Orange Opportunity

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Many Democrats haven’t yet realized that they’ve been voting for Leftists – and so for their own ruin. As for example the unionized auto workers, now on strike, hoping to leverage more pay and benefits for themselves.

They would be better-advised to worry about their jobs – many of which will soon not exist, if the Left which they’ve been supporting succeeds in its pushing of “electrification.” When there is no work, there is no pay.

Forget about a pay raise.

Ask a steelworker who is working at Wal Mart now – for a third of what he was making – because his work was offshored to Chyna (say it with Orange emphasis).

“Electrification” will do the same – and already is. Chyna is where EV batteries/components are sourced – as in not made here. Chiefly because Leftists have made it too costly to make things here. And if they are made here, there is less work needed to make them. Battery assembly is largely automated and once a battery is assembled, there is little work to do. A machine lowers it onto the skate and a few connections are made. It doesn’t take many workers to make a battery powered device.

“Electrification” will mean the evisceration of work in the auto industry, which will transition into thew appliance industry. How many good-paying union jobs are there assembling battery-powered devices in this country?

Ask the workers in Chyna who oversee the machines that put them together.

Of course, it would be a losing battle to oppose “electrification” if there were a good (as in, natural) reason for it – as there was when motor vehicles replaced horses and buggies. Motor vehicles were an improvement over horses and buggies. They made it easier to go farther than most people had ever been able to travel on their own previously. And to travel wherever –  and whenever – they wanted to go. The car did not get tired after a 10 mile ride – as a horse did. It could keep on going all day – and be ready to go, the next day. It enabled people to live outside of town – by making it easy for them to get to town (and back) without it taking all day.

It was also easier to keep a car than a horse. You could leave a car in a shed untended for a week, in the winter. You could not do that with a horse – if you expected to find a living horse at the end of the week.

But that kind of natural replacement of something with something better isn’t what’s taking place right now. It is the reverse of that. Something worse is being forced in place of something better – and it is being done by Leftists (viz, Pete Buttigieg) who insolently claim it is better – just the same as they claimed those drugs so many were fooled (and pressured) into taking were “safe and effective” – in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Including that it is necessary to force this on people.

That ought to be a clue about just how much “better” it is.

It is also based on a deliberately fomented mass hysteria – about a “climate” that is (supposedly) in “crisis.” It is, of course, nonsense. One that can be dissipated rather easily by asking a hysteric to explain – to prove – that increasing the current 0.04 percent of the earth’s atmospheric gasses that is carbon dioxide by a fraction of a percent will trigger a “crisis.”

But – like the recent deliberately fomented mass hysteria about sickness – it has been very effective at getting people to accept what they would otherwise have refused.

Enter the Orange Opportunity.

Those UAW workers are barking up the wrong tree – and the former president could explain that to them. He could promise to protect their jobs by assuring they’ll be able to work – and not at Wal-Mart. There is plenty of well-paid work to do making cars that people want to buy. The trouble is that most of them aren’t electric. They are models like the Ford Maverick pick-up and the Bronco, which sell in huge numbers for big profits – as opposed to causing billions in losses, which have been incurred by the not-selling “electrified” Ford Lightning and Mustang (sic) Mach e, which is a “Mustang” like those drugs are “vaccines.”

Stelllantis workers had plenty of work to do making popular-with-buyers Chargers and Challengers – and Ram trucks, too. Trump could perhaps explain to them why that work is being taken away – and why they won’t be getting paid when there’s no longer much work for them to do because these popular and hot-selling models have been forced off the market to be replaced by battery-powered devices.

It’s a natural homer for Trump, who is more of a ’60s JFK Democrat than the “fascist” he’s asserted to be by the Left that has taken over the Democratic Party and turned it into the apotheosis – the textbook definition – of fascist, by erasing any meaningful distinction between government and corporate power. That – not goose-stepping – is what defines “fascism” and it’s been brought to you not by Pfizer buy by Leftists masquerading as Democrats.

If Trump could get that across to the auto workers, they might still have work three years from now.

And Trump might be president again in a year or so from now.

. . .

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  1. House Speaker K-mac the Kalifornicator saw his continuing resolution go down yesterday by a 198-232 vote.

    Twenty-one Republicans, along with all of the Demonrats, opposed it. Proud to say that Arizona Repubs (Biggs, Crane & Gosar) contributed three of those 21 R-party Nays.

    Message sent this morning:

    Dear Rep Eli Crane,

    Thank you for your Nay vote on the Spending Reduction and Border Security Act yesterday.

    Stand firm for regular appropriations — no more CRs.

    Shut down Big Gov for as long as it takes, to get as much as you can.

    Then impeach Biden, Garland and Mayorkas!

      • You win again … unlike the Ukies themselves. 🙁

        Sadly, Senator Feinstein won’t be there to support them, having croaked this morning.

        Young Gavin Newscum has a big decision to make in appointing her successor.

      • Here’s what the internet has concluded:

        Heels-Up resigns as VP.

        Nuisance appoints her as Senator.

        Big Mike is appointed VP.

        Biden resigns, in order to spend time with his grandchildren.

        Big Mike runs in 2024, with Nuisance as his VP.

        Patriots rise up as one and throw empty beer cans at their televisions.

        — Ayn Stein

        • Alternate timeline:
          Nuisance resigns as Governor.
          Eleni Kounalakis (who?) becomes Governor of California.
          Governor Kounalakis appoints Newscum to U.S. Senate.
          “Biden” runs for “re-election,” with Newscum as V.P. candidate.
          “Biden” is declared “winner” of “election.”
          Kounalakis appoints cackling Kamala U.S. Senator
          Biden either:
          a) dies in office
          b) gets 25ed out
          c) voluntarily resigns “to spend time with family”
          Newscum becomes POTUS, and appoints [whoever] as V.P.
          The following offices would now be occupied by appointed, not elected, “officials.”
          Governor of California (most populous state)
          1 Senator from California

          Needless to say, all are affiliated with the One True Party.

  2. Media perfidy:

    ‘CNN, MSNBC, and the Big 3 TV networks have all blacked out coverage of today’s Biden impeachment inquiry, only the fourth presidential impeachment inquiry in U.S. history — in stark contrast to their wall-to-wall coverage of the 2019 Trump impeachment inquiry.’ — Paul Sperry, 9/28/23 on X

    One need not be a Trump fan — hell, one could even be a Democrat — to still object like hell to media bias and censorship on this scale. Nothing about it in today’s headlines at the New York Slimes either.

    Meanwhile, Gavin Newscum — by debating DeSantis on Nov 30 — is getting an audition to serve as a D-party presidential candidate understudy, in case ‘Biden’ malfunctions, gets nailed with a corruption rap, or gets offed by his own alarmed party [2:18 video]:

    Newscum: ‘He [DeSantis] took the bait.’ ‘Why is he [DeSantis] even debating a guy who’s not running for president?’ *wink*

  3. There are several YT videos where Doug LaMalfa asks people testifying before congress what percent of the atmosphere is co2. The latest dummy was Pete Buttigieg who was there pushing EVs. One group of experts guessed it was 5%. But I think the problem is that people are so dumb at math (likely from public schooling) they don’t really understand what .04 percent even means.

    So, to dumb it down, I prefer to say it’s 4 parts in 10,000. The 20th century added only 1 part in 10,000 since before the industrial revolution began using fossil fuels it was 3 parts. And that’s pretty low, since when it drops below 2 parts, plants and trees begin to die.

    Interestingly, greenhouses buy extra co2 to get it up to about 10 parts which provides for up to 3x plant growth. So, to think that 1 or 2 parts in 10,000 of additional co2 will destroy the planet becomes laughable.

    • I can attest to CO2 working wonders on all plant growth. Its amazing how people are unable to pick up on this. Wont be long, we’ll be using the ThirstMutilator for big Agra, it is after all, what plants crave.

    • Hi ET,

      You’re right about innumeracy. It also explains (partially) the spread of sickness psychosis – over a sickness that posed no serious threat to something like 99.8 percent of the not-elderly/frail/chronically sick population. Healthy kids and young people imprisoned – “locked down” – and forced to wear Idiot Rags and take harmful drugs because they (or their parents) had been hectored into believing they would otherwise die or risk death.

      It was like wearing a parka in Death Valley in summer because it might snow….

  4. When Shelter Becomes A Speculative Asset, Society Unravels

    In contrast, when speculation floods into shelter / housing, it fatally distorts the cost of housing non-speculators must pay. I say fatally because shelter, along with food, energy and water (the FEW resources), are essential to life. These are not discretionary things we can decide not to have. When the price of essentials soars due to speculation that only rewards the speculators at the expense of non-speculators, the fuse of social disorder is lit.

    Anyone who believes policies that encourage the wealthy to hoard housing to the point that the bottom 80% (or the bottom 95% in some areas) cannot afford to buy a home are just peachy is overdosing Delusionol. The social consequences are severe and uncontainable once the worm turns.

    Chart #7: net worth of the top 1% households, which soared from 23% of all net worth to 32%: this 9% gain in the percentage of all household net worth represents a gain of $14 trillion above and beyond the $28.7 trillion in gains registered by the 23% they owned in 1990.

  5. I don’t think leftists are smart enough to be pulling off most of this anti-human crap. There is some other force behind this insanity, and as usual, it’s someone behind the curtain and we can’t even find the stage that curtain is part of.

    All those auto workers need do is look back the the 1950s-1960s golden era of auto making in the Detroit Mi area. It’s been long gone for decades. No matter the reasons behind that destruction, the same is gonna happen to what remains of today’s industry.

    There is some group trying to secure land near Durand Mi to build a giant battery plant. It’s a two sided sword…jobs may be kept in the US verses going to chyna, but on the other hand it enforces a dead end industry being forced into existence by a wacko government.

  6. Anyone have any information on Trump’s meeting with auto workers? His meeting with UAW members instead of going to the 2nd Republican debate was the perfect opportunity to explain to them how they were at risk of losing their jobs to robots as a result of the Biden Thing’s push for ALL ELECTRIC vehicles.

  7. The whole idea of a Constitutional Republic has been wiped clean through the international bankers at the one stop shopping location. DC. EV’s are not intended to be the vehicle of the future because the resources to build EV’s is limited. Once internal combustion engines are outlawed and the ability to build then is beyond reclaiming, EV’s will slowly be eliminate. This will trap people in big cities to easily be controlled. At that point the USA being 3 letters as the country’s name will become 4 letters, HELL. As everyone better come to grips with, once you’re committed to HELL there is no going back.

  8. In a survey 57% of the people in England surveyed want the country to remain a monarchy, 22% want it to become a republic…..stupid slaves….

    The pharaohs had their feudal king with slaves system from 4000 BC to 30 BC when they were defeated by the Romans…the pharoah kings then moved to Europe…. they genocided all the tribes there and became the European royalty….then they went to the Americas and did the same thing…..their slave system is still in power today….

    The old pharaoh kings are now…..the globalists….The Swiss/davos/templars/freemason/vatican/banksters/ control group at the top….which includes the WEF, the BIS, the U.N., NATO….which are part of their machine….china is part of it

    the templars are the military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the swiss banks, they are the banksters….they invented banks and fiat money….their allopathic medical system is one of their big money makers…and a control mechanism….they are satanists…

    King charles the 3rd is actually the highest ranking Freemason in the world outside of perhaps the Vatican.

    “The best slave is the one who thinks he is free”
    — Johann von Goethe

    • Which country do you move to to escape the pedosatanist cabal?….there isn’t any….so pick the country with the best climate, least industrial farm food supply and highest standard of living ……and that has the poorest, most backward, weakest government….

      • Saba!

        Nineteen hundred people on the island. The council totals five people who are elected every four years. One road. Fifteen restaurants. Good soil for livestock and potatoes. Must like gin and tonics. Sailboat recommended. Eighty five degree weather.

        • Saba….

          Saba’s government house
          Relationship with mainland Netherlands
          Saba became a special municipality within the country of the Netherlands after the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles on 10 October 2010 and is not part of a Dutch province. The island’s constitutional status, as well as those of Sint Eustatius and Bonaire, is set out in the Law on the Public Entities BES (Dutch: Wet op de Openbare Lichamen BES).[46]

          Sabans vote for members of the Dutch House of Representatives, the members of which are elected on a party-list proportional method.[47] During the 2017 Dutch general election, a majority of Sabans voted for Democrats 66. Of the island’s 2,000 residents, 900 were eligible to vote, and of those, 42.8% (or 385 people) voted.[48]

          Sabans with Dutch nationality are allowed to vote in elections for the Electoral College to elect the members of the Dutch Senate. The 2019 elections on Saba, held concurrently with the 2019 Island Council Elections resulted in four of the five Saban seats in the Electoral College going to the Windward Islands People’s Movement and one seat going to the Saba Labour Party.[49]

          The island governor is the head of the government of Saba. The Dutch monarch appoints the governor for a term of six years, and he or she falls under the supervision of the minister of the interior and kingdom relations. The island governor chairs meetings of both the Island Council and the Executive Council.[47]

          They are also responsible for representing the island’s government both in and out of court, maintaining public order, implementing policy and legislation, coordinating with other governments, and receiving and handling complaints about the island’s government.[50]

          The incumbent island governor is Jonathan G. A. Johnson.[47]

          Saba’s legislative body is the Island Council, of which there are five members. Councillors are elected by the citizens of the island every four years.[51] The Island Council holds the power to:[52]

          Appoint and remove commissioners of the Executive Council.
          Pass ordinances to be enforced by the Executive Council.
          Ask questions of the Executive Council.
          Begin an investigation into the governor or the Executive Council.
          Approve the budget.
          Following the 2019 island elections, the Windward Islands People’s Movement (WIPM) holds all five seats on the Island Council.[53] In 2019, Esmeralda Johnson was the youngest person ever to be elected to the council.[54]

          Members of the Island Council are:

          Members of the Saba Island Council, 2019–2023[53][better source needed]
          Name Party
          Carl Buncamper WIPM
          Vito Charles WIPM
          Eviton Heyliger WIPM
          Hemmie van Xanten WIPM
          Esmeralda Johnson WIPM
          The Executive Council, appointed by the Island Council, acts as the executive branch of government. The council has the following responsibilities:[55][56]

          Day-to-day administration of the island, except for duties reserved for the Island Council or the governor.
          Executing policies and legislation passed by the Island Council.
          Establishing rules regarding the administration of the island, except the Registry.
          Appointing, promoting, suspending, or dismissing public officials, except those working for and including the registrar.
          Preparing defence of the island.
          Maintaining contact with Dutch ministries in the Hague.
          Executing policies and legislation from the national government.
          The council appoints the island secretary, currently Tim Muller.[57]

          The council consists of the island governor and two commissioners appointed by the Island Council, currently both members of the WIPM.[56] Each member of the Executive Council is assigned portfolios to oversee.[58]

          Executive Council (2019–2023)
          Name Title Party Portfolios[58]
          Jonathan Johnson Governor N/A Civil Status & Registry, Elections, Personnel Affairs & Organization, Disaster Management, Protocol, Public Safety & Security
          Rolando Wilson Commissioner WIPM Archives, Youth Affairs, Gender Affairs, Cadastre & Land Management, Agriculture, Husbandry & Fisheries, Community Development, Culture & Sports, Energy, Public Housing, Public Health & Hygiene, Telecommunication, Social & Labor Affairs, European Union Affairs
          Bruce Zagers Commissioner WIPM General Affairs, Finances & Economic Affairs, Education, Planning, Public Works, Constitutional Affairs, Tourism, Water Supply, Harbor, Airport, Communication, Environment & Nature

          • Governor
            The island governor is the head of the government of Saba. The Dutch monarch appoints the governor for a term of six years, and he or she falls under the supervision of the minister of the interior and kingdom relations. The island governor chairs meetings of both the Island Council and the Executive Council.[47]

            The Dutch monarch appoints the governor for a term of six years….like the governor generals king charles the 3rd appoints in the commonwealth countries….the top person in their government….

            The Dutch monarch …part of the cabal control group…..the european aristocracy……

    • You raise some thought provoking points here.

      I do want to address the survey that you reference (In a survey 57% of the people in England surveyed want the country to remain a monarchy, 22% want it to become a republic). I really stopped believing any of these surveys that they push out into the media. I think they’re all bullshit to simply manufacture the illusion of consensus on a certain thing they wish to promote. It’s just another tool of propaganda.

      You can tell this just by their language alone: “57% of the people in England surveyed.” We know they didn’t survey all 56 million from England. What they did was probably survey 500 people but then misrepresent that as the population of England. They probably also worded the survey so that it ensured that a majority would favor monarchy. These are lying liars. Why wouldn’t they lie about their surveys as well?

  9. Neil De-Ass Tyson says “the ‘auto-drive’ takeover WILL happen, just like cars replacing horses”. He’s like a toddler that drops yesterday’s toy to play with the new one he saw today. This moron’s flaw in logic is that ‘newer is always better’. He fails to recognize the fact that the automobile reduced the cost & increased the versatility, productivity, & autonomy of the individual. Likewise, he fails to understand the fact that ‘autodrive’ is NOT autonomous, but actually the opposite, putting everyone under someone else’s control instead. Of course, he is likely also one of the pretentious pricks that doesn’t believe individuals should have autonomy in the first place; many of his ilk believe so, but won’t openly say it.

  10. As ‘Biden’ goes to meet with Newscum — perhaps to discuss presidential succession — Gavin affirms his DemonRat gun-grabber bona fides:

    ‘California will ban people from carrying firearms in most public places while doubling the taxes on guns and ammunition sold in the state under two new laws Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Tuesday.

    ‘It specifically bans people from carrying guns in 26 places, including public parks and playgrounds, public demonstrations and gatherings, amusement parks, churches, banks, zoos and “any other privately owned commercial establishment that is open to the public” unless the owner puts up a sign saying guns are allowed.

    ‘The federal government already taxes the sale of guns and ammunition at either 10% or 11%, depending on the type of gun. The law Newsom signed adds another 11% tax on top of that — making California the only state with a separate tax on guns and ammunition.’

    Gun confiscation is the penultimate act of murderous leftists, before they launch a forcible round-up of dissenters and hooligans.

      • Bullets are expensive, and electricity is becoming more so. Rope is natural and reusable many times, as is the steel in a good axe blade. Perhaps the ultimate deterrent, though, is a good sharpened stake and gravity, especially since the constitution doesn’t matter and so cruel and unusual punishments are back on the menu.

  11. Journo emeritus Seymour Hersh explains why ‘Biden’ blew up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline a year ago:

    ‘The Biden administration blew up the pipelines but the action had little to do with winning or stopping the war in Ukraine.

    ‘It resulted from fears in the White House that Germany would waver and turn on the flow of Russia gas—and that Germany and then NATO, for economic reasons, would fall under the sway of Russia and its extensive and inexpensive natural resources.

    ‘And thus followed the ultimate fear: that America would lose its long-standing primacy in Western Europe.’

    Hersh goes on to allege that America’s cuck, girly man Olaf Scholz, was fully aware of plans to destroy the pipeline — making the leftist Scholz a traitor under German law.

  12. The disgraced and discredited Lara Logan posted the list of names of those who visited Epstein’s Pleasure Island. It is over at Musk’s X.

    I have a map of the United States that was printed in 1911 CE. The map has every railroad line that leads to everywhere you want to go.

    In 1905, the railroad was how to get there. Harvest threshers were a steam engine powered stationary machine, there were no combines in 1905.

    Back when a hundred chicks were one dollar, a hundred pounds of potatoes were one dollar, a hundred pounds of carrots were two dollars, when everybody and their mother’s uncle had a reason to have some stuff, it meant more than money.

    If you have nothing, you’ll be living in the ditch. Don’t worry, be happy!

    Every doggone thing you do is work, can’t escape that. Breathing and digesting becomes work, requires energy from somewhere. Might as well have a house and a home, someplace to live, something to work for.

    The heart of rock and roll is still beating!

    No phone, no pool, no pets
    I ain’t got no cigarettes…
    I’m a man of no means by no means, king of the road
    – Roger Miller, King Of The Road

    • in 1905 a hundred pounds of potatoes were one dollar,

      now potatoes some places are close to $2.00 per pound….

      the dollar has lost over 99% of it’s value since 1905….so that is about right…..

      fiat money printing….stealth theft…another tax…

      in the 1800’s on the gold standard, there was deflation….things got cheaper, so people’s standard of living increased… we are going the other way….the slaves get poorer….

  13. ‘Many Democrats haven’t yet realized that they’ve been voting for Leftists – and so for their own ruin.’ — eric

    And even now, they won’t get it:

    ‘Target said Tuesday that it will close nine stores in major cities across the country, citing violence, theft and organized retail crime.

    ‘The company will close one store in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood, two locations in Seattle, three stores in the San Francisco-Oakland area and three more in Portland, Oregon. The discounter said it will shutter the stores for good on Oct. 21.

    “We cannot continue operating these stores because theft and organized retail crime are threatening the safety of our team and guests, and contributing to unsustainable business performance,” Target said in a news release.

    “We know that our stores serve an important role in their communities, but we can only be successful if the working and shopping environment is safe for all.”

    These are DemonRat cities, every one — now uninvestable for retail chains.

    No problem for wealthy DemonRats — Amazon Prime can deliver their stuff. Too bad about the precarious urban dwellers they ’empowered’ though. Neighborhoods with empty stores are a throwback to the bad old days of the Seventies. Inflation — the scourge of the working class — has returned with a vengeance under hardball Leftist rule.

  14. The original definition of fascism is simply anti-bolshevism or anti-communism. That’s why the so-called anti-fascist groups hate the right so much for opposing communism.

    • Yes, but it’s a bit more nuanced than that. Fascism isn’t “the right” so much as it is leftism in a different, more pragmatic form. Some history:

      “The commonly accepted theory that fascism originated in the conspiracy of the great industrialists to capture the state will not hold. It originated on the Left. Primarily it gets its first impulses in the decadent or corrupt forms of socialism—from among those erstwhile socialists who, wearying of that struggle, have turned first to syndicalism and then to becoming saviors of capitalism, by adapting the devices of socialism and syndicalism to the capitalist state. The industrialists and nationalists joined up only when the fascist squadrons had produced that disorder and confusion in which they found themselves lost. Then they supposed they perceived dimly at first and then more clearly, in the preachments of the fascists, the germs of an economic corporativism that they could control, or they saw in the fascist squadrons the only effective enemy for the time being against communism. Fascism is a leftist product—a corrupt and diseased offshoot of leftist agitation.”––John T. Flynn in “As We Go Marching” 1944

      • Correct-a-mundo Funky. Though I might humbly add, somewhat academic. And analyzing a bit deeper, since the enlightenment and the American revolution, the ancient predatory powers have been scheming and acting to reassert control over a humanity slipping from under their grasp. And regardless of the academic taxonomy, whether it be called communism, socialism, progressivism, fascism, nazi-ism, Marxism, Maoism, etc, all are manifestations of rule of all by a self selected psychopathic few.

    • Fascism and communism both mean total state control. In communism the government owns evrything. Fascism there are nominally independent corporations controlled by the government, Small businesses are permitted to exist. Which is exactly what we have now. Both direct every aspect of everyone’s life.

      • Total state control: isn’t that where we are in the west? All government devolves to that standard as far as I can tell. Is there a single area of your life that isn’t subject to the diktats of the bureaucracy?

  15. Has anyone consider that the Leftist push for EVs is an intentional sabotage of the auto industry? They want to destroy all car production, not just ICE vehicles.

    “Ford Suddenly Halts Construction At EV Battery Plant Amid Republican Probe Over China Ties”

    That is the cover story headline, Ford is having EV regret like covid shot victims vaccine regret.

    The Covid scam is an intentional deception to cull the population …. just saying.

    • **”Has anyone consider that the Leftist push for EVs is an intentional sabotage of the auto industry?”**

      Yep! ‘Cause no one in their right mind can believe that EVs are a viable alternative capable of reproducing what we have with ICE vehicles- therefore the forceful infliction of EVs upon society must be for some ulterior motive- ditto the phony overblown “emission controls” and obsession with MPGs when it comes to ICE vehicles. All designed to make vehicles less useful, more expensive and far less durable, so as to eliminate the prospect of viable cheap used cars.

      Cue Weird Al Yankovic:

  16. Jackson Buys 8 Electric Buses For Transit System, But None Are Working

    “When the START electric buses did run, they also suffered from degradation of performance during the winter months, something that plagues electric vehicles of all types.

    Abel said that during the summer months, the buses would go all day without needing a charge. When the temperatures dropped, the batteries would lose considerable range. Not only does it not provide as much power, the bus has to be heated, which places further demands on the battery.”

    No shit, Sherlock. Did you think the buses would run all winter on unicorn farts?

      • In my area, I’d guess 1 out of every 20 houses has a classic in the garage. Come and take ’em.

        Of course, they won’t come and take them. They’ll tell you not to drive them, then when you do, they’ll take them. Will we allow that, or will we start shooting? Who knows… guess we’ll see. There sure are a lot of well armed good ol boys around here who love their old trucks. When the COVID first sprang up, I sure did notice an uptick in audible target practicing around the area. It’s almost as if a bunch of people are ready for something to go down.

    • It has started in Britain already…ULEZ zones….older, higher emission vehicles are banned from entering or charged a huge daily to enter these zones…..a step towards a complete ban…..

  17. The Orange Turd will not oppose the destruction of private transportation for the masses than anyone else. Of his signatory efforts when he was in office which some might say point to the contrary, one must remember that they were but mere executive orders (Not policy/legislation) which could (and were) easily undone with the mere stroke of a pen “On day one”- and of course, as so, had no value other than purelyt signatory, as the car industry did not even regard them, as they too knew that they would be quickly undone come the next admin.

    No one who gets to play yhat part (Mr. President) will in any way actually fight the NWO agenda. These people are carefully groomed and chosen- and if somehoe an outsider were to make it in (Never happen, because the media wiull ignore all but the darlings- as will the major 2 parties) he would be quickly “educated”. (That did not even have to be done with Trump, as proven by the fact that he is running again).

    \Put that damn Orange Prick in jail or before the firing squad, for what ever charges they can find him guilt of, for all the millions of lives he’s taken/destroyed via his glorious clot-shot and allowing of Fauci and co. to do what they did; and for taking more of liberties than anyone else since America was a nation.

      • Morning, guys –

        I agree – re the Orange Fail. But if it comes down to him vs. what we have (or Big Mike) what will be our choice? I very much understand not wanting him again. But I also understand that if the Left succeeds again, we’ll Venezuela (or worse) soon. Maybe that’s necessary for as real Great Reset. But my instinct is to try not to burn it all down…

        • Hi Eric,

          Except what’s the point?

          They are going to cheat. Our vote means squat. It is a feel good victory to the little people believing we have a say in the “democratic” process. We don’t. They made that obvious in 2020.

          Does anyone really believe a 77 year old who couldn’t fill an elementary school gymnasium and never left his basement actually received more votes than any other President in history?!?!

          Even if some type of miracle happens and Trump is re-elected (lord help us) how effective do you think he will be? He pushed the clot shot. He followed Fauci’s advice. He hired the Swamp. He is going to be too busy saving himself from a jail cell to run this country effectively.

          Trump and the Republican Party had two years to make change to this country. Trump, McConnell, and Ryan did NOTHING. They couldn’t get a damn border wall approved. McCain killed any change of reforming the Affordable (ha!) Care Act. They did nothing for this country. They could have updated CAFE standards, allowed Americans more freedoms when it come to our personal property, gun rights, education choices, they could have balanced their budget that they constantly harp on, but once again the Elephants proved they are the other head of the two headed snake that controls Washington.

          Trump did everything by Executive Order which allowed Biden to come in and undue it in one small swoop.

          At this point, the fire has already started and has already overtaken 3/4 of the home. I say let it burn. There is nothing worth saving at this point. We are holding onto memories. Let it become ash and rebuild. That is the only option.

          • With the dollar crumbling, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Right now, the best the Psychopaths in charge could do is NOT raise the debt ceiling. But they will. They’ve got too much skin in the game not to.

        • Eric, we don’t have a choice. We never do- unless the choice is just which words one would like to hear- the libtard dumbocrap words…or the conserve-a-turd republicunt words….but in the end, no matter which actor speaks which words, we just lose more liberties and suffer more destruction and violence.

        • Even if Trump is somehow re-elected (not going to happen, one way or the other), and assuming he would make a bona fide attempt to fix the mess, what can he realistically do to course correct? By January 2025, I expect most of the damage will be irreversible (much of it already is). Literally every week now, it’s something new and more horrifying than last week, and the left is going for broke (and succeeding mightily) and accelerating their efforts.

          Trump can’t save this country. Trump won’t save this country. And never forget, much of the unbelievable destruction of the past three years is directly attributable to the policies, actions, and inactions of this rotten tangerine.

          He’s going to jail, and he deserves it. Not for the reasons they have charged him with, but because he let Bourla and Fauci out of their cage and millions of people are dead or disabled because of that, he let communist leftist governors run wild in 2020, and he all but ensured the demented pervert would assume the decidership; the country now smolders in ruin. He did this, because he is a narcissist, and because he doesn’t give a shit about any of us or about the red hat wearing, mouth breathing rubes that slobber over him.

          • Everything you can say about Trump can be true and it doesn’t matter. It goes double and triple for anyone else. But with Trump you get to flip the bird to every swamp creature and sympathizer in the country. He lights those assholes up like the 4th of July. You will never get a bigger chance to say fuck you then a vote for Trump. He couldn’t do anything in office even if he wanted to. It don’t work that way. But just watching the Trump derangement syndrome affect liberals is worth it. Why would you pass up the chance to stick it to the people you hate? Every vote for him is a vote they have to cheat somewhere else and it drives them nuts.

            • Most of us sense that we are teetering on the edge of something. We need a radical course correction, not a WWE script. Trump is as much the swamp as is Mittens and the Turtle – he’s a nihilist and a murderer. But because he’s crass and good with slogans, he creates the illusion he stands against them. If all we have left is turning the government from a nursing home to a nursery, then we are truly lost.

              • Well put BAC,

                I think most sense this clown show is coming to a conclusion. I watched the so called debate with my wife and her mom. It was horrendous. As opposed to watching Trump at a transmission factory earlier today. Trump seems to have a pretty good understanding of the problems we face, regarding ICEvEVs. Yet, so what? He’s already shown when push comes to shove, he folds to his masters. America is fubar.

                • Good morning, Norman!

                  Yes, I agree. I have little to no faith in Orange Man except as a tool. A way to annoy the Left. And that might trigger the national douching this country (what’s left of it) needs.

                  • Should have heard him yesterday. Talking about all the problems with the US auto industry. He does a good job diagnosing the problem. He called out the management of the big three for their failures, bigly

                    Tough to listen to though, at least while sober, as he just cant help making it about himself. He sounds like a whiney bitch. Listening, with two women who still believe in him, was insufferable. I realized my epic failing, as I watched them Cheer along.

  18. Here’s Eeeeelon, talking his book on the X:

    ‘They [UAW] want a 40% pay raise *and* a 32 hour workweek. Sure way to drive GM, Ford and Chrysler bankrupt in the fast lane.’

    A dream come true for Eeeeelon. Non-union Tesla’s wage rates are about two-thirds those of the Big Three. If UAW wins a big raise, Tesla’s wage rates would be about half of the Dying Dinosaurs of Detroit.

    We can all thank Doctor E, he stepped across the line
    With lots of watts, he took control the first one of its kind
    So listen to your new iPhone most each and every night
    ‘Cause if you don’t, I’m sure you won’t get to feelin’ right

    — ZZ Top, Heard It on the X

  19. I fervently hope competent mechanics are passing down their knowledge and skills to young men

    I think the USA is turning into a Cuba-like place – having men that can fix up old cars and keep them on the road will be both profitable and essential to the mobility of Americans

    • There’s about 4-6 young men that run dirtbikes mostly for racing out of my shop.
      It started about when they were teenagers and when stuff broke I just didn’t fix it, I made them do it with me (even though I could have done it in a quarter to half of the time), then moved to them doing it with me watching. They mostly do it all themselves now which is gratifying. I only oversee complete teardowns, etc…. where precision is key to success or failure (expensive parts!).
      I modern 4 stroke dirtbike (racing) major damages can easily cost a grand or so minus your labor.

  20. I’ve said it before,,, I’ll say it again. You cannot use any form of logic with anyone that agrees with the leftist/communism/fascism ideology. None,,, zero, nada, goose egg.

    They are too far gone, hypnotized by the mantra. The people out there supposedly protesting ??? have no jobs,,, they are paid by organizations that receive their funding by the Feds directly or traitors like Soros, and Gates with your tax ‘contributions’ indirectly in one way or another usually with foundations for this or that.

    I remember long ago when Zenith (a TV manufacture) went on strike for job security. A contract was signed that claimed the company would not off shore. Two months later they moved production to Mexico so even signed agreements cannot be trusted. Then it was China and later the whole world became the recipient of American production and prosperity while Americans were left with the scraps. Did Americans fight,,, Did they refuse to buy the products now made overseas? No. They took jobs at the offshore distribution centers like WalMart working for one third of what they used to make using credit to fill in the rest while those overseas workers now laugh in their face. The dollar is almost worthless and the Cartel is doing everything it can to completely destroy it. Soon, total capitulation when Americans accept the CBDC as I suspect they will.

    Today the whole world gets the benefits of what was built by real Americans in the past that actually walked the walk unlike just about all today in America. All great ideas were from Americans free to invent unlike today where any inventiveness is paid by government and any patents are issued to government workers,,, like Fauci who already is paid more than POTUS.

    To win you have to kill them,,, by that I mean take any means of support by the Feds away from them. Put them pounding the streets for work like everyone else. Stop the Fed spending spree. Stop the Fed wars and other laundering methods.

    But it won’t happen. The Republic is too far gone like all past Republics that failed. Why? Because they have representatives that figure out thars plenty of money to be made stealing from the People. They start out as small thefts and graduate to gigantic theft. They enact laws to cover their thefts. They use the fraudulent voting system to enact laws to rob and terrorize the People.

    America is gone. It ended in 1787 with the con con that bore a baby tyrannical State that matured in 1865 floundering about until 1913 when it was summarily executed by the bankers. Piece by piece the descendants of the founding population are being replaced and now place fourth in the hierarchy behind illegals, perverts, and people of any color,,, all of course saying it was them that built the nation. Any one left are racist, homophobes, misogynists, and a litany of other hateful names that need genocided.

    My forecast:
    Since we are unwilling to fight for our place in history we are relegated to a slow and painful expunging from that history which is already happening. Freedom and liberty will become hate speech. We (our children) will live in the fifteen minute cities like rats in a sewer. There will be no travel and we will gratefully eat ze bugs. We will sit around all day when not working for the masters watching them tell us how good we have it on our gov issued official Musk cell phones.

    • Very good Ken. I would recommend the book ‘the 5000 year leap’ by Skousen.
      While a little boring, it makes the case that the original intent of america and true freedom, changed mankind forever while it couldn’t before for 5000 years.
      I bought 20+ copies and gave to my kids young adult friends to teach them real history vs today’s crap. And I put teeth in it, “i will not help you with your dirtbike repair until you can discuss chapter 3 with me, then chapter 5, etc….” Worked well. They then said things like ‘wholly crap”

    • As someone has pointed out, 15 minute cities are too fancy, which means they aren’t for us but for the higher-level types and technocrats that work for the communists. To get an idea of the type of housing they intend for the likes of us, check out the shanties Jeff Bezos has built for survivors of the Maui massacre.

  21. Trump is amazing in that he completely goes off script, and frightens both parties because they don’t have any prepared responses for his questions and attacks. Democrats and Republicans seem to have this truce, where they hit each other with softballs and recite the same platitudes as retorts everywhere, while Trump throws in a grenade and walks off.

    Save for supreme court appointments, he was a terrible president. If he wins, it should be more of the same. If he does win, I do hope he has a vendetta against the three letter agencies. He’s vengeful, so there’s a chance.

    • The best was when he had ordered the national lockdown for 2 weeks to flatten the country, errr… the curve, and was giving a presser and turned to CIA Head Mike Pompeo and said something along the lines of “you should’ve told me ahead of time you guys were running an operation.” It’s always just words, though.

    • I disagree OL, he did a 100 small to medium things that were very good for us, but never got reported. More like buried.
      Granted he did little to effect the very big issues.

      • ^This.

        He got some important things wrong. I think he realized that, attempted to course correct (by decreeing everything open by Easter, which would have had a great deal of symbolic value), failed, flailed around by touting hydroxyquinone and ivermectin, flailed some more, hit on the vaccine as the ticket out, and never looked back.

        Unfortunately he was wrong & can’t come to admit it.

        Unfortunately he also appears to be the best viable option right now, unless RFK manages to pull off an upset (which the superdelegates probably won’t allow to happen).

    • Credit where credit is due. He got rid of the Obamacare tax (this was big) and he rolled back CAFE (until it was reversed by Biden). He restrained the military industrial complex a little bit and tried to normalize relations with North Korea.

      • He also eased some restrictions on lightbulbs & dishwashers, and was at least starting to undo some restrictions on shower heads & toilets.

        Yeah those are small things in a way, but they are also things that people interact with every single day, and they are symptomatic of the feds’ apparently irresistible urge to micromanage.

  22. Donald J. Trump is the greatest man who has ever lived. He has been an effective entrepreneur for his whole lifetime and built a great financial empire. Along the way he married and dated beautiful women and produced a family of attractive, well adjusted children, that love him.

    At a time when most men go into retirement, he patriotically sought the most difficult job in the world, seeking to be elected to the most powerful office on the planet and succeeded against all odds. While President he was opposed by all of the bureaucracy, all the of the legislature, all of the judiciary, all of the media, all of the deep state, was impeached twice, and is still charging into the fray by running once again while the deep state tries everything to destroy him.

    In his mid 70’s he is still vigorous and aggressive. I do not agree with him on all issues. But I know what kind of person he is. He is a patriot, brave, and a fighter. He towers over the other people that are our “leaders”. I consider myself lucky to have been able to vote for such a man instead of the terrible mediocracies that have come before. He will not be the savior of our country but can be an inspiration that it is still possible to return to some semblance of sanity before the whole thing collapses.

    • Elon Musk is the greatest man who has ever lived. He has been an effective entrepreneur for his whole lifetime and built a great financial empire. Along the way he married and dated beautiful women and produced a family of attractive, well adjusted children, that love him.
      At a time when most men rest, he patriotically sought the most difficult job in the world, purchasing the most powerful media on the planet and succeeded against all odds. While wlile operating X formerly known as Twitter he was opposed by all of the bureaucracy, all the of the legislature, all of the judiciary, all of the media, all of the deep state, and is still charging into the fray while the deep state tries everything to destroy him.
      In his mid 50’s he is still vigorous and aggressive. I do not agree with him on all issues. But I know what kind of person he is. He is a patriot, brave, and a fighter. He towers over the other people that are our “leaders”. I consider myself lucky to have been able to know such a man instead of the terrible mediocracies that have come before. He will not be the savior of our country but can be an inspiration that it is still possible to return to some semblance of sanity before the whole thing collapses.

  23. Always some psychopath on the loose looking for the next kill.

    The Young Republican Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, doesn’t really matter anymore. The Green River Killer included.

    The Joker killer in Boulder a few years ago was being fed psychosomatic prescription medicines, has to be exempted there.

    Always a ‘who it could be’, Biden is suspect, Putin has some history involving how to carry and conduct himself, he has some idea of how things can get done, dirty jobs have to be done somehow.

    The Onion has to have an amusing take on the Orange Nut.

    Bring me peace when there’s talk of war, peace is on my mind
    Bring me peace when there’s talk of war, how easy we forget
    – The Womenfolk, Bring Me a Rose

  24. And another thing:

    I’ve noticed that the push for EVs is at cross-purposes with many of the issues that liberals/Democrats/blue staters/leftists say they care about.

    Liberals say they care about the environment. EVs don’t reduce emissions, they just shift them from the exhaust pipes on the car (which are more than 95 percent CO2 and steam) to the smokestacks at the power plants. They also create far greater pollution when they are made and when they are disposed of than IC vehicle, and don’t last as long and can’t be repaired easily, so more go to the junkyard sooner. And of course, they use highly toxic materials that pollute from the mine to the scrap yard. And it gets worse—because EVs are so heavy, they wear out tires and brakes faster (which pollutes) and wear out roads and bridges faster too!

    Liberals say they care about poor and working people. EVs will put reliable, inexpensive transportation out of reach for even the middle class. EVs will mean A LOT fewer jobs in the car industry from factory to dealerships to garages.

    Liberals say they care about fair trade and fair labor practices. Children and slaves in Africa and China work in the lithium and cobalt mines and battery factories.

    Liberals say they care about safety. EVs pose inherent safety hazards due to the significant likelihood of thermal runaway with their batteries. And when they catch fire, the fires can’t be put out easily.

    Liberals say they care about world peace. The rare earth minerals used in EVs are found in such garden spots as China, Afghanistan, Congo, and other authoritarian, conflict ridden countries—and you thought the politics around the OPEC countries was bad! At least we have plenty of our own oil.

  25. ‘Something worse is being forced in place of something better.’ — eric

    Is there any example of a successful new consumer product which required MORE waiting and inconvenience than the old one? Can’t think of even one.

    Here’s the pitch this morning from the faithful regime stenographers of the New York Slimes, most of whom don’t even drive:

    ‘Planning a long road trip? Now you can nibble on crudités and shop for home furnishings at a roadside service plaza while you wait for your electric vehicle to recharge.’

    This is the stupidest thing I ever heard of. Provoke a little class envy by throwing in a fancy Frenchy word, crudités (sounds upscale, yes?). Shopping for home furnishings while you’re trying to get somewhere? That is just patently retarded.

    Maybe you could take yoga classes while you wait. Or get your teef scraped. Or trepan your own thick skull with an electric drill.

    We have reached The Emperor’s New Clothes stage, where the presumptuous peddlers of these preposterous memes need to be openly ridiculed and shouted down. They can just fuck off.

    • Capo Gecko is working on implementing the NY Times scenario right now, with Berkshire Hathaway assuming 80% control of Pilot/Flying-J by the end of the year. Have no doubt that B_H subsidiaries Dairy Queen and Nebraska Furniture Mart among others are going to be appearing at the travel centers not long afterwards.

      Of course Geico will be prominent.

    • As if we aren’t sold to enough as it is—I thought video screens at gas pumps were bad!

      I think the whole EV recharging thing is awfully convenient for a lot of Big Business folks to help fools part with their money.

      Gone are the days of trying to economize on money and time by packing your own lunch and driving straight through.

      While you’re waiting to recharge, you’ll end up spending money on janky food and even more janky tchotchkes because what else can you do?

  26. This EV storm has been coming for some time now; I don’t understand why just now it seems that people (including autoworker unions) are just now beginning to wake up. CA gov Newscum enacted an upcoming ICE car ban at least 2 or 3 years ago. As have various European countries. And now several more US states have jumped on the California bandwagon.
    Essentially these bans are death warrants for a vast majority of the automotive industry. Imagine a defendant in court who is sentenced to death for murder. And imagine this defendant really is innocent. Would he just sit there on death row waiting until his execution date draws near to begin gathering up all of the legal resources he can muster to try and prove his innocence? Heck no – his lawyers would be on an appeal like white on rice right at the end of the trial.
    Just wondering why it is taking so long for people to wake up….Maryland is also a signatory to the death warrant of the new auto industry. But not a peep out of car dealerships here….no lawsuits, no nothing.

  27. From my perspective, the Democrat Party is facing a number of schisms within its ranks. Among them are schisms between the LGBTQIA-MOUSE+ crowd and Baptist African-Americans and the Jewish people and the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement, and the feminists and Islamists.

    But one of the biggest schisms is between the environmentalists, who want to block manufacturing and construction work in the name of saving the planet, and the trade unions who want the jobs.

    I saw this more than 15 years ago. My stepdad belonged to the Ironworkers union. He went to a union meeting a few weeks before Election Day. At the meeting, the union leaders handed out a slate of endorsed candidates.

    My stepdad and several others noticed that several of the candidates that the union endorsed were publicly on record as having opposed several high-profile construction projects due to concerns about their environmental impacts—projects that would have meant a lot of jobs for the union, and some projects that would have actually benefited the environment. Among them was widening and adding turning lanes to a bridge, which would cut traffic congestion and the resulting pollution from a bunch of cars idling while stuck in traffic, and building a new natural gas pipeline to fuel a power plant that would replace a coal burning power plant.

    They stood up at the meeting and asked the leaders, “We noticed that you endorse Candidate X for Office Y, Candidate Z for Office Q, and so on. Are you aware that these candidates publicly stated that they oppose Projects A, B, C, and D, and if elected, would block them, which would mean foregoing thousands of jobs for our current and future members?”

    The union leaders did a great Mitch McConnell impersonation right there.

    While two of the endorsed candidates barely won, the other two lost.

    • Bryce, all of those groups are united in their hated of White Men and Christianity, which to all of them, ultimately, is the most important thing. It keeps them together. They may dislike their current or trending position within the party hierarchy, but at the end of the day they’re all on the same page, destruction.

      • Exactly.
        They also have a common belief of being victims of one sort or another, and a common belief that bigger, more intrusive government is the solution to every problem.

  28. I think it was Mises who said “the middle of the road leads to communism.” The middle of the road being a “JFK Democrat” type. I have zero sympathy for union workers or corporate management in this case. It’s a self inflicted wound a long time coming. Orange Fail isn’t going to save a single one of them even if he says all the right things.

  29. Trump also has an opportunity to disavow the COVID jabs that his administration helped create via “Operation Warp Speed” and how governments have been using them to impose vaccine tyranny on the masses. Instead, he has been bragging about them the past 2+ years and how they’ve “Saved millions of lives” despite little to no evidence of that. He could also criticize the censorship that the government engaged in against people who spoke out about the issues we KNOW exist with these injections and people who’ve suffered permanent damage from the jabs. Trump could also speak out against this push for CBDCs, shutting down small farms for “Net Zero”, and other sinister plans from the globalist/ technocratic elite.

    I voted for Trump in 2016 AND 2020, as the alternatives were 2 corrupt old politicians. While I’m not too thrilled with the possibility of “Trump v Biden 2.0” next year, if it comes to that, I might vote for Trump or write in RFK Jr, as I’m sure as heck NOT going to vote for Joe Biden, as he has consistently shown he’s not REALLY the one running things, and this regime is clearly bent on destroying our country for the sake of implementing the globalist/ technocratic agenda being pushed by the WEF, UN, and WHO.

    • Amen, John –

      And, as an aside: I am worried that they are going to bring Big Mike out of the closet – so to speak – to replace the almost-82-year-old grifter, who is becoming too obviously senile (and too much of a liability) to kept around for too much longer.

      • Eric,

        One thing that makes my skin crawl is the possibility that they bring out California Governor Gavin Newsom to replace Biden. If they do that, we would effectively have an American Justin Trudeau given Newsom’s blatant attempts to impose COVID tyranny on people who live in California, plus his own desires to implement the WEF agenda.

        • I always thought a good campaign slogan for Gavin Newsome would read as follows: Gruesome Newsome: Bringing the miseries of California to the rest of the country, because he would do just that. P.S. Eric, I still miss getting the follow-up comments in my e-mail….

      • Remember what happened to Joanie, Eric.

        If you are concerned, the next time you are near a Barnes & Noble, stop and take a look to see where the store stocks the books written by Big Mike. That will be a pretty accurate barometer.

        Personally, I believe it will be Newsom. He’s been busy in Texas, funding candidates and data mining state-wide elections going back to the 2018 election.

      • I don’t think Big Mike has a chance, for the same reasons why Killary had no chance. “She’s” a loophole. A technicality. Lawyers love loopholes. Of course we’re not running Bill Clinton for a third term! Oh no! Hillary is her own woman! And look how highly qualified she is!

        Even the mainstream Democrats saw through that charade.

        By the same token, I think Trump is playing a very dangerous game. The Republicans have made it clear he won’t be their guy, so like TR and Taft, they’ll split the conservative vote. That’ll pave the way for worse than Wilson. At best Trump will destroy the Republican party once and for all, which is what the Democrats have been hoping for all along. Maybe we’ll see a new “labor” party emerge from the ashes, or maybe a true right wing non-neocon option. But I really doubt the media would ever let that happen, there’s too much money for them in the way it is now.

    • In a match between RFK Jr. and Trump, I would go for RFK Jr. only because I think he is more single minded about rooting out the corporate capture of the government. Despite his stupid views on climate change, that actually might be even more important. I never waste my vote on a write in, so, I would vote for Trump over anyone. Not because I like him. Not because I like his campaign rallies. It is more that he is not a leftist. Or doesn’t advertise himself as one.

      Biden does. He operates like a communist dictator that says “come on, man.”

      Trump blew the COVID thing. It’s a boomer thing, I think. Boomers are as a whole hypochondriacs, believe the “doctor” and “modern medicine.” They are largely statist as well, though you could say that about every generation.

      Trump isn’t speaking out against anything like CBDCs. It is possible that if he speaks out, it would weaken the arguments against them. The bi-polar mockingbird media would for sure find a way to gaslight us by saying trump is against cbdcs, so they must be good and that 80 percent of the public supports them. I have seen how these people work. And their technique works 90 percent of the time, but I suspect that more are seeing through the bullshit. The quesiton, do they like what they see.

      • Hi Swamprat,

        Do you remember how Trump once advocated Hydroxychloroquine as a COVID treatment and Fauci & the media instantly attacked him for it, even going so far as to call HCQ “Dangerous” & “Ineffective”, and people who REALLY hated Trump belieeeeeeeeeeeeved the narrative about HCQ. However, over time, it turned out that Trump was RIGHT about that drug. However, it was an off patent drug and thus couldn’t make MASSIVE MONEY for the medical-industrial complex.

        • Swamprat,

          RFK Jr also had an interview with Kim Iversen earlier this year, and he actually said that globalist elites such as Klaus Schwab were using “Climate change” as an excuse to implement worldwide totalitarianism, so he may have had his own awakening the past few years like a lot of other people have.

          • Yea. He also has been seen saying “carbon this” and “carbon that” since. I don’t know what to think except that I think he would be careful to govern from the center, which would look like a right turn on this issue. We would likely have the status quo on environmental regulation.

            • The media and the Democrat Party establishment are already doing their dirtiest to make sure RFK Jr doesn’t have a chance to become the “D” nominee for President, let alone President. Publicly the DNC is saying they’re “Backing Joe Biden all the way”, but most Democrat voters want someone else, and from what I’ve read elsewhere, they’re secretly looking for someone else. Problem is, the only alternatives seem to be a VP who is even MORE UNPOPULAR than Joe Biden, fossils, or politicians with authoritarian ambitions like Gavin Newsom.

              • No matter who ends up on the ballot I will vote for RFK, Jr. by write in if necessary. He is the only one who has the motivation to take on the security state, to root out the murderers of his father and uncle.

        • I remember that. He even had Stella Immanuel and the doctors group nearby. Who knows what is really going on. I believe that T should be given a second chance. He’s the only one on the national stage who comes close to even saying what I believe. I’m not saying I like or trust him, but at least he’s not actively working against the country

  30. Trump has at times, a sense of being in touch with his base of voters as in this:

    You would think he would be smart enough to pick up on this issue with the autoworkers.

    Trump has much ground to make up with me to re-earn my vote since he was stupid enough to be the key instigator of this vaccine debacle by going along in fear rather than oppose it thru courage. This could end up being greater than the holocaust in death to mankind.

    However, what he has done, over and over, is just by being himself, the Left Marxist hate him so much they are not hiding their totalitarian instincts anymore and are on full display for everyone to see as we slip into becoming a banana republic. They are making Trump a folk hero, when he should be a guy with a lot of explaining to do.

    • Heck, we don’t have much of a choice, do we? The current resident is an active supporter of overt coercion. I want to see him fall out of a plane.

      Trump does have a lot of explaining to do. He won’t, but he may right the ship. He has told us that jared and ivanka won’t be in his next administration. The question is will Pete Navarro and Bannon be back?

      Will he hire mitch to run HHS? Will Elain Chao be back in Transportation?

      A lot of unanswered questions.

  31. Democrats aren’t the only ones voting for leftist ideals. If you live in Texas, you need to be aware of what’s on the ballot for the Nov. 7 election this fall.

    You *did* know that there was an election on Nov. 7, right?

    My sample ballot. YMMV in other precincts

    Property tax “reform” among other issues.

    Capo Gecko even has an initiative for his benefit on the ballot, courtesy of his political ward and point man in the Legislature, the Lt. Governor. Proposition 7.

      • Chances are that everything on that ballot will pass, particularly the Propositions related to “reform” of the property tax system, a temporary relief for two years which effectively gives away the state’s $17 billion surplus to the increasingly leftist school boards in the major cities in the state.

  32. EVs are a suicide pact for car makers, both corporate and UAW. Few can afford one, fewer still want one. Which means the car market is going to get smaller, much smaller. With fewer jobs and fewer profits. Because the Psychopaths In Charge really think they’re smarter than God.

    • Sell 5000 cars for $50,000 each, or sell 500 cars for $500,000 each. Which is easier? From a logistics standpoint, much easier to sell (and service) 500 cars. Much less complaining, and limiting production means your customer will be able to boast of the exclusivity. Getting them in the store is marketing’s job.

      And how do you market to a broad, mass audience these days anyway? Back in the three TV channels and 4 radio station days it was easy. Just roll your ad spend across the media landscape quarterly, maybe pick up a few extra spots if there’s inventory left over or the local sportsball team makes the playoffs. Now? How the hell are you going to place ad buys all over the media landscape? And what about ad blockers and other stuff?

      Let the Asians have the mass market. North America will soon be the home of the artisan coachworks.


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