What We Can Expect Next

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It’s becoming very obvious that the push – just the right word, as it’s not happening freely – to “electrify” cars is getting pushback, in the form of people not buying electric cars at the rate the pushers want.

It is probably true that most of the people who wanted an electric vehicle already have one. This amounts to about 10 percent of the people, which makes sense given the expense (and limitations) of electric vehicles.

So what about the other 90 percent? Or even if it’s “only” 70 percent? There are lots of EVs being made. But that’s not the same as being sold.

Ask Ford.

Ask every automaker – Tesla excused – that’s been pushed to make EVs before there was demand to support it. The pushing grows more aggressive, too (via regulations such as the ones going into effect less than two years from now requiring every vehicle to average close to 50 MPG that have the effect of pushing anything with an engine off the market) even in the face of undeniable evidence that the willingness of people to buy EVs is nowhere near what the pushers want. Which is for almost everyone – themselves excepted, of course – to be tethered to a battery powered device that is tethered to a single, centralized power source that can be metered according the whims of the pushers.

It is becoming . . . unsustainable.

Just the same as the push to get everyone “vaccinated” lost its kinetic energy when enough people refused to accept being pushed into taking drugs they had decided for a variety of sound reasons they did not wish to take. There were too many refuseniks. And because of them, it became impossible for the pushers to sustain the lie that getting “vaccinated” was either safe or effective.

What might these pushers do when it becomes clear most people won’t be pushed into an EV, no matter how hard they push them?

The answer is obvious. The pushers will use every tool at their disposal to push people out of the alternatives to them, including the vehicles they already have, leaving them – so the pushers hope – the “choice” to drive an electric vehicle or stop driving.

The latter option being the ultimate preference of the pushers which, in their smug confidence in final victory, they have already openly admitted to.

One such means toward their desired end would be to mirror the tactic already in use that is designed to make EVs appear more “affordable” by making government rebates – currently as much as $7,500 – available to people who buy them. Get paid to buy an EV!

Of a piece with getting bribed – with a donut – to take the drugs that were never vaccines.

Of course, this does not actually make the EV more affordable; it merely masks the EV’s absurdly high costs. But that is beside the point of the shuck-and-jive, which is to gull the people into believing they are “affordable” –  until such time as there is no longer the option to buy a car that actually is affordable. Just the same as people have been gulled into believing there is such a thing as a “zero emissions” vehicle. Until it becomes convenient to notice that electric vehicles also have “emissions” – and will then be subject to the same kinds of controls that are pushing alternatives to them off the market.

In order to push EVs off the market. Wait. See.

The pushers might try to deal with the problem of “fast” charging an EV by making it take a comparably long time to gas up a non-EV.

Imagine having to wait at a pump for 20 minutes to get say five gallons of gas – the equivalent in liquid fuel terms of the partial charge a typical EV can draw at a “fast” charger in about the same time. This could easily be done by decreeing that pumps slow down the rate (or volume) at which fuel is transferred from the underground tanks into a car’s gas tank.

If you think such a thing inconceivable, remember that it was once even more inconceivable that an entire nation – just about – could be pushed into a manufactured hysteria over a sickness so mild you had to be tested to know you had it.

Never underestimate what these pushers are willing to push on us.

Or, the pushers might simply issue a “mandate” that no one may buy more than five gallons of gas per day. This has already been done, by the way – though most Americans have no memory of it because it last was done about  80 years ago, during World War II. Gasoline was rationed then – and the same could happen now. The excuse – back then – was the war.

The excuse now will probably be the “climate.”

Using the same ululation they might make gas stations themselves few – and far between – by closing most of them down. Or they could make gas extremely expensive, rendering irrelevant how little time it takes to pump it. Anyone who has the money can buy a Ferrari.

However they did it, the effect would be the same.

The gas-powered car would lose one of the greatest advantages it has over the battery-powered car, thereby pushing more people out of them – and into an EV.

Of course, even that might not be enough as the gas-powered car would still have many other advantages over EVs, including not being tethered to a single, centrally controlled source of power and having a useful lifespan twice-plus that of any battery-powered device.

It will be hard to push people out of them, shy of at bayonet-point. And the pushers may just resort to that.

Keep in mind what they’ve already resorted to. Understand what we’re dealing with.

These pushers are capable of everything – and certain to try it.

. . .

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  1. I do not believe that EVs can survive. People see cost issues, charging issues, and that fuel vehicles are better. Government may push EVs but there are several main issues: 1) national electric grid is not able to handle a large growth of EVs, 2) charging stations do not exist to handle distance travel and often breakdown, 3) insurance costs of EVs are much higher then fuel vehicles, 4) EVs are heavier and the local/state/nation governments are going to have to start charging them at higher rates for traveling on roads.

  2. Doesn’t ANYONE besides us “crazy conspiracy theorists” ever stop and ask themselves “Gee, if there really IS a ‘climate crisis/emergency/whatever’, then why wait until 20-FREAKING-30 to ban the ‘evil’ CO2-spewing IC-powered vehicles? Shouldn’t our leaders be taking action NOW?!” It’s just like 2 years ago, when the rising “cases” was such a big “threat”, that our leaders decided to wait until AFTER THE HOLIDAYS to resume the mandates!

    • Pure sophistry. For example, you say:

      “Funny enough, much data for this virus can easily be found… At CDC’s virus arbovirus catalog:


      …You know, where they have no records of dengue virus causing disease, being purified or imaged by electron microscopy…”

      Now, here’s what the CDC says (or perhaps doesn’t say) about the “method of isolation of Dengue 2”:

      Section III – Method of Isolation
      Inoculation Date 6/12/1944
      Animal (Details will be in Section 6)

      Route Inoculated
      Intracutaneous + iv Reisolation
      Other Reasons
      Classical dengue with rash after appropriate incubation in first and subsequent volunteers and Ae aegypti transmission.**
      Homologous Antibody Formation by Source Animal
      Not tested
      Test(s) Used

      Where’s the evidence of its isolation??????? Come on now.

      • Herr ML,
        Anti-vax, anti-shmacks!

        I bet all you guys want to blame that Israeli vax poster child’s heart attack death on some mRNA stuff, if so, you stand to be corrected!

        It’s my understanding the notorious 8 yr old was a decades long Kool smoker and multiple 40oz daily malt liquor connoisseur.

        Mitigating life style factors perhaps?

  3. It is hard to say what they will and won’t do, but there is one thing that does give me hope. Human persistence and determination have shown that all thru history that where there is a will, there is a way. Prohibition is one example that springs to mind. The US gov’t was bound and determined to do away with booze, and yet it failed spectacularly. Black markets sprang up and plenty of blood was spilled, but the American people were not going to give up their drinks. Granted, I’m sure some people swore off alcohol during those years, as many masked up (and a few still do today) during Covid. Ordinary people had all sorts of inventive ways to get around the ban. I remember seeing a show (on PBS I think) that made mention of a vineyard in California that was able to stay in business during prohibition (unlike so many others). They dehydrated and pressed grapes into a brick that they would mail to customers anywhere in the US. The instructions said to avoid placing the grape brick in a container with water and leaving it for a period of time, warning that alcohol would result. But of course that’s exactly what people did! The vineyard dodged the gov’t edict because of the way the instructions were worded.
    People will find a way (paraphrasing the scientist in Jurassic Park – “nature will find a way”).

    • “Prohibition is one example that springs to mind. The US gov’t was bound and determined to do away with booze, and yet it failed spectacularly.”

      Still is failing, with drugs. But some people won’t let go of the fact that they can’t control what others ingest. So, artificial selection occurs until we are left with fentanyl. That’s the grand product of the drug war.

      But, by all means, continue to push for control. Push for the eternal infancy of your fellow man.

  4. RE: The photo with this article, we’ve come a long ways in 60 years from the “you meet the nicest people on a Honda” to, well, this contraption with HONDA stamped on the side.

  5. This is part if a broader, fundamental problem of modern, industrial society and no one has come up with a solution for yet. Modern society is materialist society; your “freedom” is defined as the freedom to have and buy and possess and use manufactured stuff. For many decades Americans defined “freedom” as synonymous with “capitalism” and the ability to buy and sell. But if the government reserves the power to regulate and tax the sale of stuff, then for practical purposes they get to determine what you may or may not have and thus determine how much freedom you may or may not have. The “progressives” — and the communists — figured this out a century ago. The communists were up front about controlling and planning the manufacture and distribution of stuff; Americans had to be slowly weaned off the “freedom” bullshit they had once believed in over the course of a century.

    But the end result is the same: government determines what you may or may not get, and thus determines how much freedom you do or do not have.

    They’re doing this with a lot of other things besides cars — especially guns. You can’t buy ammo in New York or California without government approval and government registration of the sale in their database. They can control the manufacture and distribution and sale of ammo, thus they can deny you the ability to buy it if they want. Want to build your own gun? That’s illegal, it’s called a “ghost gun” because they cannot trace and regulate it from the manufacturer to the seller to you when they want to come confiscate it.

    What they are doing to the auto industry is just the canary in the coal mine, they plan to do it to every industry (except maybe the abortion industry).

  6. I just wish all these Marxist bureaucrats would die, I really do. I suppose the best I can hope for is that they’re still taking their ‘boosters’. 🙂

  7. EV’s are being pushed to further the religious dogma of Climatism. Where’s the separation of Church and State, or does that only apply to traditional, monotheistic religions?

  8. In Norway, EVs will be the only game in town in 2025 (strictly speaking, this target is only the Norwegian government’s “goal”, but everybody acts as if it is a mandate). That’s just over a year from now.

    However, it gets worse than that – the country’s biggest automotive importer, representing VW/Audi, has decided that it will stop selling ICE-powered cars already in 2024, which means that as early as January next year, the only new VW and Audi models in Norway will be EVs. Lexus has decided to follow suit, with other brands likely to do the same, and in any case, importers of all brands are wary of stocking up on petrols and diesels, no doubt in fear of what buyers and the government might do.

    In parallel, newer used cars (those made from 2014 onwards) are exported en masse out of the country, thus decimating the supply of fairly new ICE-powered cars for those who would rather buy that than an EV.

    No doubt Norway is being used as a testing ground for the powers that be to see how to phase out ICE-powered cars in a country. Norway having the world’s most obedient population (cf. Stanley Milgram) probably doesn’t hurt…

  9. Next thing you know, your automobiles will be hauled off by tow truck.

    The President will mandate that everybody wear a skullcap, you’ll receive yours in the mail, free of charge and delivery. No, wait, there will be a charge, you’ll pay the hooked-nosed goy killers.

    If you are seen without one on the top of your empty noggin, they’ll shoot you.

    Might as well be that way. What the hell?

      • I am not a human hater.

        I do hope and pray that Mr. Netanyahu lives a long life, life is a precious gift. Bibi will eventually know and feel his guilt, it will rack his brain, drive him out of his mind, which will be his just dessert. Benny needs to be taught the didactic. It’s about time. Never too late to learn something new.

        A plate of crow and a whole humble pie is all Benjamin can have for a meal, everyday, for eternity.

    • “Hooked-nose goy killers”? What about the “slant-eyed chinks”, the “drug-pushing spics”, and the “gang-banging niggers”? Have you forgotten about them?

      Just what we need to promote libertarian ideas. Racial/ethnic stereotyping and hatred.

      • You forgot about the double-hamfisted drunken Irish Catholics, the Micks, and the drunken Plains Indians.

        The Sioux attacked the town of New Ulm in Minnesota. Did some damage, Lincoln dispensed justice by hanging 29 of the offenders.

        Schell’s Brewery is located just outside of New Ulm. The Sioux did not attack the brewery, August Schell was supplying firewater for those drunken indians.

        If there is an indigenous people that deserve reparations, the Indigenous Peoples of America deserve to be first in line.

        “You want our land, you want everything from us.” – words spoken by a Hidatsa native American

        Raze Long Island and return it to its pristine natural landscape if you want to do anything at all to repair America.

        Jeesh, no humor in this world anymore.

        “There’s an oven for you, Jew.” – Don Rickles on a Tonight Show episode.

        Lighten up, Francis. Mellow out.

          • Cats and dogs don’t care what people do, just as long as they are there. After that, it’s all good.

            Cats and dogs will become extinct if humans die off with no survivors. No chance of staying alive, no hope whatsoever.

            Only 20,000 humans survived the 100,000 year ice age Laurentide Ice Sheets, so the story goes. Possibly as little as 2000 mating pairs. Lucky to be alive.

            Be happy you are still here. Makes all of the difference in the world.

        • “Jeesh, no humor in this world anymore.

          “There’s an oven for you, Jew.” – Don Rickles on a Tonight Show episode.

          Lighten up, Francis. Mellow out.”

          I have a very good sense of humor. I just don’t think that these types of ethnic slurs are very funny, especially when done in a tone that suggests real hostility or even hatred toward the ethnic group being targeted.

          Don Rickles was a famous comedian. He insulted every race and ethnic group equally. There was no hatred or malice in any of his insults. Everyone understood that this was just good-natured humor, beautifully executed by one of the world’s funniest men. By contrast, you are not a comedian, and your posts do not come off as being just good-natured humor but instead based on a real dislike of Jews as an ethnic group. Perhaps I am misinterpreting your intentions.

          Quite frankly, there is a lot of hatred of Jews on this site, on what is otherwise one of the best libertarian sites around, based on the fact that they hate Israel and they hate the strong Jewish presence among the US and European elite. This is nothing other than attributing collective guilt to an entire ethnic group, based on the behavior of certain members of that group. American Jews and even most Israeli Jews have no control whatever over the behavior of the Israeli government, any more than we Americans have any control over the behavior of our own government. Further, Jews who are not members of the controlling elite have no control over the behavior of this elite. As such, they bear no responsibility and no guilt for the behavior of either the Israeli government or the global elite who are working to turn the world into global totalitarianism. Hating on all Jews because of the behavior of a small elite of Jews over whom they have no control makes no sense and does not in any way advance the cause of libertarianism.

          • We are all humans, I don’t want to hate any of them, regardless of ethnic or racial background.

            Please stop the hatred. Peace ain’t all that bad.

          • There was only ONE non plastic real 3/8″ drive ratchet available ay local ACE hardware Saturday.

            Screw them ! Any way possible. Same for their apologists.

          • Good morning, Martin!

            I agree with all you’ve written; well-said, sir. And – to explain – the comments section here is open to all points of view, with a very high threshold for moderation. I think it’s important to leave people free to express what’s on their minds, up to the point of gratuitous personal attacks and obvious trolling (both of which undermine the purpose of having a “free speech zone”).

            Just wanted to make my position on all of this clear!

          • “I have a very good sense of humor. I just don’t think that these types of ethnic slurs are very funny, especially when done in a tone that suggests real hostility or even hatred toward the ethnic group being targeted.”

            Hate crime alert! Hate crime alert! Call in the hate police! Martin doesn’t think what you said is funny. The self appointed arbiter of all that is good and right in this world has spoken! Repent or die!

            As a free speech absolutist, I condemn your comment as hate speech.

            • I am also a free speech absolutist. I never suggested nor do I believe that anyone’s speech should be censored. I greatly admire Eric’s free speech policy on this site. I have supported him in the past and will continue to support him. There is nothing anti free speech about disagreeing with another poster and arguing that the post in question is not very libertarian and does not promote libertarianism. As a free speech absolutist, I condemn your comment as hate speech.

  10. Here is another nasty one. Democrats are all for legalizing marijuana use nationwide. Simultaneously, they are declaring that marijuana users are mentally unstable, and are to be denied their 2A rights and relieved of any firearms in their possession.


    I personally know of individuals in VA who have had their firearms confiscated for just sharing the same address as someone else who was a ‘legal’ recreational marijuana user. This was also done without any search warrants for either firearms or marijuana, just based on an angry co-worker’s allegations.
    Now, try ‘hiding’ a gasoline car or motorcycle once the tyrants outlaw those as well!

    3 things tyrants are afraid of:
    1 – Armed Citizens
    2 – A mobile population
    3 – The combination of both

  11. This will likely come down to states rights. Add NJ to the list that just announced only EV’s can be sold by 2035.
    NJ people, like other’s will likely just go along. But I do not see rural states going along at all.
    The fed gov could try limiting funds like they did with the speed limit thing before, but I don’t think it will work this time.

    • First of all, they don’t have any funds.

      Second of all, even if they did have any funds, they wouldn’t buy anything because the dollar is rapidly becoming toilet paper.

  12. All this over a harmless but necessary for life gas CO2. NOx is completely harmless.

    An experiment heating up CO2 by itself then allowing it to cool. In just a couple of minutes it had completely cooled down proving it is Not a “greenhouse” gas.

    This Cap & Trade shit started in Los Angeles where they eventuelly ran off most of the large manufactures existing at the time,,, mid 90s to early 2000s. They left and went to China. The Chinese came and physically moved them to China! They marked and numbered every part, bolt and nut so they could reassemble it exactly as it was. The California Air Resource Board started on the cars a year or two earlier. The Cap & Trade went national and the Black Robed Supremo’s overruled failed legislation and allowed government to control CO2. We are witnessing the results of that today.

    Now they’re after household appliances. I see very little push back. In fact many Americans are upset that they cannot comply fast enough. Plumbers, A/C and others are making a fortune on this unnecessary bs so don’t look for help there. This is putting a hell of a strain on the economy. I don’t see it being sustainable but they have kept it going by hook or crook (mostly crook) the last thirty years so there’s that!

    • Hi Ken,
      I will never give up my gas stove and especially my gas boiler but I am afraid the PTB will institute rationing, to save the planet of course. I have repeatedly turned down offers for free “smart” thermostats so that the only person controlling the temperature is me. The control freaks have already banned gas hookups in new construction so it’s only a matter of time before they decide to ban it for existing housing as well. Not much can be done if there’s only air in that pipe but I’ll probably have frozen to death by then.

      • They’ve done the no new hookups for gas here in WA also. Plus the joy of “cap and trade” which resulted in my per therm nat gas cost up 49% from Oct ‘22. No push back, no republicans in the news, no press conference ridiculing the climate hysteria. Constant news articles about dying forests, dying salmon – orcas – critter of the month, all “climate change” related of course.

        I’ve beat this drum before – the 1964 Supreme Court ruling Reynolds vs Sims ruined your state legislature. This NEVER should have affected state senates just the rep districts but here we are, “democracy mob rule” instead of “representative republic” at the state level. Your state gov senators should be by county / parish to keep a check on the mob of state reps. Also repeal the 17th amendment so your state voice at the federal level is restored.

    • > The Chinese came and physically moved them to China!
      That happened to Kaiser Steel in Fontana.

      Kaiser Steel ceased making steel in Fontana in 1983.

      >California Steel would only operate the portion of the plant that where they could process imported steel slabs into finished products such as rolled steel.[1][55][56] The manufacturing equipment for producing raw steel, installed in 1979, would remain idle.

      >In 1994, California Steel struck a deal with China’s Shougang (Capital Steel and Iron Corporation) to sell the still relatively modern steel manufacturing equipment for US$15 million (US$29.6 million in 2022 dollars[3]). Shougang would also spend US$400 million (US$790 million in 2022 dollars[3]) to dismantle the equipment, ship it to southern China, and reassemble as one of that country’s most advanced steel mills.

  13. Sorry in advance for the long post, but there’s a lot of background needed to make the comparison. -ed

    In 1964 the Congress passed the All-Channel Receiver Act, requiring all TV manufacturers to include a UHF tuner. At the time there were almost no UHF transmitters in use due to their expense and lack of propagation. But there was so much spectrum allocated that everyone’s TV now “went up to” channel 83, although most of those transmitters were just repeaters out on the edge of the coverage area to help stations reach into valleys.

    In the late 1970s the FCC began implementing FCC Docket 18262, which reallocated channels 70-83 for cellular use, beginning in 1982 any UHF stations occupying those channels had to be relocated. There weren’t that many and most of them were little-used translators but the broadcast industry took note.

    In the 1980s it was clear that cellular mobile telephone technology was going to become more popular, and the phone companies began asking for more spectrum. Obviously some of the logical choice “real estate” was adjacent to their existing allocation in the former UHF television band. The broadcasters, realizing that the UHF band was seriously underutilized, began defending their spectrum allocation, claiming they needed it for High Definition television. The FCC liked the idea of HDTV (advanced TV first proposed in 1987), but the broadcasters still lost their spectrum (the 700 MHz and 600 MHz LTE bands). This began a decade of research and development by the “Grand Alliance” looking for a solution. These were all the US television manufactures, along with MIT and some others, who came up with a solution that wasn’t compatible with existing NTSC color television, although some of the early prototypes, namely from RCA, were. All the Grand Alliance participants were sure to get a few patented ideas incorporated into the final (ATSC) design.

    At first there was a fair bit of resistance from the broadcasters. Most of them were stretched pretty thin as their ad revenue began to shrink due to erosion from cable and Internet, and the fact that they’d have to buy all new transmitters (in cases like Denver, fight lawsuits over the new towers and gear too), rebuild their entire studios, and because of the better detail, all their sets, talent makeup, and remote reporting equipment would have to change. But they were promised a chunk of the cellular auction proceeds, and that got them onboard.

    As for the viewers, well they had to upgrade too. It was a pretty easy sale for most of us. Oh that picture looks great! Easy sell, once your broadcaster switched on the transmitter and figured out how to at least get the network feed up, and your cable TV company added the HD feed to the lineup. There were problems though, some going back to the issues that kept broadcasters out of the UHF band to begin with. Even cable companies had problems picking up the HD transmitters, leading many to run fiber feeds directly to the studio, something that continues to this day.

    But what if you had a perfectly good TV that you didn’t want to scrap, and you don’t have cable or satellite TV? Well then there’s the subsidized converter box. I have one, somewhere down in the catacombs, unopened. Because it was “free,” so why the heck not? So everyone was covered. Time to switch off “old sparky” and move into the future.

    This whole process from the first official discussion of HDTV in 1987, to when the “Grand Alliance” first met in 1993, to when the high power NTSC transmitters were shut down in June 2009 was 22 years. And that’s just for TV, and a much improved TV that basically sold itself to 99% of the population (there are issues in fringe areas that will likely never be resolved).

    Compare this to what they’re trying to do with EVs. Instead of making the EV a preferable choice (which is well-nigh impossible), ignore the shortcomings and sell them on the “convenience” of home charging, which no one was complaining about anyway. Or that your application for Gaia Sainthood will be expedited. None of these things are enough of a reason to “upgrade” and they know it. Or they’d just pick a date in the next 20 years and tell the oil industry to shut down.

  14. At this point the pushers just rub our faces in it, on so many levels. The idea of throttling the volume of gas deliverable in real time is what I look for them to do first. Something about ‘new and improved pumps,’ capable of reducing the oder emitted from filling stations. Of course once gas is on par with quick charges time wise, they can institute more taxes and more virtue signaling courtesy of state DMVs and the insurance mafia.

    I wonder how many will roll dirty in this dystopian future. Hope its more than the occasional lone wolf, like it was during the pandemic.

  15. With the numerous impositions of nonsensical face diaper mandates in 2020-2021 under guise of “Stopping the spread of COVID”, it’s a wonder these psychopaths didn’t also impose face diaper mandates on the masses under guise of “Stopping the spread of CO2”.

    Just like the Biden Thing tried to make it MANDATORY for people who have a job to take the COVID jabs under guise of “Public Health Emergency”, the Thing may try to make it MANDATORY for people who drive a car to dispose of their gas vehicle & get an EV under guise of “Cliiiiiiiiimate Emergency”. And we’re to believe that Orange Man is the authoritarian, fascist, Modern day Hitler, white supremacist, monster, or whatever else the establishment & legacy media wants everyone to believe.

    • “it’s a wonder these psychopaths didn’t also impose face diaper mandates on the masses under guise of “Stopping the spread of CO2”. ”

      I believe much of the population, especially the younger gens fresh out of indoctrination camps, are dumbed down enough to actually believe that.

      • Hi Ken,

        Many of the younger people are also gushing over a “Letter to America” that Osama bin Laden wrote in 2002. Will they find a way to idolize him like so many people did with Anthony Fauci? I don’t know. I also saw video of a group of high school students in Ashland, Oregon outdoors protesting the “Climate crisis”, and some of them were even wearing face diapers. Were those kids afraid of the ‘Rona, or did they perhaps belieeeeeeeeeeeeve that by wearing a face diaper, they were doing their part to “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave the planet”? Hard to say, and I don’t think any of the local news stations that covered that protest asked such students why they were wearing face diapers.

        • Hi John,

          I think it’s probably fair (because probably accurate) that almost everyone who is still wearing a Diaper is doing so for political reasons; i.e., they are hard-core Leftists. I doubt there is one conservative Diaper-wearer for every 1,000 Diaper wearers.

        • Hi John,

          The funny thing about Bin Laden’s “Letter to America” is that, for the many young people who actually read it, this was the first time they ever realized that the US government was killing hundreds of thousands of people and committing war crimes on a massive scale. That they had to learn this from a terrorist like Bin Laden says a lot about the state of the mainstream media, as well as the effectiveness of US government propaganda to hide the truth about its multitudinous crimes committed in various countries around the world.

          • Hi Martin,

            Will these people look to the government to “Keep them saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe!” upon reading that letter from bin Laden? And will they listen to government re COVID jabs, war, climate change, Orange Man, and other issues the establishment wants everyone to fear will get REALLY BAD unless Daddy Gubmint does X? I don’t know.

          • Hey John

            “this was the first time they ever realized that the US government was killing hundreds of thousands of people and committing war crimes on a massive scale”

            “That they had to learn this from a terrorist like Bin Laden”

            So who IS the terrorist?

  16. The easiest way to push the masses into EVs is to have the states refuse to register gas cars. Then you will be shamed to drive one and everyone else will know you are driving one against the LAW! Just like the face diapers facism. The insurance companies will also be mandated to refuse to insure gas cars. No grandfathering. Problem that wasn’t is now solved.

    • Or just don’t issue any work permits for gas pump/tanks replacement. Declare any minimal tank leaks a Superfund site and close them down. Equalize the number of gas pumps to the number of EV charger pedestals.

      Just because oil is pumped out of the ground doesn’t mean it isn’t a hazardous material once it goes back in. That’s just science…

      • Here in SoCal, an acquaintance who owned an independent Chevron station told me that Chevron charged him more for its products than the price they sold the same products for at company owned stations, which tend to be much larger than independent stations, and also less numerous.

        From what I can see, the independents are being driven out of business by a combination of predatory pricing by the producers, who compete directly with the independents, and *extremely* stringent environmental regulations. The net effect to the general public is fewer gas stations, and less conveniently located.

    • Hi Pug,

      That’s certainly possible. Look at what they tried to do to people who refused to be guinea pigs for Pharma. They even deemed the unvaxxed DISEASED, SELFISH, and UNCLEAN, while deeming people who got vaxxed CLEAN, RESPONSIBLE, and CARING ABOUT THE GREATER GOOD. Will people who “Cling to their gas vehicles” also be deemed UNCLEAN or perhaps even ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMINALS & will people who have an EV be deemed CLEAN & CARING ABOUT THE CLIMATE?

      • They tried to demonize the un-vaccinated, with all the above labels you mentioned, John. Three years later, they were blaming us un-vaxxed for their health problems caused by the jab they tried to force us on us. They blame us for not warning them for the jab they gleefully took. Not only was the stupidity thick, but it is now our fault they are stupid. You can bet this same mind set will extend to EV’s, as well.

        • Hi Shadow,

          As you may know, there were those who tried to warn about the experimental mRNA jabs, but Big Tech & the government censored them, claiming they were “Spreading misinformation”.

          • Look at history.

            What gets censored? Usually truths that are uncomfortable or inconvenient to the ruling class. Lies very seldom receive such treatment.

            So, if you want to know the truth, look very closely at the things you are not allowed to say. Sift out the garbage, and whatever is left is probably pretty close.

        • Stupid is, as stupid does. (Or doesn’t, as the case may be).

          There were plenty of warnings out there, you just had to keep an open mind and go out and look for them. And it would help to refrain from having an emotional meltdown while doing so.

          If a few people got tired of casting pearls before swine…can you blame them? How much more courageous, then, those who refused to be silenced.

  17. My grandparents lived in a steel town outside Pittsburgh. They had two small boys, not much money (not even a telephone in the home) and my grandfather had a job at one of the two steel mills in town. During the war he would walk to the mill each day from their tiny rented apartment downtown. My grandmother could just walk to the shops, so they didn’t need to drive anywhere. He bought a beautiful used Buick cheap from an elderly man who couldn’t afford to keep it and carefully saved their gas coupons. Grandpa was the only one in their neighborhood who owned a car and that was his baby. Once a month he took the family for a Sunday drive on the turnpikes to picnic and visit the local attractions. The turnpikes were always completely empty since no one else had any gas! He brought along a couple of milk bottles full of water to nurse the radiator from time to time. My dad wrote an essay about this as he treasured these outings and admired his fathers resourcefulness and sense of adventure.

  18. It does appear that the end goal is to rid the earth of most of us. We are spoiling their planet and the post industrial world doesn’t need as many slaves to keep their businesses and properties maintained.

  19. What happens starting next week when the first deliveries of the Cybertruck begin and the masses realize that the real street price means that, in the all EV future, they are more likely to end up riding the bus to work than cruising to the office at “Ludicrous Speed”.

  20. The thing is, they are effing nuts, and evil to boot. We have no idea what to expect next from them. They could just as easily require a $10k per month permit to own a car, of any kind. Or a motorcycle. Per each. That’s a big problem for those of us who are mostly sane. We have no concept of what a psychopath is capable of, except in hindsight. The much shorter list would be what they won’t do. Mao, Pol Pot, and Stalin for example.

    • So true. I remember thinking 2020 was going to be a great year. Had no idea what was about to happen much less that in a year or so my neighbors and family would be talking about requiring everyone to take covid vaccines. I distinctly recall watching in disbelief an interview with Alan Dershowitz saying people should be forcibly held down and vaccinated if they refused to do it voluntarily. There was a feeling of living in unreality each day.

      • Yep,2020 was the start of the Grand Heist. From stealing the elections to the forcible transfer of wealth from the private sector working class to the government/billionaire elite. The “hope and change” started by dear leader Obama is in mid phase and threatened to be completed.

        • I’d say the start of the great heist was in that little room during the summer of 1787 in Philadelphia. It completely undid everything that had been started in 1775 and spiraled us down the road we’re currently on.

          • Hi Logan,

            Indeed. In fact, it’s incontestable. The delegates had no legitimate proxy power to conjure a Constitution into existence; but that is precisely what they did. I think – this is just my 50 – the more foundational problem was that the core principles expressed so beautifully in Jefferson’s Declaration were not articulated fully. “Pursuit of happiness” is a wonderfully poetic phrase. But what does it mean, precisely?

            Originally, Jefferson used the word property – as in Life, liberty and property. Changing that to “pursuit of happiness” was more than an editorial mistake.

            If we ever get a chance to do this again, it will be imperative to articulate the foundational principles in clear (if not necessarily poetic) language. Then we might preserve liberty.

      • How quick we forget, or maybe try and forget. The “Plandemic” was the first time for quarantining healthy people, rather than the sick. And when you realize that COVID was designed for the vaccine, rather than the other way around things begin to make sense.

    • The only mistake John Wilkes Booth made was waiting four years to kill the tyrant.

      Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, and every other dictator made (and make) sure their citizens weren’t (or aren’t) armed for a reason.

      • So you know what they are up to, so now instead of just crying about it on the internet, why don’t you and a few like minded souls work on eliminating them before they can accomplish this evil goal upon you?

        • Hi good,

          The way we win is by saying no. By refusing to comply. By making, in other words, their violence undeniable. Then they lose the moral high ground.

          And then, they lose.

          • That’s right Eric. The only way we can get rid of the beast is by suffocating it, with our refusal to comply. But for this to happen, enough people need to wake up, which sadly is not happening.

            • Hi TTM,

              Maybe – but also maybe not! Don’t give up hope just yet. Remember: The “vaccine” push was beaten by the refusal of enough people to make it not viable for them to keep pushing it.

              We can do this!

              • Hi Eric,

                It appears that only 2% of Americans have taken the “new and improved COVID jab” that the Biden Thing once “recommended” that EVERYONE take. I wouldn’t be surprised if these authoritarians try to MANDATE them for us like they’ll likely try to do with EVs for people who REFUSE to give up a gas vehicle for an EV.

                • Good morning, John – and Happy Thanksgiving!

                  I think this is good news, about only 2 percent having taken the latest “vaccine.” It is a measure of the loss of trust in “the science” – and the medical apparat. It is going to be very difficult going forward, I think, to get most people to just trust what “the experts” tell them, at least with regard to their health. This latter is perhaps the most self-interested motivation there is – and it cuts through politics. How many parents – most of whom love their kids – are going to risk their kids’ health by trusting these drug-pushers? I doubt many. Or at least, I am certain many will not. And the same as regards adults, who all know that they were lied to by the “experts” about the “vaccines.” They might not admit it – especially if they’re on the Left and supported the Kabuki – but when the rubber hits the road (and that needle is pointed their way) they are going to be . . . hesitant.

                  And that is very good!

                  • They have shot themselves in the foot. Not only are most “hesitant” about the Covid vaccine, but they’ve had their eyes opened to the nefarious nature of the entire Medical Industrial Complex, and the many faults in other vaccines.

          • Do not comply with their idiotic shit to the best of your abilities.

            Laugh at them. They really hate to be laughed at and shown how stupid they are.

        • “An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government” -Ron Paul

          The libertarian idea will spread when people are ready. No offensive violence necessary. Eric is helping to spread ideas. Nothing wrong with that.

          Personally, I am in a defensive only position. When they come for me I will make sure it costs them, but I’m not going to go murder someone. If you think that’s a good idea, you may need to read up on libertarian theory.

          As for the idea of collaborating with a few like minded souls to go “eliminate them”, that sounds an awful lot like what a government infiltrator would encourage. Good luck with that kind of talk in a place like this. Libertarians are known to be on the right side of the IQ bell curve. That kind of talk might be better suited on one of your monitored right wing extremist websites, where 50% of members just happen to be on the government payroll.

        • Interesting article. Regardless Lincoln was blown away. So rare a tyrant gets exactly what they deserved. I hope he died in excruciating pain.

          • Hi Mark,

            The adulation of Lincoln began just after his assassination. While alive, he was roundly despised – including by many Northerners. It was only after he became Saint Lincoln that this view changed. And so it has been, ever since.

    • There is really only one thing they won’t do.

      And that is accept that others are their equals, with the legitimate capability of following their own minds instead of always doing as they are told.

      OK, maybe two things. Sometimes I rather suspect they are not capable of love, either.


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