Big Mike in 2024?

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There is much speculation about who will be selected resident next year. Will it be what’s left of Joe Biden after 81 years of grifting?

Or will it be Big Mike?

Maybe the Time is Now – as was the campaign slogan of Ronald Reagan all those years ago. But that was a long time ago, when the idea of someone like Big Mike getting anywhere near the White House was about as believable as the idea that millions of Americans would one day wear Face Diapers.

And yet, they did. And so, they might.

Many would . . . “embrace” America’s first lady becoming America’s first man. Or something like that. It would certainly be hard not to “embrace” the idea, as that would be transphobic and (of course) racist.

A two-fer!

Actually, a three-fer in that it would amount to his third term. The man who cannot (legally) run again could run things again. Well, continue running them – this time, more directly. And who would dare challenge him?

Or him?

It’s spectacular. A fitting end punkt to the American story of decline and fall. Of a piece with the enthronement of Heliogabalus, one of Rome’ last emperors and the first to “transition” – which he is said to have done by his own hand.

It is also much more plausible than anything else, given everything else. Behold Admiral Rachel Levine. Behold Sam Brinton.

Why not him, next? If she is in fact he. Who knows? It certainly could be.

Anyway, the way has been paved. Precedent set. It is almost inevitable that Big Mike – or someone like him (or her) will follow.

And what will follow her-him?

If history is any guide – and it is often is – it will be the same thing, in its essentials, that followed on the heels (and skirts) of Heliogabalus. Dissolution usually attended the nihilism, derangement and moral tiredeness that follows in its wake. The American people cannot be roused to their senses, having lost them. Having accepted – many of them – that they must “accept.”

Anything. Everything.

That is not the point. The accepting is. It is what Americans have been taught since they could walk in the government schools they were sent to by parents who also accepted – and never taught anything different.

And so, here we are – almost.

The Great Reveal is probably close at hand.

Get ready to “embrace” what’s coming.

. . .

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    • Hi Michael,

      Even if Michelle isn’t really Big Mike, she is an Obama. And embedding her (or him) as the replacement for the 81-year-old dementia patient currently fronting for the Obamas would only make the latter arrangement official. I dread this almost as much as the possibility of that capped-tooth’d, greasy-haired wanna-be celebrity Newsome becoming the new front for the Obamas.

      • Hi Eric,

        Speaking of Barack Obama, there are stories out there now that he’s calling for people to have a “digital fingerprint” to have access to the internet under guise of “Fighting mis/ disinformation”.

  1. There are exactly zero pics of pregnant Michelle Obama, nursing, inflants, toddlers, of Sasha and Malia. That’s because those Obama children were rented from married couple, and friends of Obamas, Anita Blanchard and Martin Nesbitt:

    Malia and Sasha Obama Were Loaned by Their Real Parents so America Would Accept the Fake First Family

    Look at the pics, Sasha and Malia resemble their real parents not the Obamas.

  2. consider this conspiracy instead:

    at the last minute at the convention Biden’s new VP running mate is: Barack Obama.

    the latter is only prohibited from being elected President again.

    nothing disqualifies him from a VP role.

    and he remains so popular such a move easily throws the election to Biden.

    then Biden resigns a few days after inauguration “for health reasons”

  3. This being a libertarian site, I might alert you all to this:

    “Democrats in New Hampshire have a bone to pick (or perhaps it’s a quill) with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over his plan to speak next week at the Porcupine Freedom Festival, commonly called PorcFest.

    In a letter Friday to Kennedy’s campaign, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley warned that the annual event is organized by the Free State Project, which he called a “libertarian extremist organization.” It’s no place for a prominent Democrat to dignify with a visit, he wrote.”

    read more:

    Note how the statists (both Democrat and Republican) view freedom from state party as an “extremist” movement. The state is a cult, they have no authority, and libertarianism is considered a deadly extremist threat to them and their criminal activities – the government – the most extremist organization every invented.

    The truth is we the people are being held hostage by an extremist big government cult, in which BOTH political parties, Left and Right, are in on real extremism, like the attack on the world trade center on 9-11-2001, which is why no government official will ever out themselves as the real culprits. Not one person involved in 911 to this day has ever been charged with that mega crime.

    And people who want to escape the insanity of criminal government enterprise, to live in peace and prosperity, and not be part of the MIC endless war for profit and geo-dominance are threatened by hippies.

    • I actually went up to NH in July ‘12 to check out buying a house in or around Keene and environs explicitly via the Free State Project. What I learned. Winter lasts 6 months. Keene is a leftist college town. The realtor, who said she spoke for “the people” of Keene, said “everyone” hated the Free State Project and the weirdos and borderline terrorists who participated in it. Housing stock was old (very few garages, essential for winter) and cheap but property taxes were sky high. Lack of sales tax saved me money on booze. I bought a case of Scotch. When I got home to NC, a state trooper road block was set up on the main artery to where I was staying at the time, having recently sold a house and moved in with relatives between deals. Everyone else was let through speedily til they got to me and my pickup with a Ron Paul 2012 bumper sticker. I was asked for my papers, which I provided, and was left to sit, surrounded by flashing state trooper cars, for about 45 minutes, after which my papers were returned and I was told I was free to go without any explanation of anything, even though I asked. Spooky.

      Methinks FSP was a kind of honeypot. I followed Chris Cantwell’s site at the time and he moved up there and look what happened to him. Other characters too. There was a group of libertarians, supposedly, up there big into Bitcoin. Made a ton of money on the run up then got arrested or something. Lotsa weird goings on.

      • One other thing I learned. Important to the overall analysis, too. Over 50% of employment in the counties in and around Keene was gov’t jobs. THAT’s why they hate libertarians there and the deck is immediately stacked against any kind of FSP.

        • Interesting info, Dr. Spidock. I often wondered about the FSP, but the very first thing that stopped me from even considering it was the climate in NH. Much too cold for my blood. Scotch would indeed be a good buy in such a biome.

          Az is a much better location for such an idea, in my opinion.

      • I was living in North Idaho back when the FSP was thinking about that area for its free state project. But as you can guess, a whole lot of interests were alarmed about it – especially the Spokane (CIA) newspaper the conservative Spokesman-Review.

        What I learned was Conservatives love government just as much as the most radical Communist Left.

    • Hi Jack,

      Crazy isn’t it how literally ANY criticism of the Biden regime, proxy war against Russia, the government mafia, etc., is deemed RIGHT WING, ANTI-VAXXER, WHITE SUPREMACIST, PUTIN BOOTLICKER, CONSPIRACY THEORIST, etc. Why, the New York Times even seems to think that accusing RFK Jr of being “Right Wing” will turn people off from supporting his Presidential run, as the constant smears from them and other corporate media outlets of Kennedy being an antivaxxer or conspiracy theorist don’t seem to be working.

      And it looks like corporate media may start smearing another Presidential candidate as being “Right Wing”. His name is Cornel West.

      • Cornel West made some excellent critiques of Obamao when he was in office. Something like “errand boy for Wall St. warmongers.” Still, I don’t harbor any illusions about him or RFK, Jr., either. RFK, Jr. may be some kind of pressure valve to retain Tulsi Gabbard and Jimmy Dore types and the Dems may retreat a bit from the radical cultural and economic collectivism via these characters but, in reality, they are no friends of liberty. Not to be trusted.

        • Hi Funk,

          At this point, I’m not really rah rah rah over a particular Presidential candidate, including Trump, especially when each of them seem to have flaws that I or someone else would find troubling, such as Trump’s continued advocating of the COVID shots or RFK Jr’s past statements on climate change. I don’t even like the idea of Trump v Biden 2.0 next year. That being said, I’m curious about Vivek Ramaswamy and Robert F Kennedy Jr. However, if it comes down to Trump v Biden 2.0 next year, there are people out there who just hate Trump so much that they’ll vote for Biden AGAIN.

          • The United States is rapidly becoming unstable and ungovernable at the Federal level. States have a legal right and duty to secede when the Federal Government goes bonkers like it is now. For Christ sakes, the are poking the bear into a nuclear response.

            The next two years is sure going to be interesting – Trump could be in jail, Biden could be dead, nuclear war is a real possibility.

            IMO you should prep until both hands bleed – and forget about them.

          • Don’t trust any “Viveks” either. At various junctures in my life, with very few exceptions that include one liberty oriented commenter on here whom I respect, I have seen that folks from the subcontinent can be the most vicious lieutenants of the regime, or more broadly, the system. There is something about the Brits and their experiences with these people that has damaged them and which concerns me greatly. The US is following in these footsteps. Sorry to repeat, but, generally, not to be trusted.

          • I think the U.S. is at the point where we will not be able to vote our way out. We are too far gone on too many levels. I do not think it is going to matter who gets elected (or who steals the election) for 2024. Trump is not going to save us any more than RFK Junior will. Nothing will change, because our society is too far gone (rotten to the core). Elections are nothing more than a distraction from the fact that we are traveling head-long (no seat belts) into a brick wall at a 100 miles an hour, and no one sees it, or seems to care. And those that do see it cannot wake the sleepy masses up.

            • We never could vote our way out. We’ve been slaves ever since 1913, with the institution of the Federal Income tax, and the Federal Reserve. We’ve been slip sliding away ever since. Had a reprieve after WWII because the US was the only store still in business. That’s far gone now, and the US, by any sane measure, is bankrupt. The rest of the world is figuring that out now.

      • Biden regime stole the election from Trump. Now Biden has got Trump on many “trumped” up charges – Biden even said last week he wants DJT dead.

        Trump is going to be made an example of, like that monkey on a stick. Over in Asia, when monkeys raid a garden, they kill one and impale it on a stick as a warning to other monkeys. Well, Trump is that monkey who is going to be impaled by the regime as a warning to populists.

        What people never say is that Biden and company can hang for treason, stealing an election is a huge crime punishable by death, thus, with that fear eating away at them, these DemonCRAPS, these criminal excrements straight out of Satan’s ass, like Chuck Schumer and crazy cat lady Pelousi, are going to put the very popular Mr. Trump away – and this was even said directly by that Jewess pig (and Mossad agent) Racheal Madcow this week.

        Good show which talks about all of this:

  4. There are no pregnant pics of Michelle Obama. I dare you to find one.

    There are no pictures of Michelle Obama nursing or holding her two daughters Sasha and Malla.

    If you think Michelle Obama had two daughters, please show us the evidence.

    It is obvious from this lack of evidence that something is seriously wrong with the Obama family.

    The objection “they” would not field a tranny as a first lady is also wrong. Look at who Biden has put on his staff: Dr. Rachel Levine and Sam Brinton:

    This proves “they” have a tranny agenda. Thus it is reasonable to assume that Michelle Obama could be a tranny, and they might want to make this tranny president. The fact that this person Michelle Obama is unqualified for the job is exactly what they want for their candidate, take for example, Joe Biden, a senile old perv unable to make coherent sentences. What they want is a figure that does not question the agenda, who is unable to question it.

    The objection that our government is not involved in massive fakery is also completely wrong. They do false flags on a regular basis, they start wars on bald faced lies. The USA occupies Zionist government has killed millions and millions of innocent people all over the globe based on lies, thus, the objection they would not field a tranny as first lady is also ludicrous.

    It is obvious (unless you are dense like a 2×4 end cut) that the United States Government has been overthrown by a Satanic deep state cult.

    And this week JFK Jr. said he has to be careful what he says or the CIA may assassinate him like his father. Just admitting that means the USA has a severe problem with an intelligence agency – which is rogue – and assassinates sitting politicians – which means the president should send in the Marines – storm Langley and arrest them all and put the bad actors in Gitmo.

    ZH – “During a discussion with Joe Rogan, Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy junior admitted that he is putting his life in danger by speaking out about the assassinations of his uncle and his father, and that he “takes precautions” to ensure the CIA doesn’t kill him.”

    Wiki – “John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. (November 25, 1960 – July 16, 1999), often referred to as John-John or JFK Jr., was an American attorney, journalist, and magazine publisher. He was a son of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and a younger brother of U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy. Three days after his father was assassinated, he rendered a final salute during the funeral procession on his third birthday. ”

    I would like to see JFK Jr. as president and avenge his father’s assassination, by bringing the CIA and Israel to justice.

    What about candidate Trump? Trump pardoned hard core criminal Jews – proving he is controlled asset:

    “The list of some 200 Trump pardons or commutations, most issued as he vacated the White House this week, included at least seven doctors or health care entrepreneurs who ran discredited health care enterprises, from nursing homes to pain clinics. One is a former doctor and California hospital owner embroiled in a massive workers’ compensation kickback scheme that prosecutors alleged prompted more than 14,000 dubious spinal surgeries. Another was in prison after prosecutors accused him of ripping off more than $1 billion from Medicare and Medicaid through nursing homes and other senior care facilities, among the largest frauds in U.S. history.

    Yeah, Trump pardoned Medicare fraud “Philip Esformes, who was convicted last year in what federal prosecutors termed “the largest healthcare fraud scheme ever charged by the Department of Justice.”

    Trump is a POS and so is the fake woman Michael Lavaughn Robinson who played “Bathhouse Barry’s” wife Michelle Obama. Their fake kids just pawns in a huge deception.

    • My wife corrected me, JFK Jr. should be RFK Jr.

      Wiki: “Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. (born January 17, 1954) is an American environmental lawyer, politician, and writer who has promoted anti-vaccine propaganda[2][3][4][5] and health-related conspiracy theories.[5][6][7][8]

      Kennedy is a son of U.S. attorney general and senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of U.S. president John F. Kennedy.”

      The kid who was saluting JFK’s coffin was JFK Jr. who (supposedly) died in a plane crash.

      • Candidate RFK Jr. father was also killed:

        “Robert Francis Kennedy (November 20, 1925 – June 6, 1968), also known by his initials RFK and by the nickname Bobby,[1][2] was an American politician and lawyer. He served as the 64th United States attorney general from January 1961 to September 1964, and as a U.S. senator from New York from January 1965 until his assassination in June 1968, when he was running for the Democratic presidential nomination.”

        No changes to my sentiment, I will believe in Almighty God if he got elected and avenged the deaths of his uncle JFK and father RFK. But it is safe to say, the chances of him being elected is like a snowball’s chance in hell.

  5. Odds are the winner will be another freemason…the political arm of the globalist satanist death cult government….every president except JFK was a freemason…….. don’t vote for anyone connected to the templars, freemasons, vatican or the banksters….

    the globalist cabal……the templars are the military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the swiss banks, they are the banksters….

    The problem is if you move to any other country they are all run by the same globalist satanist death cult cabal….you can’t get away from these demons….

    the slaves have to co operate with each other and eliminate the globalist cabal….the only solution….

  6. Does it really even matter anymore? At this point, this country is both politically and societally done. If they don’t nuke us (as they should) we will just collapse under our own corruption, dysfunction, and immorality.

    • Well, Nunz, I appreciate the positive thinking, but what this means is that I need to get to the gym and do some rows and reverse flyes! I’m feeling outshined here!

  7. How I pine to have a date with Caitlyn Jenner!

    How I would love to have a roll in the hay with Michelle Obama!

    It has gone beyond the pale.

    Didn’t Jim Traficant have information, or claimed so, on the JFK elimination project, the completed mission?

    Beam me up, one more time.

    Oh, here I am
    On the road again
    There I am
    On the stage, yeah
    Here I go
    Playin’ star again
    There I go
    Turn the page

    – Bob Seger, Turn the Page

  8. Well, I never really thought Big Mike might be a guy. But I looked through a bunch of pictures online and in several there is an “Adams Apple”. So it might be true. But why, totally stupid. The scum that are orchestrating this shit show are not stupid enough to pull that kind of a trick. To easy to get called out. The big Mike thing is a con to get the silly and stupid to go along. Another red herring. Hopefully, Richard gets that. The truth is “it does not f@3&ing matter”. So let’s stop talking about it and go on to other things.

    • Indeed, it does not matter. Whomever gets the job, they will be a psychopath, which is just a tad worse than being transgender. Which is precisely why I don’t vote, and put my stamp of approval on the process of putting Psychopaths In Charge.

    • The problem I see is that some conservatives are so anti-government and anti-Democrat that they fall for every conspiracy theory on the internet, from Obama was not a US citizen, to Covid was a planned pandemic intended to reduce the world population.

      The ‘Michelle is a man’ conspiracy theory, based on photoshopped pictures posted online years ago, I now know, is especially stupid, because there is no reason to insult the former first lady’s appearance. It doesn’t even work as a joke.

      You should insult any leftist political statement Michelle makes. I insulted her college thesis on my blog years ago — it was leftist claptrap.

      I spend half my reading time focused on climate science and energy, where I too often read conservatives claiming CO2 does nothing, manmade CO2 emissions accounted for very little of the past 50% increase of CO2, and there is no greenhouse effect. All these beliefs are false, and can be easily proven false.

      When fellow conservatives have such false beliefs, it is difficult for us to be taken seriously on the primary problem of climate change: The data-free, wild guess predictions of climate doom, that have been wrong since 1979.

      • Richard,

        Your assertion that “COVID” wasn’t planned is risible. It requires risible belief in signage and plexiglass shielding just being ready-to-go, for no particular reason and just in time. In random concerted action by governments all over the world. In lockstep/uniform/coordinated propaganda and measures to silence “misinformation.” Just in the nick of time – by sheer coincidence! – to get rid of Orange Man and install the pedophile man.

        People like you attempt to delegitimize legitimate questioning by styling it “conspiracy” theorizing. Which is interesting given that these “conspiracy theories” often prove to be correct.

        You fellate “democracy” – and “government” – which is why conservatives are losers. They do not comprehend the nature of power. They ought to have contempt for those who seek it- and use it. Instead, they are offended when someone insults those who have and wield it. They are political-moral cucks.

        As far as Big Mike: I have already explained why he (or she) deserves the same degree of genuflection as a pile of homeless shit left on the sidewalk. But “conservatives” such as yourself take a different, more slavish view.

        Also: Whether Barry packs fudge (or is packed) is an incidental consideration. The one that matters is he intends to pack us.

        • Covid was the result of an accident in a Whan China lab that was NOT planned and killed many Wuhan people before it spread to other nations. No nation deliberately plans to infect its own people like that.

          Michelle Obama currently has no political power, and is not running for political office. Ridiculous insults of her appearance are rude and very counterproductive, if you want to be taken seriously in the future, assuming she ever does run for political office. That false claims remind me of the old false claims that Barack Obama was not an American citizen, which I suppose you believed too?

          • All I can say is “WOW”, you sure can pick and choose what you believe. Do you believe in “God” or “Satan”.

            • The guy lives in a goldfish bowl. As many like him, do.

              “No nation deliberately plans to infect its own people”

              There are so many examples of this happening.

              It seems certain that there’s no way a person such as Dick will ever come to grips with much of what the conversations here have covered.
              That’s kinda frustrating that reasoned dialogue with facts and evidence and such do not resonate with individuals of that type of similar makeup.

              Nothing new though, right?

              • Amen, Helot –

                It is frustrating. Dick would probably have accepted at face value that he and his wife were being “re-settled” in the East. Could not imagine that the boxcars they were being herded into were taking them for their final ride. Because it is a “conspiracy theory” to suspect the government would ever do such a thing as round people up and send them to their doom.

                I know a woman locally – a nice older lady – with whom I have in the past discussed the TSA. This woman happens to be Jewish and is very sensitive about what was done to Jews in Germany, all those years ago. I try to get her to see that it begins by dehumanizing people, treating them like diseased/dangerous cattle. That TSA habituates people to and normalizes such treatment. That such treatment inevitably gets worse over time until all of a sudden . . . yet she does not see. More, she does not care. She wanted to travel – and so she does.

          • Richard writes:

            ” No nation deliberately plans to infect its own people like that.”

            What an embarrassingly naive statement. Substitute “governing class” for “nation” and see how far it gets you.

            And: Spare me the pretentious, condescending lecture about being “taken seriously.” I’ve done just fine being direct and honest and sans the oleaginous, mewling and pretended moral unction you dispense. Who is Big Mike? Just another of the class that regards us with a degree of contempt you are probably unable to imagine. What has he/she done to deserve the slightest deference/approbation? She/he and those like her/him are millstones around our necks, far worse than an annoying neighbor – the latter lacking any legal power to do us harm.

            Do you also spread rose petals in front of the wheelchair of Kissinger?

            • Do you think it’s possible he’s entirely ignorant of much of history?
              Tuskegee Syphilis Study […] “conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the United States Public Health Service (PHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) […]
              The men were not informed of the nature of the experiment, and more than 100 died as a result. […]
              The men were initially told that the experiment was only going to last six months, but it was extended to 40 years”…


              • Then there’s:
                Operation Sea-Spray,
                and in 1951 fungal spores were dispersed at the Norfolk Naval Supply Center in Virginia.

                Plus, “in the 1950s. Zinc cadmium sulphide was dispersed by plane and sprayed over a number of cities, including St Louis in Missouri and Minneapolis in Minnesota. […]

                One of the more controversial tests took place in 1966 on the New York subway. Scientists filled light bulbs with Bacillus globigii bacteria and then smashed them open on the tracks. The bacteria travelled for miles around the subway system, being breathed in by thousands of civilians and covering their clothes.”…


              • Hi Helot,

                “Do you think it’s possible he’s entirely ignorant of much of history?”

                It’s possible. It’s also possible he is one of those people who isn’t an idiot in the low IQ sense yet who is a fool. I’ve known a number of them. Such people can read and write, are often articulate – and yet have a weak ability to “connect dots.” They fail to see and understand the meaning of things. They are Lenin’s “useful idiots,” by which he did not necessarily mean stupid people.

                  • Indeed, Mister –

                    My dad was a very bright man (MD, MA and a high achiever) but he had a hard time seeing the common thread in things, especially as pertains to political things. It was a frustrating as well as enlightening thing (for me) thing to try to get him to see certain things he seemed to be unable to see.

                    • I also find that the vast majority of people have zero analogical reasoning skills. When I point to an analogy to assist in understanding a complex issue, they will reflexively argue over the analogy itself and entirely miss the point of the exercise.

            • ” No nation deliberately plans to infect its own people like that.” Without any facts or evidence except Richard says so. Regardless many facts and much evidence that nations have frequently done so, including the one we live in. His hubristic nonsense is astounding. But it is entertaining.
              “I am right because I’m Richard Greene. You are wrong because you aren’t”

                • So how is it I never heard of him anywhere except here? If he is retired, why does he feel compelled to pitch his blog on this site where few see him as other than a self-promoting moron?

                  • Especially in light of the fact that Richard only graced us with his presence just recently. Funny thing about that. Richard reminds me of many of my well-educated co-workers: Book smart, but street stupid, and dumber than a box of rocks just when you think they would know a few things.

                    • Hi Shadow,

                      People like Richard are frustrating on multiple levels. One being they seem congenitally unable to understand the nature of the fight we’re in. That it is not 1980 – and there is no collegiality as regards dealing with the Left. Unless you’re an idiot or a tool. The Left has succeeded in installing the equivalent of Incitatus in the Senate (Fetterman) and something worse in the White House. You do not play nice with such people.

                      Richard also appears either unwilling or unable to understand the incandescent importance of symbols and how they are used; also of definitions, as regards words. An excellent example of this being his tiresome quibbling over the nature (and definition) of vaccines. He drones on about how technically, they are “vaccines” because (Pfizer claims) these drugs “produce antibodies.” But the point he obdurately misses is that they do not immunize – and in common usage (and understanding) a vaccine does exactly that – and if it doesn’t, then it is not a vaccine. I point out to him the unassailable fact that people were misled – were lied to – about the “vaccines” in that they were led to believe they would not catch or spread “COVID” if they took the so-called “vaccines.” This was a lie – and Richard knows it. We all know it. And we also know that few people would have taken these drugs if they had been told that taking them would not prevent them from catching cold or spreading it; that – a best – it might “reduce the severity of symptoms.”

                    • If I remember right the definition of “vaccine” had to be changed when the COVID jab came along because it was not a vaccine at all and still isn’t. People like Richard will forever be stuck on stupid which is why there is no point in engaging in conversation with him. Like a politician he is full of hot air and has a diaper that has long since needed changing.

      • quote “The ‘Michelle is a man’ conspiracy theory, based on photoshopped pictures posted online years ago, I now know, is especially stupid, because there is no reason to insult the former first lady’s appearance. It doesn’t even work as a joke.”

        Richard, your claim that a normal reasonable person who sees high school pics of Obama with his gay lover “Big Mike” is “especially stupid” applies to you. Do facts not matter to you? Do older photos of gay Obama with his gay lover Michael Robinson not persuade you to the truth of those two faggots?

        You just might be as dense as a piece of wood. Have you considered that we are not crazy, you are, you are unable to overcome media spin and bullshit. You believe MSM narratives when we know damn well they lie about everything. The point is the Obama couple was a big fat lie, two fudge packing faggots pretended to be a husband and wife married couple while they occupied the White House.

        But that lie pales in comparison to the lies of GW Bush, who said Muslims attacked us on 911 and used airplanes to bring down the Trade Towers. Tell us how you believe that bullcrap also.

  9. They tried this before. Remember? Mrs Clinton was groomed, welcomed, fast-tracked and credentialed to be the chosen one in Denver back in ’08 (does anyone really think that spectacle in Mile High stadium was meant for a black man? In the party of Wilson and LBJ?). But then proto-Bernie bros threatened to bern the place down so the party went with the fabian socialist, and Mrs Clinton added foreign policy expert to her very long resume’ to bide her time.

    While most people didn’t vote for “Her” in 2016 because she’s such a polarizing figure, I imagine a very large number of people saw the loophole right away and said no. The Clinton mob had their day, time to move on thank you. The Republicans, worried as they were about ending up committing suicide, passed, assuming she was unstoppable anyway.

  10. Another possibility for the Democrat nomination is California Governor Gavin Newsom, who enacted some of the most draconian measures at the height of COVID hysteria and was even touring the White House when Resident Biden was on a trip overseas. If Newsom becomes President, he’d likely make Joe Biden look like a BENEVOLENT DICTATOR by comparison.

    • >If Newsom becomes President,
      Extremely unlikely, IMO.
      His proposed “28th Amendment” should be more than enough to sink his ship, again IMO.
      Besides which,
      >some of the most draconian measures at the height of COVID hysteria
      made him very unpopular, as far as I can tell.
      $1000 fine for solo paddleboarding?
      Not happening in Surf City, folks.

    • Newsom has a record as governor, and it is not a good record. California is so bad that all my leftist relatives who used to live there have moved out to other states.

      • And yet he is governor. And yet he was not recalled. And will be re-elected. Perhaps, president. Because “conservatives” do not understand that it is much more important who counts the votes than who votes.

        • Hillary Clinton got 62% of the vote in CA in 2016. Whatever Democrat is nominated for CA governor can’t help getting elected.

  11. Now, I don’t truly believe that Mrs. Obama is a Mister, but, although I typically like athletic women, she does nothing for me. Magnificent traps, however, I have to say.

    One doesn’t have to be exceedingly erudite to understand the derision flowing her direction from a good cross-section of the population, in that she seemed to think she was Co-President during King Barrack’s reign, which was, of course, also lauded (/sarc).

    Truly, I wouldn’t care if she WERE a he, if he had the right ideas and principles. I could vote for a black, transvestite Ron Paul. Many people wouldn’t, however, even if they otherwise were ardent Paulians. Transvestitism often has a tendency to make one appear a bit mentally ill, and such appearances have been a problem hindering the Libertarian party for some time. Viz, guys like Vermin Supreme, who goes about promising free ponies and wearing a boot as a hat.

    • A transvestite is a deceiver. A transgender is a deceiver of a greater magnitude. It’s not a problem of appearance. Liberty requires honesty. A black, transvestite Ron Paul is an oxymoron. That’s why you, or anyone of conscience, will never be able to vote for one.

      • Dr. Spidock,

        I agree about honesty, but a transvestite isn’t necessarily a deceiver. He might not even be crazy, but just have some bizarre fashion sense. As long as he’s being honest about it, he’s being honest. It’s not really much different than someone who dresses as a pirate or a storm-trooper. As long as he doesn’t pull a cutlass and demand my “booty”, or try and disarm me and take me to Vader, we don’t have a problem. A little eccentric, sure, but part of freedom is being able to do things that others think questionable.

        • I said it’s a matter of degree but honesty doesn’t factor in either way. A man pretending to be a woman isn’t just bizarre fashion sense. It’s a deception and a mockery, really. A hatred of women, actually. This isn’t about Halloween costumes.

    • >Many people wouldn’t, however,
      Yeah, no shit.
      You might be able to peddle that kind of “walk on the wild side”
      in NYC, but I seriously doubt that a blackface drag queen “Republican” would be a viable candidate anywhere on the Gulf Coast of Texas, even if he is an OB/GYN and a USAF veteran.
      Ron Paul as Lady Marmalade seems a bit far-fetched, to me. 🙂
      Then again, I’ve been wrong before. 🙂
      Just sayin’…

      • The guy also sang “heroin, it’s my wife and it’s my life.” I don’t want anyone to go to jail for that, either, but folks need to discern what they’re dealing with. It isn’t one of the finest lights of liberty of our generation, that’s for damn sure.

  12. The Obamas have two daughters. If Michelle is actually a biological male, who is the actual biological mother to these two daughters?

  13. Tom Dilorenzo at LRC posted a question he saw on the internet, “why aren’t they having drag story hour at nursing homes?” Well, as Tom and probably everyone on here knows, they’re after the kids.

    Over the past 3 years a lot of new faces, families who have come into my homeschool cohort’s orbit, have circulated around in my area, an area where that never happened in such numbers before. There’s a lot of talk about the scamdemic and remote work being the cause but I swear many of them are gov’t agents, literally on the payroll, working intelligence gathering, agitation, and agenda promotion. A lot of unspecified military backgrounds, FL license plates that never get switched according to “the law.” Some that appear to be “right wingers”, think thin blue line flags and some hardcore leftist types. A lot of little stuff but weird, nonetheless.

    One particular character who is new on the scene is a person named “Erica.” A year or so ago when first meeting, the first thing out of her mouth to my family is how she had uterine cancer or something and so, her two kids are adopted. Ok then…, nice to meet you. Now, I have been studying this issue of both overt and covert trannies for a while now. What to look for, the “tells”, etc. My daughter can spot them now, too. She’s like “Erica has no hips and seems to have hair plugs in the male balding pattern area.” I’m like hmmmm… but being a libertarian I applaud the detective work but live and let live, right?

    A few months later without much interaction, the local and greater area homeschool teens worked with parents to plan a teen dance. Immediately, Erica inserts herself, saying she’s also an “event planner.” The very first thing she tries to do is to hire a very gay, very “out” activist groomer type to DJ the event whose handle is “Sexy” so and so. My wife looks this character up and red flags and alarm bells start going off. This person is a 100% agenda pusher, it is not merely a quiet aspect of their life. Gay, gay gay! Have the kids ask me about my lifestyle!

    It took some back and forth but it was made clear to Erica that the great majority of our group objected to hiring this person to DJ for the kids. So it didn’t happen. You have to watch these people every minute, though. It’s a network, for sure. This wicked agenda is being pushed hard into every corner of society, even our little rural homeschool community. Gov’t and big $ are behind it and it needs to be pushed back at every turn.

    • What is the county — if any — on the Florida plates?

      Hillsborough, Pinellas, or Manatee combined with a military background probably mean a stint at JB MacDill, home of two questionably ethical commands and a facility which should have been closed as originally proposed by Congress under “realignment” in the 90s.

      • One family that showed up mid 2020 that I got to know a bit before some weird political activities around the 2020 election (constantly posing their kids for photos with cutouts of Brandon and Ka-malla on social media for one, but there were some other more subtle things, too) relocated from the New Tampa area (Pasco county?) Both parents described themselves as “former” army intelligence people but the ages and lack of other employment or typical retiree affinity for the area were strange. Leftist woman. Younger teen kids. Homeschooled. They brought with some extended family and, yes real estate was booming, but they were participants in a number of weird insider-y deals with said extended family and other spooky Johnny come-and-go lately types for quick windfall profits. Still rolling around here with those FL plates…

        • Probably Special Operations at JB MacDill. That covers a wide variety of spooky activities.

          New Tampa includes Pasco County, but that is a bit far for anyone working at the base and commuting.

  14. @Eric – Do you have any plastic surgery or dental work requiring anesthesia scheduled in the near future?

    Joanie knew, and she paid the ultimate price for talking about it.

  15. For anyone who cares and I don’t – Ramaswamy is the best candidate. He’s the real populist in the race, not zio owned dirtbags like trump or deSantis.

  16. I hope they just leave stinky in office and let him trounce Trump again. The tears and gnashing of teeth ought to be off the hook this time. With all the pageantry and spectacle befitting the greatest empire ever, Biden could dress up as Maximus from Gladiator, showing off his hairy legs and wielding a plastic kids sword for his inauguration, babbling over and over, stumbling around, asking everyone on the Dias if they’re entertained, While Cumallah could don an Auntie M outfit from thunder dome as she sentences Trump to ‘face the wheel.’

    The ‘Fondler’ has done wonders waking people up to the fraud that is elections. Four more years of his inept bungling and I think the vast majority of the country would accept TINVOWOOT. I think someone around here says or said it best, ‘when folks have nothing left to lose, they lose it.’ Its time for more people to lose it. Time everybody see what a fake matrix we live in.

    • “‘when folks have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”
      Or, stated another way, no revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand………….

  17. ‘Dissolution usually attended the nihilism, derangement and tiredness that follows in its wake.’ — eric

    The late great Martin Amis, on the essential triad of women, phones and cars (and by extension, nihilism, derangement and tiredness):

    I came barrelling out of Carburton & Linex and marched straight into a telephone box. I had my opening speech all worked out. But Selina wasn’t there. She wasn’t anywhere. So I vandalized the telephone box. I had been wanting to smash a telephone for a long time. The bakelite splintered obligingly, then retaliated with an electric shock. I got to my feet and left the hot receiver swinging from its mauled base.

    The Fiasco wouldn’t start so I beat that up too. I stomped off a fender and took a brick to the headlights. These deeds turned out to be useful therapy and calmed me somewhat until a six-quid queue-job in a predatory black taxi restored and even topped up my rage.

    … You know, by the way, what the tab on the Fiasco is likely to be? Nine hundred pounds. Yeah. Apparently I fucked the bonnet with that brick, and now it needs a new corner-frame or whatever. Plus the insides are all shot to hell. That’s why it wouldn’t start. That’s why I cut up rough on it, and fucked the bonnet with the brick there.

    Sometimes I think that the key to my life is to be found in the serial humiliations I have suffered at the hands of that Fiasco of mine — as I stand over the swindlepoint workbench, with the wide eyes and wide legs of the pin-ups and calendar nudes beaming down on me, and the lupine stares of the grease-bandits glimpsed through angles of axles and jacks, and the guvnor turns to me with a grin of thieving scorn and says ‘Now let’s think’ before conjuring his fabulous fee. It’s the Clip Valve, it’s the Big End, it’s the Manifold. It won’t start, it won’t steer, it won’t stop. I can hear them already laughing as I climb in and go kangarooing off down the mews. The next day I’m back with the towtruck.

    That car, it doesn’t like driving. Hanging out in expensive garages is what it likes. I swear, that fucking Fiasco, it costs me more money than little Selina ever could.

    — Martin Amis, Money (1984)

  18. The very fact M. Obama’s actual sex is in question speaks volumes. Such a question would not have been asked 50 years ago, because such was not a thing. Now it is, in spades. Even though the transgendered are less than 1% of the population. More people believe the Earth is flat. Guess I shouldn’t give them any ideas.

  19. If Biden signs whatever he is told to sign, and reads whatever is written on his teleprompter, then he is the ideal democrat candidate. A useful idiot who can still sign his name. So what if he falls down, hits his head, or ruins the country? That’s what Democrats want.

    Of corse if Biden is so unpopular that ballot fraud could not reelect him in 2024, a substitute would be needed. My guess is Michelle Obama … if elected, she would be sort of a fourth Barak Obama term (assuming Obama people are currently “managing: Joe Biden). One clue might be Michelle Obama being appointed to fill Dianne Feinstein’s seat. Feinstein, Flusteredman and Biden are like the Democrat Dementia Team — The Three Stooges of American politics.

    • Regular Heckler here:
      I completely missed the point that “Big Mike” was Michelle Obama, because I had never heard that term before, and did not recognize her from the back. She is big. … So I guess I agree with EP. Which is as rare as a solar eclipse.

      • “I completely missed the point that “Big Mike” was Michelle Obama, because I had never heard that term before”
        So you aren’t paying much attention to the world around you?

        • I try to avoid the conspiracy theories.
          I read and recommend 40 articles a day on my blog, so I do pay attention, and share my favorite articles with fellow conservatives. I have no idea what the Obama marriage is all about, but I know Michelle is not a man.

          I thought Obama was an awful president, harming black – white relations, when he should have helped — but Joe Biden is so bad, he makes everyone else look better.

          • Richard Greene:

            Conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories.

            I don’t think you truly understand most of what you write about. You seem to pride yourself as a free-thinking, edgy commenter with an anti-establishment blog, bragging about how virtuous your contrarian positions are. But it seems like you’re often a contrarian just for the sake of being a contrarian. In the process of doing this you end up regurgitating propaganda in a sort of useful idiot way, like your use “conspiracy theories.”

            How is it that a theory Michelle Obama is actually a man is a “conspiracy theory?” Who has theorized that a group of two or more people agreed to turn Big Mike into Michelle Obama? While the theory that she is a he may be false, that doesn’t make it a “conspiracy theory.” That would make it an “incorrect” theory. The words “conspiracy” and “incorrect” are not synonyms.

            The terms “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorists” entered the modern mainstream lexicon as a result of a 1967 CIA dispatch written to impugn those who cast doubt as to the regime’s official narrative of JFK’s assassination. This dispatch was essentially a talking points memo designed to shut down further inquiry into the matter. In more modern terms, it was a sort of “vaccine denier” and “trust the science” memo. Please read it yourself:

            • Calling or even suggesting Michelle Obama is a man is wrong, not based on any evidence, and stupid.

              It insults a first lady for no logical reason, and makes the person making the claim appear to be a foo.,
              Having fool among us makes all conservatives look bad.

              I had never heard this conspiracy theory before today, and was later surprised the author would use it to insult a former first lady, who is not responsible for her husband’s administration.

              In the past, it was considered improper to insult a President’s wife or his children. Hunter Biden changed that by being a professional grifter.

              Insulting Michelle Obama because you did not like Barak Obama is as tasteless as insulting Melania Trump because you don’t like Donald Trump.

              • Richard,

                Your feigned outrage is both that and pathetic in that you – like many “conservatives” (what is it they have succeeded in “conserving,” exactly?) like to play by rules the other side ignores. They laugh at you. Learn to laugh at them. Learn not to care what they feel.

                Why is Big Mike deserving of the least respect? What is he/she other than another political grifter? Another of them that wants to control us. That despises us.

                You are a fool if you do not understand this.

                • Eric,

                  ‘“…Conservatives” (what is it they have succeeded in “conserving,” exactly?)’

                  Excellent question! When I was young, I tried to resolve the term in my mind that they were “conserving” the use of government, or, at least, taxpayer funds. But that idea is absolutely laughable, if you’ve witnessed the actions of “conservatives” over the years.
                  To me, the terms “conservative” and “liberal” in the political sense are nearly worthless, and should be deprecated.
                  Instead, the designations “authoritarian” vs. “libertarian” and “individualist” vs. “collectivist” still harbor meaning and would serve as much more informative labels.

                  • Hi BaDnOn!

                    My take: “Conservatives” are – in general – people who dislike some manifestations of “big” government. But they always end up with more of it because they rarely, if ever, take a principled stand against government. Or anything. They do not oppose taxes as such. Just that taxes not be “too high.” They do not oppose in principle the ugly business of using the government to punish people who’ve caused no harm. Just some people (the ones they do not like). And so on. It is why “conservatives” never succeed at conserving anything, except temporarily – in dribs and drabs.

                • Michelle Obama is not running for any political office. and has not held any political office. There is no possible benefit from insulting a former first lady’s appearance, and it is not funny.

                  People who make such a claim, even as a joke, will never be taken seriously by the general public.
                  If Michelle Obama ever runs for political office. and spouts leftist policies those positions should be attacked, but NOT her appearance. Attacking her appearance would only encourage more Democrats to vote for her.

                  It is an old male rule of thumb to never insult a woman’s appearance outside of an all-male locker room.

                  That used to be called good manners.

                  • Richard,

                    He/she is a public figure who uses her (his) platform to advocate. He/she is thus a legitimate target for public mockery. Unlike, say, the lady who lives next door.

                    You think it’s not funny. Opinions vary.

                    In re “good manners” – I have already explained why these do not apply in a street fight. And if you don’t see that this is one, you’re even more of a naif than I supposed.

                • I would be a fool if I did understand that claptrap.
                  Insulting Michelle Obama’s appearance will never have any benefit for conservatives. Even if she was running for a political office.

                  • Dick,

                    Feigning umbrage over insulting some politician’s wife is as pathetic and false as it is absurd. It is like “standing with Ukraine.”

              • “It insults a first lady”
                So are first ladies now granted titles of nobility that warrant profusive respect for being married to the latest and greatest professional liar? Not to mention such titles are forbidden by the US Constitution.
                In my 69 years of life, and 51 years of voting age, I don’t recall any one of them deserving of any such special treatment, or given any respect at all.
                I don’t care which gender she may or may not be. Nor do I care what gender Melania may or may not be. What I do know is that Melania is a LOT better looking. But I don’t care about that either. What I do care about is truth, which seems to be in very short supply among those holding office. So let’s get some more conspiracy theories going so we may discover some more conspiracies.

              • “Calling or even suggesting Michelle Obama is a man is wrong, not based on any evidence, and stupid.”
                I can “suggest” that MO is a fucking kangaroo, doesn’t make it wrong or stupid. I might just be entertaining myself.

          • So how does one go about discovering a conspiracy without a theory that there is one?
            Personally, I need some new ones. All my old ones came true.

                • Eric, ‘Come on man, Richard knows stuff, like, he’s obviously seen Big Mike naked or saw Big Mike up close & personal while in a skin tight wet swimsuit!

                  How else would he be able to say, “I have no idea what the Obama marriage is all about, but I know Michelle is not a man.”

                  You’ve just – got – to trust people who tell you things are so, without any evidence whatsoever.

                  /sarc OFF.

                • Wearing masks does make people look stupid, with one exception: Wearing a mask to get needed medical care. That was required in Michigan until April 3, 2023. Wearing a mask for the 20 minutes when I was near medical personne was stupid, but avoiding needed medical care by refusing to wear a mask would have been “more stupid”.

                  Of course you have previously implied that all problems in the world would be solved if all people refused to wear masks, Well, few people I see now are wearing masks, but all the old problems still exist. … Such as the US morphing into a fascist nation under Jumpin’ Joe Biden.

                  • Richard,

                    If enough people had refused to wear a “mask” at the beginning it would have been much harder to weaponize hypochondria. It would have been impossible to exclude the sane from stores (and work) and so on. The hypochondria would have been less – and it would have lasted less long.

                    And why is the U.S. “morphing” into a communist nation, eh? It is because Biden was selected. And what made his selection possible?

                    It was the weaponization of hypochondria. Achieved by near-universal “mask” wearing.

                    The fact that otherwise intelligent people such as yourself do not get this is proof that not being an idiot, in the low IQ sense, does not mean one isn’t a fool.

                    Symbols are powerful. Especially when they are enforced. When punishment is applied for refusing to honor the symbol. When it appears that everyone agrees. Why do you suppose people in the military – who obey orders – wear uniforms? And the same as regards fervent religious groups.

                    I have tried – Lord, I have tried – to get this through your adamantine skull. To no avail.

                    • The wife and I tried to convince everyon we knew to not rush to get Covid shots because their safety ws never tested and only 1.5% of the control group had any respiratory symptoms (which could have been flu symptoms or common cold symptoms, and none of them died from Covid.
                      Only a few people listened. None of the people used the excuse that they wanted a Covid shot to stop wearing a mask. Most often mentioned was keeping a job and allowing travel and “I’m too old to take a chance”

  20. Good Lord with those deltoids and trapezius!

    In re acceptance: how is it that the whole of this country has embraced nearly every absurdity thrown at us? Each one more ridiculous than the one that came before. We are not serious; bad comedy. Putin, Khamenei, and Jinping know this and are simply biding their time. TikTok TikTok…

    • Most people ignore the crap in real life. It is just the online stuff, dominated by folks (Algorerythms) that are online 24/7/365. These things control the narrative. Ignore them and keep your AR-15 handy, for when they come a calling.

  21. Big Mike (aka Michelle Obama) is really Michael Robinson, Barak Obama’s male gay lover in his high school years. Big Mike played collegiate football, as you can see in the article’s photo of the hugeness of first lady Michelle’s back muscles.

    And yes Virginia, they pulled off a entire presidency with this fraud. Fooled you once, shame on you … can’t get fooled again;

    George W. Bush “Fool me once, shame on, shame on you.”

    GW Bush’s mom, Barbara Bush is suspected to be a man.

    The Prime Minister of Canada (Justin Turdeau) is Commie agent’ Fidel Castro’s son – his mom had an affair with Fidel – go research it!

    What you need to know, the inversions and trannies are way more common than you suspect, Hollywood is a tranny cult, and many Hollywood actresses are really men, who are currently inverting their children, like Charlize Theron (man) who is turning her son into a girl. Same thing happening with Megan Fox who parades her 3 sons around in dresses.

    Angelina Jolie had her breasts removed … her fake breasts ’cause she is a tranny.

    Yes – some of the hottest actresses fooled us, they are men. Taylor Swift (female pop star) was caught on tape flashing her penis.

    Full Tranny Suspect List:

    Mark Glenn of the Ugly Truth website pulls no punches:

    Like I always say, it is way, way worse than you think or even have imagined. It didn’t start with that Bud Light faggot, they have been doing this fooling for a long time.

    Half of the women on television are men – if they have huge shoulders – look at the face – if you remove the makeup – is it a male face? Do they have a male name in their name, or two male names? Some of the cop shows – the female detectives are really men.

    They are mocking you. Playing you. Fooling you. It is war on you by deception.

      • It appears that you missed the point Richard. Whether she is or he isn’t is of no concern to me, and would not surprise me either way, which sort of is the point. What she/he is is Obama part 3. Or Biden part 2 with a few more working brain cells, maybe.


        Richard – you really outed yourself on this one as a MSM troll – there is ample evidence Michelle Obama is a man, specifically Michael LaVaughn Robinson. If you want to believe homosexual Barak Obama has a real female wife, go right ahead. LOLROFL

        “Michael LaVaughn Robinson and was a football player in both high school and won a scholarship as a linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers in his first year at college”

        And this dude Michael Robinson has no business being president, having no government service, no qualifications for the job. She is a he, and that alone disqualifies “it” from being a public servant, because that person is a damn fraud on the face of it. No man has any right to pretend to be the First Lady, that is sick and disgusting and should be made a crime, with life imprisonment/public execution as the penalty.

        In fact, all public servants and candidates should be DNA tested to determine birth sex so the voters know exactly what they are dealing with. Like that Commie Jew Chuck Schumer, who is married to a man:

        Senator Chuck Schumer is married to Iris Weinshall, a man.

        Barak Obama is a well known Chicago homosexual, who frequents the Chicago bath houses (before being installed as president)

        Larry Sinclair, author of the self-published, “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder” says he had sex with Obama


        Obama & Emanuel – Members of Same Chicago Gay Bath House
        By Wayne Madsen
        First Published 5-24-10

        “President Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago, according to informed sources in Chicago’s gay community, as well as veteran political sources in the city.

        The bath house, Man’s Country, caters to older white men and it has been in business for some 30 years and is known as one of uptown Chicago’s “grand old bathhouses.” WMR was told by sources who are familiar with the bath house that it provides one-year “lifetime” memberships to paying customers and that the club’s computerized files and pre-computer paper files, include membership information for both Obama and Emanuel. The data is as anonymized as possible for confidentiality purposes. However, sources close to “Man’s Country” believe the U.S. Secret Service has purged the computer and filing cabinet files of the membership data on Obama and Emanuel.

        Members of Man’s Country are also issued club identification cards. WMR learned that Obama and Emanuel possessed the ID cards, which were required for entry.

        Obama began frequenting Man’s Country in the mid-1990s, during the time he transitioned from a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School to his election as an Illinois State Senator in 1996. Emanuel, reportedly joined Man’s Country after he left the Clinton White Hosue and moved back to Chicago in 1998, joining the investment firm of Wasserstein Perella and maintaining his membership during his 2002 campaign for the U.S. 5th District House seat vacated by Rod Blagojevich, who was elected governor.

        Man’s Country appears to be a “one stop shopping” center for gay men. The club’s website advertises steam rooms, “fantasy rooms,” bed rooms, male strippers, adult movies, and lockers.”


        Obama’s gay lover, Rahm Emmanual, was appointed Obama’s first Chief of Staff

        Rahm Emanuel’s Father Specialized in Bus Bombings in Palestine

            • EP, who insults me on virtually every comment in reply to my comments when he does not agree (about 100% of the time), including one use of an F-bomb in his response, lecturing me on good manners is high comedy. Best laugh of my day.

              • Arrogant, condescending, self righteous, exaggerated opinion of your self, pontificating your “truth” as the only truth, in a biblical manner.
                What’s not to like?
                If as you claim, you have all these subscribers and such, why is this the only forum I ever see you on?
                Don’t get me wrong, I find you very entertaining, in a “man bites dog” sort of way.

        • Great misuse of logic:

          ‘I’m right unless you can prove me wrong’.

          Correct logic is that YOU have to provide facts, data and evidence to prove you are right.

          • Your “correct logic” is a lot different from mine. Since I have not stated whether I think, or even believe or even care if he is a she or she is a he or whatever, my logic is perfect, because it is you who has made a declaration to that effect, that you therefore must back up with facts. Which you refuse or fail to do. Instead you pontificate. “She is not a transgender man, because I said so.”

      • Uh, did you ever SEE Mooshelle dancing on Ellen Degeneres’ show? His package is QUITE VISIBLE! There are other clips where it’s obvious that Big Mike is a man.


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