Another IQ Test

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Hundreds of millions of people failed the last IQ test. They wore “masks” – and they failed to understand that doing so would lead to being pressured to take the drugs they were told would end the need to “mask.” The drugs they believed – because so they were told – would “stop the spread.”

The smarter ones are probably feeling pretty dumb now. Assuming, of course, that they didn’t “die suddenly.”

But how many will be smart enough to pass the next IQ test?

A key metric of intelligence is being able to learn from one’s mistakes. And to not make the same mistakes again. Such as voting for Donald Trump again – and hoping it’ll be different this time – even if he selects another Mike Pence-type again, this time.

Pence would actually be preferable to Nimarata Haley – or Tom Cotton. Or John Bolton. Or Mike Pompeo. Pence, after all, is merely a cypher – a political bot whose chief draw is that he looks like Race Bannon from the old Johnny Quest cartoon series – but just kind of stands there. You don’t expect him to do much – and that’s good when it comes to politics.

But Nimarata and Cotton and Bolton stand with Boeing and Raytheon and the never-ending (and always-beginning) wars that fill their coffers;  some of which money is used to pay for tools such as Nimarata and Cotton and Bolton, et al, so that they can get us into – and paying for – more wars.

Rinse. Repeat.

And not only do we pay for that, so do the tens of thousands of people slaughtered by the “aid” – meaning weapons – we are forced to pay for. Nimarata, et al, love to send such “aid” to Keeeeeeeev and Israel, the leadership of which is always engaged (so we are told) in a holy defensive action against people who deserve to be slaughtered. Never mind how many tens of thousands of women and children – who pose as much threat to Americans as Ashli Babbitt did to “our democracy” – get slaughtered in the process.

War is the health of the state.

It shuts up people who question war (see the Reichsmarschall’s comment about getting the “common people” to go along with whatever the state orders by framing opposition as “dangerous” and “unpatriotic”). It fosters mass hysteria, which summons mass compliance.

Nimarata and her “country first” Republicans – who always put the interests of Americans last or at least after those of Boeing and Raytheon – denounces those who oppose unconditional sluicing of Americans’ tax dollars to the regime in Keeeeeeeeeev as snugglers of Putin. And any questioning of anything the government of Israel does – including killing tens of thousands of civilians, many of these women and children – is “anti-Semitic.”

Note the interesting congruity just below surface of superficial incongruity.

On the one hand, there were the people who wore the “mask” – and not only did as they were told, they demanded everyone else do as they were told. It was a community hysteria. When an individual is in the grip of hysteria, he is obviously not part of the (non-hysteric) community and thus his hysteria is clearly exactly that and recognized as such. But when the community is in the grip of a mass hysteria, the individual is seen by the hysterics as dangerous – which of course is very dangerous to the “hysteric,” who is the one who isn’t a hysteric.

On the other hand, note the equally hysteric community that follows the Orange Man around with a doggy devotion that’s very much like the way the people who wore “masks” followed “the science,” as conveyed to them by men such as Anthony Fauci. The “mask” wearers were immune to facts because they very much wanted to believe – just as the followers of Trump also very much want to believe. Even in the face of what they ought to be able to see – if they would only open their eyes.

If Trump bear hugs Nimarata – or Cotton – how is Trump any different from Nimarata or Cotton?

Will the Red Hats get this? Put another way, will the Red Hats vote for this?

If they do, they will have deserved to get what they voted for (again).

Unfortunately, we’ll get it, too. Good and hard. Again.

. . .

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  1. ‘Nikki Haley in Israel scribbling “FINISH THEM”on the shells that the IDF is about to fire into Rafah in defiance of the International Court of Justice. Biden provided the shells, Republicans autograph them. The US political class is united in its complicity with this genocide.’

    Idiot Nimarata doesn’t realize that to the ethno-supremacist Israelis, she’s just another almost-human brown person who can be discarded when no longer useful.

    • Gaza was once a concentration camp.
      It is now a death camp.

      Since we, the U.S. taxpayers, are paying for this slaughter, we ought to insist that the planned extermination of 2,000,000 Arabs be carried out in the most cost effective way possible, which would involve poison gas and large scale cremations.

      Blowing them up with expensive, highly sophisticated weapons is just not getting the job done. Gas could finish the job in less than one year, at a much lower cost. Cheaper dying through chemistry.

      >Habers Versuche mit Phosgen und Chlorgas kurz nach dem Beginn des >Ersten Weltkriegs machten ihn zum „Vater des Gaskriegs“.

      Das Jetzt, wir haben der Besserstoff, und das heißt das Nervengas.

      The “bad optics” of Jewish run gas attacks and crematoria are not our problem. The most efficient use of our tax dollars is all that should matter, to us.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if some of the elite who helped shove Biden into the presidency ever just sit back and laugh at how they were able to pull this off. A visibly addled old man as president. And his supporters must just be supporting him to avoid a perceived worse Republican alternative. It is impossible to imagine anyone doesn’t see how utterly inept he is. And then on the other side we have the politically persecuted Donald Trump. This election cycle is already such a farce.

    • RE: “It is impossible to imagine anyone doesn’t see how utterly inept he is.”

      Unfortunately, I know of several people who cannot see it.
      Their willful blindness is just like it was for wearing a face diaper & everything connected to it.

      I get your drift, though.

  3. Slave torture…..

    Increasing the amount of currency in circulation….inflating the money supply….printing more dollars……….promissory notes not convertible to gold and silver…this is a powerful tool for the masters….the control group….

    The control group pays the slaves in rapidly devaluing dollars, then taxes them into poverty….then they give them credit so they can still eat…soon they are drowning in debt….next…. they own nothing and are happy….

    Soon the slaves owe nothing…the control group…the masters… own everything….

    Gold and silver is the only real money….paper money…..promissory notes convertible to gold and silver….are just more convenient to carry around…

    These three stages are repeated throughout history….

    Stage one….promissory notes convertible to gold and silver…1945 to 1971….

    Stage two….. promissory notes NOT convertible to gold and silver…suspended promises to pay…1971 to today….

    Aug. 15th 1971 went to stage two…..printing like crazy….printing presses go brrrrrrrrrrr….
    then inflation exploded…..owning assets better then holding cash….

    Stage three….gold and silver revalued to account for all the promissory notes issued….revaluation…then back to stage one again….

    revaluation….forced conversion….a million old dollars for 10,000 new dollars….gold revalued at $10,000…. new dollars per ounce…..promissory notes convertible to gold and silver…again….

    there will be a rush to convert to gold and silver…around the end of the 2020’s…that date 2030 keeps showing up….

  4. I wouldn’t hold my breath hoping “my” guy wins. The right guy for the job is not meant to win, because the owners have an agenda, so the wrong guy is installed, like Biden. Who knew ahead of time the wars Biden would get us in? Sleeper Joe is just the kind of guy they want. So is Kumalo Ho. To dumb to even question anything she signs.

    IMO elections are rigged, the 4 year POTUS voting cycle is meant to engage you so you believe in the system of Demoncracy. That your voice counts, that your vote counts. But, if you pay close attention, it is a ruse – they count the votes and they install Mr. Wrong each and every time. They fooled the nation with the moon landing, elections are a piece of cake – absurd theater for weak minds.

    Politics is theater like Big Time Wrestling. Biden vs. Trump is just about big of a joke they can play on you. Neither is suitable, neither is decent human being. Both are slavish Zionist whores, beholden to a foreign state of Israel – which is treason by definition.

    When a good candidate actually wins, like JFK, they have him killed and then install Mr. Wrong, LBJ. Remember when LBJ was sworn in, standing next to him was Jackie Kennedy:

    She is standing next to her husband’s assassin. Oswald said he didn’t do it, but was gunned down while handcuffed to a police officer, in center view of the camera. No trial and testimony from him. LBJ’s first task, was to rescind all of JFK’s Executive Orders prohibiting Israel from obtaining nuclear weapons. Later, LBJ allowed Israel to straff the USS Liberty, and later still transferred the Davy Crockett nuke warheads to Israel.

    Not only did LBJ undo JFKs wisdom of keeping crazy Jews from getting nukes, he flat out gave him the entire 2,000 W-54 warhead arsenal to them. Some of those were used in the basement of the WTC – to vaporize the cement columns holding up those buildings. All of that was covered up, so do you think they can’t rig the vote?

    I think we should concentrate on ourselves and our own survival and forget the rigged system which favors warmongers. I think Nikki Haley might be brought in to replace Trump, and Gavin Newscum replaces Biden. They want war, big war, they want WW3 and are doing everything they can to start it. So who is the best candidate to fool the nation into fighting WW3? Trump.

    Some commentators at RBN have said this directly, that if Trump is installed it is the worst case scenario in play. They will use Trump’s charisma to wage WW3. What should you do? Vote? No! Run like hell from police state Amerika. Prep until both hands bleed, or flee the nation. No one can save us, that is a pipe dream. No nation can get out of 35 trillion in debt.

    The fact is we are completely screwed. Voting at this point is a meaningless gesture as the nation spirals in. I think gold is going vertical because the market realizes that this is it, it is over. Just wait when mortgage rates surge through 8%. The shit is about to hit the fan, maybe before election day.

  5. Hey Kids,

    Let’s see if I can Expand “The Overton Window”……

    Hmmm, we want individuals to take personal responsibility…Check;

    We believe in Meritocracy…..Check;

    Small hat infiltration is “in extremis”….Check;

    Solution …The Reverend Louis Farrakhan as VP with Orange Klown!!!

    Holy Chit Mang….Watch the small hats howl,

    Positive outcomes;

    Burn Loot Murder types corralled….

    Affirmative action assholes actually have to perform Competently…

    Kick the small hats in the nuts!! Win, win, win!!!!

    “Whada ya say folks”….

    Are you a Farrakhan Or a Farrakant???

    Hell, I can’t wait for the Fireworks…

  6. Britain’s IQ test:

    ‘UK MP Andrew Bridgen says UK Rishi Sunak called a UK election for July 4, even though his party is expected to lose massively, because Sunak learned that huge open war with Russia is unstoppably on the agenda, and ‘he doesn’t want to be a wartime Prime Minister.’

    ‘Sunak wants out, period. Bridgen says the Western public is to be informed of the huge war with Russia in July or August, so maybe after (or during) the Paris Olympics.’

    Unfortunately there is no correct answer on this test.

    ‘Any way you look at it you lose.’

    — Simon & Garfunkel, Mrs Robinson

  7. Well, as an alternative, it seems the Libertarian Party is finished.

    ‘ ‘Mises Caucus Just Exploded’: Libertarian Party Nominates Left-Winger Chase Oliver’

    … “The Mises Caucus has unfortunately failed.” […]

    “I finally found a KF94 mask I find to be comfortable and my mask/glasses lanyard arrived so I don’t have to just stuff it in my pocket or on a table when I sit down to eat.
    Yes, I wear a mask where businesses require it or where distancing is impossible.” …

    See also: ‘Trump, Libertarians, Parties, and Politics: Power Hungry Malignancy All’ – by Gary D. Barnett, May 27, 2024.

    • I thought Vivek Ramaswamy handled himself well in front of the LP audience. Didn’t watch Trump’s address. Said it here before, I am a libertarian but not a member of the Libertarian Party.

    • In order to be finished, you had to have started. The Libertarian party had nowhere to go but up, but the delegates decided to scrape the bottom.

      I’m still a little bit hopeful though. My perception is that the Mises Caucus was there to get Dave Smith nominated as the candidate. Dave decided not to do it and focus on his family, so they found Rectenwald, who is very intelligent and principled but has the charisma of a wet rag. Dave Smith would have been amazing, he’s the most effective communicator the libertarians have, and let’s be honest, lots of libertarians are some kinds of ideological, purist autists. They’d miss the forest for the trees every time.

      Angela McArdle is still the chair of the LNC and her head is in the right place. This particular nomination was awful, and there’s no way I would ever vote for Chase Oliver, so it’s better to abstain. I would have voted for Rectenwald. It was really close, though, they went seven rounds and “none of the above” came close to winning, so the libertarians are split, it just seems there are more leftists among them than sane people. Someone like Chase Oliver will pull more votes from the left than from the right, so I think this helps Trump. Not that I like Trump, but we’ve had Trump, we’ve had Biden, we know what they’re like. It’s like choosing whether you’d like to be stabbed or shot. Both suck, one is less life threatening.

  8. The election reminds me of two movies

    1. Brewster’s Millions Scene of “vote none of the above” as both candidates have issues no one likes

    2. Moon over Parador Election scene where the palace guards are debating over voting red Simm or blue Simm. “It’s a free dictatorship”

    In the end I don’t like either one. But biden is such a train wreck because of his policies im forced to vote for trump. Trump did massive damage to the lock downs, Biden is even worse on his regulatory state like Carter of the 70s.

    Frankly it is becoming time for congress to reign in the unelected regulatory state by requiring congress and the senate and president to affirm regulations before they are even allowed. (2/3 sounds good).

    • Brewster’s Millions was a good movie. In this case I agree with Trump in that a 3rd party vote is a wasted vote though. So vote for not biden by voting for Trump.

      Unfortunatly he’s already surrounding himself with all the wrong people, again. Haley and speaker jhonson? Oh well, the Trump years were still great even though it was done mostly through recindable executive order decree. I’ll take 4 more years of anything compared to what we have now.

  9. Under Russian rule? LOL, you would be so lucky…

    War is a function of numbers, across the board, GDP, population, and overall resources.

    Russia, at 145 million, doesn’t have enough people to invade, conquer, subdue and control the US.

    However, China, at 1.5 Billion? Plenty of people, plenty of resources, so watch out for them instead…


    • All Russia needs to do is neutralize Blobington DC. After the shock wears off the country will recover quite nicely and of no threat to either country.. DC is the leech attached to the national ass. Burning it off will have immediate positive effects to the country and the world. After a year or so no one will really miss it.

  10. Aaaaaand just like clockwork, the media points their cameras at the stupid arm of the Libertarian party.

    They never showed the Democrats walking along the 16th street mall in downtown Denver with “Hitlery” signs in 2008, or the absurd screaming at each other in the parking lot of the Pepsi Center during the convention. No, the two mainstream parties are the parties of civil discourse, you see. No way should you associate with the heathen third parties.

  11. How many families are supported by the government? Directly by being employees, or indirectly by working for any of the following:

    Military-industrial complex
    Educational complex – including the secondary education cartel
    telecommunications and Internet companies
    road construction contractors
    health care industry – directly and indirectly funded though regulated insurance and medicare/medicaid.
    Handouts for diversity hires, prop-ups and bailouts and governement contracts, even if only a percentage of revenue (most large businesses have a government sales group for example)
    firms that specialize in regulatory compliance
    tax accounting firms
    All the international gamesmanship that is propped up by “diplomats” and three letter agencies.
    Banks that pay for it all

    I’m sure there are many more. Add ’em all up and they have a lot to lose if government gets smaller and less powerful. Easily enough people to swing elections. Oh, most of them would probably still have a job if the DC metro area disappeared, but they’d have to start working. Better to keep the status quo, better the devil you know and all that. Too risky to let a loose cannon like Trump back in office again. They held him off last time, but this time he knows the tricks.

    “You want change?”
    “Yes! I want change!”
    “You can’t handle change!”

    • And remember, the average age of a government employee (according to ChatGPT) is over 42 years old.

      Overall, the median age of the total labor force in the United States, which includes both public and private sectors, was 42.3 years in 2022. Government employees as a whole, including federal, state, and local levels, had the second-highest median age at 45.6 years, indicating that government workers tend to be older on average compared to their private sector counterparts.

      Hard to teach an old dog new tricks, especially when their pension is only a few years away, but far enough that they have to keep working for a while longer. Get laid off after punching a government time clock for 20 years and you probably won’t have much in the way of transferable skills. Leaning on a shovel isn’t in high demand these days.

      • Some would. Mainly office skills like typing accounting, filing, some basic computer skills. In a vibrant economy they will find a place.

        • Sure there are transferrable skills. But my guess is the average bureaucrat in the system would be too afraid to find out if they could make it outside of the political complex. Better to stick with what you know and have come to rely on for lo these many years.

        • I strongly agree with you, Alex, about a surgical strike on DC freeing us all from our GovCo bondage.

          Accounting? Thats hilarious. Like the pretzel logic it took to account for 8 billion dollars producing 7 charging stations, or the thousand dollar hammers? I’ll go back to quick books and do my own before hiring that.

    • Hi RK,
      I think NATO is a good example of that, I’m sure there were a lot of sleepless nights among the brass hats and assorted hangers on that had cushy “jobs” when the Berlin Wall came down. No more Soviet Union or Warsaw Pact, omg we might have to get real jobs! No problem for the psychos in charge though, just keep meddling in other countries business and instigating wars and now NATO is bigger than ever. I think their meddling in Ukraine might be a bridge too far though; if Putin finally decides he’s had enough I hope our house is upwind from the fallout.

      • Yep, for sure “mission creep” continues to be a big problem with NATO, especially since the mission ended in 1989.

        But NATO always had a secondary role in preventing another European war. The Europeans had been fighting amongst each other for centuries. The skirmishes became “World Wars” after the colonial era, and became truly terrifying after mechanization. Bombing cities to rubble and seeding the countryside with unexploded ordnance for 80 years doesn’t lend itself to long term growth. The rule says that an attack on one is an attack on all, and doesn’t really specify who’s doing the attacking. That’s why George Bush the II could get away with the “coalition of the willing” involving NATO members who apparently were looking to gain favor after 9/11.

    • It will be like a junkie going cold turkey. The collapse of the FedGov is inevitable and the vermin of DC are doing their level best to expedite the process.
      Once the boil is landed the healing and rebuilding can begin and I don’t mean rebuilding the federal blob.
      Once free of the festering carbunckle people will know prosperity and freedom. We just have stamp out any and all efforts to reconstitute the thing.

      • Good to see your comments here. I didnt see you in a while on that larry johnson site. I dont go there as much these days

    • How many traitor slaves work for the slave owners…… the control group?…helping the slave owners rob the worker slaves……the tax slaves…debt slaves….

      Enabling the slaver owners to steal so they don’t have to work….

  12. I’ve seen trial balloons floated over the past week in the conservative media about Little Marco or DeSantis being on the ballot with Trump, possibly resulting in the Senate deciding the VP race since Florida’s electors couldn’t vote for both President and Vice President per the Constitution.

    The Republicans must be confident about the Senate, but I’m not so sure.

    Of course, the Senate doesn’t have to vote for either VP nominee.

  13. “A key metric of intelligence is being able to learn from one’s mistakes. And to not make the same mistakes again.”

    Unfortunately, pride and ego prevents most from admitting their mistakes, let alone learning from them. Because of this, the majority will ALWAYS see those of us who wish to be left in peace as the “problem”.

  14. “Why of course the people don’t want war nor bogus vaccines that kill. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war and being jabbed by a bad drug when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war neither lies about the stupid vaccines, neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag and drug the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.”

    Let the vaccine war continue.

    If it looks like tyranny and talks like tyranny, it is tyranny.

    I’ll take exceptional peope for 35 trillion dollars, Alex.

    Here’s the answer: they’re always right and never wrong, no matter what they do.

    Who are the murderous theives, the filthy no good rotten to the core useless people of Israel?


  15. I’m nearly outside of this shitshow at this point as I’m within close striking distance of foreign citizenship so this is all turning into “not my problem” basically. The ability to live full time out of this sewer nation is a real option for me, but for those of you still in it, what is your plan?

    So voting for Orange Man is not viable. Are you accelerationists? 4 more years of Biden would be that. RFK Jr or any 3rd party candidate has –zero– chance of winning as we are hopelessly locked into the 2 party system.

    Opt out, don’t vote? While your nation slowly circles the drain and you sit on your hands watching from the sidelines? This is my primary complaint about nearly every place that has comments on the fake & gay US system of government and elections. LOTS, I mean a -lot- of bitching and whining, zero ideas about what to do.

    It is somewhat the nature of human beings I have found. Most people are ‘go along to get along’ types and herding animals. This seems to be an absolute truism across any given population so I doubt the readership here is any different in that way. Carving out your little place in the wilderness I guess is an ok solution as you will eventually die and the world will keep turning. But for those that have children or simply care about the general course of history, this doesn’t seem very forward thinking.

    And probably that is ok, as the same people trapped in inertia tend to not really want to act or make change and are happy just griping and complaining. The vast majority of people I know have this makeup and constitution. So perhaps this forum is just a nice outlet for endless hand wringing like so many others. I’ve long since figured out that I’m a bit of a rarified element in that I actually make plans and aggressively take action when I am not happy with a situation. In fact, I know of only one other person in my social circle who is like this and made drastic life changes to insulate himself from the current madness. Most complain, and do fuck all at the end of the day to enact any change even on a personal level.

    Just an observation that the internet is full of “here is the problem” places, but extremely light on “here is the solution”, pretty much mirror real life exactly.

    • Well-said, Useranon –

      I intend to put my brains (what I have of them) toward thinking about options and possibilities; thanks for the reminder about this!

      • In my neck of the woods-and where options are concerned-it is a very real possibility that we could end up back under Russian rule. And with the way this current administration is poking the Russian bear, it may happen sooner than later. On the one hand, it means brushing up on my Russian, and the talking-in-between-the-lines (when necessary). On the other hand, many up here think we may actually be better off under Russia’s leadership. You know, maybe lower gas and oil prices, with us having a pipeline up here? That is when you know the country has gone to hell, when Russia is looking better than the U.S. ‘Course as the saying goes, “better the devil you know”, and I would much rather have Russia up here than China. For I suspect Orange Man will be allowed to win. After he is installed, the Establishment will promptly crash everything, hang it around his neck, and blame him for it. For sadly, Trump cannot change the moral, cultural and financial rot of this country.

    • Oh yeah! there is a solution alright,,, there always is. In fact there are many. But most are satisfied with their slave chains and don’t want to upset the apple cart.

      Some of us are stuck,,, can’t run and hide so we don’t vote. I worked for a company that was taking our benefits one by one I spoke up. Big mistake. My main enemy was those that bitched the most.

      You will never get Americans to stand together. Like the airport (holding shoes in hand, frisked like a criminal ),,, like the fake covid and the fake vaxxine ( which many are still taking) America will go down,,, like Rome,,, from the inside not from the outside.

    • Useranon:

      “…I’m within close striking distance of foreign citizenship
      so this is all turning into “not my problem” basically.”

      Ah yes, to the magical land of Shangri-La.

      So running is the response to oppressors? Don’t stand
      your ground – flee. And flee to where – Rome, Russia,

      There is a chance that this country could be turned
      around with just a few changes – follow the
      Constitution, eliminate government schooling,
      i.e., propaganda, and voting other than
      Democrat or Republican.

      For those running away – don’t let the door hit
      you… on the way out.

      “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is
      that good men do nothing.”
      -Edmund Burke

      • Good point libertyx,
        You can run but you can’t hide, I’m too old to start over somewhere else, and I can’t think of anyplace that would be any better over time. I will stay here and stand my ground, following Solzhenitsyn’s advice to take out the first person that comes through my door, even though that will be the end of me as well.

    • Fleeing one’s country in response to political turmoil isn’t proof that one is “a rarified element.” It only shows that one is short on answers (the very trait you deride!) and lacks the desire or courage to stand and fight for his homeland. As libertyx put it, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

    • “Most complain, and do fuck all at the end of the day to enact any change even on a personal level.”

      That is all that matters – changing on a personal level. You can’t change the world by a top-down approach. The world only changes by a bottom-up approach. Society doesn’t change unless people in society change first. For me, I’m disconnecting from most of governments and politics in my personal life and living as far away from all that mess as I can in this country. Being a better person myself and helping those in my life is the best I can do. Living by Christian morals and teachings, for me, is the way to go. I find when I do that, I don’t have the time or willingness to deal with the political macro-world nonsense.

    • Hi Useranon99,
      So what would you do to escape this madness? Flee to Italy, or Russia, or somewhere else? Unfortunately, it’s all the same there, too. Unless you can flee to the Moon or Mars, there’s nowhere you can go to escape this.
      What you CAN do is raise your awareness of what’s going on and take steps to stop the system from fooling you. Don’t go to the mainstream medicine for health advice, to banks for financial advice, to universities for education, to religion for spiritual advice etc. All these institutions are corrupt. In fact, the whole system is corrupt. You don’t need them. By not dealing with it as much as possible, you will benefit yourself in many ways, and will partially free yourself from it. Then, maybe they’ll let you go, when the time for this decision comes (after you die I mean). But you also have to be against this system in principle (which many people aren’t, unfortunately), otherwise they’ll be justified in putting you back in.

  16. Another IQ test might be how many people who voted for Joe Biden in 2020 because “Orange Man Baaaaaaaaaaaad!” vote for Biden yet again for the same reason despite the fact that American life under the Biden Thing has become increasingly expensive and difficult.

  17. There is no hope in the political class. They are all bought and paid for. They are no more concerned about your welfare than you are about that of the fleas on your dog. In fact much the same, as you are a problem for them to solve.

  18. There are rumors that Trump will put people like John Bolton back in his cabinet if he should become President again. If that happens, we’ll still have Neocons running foreign policy, and foreign policy under the control of Neocons has gone about as well as the Biden Thing’s Presidency.

    As for Trump’s potential VP pick, if he picks Nikki Haley to be his running mate, that could cost him votes considering she was about as popular with Republican voters this year as Hillary Clinton was with Democrat voters in 2016. I’d be even more inclined to vote 3rd party if Trump picked her.

    For all the flaws with Robert F Kennedy Jr, I’d rather have him as President than Joe Biden, though at this point it’s uncertain what an RFK Jr Presidency might be like, let alone a 2nd term of a Trump Presidency. However, RFK Jr has been the only Presidential candidate so far who dared to talk about the COVID nonsense, vaccines, corruption in government agencies like the CDC & FDA, etc., and for doing so, he’s been called a CONSPIRACY THEORIST.

  19. Pence??
    Absolutely NOT.
    Pence has pledged his fealty and loyalty to israel by signing bombs that were used in Gaza.
    Pence is a snake who would be manipulated in the same way brandon is being manipulated, used as a “tool” for jewish interests.

    • There is no way it will be Pence, that bridge was burned January 6. Pence would turn it down if asked, and he ain’t gonna be asked.

      He would be stupid to put in Haley, but its likely unfortunately…..

  20. ‘The “dream ticket” for the Zionist warmongers would appear to be Tom Cotton for Pres.’ — Adi Heidler

    Cotton’s improbably peripatetic resume is something we have seen before in CIA-sponsored Manchurian candidates such as Oxford brat Bill Clinton and ‘community organizer’ Barky Obama.

    Until proven otherwise, I assume that Cotton is an Agency made man, and (as VP candidate) the CIA’s backstop in the event they can’t steal the election as in 2020.

    Should Trump, to the horror of the Agency, return to the White House, Cotton will serve as Trump’s minder on behalf of the intel community. Cotton will be given a timeline of two years to betray or otherwise dispose of the Orange Man and succeed to the presidency himself.

    My sister, a liberal Democrat in New England, told me yesterday that she will expatriate if Trump returns to office. I didn’t respond to her remark. But if inflamed asshole Tom Cotton ascends to the presidency, I’LL be the one burning up the transatlantic fiber optic cable to plead with her, ‘Hey, do you have a spare room … or a couch I can crash on?’

    Recently I was castigated by another commentator for being ‘too soft’ on Tom Cotton. ‘No quarter for that diseased maggot!‘ he hollered, gnashing his teeth and spitting nails.

  21. ‘A key metric of intelligence is being able to learn from one’s mistakes.’ — eric

    ‘So the United States is and remains the one indispensable nation. That has been true for the century passed and it will be true for the century to come.’ — Barack Obama, U.S. Military Academy, May 28, 2014

    Obama presided over a US invasion of Afghanistan ordered by the Smirking Chimp in 2001. He actually ‘surged’ more troops into Afghanistan at the beginning of his presidency. But America’s excellent imperial adventure ended in humiliation when the yankee invaders chaotically fled from Kabul in 2021. Result: ‘we’ spent 20 years to replace the Taliban with … the Taliban.

    So what did ‘Biden’ say yesterday to the latest graduating class at U.S. Military Academy?

    ‘Biden described American soldiers as “working around the clock” to support Ukraine in its effort to repel a two-year long Russian invasion, but repeated his commitment to keeping them off the front lines.

    “We are standing strong with Ukraine and we will stand with them,” Biden told the crowd to a round of applause.

    “Thanks to the U.S. Armed Forces, we’re doing what only America can do as the indispensable nation, the world’s only superpower,” Biden said. — Reuters News, May 25, 2024

    Once again, America is getting its ass whipped in a foreign proxy war — as Dementia Joe plays his scratchy ‘indispensable nation’ 45 rpm broken record, and the Ukies flee Kharkiv.

    Apparently, head-up-ass America is as thick as a recalcitrant mule. You can literally bash in Uncle Sam’s skull with a 2×4 — and, lying bloody-mouthed in the gutter in his filthy stripedy pants, he’ll still be croaking ‘Indispensable nation … indispensable nation … graaaaack, graaaaack!‘ 🙁


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