Beep! You’re “Speeding”!

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The quest to make driving as annoying as possible – by having the car badger the driver about his driving as often and annoyingly as possible – is part of the quest to make people want to stop driving.

California – of course – leads the way.

As in, literally.

Because whatever California’s legislative (and regulatory) colon pushes out of its reticulated sphincter ends up steaming in all of our laps, at least when it comes to things automotive. Because a working majority of the rest of the states will Me Too whatever California does and because the auto industry takes direction from California. If California says the industry must do this to cars – or may not sell cars without that in California – the industry snaps to attention and says By Your Command.

The country is thus ruled by California – which is to say, by the Leftists who control the major cities in California, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, which effectively control the state because they control the state’s law-making and regulatory apparatus.

The state’s legislature has just pushed another edict through its colon – SB 961 – sponsored, appropriately enough, by a radical homosexual. It requires that by 2032 all new vehicles sold in the state be equipped with what is styled “passive” speed limit “technology.” What this means is an active speed limit nanny that pesters you in the same way that the seat belt nanny does. Whenever the car is driven more than 10 MPH faster than whatever the speed limit sign says is allowable, a buzzer or beep will sound to nag you to obey the sign.

For “safety,” of course.

It is always for “safety.” Eventually, things will arrive at their logical conclusion and driving will be disallowed, period.

For “safety.”

In the meanwhile, they’ll make driving as annoying as possible, which some of the Leftists endorsing this business are giddy about. “(W)hile there will be nothing physically stopping someone from driving more than 10 mph over the posted speed limit, adding beeps and flashing warnings will at least make doing so much more annoying,” says one. 

Of course, he does not say this annoyance will – inevitably – be more than just an annoyance.

The Left excels at one-thing-at-a-time, the process of imposing Leftism gradually, leading to all-at-once. By getting the principle of a thing established so that the precedent can be set and then expanded. The classic, textbook example of this being the federal income tax. The Left did not try to impose the tax all at once and on everyone at first because the Left understood that would not sell and – worse (for the Left) it might alarm everyone. So – instead – the Left sold the income tax as a tax that would affect only the very rich. No one else would have to pay it, the Left assured.

Of course, in short order, everyone was paying it – because once the principle of income taxation had been established in law and once the precedent of taxing some people was established in fact, it was just a matter of incrementalism to impose income taxes on everyone who earned income.

And so here we are.

And soon, where we’ll be is driving cars that don’t just annoy you whenever you “speed” – as driving any faster than some arbitrary limit is derisively styled (much the same as questioning whether the “climate” is “changing” on account of a 0.015 percent increase in the 0.04 percent share of the earth’s atmosphere is styled “denial”).

They will not allow you to “speed.”

This is implicit in the legislation requiring that new cars annoy drivers who “speed.” If that is necessary – for “safety” – then logically, it is already conceded that “speeding” is something drivers ought not to do. Ergo – logically – they must not be allowed to do it.

See how that works?

The tragedy is that lots of people don’t – which is how we transitioned from a country that you could once refer to as a free country without being looked at funny to a country in which saying that is no longer very funny.

So, what will happen – once it becomes law that every new car must pester its driver every time its driver “speeds” – is that the another law will be passed requiring that cars prevent drivers from “speeding.” This will follow for the same reason that it followed when people accepted walking around with “masks” over their faces that they accept mRNA drugs being shot in to their bodies. Because if “masks” were needed then so were the drugs – and how could you oppose the drugs if you’d already accepted the “mask”? 

It just took a little time to get from there to here.

And – just so you – know – we are already there. Pretty much every new car made right now – in 2024 – has a system that “alerts” the driver if he drives faster than whatever the speed limit is. In other words, the car knows you’re “speeding.” All it would take is an update to transition from an “alert” to a no-you-don’t. Because these cars all have electronically controlled throttles and those are controlled by computers and those computers are now connected to external control. It is just a matter of exerting it.

And getting people who’ve already accepted it used to it.

. . .

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  1. I had a 66 Buick Super Wildcat that came with an early form of speed limit assist. There was a knob on the speedometer which you could adjust up and down, which adjusted a needle in said speedometer. When the speedo needle hit it a loud buzzing would commence.

    In pre cruise control times it was an attempt to keep the cops off you. But you could set it yourself. I set mine to the far right and still got an occasional buzz from it. The 401 nail head liked to get up and go and 4000 lbs of chrome and steel just floated down the road at 100+.

    The real question is in what world is it tolerable to let a computer control a vehicle with people in it? Throttle and brakes and steering and shifting under the demonic control of someone else’s programming. Without even absolute mechanical overrides? Madness. Insanity.

  2. The most profitable scam invented by the slave owning control group at the top…. is taxing the slaves…..

    where do your taxes go?….this is very interesting….

    In the U.K. the money goes to Citibank in Germany…….then 40% goes to the IMF…the rest goes to the vatican…the IMF is a branch of the BIS….which is part of the control group….

    @ 1:26:20 where do your taxes go?

  3. Here’s one guys disappointment with his 2022 Pathfinder over at Knuckledraggin My Life Away.

    Anonymous May 27, 2024 at 11:38 AM
    Good article,I can rant here. After years of being happy with a 96 and 2002 model cars, I bought a 2022 Pathfinder. I’m still discovering all the spyware on that car and I can’t say I’m happy with any of it. Some of the “features”
    1. Yes, it rings a tone if I go over the speed limit, Somehow it knows what the limit is on the road I’m on. It flashes a little speed limit sign on the cluster too.
    2. If I change a lane without using the blinker, the steering wheel vibrates. It took me a month to figure out the vibrating steering wheel was OK and the car wasn’t fucking up. I still don’t use the blinker, and it causes my wife to criticize my driving style when she hears it now.
    3. If I just get too close to the lane divider line, the steering wheel vibrates too, but at a lower frequency, like its saying “you’re getting too close fella”. Again, the wife reacts too becuase she can hear it.
    3. There are lights in the side mirrors that flash when there’s a car next to you. All the time, I see these flashing lights in my peripheral vision and it wears me out turning my head to see what is going on. Oh yeah, its another car passing or being passed so blink the light and make the driver turn his head.
    4. Parking is an ordeal. There is an outline of the car on the instrument cluster. When you pull into a spot, you get warnings as you get close to the car on either side or the curb/wall in front. They start out green, then go yellow, then flashing red with a ringing tone if you get too close. The wife insists I park so they show green on her side, so she has room to get out. Flashing red and ringing tone on my side is OK, though.
    5. The dealer “set it up” for me. Big mistake. This CAR knows my router name. It knows my phone. It knows I have another, old phone in my garage. It tells me when I leave the coverage area of my router! And it asks to connect to my phones, by name when I start up. To be fair to Nissan, everytime I start the car, it warns me they upload driving data to someplace. Holy crap.

    Oh yeah, I hadn’t driven the car for a while (too fucking annoying) so when we went out yesterday, I get an error message “Vehicle not operated for extended period”. Followed by two yellow warning lights and a red triangle. It wanted me to verify the braking system. WTF. A CAR remembers when its been driven??

    Before I forget, higher trim levels on this car had even more electronic “driver aids”. So It could be even worse. Think twice or three times before you buy that new car.

    I’ve put 2200 miles on a 2022 model car. Biggest mistake ever made.

    • My newer, “02 Camry has a speed limit sign near the odometer. I figured out where the camera is: It is sitting in front of the rear view mirror. I have often wondered: If I was a smart ass and stuck a piece of tape over the camera, if the speed limit sign on the dash would disappear? Would such work with these impending, newer vehicles where this will be a standard issue? After all, the damned thing cannot shill at you like a mother-in-law if the camera is blocked now can it? Just a thought…

  4. It’s Memorial Day. All weekend state, county, and local enforcers have made life miserable for all. Safety, ya know.

    Rather than ponder the loss of Americans in the empire’s pointless wars, the po po are pestering the shit out of motorists. Speed kills, ya know.

    Both grandfathers were in WWII. Uncles served in Korea and Vietnam. My father was in Vietnam. I was in the first Gulf War. That’s not important. What’s important is that law enforcement enforces the law and the state, county, and local highwaymen line their pockets from the wayward travelers. Serve and protect, ya know.

  5. The end result will make driving as pleasurable as a NASCAR race. The cars all look the same, with the same engines all going the same speed. Sounds like “fun”. And people wonder if I can afford new cars why I drive old ones.

  6. I could be wrong, but is Scott Wiener the one who pushed mandatory HPV vaccines for California students to go to high school? There was some sort of insane bill that he was pushing 2 years ago, for “safety” of course. I don’t remember if it was the bill that would have required teenagers to get an HPV vaccine to go to high school, or if it was some other vaccine related bill. However, in CALIFORNIA, public pushback resulted in the state legislature dropping that HPV bill.

  7. I drove a new-ish BMW X5 as a rental last Fall in Wisconsin, and the vehicle’s cruise control system would not “set” at a speed higher than the posted speed limit for the road. I assume the system used GPS.

    The only way I could get the cruise control to set above the speed limit was to press the button and then increment the number using the ‘+’ button. Even then, I had to take care not to press ‘+’ too quickly.

    Of course, this was handy at the beginning of the week when we mistakenly had the sail phone GPS trying to avoid the Illinois Tollway and the software took us on a grand tour of small towns in Northern Illinois with suddent speed limit changes without much warning. When in doubt, “set”, but that assume’s the vehicle’s database is accurate … and the GPS is working down to the meter … and …

    On the way back to Chicago, we just used the Tollway and I gamed the toll plaza systems to avoid the charge. Unfortunately, the systems are getting better so I only got one freebie plaza.

    • Roscoe,
      It kinda ruins the concept of “the open road”. It might just cause some to go “Thelma & Louise”. Which, would please our overlords like nothing else.

      • The irony is that the design concept for the newer toll collection systems, without the booths or physical dividers between the lanes at the plazas, is termed “Open Road Tolling”.

        • I have heard that our Oklahoma toll roads will not read our Cherokee license plates, and so will not charge a toll. Apparently the Cherokees are in a spat with the state of OK and are not cooperating. I had to hop on a toll road a couple of days ago while sporting my Cherokee plate. I am curious to see if I get a notice in the mail from the plate reader.

  8. Some people aren’t comfortable around a fast moving object. They overreact to the stimulus. According to Jordan Peterson, seeing something move quickly sets off the “danger” neural pathways. Because it could be a snake or a big cat lunging for us. Or another clansman looking to replace us.

    When you drove for the first time, you probably took it pretty slow. You had to get a feel for the speed. Now that you’ve been at it for a few decades, speed doesn’t really register. If you’re going with the flow you might glance down and see that you’re moving 5, 10, or even 20 over the PSL, but it doesn’t feel “fast” because everyone else is going that fast too. Until someone interrupts the flow, then you’ll find yourself behind a long line going 10 or 15 under, led by someone who never overcame their fear of speed. Interesting to note that we almost never travel at the speed limit on the sign, either way over or way under.

  9. I think more people are starting to realize that these so called “safety “ policy are not safety but a control cult run amok. Cars are over controlled and before there is a massive regulatory reform which I suspect will happen when these policies cause the industry to go bankrupt because no one wants to buy their cars. Like the so called ev “revolution” which is a farce. Consumers voted with their pocket book and didn’t buy.

    Basically the older pre 2010 cars will go up in value. (Though California might try to ban them like 2010 trucks over “emissions”, it is illegal to operate in the state cmv with them), I think California days are eventually numbered on passing regulations that affect interstate commerce. Times change, this will eventually be the farce like the 85 speedometer rule.

  10. ‘Starting in July, the European Union will also begin requiring similar passive speed limiters in new cars.’ — Jalopnik

    What else would we expect from Europe, the locus of socialism’s wretched invention?

    I first ran into passive speed limiters in the late 20th century, on a taxi ride from Changi airport into Singapore — one of the most locked-down, paternalistic socialist enclaves you could ever hope to find. It was set to start dinging at 90 km/h. Doing 100 km/h on a near-vacant motorway, the driver gestured in resignation and disgust at the idiotic racket emanating from the dash, which he could so nothing about.

    Follow the science! Science tells us that lab rats placed in stressful situations beyond their control soon sicken and die. Currently, our satanic overlords are running parallel experiments. One imprisons the masses in algorithms; the other imprisons them in a bloody, sadistic turkey shoot (Gaza). Each has its merits, from a Uniparty point of view: death … or death by oogaboogah?

  11. A highly annoying law has bee proposed by a “radical homosexual”? Is being highly annoying the raison d’etre of radical homosexuals?

    And, as a reminder to all those “conservatives” that slavishly support Israel and hate Marxism/Communism, that the Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, the creators of Marxism/Communism, were Jewish.

    • ‘Senator Scott Wiener grew up in New Jersey, the son of a small business owner and a teacher, and attended public school. He received a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and a law degree from Harvard Law School.’

      Hahhhhhvid! It turns up over and over again, as the training ground of our depraved elite.

      Hahhhhhvid is the common factor that unites hard leftists like Scott Weiner with Uniparty anencephalics like the Smirking Chimp and blackshirt diseased maggots like Tom Cotton.

      It is the calling card of socialists who would destroy us. Watch for it.

      • Harvard the institution isn’t really the problem. Dr Tom Woods went to Harvard, and recently had one of his former professors on his podcast as a guest. If it wasn’t Harvard, it would be (and is) Yale. Or Penn. Or some place where the elites send their kids to hook-up camp. Some get in with the wrong crowd and are more concerned with making connections than learning anything. Worked for dear old dad, right?

    • A highly annoying law has bee proposed by a “radical homosexual”?

      The LBGQT are part of…work with….. the slave owning control group…..part of the same gang…

    • It is most interesting to observe how this wedge is being forced in between “Israel” and “communism/marxism”.

      Ever so slowly but never ending. .

      Divide and conquer.


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