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1966-76 Jensen Interceptor: Great Name, Nearly Great Car

Hybrid vehicles are not a modern invention. The quirky, quintessentially British Jensen automobile company of Birmingham, England had the idea long before Toyota - and decades before there would be...

Almost Fast: 1983-1988 Monte Carlo SS

If you were a kid in high school (or college) during the '80s - and into fast cars - you probably remember the last full-frame, rear-drive/live axle, carbureted, cast-iron pushrod V-8...

The Lesser Known Kaw

I used to own an odd little dual sport called the Sherpa Sherpa and - as often happens with odd little things one gets to like - I stupidly sold it...

AMC Matador, 1971-1978

By the mid-1970s, American automakers were under the gun to reduce both the size and the fuel consumption of their offerings. Gas shortages, price spikes - and the growing presence of...

Cadillac Sedan deVille, 1956-1984

Nowadays, all the really big sedans are foreign-made: Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, Daimler Maybachs. It is a sign of the decline of the once-magnificent American Land Yacht, whose sole surviving exemplar as of...

Buick Riviera, 1963-1985

Non-Buick people may not know it, but the Riviera nameplate goes back many years before the introduction of the now-famous '63 coupe. Buick used it to designate the pillarless hardtop coupes...

Do You Remember When?

You can date yourself by the president who was in office when you were in high school - or by what was happening in the car business when you first learned...

AMC Marlin Fastback coupe, 1965-1967

Pontiac's GTO, which appeared in 1964, had every other American automaker rushing to cash in on the emerging youth market for big-biceped intermediate coupes - including AMC. AMC, however, decided on a...

Cadillac Coupe deVille, 1949-1984

"As I was motorvatin' over the hill, I saw Maybelline in a Coupe de Ville; Cadillac rollin' on an open road... nothing outrun my V-8 Ford." - Chuck Berry, "Maybelline" Well, maybe so. But...

Chevy Laguna, 1973-1976

The mid 1970s were a weird and dangerous time for the American car industry. It had to turn on a dime - literally - and figure out how to "compete" with...
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