Scanned by Your Car

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First there were fobs. Now there are fingerprints – and face scans.

This is how you can unlock – and start – the 2023 Genesis GV60, which I recently reviewed (see here for that). It is the first but – probably – not the last. It is a technology that is likely to spread, if not enough people refuse to buy into it.

Fobs replaced metal keys that you inserted into a lock (door/ignition) to unlock/start the car. This was sold as a convenience. The same marketing is being used to . . . market fingerprint/facial-scanning”technology.”

But for whose convenience?

It will certainly be convenient for whomever wants to keep track of you and control you – especially when you’re not driving. The use of biometric identifiers is a key component of what is styled in China a social credit system in which the government-corporate octopus determines everyone’s “creditworthiness” – and uses technology to keep track of and control everyone.

The biometric identifiers – fingerprints, your facial features, etc. – are the chips that were embedded in you at conception. No need to  add one under the skin, after the fact. They are unique to you and once the mechanisms are in place to scan them at every point of interaction as a condition of that interaction, there is precious little interacting – or even acting, at all – that you’ll be able to do without them knowing and without their permission.

Combine this with centrally controlled digital money and they will have the kind of control over you that you have over your dog or cat, without the benevolence of that relationship.

Want to buy a can of soda from a vending machine? It will be very . . . convenient. Just approach the machine and – rather than feed it a dollar – let it scan your face. Or place your finger on the pad. Let the machine – let the government-corporate octopus – recognize you. Let it evaluate your creditworthiness to be allowed to buy a soda. If you have enough of this new kind pf credit, you will be allowed to buy a soda. The purchase will be approved and your digital account debited.

Want to go for a drive?

Before you’re allowed to do that, you must allow yourself to be scanned. Then the octopus will decide whether to approve. Think about how very convenient this will be when the next “pandemic” is declared. Or the first “climate emergency.” The latter is already being more-than-hinted-at by some of the very same characters who very much relished “locking down” the “non-essential” population over “COVID,” a sickness that we were told would kill us all that mostly killed people who were about to die – from old age and chronic sickness.

Never mind that. The excuse isn’t the point.

What matters is the enforcement.

Last time, the octopus relied upon the fact that most people had to go to work – and needed to shop. Most people not having more than a few days’ worth of food in the ‘fridge. This gave the octopus the power of economic enforcement. You will wear a “mask” – else you won’t have a job. Or something to eat in the ‘fridge. Then came the jab, which millions were de facto forced to submit to, for those same reasons.

And yet, all-too-many escaped this net because it had too many holes in it. Anyone who wanted to go for a drive could. All they had to do was do it. Their car wasn’t going to prevent them from doing so, at any rate.

Now it can.

It could prevent you from even sitting behind the wheel, if the octopus didn’t want to allow that. The octopus could – and will – lock you out. Italics to emphasize the individuality. A key – even if it is a fob – isn’t necessarily tied to you. Your face – and fingerprints – are. When, in this dystopian (but already here) future you approach your car and let it scan you, the octopus will know it. Most new cars are already connected to the octopus. They receive what are innocuously styled “updates” over the air – and whether you asked for them or not.

Think of them as remote-controlled cars and you will begin to get the not-so-innocuous idea.

Electric cars like the GV60 are also centrally controlled in that they are tethered to the centrally controlled power network, which the octopus could (and will) turn off at its whim. “Smart” meters – and homes – will make this easier to do. And fingerprint/face-scanning will make it much easier to do  . . . to specific individuals, who have displeased the octopus.

And there will be nothing you can do about it – once you’ve accepted it.

Well, other than endeavor to please the octopus by doing what it expects of you – even to the extent of thinking as it expects you to. You may, perhaps, be able to preserve the sanctity of your thoughts, for awhile. Provided you keep them to yourself.

But – give the octopus time.

It will eventually figure out a way to scan those, too.

. . .

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  1. Liberty,
    Your friend is a Sheep. I’m sorry for your loss.
    Cut your losses and move on, unless he has something you want or need.
    We’re not going to be able to save everyone, unfortunately, as the Swirling Diarrhea Tornado, AKA, the US FEDGOV, is engulfing our population.

  2. Oh FFS! Just got another on 2 minutes ago with an aftermarket “you cant shut me up” touchscreen, because it has a backup camera, apparently. This one will turn off, except when you go into reverse, it cuts back on to use the camera, and the non-stop radio as well. And yes, both vehicles, Mazda 5 and Honda Element belong to females, go figure. My last ex was the same, always had to have someone running their mouth on a radio, for background noise, but also intentionally ignoring it. Why, FFS would I want an addition distraction to intentionally ignore, is it self-imposed “stone-wall” training for use when being instructed on other things they “don’t want to hear”???

  3. Inspected a 2015 Mazda 3 Yesterday, not a terrible car, under 100K mileage. The irritating issue was the G.D. radio. Twanginging away with the local C&W garbage while I’m trying to turn the crap off and listen to the car. There was the erect touch-screen pad & 4 other radio controls all over the place, but no effing OFF button. Mute was the best I could find but what an irritating & distracting piece of garbage that spoiled what would otherwise have been a half-decent car. The “multimedia touchscreen had about 3 dozen modes and all for “info-tainment” having no use purposes whatsoever. Fortunately the HVAC had it’s own push-button control panel elsewhere. Had this been my own car, there would have been an extra hole in the dash in about 10 minutes!

    • Sad to hear. Having driven Miatas for twenty years, and enjoying the hell out of driving them, I never turned the radio on while doing so. I was having plenty of fun already, and didn’t want the distraction.

  4. The octopus is a good way to put it, considering how we are tracked by government agencies and that info is shared with other agencies. Plus the 3 letter guys purchase data from businesses about our habits and purchases.

    I’m not sure all this control will be in place before an event like another currency emerges as the reserve. A lot of the world will be overjoyed at the chance to turn away from the USA and our meddling. We will have a lot of other issues to deal with at that point.

    • Dan,
      It is called the Panopticon, the concept being to allow all prisoners of an institution to be observed by a single security guard, without the inmates knowing whether they are being watched. But, the Electric Eye, like Sauron, is all-seeing…

      And those 3-letter guys??? LOL…

      They don’t have to buy anything to spy on you, it’s built into all the contracts that companies that do business in the USA have to allow US FEDGOV to surveil, evaluate, and intrude on their businesses, as FEDGOV sees fit to do, whenever and however.

      But all those companies will never bother to mention that to you…

      But SKYNET is coming, like it or not, so just get ready for it…

  5. The rush to network everything also led to a rush to centralize, because Moore’s Law didn’t move fast enough for the Web2.0 silicon rush bubble. Google had no interest in loading software to your personal computer. Once it left their servers it wasn’t under their control. So your personal computer became their terminal 2.0. Instead of a green text interface you got RGB and graphics, but still just a terminal. Network hardware companies flourished as the buildout and reliability (now necessary due to the distance between users and their data) improved.

    Web2.0 was considered a win-win. Users got free stuff, companies got a way to sell ads. Experts like Nickolas Negroponte (brother of John, former Deputy Secretary of State and spooky guy) wrote of “Being Digital” at all the fashionable cocktail parties. It was all so easy – just roll out new code every few weeks and watch the money come in. Everything was groovy.

    Meanwhile all the hardware guys were struggling. Without a processor load there wasn’t much call for new computers every year. Apple figured it out first and started building smartphones, and Google followed by buying Android OS, giving them the ultimate terminal 2.0. It’s interesting that graphics cards now have more an impact on perceived computer performance than the actual CPU, RAM or storage. This has everything to do with the client-server model.

    All these gee-whiz features should be just natural evolution. But because of the legacy of Web2.0 they’re an intrusion into your personal space. If software still ran locally there’d be no need for privacy legislation or other regulation. But that’s hard, so we get the shortcut along with a healthy dose of law enforcement intrusion. Maybe someday someone will sue under the First, Fourth and Fifth Ammendments, but no one with enough cash or time seems motivated. And maybe people will figure out that the Web2.0 experience didn’t turn out so good after all.

  6. March of 2020 the massive “covid” scam began. Many (most) were fooled and got into line: “15 days to flatten the curve. Let’s put on our masks. You’re doing this for everybody else, not just you. Our essential workers are heroes.” I pushed back everywhere and always. I was berated by the believers, but I went on despite (or perhaps because of) that. In the process, I opened some eyes. A good friend of mine (who wore a mask alone outside) finally came around by August of 2020 and he confessed to me that he was misled. He finally started to call BS on it and began to evangelize to others.

    I thought wow, my efforts are having an impact. 6 months or so later, he calls me and tells me he’s very sick and has been for weeks. He says it’s “covid.” He’s “tested positive.” I dig deeper and find out he had gotten the J&J clot shot 2 weeks earlier. He was, of course, poisoned and was feeling the effects of it. I asked him why he would submit to the clot shot after he had been evangelizing about the non-pandemic. He said his doctor recommended it. Oy vey!

    Within a month he got better and told me that the clot shot really fucked up his system and was very angry about it. He was having heart problems and had to have some surgical procedure through one of his arteries into his heart. I tried to get him to get a backbone again about resisting the propaganda. He once again found some strength and started recognizing that the the government is totally out of control and that there’s non-stop propaganda around him. He vowed to resist every step of the way. I felt like now I was finally able to open his eyes forever.

    Early 2022 he starts giving me the Russia bad Ukraine good shit. Tells me Zelensky is one courageous bad ass. I try to open his eyes, telling him he’s succumbing to the propaganda again. I try to explain the military industrial complex and the 2014 coup orchestrated by the US. He’s incredulous. As the war grinds on, he grows weary of it and he tells me the whole Ukraine thing is a BS manufactured war. Surely since he’s been duped so many times he now finally gets it, right?

    I bump into him at a coffee place last week. As I’m paying for my coffee with cash he looks at me and says: “Why are you using cash? It’s fucking 2023 you know.” He then pulls out his iphone, scans his face to unlock it, then scans his phone with the little reader on the counter. He says: “Bruh, I have my credit card connected to my favorite apps and it’s sooooo convenient. Cash sucks.”

    Oy vey!

    • Hi Mister Liberty,
      Your friend is probably too far gone with the propaganda, but you might point out that during this (and prior) “debt ceiling” clownshow the military industrial complex is always sacrosanct; never gets cut and in fact even gets an increase. Gotta keep those CEO’s able to buy the latest and greatest private jets while us peons get to walk or take the bus.

      • And that in spite of the fact that the US defense budget is already more than twice that of China and Russia combined, and still can’t deal with a wayward weather balloon, or produce a working hypersonic weapon, which both China and Russia already have in service. I’m thinking very little of that budget goes to defense, but to lining pockets and filling off shore accounts, of both parties.

      • Hi Dan,

        We were talking about this the other day. Human beings seem to fall into one of three general categories of personality/temperament. Some are wolves. They are the sociopath-psychopath types who constitute the dangerous minority who cause most of the problems that beset us. Then there are the sheep – who aren’t necessarily dumb in the low IQ sense; indeed, many of them are very “book smart” people. But they are stupidly trusting in that they do not understand the nature of wolves. They also have an instinctive, emotional need to belong. To be in good standing with a group.

        Then there are the sheepdogs – who understand the wolves and do not take advantage of the sheep. They also re indifferent to the approbation of the group. They stand apart, do their own thing. They are, nonetheless, the only defense against the wolves.

        We need more of them.

    • Liberty,
      Your friend is a Sheep. I’m sorry for your loss.
      Cut your losses and move on, unless he has something you want or need.
      We’re not going to be able to save everyone, unfortunately, as the Swirling Diarrhea Tornado, AKA, the US FEDGOV, is engulfing our population.

  7. Every time I look at a child/baby I think of the hellish world we are leaving them. The elected nutcases aren’t hiding it and most Americans are begging for more. God help the little ones. They are the ones that suffer…
    Take the tranny/Target thing. Only 15% are boycotting. That means 85% don’t care. It’s depressing to even think about it.

    • ‘Take the tranny/Target thing. Only 15% are boycotting.’ — ken

      Only a minority of people are ever activists. But activists take a toll at the margin. Target’s stock has been halved in price since summer 2021, including an ugly slide this month coinciding with its depraved Tranny Togs for Tots campaign. Chart:

      A sinking stock price destroys the value of Target managers’ stock options. Suck it up, feckers.

      • Jim – I have come to the conclusion that stock price no longer matters to the CEO’s or the boards of directors. They are getting piles of cash from somewhere, so it doesn’t matter to any of them. Maybe it is the 0 interest off the book loans. It may be a payout for their house. Maybe somebody is making a bunker to protect them. Who knows. The people that suffer from all of this? Stockholders. People who have IRA’s 401ks and brokerage accounts. That’s about it. We live in a land of uniparty and corporate priviledge morphing into tyranny. No one cares.

  8. I remember where this goes:
    Revelation 13:
    16- And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads [Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:16] 17 And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.

    That said, my sister has a new Corolla. Decent driving car (Toyota has done a good job hiding the CVT), but the binnacle display goes red when you exceed the speed limit and I couldn’t get it started after my sister unlocked it with the app on her phone. She and my wife and kids pull away in our non-connected SUV and it suddenly works again.

    I hate EVs, but I wouldn’t buy most modern cars sold today. Too much gimcrackery.

  9. Is it just me, or does the music in that Genesis video for its facial recognition and fingerprint scanner device sound creepy, almost like the music accompanying the videos from the World Economic Forum advocating their sinister plans? And what the heck is a smart key?

  10. Oh gag me. That video instruction for the face connect reminds me if an snl skit I watched about an easy weeknight One-Pot, six-pan, ten-wok 25 baking sheet dinner.
    I want no part of facial rec, lane keep assist, accelerator limit, brake assist etc etc etc. i have no freaking desire to spend two obnoxious hours programming my freaking car! I do not use facial rec on my phone so why would I want it on my car. Sorry for the rant.

    • Hi RS,

      Nothing to be sorry about. I agree with you on every point. I drove my old truck today – and what a pleasant experience. It does not hector or try to parent me. It doesn’t even have a seatbelt buzzer – just a light easily ignored. The steering wheel doesn’t vibrate or jerk in my hand. BRAKE! does not flash on my instrument panel – because it is not a touchscreen.

      Remember: The only ship that survived the Cylon attack was the Galactica – which was old and analog and not “connected.”

      • That reboot of Battlestar Galactica was brilliant and entertaining. Another scifi/reality event comes to mind; do think the Biden thing bears some similarity to Emperor Palpatine in “Revenge of the Sith”? The red background “speech” In Philadelphia kind of reminds me of the Emperor’s speech announcing the end of the Republic and the start of the “First American Empire”. For a safe & secure society of course!

      • Eric, my favorite episode. And it was a long time ago, but something hit me when the young Lt said to Adama “but we can connect all the ships together to fight the Cylons”. Adama said absolutely not. The kid did it anyway and of course the Cylons hacked the main-frame and took out all the ships guns. Don’t know why it hit home with me so long ago, 20yrs?
        To this day, we don’t have a ‘server’ for my company, with lots of pressure to do so from all. Each of our employees is their own island.
        I fight it all the time, “but you have to have a server to do X, it will be so efficient, etc…” No……………..

      • The last season of “Picard” “borrowed” that plot point from “Galactica”.

        The producers went one better, however, and added a “Red Barchetta”.

        Of course, the irony of “Picard” right now is that watching requires a connection to the hive mind.

        • Didn’t like the character Pickard in ST Next, and after watching the first episode of Pickard free, It became obvious why. An arrogant, condescending snob, who is the hero of nearly every show. He always has that “I smell excrement” look on his face. I don’t think he’s acting at all. That’s who Patrick Stewart is. I can barely watch an old ST Next show now, and rarely do. Even though I own the first 4 seasons.

          • I agree, John!

            And I am a yuge Star Trek fan. I watched The Next Generation in spite of Picard (and Stewart) because of Data and Worf. Brent Spiner – who plays Data – is an outstanding actor (those who don’t know him should watch the episodes in which he plays his own evil twin, Lor). I also liked the way Michael Dorn played Worf. And there were some really good supporting actors as well, notable John DeLancy, who played Q.

            • No doubt the supporting cast were outstanding and obviously contributed mightily the show’s great success. I have a huge list of favorites but two of them stand out. Obviously John de Lancie was at the top of the list, and for only being in 5 episodes I thought Dwight Schultz as Barclay was superb, especially in the Nth Degree episode. You have to give credit to a lot of the people behind the scenes, especially Rick Berman. These guys were simply superior. It’s too bad they’ll never be another show as good as that one.

              • No doubt. With those extra long legs, she got me looking for unclothed pictures of her, of which there are none that aren’t fake.

            • Michael Dorn is really good in the third season of “Picard”. The reintroduction of the Worf character is a very cool moment which the background music gives away but you don’t care because you *want* to see him charge in at that moment.

              Brent Spiner as Data is good too, and, as the trailer on YouTube gives away, you will see Lore.

              Find a way to watch when it seeing those episodes no longer requires a connection to the hive mind. The first two seasons can be safely skipped.

            • I didn’t care for the next generation at all until sci-fi got much worse. I didn’t have any gripes about the acting, you’re correct there but the writing kept violating sci-fi basics. Now TNG looks good compared to sci-fi these days.

              The movie where they completely redid the history of the star trek universe with the invention of warp drive ruined much of it for me. The invention of warp drive was laid out in a TOS episode and they just ignored it coming up with their stupid new history.

              I think the newest star trek episode I like is the two-part episode from “Enterprise”, “In a Mirror, Darkly”. Where it ties “Mirror Mirror” together with “The Tholian Web” very well.

          • I enjoyed Picard the series, but they really missed a lot of possibly interesting stories despite setting them up earlier. Did not continue my Paramount+ subscription after the trial ended even though I’m a reformed Trekkie.

            • Hi RK,

              The first two seasons were- for me – unwatchable. Season 3 redeemed the series. It reunites most of the original cast and that brought back to life what was good about the old series. I recommend it.

              • Hi Eric,

                As a Star Trek fan myself, I watched a few episodes of the first season of Star Trek: Picard online back in 2020 but didn’t really care for it. I haven’t seen any episodes since, as it’s on a streaming service instead of broadcast television, but my sister told me that the last season or two was really good.

                • the last season has memberberries. That’s all. I don’t watch the ruins of star trek but I do see what doomcock and critical drinker say about it sometimes. I even see the occasional clip. LaForge has restored the Enterprise D and the crew flies it like the Falcon into the Death Star but expect it’s a borg cube. Just terrible. If that’s the highlight… well I’ll continue to pass.

      • The remake of Battlestar Galatica was one of the best scifi series of all time. The robots pursue the organic humans – who created them – with singular intent to wipe every man woman and child off the face of the universe.

        Matrix – same theme. Terminator – same theme. Man’s creation turns on man. Ai experts say Ai will turn on us immediately, fiction is becoming reality. Before we get there, this X-Files episode is a must watch:

        The X-Files Season 11 Episode 7 “Rm9sbG93ZXJz”

  11. ‘Now there are fingerprints – and face scans.’ — eric

    Apple claims that the iPhone’s face ID data is stored on the phone itself, not exported back to Cupertino. Those won’t don’t believe this can enter a 6-digit passcode instead.

    On four-wheeled cell phones, drunk driving detection mandated by Clowngress in 2021 will result in a profusion of sensors to monitor eye movements, facial expressions and physical coordination … with no opt-out on offer.

    After all, this is a decree from our omnipotent rulers.

    2026 is the year that new cars turn into pumpkins, into damaged goods bearing malware. Why would anyone buy a vehicle that can passively decide not to cooperate?

    One buddy of mine has the shakes pretty bad. Would a new car let him drive it? Would a couple of beers steady his gnarly old hands? Easier just to say Hell No, ain’t buyin’ this crap.

    • Hi Jim,

      Yup. And – since I get to test drive new cars each week, I am “hip” to how this stuff actually works. I get hassled by the “drowsy driver” crap all the time and – trust me – I’m as “drowsy” as Hunter Thompson on a speed bender. Yet because my eyes don’t line up exactly with whatever the programming wants, I get the stupid, serial warning. It makes me want to grab a hammer…

      • haha…. i recently drove a subaru, in a stunning part of the country, so I kept looking at all the beauty. And the dam car kept beeping at me. I couldn’t figure it out. My wife and I couldn’t figure out what the beeping was.
        We finally figured it out “Keep your eyes on the road!” warning popped up on the screen. hahahahh.. How about you go f yourself.
        I told this to someone and they said you can turn it off. but i wasn’t about to on someone else’s car (sister in law), but for how long?

    • Apple claims that the iPhone’s face ID data is stored on the phone itself, not exported back to Cupertino.

      Hey Apple, can I see the source code to IOS so that I can verify this? No? Then I’ll stick with my phone running Lineage.

      I Apple’s defense, after seeing IOS on a relative’s phone, I’d be embarrassed to show the source code too.

  12. Yuval Noah Harrari once spoke of implantable scanners in humans such as carbon footprint trackers and the ability to track bodily functions. He probably also likes the idea of his ilk controlling new cars that are able to scan our identity and determine whether we’d be “allowed” to drive, particularly if they implement climate lockdowns or another lockdown for “The next pandemic”. These scanners might be the next thing the Biden regime “mandates” in new vehicles if they haven’t already.

  13. No more Turo rentals of the vehicle without the manufacturer *and* the insurance company being aware of who is driving the car/truck and when.

    Turo is the latest tool in the bag of F&I room tricks. Can’t afford the $1200/month payment? Turo on the weekend so you can still cruise to work in style!

    Also, don’t discount the patent possibilities for the sensors. The backup camera must have run its course by now as well as the various software patents for the “assistance” technologies.

  14. I fail to understand what is so inconvenient about a physical, mechanical key.
    A notion Eric didn’t address, someone else hacking into your vehicle finger print and/or facial recognition, and driving away in your car. Perhaps committing all manner of real crime, which is now blamed on you. Another fly in the ointment of all the central control, CBDC and facial recognition among others, if the Psychopaths In Charge don’t like you but have no dirt on you, they can simply make up dirt and assign it to you.

    • Hi John,

      Nor I – in re the “inconvenience” of a physical key. And whatever the “convenience” of the fob/push button start method, it’s outweighed mightily in my view by the cost.I cannot abide the idea pf paying even $30 for a Chyna knock-off fob so as to avoid having a key that costs $10 to replace – and which will likely never need to be, unless I actually lose it (as opposed to washing it).

      • No doubt, the pitch is that the “new and improved” is MORE convenient. By an infinitesimal degree most likely, but “convenience” appears to be a new religion. As if it’s all that matters, and any degree of increase, no matter how small, is not only desirable, but absolutely necessary. A nutritional requirement.
        Got to get done with what you’re doing so you can get back on your social media, as quickly as possible.

    • Notice that it requires a physical “smart key” to program the facial/fingerprint recognition gimcrackery. Presumably, the physical key will also be required for access by service technicians, unless there is a magic “Big Brother face” which unlocks all cars (and in the Darkness binds them).

      So, you’ve got your “smart key” stored in the top drawer of your desk, right? Now, burglars break in and steal your “smart key.” Game over.

      Burglars actually did steal the spare fob for my 2006 BMW 3 series, some time ago. Cost for a new, reprogrammed fob was ~$1600, IIRC, and it had to be shipped to CA from New Jersey. I liked the car, but they don’t call it Bring More Wallet for nothing.

      Now fast forward to ten years from now, when the bright lights/shiny objects (dealer items only!) start to malfunction, with no replacements available from the manufacturer. Time to junk the car, because the electronic geegaws failed.

      No, thank you.

      • “Scammed by Your Car,” to mangle Eric’s headline.

        Which is no joke anymore, as cars try to sell you shit, like buying a subscription to turn the heated seats back on.


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