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Traffic Laws That Make Some Sense (For a Change)

Virginia - home of the dumbed-down "reckless driving" statute (drive faster than 20 MPH over any speed limit and you qualify; see here) has actually done something sensible for once, with...

How Goo-guhl Gelded The Internet

A print newspaper/magazine lives - or dies - according to its circulation, which correlates with advertising revenue. That "rule" has been suspended - is inoperative - on the Net. You can...

I’m Tired of Wearing a Helmet

The tyranny that rules over us could at least be consistent. I'd object less to being told I must wear a helmet when I ride my motorcycle because it's "risky" if it weren't...

A Sabot in the Gears?

People sometimes accuse me of being a technophobe or even a Luddite because of my critiques of modern vehicles. But it's not fear of technology that drives me. It's cost-benefit analysis. Increasingly, the costs...

Want To Avoid Getting Raped by a Cop?

Why, just don't get pulled over. This is the advice of George Brown, a captain of the Oklahoma State Police, shared during an interview with a local NBC News affiliate in the wake...

“Safety” Winners… And Losers

Government is always a zero-sum game. There are winners - and losers. It is said - that is, we are told - air bags "save lives." Well, yes. They do save some...

The Diesel Dilemma

The last time people began to sweat the cost of gas, they were able to turn to diesels. The cars delivered tremendous mileage (e.g., a VW Rabbit diesel was capable of...

Sports Fans

Sports “fans” – most of whom are white – disgust me. The world is literally falling apart and all that matters to these dough heads is… the gaaaaaaaaaaame. Did “we” win last night? “We” are...

Direct Injection Debacle

You may have noticed that new cars with gas engines "diesel." They clatter and rattle a little at idle. It's especially noticeable if you raise the hood (and remove the big plastic...

Your Car Isn’t

You paid for it - possibly making payments on it for years. It's your car now . . . right? Maybe. But the data it contains effectively belongs to someone else. Don't believe me?...
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