The Noncompliance Challenge

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Martin Luther King famously preached non-violence but what he really advocated – and what worked – was noncompliance. As for example refusing to hand over a seat on a pubic (that is to say, government-owned) bus.

It would have worked in terms of refusing to wear the “mask” government demanded everyone wear, too.

It works generally – if enough people are noncompliant.

The 55 MPH National Maximum Speed Limit (NMSL) which is now 30 years in the rearview was ended by general noncompliance, which not only made compliance-enforcement difficult it made it plainly obnoxious. When almost everyone was being harassed (and mulcted) for not complying with a law almost everyone was not complying with, it made the law itself as well as those who enforced compliance with it ridiculous and contemptible.

It is why we’re able to drive at least as fast – legally – as people in this country were allowed to drive back in 1970. Such is progress in this country.

The point here is that noncompliance works – but only when enough people practice it. The individual – by himself – is generally hesitant to be noncompliant, for the altogether reasonable reason that he fears being punished for non-compliance. This is how the becoming-indistinguishable from one another combine of government and corporate power successfully Face Diapered most of the population for two years, during the orchestrated mass-panic event that people errantly refer to as “the pandemic.” (Which it wasn’t in the substantive sense because almost no one died during it who wasn’t already likely to die from some other natural cause, such as old age or courting death already via chronic sicknesses; catching a bad cold merely pushed them over the edge of the cliff they were already standing on the edge of.)

The challenge, then – and the Catch 22 – is getting a sufficiency of people to exercise noncompliance.

Who’s going to go first, in other words? 

Well, how about me?

I already have.

During the orchestrated mass-panic event that was only a “pandemic” in the most pedantic sense, I refused to comply with “mask” mandates. I never once wore the evil accoutrement used to create the visual impression of mass panic (in order to impose mass compliance) and took the risk – small as it was – of walking into stores and so on that had “masks required” signs on the door. I sometimes got thrown out but mostly got left alone. I was willing – if it had come down to it – to risk arrest and jail over it. I would not comply. My hope was that others might decide to do the same and – together – our mass noncompliance would make enforcement of compliance untenable. I even organized small-scale noncompliance of several individuals together. We got together outside of a local supermarket that had the “masks required” signs – and ignored them, together. I believe to this day that the sight of us ignoring it gave a boost to others who saw us to be noncompliant themselves.

Indeed, an older woman actually told me just that. She approached me and said words to the following effect:  I am glad to see you; I am afraid to be noncompliant myself because I am a woman but I wanted to tell you I appreciate what you’re doing. I have rarely felt better in my whole life.

Standing up to bullies is always empowering. But it is something more when it involves standing up to bullies who are bullying other people who are afraid to stand up to the bullying because they fear they cannot stand up to the bullies.

The bully relies not just on fear to enforce compliance. He relies on numbers. He knows most people (or at least, a lot of people) will not stand up to being bullied, many of them because they cannot – and these become adjuncts to his bullying. In the worst case – and we saw a lot of such cases during the event that was a “pandemic” like the Impossible Burger is a hamburger – the bullied became co-enforcers of the bullying. They were too afraid to not wear the “mask”they had been ordered to wear – and so they ordered you to wear one, too.

This was the age-old replay of the same thing that plays out whenever such bullying is institutionalized, the worst recent examples being the Jewish camp guards who enforced the regime of the National Socialist (important to spell that out and not use the Left’s acronym, which avoids spelling out the socialism part) bullies. It is a dynamic explained by the infamous Milgram Experiment, in which student-subjects were shown to be willing adjuncts of bullies, once bullied themselves.

The therapy for this sickness is noncompliance. But it must be practiced by the many and that can only happen when a few are willing to be noncompliant first.

I am willing. Not because I am brave. Because I despise bullies – and understand that they can never be given in to because giving in means more and worse bullying.

Are you willing?

If enough of us will decide we are then we can put an end to the kind of bullying we’ve suffered over the past three years and going back a lot farther than that. The kind of bullying that only government can do.

When we comply with it.

. . .

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  1. Richard Vobes has a freedom of speech channel….he says it is time for the non compliance groups to co operate and send a message to the slave owners….

    Vobes says…..

    I feel it is time to bring all the truth/freedom/sovereign groups together to put the government, councils, police and bailiffs on notice…

  2. Funny thing of note about Germany and masks- I was in Munich last year in October and got on the subway to go to the center of the town where masks were still required. All the Germans still had them on. It was just me the American, my Russian friends I was with, and random middle eastern dudes on the train that were maskless.

    • You would think that by now, after quite a lot of “incidents” throughout history (not by any means limited to the obvious one) the Germans would have figured out that compliance generally leads to problems. Instead they are far too busy being pedantic about the mundane.

  3. “Martin Luther King famously preached non-violence but what he really advocated – and what worked – was noncompliance. As for example refusing to hand over a seat on a pubic (that is to say, government-owned) bus.”

    King is a bad example. Everything he did was staged with the assistance of sympathetic elites and media. When he spent his ONE NIGHT in Birmingham jail he already had an army of lawyers working for him and “his” famous letter ghostwritten.

    In other words, King was allowed to be noncompliant by the elites, who were also using him to discredit the southern cops and politicians.

    Political “noncompliance” by the Left exists because it is government-approved. Protests by blacks, feminists, gays, Antifa, BLM, etc. never have any serious consequences. The arrests are just for show.

    But if the noncompliance is from non-approved Right wing people — anti-abortion protesters, J6, Charlottesville, the Bundys — the government will call in the tactical team with the MRAP, and if they don’t shoot you on sight they will bankrupt you and give you 100 years in prison.

    • This is far more important, and received far less publicity, than his bit about Jan 6 that they retried to suppress.

      I hope everyone watched and carefully considers the content of that vaccine clip.

      • So far, I have yet to see the story reported on anywhere else.

        It’s not on:

        Citizen Free Press
        The Liberty Daily

        “If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize.”

        • That morning in spring 2020 Trump just stood there on national TV like a dumb fn cow letting Fauci spew his BS.

          Some people never learn. Most forget if they sometimes do.

  4. I wish I could find it again, but I was reading an article on the Milgram Experiment where they interviewed the participants. A high portion of the participants came away with a new attitude concerning blind obedience to authority and were much less likely to blindly follow authority in the future. I think this whole WuFlu ordeal has been one giant Milgram Experiment. Yes it was horrible while it was happening, but may have changed enough attitudes for the better. And hopefully not just in the CDC arena.

    • Hi Michael,

      I’ve had that thought as well. And I hope we’re right! We often hear never again – with reference to what was done to Jews and others during WW II in Germany. Well, how about we apply that more broadly . . .?

  5. OK eric (author),

    Do you race to COMPLY and trample the 5th Amendment every year to file your self confession tax returns to It’s Really Slavery, like most people, that think they are Americans, do?

    Do you COMPLY with that?🤔

    • Hi Steve,

      I take your point. But a point comes when it’s time to say – enough. The “masks” were that for me. Being robbed is one thing. Being made to look like a fearful imbecile is another.

      • I look at taxes as a fee I pay to prevent a gunfight on my doorstep. I don’t want to kill anyone, and I certainly don’t want them killing me, over a tax bill, as long as I can afford to pay it. Masking and vaccination are completely different. So far.

    • Courage need not be stupid. It is seldom necessary to charge a machine gun nest, almost always it can be targeted indirectly by mortar fire, air support, or these days by drone or robot weapons.

      At the moment, the despicable totalitarian income taxes are accepted by far too high a percentage of Americans to make active resistance productive or worthwhile. Absolutely keep educating about how it’s illegal, how it was never legitimately ratified, about how the feds lack the jurisdiction to tax wages which aren’t income. That’s all great and all true to a great extent.

      But before you stick your dick in a meat grinder, consider if it will do any good. There are already plenty of martyrs out there. Better yet look for ways around their evil system, use its own rules against them. Enough have done so that they are resorting to increasingly obvious draconian attacks on larger numbers of their prey.

      Read Sun Tzu, he is worthy and nothing important has changed in the last 3000 years. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you’re going to lose. If you know your enemy OR yourself, you’re going to get lucky about half the time. And if you know yourself AND your enemy, you will win every time you choose to engage. Seriously, read The Art of War- it is life changing, useful truth and wisdom.

  6. Wowzer. Concussion grenades, rubber bullets (through the cheek) and mace and beatings:

    Via a Zerohedge article, ‘CNN Town Hall Host Tries To Disrupt Vivek Ramaswamy As He Reveals Truth Behind J6’

    “Look at all this early J6 footage @TuckerCarlson could show the world, but won’t.

    His producer @gregg_re and his team at Fox were given all of this last year. #J6CoverUp

    J6 protestors were fired upon with NO warning. USCP Chief Waldow lied saying he gave warnings but never did.”

  7. President Biden should ask Benjamin Netanyahu to station IDF along the Mexican border.

    300,000 armed Israeli forces from El Paso to California would be an effective fighting force to stop the illegal aliens from crossing into the US. About time Israel lends a helping hand, take the heat off the US gov for a while.

    Biden is the Commander-in-Chief, so President Biden should order Bibi to start flying Israeli fighting forces to be stationed in the US along the Mexican border.

    It will be good business for the airlines, Americans could go home at night feeling safer, the Border Patrol and ICE could retire.

    You have to stand with Israel, so IDF can stand for America and guard the borders, Canada too.

    I will stand on one leg and hold my breath for as long as I can. Then after that, I will beat my head against the wall. Won’t do much good, I don’t care.

    Feels better than standing with Israel, that sucks.

  8. When the only kind of new car the government allows you to buy is an EV, and you want to buy a real new car with an internal combustion engine – how on earth can we get around that and comply with our own wishes instead of those of the government? The only option to me looks like we need to cling to our old cars and try to keep them running as long as we can, while forgoing the possibility of buying anything new, so it’s not really a solution.

    • As Tom Luongo likes to put it regarding his financial investments… “I’m long guillotines and ropes.”

      Great article Eric. I remember the feeling walking into my local Giant, after the employee at the door would radio into the store letting them know I was entering without a face diaper, the energy…you could just feel it radiating from yourself. Honestly, that whole experience was Jedi training for those who took advantage of the opportunity. Saying ‘No’ to a face diaper is small change compared to telling an armed thug (order follower) ‘No’.

      Whoever didn’t wear a face diaper, you are an Alpha.

      • Thanks, Gary!

        Yup. I hit the weights harder than I ever have in my life so far. I’m not a fighter, but looking big can ward off many a fight. Most of the Diaperers were women and soy boy types. Women generally shy away from confronting large redneck-looking types. And so do the soy boy types.

      • Honestly, I kind of miss those days. It was quite a rush being the only person in the store maskless, daring anyone to utter a word about it.

        My family and I (wife and 3 kids) went maskless during our tour of the St. Louis Arch in 2022. We were the only ones out of hundreds of people who were unmasked the whole time. A security soy boy handed me a mask and told me it was required. I walked right over to the trash can and threw it in while staring him down. I looked at him and said “What now?”

        He said he would have to call the police and they would ask me to either put on a mask or leave. I laughed and told him that he knew as well as I did that the police won’t be “asking” me to do anything. They will forcibly and violently remove me and my family because of YOU. I asked him if that’s what he wanted to see. He said he was done with the conversation and left.

        We stood there for a while contemplating leaving. I told the kids they could wear a mask and continue the tour without me if they wanted to. They chose to stay maskless, not leave, and continue the tour.

        I composed my thoughts and walked back over to the security guard and told him me and my family were going to enjoy the rest of the tour without masks and asked him if he was going to make any further fuss about it. He said no.

        We went on our way and was not hassled again.

        A family of 4 came up to us while we were sitting on a bench waiting for our turn to take the elevator up into the Arch. They asked us how we were getting away with not wearing masks. They agreed it was stupid and they usually don’t wear them. I told these people that security would have to kick us out before we’d mask up. They took their masks off too.

        It was one the best life lessons I have imparted to my kids.

        • While you almost lost me at, “I told the kids they could wear a mask and continue” …That was a great tale of courage, Philo Beddoe.
          Thanks for sharing it.

          [I’m glad I scrolled up above Ernie’s comment, this time.]

      • Gas may become increasingly precious, but if you start early like I did you can lay in a supply of wine bottles- and emptying them is an important part of the process. Rags are almost always available free. Just another practical way of being long rope and guillotines…

  9. Great points, Eric. None of the rest – extended lockdowns, vaccine requirements and passports – could have happened without mass mask compliance by the vast majority of sheep in the country. Had more people said No to the mask, the fake pandemic would have ended by late spring 2020. Conversely, without people like you and many of the commenters, we might still be under lockdowns, living under communism, abject poverty, and long bread lines.

    The power of noncompliance would take down other forms of tyranny as well. Imagine if at least 10% of airline travelers opted out of the body scanners and received a pat down instead. TSA would be overwhelmed. Airports would be jammed. We could take down the TSA and return to a more saner pre-911 system of metal detectors only instead of today’s airport authoritarianism.

      • Could you imagine That world?

        Free armed people getting along on a crowded polite flight.

        …THAT would be -something- now. …No freaking Karens around. No helicopter spaz moms. Or, weak gutless helicopter jabbed dad’s.
        Just real people.

        • I lived that world. And I want it back. I remember my dad and I getting on a 707 with his holstered stainless 38 snuggie. And I remember walking right on with my KaBar folder (2 razor honed 5 inch blades) in its belt bouch about 1988. These days I refuse to fly almost always.

  10. My wife and I just got COVID this week. For both of us, it was a bad head cold that started with body aches and a fever.

    While we did get the shot and we did get the antivirals, we have been far sicker with “lesser” diseases, like strep throat, sinus infections, chicken pox, and bronchitis.

    I started getting sick a week ago. Right now I’m just about fully recovered. My wife is at about day 3-4 in.

    Could it be that “if you get the shot and antivirals, you’ll be sick for seven days—if not, you’ll be sick for a week” or something like that?

    My MIL was bitten by a tick this summer—now THAT was what I would call really sick! She had really bad flu-like symptoms and now has a host of food allergies that defy explanation.

    Yet why aren’t we freaking out about all these tick diseases? Oh yeah…it’s not about controlling the virus, it’s about controlling YOU.

    • Bryce:

      I remember back in the ’90s I’d get COVID all the time (you know, “bad head cold. . .body aches and a fever”) around the hibernal solstice when I wasn’t getting much sunlight exposure, and I ate poorly and never exercised. Wait, maybe it was just a cold or flu during what used to be called the “cold and flu season.”

      “We’ve always been at war with COVID” – George Orwell, 1984

  11. [because almost no one died during it who wasn’t already likely to die from some other natural cause, such as old age or courting death already via chronic sicknesses; catching a bad cold merely]- article

    What many prefer to forget is many were murdered by the Fraudci Covid protocol,,, Remdesivir plus intubed which would likely kill anyone. Many by isolation,,, no nursing, no family and many were even starved or refused treatment for other ailments because of frightened staff. Hundreds of thousands of fedpaper was paid for a covid death certificate by the federales.

    As they were old (useless eaters) this has been mostly shrugged off by most. Even relatives would rather think they died of Covid, (which doesn’t exist), than the cruel treatments at these nursing homes. The most vicious of all was New York State under Cuomo. Literally unknown how many thousands were killed.

    Don’t forget for one minute this was/is a democide and is still ongoing. Conservatively estimated 17-20 million dead from the shot and years to go before it is said and done. Now they’re injecting babies and school children. We will have to wait to see how many get diseases and/or die early and/or are sterilized.

    The fat lady hasn’t sung yet…

    • You are spot on! The hospitals were virtually empty in 2020 and those unfortunate enough to go to the emergency room and test positive on a fake test that didn’t test for anything, were murdered through the “Covid” protocol of remdesivir, sedatives, and ventilators. I don’t believe for a second there was a pandemic, and am highly skeptical there ever was a “virus” that caused deaths. It was a depopulation event planned in advance as part of agenda 2030 and the great reset.

  12. If you don’t comply, expect to be harassed. This is too much for most people.
    It helps to have a “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude, because you will need it.

    In the case of something like an EV mandate, if were to come to pass, you will be branded a criminal. How many will go to jail, or actively resist going to jail to stake a claim to their liberty? Not many.

    But there were those who chose unemployment over being jabbed, so the remnant is out there.

    Remember, the power to government is an illusion. There are not enough government agents willing to die to enforce the edicts. When they can’t possibly control the population, they lose.

    Not everyone gets pull over for speeding, but enough to do scare the rest. Oppressive power is based on the fear of “it could happen to you”.

    And most of us gladly cheer our own oppression, by lauding the boys in blue when they go after someone else that acts in a way we don’t like. This foolish police fan boying creates the environment that claims the authority to use force against us.

    So, do not comply, and resist. The elite class will quickly lose the ability to domineer our lives.

    • “At what point, then, should one resist? When one’s belt is taken away? When one is ordered to face into a corner? When one crosses the threshold of one’s home? An arrest consists of a series of incidental irrelevancies, of a multitude of things that do not matter, and there seems no point in arguing about one of them individually…and yet all these incidental irrelevancies taken together implacably constitute the arrest. ”
      ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago: 1918-1956
      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
      ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    • This is sick.

      If the aircraft is full not only the seat next to the land whale is taken but 2 or three more may have to be bumped due to the weight and balance figures. They can dump fuel or somehow use it up on the ground but the usual destination plus 1 hour is commonly for commercial a/c. Under part 91 FAA regs if I remember correctly. Destination + 30 min VFR 45 IFR.

      • As an aerospace retiree I cringe when the sweathogs waddle / squeeze down the aisle. The floor panels are thin honeycomb resin composite capped with a thin sheet of aluminum top/bottom, relatively strong but light weight. It’s amazing the panels survive this abuse. Note also, on older designs like the 737 the flight control wire rope cables run directly under the floor. Nightmares about some heifer hoof breaking a panel and locking up the controls!

        • I had a fascinating conversation about 20 years ago with an old tool and die hand about the floor panels on a 747 and how they were developed and tested. Unless Boeing really started cutting corners — always a possibility — the floors will be fine.

          The software keeping the planes flying and the overseas “talent” involved should be of more concern.

    • Thing is, this is a great example of compliance with the regulator. Southwest is following the minimum requirement for seat size based on FAA/Boeing guidelines. They could go larger and reduce the number of overall seats going to a 2X3 row, but the FAA set the minimum width and Boeing designed the 737 to be a 3X3 row aircraft, so take it up with the regulators, tubby.

      • Correct. The 737 body diameter is the same as it was when first designed back in the 60s. Cabin the same size, the customers not so much!

      • AirTran had 2×3 “business” class seating on some planes when Southwest bought them, but those were probably on the way out by the time the last AirTran flight pulled away from Gate C27 in Tampa.

    • It’s an easy answer for the airline industry, just have the weight of the traveler, then book flights that have overweight passengers only on some flights.

      100 350 pounders is 35,000 pounds to fit into specially made airline seats for fat people.

      Might need a jumbo jet, plenty of room. Have to have larger bathrooms to accommodate the extra girth of the fat people on the fat flight.

      Have a few blimps for joy rides for the fat.

      Land Whale Airlines, we fly fat cats too.

      There are always solutions. Add whiskey.

    • They’re keeping gold price down due to the central banks buying tons of the stuff. The cheaper the better for them.

      They are sucking in the bitcoin and other ‘cryptos’ as its easy peezy to stop most transactions.

      • I see all the articles about foreign Central Bank buying of gold, but never once one about The Fed buying some. …Do they buy zero?

        I recall the decades past when Central Banks were sellers,… all the time, hammering the price down with their sales. …Never did read anything much explaining the shift from selling, to buying.

        ‘They Know You’ve Been Right All Along’

        Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara

        ~”Everybody’s doing their Christmas shopping at the Dollar Tree store” [Not, Costco.]

        • CBs manipulate the gold price down with paper sales that don’t involve taking delivery. Such transactions are infinite. The problem for them arises when many banks/folks start demanding physical delivery and the price of physical delivery gold decouples (goes higher) from paper, a process known as “backwardation.” To me, it’s sort of a take on fractional reserve banking. Tons of claims on a small amount of actual holdings that works until a lot of people want to hold the real thing outside the system.

  13. I had a similar experience at a Walmart in 2020 with an unmasked, but visibly frightened woman. As I walked down the isle toward her I showed her a big smile (noticing her lack of mask). She initially gave me an awful look of terror. I asked her if she was ok and she almost exploded with emotion seeing that I was a literal friendly face. She explained how she just could not put on a mask (citing all sorts of reasons as if she had to justify it). She said she had been so harassed by the employees and all of the other masked idiots in the store. We talked for a few minutes and she calmed down a bit. As we parted she grabbed my hand with both of hers and thanked me for being so kind. That experience simultaneously warmed my heart and enraged me that government and society would bring this kind of misery upon somebody.

    Noncompliance is generally pretty easy. If somebody demands that you do something, simply ask: “Or else what?” Typically they won’t tell you the “or else what.” They’ll be coy about it and hope that you’ll assume the worst (which people often do). Then, just apply the appropriate no. If it’s still on a polite level, you just say “no thank you” or “I think I’ll pass” and move on. If it’s at a point of mild confrontation, say something like “I don’t think so” or “beat it.” If it is very confrontational, say “Hell no!” “Fuck no!” or perhaps the best, “Fuck off!” The key is to set a boundary early and stick to your guns without compromise. Of course, when it comes to dealing with an AGW, once must be very delicate and tactful. A polite, but determined, non-aggressive and non-argumentative no is always best there.

    • RE: “Noncompliance is generally pretty easy. If somebody demands that you do something, simply ask: “Or else what?” Typically they won’t tell you”

      I think, this time will be different? The teeth are coming out.

      A, ‘for example’ …and, a template?:

      ‘Brazil To Mandate COVID-19 Shots For Kids As Young As 6 Months’

      “… not vaccinating children will result in fines and loss of social benefits to their families. […]

      the mandatory vaccination program also will be prioritised for other groups, including the elderly, immunocompromised, the permanently disabled, pregnant and postpartum women, health workers, those with comorbidities, Indigenous peoples, residents of long-term care facilities, the homeless, the incarcerated, and prison staff.”…

      • helot: You’re doing exactly what most people do: catastrophizing about what the terrible consequences may be. They know this and this part of their playbook to deter non-compliance.

        They already did this shit in the US with masks and jabs. They denied heart and kidney transplants and other medical treatments. They harassed and punished school children. They arrested a guy paddle boarding in the pacific ocean. They expressly and impliedly threatened all of us with terrible consequences. The teeth were out! Have you forgotten?

        The answer is still NO. If exercising my natural rights and doing what’s right will ultimately cause me to be jailed, then I say jail me if you will, assholes.

        • New word ‘O the day, Catastrophizing.

          “a way of thinking that assumes things are worse than they are or will have a far worse outcome than is realistic.”

          Hmm, that ‘realistic’ part.

          ‘Behind The Biggest Nursing Exodus In 40 Years’

          “… if you don’t comply, you’re going to be terminated.’” […]

          Noticing the reluctance within the health care industry to take the vaccine, the Biden administration imposed a vaccine mandate on health care workers on Nov. 5, 2021.”…

          Seems real enough.
          …Is The Blob growing?

          Fare thee well.

          • Hi Helot,

            Good buddy of mine is a nurse (because good money) and he’s told me he will quit if they try to make him take another jab (he already, sadly, took one). Resistance is spreading.

          • I say better to refuse and call their fucking bluff. If they fire you, so be it. Why on earth would somebody want to work some place where they require consent to poisoning anyway. Keep your dignity and self respect and take the consequences of doing the right thing.

            I also think that many nurses left because they could no longer stomach the continued abuse of patients that Big Med requires of them. Big Med and Big Pharma will absolutely kill or maim you if left to their own devises. Iatrogenic death and injury is all too real.

            • Another new word I learned today, Apocaloptimist.

              “I am by nature an Apocaloptimist, which is a succinct way of saying I am a practitioner of the Stockdale Paradox and Confront the Brutal Facts. Facing the Beast is clearly about confronting the brutal facts, and I am guessing you are at essence an optimist who thinks it is possible to wake people up, reverse tyranny, and stop democide, or you wouldn’t be working so hard to accomplish those goals.” …


        • during the height of the CCP bio-weapon fear I was doing Instacart, grocery shopping for people. I was in grocery stores all day long. I would wear a mask on my chin to be non-compliant and also to mock those stupid enough to think a mask did anything. The look on masked losers faces was priceless. They would actually move away from me. On one delivery, I knocked on the door and a few minutes latter i hear a voice that sounded like it came from behind me. Thought maybe the customer snuck up behind be. So I turn and look around. Turns out some scared shytless little old lady was telling me to leave the groceries on the porch. She would get them after I left. No doubt spray them down with disinfectant. I have a shirt with a guy giving the middle finger saying “vaccinate this” I wear all the time.

  14. ‘The therapy for this sickness is noncompliance.’ — eric

    Since Big Gov has seized upon ‘compliance’ as a talismanic virtue, noncompliance is a worthy successor to the former term civil disobedience, immortalized in Henry D Thoreau’s 1849 essay, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience:

    ‘I have paid no poll-tax for six years. I was put into a jail once on this account, for one night. They plainly did not know how to treat me, but behaved like persons who are underbred.’

    Despite the sneer of yankee hauteur in demeaning his jailers as ‘underbred,’ we can admire Thoreau’s stubborn noncompliance. Incredibly, in a vanished America, his essay was on our reading syllabus in high school. Thoreau again:

    ‘Some years ago, the State met me in behalf of the church, and commanded me to pay a certain sum toward the support of a clergyman whose preaching my father attended, but never I myself. “Pay,” it said, “or be locked up in the jail.” I declined to pay. But, unfortunately another man saw fit to pay it.’

    Americans aren’t taxed to support churches anymore. But next month, Clowngress will tax us to support noxious, un-American causes such as Ukraine and Israel. Collapsing tax revenues (down 13% from 2022, as of July 31) suggest that many already are refusing to pay, whether through involuntary unemployment, withdrawal from the rat race, or simply by grifting the grifters.

    The ghastly Woke scourge of butt-bonk Bidenism has dissolved our social cohesion. Now it’s just a question of how much each person can plunder from Uncle Sam’s moldering grave. *reaches in with needle-nose pliers to snag a gold toof* Haw!

  15. I didn’t comply with the federal contractor bioweapon shot mandate. I’m still unemployed to this day (although working under the table and giving zero in tax money to the feds/states – suck it!) They took my job away and I took my confiscated tax money back. There are millions more like me out there, you can guarantee that.

    • You actually got, let go? Over it.

      Wow. Hats off to you. Heroic, even. I know someone who took it to the line, the day that person was to be disciplined (fired?) the mandate was lifted. …Bitter sheet.

      Yes, I think you are correct, “There are millions more like me out there”.

  16. Well maybe John Lennon back in 1971 was right after all when he said “Power to the people, Right on”. I wonder if he would have hid in his cellar and rolled his leave up for the master?

    Another thing that has confused me for years is that even conservatives will call National Socialists fascists even though their own party called them socialists. Quite confusing.

    From As the world’s first fascist dictator, Mussolini targeted democratic institutions, dismantled free speech, attacked political opponents, and engaged in heavy surveillance.

    Makes you kinda wonder………

    • The narratives about face diapers being some sort of magic amulet against respiratory viruses were among the many BIG LIES that have been pushed by government(s) & technocrats over the past several years, right up there with “Safe and Effective COVID vaccines”, “You’re not gonna get COVID if you take these vaccinations”, “Pandemic of the unvaccinated”, “Most secure election ever”, “Global Boiling”, “Ivermectin was ineffective as a treatment for COVID”, “January 6th was an INSURRECTION”, “COVID was a super deadly virus that required everyone to wear face diapers & take experimental pharma products”, “Eating ze bugs is good for you & the planet”, “Farmers destroy the planet”, “Bidenomics is good for you”, “We have to reelect Joe Biden to stop fascism”, etc.

      • The biggest lie of all: “You can vote for this tyrant or that tyrant. That other tyrant is evil incarnate, but this tyrant is going to lead us all to salvation. Only a fool would vote for the other tyrant.”

        • Hi RK. Most of my friends are “conservative”, with a couple libertarian leaning. It’s amazing to me how they think that if only (Trump/Ramaswamy/Disantis/insert your favorite here) wins, somehow we’ll all be saved. They just can’t seem to figure out that they are all crooks and nothing is going to change. Doesn’t matter who wins, we lose. There’s no voting our way out of this mess.

          • Trump gets back in and fires all the leftist apparatchiks, he still has to deal with the courts. And the left has perfected using the courts as a weapon perfectly. I’d love to see Trump back for just the simple middle finger to the lefts scum of this nation, but he wont be able to do much the left will see too it. Not to mention, the complete temper tantrum they will throw will make the “summer of love” tantrum look like nothing.

          • We have to save ourselves. But voting for Trump twice and soon 3 times has done exactly what I had hoped, it has driven the communists of both the cRip and blooD variety absolutely batshit insane and forced them to drop the mask and bare their bloody fangs. Every conservative who used to believe in the system and “law n order” has gotten a rude awakening from the lynching of Trump and the protestors of January 6.

            I heartily recommend Trump for those not too pure to sully themselves by voting. He has as many problems and flaws as any other mortal man, but he most assuredly has all the right enemies. Voting Trump is a Sun Tzu move.

            • Hi Ernie,

              This is well-said (and received, by me). I have been very frustrated by Trump – specifically, the (to me) egregiously inept way he handled the last year of his presidency. But – you’re right – he has all the right enemies and whether he intended it or not, he has revealed ours. The question now is will Trump do what is necessary? Or is he just another talker…?

            • Never voted for Trump before. But I will this time, to register my utter repudiation of Merrick Beria Garland’s corrupt electoral interference and persecution of J6 political prisoners.

              If the SOLE THING Trump accomplishes is to dismantle the Bolshevik ringer Garland’s perversion of justice, Trump will have more than served his purpose.

              • Morning, Jim –

                I despise being maneuvered into the position of almost wanting a Franco (perhaps with an orange tan) to grab the reigns. I understand now what it must have felt like to be a Spaniard in the 1920s (and a German in the ’30s). What choice do we have? I understand this is the “choice” we’re being maneuvered into, whether by events/inertia or otherwise. But the point – or rather, the question – remains:

                What’s it going to be, then?

        • Hi RK,

          There were people in Oregon who claimed that if the R candidate for Oregon Governor won last year’s gubernatorial election, it would be a victory for “White Supremacists”, “Election Deniers”, and “Nazis”. Only problem is, Christine Drazan, who was the R candidate for Governor, was nowhere near what propagandized people were claiming. And the establishment media is already claiming that voting for anyone other than Joe Biden is “Bad for democracy”.

          • I was talking about regular people. The corporate press is trying to protect their jobs, as is the bureaucracy (but I repeat myself).

            At what point will the corporate press start going after subsidies to keep them alive after everyone who hasn’t cut the cord has moved on? After all, they serve the “public interest” by broadcasting critical information during emergencies, real or imagined.


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