Diaper Report: 11/02/2023

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The kid in that Bruce Willis movie, The Sixth Sense, said he saw dead people. I see “masked” people.

Even though it’s not Halloween.

Not many of them. But always at least one. If you go to a supermarket or a Lowes or any other place where there are lots of people about, it is almost a sure-bet you’ll see at least one person dressed as if it were Halloween.

As if every day were Halloween.

But what does it show us?

Two things.

The first is that the weaponization of hypochondria has been very effective. Even now – when it is clear to anyone who is capable of rational thought that “masks” are neither effective nor necessary (as there’s no reason to wear something that isn’t effective to ward off a threat that doesn’t exist) there are still people who doggedly wear them and will likely never stop wearing them. They have become – literally – an article of faith for these people, just the same as certain religious communities also have their articles of faith, such as the pork pie hats worn by Orthodox Jews.

The difference being Orthodox Jews know their faith is a religion.

The still-“masked” believe theirs isn’t. They believe they are acting rationally. Crazy people think this way. Put another way, they do not believe they are crazy. They believe everyone else is. You can see this belief in the eyes of the still-“masked” – which of course is just about all you can see. The fear – and the loathing, of the not-“masked.” You can almost read their minds.

Or rather, what’s left of them.

They see lunatics – crazy people oblivious to the threat in the air. They see reckless people, indifferent to the safety and health of others. It is not a matter of great speculation to imagine what these still-“masked” people would like to do to the crazy, reckless people they see all around them.

If only they still had the power to do it.

They are like dangerous dogs restrained by a leash – although it is the things on the other end of the leash that constitute the real danger. The ones responsible for weaponizing hypochondria. The ones responsible for normalizing it. The ones who have done nothing to treat it.

The still-“masked” are to be pitied as they have been fooled – and used. They have been taught to fear by those who benefitted from their terror, deliberately inculcated. Perhaps the most singularly evil aspect of the “pandemic” was the ramping up of people’s fears. A virus that was very quickly known to be almost no serious threat to almost everyone was malignantly framed as a universal and deadly threat to everyone.

But this didn’t etiolate out of nowhere.

America was already pretty sick (in the head) long before the “virus” was used to make Americans even sicker-in-the-head. The fear – of everything – was already widespread. People having been taught to fear. This has been especially effective as regards the younger crowd, the ones born into a country where Stranger Danger was around every corner and the family car was so dangerous they had to be strapped into a harness while inside it. Danger – rather than freedom – has been the message ululating from essentially everywhere since at least the late 1980s.

Healthy young people are afraid of doing without health insurance. They might get sick! Many people are afraid of snow. They might wreck! Soon, they will be so afraid of dark clouds – it might rain! – that they will be afraid to drive. There are so many dangerous drunks on the road we’d better presume everyone is a dangerous drunk!

In-car Breathalyzers for all cars!

It is no wonder so many people are afraid.

It is no wonder it was so easy to make them more afraid. It is all they know – in part because it’s all they’ve been told.

And because they’re so afraid, they are no longer able to think rationally. Even when the truth is literally all around them  – they can see that almost everyone else isn’t still-“masking” and they don’t appear to be dying – they refuse to see it. They cling tightly to their fears, because it makes them feel safe.

That is what the evil bastards who fomented this fear have done to these people, who are to be pitied rather than scorned.

And also to us, who have to see them.

. . .

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  1. A good summation:

    “…If nothing else, this era proves for this generation the astonishing capacity of the human mind to undertake utterly insane policy experiments on a grand scale without the slightest evidence that they could ever succeed, even while they trample on all established norms of rights and liberties.

    This is a revelation, at least to me. We’ve never seen anything like it in our lives.

    Speaking personally, this reality utterly shattered a worldview that I didn’t know I held: namely, I genuinely believed humanity was on a path, even an inevitable one, toward greater knowledge, learning, and the embrace of freedom. After March 2020, I and everyone discovered otherwise. That was both intellectually and psychologically traumatic for me and for millions of others.

    We are still figuring out how and why all this happened. In order to do that, we at least need a consensus that this was a terrible mistake. Even three and a half years later, we haven’t even had that. To be sure, it is very difficult to find defenders of lockdowns. They have mostly evaporated into the hedges. Even those who pulled the trigger and defended them at the time are all denying that they had anything to do with them. My favorite: we never had a real lockdown. […]

    “One of the great mysteries of the pandemic is why so many countries followed China’s example. […]

    This whole subject needs some serious unpacking. To my knowledge, we still don’t know where the edicts came from to lock down hospitals all over the country. That is a research project all its own. In other words, carving out an exception for “overrun” hospitals is deeply dangerous: it only incentivizes the lockdowners next time to game the reporting in a way that is favorable to more lockdowns. […]

    There is no world in which Warp Speed would have taken hold absent the lockdowns.”…


    And, if I have one more Boomer with a spouse on the deathbed after taking run-you’re-gonna-die Remdesivir & a boatload of gut wrecking antibiotics…. End comment.

  2. ‘California Counties Making Mask Mandates Grate Again’ –
    Lillian Tweten / November 02, 2023

    Staff members at hospitals and doctors’ offices in Alameda, San Mateo, Contra Costa, and Sonoma counties must now wear masks when interacting with patients, according to KABC Channel 7. Santa Clara County implemented additional measures, requiring hospital patients and residents at long-term care facilities to wear face coverings in addition to health care providers and staff. […]

    Five counties in California implemented mask mandates for some areas on Wednesday as a precautionary measure ahead of flu season, Los Angeles’ KABC-TV News reported.

    Staff members at hospitals and doctors’ offices in Alameda, San Mateo, Contra Costa, and Sonoma counties must now wear masks when interacting with patients, according to KABC Channel 7. Santa Clara County implemented additional measures, requiring hospital patients and residents at long-term care facilities to wear face coverings in addition to health care providers and staff. […]

    “The order in Santa Clara County does require masking for everyone who steps into a health care facility,” […]

    [At least this part was good to read:]
    “We’re over it,” one California hospital worker, who asked to remain anonymous, told KTVU-TV News in Oakland, California. “Our patients, we still don’t know if they’re coming in with [COVID-19], but it doesn’t scare me.”

    The mask mandates will remain in place until at least March 2024″…


  3. Remember when nearly everyone dutifully complied with the tyrants’ orders, and wanted us hung for questioning them? Remember when those same people shrieked when the same tyrants proposed “reopening the economy”?

    • Hi Blue,

      That happened in Oregon too. There was one point then Governor Kate Brown talked about “Reopening Oregon’s economy”, and those who were still living in fear of the ‘Rona shreaked it was “Too soon to reopen”, claiming that not enough Oregonians have been vaxxed or that there were too many “COVID cases”.

      • I don’t think too many were actually afraid of the ‘rona, but simply didn’t want to go back to work. They were getting paid to stay home, after all. Not to mention the reopening would’ve put an end to the (anti)social media egomaniacs’ reign of terror. Hence the widespread shrieking.

        • Hi Blue,

          Just a few weeks ago there was a group of high school students in Ashland, Oregon shrieking about the “Climate crisis” and essentially demanding that the city of Ashland “BAN the use of natural gas now!” I saw footage of it on local news media, and some of the students were even wearing face diapers. I don’t know which was more disgusting: the fact that those students have been propagandized by somebody about CLIMATE CHANGE, or the fact that some of them were STILL wearing face diapers despite it having become obvious they’re completely useless. On the other hand, maybe the kids who were wearing face diapers thought they were doing their part to “Stop the spread of CO2”.

  4. I though I’d pass on some good news. I lived in Franklin County, VA which is next to the county where Eric lives.

    My last two trips to the grocery store, I saw a grand total of zero face diapers! The first was a Food Lion in Roanoke and the second was a Kroger down near Smith Mountain Lake. The Kroger was packed and the average age of the customers skews towards dead.

    It’s been years since I have experienced this; there always seemed to be one person to ruin the experience.

    • The only reason I can think of that explains why leftists support Palestinians is that it is some kind of reflexive opposition to conservatives in the US who are such strong supporters of Israel. It really makes no sense otherwise.

      • I was just focused on the face diapers. Odd to see them there, it seemed to me. And, they were color coordinated with their outfits!
        Perhaps, that is why they wore them, “some kind of reflexive opposition to conservatives” …but, is clinging to face diapers just a Progressive thing? Idk.

        Why leftists support Palestinians, is a whole nother subject.


        …At least they appear to be anti-war. There is that.
        Or, so it seems.

        • Leftists are wearing the masks, no? I saw your link and some references to a sort of “anti-colonialism” by these leftists in others on LRC, which makes sense on some level. Still, there is some dissonance there. Anti-war? Maybe, but not in any really principled sense. Neo-liberalism (think Obomya or Brandon, and the “current thing”, too) is closer to neo-conservatism than leftism. So, uni-party, I guess.

  5. In other medical news, the FDA vis a vis 2 Ralph Nader-esque scientists, just declared that Sudafed PE, Benedryl, etc doesn’t work.

    The war on sinus sufferers continues.

    Sudafed worked. Then some bureaucrat decided since meth makers used it, then it was bad for everyone. Thus we get Sudafed PE and other phenylephedrine based OTCs.

    But that’s just it –they were OTC. Now sinus sufferers (like yours truly) will be forced to go to physicians to get a prescription (for what?) for a medication produced by the same people that brought us the “vaccine”. It’s a big win for the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex.

  6. Eric,

    That image of psychopaths who are “The Real Virus” should include Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Director General of the WHO, as they’re trying to amass unlimited power for themselves via a “Global pandemic treaty”, claiming it’s necessary because of governments’ botched response to COVID in 2020-21 even though governments’ pandemic response itself (forced masking, forced vaccinations, social distancing, “locking down” society, etc.) did little other than cause MASSIVE damage to modern civilization that will likely linger for years if not decades. It wasn’t because the WHO didn’t have power to arbitrarily impose one-size-fits-all diktats on member states.

  7. There is a very educated woman in our firm who has begun masking up again. Highly paid she asked to be reimbursed for a box of masks she felt compelled to buy. I see a definite virtue signaling and an attention seeking aspect to the personalities of folks like this.

  8. The thing is, the rise of safetyism happened when Americans were statistically at their safest. It must be that people need to have something to be afraid of.

    I think it also coincided with the decline in religiosity in the Judeo-Christian sense. People turned safetyism into a false religion.

    • Excellent Bryce,
      I think you nailed it; anecdotally the church we attend has gone from a thriving part of the community with two services to barely able to keep the lights on. A single service with maybe a dozen of us old farts hanging in there. I think the decline started about ten years ago but really accelerated during/after covid. Sad.

      • Hi Mike!

        This is sad (about your church) but also revelatory – had to use that word! – in that so many churches (or rather, the pastors thereof) have become obsequious order-followers, probably on account of being afraid they’ll lose their tax exempt status. The latter being a powerful tool used to keep what would otherwise (at least potentially) be a powerful source of opposition to government.

        • Yeah, I’m struck by the fact that places of worship were closed at a time when people needed them most. Being raised Catholic and having Jewish ancestry, I grew up hearing stories of holy people going to extreme lengths to worship in some of the most dire situations; e.g, priests saying Mass and Shabbat celebrations in WW2 concentration camps. In my own experience, during a blizzard, one of my neighbors rode a snowmobile to church and another walked on snowshoes. Yet a silly little germ did what nature and the forces of the Third Reich and Soviet Union couldn’t…

      • Our Catholic church is going strong although with one less weekend Mass. we still have one Sat and 3 Sunday Masses. And also they brought the cup back and neither the priest, lectors or eucharistic ministers are masking. I see very fews parishioners wearing masks. Granted most of the congregation seems to be over 70 but there are always a few young families with fussy little ones in attendance to liven things up. So far sanity seems to be prevailing.

    • “It must be that people need to have something to be afraid of.”

      Or…they just need another excuse to dodge self-accountability. Heck, why do you think they wanted us hung for protesting the covid diktats?

      • I don’t think it had anything to do with self-accountability.

        Rather, it was fear of others. Of, freedom. Of, lack of restraints upon others. Of, the unknown?

        …It wasn’t about self.

        …I just said all that in relation to how people behaved in the 1970’s & 1980’s… & the backlash… funny how it applies to the Plandemic time period as well.

      • “… this is why the Southern U.S. border has been wide open for the past three years. The Deep State corrupt Biden Administration (RINO Republicans included) want terrorists to come to America and commit awful acts of violence and murder. Why? Armstrong explains, “You have Neocons pushing for war on all possible fronts. . . . Terrorism leads to lockdowns. As soon as you start getting this, they will have to know what everybody is doing and where they are moving. You are looking at ‘Papers, Please.’ . . . . Lockdowns are coming to America again, absolutely. This is to prevent civil unrest. So, they want the terrorists to blow up some stuff. This gives them the excuse to effectively enforce martial law. . . . This helps the government to hold onto power.”…


        Fear of, lack of control.

  9. Learn how to love the bomb and quit worrying about the face mask. WW3 is full on, right now, bigger than life, and your next challenge will be putting on the helmet.

    Come 9 am friday morning Hezbollah deadline for Israel to stop the bombing campaign.

    Netanyahu’s MIHOP (all pre-planned part of a script) will soon be forgotten as WW3 ramps up to a full blown war.

    Nukes could be flying as early as tommorow.

    • Question: Have you ever been to the Yukon Territory or do you just grab the bottle for some more southern comfort?

      Must be some fighting going on in Dr. Strangelove’s War Room.

      Saw a B-52 airborne bookin’ it heading west at 40,000 feet. You hear the engines roar, you have to really look to see where the noise is coming from.

      The orders from headquarters have been issued.

      You know that peace can only be won when you’re blowin’ ’em all to Kingdom Come – Country Joe MacDonald, Fixin’ to Die Rag

    • Hi Jack,

      At the same time the Biden Thing is trying to get everyone focused on war and supporting one side while hating the other side, the WHO is trying to ram through their planned global pandemic treaty, which would effectively give them total power to declare practically anything a “Public Health Emergency” or “pandemic” and “Warp speed” experimental pharma products in perpetuity, and member states would be required to comply with whatever diktats they issue, be it to have their citizens take untested pharma products, quit eating meat, quit using gasoline, or something else. These creeps would undoubtedly LOVE to declare climate change, the next man made virus, cold & flu season, or even gun violence a “Public Health Emergency”, and citizens of a country that is a WHO member would be required to comply with insane diktats or else.

    • Ever hear of israel’s “samson option”?
      Nukes don’t need to fly as they are already in place in various cities around the world. No delivery systems are needed. israel’s nukes are already pre-positioned and are “ready to go” at a moment’s notice.
      If israel is pushed into a corner (which they should have been a long time ago) and are forced to deal honestly with the Palestinian situation, they WILL “light one off”.
      European targets are Rome, Brussels or Paris. The jews would love to obliterate Rome, the seat of their archnemesis, the Roman Catholic Church.
      America targets (which will be blamed on Arabs with passports to be found in the rubble) are Atlanta, Chicago or Detroit. New York City is “off-limits” as it is the seat of jewish power in the USA.
      The jews are insane enough to try it…

      • Anarchyst: Detroit has looked like a nuke hit it for a decade or two anyway. It used to be known as (The Paris of North America) now that Paris has been gifted with the same diversity Detroit has, it still is!

  10. For those interested, here is the roll call vote on sending $14.5 billion to Israel. It passed the House 226 to 196. All but two Republicans (Greene and Massie) voted in favor. All but 12 Dems opposed it.


    Dems are almost all pro-Israel. They opposed this bill because it rescinds $14 billion of IRS funding as an offset. Otherwise, without the IRS cuts, the bill would have attracted over 400 Yea votes.

    ‘Biden’ has vowed to veto it, and the Senate likely won’t approve it either. They insist on linking Ukraine aid to Israel aid.

    In other words, giving away tens of billions to foreign countries is not in question … only how much, and to whom, and by what legislative formula. Actual Americans in America come last. 🙁

    • The entire Congress and Biden administration are guilty of treason, and I am going to do everything with my ability to see them all hang.

      Starting a draft for Israel’s demonic genocide is the last straw.

      • Hanging them isn’t the answer. The Iron Maiden first, then to the Rack, after that, burning at the stake, then hang them, then over to the guillotine, not as much blood. Fill the ossuary full!

        Humans need to speak up.

        The Jews are animals who need to suffer and they are and will continue for a long time. They do suffer and have deep regrets, no doubt about it.

        If you want to live, stop the killing. Not a problem then, peace can work.

        Maybe hike the kikes to somewhere else, I dunno.

        First the Nazis came for the Jews, but I wasn’t a Jew, so I didn’t speak up.

        Then the Nazi Jews came for the Palestinians, but I wasn’t a Palestinian, so I didn’t speak up.

        It’s World War XXX or something.

        You can’t fix stupid.

        War gets old fast.

        • The “Nazis” came for the jews at the jews’ own insistence. The jews saw its own imposed persecution as a way to get jews to emigrate to what was then known as Palestine. What better way to encourage emigration to a country with a different culture?
          Let’s not forget that “world jewry” declared war on Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933) and set the stage for their eventual marginalization and occupation of stolen land–Palestine. Great Britain can be blamed for our present-day troubles in the middle east, giving away land that was not theirs in order to procure shekels to pay for WW1.
          In fact, it was the jewish zionist leaders of the time that insisted that jews be required to wear the “star of david” identifier, not the German government. Marginalization of jews was done by their own leaders, not Germany.
          For more on this, obtain and read “51 Questions–zionist collaboration with the Nazis” by Lenni Brenner

    • >$14.5 billion
      For that kind of money, you could build a whole new city in the Coachella valley and relocate the Arabs of Palestine to the U.S.A. Prohibit Jews from owning land there, but give Jewish developer no-bid contract with U.S. Gov’t to build it. Arabs get the property free and clear, but are not allowed to encumber it (i.e. put up the title as collateral for a loan), and are exempt from property taxes, so it remains theirs in perpetuity. Payments to the County of Riverside in lieu of property taxes can come from developing the gas fields off the coast of Gaza.

      1. Jewish land developers get richer, so they will go for it. The smell of money (our tax dollars) will be overpowering.
      2. Wasrael, a has-been country, get rid of their pesky Arab problem.
      3. Jews can now relocate to the “Jewish paradise” they are creating in Gaza.

      Only flaw is Raytheon, General Dynamics, et. al. don’t make anything off the project, because we would be building things, not destroying them. Bummer, huh?

      • Why should the indigenous people (Palestinians) be forced to move? It is the jewish interlopers (most of who are not semites) that should be forced to vacate.

  11. My first thought when this got rolling, harkened back to the 1976 Swine Flu scam and the “shot” they pulled quickly due to side effects. I never got that shot then and refused the pressure this time as well. My sister in law did the 1976 Swine Flu shot, got sick. First in line for the Clot Shot, got sick with whatever bug this actually is/was anyway. Some people never learn. She did stop harassing the wife though.

  12. “If you’re unvaccinated at this point, you’re asking to be hospitalized or worse.” – Grant Wahl, LA Times sports writer

    He collapsed and died while covering the World Cup, heart aneurysm. Happened on December 10th 2022.

    Can’t listen to nuts like that, let your conscience be your guide. You have to.


    TO the States or any one of them, or any city of the States, Resist
    much, obey little,
    Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved,
    Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city of this earth, ever after-
    ward resumes its liberty. – Walt Whitman, Inscriptions

    The Greek letter omega is the symbol for Ohms, measures resistance.

    The World Series is over, time for a mostly peaceful World War!

    The time to speak up has passed, now is the time for senseless bickering

  13. Was there a depopulation agenda in there?

    With the new robotics and AI, maybe the live slaves value is dropping, they become more of a headache, more useless…a liability…they call them useless eaters now…..

    If they go the route of the MMT and CBDC, maybe they don’t need slave backed currency anymore…

    Up till 1933 the world used gold backed currency…

    then after 1933 it went off the gold standard…onto the slave backed currency…

    upon birth… a birth certificate was issued together with a trust account with a bond…some say worth $1 million …based on the slave’s value….the slaves didn’t know about it and couldn’t access it…when they died the government got the money in the trust account….

    these trust accounts with a bond….were used as collateral to issue fiat dollars and back the national debt….


    so the national debt is owed to the slaves…lol

  14. The US gov should issue military-grade weapons to every citizen, if it had a heart, that is what dotgov would do. Give every American a choice, machine guns, whatever kind of weapon they might need, get the weapons in the supply chain.

    Distribute money to American citizens, not Ukrainians and Israelis. Not working out so good there. Poor Americans could use some, money works too. Do both.

    Masking is just plain dumb.

    Jesus didn’t wear a stinking mask.

    Hamas fighters wear turbans to cover their faces. Makes them an easy target if you ask me.

    The Israelis are suffering losses, they’re dying like dogs too.

    Sad times for the Jews, can’t be avoided when you are at war.

    The Wailing Wall must be busy, they’re bawling like babies over there.

    You’d think after 3000 years of existence, the strive for peace would be the number one goal. Living by the sword is always a disaster. The consequences are devastating.

    It is probably driving them mad, the anger doesn’t go away. Fear and loathing in Israel today.

    It is going to leave a mark.

    • No way. If anything was learned in Vietnam, it’s that you don’t give weapons to people with sub-85 IQ. First thing that happens is they shoot their sergeant and lieutenant in the back for pushing them into battle.

      • The smart thing is to shoot the morons leading you in the back. (average IQ of sergeants is 85, lieutenants are just stupid enough to lead idiots) leading you in the back.

      • Hi RK

        Was that a personal experience or hear-say? I served in RVN 68-69. Never heard of such a thing. Unlike today,,, the draft picked many smart individuals along with the dumb ones you speak of so I’ll bet the average IQ was a little higher.

        And as a helicopter gunship crew chief we brought many of those guys bleeding out on the ride back to the hospital. They died like real men even though most were not even adults yet. I admit,,, I cried.

        I agree we (USA) should not have been there but I will not denigrate any who bravely served.

    • Actually the israeli government has declared that ALL israeli citizens are combatants. This declaration makes them “fair game” in any conflict…by their own statements…

  15. Thing is, I know someone who died from the dread virus. And somene else who is still dealing with the aftereffects.

    Subject #1 was in his mid 80s and was at his winter home in Peru when he succumbed. We don’t know the whole story but I guess he caught the bug that morphed into pneumonia. DK the state of healthcare in Peru but probably on par with the US’ therapeutic regime.

    Subject #2 not sure age, but has been retired for sometime. A lifelong smoker. He got sick in Aspen, his home, and has serious reduction in lung function. He’s still in assisted care. Probably should move to sea level, but hasn’t figured that out yet.

    Thing is, they both had serious other issues that caused their demise. And that’s two people that I know. I also know far more people who either never got COVID or (like myself) had it and made a full recovery. Even with co-morbidities -a word that has no business in the lexicon outside of a doctor’s textbook, but here we are. And if I see an old lady in a mask, well, ok she’s an old lady and looking to avoid Pesta’s rake. But a 20 YO? No. Just stop it right now.

    • RK: I love your comments, insight and prose, but I’ve got to push back here. The fact is you don’t have evidence that the these two individuals had any disease from a virus called “covid.” This is what they may have been told from a faulty PCR test designed to show “covid,” which the hospitals had a great financial incentive in showing as well.

      Causation of death can be both very easy (trauma from a car crash or bullet would) and also very difficult (when there’s chronic or acute non-traumatic illness). The fact is mid 80-year-olds tend to suffer from respiratory illnesses, the cause of which may be unknown or a result of chronic conditions (known or unknown). As far as the lifelong smoker, I suspect I know the cause of his lung issues. “Getting sick” does not equal “covid.” “Getting sick” might likely be the effect of a chronic condition (such as metabolic syndrome) rather than the cause of some big pharma declared disease.

      • That was sort of my point. Old people who have reduced lung capacity are susceptible to all sorts of airborne pathogens, including coronaviruses. Whether or not you believe there’s a coronavirus strain called COVID-19 or not, coronaviruses often kill people, pandemic or not. Even when the coronavirus infection isn’t the actual “root cause” of death, it contributes.

        Life is terminal, and the odds are stacked against every one of us.

          • A lot of people who died were (mis)diagnosed with COVID due to the incentives for cases that were given to hospitals by the government. An additional $14,000.00 was the “carrot” that pushed the COVID (mis)diagnoses. In addition, the “treatments” were worse than the disease itself…

            • Hi Anarchyst,

              One of the many things that annoyed me about the pandemic-pushers was their conflation of natural death – from old age – with “COVID.” Once we reach appx. 75 years of age, we’re all living on borrowed time. Put another way, it’s not unnatural for a person that age to die – it is expected. They might live longer. Possibly many years longer. But it is normal for a person that age to die at any time and they often do just that because people who’ve reached that age are old.

              If my mom – in her ’80s – were to die today, she’d have died of old age. But they’d probably say she died of “COVID” if her body “tested positive.”

              The pandemic-pushers made it a New Abnormal for a person that old to die, as if that were something that never happened to old people before.

    • The first person to “die of COVID” in Tulsa was a man I had family connections to. He was elderly and had many health problems.

      When I saw on the news that they announced he was “in good health” prior to his sudden COVID death, I knew this was a scam. Little did I know at the time how big it was going to be.

      This event shaped my thinking throughout the whole “pandemic”. It lead me to not comply with ANY of the mandates and recommendations, because I knew they were based on lies.

      What an eye opener! I was a natural skeptic before, but now? Whole new level.

    • Hey ReadyK,

      The ‘Rona was something like the brick or lead ingot that broke the camel’s back for my mom, who was both elderly and had an autoimmune disease. She caught it at a “rehabilitation facility” after having broke her leg.

      Before then, she did well to stay away from sick people, which is primarily how you avoid communicable diseases. She was quite successful until being forced to stay in a room with a sick woman as a roommate.

      One thing I can say is before being in the hospital that last time, I don’t believe I ever saw my mom wear a mask. She just might have understood the futility of the practice.

  16. All the proof and facts in the world will never convince an idiot. I’ve given up long ago on the masked Covidians and now simply laugh at the fools. Otherwise I’d be banging my head against the wall.

    • It’s not about convincing them but making them feel so uncomfortable when they mask in a public to the point where they may eventually stop. I ask any maskers who come near me: why are you wearing a mask? And I don’t stop there. I keep at them if they try to defend masks…though most of the time, they walk away quickly.

  17. ‘I see “masked” people.’ — eric

    I see tattooed people:

    ‘Now one in three Americans has at least one tattoo. More than half of women in their 20s do.

    ‘I am old enough to remember Angelina Jolie removing a bicep tattoo of a dragon with Billy Bob Thornton’s name over it back in the early aughts; the image blotched and faded and looked (frankly) terrible before it got light enough for her to cover it with makeup for the red carpet.

    “I’ll never be stupid enough to have a man’s name tattooed on me again,” she said at the time.’


    Tramp stamps of a couple of decades ago, applied to the lower back, now have migrated around front, as tapestry-like designs inked under the breasts (often in green) and extending down to the belly.

    ‘Just keep your blouse on, love …’

    • Amen, Jim –

      I’m repelled by tats. Maybe because I’m old enough to remember the Before Time (before the 2000s) when only tramps had stamps. Now it looks like half of them are tramps.

      Tattoos have become a sad cliche. At least in the past they were sign of a rebellious spirit. Now they are the mark of the total conformist. Nothing says “I am rebellious” less than a barbed wire tattoo on one’s arm.

      • “Nothing says “I am rebellious” less than a barbed wire tattoo on one’s arm.”

        Ain’t that the truth. Tattoos are evidence to the world that the individual is impulsive and poor at making life choices.

      • If I go in a business and the staff are covered in tattoos, have neon colored hair, and piercings all over their heads, there is a very good chance I’ll never set foot in that place ever again. Sorry, but I’m old and that stuff just turns my stomach.

        • Amen, Gary –

          I especially loathe the sight of cops who look as if they were MS-13 members, with sleeve (and neck) “tats.” Then again, that’s kind of what they are, isn’t it?

      • Those symbols above the butt: Ancient Polynesian “Welcome Aboard!”

        Back of the neck: “Don’t Pull My Hair I Know What I’m Doing”

    • Unfortunately people my age are largely responsible for these bad decisions. The market was flooded with cheap equipment from Asia and it opened up a new market for all those artists who couldn’t sell pantings. Then the celebrities (mostly rappers and boxers) started showing them off. Next thing you know the white slackers found them and they became a fad, as a carryover from Asian anime’ and Manga.

      Like men getting their ear (left? right?) pierced in the 1980s because of Eddie Van Halen, this was one of those pop culture things I completely skipped. After getting burned by the Miami Vice look in jr high I knew better.

    • Can’t wait to see what these women look like in their 50’s/60’s 😆
      “Grandma, what’s that ugly stain on your arm?”

    • You hit the nail on the head Jim!

      I am repulsed by females with tattoos. I’m single and everywhere I look, I see tattoos. I guess I’m staying single.

      When I see a woman with just one tat, I pull out the trashy woman bingo card. Tattoos are the free space in the middle of the card. Does she pull out a pack of cigarettes? Does she look like she has had meth in the past 30 days? Is she showing too much skin? Is she too obese for her yoga pants? Does she have 2 or more children that do not behave? Is her grocery cart overloaded with sugary junk food? Is her hair unnaturally colored (red, blue, purple, pink)?

      However; I think tats are ok on the right men, but not every man should get one. I’m in the “not every man should get one” category myself. There’s nothing I can think of that I want permanently graffiti-ed on my body and I’ve done nothing to have a reason to ink my body like a combat veteran. Military men, absolutely yes, they can have them because they survived combat. Gangbangers with face and neck tats? Yes, because inquiring minds want to know.

  18. People who dutifully wore face diapers, complied with draconian COVID measures, listened to “Dr.” Fauci, and took however many COVID-19 vaccines the CDC “recommended” seemed to love bragging on social media about how they were “responsible” and on the “right side of history”, while labeling those who saw through this COVID CRAP & refused to comply with insane government diktats as “DANGEROUS TRUMPERS”, “DANGEROUS SUPERSPREADERS OF MISINFORMATION”, “DANGEROUS ANTI-VAXXERS”, “SELFISH”, “GRANDMA KILLERS”, etc. Even though all those people have been proven to be WRONG, very few if any have apologized to those who’ve turned out to be RIGHT about COVID & the “vaccines”. Instead, politicians & bureaucrats who have been most egregious with COVID tyranny are trying to rewrite history so they get away with what they did.

  19. I’ve got a buddy I’ve not seen in years due to this fear. Heck he’s even too scared to go out for coffee. I don’t know what will make him realize he has been lied to but he does have a MBA so it might take a while and yes he is to the left of the political spectrum.


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