Dodge and Pontiac . . .

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Once upon a time, GM had a division called Pontiac and – for a long time – it was one of GM’s most successful divisions. There was a reason why. It was the division that offered some of GM’s most stylistically interesting and best-performing vehicles – at prices working and middle-class Americans could afford.  

Most people who know cars already know about iconic Pontiacs models such as the GTO – which was the archetype for the muscle car category it inspired – as well as the Firebird and Trans-Am, which at one time Pontiac sold as many of in a year as Toyota sold Camrys, last year.

But there were other, comparably successful and beautiful models such as the Grand Prix, which John DeLorean, Pontiac’s general manager – who was also a hands-on engineer – took a personal interest in, as he did the original 1964 GTO.

There were also Catalinas, LeManses and Bonnevilles.

Fieros, too.

And then there weren’t. Which is why there’s no longer a Pontiac. GM closed down what had been one of its most successful divisions in 2010, chiefly because Pontiac had stopped selling Pontiacs years before then. All it had by the end were body-clad Chevys and Buicks, rebadged. This included the last “Firebirds” and “Trans-Ams,” which were that in name only as they were reskinned and rebadged Camaros.

Will history repeat – with Dodge in the role of the doomed?

It seems likely.

Dodge – until just now – was in a very real way Pontiac reconstituted under different management. It sold stylistically interesting, high-performance vehicles at prices working and middle-class Americans could afford.  

Models like Charger and Challenger, which were not just performance cars, they were unique kinds of cars in that no one else made cars anything like them. Where else could a man go to find a hulking American car with a big V8 and the attitude to go with it – at a price the average man could afford?

There was just one place.

Emphasis on the past tense.

The Charger and Challenger have gone the way of the GTO and the (real) Firebird and Trans-Am, forced off the market by forces that have very clearly been disguised so as to not appear to have done exactly what they did. Which is exactly what was done to Pontiac, though almost no one understands how it was done and so has no idea that it was done.

GM didn’t scuttle Pontiac on purpose. It was pushed into doing it by the same forces that have – probably – just scuttled Dodge. When Pontiac was selling Pontiacs such as the GTO and Grand Prix and Firebird, these were not just reskinned/rebranded Chevys and Buicks (and Oldsmobiles; another GM division done in by the same forces). All of GM’s divisions had their own separate engineering divisions where brand-specific engines were . . . engineered.

When you bought a ’64 GTO, you got a Pontiac 389 V8.

Not a Chevy 327.

Not that there is anything wrong with a Chevy 327. Far from it. But it is a Chevy engine, not a Pontiac engine. The latter having its own brand-specific appeal. That is why a Trans-Am like my 1976 model is not a Chevy Camaro, reskinned and rebadged. Its beating heart is a Pontiac-designed 455 V8 that is not a Chevy 350 V8 (the latter being the engine a same-year Camaro would have had under its hood). It is why the “Firebirds” and  “Trans-Ams” made after Pontiac was forced to stop making its own V8 engines – after Pontiac  was forced to close down its engineering and became a brand-in-name-only – are not Pontiacs.

They are – they were – reskinned and rebadged Chevys and Buicks.

And that is why Pontiacs are no longer made, in name or otherwise.

But why did Pontiac stop making its own engines? Because it was forced to. Because GM could no longer afford to have multiple divisions with different engineering divisions designing different engines for different brands – all of which had to be compliant with the same federal regulations. It was too expensive for GM to have Pontiac designing and manufacturing Pontiac V8s and Chevy (and Oldsmobile) doing the same. It was less expensive to have a single corporate engineering division and corporate (Chevy-designed) engines and only have to deal with getting those engines compliant with the regs. Then one type of engine could be installed in all of those “Pontiacs” and “Oldsmobiles,” which became literally shells of their former selves.

They lived on for awhile, as patients afflicted with terminal cancer sometimes do. But their end was foreordained once their beating hearts had been cut out.

Now consider Dodge. What is left now that the Charger and Challenger are gone? Now that the beating heart – the Hemi V8 that defined these cars – has been stilled? All that’s left is the Hornet, which isn’t a bad little crossover. But it’s a “Dodge” in name only. Literally. The Hornet is a reskinned and rebadged Alfa Tonale. It is powered by a tiny four cylinder engine that is completely unrelated to any Dodge engine. It also costs more than $45,000 (for the R/T version) which most working and middle class Americans can’t afford. Even assuming they wanted it.

But is compliant. And that is why it’s here and the V8 isn’t.

A battery-powered device called “Charger” is apparently coming later this year. But it is a skin job only. Without the Hemi, it is like a “Trans-Am” without a 400 or 455. That is to say, something in name-only.

It is doubtful this device – along with the reskinned/rebadged Tonale – will carry what’s left of Dodge very far into the future, like a gut-shot deer that runs for another 100 yards, not realizing it’s already dead.

Ah well. All glory is fleeting.

But it’s a shame most people have no idea just why it is, in this case. Or was – in the case of Pontiac, now 14 years in the grave and dead for a lot longer than that.

. . .

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  1. Dodge and Pontiac had many things in common: Pontiac was the next step up from Chevy in prestige, as Dodge was to Plymouth (but at Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth often swapped places as Chrysler’s “value” and “performance” brands.) Dodge was Chrysler’s sporty performance-focused brand, as was Pontiac. Both brands were well-known as winners on the drag strip, race track, and the street. Both brands were made famous in movies, TV, and music, a’la Smokey and the Bandit and the Dukes of Hazzard.

    But there were other things in common. Dodge and Pontiac fell prey to badge engineering starting in the late 1970s. Badge engineering was far more overt at Pontiac to the point where folks joked that Pontiac must have stood for “People Often Notice That It’s A Chevy,” and as such, was a key factor in Pontiac’s demise. While badge engineering didn’t kill Dodge (although it helped kill Plymouth), it certainly didn’t help. And with badge engineering now being noticeable at Dodge, particularly by the kind of savvy gearheads who make up a lot of their customers, it could just do Dodge in.

    Which brings me to this: Dodge and Pontiac appealed to a certain kind of customer who’s fast becoming an endangered species. Think of The Bandit, The Duke Boys, or The Beach Boys…and young men like them.

    • Pontiac wasnt forced to crap the 1984 J2000 aka turbo Sunbird. Pontiac knowingly made and sold this fail and it turned out Dodge cornered the micro rocket niche. Pontiac was downhill from there.

  2. I dont get it – whats wrong with selling an Alfa Tonale in the US, why bother rebranding as a “Dodge” something that isnt a Dodge? Wouldnt that ultimately be more profitable?

    On the back end you can easily spin off the Dodge name to someone who cares about the brand, heritage and cars in general. I’m sure many entrepreneurs who are keen on revitalizing manufacturing in America / the west will happily take on the challenge.

    But I suspect this is about more than making financial sense – its prob more about killing that whole spirit that once made America what it is…..

    • ‘The coming year of 2024 will be a year for legacy auto manufacturers to address the financial reality that their EV investments are an unrecoverable sunk cost.

      ‘Abandonment of the EV fantasy by legacy auto manufacturers can then be a catalyst for EV mandates to be pushed back and ultimately abandoned.’ — Buck Throckmorton

      I LOVE IT. These words should be rhymed, set to music, and made into a hymn.

      Everyone please turn your hymnals to page 124 and let’s sing it together: Bye-bye, EeeVees, bye bye. * wipes away a tear of gratitude *

  3. @Eric – What about Lincoln/Mercury?

    Mercury even had a truly different car at the end with the last generation Cougar in the early 2000s. Wasn’t that essentially a third gen Probe?

  4. Dot gov is full of it right up to its ears. Nothing new there.

    Where is the demand for EVs? One for the books there.

    AC/DC is an American rock and roll group of musicians, they write and sing songs.

    Might as well get a charge from a rock and roll group.

    One song is T.N.T.

    ‘Cause I’m T.N.T., I’m dynamite
    T.N.T., and I’ll win the fight
    T.N.T., I’m a power load
    T.N.T., watch me explode

  5. From the outside, it is baffling why Stellantis didn’t simply downsize the Charger/Challenger and use the turbo 2.0 to replace the Pentastar and the new turbo I6 to replace the Hemi. Looks from the outside like they really had no interest in a segment that was almost exclusive to them.
    Is their goal for the Dodge brand to do an Irish Goodbye?

    Hornets are piling up at dealerships already with 500+ day supply per the fellas at CarEdge. I’m certain that an EV-only Charger will do even worse that the already flailing Hornet.
    Fingers crossed that the next Charger at least is still equipped with the Hurricane.

  6. From the Energy Department in June 2000, ten years before MPGe ratings began in November 2010:

    Eg = gasoline-equivalent energy content of electricity =
    (Tg * Tt * C) Tp where:
    Tg = U.S. average fossil-fuel electricity generation
    efficiency = 0.328
    Tt = U.S. average electricity transmission efficiency =
    Tp = Petroleum refining and distribution efficiency = 0.830
    C = Watt-hours of energy per gallon of gasoline conversion factor =
    33,705 Wh/gal
    Eg = (0.328 * 0.924 * 33705)/0.830 = 12,307 Wh/gal

    Power generation efficiency has gone up by several percentage points since 2000. But by the Energy Department’s own admission, at that time the combined efficiency of power generation and transmission was (0.328) * (0.924) = 30.3%.

    Yet in calculating MPGe, this enormous loss of more than two-thirds of the energy burned at the power plant before it reaches the EeeVee charger, is simply ignored. It is telling that the Energy Department is aware of these efficiency losses, and even estimates them, yet excludes them from MPGe — a fake number from the get-go.

    MPGe is a gigantic, government-sponsored fraud on EeeVee buyers.

  7. Huge Rigging Of EV Carbon Credits At Taxpayer Expense

    Carbon Tax Credits
    The government and the Department of Energy colluded to rig estimated gas mileage from EVs.

    For example, a Tesla that gets the equivalent of 65 eMPG, receives tax credits as if the Tesla gets 430 MPG…..

    in the real world…including the 65% energy loss when the fuel is first burnt to produce steam…to generate electricity in the power plant, plus all the energy losses in transmission and multiple other losses….before the electricity makes it into the EV battery…..EV’s get about 26 mpg……

    meanwhile there was ice diesel cars getting 78 mpg….lol

    For over 4 years, tesla has been drawing attention by reporting record-breaking income from selling carbon credits. The automaker reported a revenue of $554 million from the Q3 2023 sale of carbon credits, significantly contributing to its profits…..

    they can cut prices to help kill off the ice car market…….so tesla was a weapon to get rid of ice cars and their manufacturers…..

    meanwhile who benefits?…the ruler’s favorite slave state model….china….

  8. ‘It is doubtful this device will carry what’s left of Dodge very far into the future.’ — eric

    Only one way to succeed in the gov-whipped four-wheel device biz: CHEAT LIKE HELL. From a stunning WSJ exposé:

    ‘When it comes to electric cars, the government has a cheating scandal of its own.

    ‘Gasoline-powered vehicles must use real values of fuel efficiency measured in a laboratory. By contrast, under an Energy Department rule, carmakers can arbitrarily multiply the efficiency of electric cars by 6.67.

    ‘This means that although a 2022 Tesla Model Y tests at the equivalent of about 65 miles per gallon in a laboratory (roughly the same as a hybrid), it is counted as having an absurdly high compliance value of 430 mpg. That number has no basis in reality or law.

    ‘Until recently, this subsidy was a Washington secret. The secret is out. After environmental groups pointed out the illegality of this charade, the Energy Department proposed eliminating the 6.67 multiplier for electric cars, recognizing that the number “lacks legal support” and has “no basis.”

    ‘Carmakers have panicked and asked the Biden administration to delay any return to legal or engineering reality.’

    Eric and others pointed out that MPGe already is effectively tripled by excluding generation efficiency and transmission losses. Now we learn that Big Gov applied a further, arbitrary 6.67 multiplier, so that EeeVees were credited with a mileage 20 times higher (3 x 6.67) than their hated ICE-engined counterparts.

    Not only will the fallout from this scandal cripple Tesla’s profits, but also it creates a massive compliance problem for all auto makers. Most importantly, kicking this illegal crutch out from under EeeVees totally destroys their economic justification.

    Wave goodbye to EeeVee Fever, as this epic misconduct clamps shut the coffin lid on a ludicrous folly; a preposterous popular delusion for the ages that was erected on thin air, unicorn farts, and beanstalks growing to the sky.

    • Mind blowing: The Energy Department’s BIG CHEAT goes back to the Clinton administration (June 12, 2000). From the Federal Register:

      ‘The PEF is based on the existing regulatory approach at 49 U.S.C. 32905 for determining the petroleum-equivalent fuel economy of alternative fueled vehicles. Measured electrical energy consumption of an electric vehicle is converted into a raw gasoline-equivalent fuel economy value, and then divided by 0.15 to arrive at a final petroleum-equivalent fuel economy value which may then be included in the calculation of the manufacturer’s corporate average fuel economy.

      ‘The 1/0.15 factor used in the equation is not intended to be a scarcity factor per se, but it does result in a very substantial adjustment to the raw calculated energy efficiency of electric
      vehicles. It is included to reward electric vehicles’ benefits to the Nation.

      Un-frickin-believable: when you can’t compete, WIN UGLY.

    • Not to mention the reality of how completely useless an EV is in cold weather, finally getting some traction in the MSM

  9. What happens if Orange Man wins and these EV mandates are axed? What happens once the gas prices drop and these crazy 2035 crap is no more?

    Why they say the new Charger has a trans tunnel and the rumors of the new Hemi are true, in case this happens.

    • I’m puzzled by people who say “Orange Man Wins” with a straight face. Have you been in a coma the past few years?

      Donald Trump will be removed by -whatever means necessary-, are you not getting this? Normies are really slow on the up take sometimes. He has already been removed from ballots completely. He is under a type of partisan lawfare never before seen in the history of this nation, the purpose of which is to at -least- make him a felon, i.e. unable to run.

      But better yet, to imprison him and humiliate him. If none of -that- works, then they will simply go the Kennedy route and remove him via “operators” most likely the absolutely weaponized FBI.

      These people are serious, they are not joking, and they are not playing. Why don’t normies get this? You live in the Soviet Union, and you have lived in it for years. Muh Freedom! Muh Democracy! That shit died decades ago.

      • You think hes not aware of what hes up against? You notice their efforts always fail, between being reinstated on the ballot’s to his prosecutors efforts backfiring

        Got faith he’ll pull through. Meanwhile, who are you voting for?

      • I agree, Useranon99 –

        My best friend thinks like this; that is, he thinks the Left can be defeated (or even restrained) by . . . playing by the rules. My friend is far from stupid; the problem is, he’s too decent. He doesn’t understand these people. He doesn’t want to think about what it will take to deal with them. Franco knew. Peron knew. Maybe Orange Man does, too.

      • Useranon99: Yes, but in the process of attacking the Orange Man, they’re forced to bear their fangs for all to see. In the process, the regime media and other deep staters have lost what little credibility they may have had.

        Remember when it was an open question in society whether a deep state exists or whether Kennedy was actually taken out by them? Not anymore. Much of society has been red-pilled.

        • Hi ML,

          They may show their fangs, but nobody is going to do anything. I am a believer Trump will never see the inside of the Oval Office again. They will jail him or he will “magically” pass away due to cardiac arrest. I hope he has a food taster on staff. Haley will be deemed Queen and the long road to Hell will become even shorter.

          The Left’s narrative will be that Trump ate like shit and didn’t take care of himself so this was to be expected. The Right will nod their heads like they usually do and be content that a fellow RINO holds the title of President. Haley will do what her donors tell her to do and the public will be none the wiser. They Fed will hold the economy up long enough until she makes it to office and then the landslide begins.

          The other 5% of us who realize how this play out will be looking for real estate in Argentina hoping Milei offers some beacon of hope and stays true to his word.

          It may be time to invest in Rosetta Stone and learn Spanish.

          • RE: “looking for real estate in Argentina”

            Things would have to really REALLY change before that. I used to read quite a bit of FerFal’s stuff about living in Argentina, he even wrote a book about it.


            … without massive exponential changes there, no way would it even make it to the short list. YMMV?

          • How about Russia? I’ve read Putin’s transcripts, not our BS media’s version of it. He has and does sound similar to some of our founding father’s ideals. It amazed me.

    • Here’s some perspective. The plant in Canada that makes/made the challenger/charger/300, make/made approx. 100-150K of them a year. Let’s call it 125K x $35K average price = $4.3B with a B. Roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of that is profit. If they want to resurrect the Hemi they most certainly can. It would be smart and prudent to have one in-design or already done just-in-case.

    • The manufacturers will stick the agenda until after the 2026 midterms in order to make sure that Impeachment 3.0 doesn’t begin in 2027.

      Of course, at that point, it will be too late for Ford, GM, and Chrysler.

      In March 2019, I saw a new Crown Vic prototype, shrouded but recognizable, rolling around in Chicago and even managed to take a few pictures. The car was that close to production when Impeachment 1.0 began and the manufacturers saw the 2025 CAFE writing on the wall.

    • What do you mean, IF Orange Man “wins” the upcoming election, ASSuming its “fair”, he MASSACRES the opposition.

      So who sez the election will be held at all? Facing certain defeat at the polls, the PTB will like attempt some Phony “crisis” to cancel or delay it, such as another”plan-demic”, or “Gawd” forbid, a real shooting war.

      Or, knowing the American “pube-lick” won’t buy that, simply stage a Phony “election” and stuff the ballot boxes to ensure the desired outcome.

  10. Thanks for the memories Eric.
    My family was a Pontiac family. Dad drove Catalina’s, Bonneville’s in the late 60’s early 70’s.
    They were pretty cool and he would do burnout’s and little drifts for us kids, we thought it was so cool. It was.
    Mom drove a ford station wagon, huge, with the fake wood sides.
    Then after they divorced (me 8-10?) she bought a ’76 Grand Prix with the 301. I remember she paid around $6K for it.
    My first car was a 69 GTO Judge, paid $2800 for it with grass cutting a money, wish I would have been smart enough to realize what that car was. I didn’t, and I totaled it with bald tires (who knew).
    Then my first real job car was a 91? Bonneville. Also a good car except for the FWD, then onto many Park Ave’s, etc…
    Then they went away,and like many went to trucks. Then GM started screwing with their ‘mpg first’ tuning and I went to the Dodge’s (300, Challenger). Good stuff relative.
    Now gone, but the new big ass powerful trucks (right now) are likely the utopia of vehicles (for me), probably not for long. We’ll see.

  11. [We need to do away with this entity called Government. It is a threat to all life on Earth.] Mark in bc

    but,,,but,,,but who will rob me, build the roads, send me off to die for my country!

  12. But it’s a “Dodge” in name only. Literally. The Hornet is a reskinned and rebadged Alfa Tonale.

    Arguably, the Tonale is also an Alfa Romeo in name only, and allegedly the penultimate car wearing the Alfa Romeo badge that will have a petrol engine in it. The very last one will be another Alfa Romeo in name only, yet another bloody crossover (so nothing for Alfisti to get excited about) that will be smaller (B segment) than the Tonale (C segment). After that, unless plans change, all future “Alfa Romeos” will be dEVices.

  13. I worked for GM at the time Bunkie Knudsen was the GM of Pontiac Division. I worked at the now defunct Ternstedt Division, which made, primarily, trim and small mechanical parts. Seat adjusters, wind-wing windows, etc. At the time, Knudsen had enacted a “Zero Defect” campaign at Pontiac. Admittedly, some parts for Cadillac were given kid-glove treatment, but Pontiac sent back more parts that didn’t meet their quality standards than did any other division.

    I talked with a high-level engineer from Pontiac about that. His story was that Knudsen, being the kind of guy who wanted to know everything that was going on, would never have a real schedule. He would leave the “office” at random, day or night. He would take the next car off the assembly line home. In the morning, there would be little stickers on the car where he was unhappy with quality. It might be a little bit of orange-peel on the bottom of a fender, or even a missed stitch on a seat. He would find them, and whatever caused them would be corrected.

    But remember, GM was run by “car guys” at the time. Knudsen was the brains and the funding for the great engines Pontiac had developed, and had a special team building performance engines for racing.

  14. Did yall see the history channel series Cars that Built America?

    DeLorean was portrayed as a vain and obnoxious prick. Iaococa was portrayed a cigar smokin’ brilliant jerk.

    Perhaps they were that. What’s undisputed is they created cars that the proletariat (jus’ being snarky) wanted, could afford, and enjoy. How would they react to the federal overreach of today?

      • They aren’t much longer in corporate employment also. Ten years ago one of my middle aged male coworkers got a trip to HR and a letter in his file, his crime was raising his voice in a coordination meeting and two 20 something females felt “threatened” by his action.

        Think you can steer clear? No, another male coworker was talking over an issue with another male (cubicle farm we all worked in) the female seated in the next cubicle felt excluded and complained to HR, he also got a letter in his file. The issue discussed had nothing to do with her area of design responsibility.

        Our old motto “Queen of the Skies” for Seattle aircraft production has morphed in “queens in charge of HR”.

        • It is much worse now, all alpha males have been eliminated it is mewling betas, wahmen, and minorities. That is why it cracks me up when the left is jousting at this imaginary patriarchy. It hasn’t existed in decades, if it ever did.

          The amount of outsized power women have in the workplace is terrifying and they will not be giving it up anytime soon.

          • Except, User, the women aren’t running anything. Oh, yeah, I get they are “Boss Babes”, but the majority are still being dictated by a man. Instead, of the home it is the workplace.

            I have about 200 clients. Eighty five percent of the time I deal with men, yes, 85%. Most of the men are married, but I rarely interact with the wives. Very few women have any interest in dealing with money, finances, or taxes. I do have a handful (maybe 10) where the women is in charge of this area, but it is very, very small.

            To be a business owner you have to wear multiple hats and one of those hats is having to deal with money…and the making of it. I am going to pinpoint why women don’t succeed…because they quit. Yep, they quit.

            Women love starting businesses, but very few stick with them. Some stay with it for 5 or 10 years and then they move onto something else….usually they head back to Corporate America for the security of working for a paycheck and the patriarchy.

            • My wife runs our companies entire financial and admin in our 15 person company. Her tough-to-handle, absolutely no debt allowed approach has probably saved us from going out of biz 2-3 times the first 10 yrs. I want to spend and invest in people, and she keeps me grounded. She is awesome.

              • Hi Chris,

                As you are aware your wife is a rare breed. 😁

                There are some very successful, diligent, and long term women business owners, but it isn’t the standard (at least from what I see on a day to day basis). Out of my clients I have seven women business owners who have been running their organizations for fifteen years or more. They are fantastic at what they do…super organized, conscientious, and adept easily to change, but they are outside the norm as well.

                I applaud women that get involved in dealing with money, investments, and taxes. I think more women should, but many women still have a tendency to leave these decisions to men.

                • They definitely do Raider Girl. At least in my industry. I notice the difference in my current boss and my husband who also owns his company. They are both smaller companies with less than 15 employees. These men are constantly thinking about their money, endlessly forecasting, strategizing and comparing scenarios when making decisions about which option saves more in taxes. They mentally run their balance sheet and P&L in real time and have memorized their bank balances. Even the high up womens brains seem to be cluttered with competing personal issues and agendas. They just do not have the same single minded drive to earn money.

                  • Hi RS,

                    I agree with everything you stated.

                    I recently had a female client who owned her own small business for about six years. She was a one person business, but made well into six digits annually. Very good money to support herself and her family and most importantly, flexibility to run the business as she wanted.

                    She called me up and stated she didn’t want to do this anymore and decided to go back to Corporate America! What?!?!

                    It didn’t make sense to me. To throw away calling your own shots to go make money for someone else. Unbelievable.

                    I have been offered jobs in Corporate America with excellent pay and benefits. Even for an extra $50k or 100k a year, it isn’t worth it. Steer my own ship or take orders on how to run someone else’s…doesn’t seem that hard of a choice to make.

                    • Ditto that, RG –

                      This man would not take a corporate job, either. Money is important but not being under someone else’s thumb is more so. Especially so nowadays, given how political the work world has become. I will never require myself to “mask up” or attend a “diversity” workshop.

            • Hi Anon,

              Alpha males are loud and obnoxious. I don’t care if they go extinct. If women are smart they would look for a Sigma male.

              • Sigma male definition….

                It is used to denote a male who is equally dominant to an alpha male, but exists outside the alpha-beta male hierarchy as a “lone wolf”.

                A lone wolf is better….okay……

                • Yep, a lone wolf is better. They are usually more introverted, self reliant, confident, loyal, and don’t give a frig what people think of them. That’s sexy, at least in this old broad’s opinion. 😁

      • “A man’s man. Such men no longer run car companies.”

        Oh, yes they do run the car companies. It’s just that being “a man’s man” has a totally different woke meaning now.

    • I don’t think that Delorean would have been happy with what’s going on today. Iaococca would have “complied.” I don’t see someone who promoted the Minivan would have done otherwise. It’s kind of like transporting say, a Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter or a Bill Clinton to today’s world. They would likely behave in similar ways to teh Biden thing. They are cut from the same cloth.

    • Another surrender monkey is Bob Putz. Although he put on a great show and designed some great automobiles, he at the end of it acquiesces to the electric car and all of the regulations we have been jammed down our throats. There are very few skeptics in the industry. They have been largely relegated to cleaning floors in Detroit, Tokyo, Stutgart or wherever cars are made.

  15. Kudzu.

    It should be the emblem of GovCo. It covers everything it encounters. It results in a single undifferentiated mass devouring and destroying everything beneath it. It’s damn near impossible to get rid of once it shows up.

    I once interviewed a man that was directing the kudzu planting project for the Roosevelt administration’s depression era make-work program. I asked him if he had any regrets about planting this noxious, destructive weed. Not a one, was his reply. The only thing wrong with the project was that it was underfunded and not supported with enough enthusiasm.

    We need to do away with this entity called Government. It is a threat to all life on Earth.

    “It is self-evident that no number of men, by conspiring, and calling themselves a government, can acquire any rights whatever over other men, or other men’s property, which they had not before, as individuals.” – Lysander Spooner

    • “calling themselves a government, can acquire any rights whatever over other men”….

      The pharistocracy slave owning nobility running the planet….currently meeting in davos…..

      The new world order with rotating presidents…instead of the old world order of a king with slaves/serfs…..the political arm is the freemasons….the slaves get to vote for 2 different freemasons from the same gang….


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