Kick ’em While They’re Down

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They have been made to back down.

They have been forced to ease-up on their pushing of electric vehicles – meant to push most of us not only out of driving but also out of living too far away from the urban hives where they want to herd us – which are the only areas where owning one of these devices is even plausibly practical, on account of the short-distances driven and only having to wait 30-45 minutes at a “fast” charger rather than hours (or days) at home.

Instead of two-thirds of all new vehicles having to be electric by 2032 – as they had intended – by using regulations that would effectively force two-thirds of the vehicles that aren’t electric off the market by then – it is now only about a third (about 35 percent) by then.

The Biden administration on Wednesday slashed its target for U.S. electric-vehicle adoption from 67 percent  by 2032 to as little as 35 percent after industry and autoworker backlash in the political battleground state of Michigan,” says a news story published the other day by Reuters. 

Mark the italics, to begin with.

Wasn’t there something in the Constitution about the executive branch of the government being an administrative branch of the federal government? That is to say, where did the executive branch – which is not the legislative branch – acquire the lawful authority, under the Constitution, to set “targets” for anything? Is that not the lawful charge of the Congress?

Never mind.

We all understand the executive branch is in fact the imperial branch. “I am the decider,” said The Chimp – and he was only the first to say so out loud. Many Deciders preceded him and that is in part why we find ourselves where we are.

As regards cars, the Deciding began more than 50 years ago, when the first then-trivial-seeming and even valuable-seeming “regulations” were Decided upon; which is to say, the government Decided its value judgments overrode yours, as the car buyer – as well as the car manufacturer’s. Thus was the precedent set that the free market for cars was over, to be replaced by a Soviet one – in which the manufacturers built what the government allowed and people were allowed to buy what the government allowed them to buy.

Inevitably, such allowances diminished what was available to increasingly one-size-fits-all government approved transportation appliances, of which the electric vehicle is a kind of apotheosis. It is the perfect avatar of everything wanted by a consolidated central authority. Everyone driving essentially the same thing – connected to the same central infrastructure, controlled by the infrastructure down to the way you’re allowed to pay for what you’re allowed to use – which is only electronically (no cash) which ought to be revelatory.

But – like “mask” wearing and drug-pushing – the insistence that everyone will drive an electric vehicle was met with resistance, once people began to understand what was being pushed on them. The “masks” did not “work” – except as psychological devices that were used to make it appear a “pandemic” was afoot. More finely, to make everyone look as though they agreed one was afoot.

To enforce conformity, in other words.

Similarly, the drugs pushed encountered what was styled by those pushing them as “hesitancy” about taking them. In fact, it was rational aversion to being pushed to take drugs on a just-trust-us basis, which a rational person has the same aversion to when it comes to buying  a used car without first having the thing checked out. Enough people smelled a rat – a thing very different from the oily shaming of their prudence and rational self-interest as “hesitancy.” Enough so as to establish what turned out to be a control group of “unvaxxed” – there they go again – people who didn’t keep catching cold and didn’t develop strange and formerly uncommon chronic health problems such as heart inflammation, Bells Palsy and sudden, “unexpected” death.

And now many people are healthily “hesitant” about everything being pushed by those who pushed the mRNA drugs – and who pushed “masks” on people who weren’t sick and styled them “asymptomatic” spreaders.

The beauty of crying wolf.

They have done so several times too many. It no longer arouses the same general alarm it once did. The same willingness to go-along it once did.

They have been upping their latest wolf-crying, about the “climate emergency,” as it is now styled. Emergency apparently carrying more psychological power (so they hope) than crisis. But it has not been enough to get enough people to buy an electric vehicle. Just the same as it is no longer enough to cry Wolf! about the “latest variant” to get people to “mask up” – or take another “booster.”

The EVs – like the little vials of drugs – stack up, unwanted. There are fleets of brand-new 2023 model year EVs still awaiting buyers, who may never come. And we are already a third of the way into 2024, almost. The car manufacturers have had to stop making what the government has been pushing because it has become embarrassing – as well as ruinous, for them.

Good. That is precisely what it takes to end the pushing of such things. When the “masks” came off in one place – as in Florida – it became inevitable that they would come off everywhere else. Well, mostly; there are still some canker sores of psychological sickness yet to be salved.

But – overall – the pushing of drugs is as over as the wearing of bell bottom cords and wide-collared shirts.

People are done with it.

Now, to be done with the pushing of electric vehicles.

Kick them to the curb, as you would a box of “masks” and firmly say No – without the thanks – to anyone who tries to push one on you. The more of us who are steadfast in our “hesitancy” to have anything to do with electric vehicles, the sooner they’ll be relegated to the same status as the used “masks” you used to see littering the parking lots, thrown away by people who’d finally had enough.

. . .

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  1. “People are done with it.”

    The dildos may be done with the current “crises”; however, they will NEVER be done with government overreach IN GENERAL. Pride, ego, and above all, laziness prevent the human species from breaking the vicious cycle.

    Now, on to the next one!

    • Morning, Jim!

      Yup. I used to ask “vaccine” people whether they’d buy a new car from a manufacturer they could not sue if the vehicle turned out to be dangerously defective. Of course they wouldn’t. But they were eager to give over their bodies to these greasy drug pushers, whom they just trusted like the useful idiots they are.

      • “…whether they’d buy a new car from a manufacturer they could not sue if the vehicle turned out to be dangerously defective. Of course they wouldn’t.”

        Unless the manufacturer just so happened to be owned by a “ph-ILL-anthropist”, because apparently, ‘ol Muskrat can do no wrong!

  2. EVs seem really good for a subset of car drivers. If you are relatively wealthy, live in a city, drive short distances and have a garage, an EV will make a fantastic second car.

    The thing that really bothers me is the proclamation made by so many that EVs will be the future. As if central planners could ever predict the future. In 1990, who knew what the future of phones would be? Not any central planner. The future of transportation is almost certainly just as unknowable. Who knows what kind of innovation might come along if the free market was allowed to be creative? Instead, they want to destroy any innovation in favor of EVs that work terribly for most drivers.

    That said, I have seen 2 Cyber trucks on the road recently. They seem interesting. Kind of ugly. But certainly innovative and different.

  3. I concur with you, Eric, “Just say No!” is indeed appropriate in dealing with tyrants. But here’s the problem: the psychopathic cretins that presume to rule over us won’t back down. Every time one of their plans fail, they become more irate and even more determined to crush us. This week’s mass invasion at the southern border is a case in point. They’ve unleashed the fury of countless criminals against us with undisguised malevolent intent. We should all keep peacefully resisting, but also keep in mind that at some point, we’ll almost certainly be forced to do more than just say “No!”

    • Hi Jason,

      Yes. Unfortunately. People like you and I – most people, I think – would greatly prefer to just live our lives in peace. We wish no ill on others. We just want to be let alone. But if they won’t let us alone, we’ll have to respond. And that response ought to be terrible.

  4. EV’s have no future? Well the smart money (such as Bill Gates) know it’s time to go back to an agrarian economy as peak oil will hit in the mid 21st century and it’s back to horses and buggies for us.

  5. I guess if you can have incentives to buy an EV, 40 lbs. of free marijuana and three kilos of cocaine at no charge will sweeten the deal.

    Buy the EV, sell it, sell 35 pounds of pot, all of the cocaine and head for Costa Rica.

    You’ll be able to invest in oil futures. ICE machines from sea to shining sea out there.

    Forget about EVs, never will be able to lift the barge and tote the bale.

    Spend a fortune to lose it all. NIO’s all time high was 68 USD per share, the share price closed at 4.90 USD per share today. Just the tip of the iceberg, EV failure is bigger than the Arctic Ocean’s winter ice extent.

    The demand is not there, handwriting is on the wall.

    Don’t get on the EV bus, Gus.

  6. There was recently a large spill of methylene chloride from a Pfizer plant into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan. Did you hear about it from the Biden Thing, establishment media, or even the EPA? My guess would be probably not. What’s crazier is Pfizer has had other pollution problems over the years that would have gotten any ORDINARY American arrested for “Committing environmental crimes”, but when a large corporation like Pfizer (which has TREMENDOUS influence over the government as seen during COVID) does it, they get slapped with little more than a fine of a few million dollars.

    • Hi John,

      The US government doesn’t give a damn about the health of the environment. Its blowing up of the Nord Stream pipeline was an enormous act of eco terrorism. Not to mention the enormous environmental destruction perpetrated by its endless wars. It is no surprise that it is perfectly fine with Pfizer’s environmental destruction, since Pfizer has been in bed with the US government, as well as the WEF globalists.

      • Hi Martin,

        Yet another example of the government not caring one bit about the environment is the endless wars that it has been involved in over the past 20+ years. But they’ll frighten people, particularly young people about cliiiiiiiiimate change and make them think that authoritarianism & giving TONS of money to billionaire sociopaths is the SOLUTION.

      • Oops, I didn’t catch that you mentioned endless wars. Nevertheless, they use fear mongering about cliiiiiiiiimate change to manipulate people into clamoring for authoritarianism.

        • Another story of environmental disaster that seems to have been memory holed is the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio last year and the release of who knows how much toxic chemicals.

        • Yeah, remember Al Gore bemoaning for years how the coast lines would be underwater by the year 2000? Whoops, not only did that NOT happen, but the ice caps have gotten thicker. No talk of him giving up his two mansions and private jet for the cause, of course. Which is how it goes for these globalist, all-for-me, none-for-thee type. How anyone could take these people seriously is a mystery.

    • The controllers…the slave owning monarchy…..decided man was the invasive destructive species…. destroying the planet….so will to be banned from the wilderness and countryside….confined to 15 to save the planet

      Within the political deception which surrounds WEF’s Great Reset/Green Deal, we find a starkly obvious case of theft…. To be precise, theft of the early ecological movement’s long-term holistic agenda for the bio diverse trusteeship of the land.

      The WEF’s vision consists of distorting this environmentally friendly vision and turning it into a global political tool for enforcing the slave owner mouth piece’s …Klaus Schwab’s….fascistic brave new world of synthetic foods, robot-mechanized farming, ‘rewilded’ gated private forests and 5G powered ‘smart cities’ for disenfranchised country dwellers and redundant farmers.

      By twisting the true ecological approach to land management into a thoroughly distorted and fake look-alike, the word ‘Green’ has been 100% hijacked by the slave owners gang…..

      Tried and tested Real Green approaches have been usurped, in favor of macro scale industrial and digital mechanization programmed for achieving the hallowed goal of ‘zero carbon’.

      The slave owning nobility own all the big corporations…that do the real environmental damage…so it is of benefit to them to hijack the original agenda of cleaning up real environmental pollution….and refocus it on demonizing plant food…CO2….lol….which does no environmental damage….they use this as a tool to bring in agenda 2030…..

      ATTENTION… If there ever could be such a thing as zero carbon– none of us would be able to breathe.

      • Yet another story of environmental damage is the removal of the Klamath dam in Northern California. Removal of that dam was framed as “Restoring the local area & the fish population” and “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaving the planet”, but instead there’s incalculable environmental damage in the local area that will likely linger for DECADES.

  7. brandon Issues New Environmental Rules to Begin Killing Off Gas Powered Vehicles in America

    the most radical environmental rules in American history to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles and force customers to drive ineffective electric cars.

    it does mark a reversal from last month when regime officials were reportedly considering easing the push as an election-year concession to automakers and labor unions.

  8. I love that “Dirty Laundry” song, Eric. The lyrics certainly rings true. It makes me feel a bit old when I admit I may have had the cassette table album long ago, that contained that song-hee hee.

  9. We need to mock these people IRL whenever the opportunity arises. EVs, those who believe climate change is real, those still getting shots, those still supporting open borders. Newly arrived gimigrants, the list is long. Everyone who believes in these civilizational destroying narratives need to be mercilessly put on notice.

    Not many still sport the talisman of “$cience” around here. Those that do, when I see them, I laugh at them. Loud enough so they can hear me. If they make eye contact (most don’t) I say something like ‘trust the science.’ or, if they give me a dirty look, I maneuver my cart close to them, then break out in a coughing fit in their direction. My lovely gets really pissed, she is sure some day I’m going to make one of these ‘GMO People’ snap. She still hasn’t figured out that is the idea

    Sometimes I’m more well behaved. At a recent local meet up we had a new guy wander in wearing a mask. I insisted since he’s obviously afraid of germs, he should sit by the door, 6+ feet from the table we were all sitting around. After a brief beat he relented and removed his mask.

    • Mizz MTG tees up to kick a field goal, with Speaker Mike Johnson serving as the pigskin:

      Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has filed a motion to remove Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) from power over his endorsement of a bipartisan spending deal that passed by 286-134 this morning. The Freedom Caucus and other hardline [sic] Republicans opposed it, so only 101 GOP lawmakers voted “yea.”

      Greene filed a motion to vacate the chair, the same procedural move that led to the ousting of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in October. —

      YEE-HAW … arm the Congress Clowns! Then send in the dancing bears. We’re gonna need more “Republicans” posts.

    • ‘EeeVee Mary’ Barra and Jim ‘Lightning’ Farley had better check their golden parachutes.

      They can hang on while the current soggy auto market muddles along. But they will never ride their Skittle-shitting white unicorns to the golden two-thirds electric future laid out by the EPA.

      Did you know the US has had only one (1) brief recession in the last fifteen years? That never happened before. And Treasury yield curve inversion (a reliable recession precursor) just exceeded its 624-day previous record of 1978-80, for the 2y/10y spread. Older readers will recall the bruising back-to-back recessions of 1980 and 1981-82.

      TICK-TOCK, Mary and Jim. I wouldn’t want to be you (‘youse,’ for our Brooklyn colleagues).

  10. RE: “manufacturers built what the government allowed”

    “They” are doing the same thing with new house construction via ‘Code’. The playbook might seem familiar:

    ‘Little-known international NGO finalizing building code forcing US homes to be green’

    “… “They’re incentivizing electrification and discriminating against the natural gas industry by excluding it from being part of the code,” […]

    Among the provisions opposed, the draft IECC, which has been in development for years, requires new one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses to install electrical infrastructure for home electric vehicle chargers. It also mandates that new homes are equipped with the electrical wiring needed for a solar panel system and all-electric appliances.

    According to the AGA, those measures and other provisions were largely included in the IECC as part of an omnibus package in September 2022 after rejection through the normal process.

    “The activists that are supporting an all-electrification agenda tried to come in through the policy front door, which was to ban natural gas in cities, and that got overturned in the Ninth Circuit,” Harbert told Fox News Digital. “They tried to ban gas at the state level, and that’s now being challenged. And they have tried to do it through regulation and have been unsuccessful.”

    “So, you go to a process that is very much under the radar, very wonky, very technical, but with the same objectives,” she continued, referencing the IECC process. “You come in the front door, you come in the side door, now you’re coming in the back door.”

    […] another provision requiring new homes to have so-called demand responsive controls for water heating equipment, allowing a third party to reduce a home’s energy consumption in times of high demand.

    […] “The model building energy code before the International Code Council represents a consensus agreement among builders, building code officials, and energy efficiency advocates,” [Notice anyone missing from that, “consensus”?] …

    • Engineered very high priced housing to stop young slaves forming families and breeding….and to force slaves further in debt and out of SFD…into the 15 min city/prison housing….

      Coming soon….mandated….net zeroing…greening… your house….spending $100’s of thousands to up grade your house’s windows, insulation, heating and cooling systems, appliances, etc…plus far higher property taxes….to force slaves out of their house and further in debt….

      Re-wilding rural areas….banning living in the wilderness….forcing slaves into the 15 min city/prison housing….also done by eliminating the slave’s mobility, so they can’t live in rural areas….herding the slaves….

      • Yeah, and the funny thing about those “new and improved” appliances, Anonymous, is that they suck worse than the old ones. They last maybe 10 years if you are lucky, and take twice as long, especially the ‘water saver’ washers. One I saw, it was like it was taking the dirty clothes for a Sunday stroll. No vigorous agitation, very little water. How in the hell the machine actually washed the clothes was a mystery. Not to mention it took an hour and a half to my 30 minutes tops in my “old” washer. Not sure how that “saves” anything all around.

    • Helot,

      I have nothing but disdain and seething contempt for building codes when it comes to private, residential property. Building on my land has already commenced and I will be asking no permission. In the remote possibility they come for me for making improvements to the world and my own life, I guess I’m screwed, but asking for permission to do ANYTHING on my own land is antithetical to my very essence.

      The truth is, as far as energy generation and lifestyle is concerned, everything I’m doing will be very “green” and “environmentally conscious”. But I believe whole-heartedly that everyone has the right to use their land as they please, and some bureaucrats in some office or some roving, self-righteous busybodies have no business trying to stop them.

      • Yes sir. Right up until you encroach on someone else’s property. If you put up a rap venue, a hog containment, a rendering plant, or an open air nuclear waste dump the neighbors will most definitely have a say.

        Unfortunately when you’re an elected mayor you get to see the other side of the story. And there is always some dumbass stupid or contrary enough to push those limits.

        In my place it was the crazy old lady who had 100 beagles in her basement… aside from the noise and the stink by the time we did something about it the poor little bastards were eating each other.

    • I think Commiefornia already requires all new house construction to have solar panels on the roof. Too bad if you wanted to have some nice shade trees around your house.

      • Ha! I imagine like with most regulations, a person could have ALL the shade trees they wanted, make it like night, but would Still have to have those solar panels. …That’s how they roll, eh?

      • You’re still required to have solar panels if your house is shaded, and you’re not allowed to cut down trees to get sun on your roof, so you’re forced to pay for useless solar panels. If you replace your roof, you are required to install solar panels. My house needs a new roof, and that roof is always in shade, so I will be forced to install useless solar panels. Mission accomplished

        It gets better here! If I touch my electrical panel, which I will have to, in order to install useless solar panels, the code requires me to install an EV charger. I don’t have an EV, but because I need a new roof, I must install solar panels, and because I’m doing that, I have to install an EV charger.

        My neighbors who are remodeling were forced to remove their gas stove, gas furnace, and gas water heater because code requires going all-electric when you remodel. PG&E is now over $0.80/kWh and there’s a proposal now to increase that to about $1.10/kWh. These electric homes cost 4x to heat with electricity, using the most efficient, expensive heat pump systems, which are also much more expensive than a gas furnace. Electric water heaters which use heat pumps are very slow, but we’re not allowed to use the less efficient resistive heaters here. Electric clothes dryers that use heat pumps are also very slow; 2-4 hours to dry a load of laundry, and those are now the only ones allowed in new construction or remodels.

        Voting for leftists has consequences. I’ve never voted for a leftist in my life, but all my neighbors do, and now they complain about all these mandates. If you’re friends with the city, you can get variances to retain your gas, but few are connected enough.

        • This really is just disgusting. I also live in California, and my roof is shot and is soon going to need to be replaced. I did not know that I was going to be forced to put up solar panels that I don’t want, along with upgrading the electrical panel to support the solar panels that I don’t want. Is there any possible way of getting around these ridiculous regulations?

          • Hi Martin, et al –

            I feel for you guys in CA. This business of forcing people who own existing homes to “upgrade” at their expense is something I would never have imagined could happen in a free country. Bad enough that a new house must meet “code” when it is built. (I have no issue with “codes” as suggestions or desirable – but not enforceable – standards. But it’s no one else’s business how another person decides to build/fit out his home on his land.) But to require someone who owns a house that met whatever the codes were when the house was built to pay thousands to add things is a kind of expropriation in that many won’t be able to pay the probably $15k-plus additional these panels, etc. will add to the cost of a new roof. Thereby forcing them to sell.

            • Hi Eric,

              Unfortunately, we no longer live in a country that even pretends to be free. This is nothing but extortion. California has been taken over by sadistic tyrants.

            • >probably $15k-plus additional
              Hi, Eric,
              I am guessing the cost would be at least triple that (likely even more in a high cost area such as SF Bay Area), based on the scope of required modifications (I refuse to call them “upgrades”) laid out by OL for work where he lives, in Santa Clara County.

              >Thereby forcing them to sell.
              Yep. And who buys? My guess is *not* someone who wishes to occupy the house, but an “investment group” which buys up houses and rents them out.

              “You will own nothing….”

              • After Blackrock takes over these homes and tries to rent them out, I wonder what will happen when a bunch of these homes are taken over by squatters? Will the police evict these squatters, or will the squatters take over possession of the houses using the doctrine of squatters rights? For individual owners of houses, we know exactly which side the police are on.

          • I’ll bet only about 10% of your roof leaks. Just patch it. Probably a few times per year until the job is done. Unless you’re in a leftist city you’re unlikely to be bothered. Sadly the only freedom left is the freedom snatched in the dark, around the edges. I defy anyone to tell me how I’m better off than the average Soviet citizen. But at least they knew they weren’t free.

            • Hi Ernie,

              The problem is that my roof is about 40 years old. Tiles have been blowing off the roof, and one area in particular under my garage shows rot from a leaking roof. I could patch that one area, but the whole roof is really old and will sooner or later need to be replaced.

            • Hi OppositeLock,

              Like you, I also live in Santa Clara County. So I guess that I will be subject to these same tyrannical regulations.

        • ‘Electric clothes dryers that use heat pumps are also very slow; 2-4 hours to dry a load of laundry.’ — OppositeLock

          It is to laugh, comrade. Of course a heat pump can warm a dryer in theory — but I had no idea anyone was actually making such a fool contraption.

          A crew of illegal migrants could replace your roof on a holiday weekend — no solar panels; no EeeVee charger. You might even get a tax credit for employing them (at minimum wage, of course) along with a Social Justice Warrior T-shirt. 🙂

          • Permit? What permit?
            We doan’ need no steenking permit.
            Ees a free contry, mon.

            And when you go to sell your house, all you have to do is have the roof certified to be sound, and not leak. Three layers of composition shingles are permitted (2 re-roofs) before the shingles have to be stripped, and the best quality comp shingles are rated 40 years. But you knew that, right?

          • >at minimum wage
            Nope. Fixed price per square.
            Amazing how much a skilled craftsman can accomplish using the correct air tools, particularly when he has the incentive of piecework.
            Paid “bajo del agua” in greenbacks.
            Stop in any grocery store in a predominantly Spanish speaking neighborhood, and watch while Mamacita pulls out a roll of $100s to pay the grocery bill.

          • CA’s laws are an intricate mess.

            If you hire someone to work at your home, they are legally your employee, and if they get hurt badly, you owe them disability for life.

            General contractors need to be licensed by the state and post a bond, and if they get hurt, that’s on them. You’d be silly to hire a non-licensed roofer for this reason.

            A licensed roofer will lose their license if they do the job without permits.

            So, yeah, I can get my roof done over a weekend for about $20k by a bunch of Spanish speaking gentlemen from all over south America, however, the financial risk I take by doing this is profound.

            To give you another example; I had a diseased tree endangering my neighbor’s house. It took me 3 months and $250 to get a removal permit, then $4,000 to remove the tree (it was enormous), and while the tree was being removed, two separate fascists from the neighborhood called the city to complain about tree being removed. The cops show up and issue an instant stop-work command, and we wait for the city to confirm the permit that I have in-hand is legit. An hour later work resumes. Someone calls the cops again, and they come again, and we repeat this dance because it’s procedure. It’s the same damn cops who came the first time and saw the legitimate permit.

            I damn near went postal over this, and then, two weeks later, I get another $250 fine for removing a “heritage” tree. A heritage tree is anything with a trunk over 18″. I call and said that I have a permit, so why is there a fine? Oh – permits are not exclusive of fines. Heritage tree removal is always fined, but the permit is the only way to remove one.

            • All valid points, OL.
              To add to what you said,
              1. Your HO insurance probably covers incidental employment by you, the homeowner, on your property. But check it out before proceeding. Friend of mine fell off a ladder while doing carpentry, working directly for a homeowner. Their HO insurance did indeed cover his medical expenses, which were extensive.
              2. Unlicensed individuals cannot pull a permit. HOs wishing to save money by hiring unlicensed individuals must pull their own permits as owner-builder. if you have ever done this, you know the permit form includes extensive verbiage informing you of the law, all of which you must sign off on in order to pull the permit. But, we were discussing doing the work without a permit, which happens all the time, to my knowledge.
              3. Roofers generally have among the most costly workers’ comp rates, roofer always being ranked somewhere in the top five most dangerous occupations, along with commercial fishermen (usually #1), loggers, and structural iron workers. Cops & firefighters, FWIW, are *way* down the list.

              Would I hire an unlicensed individual or individuals to re-roof my house? No, I would not. But some people will.
              You do so at your own peril, as you have stated.

        • Where exactly do you live, OL?
          NorCal, obviously, because PG&E, but what county or city?
          I’m guessing San Mateo County somewhere…
          Please tell me these are local building code, and not state law.

          SCE, where I live in Corona, Riverside County, is significantly cheaper than PG&E, or God help you, SDG&E. Anaheim and Riverside, as well as LA, have their own electric utilities. I know that Anaheim has passed laws regarding solar panels to avoid building a new generating station, but I do not know the specifics. I have not heard of the regs you state being the law here in Corona.

          The State is f*cking us badly enough with AB9, which is huge bone of contention here. I understand City of Huntington Beach is suing State of California to have AB9 overturned. Rooting for victory for HB.

            • 1. Ah feel yore pine, as Billy Jeff would say.
              2. Whew.
              A friend who grew up in San Carlos long ago told me that county code there required knob and tube for quite a long time, as a full employment program for electricians. I don’t know if that is correct, just relating what he told me.

              >Santa Clara County.
              Ka ching!
              My Mom lived in Mountain View for awhile, back in the last century. $$$ cost of living, for everything.

        • Yeah, I left after they “banned” my AK47. Was young and poor and knew I didn’t have the resources to take a stand for my rights, and didn’t want to start out my working life shooting it out with the commies when nobody else would.

          Remember, the laws only apply to those who obey them. Prepare your mind to be free, get your money out of their reach, put your property in an out of state or country trust, and do everything else to harden yourself and you to can live free like an illegal alien.

  11. Great article Eric.

    I forwarded an invite to a “Freedom of Mobility Forum” to your e-mail. It was forwarded to me from Stellantis.

    It’s not spam. It is styled a “debate.” I registered as gender NA to help get me picked for this.

    Please ty to attend and forward to every gearhead you know.

    I’m guessing the range of allowable opinions for this “debate” are:

    Pro Side: “Cars are killing the planet. The science says so. We need to limit people to live in 15-minute cities and eliminate meat.”

    Con side: “No – we need more Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom. I concede on your point about the science. 20-minute cities and allowing people to eat bugs is the solution.”

  12. One big reason for the rise of the Executive branch as lawmaker is the lack of expertise in the Congress. Specifically the holding on to the unreasonable and unrepresentative 435 number as some sort of “perfection” reached during FDR’s reign of terror. The country’s population has grown over 3X since those days, yet we continue to have no recourse when such luminaries as AOC have a vote.

    Simple back of the envelope math says that “our” house of representatives should be have a population of at least 1300 members these days. More than a large enough crowd for at least a few engineers and automotive-minded people who may just understand physics and electricity enough to know that EVs are a dead end. But no, we get puppets like Maxine Waters, or telegenic mouthpieces like Lauren Boebert, who are great at being politicians, in that they’re connected to the machine, but unable to find two well functioning brain cells under their well-quaffed hair.

    Most bills that come up for a vote have been written on K street by the various industrial firms that will be living under the regulations. They don’t care what else is in the bill, only that they get what they want and just enough hassle to keep out anyone else. But even they know EVs aren’t going to cut it, so there’s no legislation specifically mandating EVs, only the “carrots” of charging infrastructure and battery research (and protection from foreign invaders). No congress critter would vote for something so insane as to outlaw ICE vehicles unless they were under 10% or so of the cars on the highway, and even then there’d be lots of exceptions and loopholes. But that’s only because the voters would kick them to the curb, their pet single issue be damned.

    And as Tom Woods pointed out in his marketing email earlier this week, the same media who can’t seem to figure out why CNN has more employees than viewers won’t actually allow for any debate over the merits of (for example) Trump’s desire for mercantilist protections from third world loopholes (that he helped to bring about in his first term), only trying to get people to fear voting for him because of his unorthodox rhetoric. Because they can’t have an opinion that won’t piss off at least one of their big whale advertisers, except that “Orange man bad.”

    • My congresscritters are owned by the MIC and the israeli lobby. I’m sure there’s others that have ownership stakes as well. As for those in my highly gerrymandered district, well no.

      • What else could one call it? He confiscated gold, handing out greenbacks. Then he arbitrarily devalued those greenbacks by 50%. His evil regime ordered livestock to be slaughtered and destroyed, crops to be plowed under and forced inflation through reckless micromanagement, justified by pseudoscience.

        How we avoided a Holodomor is just luck and likely a fair number of the population ignoring the law.

        • It would be very interesting to read an *objective* comparison of how various countries attempted to deal with the Great Depression. Unfortunately, I doubt we shall ever see such a thing, because there are too many writers with a political axe to grind, coupled with inadequate knowledge of basic economic facts.

    • Nah.

      It’s not a lack of expertise.

      It’s a lack of humility.

      The world is not sitting around on its ass waiting for god-kings to legislate its way into prosperity.

      For the most part, we don’t need congress. Or a president.

      Unfortunately, that’s too much of a blow to too many egos so here we are.

      • Any real expert would put the kibosh to any bill that would put an end to internal combustion, or require anything to be sold in any quantity/proportion to a popular product for that matter.

        People who get BS degrees and think the degree of difficulty for a Poly Sci is the same for an engineering discipline believe their own lies. People who actually have to work for their accomplishments know better.

        • ‘the degree of difficulty for a Poly Sci’ — RK

          ‘Political science’ is an oxymoron.

          They should’ve studied mixology, which actually does involve some organic chemistry and heat transfer.

          *takes another nip of rum in the House cloakroom*

  13. I drove with a couple of coworkers to an out of town meeting and they both mentioned how relieved they were to ditch their evs and return to driving ice cars due to the inconveniences they faced when driving the evs. These are people who also believe in the importance of reducing “greenhouse gas” emissions. I noted that these people, who lean left do not see the disparity between what works for them personally and the policies they believe in and want imposed on others. One of them even marveled over some of the cool cars they saw when traveling abroad recently and groused about how they were not available here in the US. Cue my head smacking.

  14. Trump’s use of the word “bloodbath” last week was in the context of a speech about what will happen to the US auto industry once the Chinese start making EVs in Mexico at plants currently under construction.

    That factoid had to catch the UAW leadership’s attention.

    • Hi Roscoe,

      As you may already know, Establishment media took Trump’s “bloodbath” remark totally out of context, undoubtedly to inflame what few remaining viewers they have who STILL watch them and think they report REAL NEWS. Never mind the fact that media figures such as Joe Scarborough, in addition to Democrat politicians like Joe Biden, have used the word “bloodbath” for years. But when Trump uses it, we’re to believe he’s calling for another “insurrection” if he isn’t elected president again.

      • “What you say about others, you say of yourself.” -Dutch proverb.

        They know if Orange is reselected the Antifa and CHAD and the mysterious forest arsonists will reappear. Oh, they’ll need new clothes since they’re 4 years older and 40 lbs heavier, but they’ll be back with new logos and more destructive behavior. They’ll poke the beast until it bites back. Because going Galt is only possible for so long, even if you have magical unlimited energy sources.

  15. I also think, just like the vaxes, that they fully well knew that their original dates for EV compliance could not be done. With the vaxes they did every damn thing to make people believe that there was no way out, that this is life now, and to keep living it indoors, you’ll have to get vaxed. So why not now? There’s no way around it, etc.

    So with these EVs, they knew 2032 with 2/3rds was never gonna work. They wanted people to think, “may as well do it now, it’s not going away, and it’s right around the corner”.

    But, of course, if they could herd all the sheep and make the target anyway, that’d be the icing on their Corporatist cake. Which BTW, I fully believe the corporations are steering the government, not the other way around. Because that’s precisely what happened with the vaxes as well. This is how our Corporate Elite Soviet States work now. The government pushes what they want, no matter how fucken outrageous or absurd.

    • No, I think they really thought it would happen. The hubris, combined with stupidity, meant the greens really believe their own press releases.

      Take someone like Amory Lovins. He’s the founder of The Rocky Mountain Institute, a think tank posing as a pseudo-scientific research facility in Aspen Colorado. The Institute funds research into renewable energy, running on the premise that the Sun and wind push “so much” energy onto the Earth all the time that a new time of plenty should be at hand. We all know the problems with this concept. Yes, that’s true. but most of that solar energy (which is what fundamentally what wind is) goes to heating up the atmosphere and dirt to keep the biosphere from freezing over. We’re already using all of it! And of course it so diffuse that massive building needs to take place. Yes a good bit of it is on unused land, but some of us actually like deserts and open spaces and would rather they not be covered with solar panels or wind farms.

      Hydroelectric power was shut down by the greens because of the damage caused. But large scale solar? No one is saying a word, because that’s what they asked for. Meanwhile gigawatt nuclear power has a very small footprint, and there are mining techniques that can extract uranium using injection wells, or just keep recycling the spent fuel for another 40 years. We got plenty already.

      Or just keep fracking. We live in the gas patch out here, and yea, there’s wells around (one right over the hill from my house), but you have to go looking for them. a few well placed screening trees and shrubbery hide the 36 inch pipes coming out of the ground (and right back in to the feeder line). Meanwhile, take a look at the deserts north of Las Vegas and near Saint George UT. You can’t not see the panels everywhere.

    • Hi xm,
      Any normal person can immediately calculate that power grid simply cannot stand that many cars, production capacities are also not up to scale. I dont think this was planned to fail. The real elites Rothschilds etc set forth an agenda to reduce freedom and support any ass kissing retard that follows that.
      Most of these puppets have never done anything in their lifes as in repair a light switch fix a car, build a wall etc. From their youth truth never interested them the cared who said what who is good to who, which ass to kiss which board to attend, how to blend in etc.

      You cant expect these poepel to have a mindset of an engineer. They dont even care if they are right. They never did

  16. Lots of people say that the virus was hyped-up just to sell the vaxes. They brought covid to force the sale of the vax which they already had prepared.

    So I have to wonder if the same thing applies to the EVs? In other words, none of these fuckers believe it’s any kind of emergency. They just sat there thinking, “How the hell are we gonna sell this EV shit to these suckers?”

    Climate Emergency!! 🚨🚨🚨

  17. ‘Car manufacturers should go out of business for being lapdogs for the feds.’ — Pug

    Automotive lapdogs belong in kennels — so we can throw biscuits through the wire mesh if they ‘sit’ on command — or poke them with sharp sticks if they bark too much.

    On your back, pooch!

    • But they’re not lap dogs, they’re vicious little yapping untrained poodles and chihuahuas. And since legally ,”Every dog gets a bite”, the second ti.e they bite someone they need to be put down

  18. Florida Power and Light is offering a $38/month unlimited nighttime and weekend EV charging installation in your garage. You can keep it after 10 years. That’s $4560! And that does not include the cost of the electricity.

    When does the govt further back off from their one-third EV mandate? Does it make sense to buy an ICE car soon (with cash of course)?

  19. “The Biden administration on Wednesday slashed its target for U.S. electric-vehicle adoption from 67 percent by 2032 to as little as 35 percent after industry and autoworker backlash in the political battleground state of Michigan.” — Reuters

    ‘The EPA said that under its final rule, the industry could meet the limits if 56% of new vehicle sales are electric by 2032, along with at least 13% plug-in hybrids or other partially electric cars, as well as more efficient gasoline-powered cars that get more miles to the gallon.’ — AP News

    Fact is, these are wildly uncertain forecasts. The new regs specify fleet emissions ceilings in grams per mile. Manufacturers can adjust their mix of EeeVees, PHEVs, non plug-in hybrids, and ICEs as they wish, to try to meet the standard.

    In parallel, the Energy Department has thrown a fresh wrench in the works: the notorious (1.0/0.15) fuel content factor, which artificially inflates EeeVee mileage to as high as 430 MPGe, is phased out as of 2030. So EeeVees no longer will carry 6.67 times their true weight as CAFE compliance vehicles.

    The Alliance for Automotive Innovation calls compliance ‘a stretch.’ That’s a euphemism for ‘a catastrophe.’ They CAN’T convert two-thirds of auto sales to EeeVees and PHEVs. Not gonna happen.

    So what will the cowardly, Wokester auto makers do? Basically, keep their heads down until the election. It’s a lose-lose proposition for them: a second ‘Biden’ term means being held to the EPA’s impossible standard, or fined for not complying. If Trump wins, the EPA’s regs get tossed, and tens of billions of stranded investment in white-elephant battery plants and EeeVee assembly plants gets written down to zero.

    In the meantime, I will keep throwing punches at these clowns — just ridiculing the living shit out of servile flunkeys like John ‘Bozo’ Bozella, who heads the Alliance for Automotive Innovation and ‘was a key player in mobilizing government support to significantly restructure Chrysler back in 2009,’ according to his bio. Funny, I just gigged him this morning with an email saying ‘the future is bankruptcy.’

  20. I suspect the main obstacle to EV sales is price. Few can afford one, and fewer still want a car that will dominate their life, planning their charging sessions, which they also cannot afford.

    • The price of the vehicle, the price of the battery when it needs replaced are two obstacles. Up here, the logistics of how unreliable it would be at sub zero temperatures for nine months out of the year are also very real obstacles. And yeah, we would like to not freeze to death driving to-and-from work. We would also not like to get stranded in BFE because the indicated range lied (because it sucks). Forget long road trips anywhere. Forget throwing your snow machine or four wheeler on one of the Ford Lightings I saw up here a few months ago. The damned thing would puke out before you even got out of town. And even if it was not expensive, it is just the idea that the government is trying to force us into these unreliable POS-when ICE vehicles are just fine-is enough to not want one ever.

  21. “The car manufacturers have had to stop making what the government has been pushing because it has become embarrassing – as well as ruinous, for them. Good. That is precisely what it takes to end the pushing of such things.”

    I say good as well. Car manufacturers should go out of business for being lapdogs for the feds. Just as millions of small businesses were destroyed in the covid me-too freakout plandemic “shutdowns” now the big businesses can be destroyed as well. I hope no US car manufacturer remains in 2032 if they continue to follow anything the federales say.

    • I think that’s the plan. EVs are Chinese communist devices. Their companies, like the Warren Buffet backed BYD, will flood the market for “consumers” when the legacy car companies go under and/or are relegated/restricted to selling ICE vehicles to gov’t and corporate fleets.

      From link:

      He said companies such as the Detroit automakers each have a century of procedures, standards and other workflows that they must rethink to better compete against Chinese automakers before vehicles such as the BYD Seagull land on U.S. shores.

      “You have to learn. You have to unlearn and you have to do it quickly,” he said. “Because you’ve been doing something for 100 years, doesn’t mean you should keep doing it. It’s no longer appropriate.”


      No longer appropriate. Got that? LOL.


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