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Vidcast: Presumptive guilt

This Vidcast was inspired by my muse, Clover, whose every view seems to be based on the idea of presumptive guilt. This is an idea similar to "pre-crime" - if you...

BMW Clover

Rolled up behind a BMW Clover the other day. Despite his "ultimate driving machine," this "driver" apparently fears driving the speed limit - or even within 5 MPH of the speed...

Speed limits and Limited Government: Unlimited Nonsense

I view speed limits much as I do "limited" government. . . Throw 'em both in the woods! The premise underlying each is absurd. And imposing the absurd using violence? That's just nuts Why should anyone be...

Scooter Clover

Actually, it's the Clover behind the scooter. The scooter can't help that it's slow. Its rider is given' 'er all she's got, cap'n! But the SUV behind the Clover - ahead of...
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