Where Are The Three Amigos?

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Have you noticed the Three Amigos have dropped out of sight? Not Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short, from the eponymous movie – but the three amigos. Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and George Soros.

All of them have gone very quiet all-of-a-sudden. Probably for the same reason that roaches run back under the refrigerator when you turn on the lights in the kitchen. They have been exposed.

Or rather, they got too much exposure.

This they probably did not plan on.

In the past – as in before the Internet – creatures such as they were able to do their work in darkness, largely unnoticed. Outside of policy wonk and “conspiracy” circles, few knew about the WEF and similar organizations, such as the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. The private clubs of the world’s ultra-rich who are by dint of that have become ultra-powerful because they have the means to buy the politicians the people are allowed to believe “represent” them – as opposed to representing the interests of those who bought their services. This happy arrangement was kept in the dark by the “media,” which was also bought by these same very rich people, who own controlling interests in the six or so corporations that own the “media.”

It’s very easy to get your “message” out this way. And to suppress any news that might undermine the “message.”

Bu then along came the Internet. And independent journalism, often taking the form of podcasts and web sites that these very rich interests had – and have – no control over. It is precisely why there was a concerted rictus of corporate outrage over what was styled “misinformation” when the truth was told.

Or the lies questioned.

And the people revealed.

Almost everyone now knows who George Soros and Klaus Schwab are – and what the WEF (and Bill Gates) are up to. They have heard about how they’re going to own nothing and supposedly be happy when these rich would-be World Controllers own everything. They have heard about eating ze bugs. They know they were lied to about “masks” and “vaccines” and pretty much everything about the “pandemic,” which many also know was “gamed” by these same would-be World Controllers just a few months before the real-but-fake one unfolded as if on cue, almost exactly as the “gamed” one did.

Abraham Lincoln was a also an Amigo – but he was honest (for once) when he said you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. Especially when you’ve lost control of the means by which people are fooled.

Fox News dumped Tucker Carlson – and people know exactly why. More people are listening to him now than were. Everyone who has a laptop has the means to broadcast on equal terms with CNN – and anyone who has a laptop does not have to watch CNN.

It is all very bad news for the Three Amigos.

The last year or so have been especially hard on them, just the same as boric acid is on roaches. What they thought they said to small groups of like-minded people whom they trusted to keep to themselves has filtered out to millions of people. The “message” they thought they could control has been countermanded by truth – and the latter has sounded the alarm.

It’s no wonder the Three Amigos have gone into hiding – not unlike the way pedophile priests were quietly sent to some remote monastery and here’s-hoping-people-just-forget-all-about-them.

People have had enough. One can feel the pulsing hate for these creeps, whose contempt for us has been unmasked and so their machinations exposed. We not only know who they are.

We understand what they are up to.

And that is very bad news for the Amigos.

. . .

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  1. these 3 are FAKE JEWS and elite freemasons

    here is what JESUS says about these FAKE JEWS that controlling this world

    REVELATION 2.9 AND 3.9 AND JOHN 8.44

    • Do you have any proof that Jesus (who was born Jewish) from Jewish parents (Mary of Nazareth) and Joseph actually said this? Did the Virgin Mary convert from Judaism to Christianity? Is there proof of that? How about Joseph?

      This is the exact reason I stay away from organized religion.

      In the Christian religion we celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th of each year. Has anyone questioned why we are celebrating a baby that was born Jewish and claiming it under the guise of Christianity. I realize I am probably not supposed to say that out loud.

      Before anyone starts on me for trying to disparage Judaism or Christianity I am not. I am asking questions on why a baby that was born as the same faith that you (martin) disavow is being celebrated. Wouldn’t it make more sense to celebrate Jesus after he converted to Christianity? By the way what date did he convert? I think it makes much more sense for the Christian religion to celebrate the day of his conversion rather that the date of his birth.

        • Actually, elysianfield, I tried to do that, but if one reads Luke or Matthew’s account Jesus was not even born on December 25th, but sometime in early fall. It wasn’t until John Chrysostom, who was the Archbishop of Constantinople, during the 4th century AD, who declared Jesus’s birth as December 25th. How some guy, 350 years after the fact, decides this is the day cannot be found.

          The celebration of Jesus’s birthday is based upon a day or renewal or salvation. Wouldn’t this make more sense to celebrate his day of Rising? I believe Easter holds more promise than Christmas.

          Actually, the only mention of this (and it is abstract at best) is from Paul the Apostle who wrote half of the New Testament. He proclaimed Jesus to be the Son of God and the Jewish Messiah, but does not delve into the celebration of his birth.

  2. It doesn’t matter that these “ph-ILL-anthropists” are exposed. The damage is already done, and probably has been for a long time now. Simply put, the dildos WANT to be taken care of, no matter how EVIL their caretakers are. They just cannot fathom the thought of caring for themselves, and they NEVER WILL.

    Forgive me for the dead-horse-beating pessimism, but after witnessing malicious attacks against us over the last few years for “daring” to live IN PEACE, it’s extremely difficult for me to have any hope left for humanity.

  3. At the beginning of the Scamdemic, I stated that the Internet is a two edged sword. It will cut both ways and not to the benefit of those who use it for nefarious control.

  4. Back “in the day”, before the internet, I learned about all these shadowy orgs from the The New American magazine. When I told a lot of my “normie” friends the concepts within those pages back then, I was usually looked upon as being a nut. It’s hilarious how many warnings written in those articles from the 90’s predicted exactly what is going on now. I’m not even surprised by any of it ….at all.

  5. The Three Amigos could never be made today because it’s three white straight guys and “cultural appropriation”. They sure will feed folks in prison and public schools (same thing) ‘ze bugs’.

  6. Three terms that these psychopaths don’t utter too much anymore if at all are “Build Back Better”, “Great Reset”, and “You’ll own nothing and be Happy”. People must have gotten wise to what those terms REALLY mean.

  7. The fact that we are not hearing from “The Three Amigos”, and that they are suddenly silent, is cause for suspicion. It is akin to the curious, very active and noisy two year old that suddenly has gone very, very quiet. Best get up out of your chair and go investigate, because you know good and well that very curious two year old is getting into trouble.

    • Hi Shadow,

      That’s my take as well. I suspect something – or several of them – is up. We have Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeev, for one. The senile pedophile and his bag-man son, for another. Orange Man. And it all feels like it’s coming to a head within the next several months.

      • Hi Eric. Exactly. Thats why I dread this winter. There are so many desperate hysterical people, in positions of power, that I seriously expect something dire to happen to distract the general population. As your favorite president once said; “Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” 🙂
        Lets hope that the general population doesn’t get fooled again. For all our sake’s.

      • Well, if the BRIC’s nations suddenly decide to dump the dollar back onto US soil, and/or a digital currency is implemented, that is going to grind everything to a halt. And just in time for the impending winter. Ugh, the possibilities they could implement are endless. Best to keep ones head on a swivel cause I see too many around me with their heads in their phones: The modern day version of having ones head in the cloud and just as dangerous.

      • >I suspect something – or several of them – is up.
        A few possibilities:
        Operation Northwoods
        A “new Pearl Harbor”
        Wag the Dog

        I hope none of the above (or anything like them) comes to pass, but who knows?
        Right now, Pedo Joe probably could not be re-selected. Naturally, the Demo(lition)craps, like all politicians, do not wish to give up power, because that is their addiction. Stirring up the shit in some way, to create a bogus “national emergency,” so that “we all have to pull together,” would likely improve their prospects tremendously.

        As I said, I hope none of these evil f*cks dares to try anything, but if they do, I hope they are found out before “zero hour,” and suffer slow and painful death in a very public place. Disembowelment, with their entrails burned before them, seems highly appropriate to me.

        • I agree, Adi –

          My prayer is that – if such a thing is attempted – there are still people in positions of power willing and able to put a stop to it. I have written before about Franco. Such a man may be needed, God help us.

  8. The Three Amigos have been quiet along with the other leading psychopaths ever since they’ve had the war in Ukraine to vicariously indulge their aggressions. But if the latest reports from independent sources are correct, this war is getting very close to ending in Russia’s favor.

    While I’d love nothing more than to see the smirks wiped off their war-mongering faces, I worry if if there’s no more Russia/Ukraine war to distract them, the psychopaths will again turn their undivided attention to us “normies” on the home front (a’ la 2020-21).

    • putin and zelensjy are FAKE JEWS and freemasons

      these 3 are also FAKE JEWS and freemasons

      drumpf and biden are also FAKE JEWS and freemasons

      revelation 2.9 and 3.9 and john 8.44

      • Hi Martin,

        I think this Keeeeeeeeeeeev business has its roots in Zelensky having “the negatives,” so to speak. Biden’s grift is our misfortune.

  9. Speaking of eating bugs and Bill Gates, have you noticed the sharp rise in the number of meat allergy cases caused by the spread of Lone Star ticks? How perfect is it that as the three Amigos are trying (in vain) to push the world towards bug consumption, the number of people infected with alpha-gal syndrome (or AGS), which causes a severe allergic reaction to a sugar in beef, pork, venison, milk, and other mammal products, is skyrocketing thanks to “tick spit” injected into a human when bit. And how appropriate for good ‘ol Bill…he can get everyone off meat without forcing his fake lab meat on them. I’m wearing bug spray outdoors…I LIKE my meat and don’t want to be unable to eat it anymore.

    • Is it due to tick bites? Or, due to something else? Makes ya wonder, maybe?

      I had a local guy (who knows ‘everyone’) tell me that ALL the dogs in the area have Lyme Disease… ’cause, their vets told ’em so,… after they all got a lyme vaxx? Idk.

      A video, if you’re interested?:

      “…another fundamental problem: how can this ‘disease’ possibly be diagnosed?

      This is an important topic because the marketing campaigns involving ticks as the cause of a big epidemic and even as potential “bio-weapons” have already begun…”


    • Hi Bill,

      Yeah, I have heard about this tick/meat allergy business. It skeeves me out a bit because out here in The Woods there are lots of ticks. I pulled one off my leg the other day. My girlfriend had one on her head. The loathsome creatures plague the dog, too.

      • Add some Guinea Fowl to your flock. Ticks are their favorite.
        When I was a kid, right after dirt was invented, ticks weren’t nearly as prevalent as they are now. We had fence rows, and Fescue wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous. Ergo, upland birds had a place to live, and I saw them a lot in my nature excursions, and I seldom got a tick. Now, no more fence rows, as they are torn down to facilitate cultivating ever larger fields, and Fescue is everywhere. Fescue grows so thick upland birds can’t run through it,

    • Could the rise in AGS be a result of a vaccine? We know that the modified RNA shots destroy the CD4 T helper cells which is part of the body’s adaptive immune system. The spike protein kills these cells and can create auto immune diseases, an acceleration of cancer, and other viral infections.

      If one has no immune system then, yes, a tick bite could easily cause an allergic response due to the suppression of white blood cells (leukocytes).

      If one stays away from shooting experimental “vaccines” into one’s body I have a feeling alpha gal syndrome is the least of our worries. On another note, free range chickens take of these critters quite nicely.

      • There are now 2700+ medical conditions assoiciated with the conjob scam, thousands that did not exist prior to the mass stabbing program.

        • With this MASSIVE propaganda campaign about climate change, I wouldn’t be surprised if the media and the Biden Thing try to blame medical problems people have developed after getting vaxxed on CLIMATE CHANGE. instead of the “vaccines”.

    • There are Chinese herbal formulas that are used to treat lyme disease and alpha gal. Also homeopathic remedies. It seems to depend on the person and the case and whatever other things are going on. So either approach isn’t 100% for everybody. But I know people that have and are using one or the other.

      Notice that western medicine has nothing for alpha gal and very narrow treatment options for lyme. One such treatment is daily intravenous antibiotics by IV drip! I know a guy that had that too and wrecked his body!

      It seems as though western medicine is “strangely” uninterested in figuring out alpha gal.

    • Hi Martin,

      People who lined up to have their eyes scanned in exchange for free money are probably the same ones who lined up to take the mRNA jabs in exchange for free donuts, free fries, free Marijuana, free beer, a chance to win a jackpot in a state vaccine lottery, etc.

      • Hi John,

        It’s sad how cheaply some people can be bribed with cheap rewards. Imagine the mentality of getting jabbed in exchange for free donuts! At least, for the eyeball scan, they are getting a couple thousand dollars. These people have no dignity. They stand in line in order to give up their privacy by relinquishing biometric information about themselves in exchange for a little money.

        This is partly how the CBDCs are going to be shoved down our throats. People will be offered monetary rewards in exchange for accepting the CBDCs. It is easier to impose tyranny on a society when a significant percentage of the population willingly accepts the tyranny in exchange for monetary rewards, rather than just imposing the tyranny at the point of a gun. The carrot and the stick work better together than just the stick.

        The only chance of defeating tyranny seems to be massive non-compliance.

  10. Martin Armstrong has predicted that the Great Reset will fail, but there will be a lot of collateral damage. The Three Amigos are all part of it. But what is really going on is what was referred to in Brave New World. Aldous Huxley did not just make the stuff up, he was doing his satanic duty to give a warning. His brother Julian Huxley with the first UNESCO director and was an internationalist, transhumanist, social Darwinist, secular humanist and eugenicist. You can see his fingerprints (and those of these movements) all over this. Jay Dyer does a great job on this. If the kids are transed out and the shots are sterilizing the rest, where we rely on artificial sperm and eggs in artificial wombs, then we have Huxley’s hatcheries in Brave New World. A Malthusian wet dream for Gates and his father.

    • “an internationalist, transhumanist, social Darwinist, secular humanist and eugenicist” – Man! That’s a mouthful!

      Throw in a dash of, “Malthusian wet dream” and most people will likely get glazed eyes,… in spite of the fact that it’s -> All True.

      …Wish I could forget my brother saying, “The government will take care of it”.

    • I can see where-if the Great Reset fails-that the Three Amigo will make sure that they destroy everyone and everything around them as punishment for its failure. They simply will not allow us, the “useless eaters” to go on being free, able to drive where we want, when we want without being told what to do like a bunch of five year old’s. They think that they own and rule the world, and if they cannot be at the top ruling, they will simply destroy everything.

      • Hi Shadow,

        As you may remember, during the height of COVID jab mania, there were efforts to blame the increasingly obvious failure of the “vaccines” to prevent infection & stop the spread of COVID on people who DIDN’T get vaxxed. However, we had that warning from Geert Vanden Bossche (and possibly others) that mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic was a TERRIBLE idea, predicting it would only backfire and pressure the virus to mutate into vaccine resistant variants. Such predictions have since come true. Will there also be efforts to blame the increasingly obvious problems with EVs (and the fact they’re actually WORSE for the environment than gas vehicles) on people who refuse to give up their gas vehicles & get an EV? I don’t doubt that’s coming.

        As for the psychopaths’ wet dreams for a “Great Reset”, should that fail, they may well try to blame those who wanted no part of it and have their puppets in media and government carry whatever narratives they concoct.

        • Yes, I can see both such scenarios because blaming others for their failures worked so well in the past. Except that with regards to EVs, there are reports of them starting fire, the lousy range, especially in cold climate states. And now the recent out right lying of the posted range verses the actual range. However, Bill Gates is a psychopath, and I can see him releasing an aerosolizied weaponized ebola virus if the EV route does not work. Or something like it. They are going to have to go even bigger this time. I have seen fence sitters wake up and that is not good for them. Maybe that is why the ATF has been busy shutting down gun stores, and why the O’Biden regime wants us disarmed? Either way, the rest of the year is going to be like a roller coaster kind of ride without a safety harness.

      • Easy just to pull the plug on all the electric grids accross the world and just say it was a solar flair. 6 months and apparently 90% dead.

  11. I think they are in hiding in preparation for the release of the fake aline invasion as everyone is starving, at war, impoverished and desperate. Then they ride in like the Three Amigos to save us as they descend from their spacecraft with interstellar tech and solutions.

  12. While I appreciate not seeing these pencil necked limp wristed reptilians on the front and center stage lately I try not to focus on the faces so much as the methods and scripts.
    George Soros’s son is soon to replace him etc. etc. For every one of these roaches we see there are dozens we’ve never heard of.
    Study their methods of control and resist them like you lif depends on it, (it does.)

    Anyone who has not checked into Mark Passio or Bill Coopers work should give it a look. There are a lot of base principle facts and methods of control/manipulation that never change although the faces of these methods often do.

    • RE: “I try not to focus on the faces so much as the methods and scripts.”

      That seems like a great tactic, much like watching the legs of a running back & not the body.

      Is this the Mark Passio you’re talking about?


      I have read many mentions of a late Bill Cooper over the years. Do you have any specific URL?

      • Helot:

        That is passio’s main site

        Bill Coopers mystery Babylon series is a 40 some odd hour audio diving into all sorts of secret societies from as far back as written history takes us.
        His book (Behold a Pale Horse) is still in print

        Of course he has an assortment of other clips all over you tube

  13. They are in hiding because what they hoped to accomplish has been achieved. Roughly, 5.5 billion people (a little over 72%) has received their modified RNA shot. I have clients who are now dying of turbo cancer. Those that are alive have inflammation, heart issues, and/or constantly sick.

    They are not going to force vaccine passports or bring on another Plandemic. They just needed one. They got it. The Three Amigos plan has come to fruition and they are waiting the final outcome. These men will never pay for the crimes they have committed against humanity. I am not a religious person, but I do hope there is a Hell for these murderers, as well as, every doctor and employer that enforced these.

    We are seeing the after affects of fear. Unfortunately, it will not be the elite…they weren’t dumb enough to get the shot. It will those close to us who became irrational and afraid. Others who believed they had to do it to save their job and feed their family. A few who just went along to get along.

    The hatred of the non vaxxed isn’t over. We will be abhorred because we didn’t “warn them” although we did (many times) and they chose not to listen. We will be despised because we aren’t experiencing what they are going through. We will be detested because we made the choice that didn’t conjure to the panic and anxiety. This game isn’t over but the main players will never suffer the repercussions. We know it and they know it.

    • We had a vaccine and testing mandate in my state for my employees. I ignored it. I ignored everything. My gym required one. I said FU. I’m one of the reasons communists hate small business.

      • Fortunately, ignoring often works. A little passive resistance goes a long way. It takes guts, but it often works.

      • RE: “I’m one of the reasons communists hate small business.”

        Kinda seems like you’re a hero, Mark3.

        And, I don’t mean that in the corny fake-assed way MSM & bootlickers everywhere gush on nurses, doctors, firefighters and cops.

    • Did plenty of employees take the vax anyway? Oh yeah. One a week in pain on her couch. Another doctor passed out at work. And more. Two doctors I fired recently still wear masks OUTSIDE.

      • A long time co-worker of mine died 4 months after her booster shot, and 3 months after retiring. So much for the hab helping her. Or saving all that money for her later years.

      • Yup, of the people who I know of who got The Jab, ALL of them get sick so frequently it’s not funny, either that, or they got serious other complications which sure do read like a disclaimer on a TeeVee ad would sound like if The Jab were like any other drug.

        I wonder if my little brother & his baby momma got the picture when they had to take their ~9 yr. old boy to the hospital because he couldn’t breathe… not long after getting The Jab.

        I doubt they made the connection ’cause all grandpa had to say about the ordeal was how the boy kept saying he didn’t understand why people didn’t like going to the hospital. …He was in a high Dollar child care wing & probably got waited on hand & foot & got all the ice cream he could handle? Idk.

        …Can’t do a danged thing about it all.

        “Moderna’s Covid booster caused 1 in 35 people to have heart injuries detectable with blood tests, Swiss doctors report. Will the Centers for Disease Control or American researchers take note?”…


    • ” Unfortunately, it will not be the elite…they weren’t dumb enough to get the shot.”
      Hi RG,
      I used to believe that too. I still do, to a lesser extent. But so many celebs have come down with blood clots, and other adverse reactions. Sports Stars, Hollywood and music industry notables and other public figures. I’m thinking that the only classes who got the “placebo vax” were the ultra wealthy, the bankers, and federal level politicians. And of course Gates. Didn’t he publicly take The Jab? Bless his heart.
      A much shorter list than I originally presumed.

        • Hi t05,

          I’ve heard this is asserted; I’ve yet to come across anything definitively suspicious – such as a “case” of a young, previously healthy athlete keeling over from heart trouble who wasn’t vaccinated.”

      • Hi Mike,

        I don’t consider celebrities part of the elite. I realize they view themselves in that regard, but they are peons like the rest of us. I guarantee Fauci nor Gates took the true injection. They are evil, not dumb.

    • “These men will never pay for the crimes they have committed against humanity.”

      Believe me, they WILL pay. Just not in this life.

  14. “You see, Jefe? A rose can bloom in the desert.” – El Guapo

    If I remove the windshield from my truck for the rest of the summer, I’ll be able to eat the freshest bugs on the planet.

    Think of the waste if you have a windshield, you’re losing out on the good stuff.

    If 8,000,000,000 people eat 100 bugs each day, there’ll be 800 billion fewer bugs.

    Day after day of eating bugs, there will be bug shortages.

    One thing is for sure, Klaus and Gates and Soros will all die one day, just like the rest of us.

    The Death Club is a big club and everybody is in it.

  15. The truth IS out there (per the X-files) but people have to be willing to look for it. This site is an excellent source – thanks Eric – and Substack has a number of great writers, especially Matt Taibi and Glen Greenwald, who shine the light on the cockroaches infesting govco. It’s kind of like the PTB are sticking their fingers into leaks in the dam but the leaks are popping up faster than they can plug them. Their naked arrogance may be what trips them up; Clowngress critters trying to censor a hearing on censorship of RFK,Jr., comes to mind, and wtf is this Stacey Plaskett “delegate from the Virgin Islands” idiot doing tossing out gratuitous insults? Someone should point out that she got “campaign contributions” from Jeffrey Epstein.

    • The final few episodes of The X-Files were sumthin’ else now. Wow. Especially, in hindsight.

      ‘The X-Files Season 11 “Final Two Episodes” Trailer (HD)’


      Hittin’ on so many truths, I’m surprised it even was allowed to be aired. …But, then again, Predictive Programming doesn’t roll like that.

  16. Top WEF Official: ‘Dangerous Conspiracy Theorists Must Be Eliminated’

    Sean Adl-Tabatabai – The Peoples’ Voice July 25, 2023

    A top World Economic Forum (WEF) official has called for so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ to be banned from accessing the internet due to their ‘dangerous’ belief that a global cabal of elites control the world.

    Yuval Noah Harari, who is Klaus Schwab’s right hand man, condemned the theory that a shadowy elite of billionaires and globalists control the world as “anti-Semitic” and “dangerous.”


    You will all learn an important fact in our times, the truth is antisemitic. And you will learn why. Because Jews are behind all the skullduggery and evil in the world.

    Bill Gates of Hell is Jewish

    George Sorrows is Jewish

    Klaus Slob is Jewish

    Yuval Noah Harari is Jewish

    And since Jews are like the cockroaches who do not want to be discovered, their last ditch effort to maintain their operations against us the Goyim (a Jewish derogatory word which means cattle) they flaunter the term antisemitic around to shut us up, keep us in fear, try to stop us from telling the truth about them and what they are doing.

    On PBS, Amy Goodman (Jewish) was told by an Israeli parliament leader Shulamit Aloni why and how antisemitism is used by Jews to silence their critics: “Anti-semitism is a trick we use when people criticize Israel”.

    Legitimate criticism of Israel is antisemitic according to the ADL, as is investigating who did 911. The ADL knows Israel did 911, because they participated in it, and were heavily involved in the coverup. The ADL committed treason, and they can hang for their crimes against us, and they know that, which is why the ADL reptiles are so shrill about stopping any real investigation of 911. Trump knows this, which is why he kowtows to Jewish power by saying Saudi Arabia did it. Any political candidate that outs Israel and Jews will soon be dead or forced out – which RFK Jr. just found out when he pointed out that the death jab was affecting Jews less.

    Debbie Wasserman Shultz (Jew tranny) grilled RFK Jr. and tried to silence him from even defending himself. Understand the Jew thinks it is superior, and you the Goyim inferior, and thus the Jew tells the Goyim candidate to shut up. Only the Jew has the right to speech.

    Jews believe they have a god given right to kill us off. It is a religious belief with them, they have no guilt about it, and if you challenge them about what they are doing they will slander you, they will call you a conspiracy nut or antisemitic. They will use the full force of their control of the Jewdicial system to silence you.

    When you turn on the television to watch a debate, it will be Jew A vs. Jew B., that is why it is called the “Jewtube”. All you hear is different Jewish versions of whatever, both sides of a Jewish argument are 100% Jewish bullshit. The truth is Jews believe the First Amendment is for Jewish speech and all others can shut the hell up. They believe in free speech for Jews and none for you.

    That is why the climate debate has no climate change skeptics. Only the Jewish version of reality is allowed. To challenge the climate narrative is “antisemitic”. Indeed it is. Telling any truth on any subject is antisemitic because the Jews have perverted every single avenue of the human experience.

    Are you against trannies and fudge packers? Well buster you are an antisemite! Are you against abortion? Abortion is a Jewish sacrament. Are you against child mutilation, child blood sacrifice, oral circumcision? Well then you are a dirty aunty semenite don’t you know. Jews define our reality, which is why our reality is completely screwed up, inverted, perverted, etc.

    All that matters to Jews are Jews, and all the rest of humanity and can just shut up and die – and that is a truth you must learn as they cull the Goyim, ie you. That is the truth of what is going on, and you are not supposed to figure it out – but you must figure it out because your life depends on it.

    • Shalom!

      Hey, quit picking on Jews like that, they’re good people too, ya know.


      If all of the goyim are dead, what will the Jews do after that?

      “Can’t we just all get along?” – Rodney King

      The Phoenicians are gone, so are the Sumerians.

      As long as there is a good pastrami recipe and enough cocoa for pumpernickel bread, if the Jews go the way of the Phoenicians, there will be some consolation. Something left behind.

      Preserve their dna using cryogenics or something.

      It’s much more fun to pick on Jews, so they can’t die off, please.

    • That’s a bit extreme take on the Jews. For one thing Bill Gates is not Jewish. It’s true Jewish interests exert too much influence over US policy but that is due to the people involved not just their Jewishness.

      Jews tend to occupy the upper echelons of virtually all political ideas, liberal, conservative, libertarian, etc. Karl Marx was a Jew but so were Murray Rothbard and Milton Friedman. Lots of Jews are neocons but many are anti-war. The group is dedicated to high academic achievement and of course is generally financially well off.

      I would prefer Whites seek to emulate their success instead of complain how successful they are and how mean they are to the “goyim”. Makes Whites sound like whiny victims.

  17. Eric: They have been exposed.

    I would say more people know what “they” are up to compared to the past but most people believe everything they are told. Like that TV show said “The truth is out there.” but the first step is realizing that, the next step is looking for it and the third step is telling others.

    Pointing out to people that if EVs are the future where are all those needed new power plants to recharge them let alone the supporting infrastructure?

    If the plandemic was so deadly how come hardly any one died and those that did were the old and unhealthy or even how come it was safe to shop at Wallyworld but not to go to “Lanas’s Clip and Curl” or “Joe’s Diner”?

    In many ways we are not living in a world of “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king” but rather “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is burned at the stake as a heretic”.

  18. Someone else we don’t seem to hear from much anymore is Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer. For a while, the media was interviewing him about as much as they interviewed Tony Fauci, usually about the latest news on COVID or VACCINES.

    • Bourla faces a small but finite chance of capital charges for his crimes against humanity.

      We’re talking about the millions worldwide, injured and slaughtered by his fraudulent ‘vaccines.’ And the permanently elevated death rate that lingers on in heavily vaxxed nations.

      Bourla would be well advised to obtain a new identity, undergo extensive cosmetic surgery, and move to a regime with no extradition treaties.

      I hear Pyongyang is nice this time of year …

  19. Soros has retired officially, leaving his even bigger psychopath of a son in charge of the family business:

    Alex Soros, who has been the chairman of OSF since December, says he is more political than his father. He thus plans to extend the causes embraced by OSF to voting and abortion rights, as well as gender equity, and will continue to finance the campaigns of left-leaning U.S. politicians. This means that the Soros name will remain a favorite target of conservatives and conspiracy theorists.


    Now as a libertarian I don’t really care at all what people do with their wealth. If they want to plaster the countryside with campaign ads for Camletoe Harris’ bid for DA I’m fine with it. And really I don’t care what the motivation for doing so might be either, in fact I’m a little jealous of the fact that this “man” with no scruples is open in his plan to short the US economy. I could make a lot of money if I didn’t care about my soul. Besides, the shorts are usually vilified, and Soros is the biggest short of all.

    What really speaks volumes is the gullibility of the US voter. Not that it hasn’t always been this way, people are people after all. Soros’ shenanigans highlight why we don’t want a powerful centralized government. It is too easy for psychopaths to take over.

  20. And yet the 1% continue getting fabulously wealthier while the rest of us get “fabulously” poorer.
    Perhaps in hiding because they’ve gotten the ball rolling they way they want, and running their mouths in broad daylight might interfere with the ball rolling the way they want. Hopefully the exposure of half or better of Western “leadership” being products of the WEF will put their ball in the gutter.
    Perhaps as the “vaccine” deaths reach terminal velocity, people might be looking for somebody to blame (besides themselves for going along) and likewise stop the ball.
    Perhaps since they have so much money they couldn’t spend it all if they tried, they are calling “game over”, so why bother with the risk of being lynched?
    Once upon a time, in Texas, the victim “needed killing” was a legal, and oft times successful defense against a murder charge. Don’t know if it still is or not, but it was successful in the Skidmore incident, without going to trial. A POS was executed on main street in broad daylight, but no witnesses could be found.

  21. Amigo Gates probably didn’t count on Senora Gates deciding that she’d had enough of living the open marriage arrangement and heading for the exit of the giant house in Medina with some of her dignity intact.

    Yes, Melinda Gates gave us Microsoft Bob, but most of the world has forgotten that career highlight. From all appearances, it looks like she raised normal children.

    The divorce battle has yet to be waged.

  22. I’m hoping that there will be a critical mass of people (not a majority, but a tireless, sizable minority) who will DERAIL the plans of these evil psychopaths! That would be a beautiful thing… 🙂

    • Hi Mark,

      These psychopaths were undoubtedly hoping to have every last human who wasn’t one of them vaxxed so they could institute their digital vaxx passports. And to accomplish that goal, they ran a HEAVY propaganda campaign about COVID, the experimental mRNA jabs, and people who refused to be part of this MASSIVE experiment. Had it not been for people who REFUSED to be guinea pigs for Pharma, they’d have likely accomplished that goal by now, and we might not be able to see who was getting sick and who wasn’t.

      Another problem that has been exposed the past few years is the tremendous amount of influence that Pharma has over the media and the government. It would be interesting to see how many executives at Pharma companies such as Pfizer have links to the WEF.

      • That’s what I mean. Look at how the vax passports disappeared; they’re GONE! It wasn’t so long ago that TPTB were talking about them as if they were a done deal; now, NY State, among others, is discontinuing them.

        • Well the WHO is still planning on implementing WORLDWIDE vaxx passports, and the Biden Thing now has a permanent “office of pandemic preparedness”, whatever that means, but it appears it will be headed by a MILITARY officer.

          • Many entities were planning on implementing vax passports, but those efforts have stalled. Why? Because the people balked. If enough of us dig in our heels and say NFW, then we can derail them again.


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