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Do You Remember When?

You can date yourself by the president who was in office when you were in high school - or by what was happening in the car business when you first learned...

AMC Marlin Fastback coupe, 1965-1967

Pontiac's GTO, which appeared in 1964, had every other American automaker rushing to cash in on the emerging youth market for big-biceped intermediate coupes - including AMC. AMC, however, decided on a...

Cadillac Coupe deVille, 1949-1984

"As I was motorvatin' over the hill, I saw Maybelline in a Coupe de Ville; Cadillac rollin' on an open road... nothing outrun my V-8 Ford." - Chuck Berry, "Maybelline" Well, maybe so. But...

Chevy Laguna, 1973-1976

The mid 1970s were a weird and dangerous time for the American car industry. It had to turn on a dime - literally - and figure out how to "compete" with...

Buick Invicta, 1959–1963

One of Buick's greatest early Dreadnoughts was the short-lived but extremely memorable Invicta series, which made its debut in 1959 as the replacement for the Century. The unusual name derives from the...

Chevy Monte Carlo, 1970-1988

There is a species of American land shark that once prowled the highways and byways of the United States in great fleets, but which have become as extinct as Megaladon -...

1981–1989 Dodge Aries/Plymouth Reliant K-Cars

Lee Iaccoca gets blame (or credit) for the Dodge Aires and Plymouth Reliant K-cars, but unlike the minivan, this one’s really not his fault. He simply took the ball and ran...

1976–1980 Dodge Aspen R/T and Plymouth Volaré Road Runner

A reeling and soon-to-be bankrupt Chrysler Corp. produced one of the most pathetic paper-tiger muscle cars ever in the embarrassing 1976to 1980 Dodge Aspen R/T and the Aspen’s sister car, the...

Buick Electra 225, 1959–1984

The "deuce and a quarter" was Buick's ultimate ship of the line—measuring nearly 19 feet long (225 inches) from snout to tail. This road titan's wheelbase would eventually stretch to a...

The Bad Economy is Good News For Car Collectors

How has the bad economy been affecting the classic car hobby? On the upside, certain classic cars - especially muscle cars from the '60s and '70s - have suddenly become more affordable. Though...
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