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It’s no longer necessary to speculate that the end-goal of “electrification” is elimination.

The World Economic Forum – that international governing body no one elected that tells us what we’ll be doing (and not allowed to do) via the governments it controls – tells us almost no one will be driving anything by 2050.

Excepting them, of course.

The Dear Leader class will continue to drive – and be driven. As well as flown. John Kerry has very important business to attend to. And it is none of your business what his “carbon footprint” is.

Two-thirds of us will be walking or cycling or transported by bus or train. The number of privately owned vehicles will decline from the current 1.45 billion to fewer than 500 million worldwide.

“Electrification” being the means toward that end.

By now, this end ought to be as blatantly obvious as that “masking” was always about vaccinating. In other words, a means toward an end. The sooner a critical mass of the masses finally comes to terms with how this all works, the greater the odds of putting an end to it.

The WEF – that is to say, the people who are the WEF – are evil, certainly. But they aren’t stupid. They knew that “masks” did not “work” – except in the manner intended. They also know the “climate” isn’t “changing,” but that change can be engineered using the climate. Just the same as the “pandemic” was engineered – and for the same fundamental reason.

They also know – because it is obvious – that “electrification” cannot work, except in the way they intend it to. As the means toward the end they have in mind for us.

It is as absurd to believe that everyone currently driving a non-electric car will be driving an electric one (and long before the year 2050) as it was to believe that gene-altering, spike protein-inducing drugs that do not immunize are “vaccines.” Not on account of lack of desire for EVs – and leaving that supposed “desire” aside for the moment. Rather, on account of economics. GM’s Mary Barra, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares and Ford’s Jim Farley all concede that electric cars are too expensive to be mass market cars. That selling EVs for less than $40,000 and not losing money on each “sale” is an impossibility, given materials costs and other factors.

Yet they continue to “invest” in them, regardless.

Why? Because it is a means toward an end.

It is acknowledged by the current secretary of transportation that there isn’t adequate generating capacity to power a one-for-one replacement of non-electric cars with electric cars – and that electricity is going to cost everyone a great deal more, regardless.

Yet he continues to push for new and more extreme regulations that will have the effect of leaving no alternative to electric cars – and electric stoves – that will leave people with ever-more-onerous utility bills.

These are the two arms of the pincer. “Electrification” means cars two-thirds of us won’t be able to afford to own. Or be able to power. Either way, the end result is the result desired – and now openly stated – by the WEF.

Which styles this SEAM.

The acronym stands for Shared, Electric, Connected and Automated. The “benefits of SEAM,” says the WEF, “would reach far beyond mitigating climate change.” Italics added. Indeed they would. SEAM would corral two-third of humanity in the urban feedlots – the “15 Minute Cities” – envisioned by the WEF as the ideal places to keep us in our place.


Within our new enclosures, we will “embrace” what are styled “safe, connected space for walking, cycling and micro-mobility.

Italics added, to emphasis the fact that there won’t be much “mobility” within these enclosures – and what there is will be a function of what they allow. Which they will be able to control when you cannot leave. Which you won’t be able to do because you can no longer drive. This latter activity will be further deliminated – for us – by “vehicle access regulations,” ostensibly to “limit traffic and pollution.” In fact, to keep us from moving, in the manner of pulling the legs off a spider. Klaus Schwab probably occupies his free time doing just that. Imagining us as the spider.

This will comprise what the WEF styles a “safe, accessible transport system for all.”

Italics to emphasis the difference between “transport” – and driving.

Livestock are transported – and so will we be, in the SEAMless future envisioned by the World Controllers of the WEF. “Fewer vehicles will reduce congestion and decrease the need for expensive motorways, parking and maintenance. Estimated cost savings of embracing a SEAM strategy to the world’s economy could total $5 trillion a year by 2050.”

But here’s where the cat leaves the proverbial bag: ” . . . accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is an essential priority,says the WEF. Yes, but for whom? That questioned-begged is never answered.

Yet we all know what the answer is.

 “Syncing electrification with a transition to shared transport can, however, deliver a reduction in emissions while tackling wider issues such as congestion, safety and inefficient space allocation,” the WEF declaration elaborates. 

But who gets to decide what these “wider issues” are? Hint: It’s not you – or even anyone you voted for.

Mustapha Mond, phone home.

. . .

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    • Hi Celtic

      Try to keep in mind that its not all the small hat tribe who are our enemy. Most are just people, the same as anyone else.

  1. Here is the latest turd to emerge from the globalist cloaca:

    >But hazy skies remind us that the outdoors pose an equal, if not worse, threat. Climate change increases catastrophic wildfires and other events, and outdoor air eventually penetrates the indoors. Air pollution affects everyone — yet protections from it remain inadequate nationwide.

    >Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finally released long-awaited guidance on improving indoor air quality to limit the spread of infectious airborne pathogens. As a baseline for clean air, they recommended a minimum of five air changes per hour

    So, those of us with operable windows, capable of allowing fresh air from what used to be called “the great outdoors” will be branded “dangerous psychopaths who are putting the lives of innocent humans at risk.” Synthetic environments and filtered air for all, comrades! No new houses without HEPA filters!

    And, of course, since doctors of medicine, as well as electrical engineers, Know All About Everything, the authors feel compelled to speak ex cathedra on the topic of industrial hygiene, and, more specifically, on the proper selection, use and disposal of respiratory personal protective equipment. All hail the Doctor-Gods! (my ass)

  2. 15 min city prison camp future…..animation….the reality…..

    the controllers…the wef/ccp/globalists…..decided man was the invasive destructive species…. destroying the planet….so will to be banned from the wilderness and countryside….confined to 15 to save the planet

    Within the political deception which surrounds WEF’s Great Reset/Green Deal, we find a starkly obvious case of theft. To be precise, theft of the early ecological movement’s long-term holistic agenda for the bio diverse trusteeship of the land.

    The WEF’s vision consists of distorting this environmentally friendly vision and turning it into a global political tool for enforcing Klaus Schwab’s fascistic brave new world of synthetic foods, robot-mechanised farming, ‘rewilded’ gated private forests and 5G powered ‘smart cities’ for disenfranchised country dwellers and redundant farmers.

    By twisting the true ecological approach to land management into a thoroughly distorted and fake look-alike, the word ‘Green’ has been 100% hijacked by the New World Order/Great Reset cabal. Tried and tested Real Green approaches have been usurped, in favour of macro scale industrial and digital mechanisation programmes for achieving the hallowed goal of ‘zero carbon’.
    ATTENTION… If there ever could be such a thing as zero carbon– none of us would be able to breathe.

    watch the video….15 min city prison camp future…..animation….the reality…..

  3. The cat has been out of the bag quite a while. I have a local “urban planner” that proclaims openly that car trips in my area will be reduced by half.

    Yes, half!

    I imagine most places have an “urban planner” saying something similar. Nonsense that has no basis in reality. If anything car trips in my area will likely double.

    I live in Northwest Indiana, just outside Chicago. It has a population of about 800,000 people over 6 counties. It is highly decentralized and never really had an urban “core”. Gary and Hammond were once the largest cities here, but are no longer, so the only “urban” parts of the area are bombed out with very few people living there anymore.

    Most now live over a huge area that is suburban in nature. The rest is rural or areas becoming suburban. We have a few public buses that go places few want to go (DT Gary to the courthouse in Crown Point).

    We have the last remaining interurban, the South Shore railroad, that about 11,000 commuters use to go to downtown Chicago. Currently the SS is being expanded a bit at cost of a billion dollars. It will likely add no additional riders for that huge “investment”. It is a huge waste of money, as the towns it will pass through don’t really want to make themselves more dense as “planners” want. They are unhappy that one new station is being surrounded by new construction 600 to 800,000 dollar single family houses on half acre lots.

    A billion dollars if it was to be spent to serve as many people as possible would have been directed towards connecting or expanding roads, which far more people use than a railroad. There are some glaring road gaps in the area that should have been built out decades ago. One gap was finally completed in about 1995 after first being proposed in 1915. Yes, it took government 80 years to finish a road. Another gap maybe finally be finished in 2026 after being proposed in 1970, so almost as long.

    Almost nobody in NWI wants to live in an urban area. Many think that suburbia is too dense.

    • “Urban Planner” – A name for one of the most useless, overpaid, pampered government employees that exist. On the same level as Diversity Specialists, Tax Collectors, and PR Hacks.

  4. Many cities are already very walkable. Even if there aren’t any sidewalks there’s usually a footpath alongside roads. It can sometimes get sketchy crossing a busy street with no pedestrian crossings but doable.

    So outside of the DUI convicts and kids under 16, why don’t people walk to Walmart? Well, most of the trips are either large bulk buys or picking up a few things while traveling from somewhere else, like home from work. Work that’s been zoned specifically to be too far away from the residental zone part of town. Why is the town laid out this way? Because central planners bought into the idea of suburbs and downtowns and separation of work, shopping and home. Those central planners were just as committed to their vision as the WEF central planners, yet now we’re told that was the wrong way to do it. And it probably was the wrong way, seeing that we have massive surges of traffic during rush hours and times when there’s no traffic at all. Hardly an efficient use of the roads, which need to be over built for abnormally high peak demand.

    Now small mixed use zones are the way. The concept looks a lot like a college campus, IMHO. Or an old mining company town…,_Pennsylvania#History%5B9%5D

    But understanding that those other central planners were wrong doesn’t mean the WEF central planners are right. Just means we have to endure another stupid idea that will waste resources and piss off a not-quite-majority of people who care about such things. The 15 minute city will be great for some people, and they should have that option. Some perfer what’s in place now. And some will likely want something completely different. More power to all.

    One last thought… Specialization and division of labor is critical to society but not when it comes to living arrangements? Then it’s just one size fits most, except for the big winners, they get their own size.

    • Hi, RK,

      It seem ironic to me that, although COVID lockdowns helped to demonstrate the viability of remote work for many people, due to modern communications technology, there are those who wish to turn back the clock to circa 1850, and force people to live in crowded, noisy, dirty, crime infested cities, contrary to their own wishes, which for perhaps a majority of people includes a house and garden, with some degree of bucolic serenity, in touch with at least some aspects of nature. Listen to the birds sing. Take time to smell the flowers. Lower your blood pressure. You’ll live longer.

      Early technology (industrialization) forced people to live in cities, many against their will. Modern technology (high speed communications) can allow them to go home again.

      True, there will be some “urbanites” who prefer the “excitement” of the “big city,” but I say, jedem das seine (to each his own). Some here may remember the old TV program called “Green Acres,” which starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor. The husband, played by Eddie Albert, preferred country life, whereas his wife, played by Eva Gabor, favored the glitz and glamour of the “Big City,” presumed to be New York City. That is for them to work out for themselves, not to be dictated to by “central planner” busybodies.

      • Out where I live, I say “to each his own”. And yet, we still have the Karens who bitch when someone blasts a squirrel into the afterlife. Never mind when hunting season comes around. The posts on social media are hilarious, if not down right annoying. One lady posted the other day the annoying barking of dog mushing teams, where the team of dogs were…..barking! Gees lady, if you do not like living out in the middle of nowhere with such people, GTFO, and move back into town! These are the same people who would be perfectly happy forcing us out here in the sticks into these “15 minute cities”. Not only would they like to “work it out for themselves”, they would like to work their decision out on the rest of us, as well…

        • I feel your pain, Shadow –

          The people who own the farm behind us have (among other critters) some peacocks. These used to free-range and would come visit us, hang out with our birds. Sometimes. they’d roost on the roof of the house. They were really fun to watch. But, no more. Because the people who live down the road/opposite their farm did not like the birds. Threatened to call animal control if they ventured onto their property. Sic gloria transit mundi, eh?

          • Peacocks are excellent “watch dogs”. I remember operating a backhoe digging a new sewer on a farm, and hearing this godawful racket behind me that scared the hell out of me. A peacock was protesting my presence.

            • I did not realize that peacocks could be so effective at scaring the hell out of people. They are up there with the kangaroos. I have a friend in Sydney, and he related that they can kick the crap out of someone if need be. I would have put a fence up, kept the birds, and told the neighbours to pound sand. If I want to be bent over and screwed, and nannied to death, I will go and live in some liberal hell hole. Oh, by the way, Eric, I see your state just enacted Rank Choice Voting. Have fun with that, it is nightmare up here, and we are trying to get it on the ballot to get it removed.

  5. With the WEF coming out with it, I should dig up my first comment here regarding that the goal was to eliminate private automobile ownership for ordinary people. That probably wasn’t even the earliest point I mentioned it somewhere. It’s been clear as day for at least a decade.

    I mention at every opportunity that there is zero intention create the grid capacity to charge BEVs and zero intention to have enough minerals to convert over to their production. The fanbois and kool aid drinkers can say that these things can be solved, and they could be to some degree, but they won’t. Both need to be scarce to achieve the political, economic, and social goals.

    • “I should dig up my first comment here regarding that the goal was to eliminate private automobile ownership for ordinary people.”
      You would have a LOT of company there.

      • The only 15 minute “city” that I want to live in, is a place that takes 15 minutes at a brisk pace walking to get to the edge of my property. I am hoping my next house comes with at least 160 acres (a sq. mile). Forty or so acres for the house lot with the rest leased out to farmers. Something like that is looking more and more appealing to me (largely that it would produce income without having people on it much). I would hope my closest neighbor would be more than a mile or more away.

    • The more delusional of the true believers think that we’ll all just take turns charging our cars, scheduling based on the “smart grid” availablity. A few of the more entrepreneural types fancy a time-of-day rate for consumption, where you’ll be bidding on power against your neighbors, just like the traders at Enron. You’re headed to work but the battery’s still at 40%? Better let your AI trader know it screwed up!

      Or, just trash the whole thing and move to Schwabton. Sure you gave up all your wealth, but at least you can walk to work.

      It’s your choice, after all. But if you choose “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven,” you’ll be branded Satan by the djinn prophets of the new order.

  6. We are living in the end-game of central planning failure.

    Think of the notable cities in the US that make the news; NYC, Chicago. San Francisco, Detroit, and so forth. These cities became prosperous because they were places of opportunity and freedom. Lots of people living together in a free society build a system of wealth creation like no other.

    The 20th century brought us new theories in economics and governance. The Federal Reserve turned money into a centrally planned resource, not a market resource, and we all started to get poorer. Maynard Keynes influenced political economists, who started centrally planning aspects of the economy, and the economy is now more fragile and subject to bubbles than it ever has, and it makes most people poorer, but the rich get fabulously rich. Schools used to be local, now they’re federally administered and turning to crap. Infrastructure like road, bridges, electric grids, sewage and water are in bad shape.

    We are seeing central planning run into the reality of real economics, and it’s failing. These 2050 cities assume that the current WEF elites are in charge, but they may not be. The Austrian School of Economics has a very well tested explanation of why these centrally organized systems fail, it’s called “the economic calculation problem”. We are seeing western society, which is increasingly centrally planned, fail. It’s failing like any other centrally planned system is doomed to fail.

    I have lived through the collapse of communism in Poland. The end-stage seemed just as bleak and dour, where there were shortages of food, electricity, water and everyone was hopeless, then, in the course of one day, it ended. There was a brief period of a few years where freedom reigned, and life in Poland got better really fast, but then the EU came and stopped that progress with its own central planning.

    I don’t believe these 15 minute cities will happen. it would require competence at the local level to implement all those changes, and despite taking in $billions/year where I live, they can’t even fix the pot holes or water pipes. The central planners are incapable of delivering on this. What we will end up with is a ban on cars, a ban on appliances, a ban on air travel, but none of the conveniences which they mention. These people can not create anything, they can only ban and destroy. When they get this far, people will revolt.

    • “These people can not create anything, they can only ban and destroy”
      I agree, 100%. They are parasites. All they can do is suck.

      • How very true. I mean, just look at how these people regulated our toilets for crying out loud! Reduced a perfectly good, 3.5 gallon tank to a pathetic, 1.6 gallon, useless one, to the point you have to flush twice for the same job. In essence, saving you nothing, but certainly garnishing you odd ball looks from your guests when you visit someone’s house. I remember Dave Barry writing a hilarious column on it back in 1997.

        • Actually the engineers worked it out fairly well, eventually. But that’s beside the point. For several years, perhaps a decade or more, they did NOT work it out, and so they did not work. But we were required to use those toilets that didn’t.

      • Hi John.

        Careful with that. Certain people will point at you and intone the dire word of power ISM!! I’ve run across an interesting statement in that regard.

        The power of your words is fading.
        If everything is IST nothing is.
        The eternally offended have had their day.
        But it is late in the day…

    • Great comment OL,

      The fact that they cant maintain the most basic necessities of modernity, at a time of peak civilization shows how truly inept/corrupt they are. Imagine if ALL the skilled and competent people left. Just walked away and went Galt into the most remote parts of the country. It would hasten their demise. It’d be nice if we could pick a spot to all meet up. Of course that would be as impossible as herding cats into a bag.

      Anytime they use ‘for all’ in a phrase it shouts fraud. As in ‘Justice for All.’ What a horrifically sick joke thats turned into.

    • Fantastic comment, especially this: “We are living in the end-game of central planning failure.”

      What you are saying is that this dunce Klaus Schwab is trying to fix the current failed central planned states. Their plans have already failed and they are doubling down on their insanity.

      I think I’ve read (more than once) that all socialisms end with mass death. Socialisms produce shortages, which are resolved by killing many to fix the shortage.

    • OppositeLock said “where I live, they can’t even fix the pot holes or water pipes. The central planners are incapable of delivering on this.”

      The problem is you don’t live somewhere that’s of interest to the planners. Or, more importantly “optically” interesting. We see this sort of thing all the time, with pork barrel bridges to nowhere and constant repaving of roads in districts where the congressman is on an important committee or in danger of losing while others languish because their congressman has a permanent lock on the voters (or voting box…).

  7. You have to remember that one of the members of the whatever they are is Yuval Noah Harrari. You have to hope that Yuval will self-immolate himself as David Buckel successfully accomplished.

    Would you trust Yuval under any circumstances?

    That’s what you are dealing with, someone who wants to hack you and have fun controlling you, if you can call it fun, but it will be fun for Yuval, one farqing icehole in this world.

    Not only do you have to say no, you are compelled to say no.

    Can’t tell Klaus to go the hell, he’s there now.

  8. Wish there was a way to get Americans to fight but after NineLeven, the TSA, the useless wars. and the killer vaxxes I don’t think fighting is in the dictionary for many of the new Americans. Most will do and think whatever their told. Maybe our defeat in the next war they get us into will open eyes wide shut. Maybe….

    • Hi Ken.

      Some ask “Who is John Galt?”

      I ask Who is Henry Bowman?

      An even better question is; Who is William S. Lind?

      Best regards.

  9. Don’t know about you, tovarisch, but my “last mile logistics” solution is my very own pickup truck, because sheets of plywood, sacks of Portland cement, and piles of bricks do not fit on an “electric scooter.” Nor do the wisteria vines I bought at the local nursery, and which have now reached the top of the redwood trellis I built with my own hands. When I get the brick patio built (~14 cubic yards of poured in place concrete, ~2500 brick), I will sit on the patio, drink lemonade made with lemons from my very own lemon tree, and eat pork barbecued on my very own wood fired smoker, which produces, y’know, *wood* *smoke*, and the WEF can go fuck itself, because I refuse to “live”, bagged and tagged, in a WEF approved battery cage.

    Molon labe, F*ers.

    • Adi,

      That’s a lot of concrete, man! …At least for a porch. I’m going to be pouring about 15 yd^3 to put in a couple of buildings as soon as I can get to it.

      Sounds proper, though. I’m also hoping to put in a little wooden porch, replete with a steel roof, a bit later.

      We planted a slew of trees as well, though I’m not sure we’ll have lemon tree. Sounds exquisite, though, especially with the smoker and swine!

      I also agree with the final comment. They can come and try taking it all, alright. It’ll be the last mistake THEY’LL ever make.

      Good luck with the porch, man!

      • >Good luck with the porch, man!
        Thanks, BaDnOn.
        There is a 24″ drop from the existing back stoop to the existing brick walkway which leads to the detached garage. So, 14 yd^3 includes spread footings. poured in place stem walls, plus 4″ RC slab (backfill & compact after the stem wall pour). Fortunately (unlike you) I live in town, so it will be truck and a pump for both pours, and happy to pay the short load charge.

        I formerly had built a redwood deck, but the floor boards rotted out after many years, so I figured, WTF, let’s do it right.

        Good luck to you with your concrete, also. 🙂

        If you can, in fact, grow citrus where you live, here are two tips.
        1. Plant the trees on the south side of a white stucco wall. If air temp is hovering near freezing, the microclimate created by heat radiated from the stucco wall, as well as shielding from the wind, may make the difference between frost damage and no frost damage.
        2. Plant at the top of a slope, not the bottom. The cold air will slide down the slope to the valley below, again decreasing the likelihood of frost damage to your trees.

        I have currently one each Lisbon lemon, Persian lime, Navel orange, and Moro (blood) orange, which have all done reasonably well over the years. Wish I had grapefruit as well ,but I can buy excellent local @ farmers’ market, so no big deal.
        Blood orange fruit has a red blush if properly fertilized, and tastes like raspberry citrus. Incomparable. 🙂

        If temperature drops seriously below freezing, you may need smudge pots, which were standard equipment for the commercial growers around here, back when Corona was known as the Lemon Capital of the World. Commercial citrus here is long since defunct, replaced by a one time cash crop of houses. Same thing happened to the dairy industry in Chino, across the river in Berdoo County.

        BOL in all your endeavors. 🙂

        • Hey, thanks for the tips, Adi! Sounds like some good physics. I believe the answer of whether citrus can grow where I live is a resounding “maybe”. I consulted with my GF, who manages the planting affairs, and she says we have 5 such trees, so we’ll see how they fare.

          • Worst case, you could go full on Amory Lovins, build a dome, and grow bananas. GD&R. But, such things require time and money, IOW, capital investment. 🙂

  10. Wonder how they expect us to walk around in a blizzard? Don’t want to give them any ideas but the next step would be a dome over the city so the “climate” can be controlled; two birds with one stone 😆. Stephen King wrote a book envisioning that, wasn’t pretty.

  11. Still baffles me that the survival instinct of mega-corp CEOs in automotive, aviation, agriculture, petroleum, etc. are suppressed by the Whackjob Elite eFfeminates (WEF). I guess as long as their golden parachutes & lifestyles are unassailed, then to hell with the rest of the other 8B people.


    • What most do not understand,,, there won’t be 8b people. Already the excessive deaths are rocketing onward and upward while many of us still queue up for the safe and effective kill shot. Worse,,, these same morons are giving the injection to their children which will sterilize most of the new generations.

      That is their Money Shot.

    • Hi Mike

      What keeps most of these CEO types on their irrational self destructive course is something called ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance). Its a shell game that the likes of Blackrock Vanguard and other such have been pushing. Its the leading edge of Wokism and the Climate Cult. Both groups are useful idiots for those really behind all of this anti human insanity.

  12. My question to the diabolical narcissists of the WEF is this: By who’s authority? Who put you in charge? I didn’t vote for you. My elected representatives didn’t appoint you.

    Keep it up, plutocrats. In the Dark Knight Rises, I hated the part when Bane and his goons dragged the rich out of their tony houses. Now, if I watch that movie again, I’d cheer it. Between Soros and Klaus, I don’t know who hates humanity more.

    • ‘My elected representatives didn’t appoint you.’ — dr_mantis_toboggan_md

      True. But 14 of them gathered at the WEF meeting like flies on a cow turd:

      The US fedgov can’t stop Congress Clowns and governors from showing up at WEF if they want to. But the president sure as hell could stop sending executive branch members, such as these six saboteurs and traitors:

      John Kerry, Special Envoy
      Katherine Tai, US Trade Representative
      Martin Walsh, Secretary of Labor
      Samantha Power, US Agency for Intl Development
      Avril Haines, US Director of National Intelligence
      Christopher Wray, FBI Director

      “Our country is going communist, it’s going Marxist, it’s going really bad. The people of our country aren’t that way, but the people running it are.” — Donald J Trump, June 11, 2023

      • President Trump made a huge mistake. Candidate Trump promised to eliminate the Deep State. President Trump fed the Deep State thinking (like all the rich) he could buy his way in. Now that Deep State has got him by the ass and won’t let go.

  13. ‘Estimated cost savings of embracing a SEAM strategy to the world’s economy could total $5 trillion a year by 2050.’ — WEF

    These phantom “savings” are the same inverted gibberish we get from the lying Uniparty and the lying EPA. Congress Clowns perennially announce they are “saving” vast sums. But somehow spending just keeps on climbing … same as it ever did.

    Fedgov debt has cranked skyward by half a trillion this month to $31.89 trillion, after K-Mac the Kalifornicator’s dramatic debt ceiling deal.

    Such a deal, such a deal!

  14. How do you “Wake the flock up?” when they are happy being sheeple? We’ve all tried to point this out and all we get back is “new battery technology, hydrogen!!!, solar panels, etc”; any ideas out there? Hopefully once they really start to screw us there will be a reaction, but if locking us down like MS13 punks in El Salvador over the common cold didn’t clue the sheeple into what’s going on, what will?

    • Hi Landru,

      One of the things I try to do is focus on the falsity of the underlying premise; viz, that the “climate” is “changing” on account of literally fractional increases in the 0.04 percent of the air that is carbon dioxide. Pointing that latter out to people often gets them to think – and perhaps, to see.

      I hope so, at any rate.

      • The climate IS changing from increasing CO2 in the atmosphere.

        The exact effect of CO2, with and without water vapor, has been measured in a lab with infrared spectroscopy, and the data are in the HITRAN and MOTRAN databases.

        The important point is that CO2 above the current 420ppm (0.042%) is a weak greenhouse gas so can not harm anyone. even with the amplification of a water vapor positive feedback.

        Our best “skeptic” scientists estimate a doubling of the current CO2 level to 840ppm would increase the average temperature by +1 degree C., which would be harmless. The increase would be mainly at night. And mainly in the six colder months of the year, just like the global warming in the 1975 to 2014 period (no global warming since 2014).

        How long would it take to go from the current 420ppm CO2 to 840ppm, at the current _+2.5ppm CO2 a year? 168 years.

        This is not a CO2 does everything versus CO2 does nothing debate. We know exactly what CO2 does in a lab, and have no evidence that CO2 behaves completely differently in the atmosphere. That is the science of CO2.

        The wild guess predictions of manmade CO2 emissions global warming doom are not science at all. Especially because the predictions have been wrong since the late 1970s … and look even worse since 2014, when global warming stopped, despite the largest nine years of manmade CO2 emissions in history.

        CO2 does not control the average temperature. It is one of many climate change variables.

        More CO2 in he atmosphere always makes the world slightly warmer, and makes most plants grow better. Both are good news. Throughout history, people have enjoyed warmer centuries and hated colder centuries. We should be celebrating our warmer winters (we do here in Michigan) and our plants love more CO2 in the air. What is actually happening to the climate has no relationship to the long-predicted climate emergency — that is pre climate astrology.

        • Might I point out, that regardless how well managed, a lab is not an effing PLANET, that has variables we haven’t even thought of yet.

      • May I recommend this book to your attention:

        The author’s qualification:
        >Spencer received a BS in atmospheric sciences from the University of Michigan in 1978 and his MS and PhD in meteorology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1980 and 1982.

        and worked for NASA for many years.

        This book is intended for a moderately well educated general audience, rather than professional scientists, and is therefore concise and very easy to read.

    • Maybe, point out how the Elite are focusing on these giant plans to control co2 & such, but what has been their track record on the smaller things that are more doable?

      I recently saw a video of the world’s largest tire graveyard, in Kuwait I think, where a giant pile of tires in the middle of the thing has been burning non-stop for years. I didn’t know about it.
      Has anyone ever heard of an attempt by the WHO or WEF or any goobermint to put that fire out?
      …Or any of the other numerous fires around the world which burn constantly?

      …If ‘they’ can’t do, and haven’t done anything about these smaller things, why expect them to be able to successfully do anything about any larger so-called emergencies?

      …Just a thought.

      • Not a bad strategy in theory helot. When involved in convos w/ climate alarmists I often ask them how they think GovCo can manage such an intricate and complex system as Mother Earth, while being unable to pour some bags of pre-mix in a pot hole. Sometimes it seems to strike a chord, for an instant. Right before they pull out their phone and start swiping again. But hey, all my IRL friends already think I’m weird for not owning and carrying a smart phone everywhere I go.

  15. But it would be so “convenient” to have your whole life planned out for you the day you were born. By psychopaths who would prefer you dead.

    • These people are evil. If they are able to achieve their goal, the only use for “useless eaters” will be as “parts bodies.” Ear tags? Sure. Implanted microchip tracking devices? No doubt. But how about a “P” tattooed in the right armpit, just to be sure? And then, we can all go to America…


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