Extraordinary Claims . . .

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It’s always a sound idea to start at the beginning rather than in the middle – so let’s do that.

The whole push for “electrification” is based upon a manufactured “necessity” – that of preventing what is styled “climate change.” The assertion itself is so vague as to be without substantive meaning. That’s a good beginning. How are we supposed to have any kind of intelligent debate when the baseline of the debate is so shiftily amorphous? It is certainly not – as the saying has it – “scientific.” That latter being defined by specificity – in order that the specifics can be examined, challenged, proved – or not.

It is telling – or at least, it ought to be so – that the claimed necessity for the extreme measures subsumed under the rubric of  “electrification” is so . . . non-specific.

But we all know what those who use the term as a club mean by it.

They mean the “climate” will “change” in some catastrophic way at some indeterminate point in the ever-elaborating future on account of the added carbon dioxide “emitted” by the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, as from gas and diesel-powered vehicles most of all.

It is easy to illustrate the dubiousness of this assertion by simply pointing out the fact that the totality of C02 currently present in the Earth’s atmosphere amounts to just 0.04 percent of the total. The totality of the human-action produced C02 is a fraction of that fraction.

It is telling that neither of these two facts are heard much in coverage of the “climate change” issue.

Probably because if people did hear they might not be believe.

Even if C02 were the great danger the asserters assert (and it’s not – in fact, it is essential and more would green the planet) the assertion that a fractional increase in the existing fractional total threatens a “catastrophe” is even more exaggerated and hysteric a claim than the ones issued about the “deadly virus” that didn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the population.

Not one of the predicted “catastrophes” they told us were imminent ever arrived. New York is not under water – and neither is Florida – as it was asserted both would be by about 20 years ago. Not a single The End is Nigh assertion has ever come to pass – and yet the asserters continue to be issued a pass. It is worth noting here the eery similarity as regards the endlessly wrong predictions of similar “experts,” such as Drs. Fauci and Walensky – who were also endlessly indulged by the same shrieking parrot “media” that sounds endless alarms about “climate change” – no matter how often the not-so-good doctors were proved to be wrong.

Can anyone point to a specific/provable harm they have suffered that has been caused by a fractional increase in atmospheric C02? If they cannot then why are we being pushed to accept onerous “solutions” to this supposed problem?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof – especially when these claims threaten actual harm and have already caused it.

It is fundamentally exactly like the business with “masks.” There ought to have been a burden of proof on the “maskers” before they got the power to “mask” anyone (other than themselves, of course). First, prove that the “virus” is a deadly threat in general – as opposed to a narrow threat to a specific group of people (i.e., the elderly, frail and chronically/seriously sick). Then prove that – as they constantly insisted – “masks work.” Not in the mass-hysteria-fomenting sense. Prove that they serve as a meaningful barrier to infection and transmission.

If such proof is not forthcoming, then “masking” is fundamentally no different than hair-shirting, the Medieval practice of donning a purposely uncomfortable garment to atone for one’s supposed sins.

Atoning for the supposed sins of burning hydrocarbon fuels by accepting impoverishment via “electrification” amounts to essentially the same thing. The EV being the vehicular equivalent of the Medieval hairshirt in that it is a punishment. You self-flagellate by accepting endless waiting for a charge – and paying more for it, as well as for the electric car. All of it the necessary price paid to combat “climate change.” Those who pay it make a point of their willingness – their eagerness – to pay it, too.

Note the religious undertow.

Very much of a piece with the religious undertow that carried “masking” along, long after it became clear – to anyone interested in facts rather than assertions – that there was no evidence that “masks work,” except insofar as fomenting and carrying along mass hysteria. In fact, there was ample evidence they did not “work” –  of a piece with the  even-more-serious evidence accruing that the so-called “vaccines” do not “work,” either. At least not in terms of the original assertions that those who took them would not get and could not spread the “virus.”

There are two take-home points here that ought to matter to a facts-based society. The first being that assertions ought not to carry much weight and certainly no force, absent facts to support those assertions. It is both bizarre as well as dangerous to tolerate impositions based on assertions. Yet a majority wore “masks” solely on the basis of assertions it was necessary.

Second, when assertions are proved to have been wrong, then those assertions must be dismissed – along with the credibility of those who made them. To continue to accept with polite deference the harangues of people who have been proved wrong over and over and over is bad enough. To accept your degradation and diminishment in the face of that is to show you deserve it.

Civilization cannot stand unless civilized people stand up to hysterics, the emotionally damaged and those who manipulate them. Demanding proof before action not only matters – it is existentially necessary.

No matter how much it affronts their feelings.

. . .

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  1. ” Civilization cannot stand unless civilized people stand up…”

    Why should Civilization be considered essential? I guess it depends on what is meant by civilization; the concept is large and amorpheus.

    All civilizations have been, and continue to be, based on one over-arching concept; slavery.

    Without slavery, in all it’s forms, there can be no civilization, as the concept is generally used today.
    Any group or person that asserts authority over others, is enforcing slavery, no matter how benign the enforcement of authority may be at that particular place and time. Every human being is a slave to natural forces; every human being is also a slave to other human beings, to one degree or another. This is what is meant by Civilization. So the question becomes, what level of slavery are you comfortable with?

    Perhaps the real revolution is yet to come, the revolution where nations and peoples are no longer divided by different Civilizations and can find ways to co-exist without the need for layers of civil authority enacted through force.

    We Americans are slaves in that every behavior is regulated, every transaction taxed, every decision is made within the bounds of the slave code we live under, i.e. the Constitution and all other laws, regulations, ordinances, et cetera. Do we wish for this to continue? To continue an acceptable equilibrium between slavery and personal liberty? Just about all of us accept a certain level of slavery, to enable an easier life.

    As long as we partake in Civilization, we must accept a certain level of slavery, it is a fact of life. We Americans like our conveniences and ease of living and we exchange freedom for the ability to live in luxury like no people ever have in all the centuries before. Few of us face the sacrifice of our lives just to make a living; much less to enjoy luxury. We just agree, whether by active consent or by apathy, to allow a portion of our freedom of action to be co-opted in return for grocery stores, roads, jobs, easy credit, travel, running water and cold beer on demand, and myriad other perks of modern living.

    So now we come to the present, a present in which relative liberty seems to be lessening within living memory, which is causing angst among some. Levels of slavery/liberty always teeter-totter in the flow of history; the U.S. is no different.

    The only way out is a Revolution in Human Behavior that negates forcible associations in favor of a purely voluntary ethos, planet wide. I do not envision such a future; but then again, few suspected the fall of the Roman Empire, or the fall of the USSR, either.

    • Hi Andy,

      Your analysis is interesting and I am in general sympathy with it. I ought probably to have been more clear about what I meant by “civilization.” For me, the term encompasses a state of affairs in which truth is respected – along with respect for property, most chiefly in the form of the individual’s right of ownership over himself and his works. From that flows respect for each individual, the abhorrence of those who do not respect it – and out of that, civilization. It need not involve government and to the extent it does, it becomes less and less civilized…

      • Wish I had time to unpack Andy L.’s thoughtful comment.

        I wonder about his basic premise.

        RE: “All civilizations have been, and continue to be, based on one over-arching concept; slavery.”

        ‘Privatization, Viking Style: Model or Misfortune?’

        “Medieval Iceland had no bureaucrats, no taxes, no police, and no army. … Of the normal functions of governments elsewhere, some did not exist in Iceland, and others were privatized, including fire-fighting, criminal prosecutions and executions, and care of the poor.”…


        Also, RE: “Just about all of us accept a certain level of slavery, to enable an easier life.”

        Seems like, for many, the word, ‘accept’ is inappropriate.

        Via merriam-webster:

        accept – verb

        3 a: to endure without protest or reaction

        • Thorvald Thorvaldson lived in Iceland after he moved from Norway. Thorvald loaned a neighbor his shovel. The neighbor refused to return the shovel, a dispute turned ugly, Thorvald wrestled the shovel from his neighbor, knocked his neighbor over the head with the shovel. his neighbor died.

          Thorvald was exiled to Iceland, then a penal colony for Norway. Had to move his family to Iceland.

          Thorvald had a son, Eric the Red, who grew up in Iceland. Eric grew up farming and fishing for Atlantic cod. As fate would have it, Eric argued with a neighboring farmer, hit the theiving farmer over the head with his shovel, killed him, same circumstances.

          Eric the Red set sail for Greenland.

          Then Leif Erikson was born in beautiful Greenland, set sail for parts unknown with all of his friends and neighbors, got to get out of Dodge, again, went on and discovered America.

          There are old structures in New Brunswick that are Viking in origin.

          There is nothing for a government in a penal colony, you’re on your own.

          You get to live, you just can’t live in Norway anymore.

  2. Speaking of extraordinary claims, there’s one claim that the COVID “vaccines” saved MILLIONS of lives. Former President Trump is even making that claim.

    Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology used in the COVID jabs, says he can’t support Donald Trump for President next year if he continues advocating the shots, and quite frankly, I can’t disagree with him on that.


  3. I have many things to say about this whole nonsense about man-made CO2 emissions leading to some sort of “catastrophe”, but for starters, “they” (being the official “scientific” “experts”) were wrong about masking/vaccines, and wrong about transgenderism / multiple genders. Also, “consensus” is not conducive to the scientific method.

    There is also the lack of a “null hypothesis”, i.e., there’s no outcome, in these scientific “studies”, that would lead to the conclusion that human-caused CO2 doesn’t lead to adverse conditions. Any extreme weather or changes in temperature “proves” that human-caused CO2 led to such because their studies don’t allow for not proving that the causation didn’t happen (if that makes sense)

  4. Just saw a dozen eggs selling at $15. All because of the non existent bird flu….. but the famous PCR showed many ‘Cases,,, Cases,,, Cases’ so ALL the birds supposedly have to die. To ensure no return of this deadly flu the owners are not allowed to stock back up for a unspecified time. Like the inventor of the PCR said,,, The PCR will find anything you want it to and is now the governments most deadly weapon.

    Eric’s article is spot on. -But- the intelligence level of overall society has been brought down to near zero by the Schrool systems,,, Public and most Private and the Media. As in past periods of societal insanity,,, people today will believe the ‘witch doctors’ (Fauci, Birch, hospital staff etc) of today’s tyrannical medical cartel long before believing anyone dispensing truth and logic.

    (WE) are going down by hook or crook and time has run out for stopping it. Our last chance was destroying the Davos gathering of fools. They will likely achieve their 500 million planetary population goal. Knowing humans ability of really screwing things up, I suspect it could even go much lower,,, maybe the species itself.

    • Re the bird flu: it’s supposedly spread by wild birds, so outdoor poultry flocks are more at risk, and are thus more likely to be exterminated by government edict. As opposed to the large, indoor corporate egg farms. Another way for the powers that be to punish the self-reliant types who raise their own birds in humane conditions?

      Like the way the Covidians shut down small business but let the big box stores operate?

      • Well, if it’s spread by wild birds (If there even is, an ‘It’?) I shouldn’t have a single chicken, ’cause my place has tons of wild birds around: sparrows, robins, geese, swans, etc…

        I got the same number of chickens as 3 years ago.

        I smell something, and it ain’t teen spirit.

  5. “But we all know what those who use the term as a club mean by it.”
    I pray for the day when people realize that the state is their enemy, not their friend or savior. That without their assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey, which they frequently use, they could not exist at all. That only by threat of your death can they do anything. From enforcing “laws” to “collecting” taxes.

    • Hi John.

      As long as the Gang controls the public “education” system, that is very unlikely. Add in the Ministry of Truth (mass and social media) and its even less likely. The entire system is rotted out at its foundations. Sections of it are starting to crumble. Look at the so called “health care” system for example.

      One can’t get more in your face than the corruption and obvious theft of the 2020 Selection. Think back to the events of the 60’s (and forward) and its obvious who actually runs this country. Hint, its not the rubes who cast useless votes.

      Government is and has always been simply a Gang of thieves and murderers writ large. Given their origins, and what under pins their power, how could they not be?
      No one is coming to “save” us. Those who wish to survive must save themselves and their families. William S Lind has many insights on that matter. Knowledge/experience is what is going to separate the quick from the dead. Best of luck to everyone. We are all going to need it.

  6. >“consider[ing] whether it could impose more stringent emissions goals than initially conceived. That would [keep the peasants confined to their hovels, where they belong].

    Why not bring back wattle and daub, while you are at it?
    And decree a maximum, very low, annual firewood allotment from The Master’s Forest?
    Heavily taxed, of course.

    No poaching The Master’s Deer, either.

  7. This article is music to my ears and I used to blog on the CO2 topic, starting around 2009 for about 10 years until google and wordpress took down all of my blogs.

    So here are some big takeaways of what I learned:

    1. If the planet is greening right now from CO2 going up that means plants have DNA that thrive in higher CO2 levels. Plants evolved over billions of years in a much higher CO2 environment. Thus, correct logic, CO2 at current levels are at recovery levels.

    2. Temperature and CO2 are not correlated. Ice core samples prove this, they drill in frozen lakes and get over 500,000 years of data, show that CO2 lags behind temp going up and down. That means CO2 is not causal to temperature swings.

    3. The vast amount of CO2 is in ocean water, CO2 in the air is minor, and is controlled by the ocean temp. As oceans warm, CO2 comes out, no different than the dissolved CO2 in your carbonated drink on a hot summer’s day.

    4. Politicians are born liars, telling truth is not in their skill set, anything that any political opportunist says should be held in skepticism. Politicians like to control the population with lies, and ultimately all of their plans end in our deaths. Holy books have lost their effectiveness in controlling western societies, so a new myth was created, climate change, and it is just as opaque and vague as heaven. (no one can describe what heaven is actually like, yet you are to live your entire live for it) In religiously repressed Muslim societies, the elite/intellectuals/priests have no need to push climate change, as the holy book is quite effective for their control. No Afghan warlord is worried about climate change.

    5. The sun is the primary driver of climate on earth. The sun is constantly warming the side toward it, and dark side is constantly cooling, heat is radiated out to space every night and the average temperature is between the extremes of heating and cooling and CO2 has nothing to do with it.

    6. Without sunlight energy, earth in space would freeze into a ball of ice, and life would die. Without CO2, all life would die. The two things absolutely necessary for life, sunlight and CO2, Bill Gates wants to stop. If Gates succeeded in blocking sunlight with his hair brained high altitude atmospheric spraying project he could actually wipe humans off the planet.

    7. Earth is currently in an ice age epoch, that can last for many millions of years, maybe tens of millions of years or more. The ice age cycle, 100,000 years of glaciation with 10-20,000 years of interglacial is a well known cycle unaffected by CO2 levels. Thus all this hoopla about CO2 warming and creating a hot house earth is just 100% false. Palm trees are never going to grow in Minneapolis in our lifetimes.

    8. In the last glaciation, CO2 got so low plants died. Only about 12,000 years ago were CO2 levels, at 240ppm, could man farm. When the industrial revolution started, CO2 was barely higher, at 280 ppm, and since then CO2 going to 415 ppm has doubled crop yields. The low CO2 of the late Pleistocene is a leading suspect in megafauna die offs.

    9. Glaciations start with high CO2 levels and end with low CO2 levels, as proven by ice core data, thus the basic claim of CO2 controlling temp is false. Since CO2 does not even effect temperature, all of Al Gore and other alarmist claims will fail 100% of time. At Davos, Gore claimed the oceans would boil, and he made that statement when is was -20F at Davos last week. Long before the ocean would boil, all the snow at Davos would be a thing of the past.

    • Yukon,
      The fundamental argument against the “climate change” dogma lies in the fact that NONE of their computer model’s predictions have come true. NONE!!!
      Who would have thought that the most powerful and dynamic engine in the Solar system, the Sun, more powerful than the rest of the system combined, which we are astronomically parked right next to, would be the driving force of our climate?
      It’s a lie, and a lie told to tyrannize the planet. Now stated as “fact” in any discussion, despite the “fact” it doesn’t exist. I doubt we could substantially alter the climate if we tried.
      There is a reason we have advanced so far and so fast over the last 10k years. Better weather, as in warmer. Warmer is better.

    • @ Yukon Jack,
      Perhaps you can corroborate,
      I’ve read that, at some time in the past, Earth’s atmosphere was as much as ~30% O2, meaning there was much more lush plant life to produce O2 from CO2, and that => fossil evidence <= for this includes much larger insects (e.g., 30" dragonflies) than are possible with current ~19% O2. Reason being that insects have very crude circulatory systems, compared to "higher" forms of life, such as reptiles and mammals.

      We *do* know there are large coal deposits as far north as Canada, and if these are remnants of tropical vegetation, the Earth was necessarily much warmer at the time these forests existed.

      We *do* know that the Permian basin in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, was once, in the Permian era, at the bottom of a vast inland sea. Want proof? Take the tram to Sandia Peak, east of Albuquerque, and have a look at the rocks at the summit, which is ~10,500 ft elevation.

      The Sandias are a block faulted mountain range, the western face of which exposes large expanses of pink granite. Yet, at the summit you will find limestone, a sedimentary rock, full of fossils of extinct marine animals.

      My parents were born and raised in Rockland County, NY, which evidently gets its name from the large numbers of rocks strewn around, remnants of a glacier which once covered this area. An acquaintance from Nebraska told me similar evidence of prior glaciation exists in Nebraska, which is farther south than the coal fields of British Columbia and Wyoming.

      All of the above took place without any humans.

      "The time has come,' the Walrus said,
      To talk of many things:
      Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —
      Of cabbages — and kings —
      And why the sea is boiling hot —
      And whether pigs have wings.' "
      – Lewis Carroll

      Winged pigs? Evidently not.
      But there are such things as pig launchers.
      Maybe time to build a few more of them. 🙂

  8. MacArthur warned us. You don’t fight a “limited war.” Every war the government goon squads have waged since the practical develpment of nuclear fission has been a disaster because the military has pulled punches. Don’t nuke North Korea. Don’t nuke Vietnam. Don’t nuke Cambodia. Don’t nuke Afganistan (Yes I’m aware the country’s leadership didn’t do anything, but if you’re blaming them for aid and comfort to the enemy of the “magnitude” of Bin Laden then why not nuke a few outposts just to show ’em). There’s no evidence to support the MAD principle, just a buch of thought experiments that justify fighting with both hands tied.

    The limited war concept got ingrained into all levels of government. Don’t fight with all you have, just keep it genteel. Don’t fight drug abuse with effective treatment and frontier justice, just make it a little harder for dealers to do business.

    Don’t actually fight poverty, just create a dependent class and a big bureaucracy.

    And don’t use nuclear power to generate electricity. Better to restrict and eliminate electric power in order to geld the United States’ productivity engine. Replace it with ineffective “green solutions” that introduce random fluctuations in supply, turning energy markets into a slot machine. Except this slot machine is rigged to only pay out when Gore is playing.

    If we were to go all-in to stop climate change, we’d be building 10 new nuclear plants a year. Moab UT would be overrun with uranium miners again. Spent fuel recycling would be the rule, not sticking it on a parking lot until someone with some balls tells Nevada to piss off. Hell, 90% of the land mass of NV is federal land, why should anyone in DC care what Steve Wynn wants? And why the hell is the Department Of Energy the legal owner of all spent nuclear fuel in the US? That’s a valuable resource!

    • Your ridiculous “nuke ’em all” rabidity strikes me as something someone who has been around here as long as you would eschew. There’s an old libertarian chestnut per Randolph Bourne from over 100 years ago that applies across the board to each and every situation you mention. War is the health of the State.

      • Ya, these bits are hardly libertarian:

        “fight drug abuse”
        “make it a little harder for dealers to do business”
        “fight poverty”

        How about a good dose of, ‘Economic Common Sense’

        “… Here DiLorenzo discusses the division of labor, specialization, the free market, Adam Smith’s invisible hand, competition, entrepreneurship, profits and losses, consumers, private property, the price system, the nature of exchange, and economic freedom. He contrasts the virtues of the free market with the folly of government intervention.”…


    • Hi RK.

      Seriously, I’m not quite certain how to address the howling madness of using nukes. Especially given that others have them as well. You do realize what happens in a general exchange between the Empire and Russia? In all of those instances you mentioned, the Empire had no reason what so ever to be involved.

    • To Funk, Helot and BJ: My tounge in cheek point was that if war is the health of the state, the fact that the US is so bad at it should speak volumes. The statists love wars and they still f*** up horribly. So assuming there actually is anything to worry about WRT carbon dioxide, anything proposed by the state will fail due to the lack of cojones in the government leaders.

      The title of Eric’s post is “Extraordinary Claims.” Every time our government fights a war on something becuase of their extraordinary claims it seems like we just get more of the same, only amped up and highly concentrated. So eventually every country will on net increase carbon dioxide output, just like Germany.

      • To the State, the point is to war not to win. It’s not incompetence, it’s bad faith. So, yeah, expect some never ending cock up about “emissions.” On our dime.

  9. The entire “climate change” bullshit is easily disproven by an elementary-school understanding of geology (well, at least what I was taught back in the 1970s).

    I was taught that once the dinosaurs roamed the earth — which was said to have a tropical climate, enabling the cold-blooded reptiles to evolve into the dominant species. Then the climate changed. The climate cooled, and the beasts went extinct — and not because Tyrannosaurus rex was cruising around in an SUV, either.

    Then I was told that, only 15,000 to 20,000 years ago — which is the blink of an eye in geologic time — the northern third of what is now the U.S. was covered in glacial ice.

    Then the climate changed, and — gasp! — the ice melted, giving us the productive agricultural lands of the American Midwest. This turned out to be pretty good for the human species and for other mammals.

    That the climate changes has always been true. That the government has to ban my car to prevent it is absurd nonsense. The idiots who claim to be “scientists” were either wrong back then about the dinosaurs and the Ice Age, or they’re wrong now. Don’t these people read 1970s textbooks? Why is there no scientific debate on radical climate changes in the past, which were clearly NOT caused by driving cars?

    I call bullshit on the people who claim to be “scientists” who tell us the government must ban our cars and make us drive EVs. That’s not science, it’s fucking voodoo.

    • X,
      Indeed, the very notion that a climate that has been forever changing can be stopped from ever changing again by some tyrannical edict is absurd. The truth is, they have no idea which way the climate is changing, warmer or cooler, but nevertheless insist on the former. Because that serves their interests.

    • All of these claims are just flimsy pretexts for controlling the populace. The goal is neo-feudalism. Mark Twain advised never to argue with a fool as onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. Arguing and discussing this nonsense just dignifies the flimsy claims. The best way to respond to anybody parroting this garbage is a dismissive “F_ _k You!!!!”

  10. Standing up to heretics is difficult, you’re basically going against the feelz of 80% of the population. Demanding proof as you say is existentially necessary. No proof will ever be forthcoming. Its OK they say, because on a long enough timeline, one of these days, we will get it right. Our intentions are good and thats what matters.

    So much of the so called dialogue on MSM is simply the blind, led by the blind demanding action. Any action is OK to those who base their world view on feelings. Its the act of acting thats important. Fire or flood is the only thing that fixes it at this point. I feel like I should go ask Mother Nature to get off her ass and ‘Do Something.’

  11. A good flogging by Captain Bligh will help improve the morale.

    A good vaccinating by Big Pharma will help improve you chances of dying by a lot.

    Albert Bourla needs to be flogged by Captain Bligh then keelhauled. After that, Al Gore, keelhaul the clown first, then the flogging. Do it for their own good, their brains are basically gone. Both of them have been brainwashed and stupefied.

    Poor David Crosby was vaccinated. If you don’t understand the vaccines, you have a room temperature IQ, said David.

    “So far, people are fine after the vaccines… I am…” – David Crosby

    Rest in peace, David.

    If I am a one-year old and have the brain power of a two-year old, my IQ is 200. Even a two-year old will be able to see right through the insanity that is going on here.

    Albert Einstein had it right all along, this is insanity repeating itself over and over, again and again.

    Al Gore is all the proof you need.

    • Amen, Drump!

      As the guy who does the Dilbert cartoons recently admitted, the people who avoided the “vaccines” were the ones who made the right decision.

      • Hi Eric

        Scott Adams is a fine cartoonist, but he has glaring blind spots in other areas. I’m hoping the batch he had was not active. If you examine the funding sources, you will find that those behind this Climate Change hoax are also behind the Wokista’s. You may find a book called Population Bombed useful in connecting the dots. Also one called Fossil Future. But I’d not expect any attempt at discussion/debate with the Cultists involved. The Useful Idiots are motivated by emotion and optics. Those behind them know this is entirely a scam, and its just part of their anti human agenda.

        • Hi BJ,

          Yup; I’m hip. I have not read Fossil Future yet but I had read Population Bombed. I agree, conversation is only purposeful when the parties are well-intended and actually interested in the truth. These people are interested in something else.

  12. “Scientists have solid experimental and theoretical evidence to support…the following predictions: In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution…by 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half….”

    • Life Magazine, January 1970

    Ted Danson claimed, in 1989, that if we did nothing to fight global warming, our planet would be uninhabitable in 10 years. Good comedic actor, but he’s as dumb as a goldfish like most Hollyweird types.

    The demonic ruling class and their associated rump swabs/pilot fish have been claiming like Chicken Little that the Earth is coming to an end for decades. Yet unlike the looney religious zealots with their false prophets that gives an exact date for Doomsday, they aren’t pilloried and cast from polite society. They get an endless amount of chances to be wrong, which they always are.

    It’s all about control. They’ll be the medieval lords and we’ll be the serfs, happy to live on the scraps thrown from their tables. To these thoroughly evil people, our existence offends them. They’d like it if there were a LOT less of us.

    It’s past time for us to stand up to these monsters. One item of proof on how demonic they are, they convinced a poor mentally disabled girl Greta to be their spokeswoman. But what Greta doesn’t understand is that when the Ruling Class is through with you, they’ll discard you like a used prophylactic.

    • Reply to dr_mantis_toboggan_md,
      Which is why I favor those actors who do not impose themselves in politics. Anthony Hopkins was once asked about politics, to which he replied, “I’m an actor. Actors don’t know anything about politics.” Which is where all the best actors reside.

  13. ” … Even if C02 were the great danger the asserters assert (and it’s not – in fact, it is essential and more would green the planet) …

    Exactly. Anyone who’s worked with control systems understands immediately that stability is based on “negative feedback,” meaning that a change of state causes an effect that tends to counteract that change. Plant life photosynthesizes, taking CO2 from the atmosphere, plus sunlight, and making more plant matter and throwing off O2 as a byproduct. We animal types do the reverse, taking in oxygen, plus carbon in our food, and making ourselves, energy, and throwing off CO2 as a byproduct. So we and the plants are a cooperative system, made stable by negative feedback. More CO2 makes more plants, which (directly and indirectly) means more food for animals and less atmospheric CO2. Like a well-designed aircraft, it’ll fly itself. And it damn sure doesn’t require a government to “fly” it, nearly always straight into the ground.

    • James,
      As I have long stated, if there is a CO2 problem, it’s self correcting. If too many people are the cause, we will die back to where we aren’t. We don’t need the assistance of the eugenics club to help. God has the problem in hand.

  14. A snapshot of Giles Coren in April 2022, nine months before his epic rant posted by anonymous1 below:

    “I put a cable out of the window, causing a great security breach, run it across the pavement and put mats over it which the dogs p*** on.” According to Giles, using the mains, it takes 48 hours to fully charge his I-Pace. “It’s insane!”.

    ‘One such [charging] hub has just opened near Giles run by MFG and he recently gave it a go.

    “Three of them had people charging and the fourth had a man in a petrol Subaru asleep,” he explained. “I tapped on the window and said ‘are you charging your car?’ and he replied ‘no, I’m getting some kip, f*** off’… I left uncharged.”

    ‘Giles suggested the charging networks needed a “one size fits all” approach, saying it’s not fun pulling up to chargers and having to go through the motions of “how do I do this, can I do this, have I got the right thing [app or card].”


    The final paragraph covers what I hate most — having to parse through lawyers’ fine print, detailing how they are going to gouge you with a monthly membership fee, demand you clutter up your phone with a spyware app, fail to reveal all the nuisance fees, etc.

    Who needs this crap? It degrades the quality of life. With my ICEeeeee, I’m alright Jack.

  15. Since I’m a software engineer and overstating the obvious is a primary skill of the trade, I decided to do some math regarding Father Gore’s “600,000 Hiroshimas every day” claim.

    Apparently, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a 15kt yield. That was nothing less than nightmare horrific in effect, but I digress. Six hundred thousand of those would 9,000mt.

    A single 100mt bomb — as I understand it — would vaporize and flatten most (if not all) of the New York metropolitan area. Or Los Angeles or DC… take your pick of uber-dense commie rat holes.

    So, 90 of such devices is his claim. Every day. While I’m no rocket surgeon or brain scientist, I’m fairly confident to say that one day of that, never mind one week, one month or one year, would be calamitous beyond comprehension.

    I guess Father Gore is trying to tell “the big lie”. Maybe bucking for a promotion? From where I’m sitting, they’re basically saying that the entire planet is being murdered every week or so… at most. In a year’s time, we’ve all been vaporized at least a dozen times.

    Maybe nuclear war is survivable after all then, huh? 🤣

    • XM it is a false equivalency. Textbook example actually. Yes if you took all the heat that is said to be “trapped” by greenhouse gas ejected into the atmosphere worldwide and concentrated it into a “gadget” the size of a softball, it would behave much like a Hiroshima detonation. Needless to say, the Earth’s atmosphere’s volume is much larger than the uranium core of the Little Boy bomb. Assuming one could truly measure heat trapped by human-released greenhouse gas on a global scale, in the whole column of the atmosphere.

      And besides, without all that heat trapping gas we’d all freeze to death in a matter of days.

      One has nothing in common with the other. Hell, the “energy” stored in uranium isn’t chemical reactive heat, it’s nuclear strong force. Which is why it is impossible to actually release that much greenhouse gas to trap that much energy to begin with.

      F*** this idiot.

  16. RE: embedded Fox News video

    It’s amazing that it takes a comedian, Jimmy Failla, to display common sense about climate change and how it’s a big money scam. This explains Al Gore’s claims of “boiling oceans” and “rain bombs.”

    Plus, Jimmy’s line about a “heavy petting zoo” was hilarious!

  17. Giles Coren:
    Why I’ve pulled the plug on my electric car
    As I watch my family strike out on foot across the fields into driving rain and gathering darkness, my wife holding each child’s hand, our new year plans in ruins, while I do what I can to make our dead car safe before abandoning it a mile short of home, full of luggage on a country lane, it occurs to me not for the first time that if we are going to save the planet we will have to find another way. Because electric cars are not the answer.
    Yes, it’s the Jaguar again. My doomed bloody £65,000 iPace that has done nothing but fail at everything it was supposed to do for more than two years now, completely dead this time, its lifeless corpse blocking the single-track road.
    I can’t even roll it to a safer spot because it can’t be put in neutral. For when an electric car dies, it dies hard. And then lies there as big and grey and not-going-anywhere as the poacher-slain bull elephant I once saw rotting by a roadside in northern Kenya. Just a bit less smelly.
    Not that this is unusual. Since I bought my eco dream car in late 2020, in a deluded Thunbergian frenzy, it has spent more time off the road than on it, beached at the dealership for months at a time on account of innumerable electrical calamities, while I galumph around in the big diesel “courtesy cars” they send me under the terms of the warranty.
    But this time I don’t want one. And I don’t want my own car back either. I have asked the guys who sold it to me to sell it again, as soon as it is fixed, to the first mug who walks into the shop. Because I am going back to petrol while there is still time.
    And if the government really does ban new wet fuel cars after 2030, then we will eventually have to go back to horses. Because the electric vehicle industry is no readier to get a family home from Cornwall at Christmas time (as I was trying to do) than it is to fly us all to Jupiter. The cars are useless, the infrastructure is not there and you’re honestly better off walking. Even on the really long journeys. In fact, especially on the long journeys. The short ones they can just about manage. It’s no wonder Tesla shares are down 71 per cent. It’s all a huge fraud. And, for me, it’s over.
    Yet the new owner of my “preloved” premium electric vehicle, fired with a messianic desire to make a better world for his children, will not know this. He will be delighted with his purchase and overjoyed to find there are still six months of warranty left, little suspecting that once that has expired — and with it the free repairs and replacement cars for those long spells off road — he will be functionally carless.
    He will be over the moon to learn that it has “a range of up to 292 miles”. No need to tell him what that really means is “220 miles”. Why electric carmakers are allowed to tell these lies is a mystery to me. As it soon will be to him.
    Although for the first few days he won’t worry especially. He’ll think he can just nip into a fuel station and charge it up again. Ho ho ho. No need to tell him that two out of three roadside chargers in this country are broken or busy at any one time. Or that the built-in “find my nearest charge point” function doesn’t work, has never worked, and isn’t meant to work.
    Or that apps like Zap-Map don’t work either because the chargers they send you to are always either busy or broken or require a membership card you don’t have or an app you can’t download because there’s no 5G here, in the middle of nowhere, where you will now probably die.
    Or that the Society of Motor Manufacturers said this week that only 23 new chargers are being installed nationwide each day, of the 100 per day that were promised (as a proud early adopter, I told myself that charging would become easier as the network grew, but it hasn’t grown, while the number of e-drivers has tripled, so it’s actually harder now than it was two years ago).
    There are, of course, plus sides to electric ownership. Such as the camaraderie when we encounter each other, tired and weeping at yet another service station with only two chargers, one of which still has the “this fault has been reported” sign on it from when you were here last August, and the other is of the measly 3kWh variety, which means you will have to spend the night in a Travelodge while your stupid drum lazily inhales enough juice to get home.
    Together, in the benighted charging zone, we leccy drivers laugh about what fools we are and drool over the diesel hatchbacks nonchalantly filling up across the way (“imagine getting to a fuel station and knowing for sure you will be able to refuel!”) and talk in the hour-long queue at Exeter services about the petrol car we will buy as soon as we get home.
    We filled up there last week on the way back from Cornwall, adding two hours to our four-hour journey, by which time Esther wasn’t speaking to me. She’s been telling me to get rid of the iPace since it ruined last summer’s holidays in both Wales and Devon (“If you won’t let us fly any more, at least buy a car that can get us to the places we’re still allowed to go!”).
    But I kept begging her to give me one last chance, as if I’d refused to give up a mistress, rather than a dull family car. Until this time, a couple of miles from home, when a message flashed up on the dash: “Assisted braking not available — proceed with caution.” Then: “Steering control unavailable.”
    And then, as I inched off the dual carriageway at our turnoff, begging it to make the last mile, children weeping at the scary noises coming from both car and father: “Gearbox fault detected.” CLUNK. WHIRRR. CRACK.
    And dead. Nothing. Poached elephant. I called Jaguar Assist (there is a button in the roof that does it directly — most useful feature on the car) who told me they could have a mechanic there in four hours (who would laugh and say, “Can’t help you, pal. You’ve got a software issue there. I’m just a car mechanic. And this isn’t a car, it’s a laptop on wheels.”)
    So Esther and the kids headed for home across the sleety wastes, a vision of post-apocalyptic misery like something out of Cormac McCarthy, while I saw out 2022 waiting for a tow-truck. Again.
    But don’t let that put you off. I see in the paper that electric car sales are at record levels and production is struggling to keep up with demand. So why not buy mine? It’s clean as a whistle and boasts super-low mileage. After all, it’s hardly been driven . . .

      • haha RK! My brother and I rebuilt MG’s back in the day, and we called their Lucas electrics “The Prince of Darkness” I doubt we came up with the phrase though.

        • @ ChrisIN
          LMAO. 🙂
          My first auto was a 1960 MGA 1600 Mk I.
          AKA “Mostly Garaged,” it did an excellent job of keeping its owner broke, which evidently was the design intent.
          >Lucas electrics
          Rumour has it they used very little electricity. 🙂

          Jaguar “reliability” plus Lucas electrics?
          What *could* go wrong? LOL

    • That is excellent A1. I didn’t know that a dead EV has no neutral and can’t be moved or pushed (easily of course). Is this true for all EV’s?
      And if this story is true, you can see the writer was most likely a true believe as he kept trying to give it another chance.
      So I think timing is on our side with the EV push. There will be lots of very dissatisfied owners in the next few years, way before the few states mandates start having teeth.

  18. ‘The EV being the vehicular equivalent of the Medieval hairshirt in that it is a punishment. You self-flagellate by …’ — eric

    … whipping yourself with the heavy charging cord. Or for full atonement, sticking your fingers in the energized socket while confessing your heterodoxy.

    Now EeeeePA administrator Michael Regan has hinted, in an Operation Mockingbird bulletin carried by the New York Slimes, that the agency is:

    “consider[ing] whether it could impose more stringent emissions goals than initially conceived. That would move the power and transportation sectors of the economy even faster away from fossil fuels.”

    That is, more and prompter punishment for us undeserving, environment-fouling wretches. Suspecting that its illegitimate tenure in office is growing short, the “Biden” usurper regime wants to push its anti-carbon regulatory jihad to the severest extreme it can before sentient, sensible adults once again take the wheel.

    Just for laughs, reread the Federalist Papers, and try to reconcile their airy [and probably insincere] assurances of a benign new US fedgov with the Woke madness that sore besets us today. Hamilton, Jay and Madison come across today like the Three Stooges.

    • Jim,
      “consider[ing] whether it could impose more stringent emissions goals than initially conceived. That would move the power and transportation sectors of the economy even faster away from fossil fuels.” Into no power and transportation at all?

    • Well, conversely, the harder and faster they push it, the sooner it all blows up in our faces.

      Who isn’t tired of arguing sanity against insanity? The crazy people can’t be woken up and somebody left them in charge with no way to remove them.

      So, get on with it, blow up it. Then the fucken idiots can be held to account. If not actually at least there will remain no further doubt in the minds of sane people.

      • XM,
        Hungry people will be their undoing. No revolution was ever started by fat people. A motive for the Psychopaths In Charge to keep us fat? Hungry people, on the other hand………………..

        • WEF people burned alive in some poor country like Ceylon? When the masses are hungry/cold enough, I suppose anything is possible.

        • That’s right, John. There will be no revolution with as long as people are fat and have easy access to our vices. Notice how people can now satisfy almost any desire, no matter how depraved? They have created something for everyone to keep us occupied like little babbling babies playing with our rattlers in our playpens. Now, you either join in with your own distractions, or go mad living in the reality of the open air prisons we find ourselves in.

          Like I always say, this is still better than nothing….maybe.


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