The Chimp vs. Now

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The Left isn’t liberal. If it were, it would be fulminating with anger over what the federal government and corporate America are doing.

Fomenting war, for instance.

And pushing proprietary drugs on people and making billions off the people all-but-literally forced to take them. Lying to people. Oppressing people. Liberals used to oppose such things. Just as liberals used to object to such things as the herding of people into “free speech zones,” where what they were allowed to say could not be heard by the audience intended to hear it.

But that was when the Left did not control the federal government or the corporations that have become so enmeshed with the government as to be indistinguishable from the government.

Do you remember the era of The Chimp?

Leftists pretending to be liberals called him that – and worse – and weren’t wrong to do it. The Chimp – George W. Bush – was a tyrannical and psychopathically callous character who gleefully maneuvered the country into supporting an unprovoked attack on a country that had not attacked this one nor been a party to the “events of Nahhhnlevven,” as The Chimp liked to put it. Possibly several hundred thousand innocent Iraqis – many of them civilians – were murdered (the etymologically correct term for what was done) and countless American soldiers were psychologically ruined for life by having been made the instruments of this appalling work.

Liberals – at the time – pretended to be outraged. They weren’t really. They were maneuvering.

The Chimp also oversaw the transformation of what had been America into a Homeland – one in which security became a kind of fetish object and the enemy of freedom, the true meaning of what The Chimp also used to say practically every time he said anything.

He abused the Constitution like piece of toilet paper he was said to have said he thought it was. Even if he didn’t actually say it, he obviously meant it.

As he did these things, many on the right applauded – while the Left pretended to be appalled. Whole web sites were devoted to deriding The Chimp – including The Smirking Chimp, whose motto was: Ask not who The Chimp smirks at . . . he Smirks at You.

There is no – or at least, very little – smirking at the psychopathically callous tyrant (and grifter) who currently occupies the same office The Chimp long ago vacated. The one who flushed whatever remained of the “goddamned piece of paper” The Chimp all but actually wiped his rear-end with.

At least The Chimp allowed “free speech” – in “zones.” The current Decider decided not only to stifle it – with the collusion and cooperation of the corporations that have acquired near-monopoly control over free speech via their ownership of the main outlets for speech. He sought to criminalize it, characterizing any criticism of himself, his policies and especially the legitimacy of the sketchiest presidential election in the history of the country as “threats to our democracy.”

By which he meant the hegemony of the Left that saw to it he was selected president.

He has also pushed the world closer to a war than it has probably been since the Cuban Missile Crisis back in the early years of JFK’s presidency, back in the early 1960s. Ironically, Kennedy – who was a Democrat but not a Leftist – was horrified by the prospect of a word war, especially one over Cuba.

But the callous old psychopath who sits in the same office today seems eager to egg-on a nuclear war with Russia – over Ukraine.

And the Left cheers it on.

But why does it cheer what it used to boo?

The answer is as simple as it is hard to understand – at first. It is that Leftists aren’t Democrats – much less liberals. They are Leftists. As such, they do not oppose war or the co-option by corporations of the government; nor do they favor free speech or bodily autonomy or privacy, either.

They are very willing to use them, however.

For just as long as they are useful, in terms of undermining opposition to the Left and advancing the power of the Left. Once the Left acquires power, it no longer cares about free speech – except its own, of course. And it has no problem with wars provoked by Leftists. It can pirouette as adroitly as a Bolshoi ballerina from screeching about “my body, my choice” to advocating that people who object to being pressured to admit a substance into their bodies (or put a religious garment over their faces) ought to be excoriated and excommunicated from general society.

Put into camps, even.

It is baffling, at first – as it would be to deal with a dog that insists it’s a cat while barking at you rather than purring. But only for as long as it takes to understand that a Leftist is only consistent when it comes to one thing – and that is the pursuit of power. Once acquired, it is held – by any means necessary. Up becomes down and day becomes night. The standards the Leftist pretended to cherish are replaced by double standards. What’s right for them is wrong for you – and what’s right (and wrong) for you is whatever they say it is.

Understand this, and you will understand the Left.

You will understand that it is a pointless – a losing – strategy to attempt to reason with the Left, to point out facts that expose the seemingly contradictory stances the Left takes, so as to persuade the Left that it ought to reconsider. You will finally understand the ice-cold reality that the Left is not interested in debate or truth but rather, crushing it.

Along with anyone that stands in its way.

. . .

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  1. The first comment on J P Sears “Narrative Scripts” video.

    “Arguing with a leftist is like playing chess with a pigeon. You move, it knocks over the pieces, shits all over the board, then struts around like it won.”

  2. I did vote for Bush the Younger back in 2000 because he said a lot of nice things. It was only after he got elected that he said a lot of BS. I did not vote for Bush in 2004 and wrote in Ron Paul. A lot of good that did. The following is some of the BS Bush said and did after he got elected.

    Number one was the “No child left behind” BS. “It supported standards-based education reform based on the premise that setting high standards and establishing measurable goals could improve individual outcomes in education”. Bush mistakenly thought that children with 80 and below IQ’s could eventually be made to read and do math at the 100 IQ level.

    Number two was the “American Dream Downpayment Act of 2003”. This was meant to close the home ownership gap between White people and black/brown people. This lead to the mortgage meltdown of 2008. You can research what happened on your own. It was a catastrophe for America.

    Number three was the Iraq war where Bush tried to convince the American people that Sadam Hussein was America’s and the world’s greatest threat. You will remember the TV ads where nuclear bombs were exploding and drones were spraying cities with poisonous gases.

    I don’t know who hired Bush to be president but those people truly are America’s enemies wasting precious money and time on BS.

      • I guess a person can stay home and not participate. Where I live voting matters not at all in every election even local elections. I just go out and vote to see who lives in my area. My area is dominated by Democrats(commies.. socialists/marxists). I choose to live in the front lines of civilizational collapse so as to observe and report. Much like Bart the mall cop.
        Ron Paul at least had the common sense to understand that no third party can win a national election. I voted for him in the primaries but I guess he was far down the list. In 2004 I wrote him in as I could not would not vote for people like Bush, Romney, McCain etc.

  3. The Chimp just plain screwed up royally.

    -He tried to engage in nation building and spreading democracy in countries with no history or culture that supports democratic rule.
    -He did nothing about controlling immigration, especially immigration from countries that hate us.
    -He turned airports and planes into prison camps.
    -He presided over one of the worst financial crises in the world and bailed out those responsible.
    -He got us into not one, but two wars that got a lot of people killed, crippled, and psychologically damaged.
    -He pushed No Child Left Behind, which didn’t work.
    -He pushed a prescription drug entitlement that added to Medicare’s financial burden.
    -His administration saw the national debt balloon.

  4. ‘[“Biden”] has also pushed the world closer to a war.’ — eric

    Oh, this is rich! Paraphrasing slightly from a ZeroHedge post this morning:

    ‘Ukie president Volodoymr Zelensky is in Washington Thursday, where he’s expected at the White House to meet with “President” Joe Biden. Importantly, he’s also soon due to meet with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, at a moment some GOP dissenters are holding up Pentagon funding and the potential for more Ukraine aid.

    ‘McCarthy vowed Tuesday to confront and intensely question Zelensky when the two meet. He asked going into the meeting, “Is Zelensky elected to Clowngress? Is he our president? I don’t think I have to commit anything and I think I have questions for him.”

    “Where’s the accountability on the money we’ve already spent? What is the plan for victory? I think that’s what the American public wants to know,” McCarthy added.’

    I have my own leetle question: Has the fat lady sung?

    Ay caramba, it’s lookin’ like curtains for the poison dwarf!

    And, Dog willing, maybe for the senile scarecrow from Scranton too. 🙂

  5. I regret voting for GWB and his father. In fact the only prez vote I don’t regret is Ron Paul (twice).

    As for the left, I stand by my statement from EP’s reasoning with lefties article a week or two ago –they need to have their balls/ovaries removed so they don’t breed and their vocal cords removed so they’ll STFU.

    ‘Merica is not a republic or a democracy. We’ve gone full on fascist.

    • Well, I put Bo Gritz, Harry Browne, and Gary Johnson as POTUS candidates I have NO regrets over voting for. Besides, knowing how my state (CA) suffers under one-party “rule” (NOT “governance”), effectively, in the Quadrennial nuttiness known as a Presidential election, my vote is meaningless anyway, insofar as influencing how the formerly Golden State’s now 54 electoral votes will go. So, it becomes a matter of, how can I best give the corrupt-o-crats running California (into the ground) the “FINGER”?

  6. Speaking of the left pivoting away from their tools……

    Remember that poor women, Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son in Iraq? She was camped out near the Bush ranch and received weekly, if not daily, coverage in the news.

    Once Obama was elected (perhaps selected as I believe there have not been valid elections going back to the 1800’s), she was discarded by the press and never heard from again.


  7. The liberal/consertaive left/right paradigm are false divisions. It’s really between statists and individual liberty. The majority of Repiblicans are statists and all the democrats are. The song Rich Men North of Richmond kind of explains what’s going on.

  8. More fake history revealed……..King George III was a fake…a fraud….

    England’s longest-ruling monarch before Queen Victoria, King George III (1738-1820) ascended the British throne in 1760. During his 59-year reign, he presided over the loss of the American Revolution.

    Bush, Clinton and Trump are supposed to have bloodlines connected to the fake British royals…

    The world is familiar with the Magna Carta and its importance with Common Law. Greg Hallett, author and historian, claims that it is a fraud….very interesting….

  9. Javier’s Milei’s Populist Strategy In Argentina Is Working

    Javier Milei is making a splash on all sides, because on August 13, 2023, he won the primaries for the presidency in Argentina. In the German media, he is described as ultra-right and ultra-libertarian.

    Recently, the Financial Times dealt with the self-confessed anarcho-capitalist in a column, in which the author insinuated that the libertarian Milei would follow the strategy of right-wing populism designed by Murray Rothbard in 1992. This gives rise to the question if that claim is true and what exactly is this right-wing populism?

    According to the paleo-libertarian Rothbard, the program of right-wing populism includes 8 main points:

    Radical tax cuts

    Radical reduction of the welfare state

    Abolition of privileges for “protected” minorities

    Crushing criminals

    Getting rid of bums

    Abolition of the Federal Reserve

    A program of America First (anti-globalist and isolationist)

    Defending traditional family values

  10. ‘Fomenting war, for instance.’ — eric

    Oops, we have a glitch in the Matrix:

    ‘Poland will no longer arm Ukraine to focus on its own defence, Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Wednesday, a few hours after Warsaw summoned Kyiv’s ambassador amid a row over grain exports.’ — AFP News

    Well, that’s a hell of a note, just before ‘Biden’ welcomes the peripatetic mendicant Zelenskyyyyy to the White House tomorrow.

    Doesn’t anybody want to fight for Kyiiiiiiivvv? What, our colorful greeeeenbacks don’t interest y’all anymore? 🙁

    * shakes fist at the rising moon *

  11. Really great article. Fortunately many Republicans have woken up to the fact Bush was an evil RINO. That’s why Trump is so far ahead in polls even though he’s well …Trump. Bush hates Trump, Cheney hates Trump, McConnell hates Trump, all the leading party members hate Trump, but the voters love him. For just that reason.

  12. Some ugly things that emerged from the Chimp’s time as President and still exist is The Patriot Act & Dept. of Homeland Security, which have both metastasized over the past 20+ years. People who warned at the time that such things would eventually be used against ordinary American citizens have been proven correct. And now the government wants Americans to snitch on each other as well….

    • Hi John,
      The PTB are doing their best to turn Amerika into another East Germany, and they seem to be succeeding; the covid crazies turning against the un-masked and un-vaxxed is just a prelude.

      • Hi Mike,

        Have you noticed that many of the COVID crazies were once skeptical of Big Pharma, even going so far as to say they weren’t taking any “Trump vaccine”? After Joe Biden became “President” though, they’ve effectively become SHILLS for Pharma and advocated MANDATING that same “Trump vaccine” for all, no questions asked.

        • Some of them were on to the narrative before Trump left office. I know. I have a brother that was. He wore masks. He called me almost daily to harangue me about Trump, the number of COVID deaths, to remind me when a right wing person died of COVID among other niceties. I learned that I hated New Zealand PM Adern, Gretchen “Reelected” Whitmer and other that I hadn’t given two minutes.

          The real covid adherents had done their pivot from being against Big Pharma to aiding and abetting the loss of our liberty to a fake virus and a scam.

          Of course, they will point out that the virus is real and xyz number died today. Well, the nubmer of deaths from (and with COVID) is greatly exceed by vaccine injury statistics so far and will be dwarfed when people continue to receive jab system updates.

          These are the opinion leaders in the COVID theatre.

          I’m done with them all. Again, I repeat myself, if they try and jab me, they will be wearing the needle on their ear.

      • Just look at who his spoiled daughters back. They were annoying enough when, as young *ahem* “ladies”, they were most notorious for “clubbing”. Not that they were any different than any slut of their generation.

  13. “They are Leftists. As such, they do not oppose war or the co-option by corporations of the government; nor do they favor free speech or bodily autonomy or privacy, either”

    Used to be called Fascism when corporations were holding hands with government. Today they call it public private partnership. Mussolini called it corporatism. In fascism corporations are private but regulated by government. In Communism government owns everything. Both own you.

    Jim Quinn has a nice Global Warming shortie on Zerohedge worth reading….

    • leftists….

      “The two psychological tendencies that underlie modern leftism we call “feelings of inferiority” and “oversocialization”…

      By “feelings of inferiority” we mean not only inferiority feelings in the strict sense but a whole spectrum of related traits; low self-esteem, feelings of powerlessness, depressive tendencies, defeatism, guilt, self-hatred, etc…

      When someone interprets as derogatory almost anything that is said about him (or about groups with whom he identifies) we conclude that he has inferiority feelings or low self- esteem. This tendency is pronounced among minority rights activists, whether or not they belong to the minority groups whose rights they defend. They are hypersensitive about the words used to designate minorities and about anything that is said concerning minorities. The terms “negro”, “oriental”, “handicapped” or “chick” for an African, an Asian, a disabled person or a woman originally had no derogatory connotation…

      The negative connotations have been attached to these terms by the activists themselves…

      Those who are most sensitive about “politically incorrect” terminology are not the average black ghetto-dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom do not even belong to any “oppressed” group but come from privileged strata of society.”

  14. I wasn’t really paying attention during the Bush era, but my impression is that the left just hated him because the media told them to. They don’t care about war or rights, clearly. They were just good arguments to use against Bush. Bush, who to the left, was a metaphor for the common American they hate so much. Like Trump. They hated Trump because he was a quazi-metaphore for the people who voted for him. An object for their hate. Again fueled by the media they vigorously consume. The media never criticized Trump for something like the vax, so neither does the left. They just do and think and respond as their media program.

    • RE: “I wasn’t really paying attention during the Bush era,”

      I have some thoughts about that.

      … How we got to where we are now, ’cause of that.

      I’ll stop there, in the intrest of your commenting here, & now.

  15. The modern left are progressives, not liberals. Much of the modern right are progressives too.

    Progressives have always sought war & control in order to progress us into their version of perfection.

    Lincoln, Wilson, FDR all wanted war & the power that came with it.

    Today, R & D are littered with progressives & the closely related neocons. They will feign disapproval when their party is not the one doing the killing & violating, but this is all just team A vs team B.

    • There’s a lot of truth to that.

      Progressivism is shown clearly in the area of automotive regulation.

      There has been no move to undo the excesses of 5 decades of auto industry regulation by either Repukes or Dems. People on the right are just now waking up to the EV push and whatnot, but it goes a lot deeper than that.

      As far as I’m concerned, the real right needs to push for a complete repeal of the Motor Vehicle Highway Safety Act of 1966 and the Clean Air Act of 1970 as well as the Corporate Average Fuel Economy regulations.

      As a younger man, I approved of some of this, but having the experience of 50 years of watching this crap, I don’t think we have gained a thing as a result of creating NHTSA or the EPA. Not a thing.

      Time to throw the damned thing into reverse

  16. Funny how when Bush was in office, the Left was marching in the streets against war but they disappeared when Obama and Biden took over.

    Funny how when Bush was in office, the Left would invade Congress and “disrupt official proceedings” like committee hearings, but then it was all good fun and nobody got charged with sedition or sentenced to 20 years for it:

  17. Unfortunately, the left (communists) owns all the levers of power now. The last institutions to fall were those involved in capitalist markets; corporations and banks. I hear people say wait until ‘24, we’ll vote em out. 2016 they cheated, but not enough. 2020 they doubled down and stole it and got away with despite the mountains of evidence. 2024 will be a bloodbath for the republicans despite the polling in their favor. I suspect republicans in safe districts and states will be upsetted in favor of leftist democrats due to the tripling down of fraud. The goodbye Bill of Rights and hello open tyranny.

    • degenerate oligarchs…the democratical ruling parasite class

      Elites want the land, your land and your possessions.

      Government, the destroyer of all nations

      neo liberal is another word for neo cons, but they are not liberal (they favor total control of the economy by megacorp…fascism… and push for total control of the media and politicians) nor conservative (they hate tradition, religion, family, etc.)…
      most of their mentors come from the marxism, like Leo Strauss. As they are marxists by essence, they are also total materialist

      I think pedosatanist is a better, more accurate term: pedos, as they see people as objects,
      it should start very young as people are easier to manage and control .

      Satanist, because they want to invert all the values of the society, promoting instead end of family, end of gender, active sexuality for children, end of freedom, promote desperation among the population, promote hate of each other, etc. Just take a look at hollywood or anything on netflix: the satanic symbols and values are all over…

  18. About the war dead – the MSM and gov lie to coverup their crimes. The official toll is often a magnitude understated. Dr. Kevin Barrett estimates the post 911 wars have killed 20-30 million Muslims and Arabs thus far.

    When pressed the Pentacon


    Last night on Jeff Rense radio, guest Mitchell Henderson made estimates of wounded Ukes using a miltary formul, the wounded to kill ratio is 4.14.

    He said 1.7+ million -2 million

    (That is derived by 500,000 dead x 4.14)

    500,000 dead

    14 million Ukes fled Ukraine. Half the country left.

    This is one of the biggest disasters in history caused by 2 men:

    Zelensky and Biden

    The day the USA turns off the money spigot the war ends.

    Biden the Butcher, Biden is the singular cause of this disaster, and always wants more money to keep the bloodletting going. He is demonically evil and sick and needs to be removed ASAP.

    BTW Congress is not much better, having approved much so far, but now is wavering. The Amerikan political establishment thrives on war and is most deserving of the ‘Great Satan’ title it has earned itself.

    • When pressed the Pentacon said they are now counting dead Iraqis because they learned in Vietnam, that the Amerikan people do not support these wars and will protest if the death toll keeps going up.

      So Rumsfeld actually said this and they stopped counting the dead. They don’t give a shit anyways, and are busy counting their golden shekels piling up in their bank accounts.

      • Sorry for the typo, should be:

        “the Pentacon said they are NOT counting dead”

        The Intercept ; “The Pentagon and its enablers prefer to turn the killing and maiming of civilians into an abstraction by calling it “collateral damage” so that it becomes a detail of history that we can pass over.
        Most Read
        U.S. Helped Pakistan Get IMF Bailout With Secret Arms Deal for Ukraine, Leaked Documents Reveal
        Ryan Grim, Murtaza Hussain
        Confused Automakers Braced for Strike at the Wrong Plants
        Daniel Boguslaw
        Mahmoud Abbas Holocaust Controversy Spotlights Deep Disillusion With Palestinian Authority
        Alice Speri

        Ignoring civilian casualties is a necessary act of erasure if you wish to avoid a frank assessment of not just the Iraq War, but also the legacy and future of U.S. foreign policy. If you specify those casualties — which is not just hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis in an illegal war begun with lies, but also millions of people injured, forced out of their homes, and traumatized for the rest of their lives — the discourse must change.”


        Why does the Pentacon love robots? A robot can be programmed to kill without conscience, which means it will kill woman and children also, on command, without remorse. That is the real reason why General Apocalyse Now is spending tens of billions on robot armaments.

        Soon, humanoid robots will be slaughtering whoever the Jews want, and Ai will count the dead, and the Pentagon will be renamed the Department of Eternal Peace and lie about the dead then also.

        Have you all seen this prediction, slaughterbots?

        Sci-Fi Short Film “Slaughterbots” | DUST

        Slughterbots coming to a town near you, right after they burn it to the ground with satellite microwave lasers.

        Note: Lahaina is still missing 2,000 children.

        • “Have you all seen this prediction, slaughterbots?”


          I have read.
          I can imagine.
          Terminator. Is their dream.

          …Evil, knows no bounds.

    • One viewpoint of that war is ………it is a meat grinder to get rid of fighting age straight white males, on both sides….they might be a danger to the aristocracy…..

      • Agree.

        Jeff Rense says every night on his show, and no Jews going to the front line, only white Christian boys.

        And Zelensky, the Jew, is outlawing Christianity, and don’t forget, Ukraine is a democracy run by a dictator.

        • And the women do not help…..they encourage the men to go to war to fight for democracy or some such bs……in the past these wars were power struggles between the aristocracy….the slaves are forced to go fight their battles….

          this war is definitely……a meat grinder to get rid of fighting age straight white Christian males, on both sides…..

          more traitor slaves….the lgbtq..trans gang…and the climate hoax gang…helping the luciferion aristocracy….

          • EV buyers……

            more traitor slaves… the climate hoax believer gang…helping the luciferion aristocracy….the pedosatanists agenda….

  19. Politics aren’t one dimensional, left vs right, but that’s what we have in the news. There are plenty of principled leftists, eg, Marxists. They’re delusional idiots, but they have principles. Most vocal people labeled as “left” are authoritarians. They believe in the rule of the elite, and celebrate government power and its ability to force their views onto other people. This isn’t limited to the left either, there are plenty of authoritarians on the “right”, it’s just that the left is much more effective politically at the moment.

    To them, it is unthinkable that someone might choose to live in a different way than they proscribe, there’s clearly something wrong with a person choosing differently; they must be stupid or uneducated, or evil, so the government must step in and force them to act “correctly”.

    I am surrounded by these people in my daily life. They are not aware that they are authoritarians, but believe that they’re helping others be better people, or to make the right life choices. Whenever asked, they say they believe in the principle of live-and-let-live, however, when pressed farther, there’s a caveat, “only as long as you live their way”.

    I asked one of them recently, “why should some politicians in DC dictate what we teach in CA and what others teach in TX?”. She said, there should be one standard of what is taught, because those people in TX might teach creationism. “so what?”, I asked. You are over here, they are over there, and why should a community which is largely creationist not teach creationism? The answer, “because it’s wrong, we know it’s false, and it makes people backward”. So, next question; “if there is one standard, what if the TX people take over DC and teach creationism in CA? Should they have that power?”. Answer, “of course not”. I tried to walk her into seeing that this is the same as forcing teaching evolution in Texas, but she would not. Somehow, according to her “feels”, it’s different. I don’t mean to pick on TX, I just picked a state in this discussion that a Californian has a reflexive reaction to.

    • ‘there are plenty of authoritarians on the “right”’ — OppositeLock

      Consider one proposal before us at this moment, as a government shutdown looms:

      ‘A group of House Republicans announced a short-term measure that would keep the government funded through October, to avert a partial government shutdown.

      ‘Their continuing resolution would cut nearly 1% from current spending. The Defense Department and VA would not see their funding slashed, though other agencies would have their budgets cut by roughly 8%.’ — CBS News

      Note the internal contradiction: the bloated trillion-dollar Defense/VA complex gets a free pass from alleged fiscal conservatives, while the rest get slashed 8 percent.

      To shrink the US fedgov, and make the US back into a normal country that defends its own borders (and nowhere else), Defense would need to be chopped by half or even two-thirds.

      But ‘strong defense’ [read: global empire] is part of the conservative Republican profile, just as ‘wide-open borders’ are part of the liberal Democrat profile. Both are destructive. But probably not a single Congress Clown opposes both.

      Only answer I see is 50 sovereign states, with a weak, starving fedgov defined by the Articles of Confederation. But the world doesn’t work that way. Empires metastasize until they collapse — an event (Dog willing) we may witness in our lifetimes.

      If so, I’d like to acquire some graffitied rubble from the ruins of the US Capitol, like those souvenir chunks of the Berlin Wall. It would complete my eclectic decor. 🙂

      • Hi Jim,
        The one thing the uniparty always agrees on is perpetualy more money for “defense”, i.e. shoveling truckloads of money to the Pentagram, even more money than they asked for in the first place. The recent f*ckup with the F35 that wandered off and crashed in the woods – luckily it didn’t crash in the middle of a city – is a good example. It’s been a multibillion boondoggle from the get go but they’re going to double and triple down and keep pouring money down Lockheed’s rathole no matter what.
        Joke Biden thinks the USSA could defeat Russia, Putin must get a good laugh out of that.

  20. Scandalous Advice to Ministers: Use Emergency Powers to Relocate Vulnerable Families Amid Climate Crisis

    So you see they’ll take your homes away from you. They will make it illegal for you to have them in one way or another.

    Hopefully, they have some nice safe smart cities for us to all go live in. You know, the ones with all the conveniences nearby. No more than 15 minutes away. So we don’t even need to own a car. Matter of fact, why own anything? We can rent it all.

    They don’t mince their words or even hide their intentions:

    In the first instance, that should be done by persuading people they want to go. But in the final reckoning, it recommends communities be relocated using new legislated emergency powers, with no right of court appeal.

    No more rural living…off to the 15 min city/prison….

    From zh comments…

    What they’re talking about is Genocide. When you move a large group of people against their will, it’s genocide. That is the actual definition of it. It’s not just killing a group of people. Forced relocation and resettlement is genocide

    This is little more than setting up humanity to be abused and mismanaged livestock….already are…tax slaves…debt slaves…

    They call those “15” minutes cities, because that will be your average estimated life expectancy in those woke concentration / extermination camps.

  21. The Left also bleated for years about how they hate billionaires, and yet, many of THEM are billionaires themselves, and some have even bought the bull crap billionaire psychopaths such as Bill Gates, George Soros, and Klaus Schwab have put out about such things as COVID, face diapers, the “vaccines”, war, censorship, climate change, etc., and smear people who speak out against “The narrative” as FAR-RIGHT, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, ANTI-VAXXERS, CLIMATE DENIERS, WACISTS, PUTIN LOVERS, CONSPIRACY THEORISTS, etc.

  22. I’ve been reading about the Spanish Civil War. The communists vs the fascists. Two sides of the same coin, literally. Heads, the state owns the means of production. Tails, the state controls the means of production. Either way, the state wins, just a question of who gets to be the state.

    Hitler and Stalin both were envious of Mussolini. Mussolini was popular and was able to unite Italy. Hitler and Stalin had to purge purge and purge again.

    My fear now is that we’re entering a period of outside influencers hoping to recreate a Chinese style implosion. Destroy history, devalue scholarship and then burn civilization. The failing of the great US city, and the lack of any attempt to prevent it, is just the next stage.

    I believe the goal is to break the will of the American citizen. Only then can the politicans offer their “solution” of Communism with American characteristics. The Fabian Socialists’ logo was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Obama is a Fabian Socialist. Sanders is not. The Democratic party knows that a traditional socialist like Sanders isn’t going to convince the population, but an incremental approach, ratcheting down the oppression over time will.

    Who are the outside influencers? Well, over on LinkedIn I get invitations to follow pretty young asian looking women with obviously fake profiles. Lots of them, every day. I get friend requests on Facebook with similar credentials. (Asside: Before you bother replying that you’ve so purely libertarian that never been on FB or LI, sorry but if you’re running a business you have to go where the customer is. Great that you have the ability to ignore half the Internet, some of us don’t have that luxury. End aside) But some of them are pretty convincing.

    We’re in an information war. One that 99% of the human race isn’t prepared to fight. I remember when “netiquette” was a thing, and online groups were small enough to self-police. Then came endless September and the arrival of the great mob. I’m reminded of the end of the film Casino, when the fanny-packed hordes took over and the grand old resorts came down to make way for cold corporate skyscrapers. But the online skyscrapers are built on weak foundations and easily misused.

    Then again, maybe I’m just being paranoid…

  23. It is indeed tragic that even though the “Thing” is far worse than the “Chimp”, the “Thing” that can’t even form a coherent sentence and has brought us to the edge of nuclear war is practically worshipped by the Left. It will be interesting, and not necessarily in a good way, to see how the left handles the approach to the next POTUS election. With no viable candidate available to run for it. As my former wife used to say when I was testing the limits of my Miata, “Wheeeeeee”.

  24. I understand the MO of leftist pukes just fine. What baffles me is the cognitive defect that enables these fools to pursue – often violently – their own diminishment and destruction. The rank and file – the ugly, pink haired sky screamers such as those pictures here – have no power, and receive no benefit apart from maybe the psychological satisfaction of bringing others down. What the hell?

    • “That wasn’t real communism.”

      Much like most of us arrived here after hearing Ron Paul, or reading Ayn Rand and Tom Woods, the left’s eyes were opened by someone, possibly a friend, who was able to convince them that the world was wrong. The asshole wearing a Che Guevara shirt shouting in a megaphone is great at identifying the problem (such as it is), but because they offer a solution, the message is compelling. No one considers that not everyone will go along with the plan.

      Our “solution,” do your own thing and disperse, will never be popular because it is hard. It’s hard to work things out amongst ourselves. Made worse by the people who, for whatever reason, feel it necessary to proactively intervene when they see activity that they view as wrong. Of course the worst is the people who won’t take action to stop the activity but will demand someone else (the state) take action on their behalf.

      Workers of the world, untie!

          • Ultimately, yes. But it isn’t enough to carry someone. If you “know” you’re right then you have to have the rod too.

            I’m reminded of Jeremiah the prophet. He warned Israel of the fall of Jerusalem, but didn’t not try to prevent the activity that was the root cause. Too many people feel they have to intervene despite knowing the fall is inevitable. I suppose that’s a sign of a nurturing individual, but a parent will eventually be forced to proactively punish undesirable behavior. Our side is cursed with the foresight that is lacking in the left, that any action is at best just delaying the inevitable once travel down that road has begun. Oh, they might even learn from past mistakes, but because the destination is inherrently flawed, there’s always going to be a systemic failure.


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