To Vote – or Not to Vote?

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It’s said that if elections mattered, they wouldn’t allow them. There’s truth in this. Even Stalin allowed elections. Because, of course, he knew who the winner would be before the first vote was cast. But going through the motions (of pretending the outcome was in doubt) was necessary, to give Stalin putative legitimacy. After all, he’d been elected as leader. 

The people have spoken!

Our elections are not dissimilar. The main difference being the winner will be a system rather than a particular man. But it does matter which man becomes the front man for this system, at least in terms of tactics.

In the sense that buying more time matters. 

Time being invaluable. The more you have, the more (and better) your options. Time is literally life. I like to think of voting in this context. It is like being on a foundering ship that’s going to sink. This is understood. The ship is going down. But whatever can be done to slow the inevitable plunge buys precious time, enabling more people to get safely into the lifeboats.

This, it seems to me, is worth the effort. 

Just the same – or at least, similarly – with regard to voting in the coming elections. Yes, of course – it would be nice for us live-and-let-live people who want nothing from the system except for it to leave us (and others) alone to have the option to vote for that. Even better if it were not possible for others to vote to not leave others alone.

But that’s not what’s going to be on the ballot, unfortunately.

It’s immensely frustrating to be handed this fait accompli. To be made to feel complicit by participating in what amounts to an endorsement of the system. And there is truth in this, too.

There is also truth in the argument that if enough of us refused to participate, the system could no longer claim “the people” had endorsed it and – thereby – would lose its legitimacy. (This is why in some countries, voting is mandatory.)   

The problem, of course, getting enough people to not-vote. This never seems to happen. Thus, while it’s a laudable goal, it makes voting a matter of self-interest, even survival. To counter the vote of the person who does not want to leave other people alone.

To buy more time.

Another way to think of voting is to think of it as being put in the position of having to fight and the only weapon available is the gun someone left on the field. It goes without saying that most people would pick up the gun and use it to defend themselves. It does not mean they want to fight. It foes not mean they wanted the war. It means doing what they can to survive the war. 

Is this immoral?

I don’t consider that it is. I also do not think it is incongruous with not wanting the war and preferring not to fight at all. That is the ideal. The thing libertarians and anarchysts – whose foundational moral principle is leaving others alone – would “vote” for if that were on the ballot.

It is what they “vote” for in the course of their own lives, by dealing with others in the same way they’d like to be dealt with by others. Peaceful, voluntary interactions. If we disagree, we agree to disagree – and leave it at that. We do not resort to force to compel “agreement,” which of course it isn’t because it is obedience to force majeure.

Voting, of course, amounts to the same. So we have an apparent paradox. But is it an actual one?

Can a person – who is under duress – be regarded as immoral for doing what is possible to defend himself from force majeure by making use of it, via the ballot box?

I don’t see that as reasonable. Nor incongruent. 

What I mean by this is I see no necessary contradiction in advocating for a principle – leave others alone – while at the same time doing what can be done toward that end. Is it not possible for a human being to do two things at once?

Of course it is.  

The Orange Man is credited with doing just that – i.e., playing 3D chess. Whether he is or isn’t isn’t the point. The point is that we can play that game, too. 

The winner of the coming election will, inevitably, be the system. But if we can limit our losses – if we can buy more time – that might be something worth voting for, regardless.  

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  1. Good article on the Lew Rockwell site, which lays out how Trump did not buy us any time when he was president, but did add greatly to our problems. And we can expect more of the same.

    Apparently, the poor fool still thinks he IS president. My pop donated $50 to his ’16 campaign (A guy who lives on $1300 a month Social Security donating money to a billionaire) and has continued to receive requests for more donations, all with PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP in large letters in the return address. Someone please tell this dope that he lost the last election. I guess we can expect the same from Creepy Joe in the future too, but at least from that brain-dead senile bastard it would understandable, as he likely doesn’t even know what day it is.

  2. Buy more time for what? No one is coming to save us.
    Believe people when they tell you who they are. We are at the end game of the latest Marxist Revolution.
    Prepare and arm yourself accordingly. No way out but through…

    • Hi Cynk,

      I agree it’s foolish – childish – to wait for anyone to save us. We save ourselves. But time helps, doesn’t it? Time to take steps to prepare. And if Orange Man buys us some time, I consider that worth it.

      • How much time does one need, Eric? Do we pass this on to our children, grandchildren, etc.? Do we just mimic our elders when they state they don’t care because they will be dead? Should it start when you and I are too old to defend ourselves?

        The USAA has had a time stamp with death since the Civil War and Lincoln squashing the freedom of states to secede when the union was no longer desirable for either party. Now add in the monstrosity of new spending programs under Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden. Make note of the last four. That is 24 years of government bloat and stealing of taxpayer dollars. It doesn’t matter who gets in…fiscal responsibility and pulling us back from the ledge will never happen. These men ultimate goal lays in the destruction of our country. It no longer matters if the name has a R or D next to it. The result will be the same. The snowball has formed and she is becoming bigger and bigger. My husband and I much rather deal with the consequences of her demise now than transfer ownership to the next generation.

        • Hi RG,

          I hear you. I may be even more tired/frustrated/angry than you are. It has, indeed, been a long time. But isn’t more time always better than less? Especially in situations in which emotions are running high. Time for people to cool off; time to recover their senses. I think that’s worth something. That said, I increasingly incline toward your view of the Orange Man – i.e., that he is the pinata that will be beaten after he’s been selected. More accurately, us “Christian nationalists”- i.e., normal American white people – will be the ones in for the beating.

          I always hope for the best and advocate for the ideal. But I also understand the uglier side of things. I don’t see holding both views as being necessarily contradictory nor immoral. When you’re in an unfair fight – and what fight is ever fair? – fight to win. Using whatever’s at hand to win.

          • Hi Eric,

            I can appreciate (and even applaud) your view on the tampering down of emotions, but take a look around, is there any pull back?

            The elite will not allow the public to view life through the lenses of calmness. Calm people can be open minded and look at alternatives that cannot be instilled by anger and fear. They need our anxiety to expand past our need for harmony. They will not allow us to settle down. It is much too risky.

            We have done a disservice to the generations after us. We have sat down, settled back, and waited. This has allowed each of these new phases to incorporate into a world that we no longer recognize. What do we have to show for it? We have young boys and girls that think biology is interchangeable. We have allowed the Left to steer the narrative by falsely accusing others that don’t believe in the propaganda for their freedom to be seized and their voice quieted. We have watched the destruction of the nuclear family and have allowed the terrorization of our men for showing “masculinity”. We have allowed the historical destruction of women’s sports and are forcing our young women into the acceptance of men not only as competitors on the playing field, but in their locker rooms as well. If the above views are not perfectly aligned and followed per government orders or corporate requirements these individuals are now misogynist, racist, homophonic, insurrectionist, or “far right”.

            When does the line in the sand occur? Where is the red line? I am not calling for the destruction of man kind or the harming of others, but a simple “no” or “go screw yourself” is called for. The “normal” have continuously turned their cheek and yet, they still get smacked around.

            • Hi Raider Girl,
              Your post illustrates an often overlooked point, that being that even if we somehow could buy us more time, it also means that we are buying them more time. More time to continue to degrade what once was known as civilization. More time to warp minds. More time to destroy any vestiges of liberties. If we truly could buy more time, I’m sure that our enemies would thank us.

              Had the enemies of mankind not had all of this time, they never could have accomplished what they have, as the about-face of moral values, culture, and human behavior take time to be programmed into a people.

              Casting a vote will in no way have any effect on such things, but by doing so it just legitimizes THEIR criminal power, and helps to sooth the conscience so the voter can sit idly by on the sidelines and watch everything burn down around them while giving the illusion that they are somehow doing something and that there may be hope. It will keep them from actually formulating a plan and actually doing something in their own lives that would indeed by them more time (Such as detaching from this system of things or moving to a locale where they can be self-sufficient and escape much of the tyranny).[Which I am in the process of doing now].

              As I’ve stated elsewhere, as much as I’d like to be able to oppose the current crazy emperor, voting for a different crazy emperor is akin to not only doing nothing, but it is a vote for an enemy as well.

              If we vote for someone we are consenting to all of things they stand for, and if one looks at Trumps record from his first term, as well as his statements and actions because he got into politics, and the things that he says now, how could we possibly give our consent to that?

              And to say that we would be doing so to at least oppose “the other side” is of course a false paradigm, as there really only is one side. No matter who “wins”, we lose, and our vote is not going to alter the course of things one iota.

              As you so effectively said, the buying of more time, supposedly, has been de rigueur for generations, as has been the voting for (a supposed lesser) evil. And we are now witnessing the results of that “bought time”, as it has enabled the crazy emperor puppets to have the time to have their way with (what once was) society and economics and every sphere of human endeavor.

              If we vote we become a part of that system of things, because it is the very notion of representative democracy which has brought about and enabled such.

            • I thought of RG & Arthur while reading this, esp this part:

              “… Republicans in the 2023 Montana legislature voted AGAINST the Constitution 63% of the time.

              In other words, the vast majority of Montana’s Republican legislators in 2023 were either constitutionally illiterate or despicable cowards and traitors to the Constitution. And, folks, I assure you that if you applied Roger’s constitutional tabulations to your GOP State representatives and senators, you would find almost identical scores.


              Years ago, I had lunch with a sitting Republican county commissioner here in Flathead County. During our conversation, I asked him this question, “When you took your oath of office, what did you swear to do?”

              He gazed at me in silence for a long time and then said, “I honestly don’t remember.”…”


  3. ‘if we can limit our losses – if we can buy more time’ — eric

    That’s the challenge facing New York’s vaccinazi governor, Kathy ‘Ho’ Chul, as New York Community Bank gurgles down the drain. And it’s her damned fault:

    ‘If you are an investor looking at NYCB, the big question is the 40% of total loans and leases in multifamily assets.

    ‘Thanks to the New York State legislature’s 2019 rent control law, which was supported by Governor Kathy Hochul, all banks in New York City that hold rent stabilized assets on the books are now capital impaired. Several of these banks in New York City may fail as a result of Albany’s actions.’ — ZeroHedge

    The Ho has brought in the machers — headed by ex-Treasury Sec Mnuchin — to save NYCB with a billion-dollar bailout. But is it too late? We’ll know when (if) its penny stock shares start trading again.

  4. This is an easy question for me. We have two political parties, and both are taking us over the cliff, but one is is moving slower. So take the 20 minutes it takes and vote for the slower one. I take more, because I download the sample ballot and take a few hours researching candidates, but just voting Republican will do as much good (and there is a button where I live to select “all R” or “all D”). Taking a few minutes to buy more time is not a waste, and it doesn’t mean we like any of them, just that we want to delay the crash.

    Then we can use the extra time we buy to better prepare for a collapse that I think is inevitable. We’ve already gone off the cliff due to the debasement of the currency, debt, etc. We’re in free fall, but we haven’t gone “splat” yet. We need to get ready for when we do.

    • Well-said, Mike –

      That’s my position as well. Also, that voting in the context we’re obliged to operate in strikes me as defensive in that your vote may counteract the vote of an aggressor. And there’s no immorality in acting defensively.

    • How many voters thought they were buying more time in ’16 when they voted for Trump then? And then we ended up with the COVID scam, the non-vaccine (Fast tracked!), the printing-up of trillions of dollars out of thin air, the expansion of the military industrial complex, the pardoning of the worst scum, etc.

      The sentiment of buying more time is a noble intention, but the reality is that no matter who we may vote for, we get the exact same things.

      And to those who thought they were buying a little more time the last time, what have they done in the interim to take advantage of that time? Are they in any better shape today to procure their liberties?

      How did it go for those who thought they were buying more time by voting for Bush?

      Voting will accomplish anything other than making us willing participants and formally documenting our consent to be ruled by these thugs.

    • MF…

      This may sound weird …but if you don’t mind Nebraska type scenery …check out the
      “Gran Chaco” of Paraguay. No Shit, my sweetpee has a sister in Asuncion baking cookies for coffee houses. The Venezuelan diaspora has spread overeducated middle class citizens throughout Telus…and if you are looking for a “sedate backwater”…congrats, your home!

      Typical Kool Latin country…the cops don’t hassle you and actually “protect and serve”…

      You will love the LAT…ummm…Laid back atmosphere!…No asshole swat looking turds at an elementary school crossing !

    • ‘both are taking us over the cliff, but one is is moving slower.’ — Mike Fair

      I used to make that argument in the 1990s. Then the Smirking Chimp came along and wasted $3 trillion on his permawars … which we are still paying interest on. Same with Orange Man Bad, who gratuitously pumped up military spending and ran huge deficits, which are now permanent.

      In fact, the last cash basis fiscal surpluses (never to be seen again) occurred under Clinton, when the Internet bubble filled federal coffers with a temporary capital gains tax windfall.

      A long-term chart shows that it makes not the slightest difference whether the D or R wing of the Uniparty is in power. The doom-loop trajectory remains the same:

      Trump ran the biggest deficit (percent of GDP) since WW II in his last year in office. But the ancient, ridiculous myth that Republiclowns are ‘fiscally responsible’ dies hard. Watch the idiot R-party become the bagholder as the next collapse unfolds.

      Oh Lord, let me cast the first stone at these worthless, contemptible RINO clowns! 🙂

  5. The decline of Amerika really got started in the early 70s and accelerated (deliberately) with Bill “make them stupid, make them poor” Clinton. Today, most people are just deranged retards made so by government schools, television programming and diet. Amerika is gone so your best course of action is to sell everything you own and buy self-custody Bitcoin and move to El Salvador. Stop using their US Dollar! USD is how they own you! Get out while you can. BTW – Neither Trump nor Biden will be the next president.

    • Hi Sam,

      Yes, but are things appreciably better in El Salvador? Perhaps the countries of the former Soviet Union are the best choices for people formerly called Americans…

      • Hi Eric,
        It is hard at this time to determine a place to go. The worse things get here, the easier our choices of new locales will become by comparison. So even if we were to accept the premise that we could buy more time, how would that time benefit us if we don’t have a place to go to and a plan to accomplish such a feat?

        No matter who gets elected, things will just keep getting worse, and we will just sit here watching things erode around us. It is likely that if we don’t formulate a plan of escape, that it may likely become impossible to do so (remember COVID?).

        If we THINK we are purchasing more time, we will just continue to linger until our options are gone. No matter who one votes for, we will be seeing CBDCs come online during the next administration and the unavoidable surveillance and further control that it will enable. Trump will not stop that. He already set the wheels in motion by using taxpayer money to establish and expand the 5G network, and many other such things.

        • With WW3 on…..

          You have to guess which side wins….then decide if you want to live under that system……an OWO monarchy under Islam….. or a NWO/WEF…under the klaus schwab gang….like the G7 now…

          Both choices are very bad news if you are white….

          The best choice is none of the above….a better choice….go back to living in your own tribe, on your own land…. in peace with the other tribes….with zero government….no more ruling elite slave owner kings at the top…all gone….the slaves freed….

      • Bukele won the presidential election in a landslide. It would probably be better to leave the hemisphere. Kuala Lumpur maybe.

        • Sam T,
          KL is nothing special…and the areas that would be “cool” (Temp wise) would be the former British Malaya “Hill Stations” .

          Unfortunately, the only place I ever had an allergic reaction was in the Cameron Highlands, some plant or the tea plantations blew out my sinuses something fierce. the atmosphere was otherwise balmy, something a Brit would cotton to.

      • ep,

        Dual citizenship…USA/Latvia….Kaliningrad…Hmmm?
        Always keep open a back door.
        Precisely why well designed military scout vehicles have both a front and rear facing driver!

      • El Salvador….

        ..listen to this interview with max keiser….El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele is having great success with it….meanwhile the G7, etc…. is going down the drain with fiat money fraud….

        El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele says….. “There’s plenty of money to go around if politicians didn’t steal it”

      • AH,
        Everybody is going gaga over
        El Salvador….the present (Hoola Hoop) marketing fad …”Gang buster dude” President, Terrific!.

        F That!
        Learn Spanish , hook up with a Kool Latina and check out, Dominican Republic (NOT Santo Domingo), or CHECK this out……

        Colombia..:)…..”Emerald in the rough?”..And, No kids, I’m not high on cocaine.


        • RE: Colombia.

          Years ago, one of the writers (publisher?) of The Daily Bell moved there. …Haven’t come across his writing since. He made a good case for the place.

  6. When it comes to elections and politicians, I think of an old Steals and Wheels song. Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right. Here I am. Stuck in the middle with you.

      • WW3….

        There is a conflict between the OWO Old World Order and the NWO New World Order…controllers/slave owner gangs at the top….

        Old World order…King at the top..slaves on the bottom…feudal system
        Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai,

        New World Order… Presidents and WEF/Freemason gang at the top…slaves on the bottom…the new feudal system…U.S.A., Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Israel…….Turkey, Egypt could flip to support OWO kings…

        the masters/leaders/slave owners don’t fight…they brain wash their slaves into doing their fighting for them…wimps…

        The kings in the OWO are using religion to motivate the slaves to fight for them…Islam….which is just a political movement now….

        King Charles the 3rd wants the UK to return to a monarchy only…no government…just him as leader….same as his fellow kings in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai,

        Someone already said…the U.K. will be an Islamic country soon….and all the commonwealth countries too…..see immigration in Canada for example……

        The migrants entering the U.S……what is the real purpose?….

        White boy is in grave danger………

  7. If you don’t want people to vote or do much of anything, you just kill them.

    “The Muslim conquests, down to the 16th century, were for the Hindus a pure struggle of life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and the populations massacred, with hundreds of thousands killed in every campaign, and similar numbers deported as slaves. Every new invader made (often literally) his hills of Hindus skulls. Thus, the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000 was followed by the annihilation of the Hindu population; the region is still called the Hindu Kush, i.e. Hindu slaughter.”

    What century is this?

  8. Trump’s greatest value is chaos. He drives the ‘elites’ on both sides so completely insane that there is actually a chance of not much getting done.

    I do actually buy into the the idea of buying time while getting our various tribes squared away for when things finally collapse. Local stuff counts.

  9. They need you to vote to hide all the their scams. After 75 years I have seen no sign of improvement either in the quality of the candidates or the nation. I could list the ways but it would require a encyclopedia size comment. I have mentioned a few below.

    When you vote lesser of evil you still get evil. Every candidate is trying to out do the others when it comes to satisfying their masters in Tel Aviv. Trump is tops in that area. I cannot vote for people that are professing loyalty to a foreign entity. It’s so bad in England that I could face jail time for saying that. One poor sap just got two years in the slammer for saying “Love your Country” or “Being White is Alright”. The ‘judge’ claimed he was antisemitic. It’s coming here real soon.

    We just got 7-10 million likely hardened criminals crossing our borders requiring lifelong sustenance. Ten Grand Debit Cards handed out in NYC to them while the IRS hires 87,000 more thugs to squeeze more $$ out of the turnip…. us. $300 freshly printed billions for a bunch of nazis in Ukraine. Tons of bombs given to Israel to kill Gazans and food to get them out in the open for easy kill. And each year the evilness just gets worse.

    Voting for the lesser evil each election is doing the same thing over and over expecting a better outcome.

    Our roads are going to hell,,, our rail is a disaster and our airplanes keep losing parts mid air,,, our economy is in tatters,,, our money more worthless every day,,, sexual depravity rampant resulting in mutilated children,,, DEI outweighs any real qualification,,, competency is now persona non grata,,, our military a complete disaster,,, our doctors and hospitals now killing people for government money,,, The burning down of food processing plants,,, the killing of millions of cattle or chickens to make food scarce,,, the bullshit war on CO2, a gas necessary for all life.

    No,,, you won’t find me at a voting booth.

    • “75 years I have seen no sign of improvement ” -Ken

      That is what I lkeep pointing out to my dad, who thinks that somehow the Republicans are going to save us from the Democrats and Republicans. Both parties have effectively ruled this country for over 100 years now. Still waiting for “the less evil”. No one ever undoes the evils of their predecessors. Instead, they just add to them.

      What I don’t get about Trump supporters especially, is that he already had 4 years in which to prove what he could do. I guess they somehow liked the results…

  10. Welp, I just voted in the Alabama GOP primary. What did I accomplish? Got to see some folks I knew. Chewed the fat outside the precinct for a few minutes. Other than that, I dunno.

  11. The rise of the “single issue voter” is a major problem. The morality voters who won’t be happy until their various fatwas are implemented across the board. Whether it be temperance, abortion (pro or con), allowing transvestites to compete in woman’s sports… or demanding everyone stop enjoying life and put on the climate change sackcloth and ashes, they don’t give a tinkers’ damn about anything but their issues.

    People’s lives are destroyed because they had a second glass of wine with dinner. An asshat looser decides to grow his hair out and get breast implants so he can win world records. Cost of transportation and heat skyrocket. All these things are something that the majority is against, yet still are sanctioned by the state because there are enough single issue voters to produce a coalition. As long as their pet project gets green lit they’re fine.

  12. No where in the U.S. Constitution or any state constitution (to my knowledge) mentions, let alone gives power to, any Political Party. Yet, two groups of people, R & D, have gotten together and decided to vote THEIR people in office. Once in they agree to keep all others out. You should hear the whining of former NC Gov. Pat McCrory about how hard it is for his new affectation, The No Labels Party, to get on ballots in all 50 states and DC. When he was on Charlotte, NC city council he voted to make 8 districts where 4 would be R and 4 D. As Gov he did nothing to roll back ballot access in NC.

    The bottom line is that 2 organizations have complete control of who and what you can vote FOR. You cannot vote against anything except bond issues, such as school bonds, and all those that can vote themselves largesse show up en masse and vote YES; usually 70% majority.

    The game is rigged from the get go. Instead of wasting your time voting for scumbag A or scumbag B do something productive like have a couple beers. At least you’re supporting a manufacturing base that creates a product people want and that actually creates wealth.

    • “You cannot vote against anything except bond issues, such as school bonds”
      Which is why such votes are usually held in April, when most don’t vote, but the teachers and administrators do.

  13. My wife and I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, we supported the man in earnest. The reason was because he was a wonderful educator and our population desperately needed to hear his message of honesty, decency and moral value. The message of good was worth all of our support in our opinion. If another man ever runs with a record of decency such as RP we will support the message again. Otherwise the whole thing is just pure evil and we want nothing to do with it.

    If I have learned anything in life it is this. Hell is here on earth, because hell is other people.

    I wish it wasn’t so.

    • I agree, AMC Guy –

      Sartre was right. Hell is other people. It is other people – the ones who are busybodies, who favor forcing others to live as they think appropriate and be compelled to pay for the things they want – who make life insufferable. And it is they who vote. Our vote is – at best – a contrary vote, in the manner of one cancelling out the other. For now, it seems, that’s the best that can be done.

  14. The problem with voting – doesn’t matter who you vote for, Government always wins. Just sell everything and buy Bitcoin. Then vote for the Democrat parasites and sit back and watch yer Bitcoin skyrocket…Then, umm, move to El Salvador before the hot civil war.

    • Hi Sam,

      I agree – in general terms (as regards government winning). However, maybe we can score a win, too – by voting in such as way as to erode the legitimacy of government. I see a vote for Orange Man as being just that. In other words, it’s not so much a vote for Orange Man as it is a vote against the system.

      • I tell people that if you are a fool and create this thing called “Government” to protect you from murderers and thieves, eventually the murderers and thieves will just take over the government and legalize murder and theft for themselves. It use to get an angry reaction from the TV-watching boobs but now people think about it and slowly nod.

        Ageed. A vote for Trump is a vote for none-of-the-above. Nikki Haily experienced that in Navada when none-of-these beat her by a landslide. It was exhilarating!

        • Amen, Sam –

          Anything we can do to strike back at these evil bastards is a positive and worth doing, I say. Did you watch the reaction of that horrid woman in Colorado – the one who summarily removed Trump from the ballot – after the SC repudiated her action? It was as close as we can come right now to actually kicking people like her in the ass as hard as we can.

          It made my day.

        • RE: “create this thing called “Government” to protect you from murderers and thieves, eventually the murderers and thieves will just take over the government and legalize murder and theft for themselves.”

          I thought of your comment while reading this:

          ‘Kansas Senate passes pair of public health bills tied to political fury about COVID-19’

          “Bills limit power of public health officials,
          […] eliminate the state health secretary’s authority to issue directives amid outbreaks of infectious disease. […]

          Senate Bill 391 was important because it would place in the hands of 105 elected county commissions the power to respond to spread of contagious, deadly diseases.

          [“The Power”, One Ring, to rule them all?]

          “Somewhere along the line we gave them authority to give orders,” she said. “We want elected officials to give orders. It basically says, ‘Stay in your lane.’ Don’t give orders.”

          [Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?]

          […] county health officials could make recommendations to the county commission, which would possess the ability to order quarantine, isolation or treatment of people”…

          [“the ability to order”]

          I imagine you guys can see it, the shift. And certainly, no county commission or board of supervisors would Ever be corrupt & enjoy wielding authorahty over others.

          “treated like an animal” ?

  15. Voting and the control group….

    A new Caliphite?

    All the wars are power struggles between the OWO Old World Order and the NWO New World Order…controllers/slave owner gangs at the top….

    the masters/leaders/slave owners don’t fight…they brain wash their slaves into doing their fighting for them…wimps…another one is brewing….WW3 coming?….

    Old World order…King at the top..slaves on the bottom…old feudal system
    Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai,

    New World Order… Presidents and WEF/Freemason gang at the top…slaves on the bottom…new feudal system…
    U.S.A., Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Isreal…….Turkey, Egypt could flip to support OWO kings…

    The OWO kings want a new Caliphate…

    they brain wash their slaves into doing their fighting for them…don’t obey…..

    • If WW3 is coming…..that will probably push the price of oil far higher…one prediction is $200 per barrel… that price there won’t be many slaves driving around….but they will have far bigger worries….

      $200 per barrel oil……inflation skyrockets…then far higher interest rates?….
      far higher interest rates….crashes real estate and stocks?……

      Boomers are having their last party?

      Fed Bubble Ignites “Great Retirement” Wave As Baby Boomers Party Like It 1999

      Boomers are heavy into real estate and stocks….are their gains about to vanish?… up poverty?….

      One prediction out there was…stock crash in March/April 2024…..then another bailout leading up to the election….buy puts now?……

  16. Doesn’t H. H. Hoppe argue that Monarchy is least worst form of government? Hence in a truly Libertarian society there would be private city states and people “voted” with their feet. After all isn’t “Democracy” the political version of Syndicalism?

    • The OWO monarchies and the NWO Presidents with governments are all the same gang…the current presidents act like they are kings anyways and are untouchable…..

      They are having an internal power struggle…the OWO kings want to be in power again….see King Charles the 3rd….starting WW3 now…WW2 was the same issue….but the NWO won….

      If the OWO wins you will have a king in power with Islam for the slaves….a feudal system….like our current feudal system….

      • If the OWO wins you will have a king in power with Islam for the slaves….with…king brandon?…..queen hillary?….king charles the 3rd….england rules again?….or king harry?….he is already here……..

        WW3….they always get the slaves to go fight their battles….

  17. My wife has given up on voting. Says it doesn’t matter. Everyone who gets elected ends up a slimeball.

    She ain’t wrong, but I still vote for the least evil. Usually third party, but sometimes for a major party to stop the worst from gaining power.

    Does it matter? Don’t know, but my alternative is to bitch and complain to the wind.

    • Hi Dan,

      I agree with your wife. Today is Super Tuesday in Virginia.

      The choices are:

      Republicans-Trump and Haley
      Democrats – Biden and Phillips

      Four people that have a history of limiting our rights by their actions and inactions. No thanks. I will go to work and then go home and make some pork chops. March 5th is like every other day in America. It is the individual trying to maneuver around a system that caters to the elite and their global interests. I refuse to pretend my vote means anything. A choice between a slow ride to Hell and a fast ride to Hell still means I am going to Hell.

  18. My basic philosophy after being Bushed twice (once each, “fool me once….”) has been:
    “Don’t vote. You just encourage the bastards.”

    I guess I have a few exceptions to that. Surely, Thomas Massie would bring me out. It is likely Rand Paul or Mike Lee, or perhaps 2 or 3 others might. But in the current state of U. S. of A. none have a chance of progressing beyond a primary. My last vote was for Ron Paul in 2012.

    We need to reopen the premise of the ’60s radicals who started the NOTA movement. Unfortuantely, it has been some time since the NOTA website has been active. If we really want to comment on the quality of the candidates, None Of The Above is the only way. At some point, eventually some worthwhile candidates would appear. After all, psychopaths don’t like being told no one loves them.

  19. If Satan himself came a knockin’ and asked me to vote on whether or not he should vanquish all evil from the Earth, I would slam the door on him. You see, Satan needs you to participate in his schemes voluntarily. His power comes from you.

    If I told him “Yes, vanquish all evil!”, he would have my soul.

  20. Regarding elections for the POTUS: I’ve always voted for Libertarians, even when they fall short of ideal. In any case, I believe those candidates would have vastly superior to those who were put in office.

    It’s always a protest vote, and I understand that. I give the finger to the Powers and their two-faced Uniparty. I’m always told that such candidates can never win and I’m just throwing away my vote, but how I view it is that by voting for your two supposed Only Options, you’re throwing away YOUR vote and WE will never win.

    Not sure about this year. I might go for RFK Jr., as I’m not sure who the Libertarian party are fielding this time around. Jacob Hornberger would be my pick there, but we’ll see.

  21. 1. If you don’t vote, they say you consented to the outcome by not voicing your opinion. It is wrong, but that is what they say.
    2. If you do vote, they say you consented to the outcome by participating. It is also wrong, but that is what they say.

    Therefore you might as well vote for someone you really like, to send a message that there are still people out there who don’t fall for their bullship.

  22. From ZeroHedge:

    House Democrats are now preparing legislation to try and keep Trump off the ballot. “Congress will have to try and act,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee.

    (((Raskin))), a former member of the Jan. 6 select committee, said he is already crafting the bill, telling Axios, “I’m working on it – today.”

    Raskin pointed to legislation he introduced with Rep. (((Debbie Wasserman Schultz))) (D-Fla.) in 2022 creating a pathway for the Justice Department to sue to keep candidates off the ballot under the 14th Amendment.


    These (((people))) are Bolsheviks, trying to seize power the same way their (((ancestors))) did in Russia. Millions died. They would kill us as casually as they slaughter Gazans, right in front of our eyes.

    • p.s. The ZH post accumulated 3,022 comments within the first hour after its publication. This appears to be a new all-time record.

    • I agree with you. These people have a lot of money, influence and almost total control the media. They are trying to turn this country into a universal multicultural utopia which they will control.
      Voting in my area is very tribal. A combination of Communists, minorities almost totally control the local area. In a Democracy 51% will control the other 49%. A multicultural nation will not survive unless there is a strong police, army force that can control people. Assimilation is not happening anymore and it cannot happen with such dissimilar groups inhabiting a space and competing for resources. Already we are seeing Affirmative Action policies which are nothing but discrimination against White people.
      The White people who live in mostly White areas do not see this and are mostly not affected. But soon as this country becomes minority White we will see what our new ((rulers))
      will have in store for us. With almost total control of academia, government and media ((they)) will soon hold the whip to our backsides.

  23. As much as I’d like to cast a ballot against the current resident of the white assisted-living facility in DC, I see it as pointless to do so by casting a ballot FOR a different puppet of the system. No matter who you vote for, it will make no difference. One may speak words which sound a little more palatable in some respects, but his actions will be exactly the same as the one whom we are trying to oppose.

    The truth of the matter is that we have no idea what any of them will really do. Their words and promises (Even the ones which may be more palatable) are meaningless. Just look at the promises the Orange Turd made in ’16. I don’t think he fulfilled a one of them, but we did get a lot of garbage that we never bargained for.

    So let them have their “democracy”. At least I can sleep well knowing that I did not consent to any of it.

    • You won’t sleep well. They will still come and screw your women in front of you and either kill you or haul you and your sons to the gulag so they can work you to death.
      These are not people- they are demons.
      Voting is the easiest and least effective way to fight them, but it is still a way.

  24. Can pigs fly? . . . I don’t believe so.

    But apparently I’ve been proven wrong. The fact is that the cocky, extravagant, fire-breathing gentleman down in South America was actually elected to power within a complete & totally socialist/fascist shithole of a country, which is even one of the larger & more significant countries on the continent to boot. If I were to poll libertarians 5 years ago about whether this was even remotely possible, the typical answer would have been, “What, are you nuts? You must believe pigs can fly!” I now believe that someday, maybe a pig will. The point is that, although it was a tiny probability, it actually became a reality. Nobody, and I mean nobody, would have predicted it. And, despite what some say about voting, it happened because of a popular election. Now, does this mean the u.s. will be experiencing something similar in the near future? Nope, not a chance. And just why not?

    We know that Argentina has been mired in a tyrannical hellhole for quite some time. As a result, the standard of living for the general population has been driven into the ground, and enough victims of that tyranny finally had the gumption & the balls to stand up and give the tyrants the middle finger. Even many of the hardcore federales parasites became dissatisfied with their lot in life and finally threw in the towel and bolted from their (former) beloved party. That’s exactly what must happen here to have any chance of a similar revolt occurring. The standards of living for the amerikan gringos must continue to fall, and fall hard, which it will. But that must also include the same for those similar govt parasites that gave up in Argentina. Govt employees and people who derive some or all of their livelihood from govt compose an enormous voting bloc which has put the “arm” on working class amerikans by controlling elections for a long time. In order to break up that bloc their living standards will have to be substantially reduced in order to motivate them to change their evil voting ways. If they continue to receive their booty they’ll never change. And that’s the key to understanding the amazing thing that happened in South America. And that’s only thing we can hope for.

    • Milei is nothing but a red herring. He talks the talk, but certainly doesn’t walk the walk. Might as well call him Donaldo Trumpo. Or maybe even Jose Bidenez. The encouraging thing is that enough people down there are into Libertarian ideas, and that those ideas have been so propagated in a continent that is in the process of going fully socialist. But unfortunately the election of a LINO (Libertarian version of a RINO) will probably squelch much of that pro-Libertarian sentiment. Probably the very part Milei was sent to orchestrate.

      • Maybe, Milei is a red herring, Arthur, but I like that he is using his chainsaw to disfigure the size of the bureaucracy. Am I on board with everything he believes in? Personally, I don’t understand the catering to American and Israeli whims. It almost borders on desperation. But, he said he would take an ax to the bloat of government workers and institutions and he has. I applaud him for the actions he has taken so far on decreasing the amount of leeches that make their living on Argentinean taxpayers.

        • Raider Girl, I’ll tell you what Milei’s part is: To get rid of the entrenched Argentinian power structure, which was largely independent from US and Zionist (Oops, I’m being redundant) control, which he is ushering in. Think about it for as nanosecond. Bet it makes sense to you now.

          • Hi Arthur,

            Do you believe the Argentinian power structure was working with exorbitant amounts of inflation, a dying currency, the majority of Argentina’s citizens living below the poverty level, not to mention the amount of human and sex trafficking taking place? It was a hell hole and it was not improving.

            • Hi Raider Girl,
              Yes, what you say is obviously true. The Argentinians obviously realized that the government wasn’t working, and in-fact was causing the very problems from which they suffered.

              It is great on the surface level to see that Libertarian ideas were embraced, and of course such ideas will make things better. I mean ya can’t win an election by offering more of the same practices that have already failed and which will make things even worse (Of less of course you’re running a campaign here in America).

              The problem however is that Milei is a rank Zionist and is seeking to align Argentina with the US and our dollar. Although this will no doubt improve the standard of living for Argentinians, it will not afford them greater liberty, and before long they will be in the same boat as are we, and will actually reduce their liberties.

              But of course, being freed from the entrenched corrupt previous government AND seeing economic gains will seem like (and even actually be) a great benefit to the people, until they find themselves in the same that we are in.

              So we can all agree that the former government of Argentina needed to go, but the real purpose in getting rid of it was not to benefit the people (Any more so than fast tracking the vaccines was to “save millions of lives”) but rather to get Argentina onboard with the globalist agenda via political conquest rather than militarily, which is why a Zionist, US-friendly puppet was proffered, and why rather pursuing an independent truly Libertarian course for Argentina, Milei wants Argentina on the US dollar.

              If Milei truly believed in and practiced the Libertarian principles he uttered, I’d be packing my bags and sailing there.

      • Speaking of Argentina and Miliei:

        From link:

        Debora Blanco has lived for years with her eight children in a house on the outskirts of Buenos Aires with no proper door or windows, nor electricity, mains gas, running water or sewers. Now she doesn’t have enough food to eat, either.

        “We’re in a difficult moment in terms of food security and the process of chronic impoverishment in Argentina.”

        “We are working to improve transparency,” presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni said at a press conference in February. “But aid to soup kitchens will never be cut.”

        Let’s unpack this. This character has lived for YEARS under socialism in EXTREME SQUALOR with EIGHT kids. Now she supposedly doesn’t have enough food to eat, even though the soup kitchens haven’t been cut. Because Milei. So Argentina should get back to socialism so she can return to living in the squalor and food insecurity that she was accustomed to.

        It would be great if Milei’s people seized on this, fleshed it out some more. These media types think they’re harming him when they’re actually proving his points.

    • Two foreign exchange students from Argentina attended the local high school when one of my sons was a senior. You could feel their not quite the poverty state by how they behaved. They both were humble and well-liked in high school, definitely fully-matured young women. A foreign exchange student from Germany also attended the high school. All ended up friends with my two sons.

      Near the end of the school year, my son invited them over for a party. They were drinking margaritas, beer and wine for hours.

      I didn’t contribute to their delinquencies, they just helped themselves to the liquor cabinet. It wasn’t me, not my fault.

      You gotta let people be free, can’t oppress them.

  25. I’m going to vote, but not for the orange man, or the taxidermy patient. I want to encourage other voices, so I’m voting for Michael Rectenwald. He will not win, but there is always the tiny chance that his party can get over the election funding threshold. It’s interesting that we might have a viable independent in this election in the form of RFK. This reminds me of Ross Perot in 1992.

    I’m always torn about elections too. I reject the principle, but I also have to protect myself. I may be against gun violence, but I will use one in self defense, to use an analogy.

    Local elections are a lot more important than federal. Where I live in Commiefornia, there is not a single election where there aren’t additional taxes up for vote. It’s my duty to vote against all of these, to vote against all the propositions that help the border runners, but I’m in the minority.

    • RFK Jr. Is no Ross Perot. His views on cliiiimage change and “carbon” do not resonate withnsane people. I would have considered votingnfor him until he blurted something about repirations.

      • A lot of liberty-minded people got fooled by RFK, Jr. for a while because we found some common ground with the “Covid” and vaxx hysteria. This guy is still a committed Leftist though. Never trust a Leftist.

        • RE: “trust a Leftist”

          ‘The EPA Is Targeting Aftermarket Car Modifications’

          “There’s an ideal among some Americans, usually those who lean a little more Left, that federal agencies like the EPA are heroes who constantly do good and very little evil. Because of this preconception, any criticism of federal action is met within the frame of anti-patriotism or even worse, an intent to dismantle a loving, kind government.”…

          I got no words left.

            • Wasn’t that sight, something else? I’ve never seen an EPA swatt team before, seemed ~ S.S.-like.
              Or, ‘Clockwork Orange’-ish?

          • “Climate change is constantly cited by the EPA and its allies for the reason why emissions defeat devices must be targeted with impunity.”

            While China and India are opening coal plants like mad. Fuck off, EPA.

        • Never trust a Rightist either. Both wish to bankrupt you. One does it by focusing on defense spending the other through welfare benefits. They both do it wailing about “safety”. The ultimate goal is to get to your wallet so they can pad their own bank accounts.

            • Maybe – if you define a “rightest” as one believes in hierarchy as the sole way society must be organized, centrally organized of course. In the end, they’re “all just a bunch of socialists,” though.

            • Hi ML,

              I would answer yes. I believe Logan’s definition is a good one. The Rightist believes in the enforcement of law and a structured society, but it is not for the inalienable rights/protections of the individual, but the cowering of them through submission and fear.

              The manufactured “obedience” of religion has made trillions of dollars off of this not to mention the mass murdering of hundreds of millions of people. It is a successful ploy and one that the Republican base worships.

  26. Just in — the Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY struck down and reversed the Colorado Clowns who tried to ban Trump from their state’s ballot.

    What a resounding snub to four partisan liberal flakes on the Colorado Supreme Court, who thought they could dictate who gets to run for president.

    • Hi Jim,

      After that unanimous ruling from SCOTUS, I imagine LOTS of heads will be exploding among liberal morons, Trump Haters, the media, and the establishment. Even Obama’s & the Biden Thing’s SCOTUS appointments ruled that Colorado couldn’t remove Trump from the state’s ballot. Had SCOTUS ruled the other way, it would have likely emboldened other states to seek to remove Trump or Joe Biden from their ballot, or perhaps even remove RFK Jr, Cornel West, or any 3rd party candidate.

    • I put it to the floor: Can you imagine if, for example, in a red state like Texas, they had banned a democrat candidate, take Obama for example, from being on the ballot? I’d put money on the chance that Civil War II would have broken out as the dems would have gone absolutely apeshit. Ahh the hypocrisy, you can cut it with a knife.

      • The Democrat version of Civil War is already happening.
        It involves corrupt lawyers, judges, bureaucrats, appointed military poobahs, and politicians. Law-fare.
        The traditional version could happen after the election is stolen (again.)
        That would involve more solid elements like Pb.

        • “The Democrat version of Civil War is already happening”

          You’re talking about something akin to a cold war. I’m talking about a hot one. Of course your later comments seem to verify what I suggested in a sort of round-about way. Pb, that’s cute.

          I wouldn’t call what’s been going on for the last 100 years a cold war (being a bit picky here). I would say it’s more of a covert infiltration. It was done by bribery, payoffs, blackmail, fraud, & extortion; in other words an attack on the weakness & vulnerabilities of human nature.

          Ah, if we were only ruled by angels.

    • Regardless of how one feels about the Great Pumpkin (OM) the SCOTUS ruling is SCARY, as it sets a precedent for ANY president to be able to commit virtually any heinous act while in office and get away with it.

      Imagine if Creepy Joe had been convicted for his crimes, and the states couldn’t keep him off the ballot.

      Be afraid. Be very afraid. This will come back to bite us.

      • Hi Arthur,

        I’m not following… Isn’t the issue at hand that Trump hasn’t even been charged with the crime of “insurrection” – let alone convicted? I understand not liking him. I am not defending him. But these arrogant pricks who summarily removed him from the ballot(tried to, at any rate) did so on the basis of their personal dislike for the man. They had no lawful basis to punish him – or anyone else – not convicted in a court, after enjoying due process.

        • Lyndon LaRouche Ran as a candidate for president in 1992 while IN PRISON.
          I’m no fan of LockDownald Trump, but clearly the motive to ban ballot access is political.
          But it’s not without precedent – kind of. New York State recently de facto denied ballot access to entire parties by tripling voting thresholds after the Libertarians had a decent showing in 2018. Now it’s adios to the Green and LP on NY state ballots.

      • Voters are the appropriate parties to judge whether or not a candidate is a crook. VP Biden apparently accepted bribes while in office 2009-2017. But allegedly he was elected president in 2020 … in what may have been another large-scale criminal conspiracy.

      • How many Presidents have we had in office over the past 100+ years who committed heinous acts in office that would have gotten any private citizen jail time? I can think of a few….George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, FDR, LBJ, etc., and NONE of those Presidents have ever been indicted for their heinous acts. The only reason I can think of why there have been efforts to keep Trump off ballots is because the people doing that have a sheer HATRED for Trump, and I say that as someone who’s had my own issues with Trump the past few years, not some “Trump Bootlicker”.

  27. Libertarian Larken Rose rant on voting is the best of all time on the web. He explains why voting is the most evil thing you can do.

    Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose


    Perspective #2

    Both candidates are controlled, cutouts of Jewish money power, voting between Biden or Trump or Trump or Haley is literally a choice between Zionist WHORE A or Zionist WHORE B. All candidates are whores of Israel, all support the genocide in Gaza. Everyone on capitol hill is bought and paid for by AIPAC and wealthy donors. All are told to sign a loyalty oath to Israel.

    And Israel did 911. It is complete treason and insanity. No one in power even talks about the total Jewish control over our government – and it is not even “ours” as we are owned, tax slaves forced to work for central bank script.


    Perspective #3

    The populace has been dumbed down by the Scofield Bible, the television, by the relentless assault on their consciousness by their corporate owners. Advertizers push massive barrage of drugs on the stupified sheep – the typical household has dozens of pharma drugs in the medicine cabinet. (I used to do home repair and would see this literally). Amerikans are animated by pills of every kind. It is sad and disgusting – and they are dumb as a bag of rocks – and they vote. So if you think your vote matters – well how dumb are you?


    Perspective #4

    Voting is an illusion in getting your approval for your own enslavement. You are to believe you are participating in a Democracy. It is not that title at all – it is a system run by child murdering blood drinking pedophile cult. Literally. GO READ DAVID ICKE. Your leaders are called Reptilians for a reason – they are not human. They hate you and want you dead. Even Trump approved the death jab. They are all in on it. You are being duped by paid actors – and in many cases they literally use actors to run for leaders, like Zelensky, Reagan, Trump etc. The purpose of the actor POTUS is to convince you to accept the agenda, or fool you – then lie about what they did. Trump did many evil things – then lies about it. So how is Trump our savior?
    Perspective #5

    Voting distracts you from taking positive action to save your own ass from the Satanic predatory system. You have no say in your government criminal policies – like the current Gaza HOLOCAUST. Go protest if you want – you’ll just end up on an FBI list as an enemy of state. The government would just as soon as kill the Palestinians as you. You are cattle – nurtured in public schools to follow orders – then slaughtered on some foreign battle field.

    Your government is run by evil murdering scum, and always has. Jim Jones was a CIA asset. Think about that – when his operation was discovered by the public – they forced all to drink the koolaid – killing them all. Which is exactly what they are planning to do to us.

    The government now says veterans, home schoolers, white people, Christians, gun owners are the enemy. Voting has not changed that. It will not change that until there is a revolution that rounds up all the criminals in DC and puts them all to death. It is us or them. The only way out now is to kill them all before they kill us – and if you think otherwise you are deluded and in fairy land.

    • Hi Jack,

      I respect Larken Rose greatly; but I disagree with him on this matter, especially as regards “distracts you from taking positive action to save your own ass.” I do not see these – voting and the latter – as being either/or (mutually exclusive). Why not do both?

      I voted for Trump in 2016 in part to do my bit to vote against Hillary. Trump’s win did some definable, objective good. For example, he defanged the Obamacare “individual mandate” by rescinding the government’s power to force you to buy “coverage” by applying punitive fines if you did not. This has saved me thousands – and that’s no small thing, for me.

      Yes, I know – Trump also did many execrable things. But so would have Hillary – and more so. It was in my interests to see Trump win – and I think it will be again. And so I will vote for him, probably. Not because I like him. Not because I don’t understand that he will do despicable things. Rather, because it is certain more and worse such things will be done if Biden or Big Mike is re-selected.

      We are all in the position of prison inmates. That is, we are not free to choose what we really want. We are free to make choices, though. And that’s the point I was trying to make!

      • Your points are well taken. The moral and philosophical argument against voting is this: if the system is evil to its core, then voting is your personal stamp of approval on an evil system. Why choose between evil A or B, the choice is still for evil?

        Imagine if no one voted – then how could these political criminals claim that they represent the will of the people? They could not, and all of their evil would be theirs alone without our approval AND if Hilliary had been elected and done more evil than Trump then that would cause people to take deadly action against the criminal ruling class. So long as we participate we are simply helping them fasten the noose around our necks and we will never rebel because we hold on to this false hope of voting.

        And the Presidential system is rigged anyhow. In Oregon where I reside, the state always goes blue to the Demoncraps because they have a lock on power. No republican or libertarian vote ever counts – so why vote? And then you have an electoral college which actually makes the decision who wins.

        And let us not forget the cheat at voting – like the last election where a Trump landslide went to Biden because they have a well oiled ballot stuffing system in place – and will probably use it again. Even if Trump got 99% of the vote the ballot stuffers will simply make it a Biden win. If you protest – the ruling class is ready to lock you up, like J6ers.

        I have a true to life YJ story. While in the USAF I was stationed at Anderson AFB in Guam. In the presidential election I did not vote (by absentee ballot). I was the only military person not to vote – so to punish me – they made me the squadron voting officer. LOL I had to give speeches on why voting was necessary.

        Later I found out all the absentee military ballots were being tossed overboard the Navy transport ships. Since they know the military always votes conservative and republican, they just shit can those votes.

        So in my not so humble opinion we should ready the pitchforks and guillotines. The only way to fix the problem now is public execution of the entire political class, all of the media, all of the bankers, etc. They all have earned the death sentence – especially these traitors who signed loyalty oaths to Israel.

      • Hi Eric,
        I don’t mean to rake you over the coals, but where are all of those “freedom-loving people” who voted for George Bush (or against Algore Hess)? How did that work out? Did they staunch any evil or buy themselves more time? I’d say HAHAHAHA LOL. They ended up getting the epitome of tyranny and the globalist agenda anyway, didn’t they?

        I know you mean well. We all do. But you’re kidding yourself, just believing in the speeches and catch-phrases they use (and lies) because they sound more palatable, and are indeed more palatable. But the reality is quite different, and when all is said and done, it makes no difference, only in that you have participated and consented to this form of government.

        Just as I’m sure those who voted for Nixon or Reagan or “Jimmeh” had the very same good intentions.

      • I think you should vote Eric, don’t let me persuade you otherwise. Only by voting and watching all your expectations fail will you realize voting is completely futile, a huge distraction, and a waste of time. Trump is set to win, and IMO he will be just as a big of a disaster as the first time – permit me to tell you exactly why.

        If Trump wants to be the greatest President in history, greater than George Washington, he needs to arrest and execute the ruling class – and he is certainly not going to do that – as he is part of it. Trump needs to be dictator because we are in such dire straights that only a dictator can possibly save our Republic. But our system does not allow it – and Trump is not capable of it – so if he wins and takes the throne will not be able to fix our problems and the nation will continue to circle the drain in an epic Biblical level death spiral.

        I think Eric you are extremely smart man, perhaps too gentle of a soul for politics. Politics is the use of force. To win in politics you must do what you must do to win – absolutely no different than gang rivalry. The most ruthless gang wins (think of the Italian mobs in movies) – and whoever wins gets to rule that area – and gets the best homes, the best women, best cars, etc.

        That is how Nature set up this place. The most powerful bull elk gets to breed. Trump, is certainly an alpha male, but is not willing to kill his opponents, so in reality he is a pussy and a fail. What is needed is a Hitleresque personality to re-organize the nation’s finances, money, and end the rule of Jewish banksters and the fiat money system. Trump is owned by the Jews, so by definition, Trump can not help us.

        Trump will not prosecute “crooked” Hillary, or Biden, or any other criminal in the ruling class. Trump will never appoint real patriots to his executive staff, Trump will, once again, install a whole new gaggle of swamp Neocons.

        Trump will not stop deficit spending. The national debt is now going up one trillion every hundred days. Trump will not stop that, and in fact Trump was a huge deficit spender:

        LIAR TRUMP was a huge deficit spender – when he promised to stop deficit spending chart

        Trump will not stop the war machine, and cut the Pentacon spending, and stop aid to Israhell. The ZOG axis of evil (USA-UK-Israhell) will continue unabated under Trump.

        Trump will not investigate 9-11-2001, he will not out the Israelis for pulling the 911 false flag. The Zionists – which have a stranglehold on our political system – will always get a free pass from DJT. That means Trump is worse than useless. Trump’s own daughter is married into the Jewish mob.

        In fact I will be surprised if elected again if the liar Trump would even free the J6ers with a presidential pardon. If you want to know the real Trump, go read the wikipedia page on who he did pardon.

        But what will Trump do? Deficit spend and kiss Israel’s ass. With Trump, Israel will still be our ally and Iran our enemy. Trump will continually threaten BRICS nations, and drive even more into that new currency system.

    • The most condemning thing I ever read against voting was something posted on (I believe, but could be wrong) Larken Rose’s forum which said something to the effect that if we participate in elections it doesn’t matter who wins or who we vote for because by voting we are personally consenting to and legitimizing the democratic process, which is the very thing we as Libertarians are supposed to be opposed to.

      That sealed it for me, I will never vote again for another gatekeeper of such a system, because that whole system is what I oppose and is contrary to any notions of liberty.

      It doesn’t matter anyway. Where is your vote from 2020 if you voted for anyone other than Mr. Depends(as in adult diapers)? It is in the garbage. And now with votes being tallied electronically, and algorithms openly being used, your vote for candidate “A” may well be counted for candidate “B”, which may well have been the case (probably was) in 20202.

  28. Speaking of voting, the Nimarata skank finally won a primary … in Washington DC. Yes, really:

    ‘Haley garnered 1,274 votes to former President Trump’s 676 with all precincts reporting, according to DDHQ.’ — TheHill

    You have to go to TheHill to get the ridiculous actual totals, that sum up to less than the population of my rural town with no traffic light.

    It’s a nothingburger, in other words. But the presstitutes of the zionoid Lügenpresse aren’t going to tell you that. They are all in on Randhawa’s neocon warmongering, as is the small herd of rare white RINOs who dwell in the murky depths of the Swamp.

    • LOL “skank” damn, I wish I thought of that, mind if I borrow it? Ziowhore skank Nikki of the Sanskrit Kaliyuga. Tomorrow is super tuesday, which Trump will sweep. So let’s see if the Neocon warmonger skank dragon lady drops out.

      (the kali yuga is the age of darkness and conflict)

  29. You will not vote for politicians, you vote for bought and paid for puppets.

    You vote for more war, never does any good, but it is what they do.

    If you vote, you vote for corruption, fraud, abuse, and even more taxes!

    Hypocrites bilking a kakistocracy. You got cher Koyaanisqatsi going on. So there’s that too. And even teotwawki, can’t forget that. I feel fine.

    Nobody asked for it all, but it’s all here. How’d that happen?

    They lie, they cheat, they blame you for everything that is wrong and everything is wrong all of the time, because it is always your fault.

    You are crazy to vote, just more beatings, gluttons for punishment.

    Voting does cause post-traumatic stress disorder.

    I didn’t vote in 2020, have no guilt that I didn’t, Trump still carried the state 2 to 1.

    Not going to listen to those creatures anymore. Feels much better.

    Voting is the opiate of the masses, doncha know.

  30. The establishment, along with the Democrat Party establishment, are once again peddling the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative despite it being complete bull crap. How long before they start labeling literally ANYONE who supports Trump, RFK Jr, Cornel West, Jill Stein, or someone else other than JOE BIDEN a “Russian tool” or “Putin’s puppet”?

    • Indeed John,
      The Demonratic National Party isn’t allowing any primary challenges to Sleepy Joe because they know a local city councilor would probably beat him. So we’re left to choose between two geriatrics that are opposite sides of the same coin; I plan to write in RFK,Jr. if he’s not on the ballot.

      • Hi Mike,

        They could also use a fear mongering campaign like “A vote for candidate A is a vote for Trump, a vote for candidate B is a vote for Trump, a vote for candidate C is a vote for Trump”, and so on, and finish it with “The only way to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t become President again is to vote for Joe Biden”. I actually saw such a meme on social media.

        • Hi John,
          Yeah, I get that comment from friends too. The system is locked down by the Uniparty and they don’t want any actual competition. We should have a multiparty/parliament type setup so I can vote for the anti war party but that will never happen since it be the end of the D’s and the R’s.

  31. Over the last 42 years, I have cast ballots in every election I could make it to. By 2012, I began to see the futility of voting in that on the presidential level I saw no one I wanted, even in third parties that I could vote for. Unfortuantely, as the years went on, I began to view the average voter next to me in line with the contempt they deserved. 97-99 percent of them were going to select some asshole like Clinton/Dole, Gore/Bush, Kerry/Bush, Obama/McCain, etc. I could and didn’t vote for a Republican or Democrat at least since 1992.

    In 2016, the Trumpster ran. Initially, I was skeptical of the guy. (I still am) but for the first time, I heard someone who was as anti free trade as I am, someone who was partly against the stupid foreign involvement and someone who would seemingly curtail the advances of the regulatory state. He imposed tariffs on foreign made steel and aluminum, slowed some regulations, and worked on getting rid of NATO. Until Pence shut that down.

    As time went on, Trump revealed himself as more someone who viewed the swamp as a hot tub rather than a toxic cesspool.

    I plan on voting him a third time to buy some time to make a break.

    I am pretty certian if this election is succesfully stolen again, we are doomed. Forget about prepping. I want to escape.

    • I’m curious, on what grounds do you oppose “free trade”? One must assume you support the use of government force to achieve your goal.

      • Free markets and free trade are great things. Free Trade ™ is a brand name for mercantilism and a loser of a concept. Free Trade(tm) is the opposite of free trade as exemplified by its thousands of pages of regulations for the little people trying to trade freely, and letters of marque and carve outs for the nomenklatura.

        • I’m trying to find out which one he’s referring to. Because Trump’s “free trade” represented the latter.

      • Free Trade allows Slave Labor States,,, China, India, Mexico etc to disrupt your economy by under pricing everything to a point where no home based business can possibly survive. Americas manufacturing hit bottom and is proof that introducing slave labor markets into a mature market causes serious problems. The US gov allowed this to hide the inflation it was causing. Worked for awhile.

        Every country has a certain level economy. There should be some equalizing between nations of different economic levels otherwise the mature economy will be destroyed.

        The US economy has been completely destroyed. Sure, maybe you got the cheapest trinket but that caused millions of folks to lose jobs, and the country to lose skills.

  32. Go to the Wikipedia page under the subject of “Compulsory Voting” and see how many countries force their citizens to vote. If voting can liberate the citizen from tyranny, why do so many nations (especially communist ones) force people to vote–even when only one person is running for office? Answer: because they need your permission, tacit or explicit, to lord it over you.

    Voting integrates you into the system and leaves you with no moral objection when the “elected” rulers start telling you what to do. Also, your vote can be weaponized against you, for when (not if) things go wrong they will say, “Well you voted for it!”

  33. Whomever you vote for, and whomever wins, they are going to continue abusing us. perhaps to death. I will not be a party to it. I would prefer dying. At least until “None of the Above” finds its way to the ballot. There is a certain magnetism in voting. That maybe this time things may significantly change, which we are all so desperate for. Also known as wishful thinking. Took me about 30 years to realize they would not, except for the worse, except by accident. Reagan for example. He could hardly have done worse than Carter, and still he came close. It wasn’t for lack of trying.

    • Hi John,

      Nikki Haley lost the Nevada Republican primary last month to “None of these candidates”. And in the Michigan primary, there were DEMOCRAT voters who voted “Uncommitted” instead of voting for Joe Biden. And I read last night that Nikki Haley won her first primary in, where else? The Blob aka Washington, DC. I’m not sure who’s pushing her candidacy more, the military-industrial complex, the establishment, or the Democrat Party.

      • [Nikki Haley lost the Nevada Republican primary last month to “None of these candidates”.]

        That “None of these candidates” should be on every ballot for every category.

  34. As a real-life civics lesson, in 1968 we were invited to self-sort into student campaign groups backing Humphrey (D), Nixon (R) and Wallace (I), followed by classroom debates.

    This is unimaginable today. The well has been poisoned. Democrats, RINOs and MAGAs all would go berserk over their children being exposed to the other side’s propaganda. Protests, fights, arrests and lawsuits would ensue.

    This post delves into what’s behind the curtain, that fatally polarized a formerly mutually respectful American culture:

    ‘Two very fundamental shifts have been ramping up in the West that now make [the rule of law] impossible: (1) Fiat money – splitting the Asset class from Workers — and (2) multiculturalism.

    ‘Since Fiat money the interests of Workers and Asset holders have diverged greatly.’

    The chart below the text says it all. Wage earners have been robbed blind. No wonder politics is weaponized now, as pauperized serfs fight over the leftover table scraps … wondering what the f*ck happened to their formerly rich country.

    Abolish the Federal Reserve.


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