The WEF’s War on Rurality

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The war on cars is also a war on anyone who does not live in or very near a city. Such people are “immoral in today’s world,” says Klaus Schwab, the unelected leader of the world, who leads the World Economic Forum.

It is less a “forum” – which implies people bandying about ideas – than it is a steering committee of would-be world controllers, led by Schwab – a protege of the Canadian communist Maurice Strong and also of Henry Kissinger, the realpolitik brutalist for whom power is (his words) the “ultimate aphrodisiac.”

The WEF uses money to buy power by purchasing politicians – these are styled “young leaders” – and thereby steer the direction of politics in nations along the course intended, which – they hope – will lead ultimately to a world government managed by a handful of people (them) over which we have about as much control as the resident of a Section 8 tenement has over conditions in his government-provided hovel.

You will own nothing – and be happy.

You will also not live in the country.

Because that entails driving – entails owning – a car, which is not only “immoral” but also “unsustainable,” according to the WEF. By which is meant that private car ownership – and rural living – are impediments to the “collective strategy” of the WEF.

You can “walk or share” (a ride) instead.

This of course not being possible outside of or very nearby to urban areas.

Presto, a way to make living outside of them very difficult, if not all-but-impossible.

Klaus and his acolytes don’t say that out loud, yet. But it is implicit in what they say about private car ownership. It is also why the pretended push for the “electrification” of cars – which is really a push to make cars much more expensive and less practical. This to serve as the vehicle to dramatically reduce private car ownership and, thereby, make it increasingly difficult for anyone other than the very few who might still be able to afford it to live anywhere other than in urban areas and so under the control of Klaus and Co.

They have stated openly that making cars (and energy) more costly is the key to achieving this end – and it assuredly is. Why outlaw something when you can simply price it beyond the means of the people you don’t want to have it? It was once the case that only a few people could afford to own a car – and the early 1900s-era top-hatted simpaticos of Klaus and Co. liked it that way, for it made owning a car exclusive, a luxury the lowing masses couldn’t afford.

They could “walk or share” – and did so, because they had to.

When affordable cars came along – courtesy chiefly of Henry Ford – it upset that apple cart. The proles now had the same freedom of movement that previously only the very affluent enjoyed. They could live away from the smelly, overcrowded cities – where there was much less freedom, especially economic freedom – and relocate to where they could afford land, also previously the prerogative of the affluent. They could raise their kids as they saw fit and do more as they pleased. They had more political control over what went on where they lived, too – because in rural areas, one’s voice can be heard as opposed to being drowned out by the madding crowd.

But even more so because people who live away from cities tend to share a mindset and values at opposition to the collectivized mentality of the urban hives. They don’t need or want “young leaders.” They want to be let alone.

This is what Klaus and Co. mean when they say “unsustainable.”

And it is – in terms of being the chief obstacle in the path of their plans to “collectivize” the world, under their “leadership.” They cannot – yet – utter the other C word out loud, but it is the guiding philosophy behind everything they do. Everything else they say being almost verbatim recitations of what their 19th century high priest, Karl Marx, said – especially as regards the gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country.

The C people have always despised country people – the small landowners, independent farmers and so on – for the obvious reason that such people are less susceptible to the dogmas of the C people. The C people need to impoverish everyone equally – themselves excepted, of course – in order to make their ideology salable.

When you own nothing, you tend to be unhappy about it. Enter the C people, who promise to make you happy about it, by allowing you to use what they own  . . . provided you do as the C people say.

The C people hope you will forget what it was like to own things – and so not mind being owned, by them.

. . .

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  1. There are more covert ways that the State takes the vehicles of rural folk, like myself.

    For starters the required monopoly auto insurance, charges twice as much to insure both of my vehicles, even though I only drive one of them once or twice a year, and I can only drive one of them at a time. So I had to not insure or drive one of them.

    My research says that the gasoline tax collects twice the money that is actually spent on roads! Yet, you still have to pay an annual sales tax and license plate in MO, on any car that you drive. Where the hell does that money go?

    I think it is much more about control and social engineering than anything else.

  2. Time to drink!

    The Kykes are purposely using transhumanist propaganda to surreptitiously subvert humanity’s ability/will to survive, in essence, psychological warfare. And on a global scale. Whatever works.

    Kind of cool, you know, hey.

    Once you are onto their shtik, the Jews are totally exposed.

    Yuval can chase his tail* while barking at the moon. Come to think of it, he probably does just that. Gotta love the Jews for being totally immoral, reach the depths of depravity.

    The mob rule by Pharisees decided to crucify Jesus Christ the Son of God. Have to spend an afternoon on a cross, then take a trip to heaven.

    Not my fault!

    Yuval the Kook looks forward to the next full moon, this one is/was the Wolf Moon, so it is right on time.

    Yuval has been howling at the moon for weeks on end this time of year. No cure for the voluntarily insane. Dracula is a saint compared to the Evil Yuval the Incorrigible.

    Yuval covets everything and you are the number one target.

    Good riddance as soon as he is gone.

    Run away as fast as you can from the evil Yuval.

    Klaus is in denial, he refuses to believe he will eventually shuffle off from his mortal coil.

    You have to drive people like Klaus and Yuval insane more than they already are, even more, even.

    It can be done.

    *Yuval is one dumbass

    • Jewish mental illness is rampant and can be attributed to the vile practice of “male genital mutilation” (circumcision) on the 8th day after birth. Not only is the foreskin “clipped”, the dirty “mohel” (clipper) then fellates the infant after the deed is done, passing on whatever STDs that he possesses. There have been infant deaths documented as a result of this vile practice.
      Mental illness is rampant in jews, the evidence being the “persecution complex” that almost every jew possesses. Jews think that “everyone (goyim) is out to get them”. This serves them well, as insularity and cohesiveness within the group is enhanced. The “persecution complex” serves them well…
      As many STDs do not manifest symptoms until adulthood it is easy to see how many jews succumb to mental illness and can be so f#cked up.

    • You are right, Anonymous. NAMBLA, and others like them, have been pushing for years to be able to rape and sodomize three years old’s, and call it normal, because, well, they’re born that way. Sound familiar? Now, they are being called MIP’s instead: Minor Attracted Persons. Get me off this friggin’ planet, I want off already!

    • John B,
      Well after all, the voting process is one of their wholly owned subsidiaries. They own the mechanics, they own those “entrusted” with managing them, they own those who do the counting, whether people or machines.

  3. The internet of things around us, which have crept up, are part and parcel with the internet of bodies. The people around you who now are emitting anonymous mac addresses. What, shedding? Hows about radiation sickness? And when they announce the concept, they are already doing it. The LED lights, emitting RF, capable of interfacing with said internet, were introduced and marketed as a way to save energy. The tin foil hats said straight away that these lights harmed our vision and overall health. Now we see that they were always intended to interface in this internet of everything.

  4. Today I read that California banned natural gas for cooking and heating by 2030. I looked up how many Ca residents use natural gas – 86%.

    So if CA bans petrol cars, and bans natural gas, pray tell where is the energy going to come from when the already have brownouts?

    Another thing I do not believe is that Newsome got re-elected after locking everyone down.

    • Yukon Jack,

      An unelected bureaucrat at Oregon DEQ decreed that sales of new gas powered vehicles will be banned by 2035. I wouldn’t put it past them or Oregon’s new Queen, Tina Kotek, to make a similar decree for natural gas.

      I don’t believe Tina Kotek won Oregon’s Gubernatorial race either after former Queen Kate Brown enacted some of the same draconian measures Gavin Newsom imposed on his citizens.

    • As a fellow inmate of this state I can confirm what you read. All the experiments they’ve tried such as wind power and solar have been proven inefficient. SDGE has ads running on television to warn customers that their power and gas bills will increase January 15th. I own a 1340 sq ft condo and both my wife and myself work from home – our bill for December: $374 Consider that we didn’t use A/C or heat.

      Newsom comes from political royalty. He has the support of nearly all the big money elites here and is, of course, Pelosi’s nephew. I knew the recall was doomed even though a lot of Democrats voted to oust him. The bottom line in this state is that the voting is known to rigged.

      • Hi Hormel,

        In 1861, it was a geographic divide – North vs. South. In our time it is an Urban vs. Rural divide. The urban areas effectively control vast areas. For example, my state – Virginia – is overwhelmingly “red” in terms of geography, yet a couple of blue canker sores – Northern Virginia, the area just outside of DC – and Richmond/Norfolk- determine the outcome of almost every national election.

        Jefferson was right about cities.

        • Eric,
          In 1861 it was also much along an urban versus rural divide. The urban areas dominated Northern politics, while the rural dominated Southern politics. The difference now is largely due to dispersion, where most States have both rural and urban domination, at a local level. That and the elimination of State government representation in the Senate, by the 17th amendment. Granting population dense urban areas power to elect the Senators as well as the POTUS.

        • Getting rid of that illegitimate 17th Amendment, and having the States being represented in the Senate again, might go a long way towards getting things moving in the right direction. It sure would not hurt.

          If I were given a choice I would dismantle every single bit of government, and just let the Declaration Stand.

          • Amen, Anon –

            The 17th Amendment was enacted specifically to further diminish state sovereignty and enhance federal power. Senators are now chosen by statewide popularity contest, essentially duplicating the function of the House but also concentrating much more power in the hands of just two people (per state).

  5. How did your state end up ruled by socialist nut jobs? Your state legislature was hosed by the 1964 Supreme Court decision in Reynolds v. Sims. Forced state legislative districts, including state senates, per population not by county. Example here in WA, we’re dominated by King/Pierce/Snohomish Counties, containing most of the population thus many state legislature districts. So, Puget Sound area liberal socialists run the entire state with their 29 districts, vs conservative Eastern WA with 11.

    The fix? Undo this decision and to preserve “one person one vote” keep the districts but ONLY for state legislature, the state senate severed from districts and your state senate is one per county similar to our Federal senate at two per state. There would be some balance of the state government as the senate theoretically would keep the legislators from steam rolling the rural areas.

    Another peeve of mine, federal level 17th amendment direct voting of federal senators. No thanks, let the state legislature do the selection (preferably just the state senate) as was set down in the original constitution. Example? There isn’t a legislature on earth that would select Patty “Moron” Murray as a U.S. Senator – yet thanks to the 17th there she is, 30 some years on, one of the two losers from WA.

    So you can see the setup for our current mess, the 17th amendment and that 1964 Supreme Court ruling. The protection of the minority from the tyranny of the majority totally upended.

    • ‘Your state legislature was hosed by the 1964 Supreme Court decision in Reynolds v. Sims.’ — Sparkey

      It’s astonishing that the communist Warren court denied to state senates the Great Compromise of equal state representation in the US Senate, which otherwise would have sunk the proposed US constitution. It’s actually memorialized on the Senate website:

      Returning to county-based state Senate districts would be met with a predictable objection: the political clout of urban minorities would be diminished in favor of ‘white supremacist’ rural counties. The horror!

      As you say, the 17th amendment (1913) destroyed the federal structure of the United States, by disenfranchising state legislatures from selecting each state’s US Senators. Then the hacks in black destroyed the federal structure of the 50 states, forbidding county-based electoral districts for state senators.

      US Constitution, Article IV, Section 4: ‘The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.’ Reynolds v. Sims turned this upside down, prohibiting to every state a Republican Form of Government, which explicitly includes structures other than one man one vote.

      We now live under illegitimate usurper governments at both state and federal levels. No duty of compliance exists. They themselves are flagrantly non-compliant.

    • I’ve been saying this for years – the 17th Amendment is what brought us to this point.

      Now we live under mob rule….exactly what the Founders warned us about.

    • Sparkey,
      Curious, is it not, that the 17th amendment, the 16th amendment, and the Federal income tax it supposedly allowed, and the Federal Reserve Act were all inflicted upon us in the same year, 1913. Almost like it was a plan?????

      • Yes, none of this by accident or coincidence. Like slow boiling the frog not much attention paid till it’s too late and here we are 110 years later at a rolling boil. Does make me wonder, what were they thinking back in 1913 to go along with the banksters proposals?

        When the progressive commies were a fringe minority and traditional value folks D or R could respectively debate issues and still in control, wasn’t such a concern. But, as discussed the seeds were sown and the control shift is complete. Even at the local level the sane governance is rotting away. Liberal King County citizens voted away their right to pick the Sheriff, it’s now an appointment by the County Executive confirmed by the County Council – what fools.

        • Sparkey,
          “what were they thinking back in 1913 to go along with the banksters proposals”
          They were thinking the FedGov was still reasonable. Whoops!!

  6. I don’t get where the elites get the mentality that they have been ordained to dictate how the rest of the 8 billion people should live.

    Anyone should understand this is a fools errand. The highest funded military in the world couldn’t subjugate a nation of mountain dwelling illiterates who live like it’s 1500.

    But that little example doesn’t stop a few rich guys from deciding they are going to mold the world into a planned method of living. This was the glaring error of communism. No one can account for the trillions of choices made every day by people.

    All the money and power of the US govt can’t stop drugs, how will they ever force everyone into their vision?

    • Dan – though somehow they have managed to put the whole of western society of highly educated suburbanites and city dwellers under their thumb. Ask a cave dweller in Afghanistan if they had to wear a face diaper or show proof of vaccination, or would be required to mount their machine gun on a Tesla rather than an old Toyota, or make their sons available for drag queen story hour. As we head ourselves toward living like it’s 1500, perhaps they could teach us a thing or two.

      • Actually, the Afghanis do, sort of, make their sons into drag queens. Some of them, at least. Look into Bacha Bazi. Boys are sold into sexual slavery, dressed in women’s clothing, and taught how to dance. There’s a video, Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, I think is the title. American soldiers who were disgusted by this were told, it’s their culture, you have to accept it.

    • Dan,
      They don’t get the mentality, they are born with it. They’re sociopaths or psychopaths. In other words, self-worshipping delusionally insane.
      Here I go again. Government is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. It cannot function without that authority. This does not attract sane people, who have no desire of such power over their neighbor. It does attract socio/psychopaths. Which is why all governments are infested with them in rather short order.

      • elite nobility/un/wef/ccp/.0001% satanist/nazi theocracy

        Psychopathic members of an occult satanic death cult running the planet, planning your horrible future. a satanic cult that believe in eugenics, slavery,pedophilia, transhumanism and fake science.

        wef runs the new bankster/nwo/wef/ccp/.0001% one world government being put in place worldwide right now, this will be your new government. the bat germ hoax is a cover, excuse, trap, to put it in place. an occult satanic death cult run by fanatics.

        some wef history

        the World Economic Forum was co-founded by Maurice Strong, who was the main promoter of the climate change movement.
        the much more exclusive World Forum of 300 which was created by Maurice Strong in 1982 and was co-founded with Klaus Schwab as his assistant.

        Prince Charles hired Schwab to run the WEF.
        Great Reset” Schwab’s son is married to a Chinese woman. The Schwabs are China lovers. The “build back better” part of the great reset agenda intends to turn the west in to China.

        The Origins of the World Economic Forum Go Back to the Third Reich nazis.

        schwab runs the wef his family was connected to the nazis in germany.

        World Forum leaves a blind spot to the alien agenda in the the creation of the plan, the blind spot also leaves out Dr Muller, creator of the UNESCO programs and the Common Core education system.

        Muller and Strong created of the United Nations University at Mt Rasur where they communicate with a demon called Rasur,

        Maurice Strong was creator of Agenda 21 along with his buddies Prince Phillip and Charles and Ted Turner. Someone said Turner put up the georgia guidestones that says the population should be 500 million only. Persons will be coerced through lies, drugs, fear, and pain to surrender themselves, their egos to the collective consciousness.

        The blind spot leaves out the involvement of Nazi German Vril psychics who were involved
        at the Maurice Strong Baca Grande hippie commune where Laurence Rockefeller say’s he met the Devil just prior to presenting the plans to the first World Forum in 1982 in Vail Colorado.

        We don’t associate Eugenics with David Rockefeller, like we do with Hitler, but it was actually the Rockefeller Foundation that first did the research,
        their groundbreaking 1930 work on Eugenics, an idea that became so popular in Europe Hitler monetized it domestically to justify global domination.

        Beginning in 1930 the Rockefeller Foundation provided financial support to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics, which later inspired and conducted eugenics experiments in the Third Reich.

        Rockefeller got his monopoly on drugs, and Big Pharma and Rockefeller Medicine were born – and has only grown bigger and more terrible since, now routinely bribing doctors to prescribe their toxic and side effect-laden pills, not to mention their autism-causing va…cc,,,,,in es

        The nazis adopted it and promoted it. “The infection theories (germ theory) were only established as a global dogma through the concrete policies and eugenics of the Third Reich nazis. Before 1933, scientists dared to contradict this gerrm theory; after 1933, these critical scientists were silenced.”
        now we have the allopathic germ theory nazi medicine used exclusively worldwide and big pharma is the most profitable business on the planet, thanks to pasteur, rockefeller and flexner.

        • the modern monetary system is based on keynesian beliefs.

          Keynes is heralded as the guiding light of the New Deal (and, as such defended by modern “Green New Dealers” and Great Reset technocrats wishing to impose a top-down system of governance onto the world),

          This will be seen clearly in 1) his devotion to the theories of Thomas Malthus, 2) his promotion of eugenics as a science of racial purification and population control, and 3) his general devotion to World Government as a leading member of the Fabian Society. The fabians bringing communism to all western countries.

          Depopulation: The provable reality was that Indian famines were coordinated tools of population control by the Malthusian elite of the British establishment who considered “war, famine and disease” as the gifts nature gave the strong to manage the weak.
          read again: “disease” as the gifts nature gave the strong to manage the weak. now the great reset wants to use poisonous inj…ec,,,,ti ons for depopulation.

          Thomas Malthus (a British East India Company economist) stated in his famous 1799 Essay on Population:
          “The power of population is so superior to the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man, that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race.” gates wants to use in…jec,,,,,ti ons.

          “We should facilitate, instead of foolishly and vainly endeavoring to impede, the operations of nature in producing this mortality; and if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction, which we compel nature to use. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague.” today: herding the useless eaters into large cities.

          In his May 2, 1914 lecture Population, Keynes argued that government should “mould law and custom deliberately to bring about that density of population which there ought to be” and that “there would be more happiness in the world if the population of it were to be diminished.”
          now the gates led nwo/ccp/wef globalists are saying after great depopulation reset you will own nothing and be happier.

          Hit…ler himself was not only a devout eugenicist (whose racial purification policies emerged through the funding of the Rockefeller, Carnegie Foundations as well as British establishment), but was also a devout Malthusian saying:

          “The day will certainly come when the whole of mankind will be forced to check the augmentation of the human species, because there will be no further possibility of adjusting the productivity of the soil to the perpetual increase in the population.”
          now gates is saying the same thing, dep op…ul,,ation is good.

          After the war, eugenics-promoting organizations and think tanks changed their names while continuing their work, morphing into new forms by the 1960s such as the
          NOTE :environmental movement, transhumanist movement, including the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector. now we have the wef pushing this with the great reset.

          bat germ religion/climate change/depopulation agenda………it sounds a bit like The church of euthanasia: The church of euthanasia “devoted to restoring the balance between Humans and the remaining species on Earth. “Save the Planet, Kill Yourself”

          the climate change/global warming hoax is an excuse for a cull. the satanists will do it with their cull of useless eaters, they already warned you of the dep..op,,ul ation agenda, there was silence, that is implied consent, the cull progresses.
          Get this: the two top psychos that are administrators for the banksters, gates and soros, have no education, they are morons.

          The psychos running the planet: Mt Rasur where they communicate with a demon called Rasur.
          Laurence Rockefeller say’s he met the Devil just prior to presenting the plans to the first World Forum in 1982 in Vail Colorado.
          the pope is part of this cult.

          The government/church/medical system is just a huge occult satanic death cult now

  7. Maybe the way to live in the country, if they get their way and we can’t own cars, is to go back to what people used before there were cars: horses. The Amish still use them.

    We may have to become like the Amish to survive as humans. It amazes me that they are able to opt out of a lot of the crap the rest of us have to put up with. Interesting that their religious beliefs are respected, but many of ours are not. For example, in Ohio, where I live, our criminal governor, when asked in 2020 if the Amish would have to obey the COVID restrictions, said there is nothing they can do about the Amish. Being cynical, I also wonder if their value to tourism has something to do with it.

    • Because the Amish basically shun modern technology, they’re not plugged in to the system like we are. Do they need vax passes? Do they even care? Do they need modern, cashless payment systems like PayPal? Since they don’t, why would they give a sh*t about being banned from them? See what I mean?

  8. The WEF is the driving force behind the genocide of the “great reset”… They want us dead, so why not go after these mass killers ?

  9. Apparently we are to end up like all the cities and “hoods” in Commiefornia, and the West Coast, for that matter. Just squalid crappy cesspools of homeless drug-addicts and filth on the decaying streets. “Escape from L.A.” is looking more like reality and less like a cheesy 80’s flick.

  10. ChrisIN

    “And then I think, how boring the future would be with no emotion, love, etc….”

    I take it that you have never been married before.

    • To Local, A very happy, and successful marriage by many measures, for 27 years, so far.
      My point, which could have been lost because I am a horrible writer is if machines take over the universe, and organic beings that have advanced brains as we know them are gone, then what kind of universe do we have? I gets weird when you then say ‘what is life?’.
      To get even a little deeper, what about lesser advanced life like trees, bugs, etc…
      Do machines even need less advanced life to survive?

    • Local,
      While marriage can be trying, and I have failed one, until the end, it was never short of emotion and love. In fact, it was a comfort, until that end. Perhaps you should study Eric’s previous article on secession.

  11. I just love how Louse Schlob tries to convince us that living in filthy cities which are not capable of supporting even the most basic forms of life; which create asphalt deserts ; which require huge infrastructure, and the transport of everything which is needed to sustain life from afar; which create unnaturally concentrated masses of waste and pollution……are somehow ‘sustainable’ and ‘moral’, while living in the country where one can sustain themselves with virtually no negative impact on ‘the environment’, but in-fact can actually benefit the environment; can produce one’s own sustenance, and does not require constant transportation, is somehow immoral.

    Talk about being ass-backwards! But of course, we know the ral reason why pricks like Louse want everyone in cities….because in a city you are totally at their mercy for every want and necessity, and thus subject to total control.

    And it’s not just lately that this has come about, nor is it the brainchild of Louse. The details of this plan were formalized in the 70’s for the U.S. and outlined in various governmental agencies plans and maps, such as those of the EPA. (When I have time I’ll see if I can still find some images of these maps detailing how the US will be divided up, and how it will be de-ruralized). Yet another thing which illustrates the utter folly of voting, because plans like this have been being pursued for decades by our own politicians regardless of which party or what admin has been “in” at any given time. The EPA actually got most of it’s “teeth” during the Reagan admin.

    And this is why I constantly admonish everyone to find a quiet corner far off the beaten path somewhere in the world, in a place that will be overlooked, because there is no escaping this BS here or anywhere in the first world/developed world, as these agendas are so far along already that we are now seeing the final touches being put into place (Such as the destruction of truly autonomous transportation for the average person, and the trial-run of soft martial law a.k.a. COVID lockdowns, etc.) that if anyone thinks they are somehow going to elude the clutches of these lunatic tyrants while remaining directly under the lens of their microscope, they are deluded.

  12. Also unsustainable is the economic system based on central banking and reserve banking. My basic premise is that the world population would not be over 7 billion without the ability to “spend the future” through monetary policy.

    It is true that the American lifestyle IS unsustainable, as the major prop for it is fiat currency masquerading as capitalism. Real capitalism would be a natural brake on growth, and population growth, by limiting borrowing to only the saved money available. Slow steady growth is preferable to the boom bust cycle.

    Plenty of resources to go around, as long as they are rationally distributed, not artificially acceelerated by central banks and their crony’s. My guess is that about 30-40% of all business in the U. S. is propped up by fiat currency. Once the bubble begins, the bubble is all there is, eventually.

    Live long and prosper. Stay sane. Keep the rubber side down.

    • Andy,
      “Plenty of resources to go around, as long as they are rationally distributed”
      And no government, political party, or any other group holding guns to people’s heads can better do that than a free market with real money.
      One of the two votes that cannot be defrauded. Your wallet. Your feet being the other one.

  13. How long will it be until our “BETTERS” tell us the only way to save the planet is that we all embrace the concept of “hot bunking”? If it’s good enough on a boat it should be good enough for us.

    PS- I’m guessing our betters won’t like my wood stove, generators and other amenities of rural life either.

  14. Five men are named in the article. Henry Kissinger, Klaus Schwab, Maurice Strong, Karl Marx, and Henry Ford. The first four, all enemies of us, are jews (two of them crypto-jews, with the evidence about them conclusive). And the last man named, Henry Ford, told us a wealth of information about the jews — A HUNDRED YEARS AGO.

    Yes, I “shouted” that. We all SHOULD have been taught in school or by our parents the knowledge Henry Ford published. We all should be teaching it to each other now.

    And of course the “C” word is Communism, invented by the jews funded by the jew Rothschilds (the top banksters on the planet) and spread by the jew Karl Marx.

    Idiots will not recognize the pattern. The squeamish will not speak of it. Crypto-jews will distract, and divert, and lie to keep the gullible in their mass-media made bubble.

    And the suicidal pacifists will say there’s nothing we can do except disengage. Yeah, sure. Imagine how successful “disengaging” would have been for the intelligent Whites of Russia and nearby countries when they saw the jewBolsheviks installing Communism and forming the jewSovietUnion, officially launched in 1922. Tens of millions were mass-murdered, whether engaged or disengaged.

    The only reason we haven’t been mass-genocided is because we have guns. But 99.9% of our population keeps showing the enemy that they won’t use their guns — not against BLM, not against Antifa, not against lockdowns, not against coerced poison “vaccines” etc — and so the enemy confidently continues to tighten the screws.

    • Let’s not forget (((their))) phony “holocaust ™” which can easily be proven to be a massive fraud, merely by investigating it using scientific, engineering and logistical methods. This is why, in many countries, including Canada, investigating this fraud and disseminating the truth about this non-event is punishable with fines and incarceration. Look up Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, and others who have done hard time for refusing to genuflect and pay homage to the new “state relgion” “holocaustianity™ ”
      (((They))) want to get their “new world order” in place before the “holocaust™ ” fraud implodes on itself.
      (((They))) have gotten so desperate to continue the fraud, some states are mandating that children be required to visit the “jewish freak show hollywood productions” called “holocaust™ ” museums.
      Brainwashing at its best. Geting ’em while they are young…

  15. What would happen if Kommissar Klaus got his wish? Very quickly the constant technological progress that’s defined the human condition would freeze. If something new came along instead of millions of people choosing to try it out a few people on a committee, or worse, a single purchasing manager, would decide if it was worth adding to the rental fleet. And it had better fit in with existing systems too. No differences to normal workflow. Maybe every ten years a little cosmetic change, or a new seat material that is less likely to stain when someone bleeds out after a mugging. Perhaps an incremental increase in engine efficiency. For sure new ways of preventing misuse through pain (like skateboard spikes or cages for passengers). And of course any unexpected incident would cause massive overreaction and bolt-on fixes at great expense.

    Like the old Bell System. Design for what the Bell System wants, not the customer. The famous Bell Labs was more interested in improving operating margin and how many calls they could run over the network, not in improving communications. When they finally came up with a new data service called ISDN it was a costly flop out of the gate. Too slow, hard to provision and still charged by the minute. By the time it was available most customers had adapted trunk (T1) circut tech thanks to a little startup called Cisco. And that was only possible thanks to a cattle rancher who wanted to take phone calls from his walkie talkie on horseback.

    Besides, 128 Kpbs should be plenty fast for everyone.

      • Well, that’s a blast from the past. Isenberg’s essay was written in May 1997, over 25 years ago.

        Remarkably, it does not contain the word ‘cellular.’ If the telcos hadn’t latched onto and become dominant in cellular communications, they might not exist anymore.

        Probably my first post on the internet was ‘Death to the telcos!

  16. Step 1. ban cars,
    step 2. herd all the people on the bottom (not part of the elite group at the top) into cities,
    step 3. confine people in cities into 15 minute zones (an area within 15 minute walking distance)…easier for control and surveillance…..

    then the people are dependent, can’t grow their own food, have their own energy source, can’t own a car to travel…no freedom of movement, can’t own a home, or own anything, can’t own a small business to make money, will be disarmed, can’t hide, totally dependent on the communist government, might get some food if they comply….the excuse for all this….climate change….

    cars?….lol…they will be too expensive, the fuel will be very expensive, they will be outlawed anyways because of climate change….enjoy one of your last drives now….

    Oxfordshire County Council yesterday approved plans to lock residents into one of six zones to “save the planet” from global warming. The latest stage in the “15-Minute City” agenda is to place electronic gates on key roads in and out of the city, confining residents to their own neighbourhoods.

    Under the new scheme, if residents want to leave their zone, they will need permission from the Council

    A WEF article in November 2021 stated: “One of the biggest urban ideas to emerge from the pandemic is the idea of the 15-minute city or 15-minute neighbourhood

    it turns out Oxford residents don’t much care for Marxist-style authoritarianism. …….
    What Oxford City Council, Oxford County Council and Oxford Mail seem to be incapable of comprehending is that people do not want, nor do they agree, to be forced into a dystopian future that globalist technocrats have devised to control residents and remove their rights and freedom of movement.

  17. Whether it’s electric cars or or digital currencies or eating bugs or experimental gene therapies or face diapers, the only power left to individuals is non-compliance. Move to the country, act locally both economically and politically, down size and minimize the taxes you are forced to pay, use cash or barter for as many transactions as possible. Separate and resist.

    • This is well-said, Griff.

      It’s a riff on what the hippies used to say, about Turn on, tune in and drop out. People did the same in the old Soviet Union, too..

    • Hi Griff:
      Back in the day the OSS printed a book called the “Simple Sabotage Field Manual”. Of course for that to work people would have to want to fight back. Part of the the book covers maximizing bad choices, poor house keeping and maintenance and letting the situation progress from there. Today that might be covered by “Letting it Rot” or not GAF.
      Fun times ahead.

  18. In the Highwire clip below, Jefferey Jaxen reports on The Netherlands forcibly closing down 3,000 farms to comply with diktats from the WEF, which wishes to eliminate rural areas for the sake of creating Megalopolises. I don’t doubt that the Biden Thing and governors such as Gavin Newsom would LOVE to do the same thing here…….The Highwire is one of the alternative media outlets that has been reporting on the WEF’s various sinister plans, as Establishment Media has largely been SILENT on Herr Schwab and his World Economic Forum’s plan for a “Great Reset”.

  19. ‘The war on cars is also a war on anyone who does not live in or very near a city.’ — eric

    Cameras at traffic light intersections are one basic distinction between ‘city’ and ‘rural.’ These ubiquitous cameras, which no one voted for, include ALPR (Automated License Plate Reader) functionality. If your plate number has been flagged — e.g., your ‘license’ or ‘registration’ has been suspended — an alert is triggered.

    Whereas in the countryside, no traffic lights mean no ALPRs, except for mobile ones. Low population density also means DUI checkpoints are rare to nonexistent.

    Cities with their omnipresent surveillance cameras allow comprehensive monitoring of the human lab rats. In the countryside, we are free-range lab rats — still oppressed by their taxes, but less easily observable. With only one cell phone tower in rural areas, they can’t triangulate to get an exact location, as in cities with overlapping towers.

    In rear license plate only states such as mine, the vehicles are backed into the driveway, so that the occasional Google street view spy camera collects no plate images.

    Monkeywrench the surveillance state. Feed it corrupted data. Break the algorithm.

    Oh, and read up on Schwab’s obnoxious little Israeli homosexual sidekick, Yuval Noah Harari, who is one very sick puppy.

    • Jim,
      “Low population density also means DUI checkpoints are rare”
      I live in a poor county, where the only LE is the sheriff, who has a “call us if you need us” attitude. He does not patrol the roads looking for marks. He does what LE should do, if we insist on having them.

      • John,
        The police should be like the fire department.
        Everyone loves the fire department because they provide a requested service and otherwise stay put in the fire station.

    • Jim H, you requested a book by an author who researched evil people. It has been a few months or so since you asked.

      I won’t give the name of the author, too many eyes see words any place on the internets.

      To give you some perspective of what does happen in the world of evil, here are two names you can search to discover how evil operates.

      They are both women, Arliss Perry and Elizabeth Short.

      Read the stories on how they were mistreated, then murdered.

      You won’t want to speak the details out loud.

      Yuval is pure evil, a ponerist nonpareil.

      The World Evil Forum is what the WEF really is.

  20. Any old farmhouse had a cistern and a root cellar. A root cellar is a primitive refrigerator, stays cool all year round, keeps your beer at 45 degrees F. A wood burning stove or a cook stove or both heated the place.

    The rain gutters could be diverted to the cistern, a hand pump at the kitchen sink used the water from the cistern to wash dishes. A water well outside the house with a pump jack was the source for fresh water.

    Chickens, pigs, ducks, a milk cow, a beef cow, a couple of dogs, a workhorse or mules, a few implements, you are a farmer.

    Along came tractors, trucks and combines, made farming less onerous and more productive.

    Farmers increase the carrying capacity of any kind of land area transformed into crops and animal production with mechanization.

    What I remember of the days of no plumbing, some electricity, an oak box phone on the wall.

    The outhouse was just outside the back door.

    Soon afterwards, a new house was built with lots of electricity with a plethora of lights and outlets. A septic system/drain field eliminated the outhouse.

    Electricity, municipal services, treated water, water heaters, running water, central heat and cooling, are all luxuries, makes for a better world.

    You can’t have them anymore!

    What you’ll miss the most after Klaus’ diktats are enforced.

    Klaus will end up being eaten by worms and bugs himself, can’t avoid that predicament.

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if the worms don’t get us the buzzards must

  21. It’s long past time to dust off that old Confederate flag, Betsy Ross flag, or whatever banner one chooses to fly. My message to the PTB is this: Get bent.

    • >whatever banner one chooses to fly
      Here’s one:

      >In my view, the society in which we find ourselves today is one which
      has swung entirely too far in the opposite direction, one in which the
      denial of objective reality is all too common, in which individuals
      assert that all opinions are equally valid, in which the principles of
      logic are denigrated as “racist,” and the concept of scientific
      investigation which may, and must always be, be tested against objective
      reality, is perverted into the enshrinement of dogma clothed in the
      counterfeit vestments of “The Science,” which is treated as unerring,
      received Truth by those incapable of critical thought.

      >From that point of view, it appears necessary, to me at least, to
      strongly promote a return to sanity, to order and logic, as necessary
      first principles of a functioning society. Hence, “from the darkness to
      the light,” or per the late Prof Sagan, “a candle in the dark.”

  22. “Efficiency” is a desirable goal in most instances. The WEF’s problem is that a bunch of Psychopaths In Charge never deliver it. Liberty does.

  23. Few mammals thrive in crowded conditions. People are not one of them. Even herd animals will disperse while they are feeding. But the WEF doesn’t WANT us to thrive, do they.
    A descent into the Matrix? Where everyone is packaged up into an urban hive, and their energy (life) is extracted?
    Or maybe Soylent Green.
    A lot to be learned from science fiction, which is quite often closer to social fiction. Delivering a warning.
    Of all the SF dystopian notions I have read, none exceed the depravity of the WEF. It’s plan is the very worst condition for a human being to live in. Unless you are one of the “more equal”.
    Like fiat currency, “C” has failed every time it’s been used. Even China had to back off from it to some degree, and open up to more market freedom. And it worked, sort of.

    • Right on John. I am a fan of science fiction, always have been. Read it, watch it, love it.
      My wife and I were just watching one of the newer Terminator movies, and while it’s depiction of time travel is hard to stomach, the underlying message to us was how Skynet was taking over our world. Seems interesting to me that these movie ideas came from James Cameron in the early 80’s. What vision he had, because it seems like we are almost there to some extent.
      And then I start thinking, what if something like Skynet took over mankind? Or, if machines do indeed take over the universe, what then? Certainly, if machines can advance to that level, and why couldn’t they, then in our universe, they already most likely exist.
      And then I think, how boring the future would be with no emotion, love, etc….

      • Chris,
        No motive to live at all. No happiness of any kind, ever. Everything pre-programmed. For the simple cause of making more machines. A motive an amoeba is capable of. A great deal of human motivation is sex, and concern for their progeny. Which machines have neither of. While machines could take over, I fail to see how it would last with no such motives. I can see a gang of psychopaths using machines to take over and advance their psychotic desires though. All one has to do is look out the window of their urban cubby.

      • Hi Chris,
        I think skynet is already here, with automated drones and such. Next step is Cylons from Battlestar Galactica where the androids become conscious. Fun times ahead.

        • Mike,
          You left out AI. Which is what “Skynet” was. And warned against 20+ years ago, in The Terminator and Matrix. Now embraced by the control freak Psychopaths In Charge. They want to control everything, but would rather not be bothered with it. Let’s just leave it up to our “new and improved” AI. Which of course won’t work, since computers are the ultimate moron. They believe every thing they are told.


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