movie tale, and stacking up the bodies of the Communist dead and using them for sand bags (since it was the “Frozen Chosin”, and “Chosen” is another name for Korea, it was cold enough that human corpses could thus be morbidly used) was REAL.

      History has shown this before…LBJ promised in early ’64 that, with the Diem regime removed in South Vietnam, that the US policy was simply to support the new South Vietnamese republic and not commit our own troops, i.e., “I will not send American boys to do the fighting that Asiatic boys should be doing.”…shortly afterwards came the contrived Gulf of Tonkin incident, then the C-141 Starlifters were making round trips out of Travis AFB, laden with GIs, and we all know how THAT worked out in the end.

      Like Vietnam, though certainly the Ukrainian people want to maintain their independence from the Russian Federation, it’s not as if they’re the freedom-loving folk that Xiden et al tries to sell us as being. Zelensky is the latest in a line of corrupt-o-crats, but at least those Ukrainians are being dogged in their determination to resist. But IT’S NOT OUR FIGHT. In the end, NONE of what goes out well outside our borders has EVER been our fight, going back a bit over a century to when the British intelligence service (the predecessor to the famed MI-6) faked the Zimmerman telegraph to sway US opinion against Imperial Germany and give Woodrow Wilson what he wanted most: an EXCUSE to get into the war. Had we NOT…who’s to say that the Allies might not have accepted the late 1916 German proposal to simply call it all and they’d go back to Germany? With German troops freed to fight against Russia in the East, that would have given either the Czar, or Kerensky that succeeded him (not Lenin and the Communists, that’d come later in 1917) strong incentive to likewise conclude a peace settlement. Let’s see…no Lundendorff having Lenin sent “Lake Geneva to the Finland station”, no Communist revolution in Russia, and also likely a certain obscure Gefreiter (Lance Corporal), discharged from the Army and returning to Munich, uses his veteran’s benefits to get into art school like he’d always wanted, and leads that “Bohemian” existence, perhaps, when he becomes successful enough to support a family, he diddles and marries his niece, Geli. Even if the German Workers Party does arise, maybe with the hulking former ace fighter pilot, Hermann Goring as its Fuhrer, it likely is simply one of many in the Reichstag, and of little historical impact.

      See what happens when we Americans disregard Thomas Jefferson’s dictum of “Peace and Friendship” (and FREE TRADE) with all nations, ENTANGLING ALLIANCES with NONE?

      • Excellent Douglas!
        I too have often wondered how much better the world would be if Wilson had kept the US out of WWI, as the lying s.o.b. promised. Everything I’ve read indicated the European powers had fought to a stalemate, were exhausted, and ready for a peace deal. Then along come the fresh troops from the US to tip the scales against Germany and voila! it leads to the warmongering tyranny we live in today. Sigh, one can only dream.

  16. I feel guilty for being blessed with my Dad’s family, we don’t have those “Thanksgiving Dinners” and no maskholes or people who willingly got themselves jabbed (Some unfortunately had to for work), so there was never a “Test or else!” or “Outside in the freezing Jersey winter”

    Big Italian families are crazy, but it’s mostly the right kind. If I ever even considered marriage with my ex (https://www.ericpetersautos.com/2021/02/03/dating-and-diapers/), then I’d probably experience this, but fortunately, I won’t have to, especially when I’ll know from here on out who’s sane and who’s crazed when looking at their profiles online

    Merry Christmas btw, ya filthy animals

  17. Last year I declined the invitation to have Christmas with my sisters outside one of their houses. They came up with that plan when I declined the request to get a covid test before being allowed in their homes. This really pissed them off. I asked what I was supposed to do if I needed to use the bathroom. I told them that Napa auto parts treated me with more dignity. The worst they did was tell me I could go on family vacation with them if I got the shots. This year it is like covid never happened, and I am invited in without the need for shots or tests. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts, because when public health inc. gets rolling again I expect the same treatment.

  18. In one of his many interviews with Big Media, Tony Fauci was URGING everyone who was planning on having friends or family over for Thanksgiving and Christmas to have them tested and/ or show proof of jab, making me wonder if that little weasel wanted to have the “Case count up again” so he and the media could engage in yet another fear porn campaign.

  19. I was SHOCKED to see last year at this time, in my own fambly, even a few people turning away their own small grandchildren because they weren’t ‘vaccinated’. And these shunners are all conservatives, no less…. Wanna bring Libtards and Conservaturds together? Just drum-up some fear porn to make them think that their personal safety is in jeopardy, and suddenly ya won’t hardly be able to tell’em apart.

    Both factions adored the Security State that was erected around the ‘terrorism’ psy-op; both love the masking and the clot-shot. I just wonder what will be next in the plan to usher in their world government: Little green men from Mars, or WWIII? Hell, they may well use both.

    • this whole psyop the last 3 years is pretty revealing…you found out how stupid your friends and family are….

      try finding a pure blood that is to the right of the leftist/communist/nazi/luciferian cult that runs your government…and their big pharma killing machine….

    • Every country in the world signed off on following WHO directives, they are in total control, your government and politicians have zero control, (but were very well paid for going along, huge bribes)…….WHO runs the pandemic response in your country, masking, lockdowns, lethal injections, etc.,…the ccp runs the who…

      why do people support this crap?……ask them if they are ccp communist/nazi/luciferian cult members….ccp supporters…..remember the ccp runs the who….lol

      politicians were very well paid for going along, you elect them…probably rigged…haha…then they sell you out for a dollar….. to get culled….

  20. “We who questioned – and disobeyed – were cast out, by those who did not question and mindlessly obeyed.”

    This happens upon every huge LIE we identify. Family, friends, and the mAsses BELIEVE and feel confident because the majority of the population BELIEVES right along with them, and our Ruling Liars and their media support the mAsses of BELIEVERS.

    Every time we identify another huge LIE, more and more people/sheeple cast us out.

    Show them documents admitting that there are no samples of “the virus,” thus it’s all a LIE, and the mAsses cast us out.

    Show them NASA’s own pictures of the “Moon Lander” supposedly on the Moon with NO BLAST CRATER underneath, thus it’s all a LIE, and more of the mAsses cast us out.

    Show them video of World Trade Center Building7 going straight down on 9/11, thus proving pre-planned controlled demolition, and show the pictures and names of the jews controlling all of it, and more of the mAsses cast us out.

    Show them the documented evidence that more bullets hit JFK, governor Connelly, the windshield, and the street than could possibly have come from Lee Harvey Oswald, and more of the mAsses cast us out.

    Show them the long-documented scientific facts about CO2 (carbon-dioxide) and how it is plant food and only .05 percent of the atmosphere, NOT pollution of any kind, and more of the mAsses cast us out.

    Just off the top of my head, I could list a dozen more criminal hoax crimes during our lifetimes. All of us were BORN into the ongoing parade of such crimes. Obviously, those of us who have the intelligence and courage to recognize and expose the LIES, the CRIMES, are rare.

    Even more rare are those of us who identify and expose the true enemy of humanity who is behind every criminal LIE, every hoax CRIME.

    “an awkward little christmas” came decades ago. It has long since become an awkward LIFE, to put it mildly.

    Happy YULE to our rare and far-flung allies.

    • JL,
      Exactly. This is why he who controls the media now controls the world. People are brainwashed and hypnotized by the fairy tales they see on ‘the news’, and by being made to think that that’s what everyone around them thinks (and it is what they think, as 99.99% of people watch the wretched filth that spews from Hollywood).

      I remember during the beginning of the Iraq nonsense (Hmmm…how come our ‘enemies’ always just happen to be Israel’s enemies?) I was talking with the wife of a neighbor. I said something to the effect of “So, where are all of those WMDs?” to which she replied “He[Saddam]’s hiding them!”.

      I said “Well isn’t that interesting; This guy who is such a ‘madman’ and a threat to ‘us’ [haha] and Is-r-a-hell, would not use those weapons if he had them to even save his own country when under attack and headed for certain overthrow and destruction?”

      The resulting silence was deafening and long. Longest deer-caught-in-the-headlights ever….you could tell she realized that what I said was the obvious undeniable logical truth…but instead of accepting it (‘military family’ ya know) she just had to deny it, despite the fact that no attempt was ever made to counter what I said, by her or her ex-Navy husband.

      It’s much like the realization by some virtue-signaler that not only do EVs create emissions (just not near the car itself) but that it takes even MORE energy to propel a HEAVIER vehicle down the road, no matter what it’s ultimate source of power is, and that lithium-ion batteries are an enviurionmental hazard. They can’t allow themselves to believe the truth because they are too invested in lies.

        • Anon,
          Underneath it all its more about keeping Dollah Bill on life support, so’s as our garbage elite can continue to live above their means.

      • Nunzio,
        “he who controls the media now controls the world”
        I would propose that “he who controls the public schools controls the world”. Mandatory public education is the longest running and by far most successful psyop in human history. For God’s sake, they are running “drag queen story hour”. Encouraging boys claiming to be “girls” to use the girls restroom. Rapes ensue. And it’s not just here in the US either. They’re all on the same teem, and it ain’t yours.

    • Agreed to all of the above. What makes this worse than all previous lies is that it is now up close and personal, in your face. The C02 thing can be argued out, but these people were willing to strip you of your job, your dignity and everything else for not wearing a mask, gathering with groups of more than 2 and not taking a jab. None of this is a joking matter, least of all this. It’s the final straw. I will never abide my sibling’s company without a real apology and surrender to MY view this time. Not taking anything less.

    • laffery

      yes but laffery you have publicly supported the nazis….they are part of the leftist/communist/nazi/luciferian cult

      Communists and nazis are both socialists, one just left of the other. The modern conservatives/libertarians are somewhere to the right of the socialists. There never has been a really right wing party.

      Note how the leftists communist/nazis say the conservatives are nazis…this is more inversion, the leftists communist/nazis are the nazis.

      the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists…..black is white….. up is down….bad is good….

      do as we say not as we do……inversion typical of leftists…the rules don’t apply to them….
      leftists lie 24/7

      Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.
      leftist = nazi/satanist.

      • Re: hitler

        one of the things he did do is get rid of the rothschild central bank and return to an asset backed…silver backed… currency….which made the economy recover and flourish…he also bailed out on cooperating to establish a one world communist government like the wef…..

        the same thing just happened in el salvador…the new president just switched the country to bitcoin as a medium of exchange,,,no more fiat currency bs/theft….

        the economy responded…GDP way up, crime way down, businesses growing….

        no more government theft….they found 30% of GDP was being stolen by politicians…..bitcoin is an open ledger…you can’t hide theft….

        watch the video…learn something about bitcoin…instead of just listening to the leftist/communist/nazi government’s misinformation on bitcoin…

        remember fiat currency is the 5th plank of the marxist communist manifesto…you are living in a communist state….lol

        El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele says….. “There’s plenty of money to go around if politicians didn’t steal it”


        • **”one of the things he did do is get rid of the rothschild central bank and return to an asset backed…silver backed… currency…”**

          Which is why when Hitler was doing their bidding by offing the ones who were “the inferior” members of their breed, no one lifted a finger- but years later when ol’ Adolph went beyond his overlord’s dictates and tried to use his power to increase his own power and build a kingdom of his own, he had to go….so…POOF! They sicced a coalition of their other servants on him.

    • Hey Hans, good article.

      However, I was left with wondering why my parents took the jabs and the children were smart enough to see through the lies? They raised us not to be stupid. Mom got the first one, told a sister, and word spread like wildfire. I pleaded with her not to take the 2nd. She did it anyway. My sister held a magnet to her arm and let go after 2nd jab, it stayed in place.

      My father died nearly 3 weeks ago. He was fully jabbed. His long time woman has the fear hysteria at 100% even today and still talks about getting vaxxed and telling the nurses to mask-up around her. I won’t go so far to say she killed my father as I know that was not her intent, but I’m sure she hounded my father to get the jabs non stop until he gave in.

      It is possibly borrowed time indeed. Mom won’t lose weight and eat better even knowing what she knows now. Let’s hope youth and health get your children through these uncertain times.

      • Hey J, Sorry about your father. I haven’t seen mine since this business started. I have a cvnt of a stepmom who slurped it all up, They’ve been triple dosed and boosted. They will not allow anyone around them not fully vexed and masked. I wonder if I’ll even be allowed at his funeral. They just could not believe we refused to participate in the current thing. Weird really as they raised us not to be stupid as well.

    • Sorry bout your kids Hans. That article explores how some parents took the shot thinking if their kids die, they don’t want to be around anymore. None of my kids and grandkids got the clot shot. ALL the oldsters in my family took it. The reason, the one common denominator I’ve seen in everyone who fell for the fake flu is they watch too much TV. And not just any TV. Fox News, MSNBC, CNN. Like there is any difference.

      I know if any of my kids or grandkids die from this, even if from their own foolishness, the loss I would feel will probably turn me into a murderous thug set out on exacting revenge from those who shilled for this, and left themselves vulnerable. I hope your kids survive and you are never faced with that kind of choice.

      Of the oldsters in our family, my mom is the only one who didn’t take the full dose, along with boosters. She stoped after her second shot. She is full of regret for not listening to us. Wishes she had never listened to the aunts, uncles, cousins, and her friends. They convinced her it was the right thing to do. She ended up still having the flu 3 times. Now only able to get up and get around for 4-6 hours a day. She’s almost blind and her bones and joints ache nonstop, also has a leaky heart valve, and losing weight she can ill afford to lose.

      I realize a women well into her eighties can all have these problems. It just seems suspicious that a few short years ago she was the picture of health. Now aged about fifteen years since she got the goo and the flu.

  21. To be fair, many friends are polite enough to not talk politics or religion when visiting others. I’d like to hope they are polite enough to not discuss vaccines. They are a moot point. One couple we know who are very frightened of Covid (the woman was always a hypochondriac) sent us a Christmas message with their card. They BRAGGED about all their Covid shots and boosters … and then reported all sorts of unexpected health problems in 2022. They coud have been coincidences — who knows? But these people are eftects — no matter how sick they get, they claim it would have been worse without the shots! Sometimes it seems like I am living in bizarro world.

    The Covid epidemic ended six months ago.
    Almost every infection now is Omicron, an ordinary coronavirus common cold with an expected recovery time of 2 to 7 days. And an extremely low infection fatality rate. Omicrom had 30 spike protein mutations versus Delta Covid. A true Covid variant would have had only one or two spike protein mutations, a recovery period of one to three weeks, and a much higher infection fatality rate, especially for over age 65. They are two different diseases of the coronavirus family. So there is no reason for vaccines any more, even if they did work, and were safe.

    Concerning wearing masks, a thought that make certain people go berserk. Here in Michigan all doctors require patients to wear masks. For me that is at least one hour a month. Should I tell my doctor he is stupid for requiring masks? Or just wear a mask for one hour and keep quiet? My solution is to think about calling my doctors stupid, and then keeping quiet. The good news about mask wearers outside of doctors offices) is they identify the stupid people.

    • Hi Richard,

      I have a somewhat similar situation in that my mom’s doctor Diapers – and I occasionally speak with him about my mom. I, of course, refuse to Diaper – ever, for anyone. He knows it and does not ask me to. What’s interesting is he wears it – but doesn’t believe in it. He will take his off when I meet with him to discuss my mom’s care. I have to restrain myself from expressing my contempt for his poltroonery. He knows that “masks” are idiotic (outside of a surgical suite or wood shop) and yet he wears one anyhow. Because he is afraid to challenge the orthodoxy. Why would anyone accept medical advice from one such?

      • Those who wear the mask because of perceived social pressure are most detestable. They’re allowing themselves to be a conduit for a lie, and thus reinforce it. They need to grow a set and say no, come what may.

        Poltroonery is a great word, but I think many people either don’t understand its meaning or mistake it for meaning foolishness (as it sounds like buffoonery). I find it best to use the word everybody knows: COWARD.

      • Most doctors work fro medical practices and at least here in Michigan they require masks.

        One doctor of mine who I see every six months takes off his mask when in his office and I do too. Told me masks do nothing, but still debates me about the Covid vaccine. After three debates, now all I say is “It’s not safe and not effective” and then change the subject.

        I have not had any vaccine in over 60 years. I had a bad allergic reaction to some vaccine as a child. My elderly doctor decided no more vaccines. I’ve never even had a smallpox vaccine.

        To me, anyone who wears a mask, other than when being forced to for a doctor visit, is just like they are wearing a T-shirt that says “I’s stupid”

        … I read five tedious scientific studies of masks in 2020 after the epidemic hit. Not one had statistically significant results suggesting any benefit from masks *studies dome with pre-Covid viruses).

        The wife and I decided on our own “vaccines” – Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and quercetin supplements. I’d been taking the first three for over 50 years and added quercetin in January 2021 (it helps assimilate zinc).

        Results for both of us (age 69 and 73 now) so far, since January 2020:
        No Covid
        No Omicron
        No influenza
        No common colds.

        I have never had influenza
        My last common cold was at least five years ago.
        And these good results are not from being in shape with lots of exercise

        • Hi Richard,

          Both my dad and grandfather were doctors. But they weren’t employees – as so many doctors are, today. My grandfather had his own practice on the first floor of the brownstone home the family lived in. He was the boss. Many doctors today aren’t. They work for a McHospital and do the bidding of their bosses – who are in turn the employees of large “health” cartels. Medicine has thus been enserfed as well as rendered a mercenary business. Best to have as little do with such doctors as possible.

          • Eric, and Richard,
            A few years ago, when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I looked for a private practice rheumatologist within 50 miles. There are none. They all are on some medical corporation’s payroll. Even my last, and former GP, who is older than my 68 years, runs his billing through one. It is an industry now, instead of the service it used to be. A factory.

        • Richard Greene:

          I’ve got to give you some tough love.

          ‘To me, anyone who wears a mask, other than when being forced to for a doctor visit, is just like they are wearing a T-shirt that says “I’s stupid”’ -Richard Greene

          ‘To me, anyone who wears a mask is just like they are wearing a T-shirt that says “I’s stupid”’ -Mister Liberty

          Please grow a set and say NO, come what may. You’re allowing yourself to be a conduit for a lie, and thus reinforcing it.

          Also, why do you need these cowardly allopathic doctors? It sounds like you know that they only push BS. So why do you continue to go to them? Why do you allow yourself to lie to those around you by wearing a mask you despise? This is the definition of being cowardly (One who lacks courage to meet danger; one who shrinks from exposure to possible harm of any kind; a timid or pusillanimous person; a poltroon; a craven.).

            • Go to Mexico. Can get any meds, probably as safe or safer than any of the bat shit laden swill Big Pharma pumps into Merikins, without regard to their ‘health and safety.’

              And not to be spilling tea here, but if I’m not mistaken, you Richard, at some point in the past said that you and your wife had taken the shit shot. Just seems I read something along those lines. If I’m wrong then my bad in advance.

    • greene….

      you always repeat/support the bs government/big pharma narrative…it is all lies….lol

      you always repeat what the leftist/communist/nazi/luciferion cult…big pharma says…about viruses…the allopathic nazi death medicine from big pharma…a big pharma shill…how much do they pay you?….lol

    • Wear a mask for even an hour? Why? This doctor has no character to express his own views, is sold out, evil, or just plain low I.Q. Masks are detrimental to health. Personally, I would hesitate trusting his/her judgement on anything.

      • Hi MrM –

        My view as well. A doctor is ostensibly an expert in medicine. A doctor who wears a “mask” he knows serves no medical purpose is either a quack or an idiot or a tool. Who would take medical advice from such a one?

  22. Ebenezer Scrooge had the bejesus scared out of him by three ghosts before he finally saw the light.

    Ebenezer is a Hebrew name, so it all makes sense. Dickens had some insights, probably.

    Scrooge had everything but was not happy, then it all gelled for the old coot.

    Before that, it was all bah humbug.

    In 1659, Massachusetts outlawed Christmas, it was the Puritans.

    There was no fun in Boston until 1856 when Bostonites finally came to their senses. I doubt there is much fun in Boston even today.

    Klaus is no fun whatsoever. No mojo there. Send Klaus some bugs for Christmas with that lump of coal he is going to receive as a gift. A soulless gumbah, can’t be any worse.

    Scrooge would ghost the bum.

    Fröhliche Weihnachten!

    • ‘Klaus is no fun whatsoever.’ — drumphish

      Then there’s Christmas at the Clintons’, where Hitlary gets into the holiday spirit by peeling the red leaves off poinsettias, while croaking to herself, “We came, we saw, he died … caw! caw! caw!

      • Jim H,

        Poinsett is the surname of the first US Ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett collected cuttings and the rest is history.

        Poinsettias grow ten feet tall in Mexico and are named after some gringo.

        When the favorable rapport and friendly relations were accepted as the norm.

        Hillary would be busy for centuries picking poinsettia leaves down Mexico way. She’d be babbling and caterwauling all day long like she does now. Just like all ignoramuses do.

        John Owen Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is your run-of-the-mill, garden variety ignoramus.

        John Bolton is even more of an ignoramus.

        Those scoundrels are two of the greatest living lying ignoramuses ever to walk slither the earth, just my opinion.

        Tiny Freeman says he’s cool. Tiny Freeman also says John Bolton and John O. Brennan are not. You be the judge.

        Even if you could knock some sense into those two ignoramuses, it will be useless and hopeless. Apprehend the traitors before they do any more harm.

        With Hillary involved, it’s the blind leading the dumb. With those ignorant fools, it is always someone else’s fault, never them.

        It wasn’t me!

        At this point, what difference does it make?

        Maybe get a ceasefire on Christmas Eve or something.

        Peace on Earth, at least on Christmas Eve.

        Can’t hurt none.

        At least a silent night.

        For God’s sake.

  23. I’ve lost friends & have had certain family alienate me over the coronohoax. Oh well, fuck them.

    Saw a story on Lew Rockwell this morning by Dr. Mercola where he states that unvax’d blood is in demand. I have an ample supply of it & will sell it to the highest bidder. If it’s for the aforementioned former friends & alienating family, then the price tag goes up 5x.

    • Mike,

      I read that piece as well. I suspect that the wannabe tyrants here in the U.S. will try to do something about that. There were parents in New Zealand who wanted unvaxxed blood used in a transplant that their baby was in need of, and the government seized custody of that baby simply because of that.

      • Hello, John & Mike, I read that, as well, and poor baby Will got the vaxxed blood, even though there were plenty of non-vaxxed people ready to donate their blood to baby Will. My heart goes out to the parents. The video of the hospital seizing their son was just heart wrenching. This jab sure does shrink the dating pool. First question on a date: Are you jabbed? That ought to kill any conversation if they are jabbed, while you are not. Geez…

        • Hi Shadow,

          There was a single unvaxxed woman who wrote a piece about 2 months ago about how she and other unvaxxed single women are rejecting “vaccinated” men. I don’t blame them, as there are still too many unknowns with these COVID jabs and what they do to the unvaxxed whose blood comes in contact with vaxxed blood, though there have been stories of pregnant women who’ve had miscarriages after being “vaccinated”, though, last I checked, the CDC continues recommending that pregnant women be vaxxed. The column is in the link below……


          Dr. Joseph Mercola also had a piece recently about how unvaxxed blood is in high demand….His piece is below…..


          And Del Bigtree, host of the online weekly program The Highwire, recently visited Dr. Ryan Cole to look at unusual blood samples from deceased vaxxed patients, and Bigtree had samples of his blood drawn to see what happens when his blood samples are “vaccinated” with the existing COVID jabs from Pfizer, Moderna, and J & J……..The video is a little over an hour, but what Bigtree and Cole found was astounding to say the least…..


          • John, in case you haven’t noticed, Mercola believes that there is a killer plague virus loose among us, though he does quibble about the vaxx. For me, that pretty well keeps me from reading his articles these days.

        • Hi Shadow,

          Attempting to date in the new abnormal must be a nightmare – for people who were smart enough to avoid the “vaccines.” But it’s deeper than just that. Who – on our side – would want to get serious with or even just date anyone who “masked” and played along? I view such people as worse than sheep because a sheep cannot be other than a sheep and merely follows its nature. But a human sheep is a truly pathetic creature.

  24. WPLG 10 in Miami is the last broadcast TV or radio station on Warren Buffett’s balance sheet.

    You’re being a little unfair to Uncle Buck. As written by John Hughes and portrayed by John Candy, I’m sure he would have found masks to be ridiculous, most likely wearing one as a chin guard … or an armband.

  25. These people, along with corrupt public health bureaucrats, want to normalize face diaper wearing during cold and flu season, which we’ve had forever. As everyone here may know, they’re URGING everyone to wear masks again because of a “Tripledemic of RSV, FLU, and COVID”, and also URGING everyone to get the “updated booster”, despite some studies indicating that the new bivalent booster jab isn’t any better than the original COVID jabs. I’m curious if Geert Vanden Bossche’s recent warning of serious trouble for the “vaccinated” is coming true.

    • Hi John,
      They’re really whipping up the “tripledemic” hysteria around here, hospitals are “at capacity”, yada, yada, yada. A few doctors have even admitted that keeping people isolated has weakened their immune systems, but no mention of the vaxxes and “boosters” contribution to that. In spite of that they “recommend” that everyone wear face diapers; probably just itching to turn that recommendation into a mandate.

      • Oregon is whipping up the hysteria here as well to some degree, though most people in my neck of the woods seem to have ignored it, as very few people I see wear ineffective face diapers whenever I go to public places. Oregon will also have a new Queen next month, and I suspect she’ll be itching to bring back mask mandates, citing “overcrowded hospitals” as the reason, or she’ll have the state “Health Authority’s” new incoming director bring back its “permanent indoor mask mandate”, which was suspended earlier this year (Had to have been because they wanted Oregonians to forget that a DEMOCRAT Governor forced adults and children to wear masks so ANOTHER Democrat would be elected Governor).

      • gearing up for another assault…..

        Every country in the world signed off on following WHO directives, they are in total control, your government and politicians have zero control, (but were very well paid for going along)…….WHO runs the pandemic response in your country, masking, lockdowns, lethal injections, etc.,

        expect more lockdowns, injections, etc..

    • if you see a nutcase wearing a mask…tell them…

      in Turkmenistan you would be arrested for wearing that rag

      Those who wear a mask in Turkmenistan are arrested by police, Reporters without Borders said.

      NOTE: why did the G7 people have to wear masks?….because your leader got a $1 billion bribe and all their helpers were bribed too.

      what is the deal with masks?

      Surgical masks were used as torture tools at the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba.

      masks also suffocate you and make you breathe back bodily waste products (like eating your own excrement) and cause blood clots.


      if anyone had any guts they would tell their leader they will not wear a mask just because the leader got a huge bribe…..and they should come and tell them to their face they need to wear a mask…..the leaders have no guts, they are too scared to do that….

    • just think….all this mask/bat germ/lockdown bs came from the ccp run WHO…and these morons all support it….lol…..why do people believe/support this?….are they crazy??

      “Pandemic Treaty” Will Hand WHO Keys To Global Government

      Every country in the world signed off on following WHO directives, they are in total control, your government and politicians have zero control, (but were very well paid for going along)…….WHO runs the pandemic response in your country, masking, lockdowns, lethal injections, etc.,

      signed off on following WHO directives,….so more mask or injection mandates coming…or climate change lockdowns??…

      So who is the WHO and who runs it? China runs it, gates finances it.

      tedros another satanist is the WHO leader…… Before Tedros, the WHO was run by Communist Chinese agent Margaret Chan.

      With United Nations World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia serving as a mouthpiece for the Communist Party of China on the global stage, questions and concerns about his shadowy communist past are growing louder. Considering his scandal-plagued background,

      critics have gone so far as to say that “Marxist revolutionary” Tedros should be on trial for crimes against humanity — not sitting atop the WHO barking orders at national governments and peddling Beijing’s propaganda to humanity.

      Tedros, who has no medical degree but got the top UN job with fervent backing from Communist China, is an actual communist with a long pedigree in the movement

      Before Tedros, the WHO was run by Communist Chinese agent Margaret Chan.

      the entire UN system is using the Communist Chinese virus as a pretext to advance globalism. a one world communist/nazi/luciferian Government….. the geat reset by the nwo/who/ccp/.0001%

  26. We saw the liberal lunatic family (my in-laws) this past Thanksgiving. My wife doesn’t want to go up for Christmas for other reasons anyway. I mean, these people were already on the wrong side of every fucking issue that mattered. Back on Thanksgiving, I had to hear about Trump and “election deniers”, blah, blah, blah.

    The true irony here is that they have, with their snot-nosed brat-ass kids, gotten us sick too many times to count at previous Thanksgiving or Christmas get togethers. My wife’s siblings couldn’t turn down a free meal for their respective brat packs — glowing red at the ears from fever or not. Rarely a “thank you” for gifts or even a “how’re you doing”.

    I won’t be missing their shit this year or any year. That’s for sure.

  27. For those who haven’t seen the following video before, it’s a music video by a group called Five Times August called “Sad Little Man”. It was made last year about “Mr. Science” himself, Anthony Fauci, and how much of a fraud he turned out to be, though some people have come to regard him as some “Public Health Saint”.


  28. “It is not quite sleeping with the enemy”
    Unless you have a bit too much Christmas “spirits” and pass out on the couch. A distinct possibility, since it may require some “medication” to remain tolerant of them. Unless you are an ugly drunk, and get hostile. In which case such “medication” should probably be avoided.

  29. This year I’ll be going over to my brother’s for Christmas. His family consented to receiving the JAB. Hopefully I won’t have to go to their funerals next. At least they never tried to force the kill shot on me or face diapers.

    • Landru,
      Fortunately for me, my son and his family, the only immediate family I have that survives, are on my team. I can only imagine the tension that must be present with immediate family members who are against everything you’re for. These ARE people you have known your entire life. I have enough trouble with a few “friends” I’ve known most of my 68 years. So much trouble I avoid them now, as they do me.

    • Re: who got jabbed

      data shows the non placebos went to conservative areas and low income areas….some leftists may be aware of this and are laughing at conservatives…also targeted were old people, handicapped/disabled and bipoc in poor areas….

      did a leftist get a placebo jab?…

      did they pay to get a document saying they got jabbed?….

      did they get the faked jab like fauci and some politicians….

      were they exempt but lie, say they got a jab when asked… like all politicians….

      a funny thing….nobody in china got the mrna gmo, gene altering/modification kill shot, they use a conventional vaccine, same as russia….only the G7 conservatives got the mrna kill shot….killing off mostly white/conservatives and poor/old people in the G7….

      • It’s important to recall that the United States and over 100 countries initiated lockdowns exclusively because of the “data” that was being transmitted out of Wuhan.

        It was faulty, unchallenged Chinese data, repeated by authoritative figures like Fauci (all fauci does is repeat ccp lies, he will make billions of dollars), and his colleagues, that convinced the world to undergo lockdowns and embrace early, aggressive ventilation of patients, among other botched, unscientific treatment and mitigation measures.

        zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections.

        The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars cov 2 virus genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.

        Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

        china runs the WHO. The WHO wants to force inject everyone. everyone except china.

        Great Reset” Schwab’s son is married to a Chinese woman. The Schwabs are China lovers. The “build back better” part of the great reset agenda intends to turn the west in to China, China light or even worse.

        the Chinese had a few faked lockdowns in three provinces over a very short period of time, they did not lockdown and destroy their economy, their gdp rose 3%, they invented the lockdown, which they recommended to their competitors.

        ATTENTION: they showed people falling over in the street, play acting, to sell the lie.

        then they were partying and mingling like nothing happened….while the whole G7 was locked down…no G7 leader has been confronted with this….

        meanwhile in other countries there was social distancing, masking and lockdowns, poisonous mrna injections (never used in china) and soon forced injections, millions died from this, businesses were destroyed the whole economy destroyed and buried in debt,

        the united states china’s biggest rival has a very negative outcome from this situation.

        as they put in place their great reset, the billionaires behind it got 2 trillion dollars richer and all the politicians and their helpers were well paid with bribes, as the people on the bottom got wiped out. china ends up way ahead after the reset.

        china supplies all the materials used to make drugs and vaccines (the quality of the stuff they are injecting is horrible, bringacoffin) for all the world so china will make huge profits from the hoax. the ccp and military own a lot of shares in pfizer

        fauci personally has over 2300 patents on drugs and vaccines and millions of shares in big pharma companies, he runs big pharma, he is big pharma’s head witch. lefist/communist/wef controlled big pharma controls everything now, the government, media, the official narrative. fauci will make billions of $ off this medical tyranny.

        armies of Chinese bot accounts on Twitter were instrumental in promoting early lockdowns in countries like Italy while bombarding political figures who refused to order strict lockdowns, such as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, with criticism and abuse.

        part of the cv19 hoax nwo/reset is installing a ccp model communist/facist/wef government worldwide, another win for ccp/china.

        This chinese professor says china defeated the U.S. with biological warfare.

        • the ccp and military own a lot of shares in Pfizer….so it is almost a ccp company….making poisonous injections, mandated by ccp/wef bribed G7 politicians, to be injected in their military. killing/injuring their military, helping china in WW3….

          In the video there is a discussion about an invasion of N. America in the near future, so weakening your enemy with deadly injections ahead of time would make sense.



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