Creative Resistance

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About two years ago, I stopped renewing the registration for several of my bikes (I have five). Basically, all the ones that aren’t antiques (which have one-time-fee “permanent” tags in my state). I just got sick of sending in $50 per bike per year. On top of everything else. On top of the taxes I paid when I bought each bike. The taxes I paid to title each bike. The taxes I pay each year to maintain the fiction that I own the bike (you know, property taxes). And then the taxes I pay each time I ride the bike (gas taxes).creative 1

It’s a lot of taxes. Paid with what’s leftover after federal, state and local taxes – plus FICA (double for me, because I’m self-employed).

I figure I’ve more than paid my “fair share” already. So I decided to give myself a tax cut. I just round-filed the annual dunning letters sent my way – and motored on.

This has saved me a decent pile of money: $300 or so that would have otherwise gone into the maw of Clover Central to pay for useless eaters and other such things as opposed to (for example) a new set of tires for me!

This works out much better than the advice given by the DMV in the letter they sent me – that I could “Save $$$ – Renew b y Internet or for Multiple Years.” I find I save much more money by not “renewing” at all!

Now, here’s the thing: Failing to renew vehicle registration is a minor “offense” (I choke having to use Clover’s terminology). If, in the unlikely event, you do get caught, plead forgetfulness and the worst that they’ll do is issue a ticket for expired tags. No worries about thug scrums and Tazerings – or even impoundment of your vehicle. After all, you do have tags – and are “registered.” It’s merely that your tags/registration are expired.porky

Probably, you’ll never be caught – because on a bike, the tags are small – much smaller than a car’s license plates – and so much less visible. Tthe little stickers they give you each year to indicate you’ve paid your tributum are even smaller – and that much less visible. License plate frames have been know to further help in that regard. Unless a road tax collector (cop) is directly behind you – easy enough to avoid – it is extremely unlikely one will ever notice your tags are two or three – or ten – years out of date. Just keep your eyes open, and if you do see (or smell) a cop, maneuver so as to avoid the cop’s direct line of sight. Park – if you have to – in such a way that any passing porker won’t be able to easily see your plate.

This is an example of the kind of thing you can still “get away with” (god, more Clover Cant) and ought to try getting away with. If you were in a POW camp the issue would be obvious – and most if not all the prisoners would be constantly looking for ways to evade/avoid the authority of the guards – if not make good their escape. But because we’re all residents of a giant tax farm – which amounts to the same thing but which provides the illusion of “freedom” – most people not only pay their tributum – they feel obliged to. They accept – at least implicitly – the doctrine that they “owe” whatever it is the letter they got in the mail tells them they “owe.” It is an amazing thing, when  you stop to consider it – once your eyes have been opened and your mind awakened to the true nature of our reality. The Mafia sends Luca Brasi. The government sends you a letter.  Most people fear – and resent – Luca Brasi. But while most people resent the government, they accept its demands that they pay up as legitimate.

Not this clown.luca

Taxation – all taxation – is theft. And we are taxed to such an extent, so pervasively, that Luca Brasi must stand in awe. He is a dilettante, an amateur – a child playing an adult’s game. Why shake them down just once – every once in a while – when you can shake them down on a regular schedule, at multiple levels – and never (or almost never) have to even raise your voice or even use your voice?

A mere letter will suffice.

Luca can be dealt with directly enough. But – for now – the only real option open to us as far as dealing with the other Luca is to practice non-compliance, quibbling, evasion… the classic “I forgot.” Think of a mouse darting around the columns of an elephant’s legs. Eventually, the elephant will fall over.

In the meantime, just be careful not to get stepped on.

Throw it in the Woods?  


  1. Wow! You guys pay $50 a year for your registration? You should count yourselves lucky. Try $605 for us down under in the Australian state of Victoria.
    Yeah, you read that right, $605 per year! Riding with out of date registration, the fine is about a grand. Plus if you are stopped by a cop car, you will have the keys taken from you and have to leave your bike where it is.
    Forget about the cops not being able to spot you, as they have these nifty in car cameras that can read the tag numbers from 300 yards away and the computer lets them know if a tag number shows up that is out of date. I’ve been stopped by a cop car that passed me going the other way and they turned around and pulled me over. The registration was actually paid up and our version of DMV had made a mistake, but it was an eye-opener that even if the car is behind you, heading in the opposite direction, the camera in the back will still get you!
    Add to that the fact that if you can be caught by any one of the hundreds of fixed speed cameras, or the hundreds of mobile speed cameras, or the hundreds of traffic light cameras in this state and you can see that it’s really not an option!
    Seeing as these damn Big Brother eyes are everywhere, you have zero chance of getting away with riding on out of date plates.

    The state government here BUDGETS for $250 Million in ‘safety camera’ revenue each year and the take is usually over $400 mil.
    Hey, it could be worse, I could live in Queensland where riders who wish to ride in groups of more than two have to clear it with the Police first, or risk being stopped and checked for Outlaw MC affiliations, which includes stripping off so they can check any ink.
    That’s Australia for you, the land of the not-so free.
    Have I given you a reason to smile and be grateful you don’t live here?

  2. * * * * * * NO BUY LIST * * * * * * ALERT * * *
    To creatively resist, I could post and denounce all the shady dastardly companies that sell security cameras, plate scanners, and all the rest of the cal. Shun, boycott, and stop their ill gotten gains. All big capitalism isn’t evil, but why take chances if you can afford to go elsewhere and live free.

    Research is hard, so for now, I’m avoiding #3-#100 of these top US retail leviathans. As I research and clear them of any libertarian malfeasance, I’ll take them off my NO BUY LIST.

    #1 Wal-Mart is 316 Billion a year. I like its Price Per Ounce Shelf Tags. I buy the cheapest. Why buy $.28/oz lettuce if there’s $.03/oz available. Fukushima brand tastes fine. Experts say it saves every American $2,500 a year, even those who never go there save thru price reductions needed to compete.

    #2 Kroger is UFCW unionized, but sometimes, it has stuff the family says we need. Kroger is AKA Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Barclay Jewelers, Fox’s Jewelers, Kroger, Kwik Shop, Loaf ‘N Jug, Quik Stop, Ralphs, Smith’s, & Tom Thumb.

    Here are the top retailers and their US sales in thousands.

    #, Store, HQ, U.S.sales($Thousands)
    1 Wal-Mart Bentonville, Ark. $316,083,000
    2 Kroger Cincinnati $85,491,000
    3 Target Minneapolis $68,466,000
    4 Walgreen Deerfield, Ill. $66,330,000
    5 Costco Issaquah, Wash. $64,221,000
    6 The Home Depot Atlanta $62,075,000
    7 CVS Caremark Woonsocket, R.I. $59,688,000
    8 Lowe’s Mooresville, N.C. $49,282,000
    9 Best Buy Richfield, Minn. $37,551,000
    10 Safeway Pleasanton, Calif. $36,923,000
    11 McDonald’s Oak Brook, Ill. $34,172,000
    12 Sears Holdings Hoffman Estates, Ill. $33,837,000
    13 SUPERVALU Eden Prairie, Minn. $29,297,000
    14 Publix Lakeland, Fla. $26,967,000
    15 Seattle $26,397,000
    16 Macy’s Cincinnati $26,344,000
    17 Rite Aid Camp Hill, Pa. $25,256,000
    18 Ahold USA / Royal Ahold Washington, D.C. $25,074,000
    19 Delhaize America Salisbury, N.C. $19,230,000
    20 Kohl’s Menomonee Falls, Wis. $18,804,000
    21 Apple Stores / iTunes Cupertino, Calif. $17,825,000
    22 TJX Framingham, Mass. $17,386,000
    23 J.C. Penney Plano, Texas $17,146,000
    24 True Value Chicago $17,135,000
    25 YUM! Brands Louisville, Ky. $17,100,000
    26 H-E-B San Antonio $16,820,000
    27 Meijer Grand Rapids, Mich. $16,603,000
    28 Dollar General Goodlettsville, Tenn. $14,807,000
    29 Wakefern / ShopRite Keasbey, N.J. $12,838,000
    30 BJ’s Wholesale Club Westborough, Mass. $11,797,000
    31 Gap San Francisco, Calif. $11,443,000
    32 Subway Milford, Conn. $11,206,000
    33 Verizon Wireless Basking Ridge, N.J.
    34 Nordstrom Seattle $10,497,000
    35 7-Eleven Dallas $10,361,000
    36 Staples Framingham, Mass. $10,337,000
    37 Whole Foods Market Austin, Texas $9,794,000
    38 Ace Hardware Oak Brook, Ill. $9,491,000
    39 Bed Bath & Beyond Union, N.J. $9,402,000
    40 Aldi Batavia, Ill. $9,218,000
    41 Wendy’s Dublin, Ohio $8,931,000
    42 Ross Stores Pleasanton, Calif. $8,605,000
    43 Limited Brands Columbus, Ohio $8,590,000
    44 Family Dollar Matthews, N.C. $8,548,000
    45 Burger King Holdings Miami $8,446,000
    46 Toys “R” Us Wayne, N.J. $8,281,000
    47 Army Air Force Exchange Dallas $8,228,000
    48 Menard Eau Claire, Wis. $8,067,000
    49 Starbucks Seattle $8,038,000
    50 Darden Restaurants Orlando $7,905,000
    51 Trader Joe’s Monrovia, Calif. $7,307,000
    52 Office Depot Boca Raton, Fla. $7,297,000
    53 Barnes & Noble New York $7,157,000
    54 Hy-Vee W. Des Moines, Iowa $7,092,000
    55 Winn-Dixie Stores Jacksonville, Fla. $6,986,000
    56 Health Mart Systems Omaha, Neb. $6,943,000
    57 A&P Montvale, N.J. $6,791,000
    58 Giant Eagle O’Hara Township, Pa. $6,681,000
    59 GameStop Grapevine, Texas $6,566,000
    60 Dollar Tree Chesapeake, Va. $6,531,000
    61 AutoZone Memphis $6,523,000
    62 AT&T Wireless Dallas $6,486,000
    63 Dunkin’ Brands Canton, Mass. $6,428,000
    64 DineEquity Glendale, Calif. $6,322,000
    65 Wegman’s Food Markets Rochester, N.Y. $6,199,000
    66 Dillard’s Little Rock, Ark. $6,194,000
    67 Advance Auto Parts Roanoke, Va. $6,119,000
    68 O’Reilly Automotive Springfield, Mo. $5,789,000
    69 OfficeMax Naperville, Ill. $5,529,000
    70 QVC West Chester, Pa. $5,412,000
    71 Dick’s Sporting Goods Coraopolis, Pa. $5,212,000
    72 PetSmart Phoenix, Ariz. $5,186,000
    73 Big Lots Columbus, Ohio $5,093,000
    74 Defense Commissary Agcy. Fort Lee, Va. $5,067,000
    75 Save Mart Modesto, Calif. $5,036,000
    76 Alimentation Couche-Tard Tempe, Ariz. $4,867,000
    77 Dell Round Rock, Texas $4,748,000
    78 WinCo Foods Boise, Idaho $4,563,000
    79 Sherwin-Williams Cleveland $4,529,000
    80 Harris Teeter Supermkts. Charlotte, N.C. $4,286,000
    81 Tractor Supply Co. Brentwood, Tenn. $4,233,000
    82 Albertsons Boise, Idaho $4,100,000
    83 Chick-fil-A Atlanta $4,051,000
    84 Brinker International Dallas $4,038,000
    85 Neiman Marcus Dallas $4,035,000
    86 Foot Locker New York $3,959,000
    87 RadioShack Fort Worth, Texas $3,959,000
    88 Burlington Coat Factory Burlington, N.J. $3,837,000
    89 Roundy’s Supermarkets Milwaukee, Wis. $3,827,000
    90 Michaels Stores Irving, Texas $3,825,000
    91 Belk Charlotte, N.C. $3,700,000
    92 Stater Bros. Holdings San Bernardino, Calif. $3,693,000
    93 Sonic Oklahoma City, Okla. $3,693,000
    94 Williams-Sonoma San Francisco $3,682,000
    95 IKEA North America Conshohocken, Pa. $3,632,000
    96 Price Chopper Supermkts. Rotterdam, N.Y. $3,556,000
    97 Sports Authority Englewood, Col. $3,471,000
    98 OSI Restaurant Partners Tampa, Fla. $3,461,000
    99 Ingles Markets Asheville, N.C. $3,429,000
    100 Raley’s W. Sacramento, Calif. $3,335,000

  3. In my state the tag fees are reasonable, but the cops are eagle eyed about expired decals.

    Someone stole the decal from my pickup, I got stopped like 3 times in a week.

    And about one of every 10 cop cars has the plate scanners and the state is issuing new flat plastic plates, with painted on numbers to replace the 3-D embossed aluminum ones they’ve used for 90 years.

    • Horrible.

      This kind of thing always gets me to thinking about the final episode of the Battlestar Galactica reboot. The ship is in danger of being destroyed, Starbuck is desperately trying to program coordinates into the FTL drive… “there must be some kind of way out of here,” she says to herself….

    • Or…legalities are for the imposition of venal “authorities” & the obedience of banal beings. Stanley Milgram’s results, Hannah Arendt’s observations….

        • And obedience to authority rebuffs should know Milgram & Arendt, among others.

          I used to be able to say i was a car buff. Started with a ’57 Bel Air, FDP. Finished with a ’69 Camaro SS convertible (w/ an L88 427). Now I say I was buffed, not to mention polished: wish I had back the follies of youth $ I put into those projects.

          • “…wish I had back the follies of youth $ I put into those projects.”

            If it brought you pleasure it was not money wasted. Some of the most satisfyingly pleasant times of my life could logically be referred to as folly. Would that I experience some of that folly again.


          • Sensible. But there’s a back-story. And it took later introspection to reveal it. Like Lyle Lovett sings in “You’ve Been So Good Up To Now”, “You can make just one mistake
            And it can take you to your grave…” – or just a long, expensive, detour, which is what mine was.

            Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards, the man said….

  4. The pricks down here in Texas made the year sticker bigger and will gig us if our plate frames ‘obscure’ any part of the tag, oh well, catch me if you can.

    • How much is the fine for Obscuring the Sticker? There is a financial consideration when one contemplates non-compliance. In Louisiana an expired meaningless Safety Inspection Sticker can cost as much as $200. That’s a big part of my monthly retirement income and I’m not about to give it up just to make a statement that nobody will hear.

      Make a statement if you wish but be advised that there will eventually be outrageous financial consequences for doing so.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

  5. Re: Four-legged Anne Franks

    Darwin, NT, Australia: You, Your Cat And The Law

    Registration Fees
    Entire Cat $ 86.00
    Desexed Cat $ 8.00
    Special License (3 or more cats) $ 23.00
    Proof of desexing must be provided.
    Special Licences are issued subject to conditions.

    Pound Fees
    Registered Cat Release Fee $ 94.00
    Unregistered Cat Release Fee $228.00
    Additional Fee if Cat Impounded $ 71.00
    Outside Council Hours Seizure Fee for Unregistered Cat $228.00
    Infringement Notices Unregistered Cat $141.00
    No License To Keep Cats As Required $141.00
    Cat At Large $141.00

    Registering and microchipping your cat.
    All cats over three months of age that have been in Darwin for one month or more must be registered. To register your cat you must agree to:

    Microchip your cat.
    Adequately contain your cat at all times.
    Apply for a licence if you intend to keep more
    than two cats (applicable from 1 July 2009).
    Meet all conditions of registration.
    If your cat is not registered and microchipped, or if you
    do not have the licence required you may receive
    infringement notices.

    When is a cat at large?
    Pursuant to Council By-Laws, a cat is at large if: It is not contained within the owner’s property. It is not under effective control by the owner or any part of its body is protruding from a

    Roaming Cats
    Even well-fed cats can hunt by instinct. Cats that roam usually have a shorter life span – they often become lost, injured, killed or are stolen. Their behaviour while roaming can also be a nuisance to other people. When a roaming cat is reported, Council will: Attempt to locate the owner of the cat. The owner may be issued with an infringement notice. If the Council can not identify the owner, a trap will be set to catch the cat. If the cat is captured and identified through its microchip, the owners will be contacted and may be issues with an infringement notice.
    If the owners cannot be identified, the cat will be taken to the pound and managed according to Council’s pound procedures. If you have lost your cat, please notify Council. When you collect your cat from the pound you will be required to pay pound fees and any fines associated with your cat being at large.

    • With heavy heart I purchased a $100 Havahart trap to “humanely” deal with the growing number of feral cats that came to feed alongside our two soon to be spayed pet cats. Trapping and taking them to the Animal Shelter I reduced their number by five several months ago. Again with heavy heart I will soon reduce their number by trapping two more.

      Sadly, I realize that none will likely be adopted and they will each be terminated.

      Responsibility isn’t much fun . . . especially when it collides with a reverence for Life.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • Thankfully, we have a no-kill deal here.

        We’re involved with the local clatch of crazy cat people. Once a month, there’s a free spay-neuter clinic for the ferals. We trap ’em, get ’em fixed – and then release ’em.

        We got a colony of 30-plus under control this way.

        • That sounds like a humane idea Eric. I’m something but a recluse but I will make an effort to see if anything like that is available here.

          I hate killing anything with fur and don’t wish to hurt anything with scales. On a couple of occasions while living in Florida, I captured large diamondbacks near my home and released them on Talbot Island a few miles away. Steve Irwin once filmed an episode there.


          • Yeah – that’s us, too. We’re mostly stay-at-homes and it’s no easy thing to get me to answer the phone (ask Dom) but we make an effort with the local humane society people, who are kooky, but good kooky, in that they’ll bend over backwards for the sake of these poor critters that are just trying to get by.

            This is how we ended up with 10 cats, by the way. Several began as ferals we’d feed… then they got tame…. some lived in the garage… but it seemed mean to leave them there – and besides, they were so friendly and affectionate…. sigh!

  6. Eric, I’m an ex-pat, living overseas for 8 years. I drive almost every day. Never had/have a local license. Too costly.
    On another registration point: Back in the early 80’s, my grandfather died. He was from Alabama. We were going thru his papers, and we found “Slave Registration” papers, from the slavery days of his ancestors. Apparently, even back then, your slaves had to be registered. I would imagine some fee came with it. We had a good laugh on that one. Wish I still had them, but some relative took them.

  7. I love the way you think, Eric! Thirty some years ago I vowed that I was not going to pay an unlawful extortion in the form of an income tax. Well, this year I lost a 4 year civil court case, including an appeal to the 9th Circuit, and all the real property I controlled (not owned) was auctioned off for $550,000. So economically it wasn’t a good decision, but it was a battle that I am glad that I fought valiantly. At least I can look my grandkids in the eye and say that I did something to resist the overthrow of America.

    • Thanks, Dan –

      And, I’m sorry to hear about what happened. You’re a courageous man. Not many would do as you’ve done. Which is why, unfortunately, it’s being done to us.

    • Dear Dan,

      A friend of mine in California did something very similar.

      He read Irwin Schiff and concluded, correctly, that the 16th Amendment was unconstitutional.

      He refused to pay the gunvermin “their money” and went to prison for it.

      Minimum security. But still, prison.

      It’s so sad. Libertarians know perfectly well that “The Government” is nothing more than a crime family with a flag, and that taxes are nothing more than “protection money.”

      But we are outnumbered and surrounded by hundreds of millions of “law abiding citizens” who unreservedly back the gunvermin when they do what they did to you and to my friend.

      The most galling aspect of all, is that they actually believe they are in the right, and totally justified in what they did. They don’t lose any sleep over it at night.

      • Most of the people, the judges, the lawyers, the juries, and so on “know the law”*. They’ve never read it. They usually refuse to read it. They certainly do not understand it, but they know it. They know what it is. How do they know? The government, the government media, and the government schools told them what the law is. So they “know it”.

        I was once pulled over by a cop who claimed he knew what he claimed I did was against the law because he read it in the newspaper.** Last I heard what’s in the newspaper isn’t the law.

        I’ll guess that when anyone finds someone who has read the law, researched the law, and doesn’t benefit from the present system of law, odds are they find a “kook” who says that the whole thing is a fraud. Because it quickly becomes obvious when reading the law.

        At times some judges do not allow the written law into their courtrooms. Jurors are told that the law is what the judge says it is. The only time the written law can work is when the incantations are done correctly and if the judge doesn’t rule correctly it can kill their system of plunder. They’ll let those who can make the incantations correctly go, but fail to do so correctly and the victim will suffer more as punishment.

        *When the admin court ‘judge’ refused to look at the actual laws for a car being stored in my driveway he told me with some anger: “I KNOW THE LAW”. Trouble is the law said the opposite of what he was saying.

        **It was a -proposed- Chicago city ordnance that disallowed driving in the left lane of surface street without turning or passing. (I was passing) which never passed into law and we weren’t anywhere close to the Chicago city limits.

  8. Good job, Eric. You’re checking most of the boxes on my own peeve list. As a long time cheapskate and old hippie I learned some valuable lessons about Authoritah in Virginia – number one by far is don’t get caught without insurance. Most other “infractions” are relatively minor. They will flay you, in several different ways for an extended period, much like for drunk driving. Bikers should especially be aware that cops can demand proof of insurance for any or no reason. This has happened to me twice – the first with nightmare results, the second okay because, by then I was feeding my inner clover and learning to love big brother.

    I wonder if you’d care to mention the emissions inspection scam here in the old dominion (even if you moved away from it, and good for you). These laws are especially irritating because they are purely administrative, no actual harm is prevented or mitigated.


    Eric, it took about fifteen years for my wife – a bright girl as women go – to agree that my assessment of the unconstitutional Drug War is correct.

    She still believes that credentials are sufficient to prove that a person is right. If a doctor told her that being impaled is good for constipation she would defend it. (Come to think of it maybe it is.)

    Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

    • The Feminine Skeptique

      I am saddened to report that my aged mother is more skeptical in her most secret heart of hearts than any man: she considers the superficiality of existence its essence, and all virtue and profundity is to her a veil over this “truth,” a very welcome veil over a pendulum – in other words, a matter of decency and shame, and nothing a bit more profound than that.

      Actio in distans

      When I stand in the midst of my own noise, in the midst of my own surf of plans and projects, I am apt also to see quiet, magical beings gliding past him to long for their happiness and seclusion: women. It’s tempting to think my better self dwells there among those women, and that in these quiet inner regions even the loudest surf turns into a deathly quiet, and life itself turns into a dream about life.

      Yet! Noble enthusiast, even upon the sea in the most beautiful craft a man can buy, there is a lot of noise, and unfortunately much small and petty noise.

      The magic and the most powerful effect of women is, philosophically, action at a distance, actio in distans: but this requires first of all and above all – distance.

      Woman and music

      Why is it that warm, rainy winds inspire a musical mood and the inventive pleasure of melodies? Are they not the same winds that fill the churches and arouse thoughts of love in women?

      The strength of the weak

      All women are subtle in exaggerating their weaknesses; they are inventive when it comes to weaknesses in order to appear as utterly fragile ornaments who are hurt even by a speck of dust. Their existence is supposed to make men feel clumsy, and guilty on that score. Thus they defend themselves against the strong and against all principle, become “the law of the jungle.”

      Simulating – oneself

      Now she loves him and looks ahead with quiet confidence – like a cow. Alas, what bewitched him was precisely that she seemed utterly changeable and unfathomable. Of steady weather he found too much in himself. Why does she neglect to simulate her old character? To simulate a lack of love? Is this not the counsel of – love? Vivat comoedia (Long live comedy!).

      On female chastity

      There is something quite amazing and monstrous about the education of upper-class women I have witnessed. What could be more paradoxical? All the world is agreed that they are to be brought up as ignorant as possible of erotic matters, and that one has to imbue their souls with a profound sense of shame in such matters until the merest suggestion of such a thing triggers the most extreme impatience and flight.

      The counterfeit “honor” of women really comes into play only here: what else would one not forgive them? But here they are supposed to remain ignorant even in their hearts; they are supposed to have neither eyes nor ears, nor words, nor thoughts for this – their “evil”; and mere knowledge is considered evil.

      And then to be hurled, as by a gruesome lightning bolt, into reality and knowledge, by marriage – precisely by the man they love and esteem most! To catch love and shame in a contradiction and to be forced to experience at the same time delight, surrender, duty, pity, terror, and who knows what else, in the face of the unexpected revelation of the nearness of godhood to beastliness.

      Thus a psychic knot has been tied that may have no equal. Even the compassionate curiosity of the wisest student of humanity is inadequate for guessing how this or that woman manages to accomodate herself to this solution of the riddle, and to the riddle of a solution, and what dreadful, far-reaching suspicions must stir in her poor, unhinged soul – and how the ultimate philosophy and skepsis of woman casts anchor at this point!

      Afterward, the same deep silence as before. Often a silence directed at herself, too. She closes her eyes to herself.

      Young women try hard to appear superficial and thoughtless. The most refined simulate a kind of impertinence.

      Women easily experience their husbands as a question mark concerning their honor, and their children as an apology or atonement. They need children and wish for them in a way that is altogether different from that in which a man may wish for children.

      In sum, one cannot be too naive or kind about women.


      Mothers find in their children satisfaction for their desire to dominate, a possession, an occupation, something that is wholly intelligible to them and can be chattered with: the sum of all this is what mother love is; it is to be compared with an artist’s love for his work. Pregnancy has made women kinder, more patient, more timid, more pleased to submit.

      So does spiritual pregnancy produce the character of the contemplative type, which is a higher level above the concretized feminine character: it consists of male mothers of the beings we might have been.

    • What is the essence of Vita Femina?

      Are you a slave? If so, you cannot be a friend. Are you a tyrant? If so, you cannot have friends. In woman, a slave and a tyrant have all too long been concealed. For that reason, woman is not yet capable of friendship: she knows only love. In a woman’s love is injustice and blindness towards all that she does not love. And in the enlightened love of a woman, too, there is still the unexpected attack and lightning and night, along with the light. Woman is not yet capable of friendship: women are still cats and birds. Or, at best, cows. Woman is not yet capable of friendship. But tell me, my male friends, which of you is yet capable of friendship?

      The Greeks, to be sure, prayed: “Everything beautiful twice and even three times!” The world is overfull of beautiful things but nevertheless poor, very poor when it comes to beautiful moments and unveilings of these things. But perhaps this is the most powerful magic of life: it is covered by a veil interwoven with gold, a veil of beautiful possibilities, sparkling with promise, resistance, bashfulness, mockery, pity, and seduction. Yes, life is a woman.

      Would any link be missing from the whole chain of science and art, if woman, if woman’s work, were excluded from it? Let us acknowledge the exception – it proves the rule – that woman is capable of perfection in everything which does not constitute a work: in letters, in memoirs, in the most intricate handiwork – in short, everything which is not a craft; and precisely because in the things mentioned woman perfects herself, because in them she obeys the only artistic impulse in her nature, which is to captivate.

      And finally, woman! One-half of mankind is weak, chronically sick, changeable, shifty – woman requires . . . a religion of the weak which glorifies weakness, love and modesty as divine: or better still, she makes the strong weak – she succeeds in overcoming the strong. Woman has always conspired with decadent types – the priests, for instance – against the “mighty,” against the “strong,” against men. Women avail themselves of children for the cult of piety.

  10. The Framers of the Constitution obviously felt the same way since they made amendment possible. You would not be philosophically mistaken to resume praising the Constitution.

    Although that seems not to be the case on this forum, it seems to be common for some individuals who have never even bothered to study America’s Founding to attempt to appear knowledgeable by criticizing the Individuals who founded the United States of America for being imperfect. No one knew better than they themselves that they were imperfect.


    • Dear Tinsley,

      it seems to be common for some individuals who have never even bothered to study America’s Founding to attempt to appear knowledgeable by criticizing the Individuals who founded the United States of America for being imperfect.

      I don’t disagree with that. I still maintain that the Framers of the Constitution were substantially better than most other people responsible for establishing conventional monopolistic governments.

      My argument is more with the system established than with the individuals who established it. The knowledge that minarchism requires a flagrant abrogation of the non-aggression axiom is a deal breaker for me.

      I know I simply cannot go back to “limited government” at this stage in my own political evolution.

      It is rumored that Roy Childs was about to flip flop and recant his allegiance to anarchism and reaffirm his allegiance to minarchism just before he died. I don’t know that the truth of that is. I’m somewhat skeptical.

      All I can say is that I can’t imagine that happening for me.

      • The SYSTEM du jour that has replaced the Republican FORM envisioned by the Intellectuals who founded the United States of America bears little resemblance to their intent.


        • “The Intellectuals”? Capitalized? Really? Would you capitalize “maestro”, too (greenspan)? Because that’s the sort of intellectual, aka white collar criminals, you are praising (net-net).

          “Their intent” is but a catechism, punched into skulls from grade school on. If you’re able to discern political intent in these days which you live, then you already know what such intents have always been, in all places & times: power & lucre (the filthy kind).

          See, for example, this bit of historiography displacement by North, regarding Shay’s rebellion. By actions, if not eloquence, today’s political “framers” are interchangeable with those first ones.

          • Nice try, ozymandias.
            I don’t think he reads links though.

            There’s quite a few People like that.
            It’s a shame, imho.

          • True, IAM: there are lots of people like that. And seems to me that such are equivalent to graffiti taggers. But its a forum. Others may be listening, as you prove.

          • Ozy, you seem to have missed the point. In my opinion brevity produced by Critical Thinking is best.

            We could relieve ourselves of most of the bewilderment which so unsettles, and distracts us by subjecting each situation to the simple test of right and wrong. Right and wrong as moral principles do not change. They are applicable and reliable determinants whether the situations with which we deal are simple or complicated. There is always a right and wrong to every question which requires a solution.
            ~ Ezra Taft Benson, The Proper Role of Government

      • If you have something better than our Amendable Constitution based on the Principles underpinning the Unanimous Declaration, then share it.

        Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

        • Tinsley, I have seen your expression of this preference before. Brevity is fine. But cutting away the critical is a killer’s blade, not Occam’s razor. Unexamined flab is also deadly. Are you lugging around adipose tissues like ancestor worship, manifest destiny, American exceptionalism?

          As for the Benson quote, by its title, it starts late, with an assumption – much like the loaded question, “have you stopped beating your wife?” – one that is as demonstrably false (historically or empirically) as it is logically fallacious. The start is to ask what gov is. From there, presupposing understanding of inherent, unalienable, individual human rights, application of “…the simple test of right and wrong. Right and wrong as moral principles do not change.” works perfectly & easily, leads ineluctably to correct conclusion: The only archy fit for humans is the one with the “an” prefix. No rulers. Which is to say, self-rule. Unalienable rights are not subject to amendment or repeal (i.e., they are not on the table)…legalisms, otoh, are endlessly, whimsically, subject, & legal entities, like “citizens”, endlessly, whimsically, abject.

          The declaration (&the articles of confederation) headed in the right direction; the constitution turned 180 degrees from that direction. Not merely now, or lately, as a violation of “FORM” (Platonism? Ideal forms, etc?), but then. The anti-federalists pointed out the defects, & were vindicated, immediately, serially, by actions of the conspirators, & their posterity. Like the Shay’s rebellion machinations, the aliens & sedition acts, the federalist nee whig nee republican “American system”, the Louisiana purchase, on & on & on. Using mythology to slice away mythology, the constitution was a combination Trojan horse / Pandora’s box. But so are all contrivances known as states & govs. Identifying with such things is dissolute; worshiping such things is idolatry. & saying so, is getting to be less & less Cassandra-ish. The emperor’s nakedness is becoming apparent to more & more people.

          Brevity as a preference to, or shield against, bereavement, maybe? Its tough to let go of tenured dysfunctional attachments, especially at first. But exercise replaces flab with lean muscle, & it does get easier.

  11. Don’t stop resisting once caught. Demand a jury trial. Never plead guilty. Make them pay for a prosecutor, a bailiff, a judge and the jury pool. Its economic jiu-jitsu. If convicted- do not pay any fines- make them jail you and spend time money and space for their exercise of power. I think I set a local record typing up about 20 Statist operatives for about 3 days resisting the Adult Protective Services branch of the State of Texas social gestapo. That was at least 60 pig hours my fellow citizens were spared. I think I still have an appeal clogging up their system, but 3 years later I lost track.

    • I agree with you in theory. However, the biggest risk with demanding a jury trial is that the jury process has become so tampered-with and rigged by the State that any jurors who might sympathize with your defense are likely to be voir-dire’d out of the pool by the Persecution.

      • Apart from the repeal of all bad laws and the ruthless prosecution of the Statists responsible for creating and perpetuating such laws, in defenses based on Conscience what is preferable to a trial by a jury of ones peers?

        Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

  12. It’s a fairly simple debate. As a libertarian you should be proud of every single dollar that you DON’T pay. How they get over is up to each individual and where they live.

    A penny saved from the coffers of the godvernment is one less penny they can use to repress you with.

  13. But Eric, why do you want to be such an outlaw? Don’t you know the Rule of Law? You should obey the law, at all cost, or Bill O’Reilly might call you a pinhead or something. 😛

    Remember, the only way America is going to survive is for the Law Uber Alles. When Uncle same says jump, you are supposed to stack up some dead bodies, get on top of them, and they ask how high.

    So shame on you for this article! Go say three pledges of allegiance and one Star Spangled Banner and maybe the Fed will forgive you.

      • Tor,

        When I was around 10, I went with my classmates on a tour of the Capitol and saw the Apotheosis of Washington. I can recall being puzzled by it even at that age. It took another four or five years for me to sickened by it.

        • Dear Eric,

          I have to confess it took me far longer to come to the realization that even constitutional republics are intolerable.

          Less than a decade ago, I was still singing the praises of the Framers of the Constitution. They were indeed better than most people who established governments. But as I realize now, that’s not good enough.

          A constitutional republic is the most benign form of minarchism possible. But that is simply not good enough. Not by a long shot.

          Actually it would be more accurate to say that a constitutional republic is the least malignant form of minarchism. But that even a little malignancy is too much.

          Funny how Ayn Rand never grokked that. She must have sensed that minarchism was wrong. She was so compulsive about intellectual consistency.

          Roy Childs was right when he wrote “An Open Letter to Ayn Rand.” It was as if Rand had walked up to the edge of the diving board, hesitated, then climbed back down.

          She used to talk about how there could be no compromise between food and poison, how even a little bit of poison added to a lot of food was just wrong.

          The fact is even the little bit of violence visited upon the non-aggression axiom that “limited government” entails is too much. When the issue is the initiation of force, the only policy possible is a zero tolerance policy.

          • Morning, Bevin!

            There’s an even rougher (but more viscerally accurate) way to put it: Even a teaspoonful of shit ruins a gallon of ice cream.

            I too once venerated the founding fathers – well, most of them. But over time I grew to have less and less admiration for several of them, especially Washington. I have come to view him – as well as many of the others – as far more opportunistic than idealistic. In fact, the only one I have yet to be disappointed by is Thomas Paine – who (as far as I have been able to determine) really did believe in the “rights of man.” He gave away the rights (and royalties) for Common Sense – which earned a fortune and could have made him wealthy. He ended his life alone, almost friendless and in near-poverty. Washington abandoned him, as did many of the other founding fathers. He may have erred as far as his naive (in retrospect) attitude toward the French revolution, but he was an honest man who tried to do right.

            I’m also still an admirer of Ben Franklin. He was a creative genius and (as far as I have been able to determine) a proto-anarchist in spirit at least.

            I also respect Jefferson, despite the glaring problem of his enslavement of human beings. I still go once a year to his country home at Poplar Forest – to recharge my batteries, if you like!

          • Dear Eric,

            Funny you should mention that!

            The Chinese expression is “一顆鼠屎壞了一鍋羹”

            It means “A single rat turd will ruin an entire kettle of porridge.”

            As you can see, people the world over are more alike than they are different.

            Thomas Paine?

            I’m definitely on the same page as you!

            He’s the one “Founding Father” I still feel no reservations about touting. You can tell from his writings that he was a borderline free market anarchist. He was 99% of the way there.

            Sad how his uncompromising idealism following the revolution resulted in his ostracism and pariah status. A real shame.

            Thomas Paine was the American counterpart to the ancient Chinese Daoist/anarchists such as Laozi, Zhuangzi, Sima Qian, and Bao Jingyan.

            Translate these mens’ writings into the same language, and one will have a hard time telling which one is doing the talking!

          • AYN RAND
            Many criticize Ayn Rand but I rarely if ever see her quoted in the criticisms.

            How many who criticize the horny, tobacco addicted old broad have actually studied her work? I suspect about as many as have carefully read Moby Dick and War and Peace.

            She croaked before the Drug War became the issue that it is today but I often wonder what she might have said and written about it.


          • Dear Tinsley,

            I can’t speak for anyone else, but I read everything she ever published.

            I mean everything.

            I bought every book she published. I bought all the back issues of the various newsletters she put out. I bought all the books written about her as well as by her.

            I had no particular bias in favor of either extremely limited minarchism or outright market anarchism. Whatever would leave me largely free was fine.

            But over time I came to the conclusion that any abrogation of the non-aggression axiom was unacceptable.

            I already laid that argument out so I won’t rehash it.

  14. Hate to burst your bubble, but the momentary celebration of creative resistance is futile when you consider that most law enforcement vehicles are equipped with cameras and license plate reading software. They can see quite a ways away without having to be on your backside. When they get the little flag that you have expired tabs, off you go to the shoulder for a nice little ticket. They keep track of multiple offenses also.

    • My neighbors (who just moved out last week) called the police on my dogs a few years ago. Apparently Azuki was humping one of their dogs, so instead of kicking him off and letting me know they called the police on them. Anyhow, I found out that day I needed a dog license for both of them. I got ticket out of the whole deal and had to license my damn dogs. A dog license is another form of tax. lol

  15. Don’t they ask for your plates when you stop renewing your title? I have six street vehicles and between all the titles, insurance, and inspections it’s fucking killing me.

      • In Masshole-Twoshits, you can’t take the vehicle off insurance without turning in the plates. And if I udnerstood correctly, even if the plate is re-issued to someone else, on another vehicle, YOU become liable for any damages. It’s YOUR plate, after all…

        Can’t wrap my mind around how these A-holes were the birthplace of the revolution (John Adams).

        • John Adams was no friend of liberty. A proto-Chimp, he enacted the Alien & Sedition Act, which criminalized criticism of the government. He also desired a strongly authoritarian central government, with a sort elected king at its head. Him, naturally.

          The only “founding father” free of taint is the man not considered one of them: Thomas Paine.

          • Heh, I’d forgotten the size of that man’s ego… And the resulting centralization of power. Thanks for the reminder.

            I’ll remember to expect even less from these massholes in future.

            • Yep!

              Even Jefferson – whom I admire – is tainted. Not just by slavery, either. The Louisiana Purchase was done in an “Ah ahm The Decider” way. He had no constitutional authority. He simply “bought” the land from Napoleon with other people’s money, by his personal fiat.

              PS: It’s interesting to point out that Paine was abandoned by the “founding fathers” – and “his” country – and died almost unmourned and in poverty.

    • Nope!

      They do, though, if you haven’t maintained insurance. That’s the big one. If you drop coverage – ever – you’re required to turn in the tags.

      But an expired registration is just… expired registration.

    • Dear Tor,

      Let me see if I understand “The Government’s” position.

      It is okay to eat animals, but not have sex with them?

      Just checking.

      Not the way I roll, of course.

    • Tor,

      What kind of sick SOB would think that relations w/a 4 legged critter is a good idea?

      It would never occur to me that a law would be needed for this activity. I guess I should be thankful that I will never understand why Dolly the sheep looks so desirable to some.

      • It’s exactly the overaction to sheep creeps that has dropped us to the 3rd lowest net worth in the developed World.

        Apparently 100,000 out of 82,000,000 Germans are into this very thing. Mostly on the receiving end, so its the human not the animal at risk.

        At least, that’s what I learned today from

        Sick sons of bitches? Maybe one day their 4-legged domestic bitches will bear them sons when it becomes possible to birth inter-species offspring. Capitalism and Agorism will find a way if there’s a market.

        I am interested in the types of hypocritical sick leeches who demand a free shit army law court system at my expense? Who demand stormtroopers chaperones on morality patrol in Crown Vics in bedroom communities.

        So Clovers can live in their suburban welfare cul-de-sacs clucking like a bunch of old hens about whatever the fuck it is old hens cluck about?

        Free cheese and food stamps cost billions. Its the old hen moralists that are costing us trillions.

        America may sadly be 95% or more Clover, at least, try to be honest and objective about what kinds of Norms you claim to be your Rights. Rights to be paid for at the expense of the entire Capitalist system, if need be.

        • Old hens is right Tor. It seems as if the female of the specie cannot fathom not having the state. I am continually in contact with several friends who are TT alumni, mainly, and it’s our wives who don’t understand libertarianism. My wife thinks if I believe it it must be radical and wrong. The two R’s for her.(she can’t spell cat) Ok, she can spell cat, it’s just cats she has a problem with ha ha ha ha. I kill me.

          • Hi Eight,

            It’s important to be careful with generalizations when it comes to people, but also naive to deny there’s no validity to them. (This business may in fact be among the toughest issues for liberty-minded people to deal with.)

            Women – in general – do seem more receptive to arguments premised on such things as “safety” and “security” (and naturally, “for the children”). This is born out by, for example, voting patterns.

            As to the why? – it probably (my guess) has to do with women’s tendency to see things from the female standpoint (care-giver, mother) which is more risk-averse and more group-oriented. Neither are necessarily Cloveritic, but are easier to turn in that direction.

            Regardless, women – not all, just as with men – but not none, either – can be reached via reason. These are the ones we should appeal to.

          • Forget the useless dialectics of the matrix. Male & Female. Utterly uninstructive.

            In a barnyard there is one rooster. If there was two there’d be squawking and dying. So by process of elimination, in any group there are only hens, save one.

            If the wife says “I make decisions about the kids” then in that case she is the rooster. Go ahead and try to interfere and see how long it takes before she pecks your eyes out.

            Its irrelevant which little room you go into to dutifully tinkle in compliance with the Urine Safety Act. One rooster per domain, one per frame of reference.

            It comes down to your frame of reference. Is your barnyard yourself, your man cave, Is it your whole house? Your extended family? Your neighborhood? Your race? Your religion? The whole 50 regions of United State? Your planet?

            Collectivists make their barnyard too big. And then cower as hens, instead of roosters. Hoping to dial a Rooster when it becomes necessary.

            If you’re checking the news to see where the gun control debate is heading, or heeding a sermon. Or parroting CNN. Or looking to Obama and Congress, then your barnyard is too big and your part of the problem.

            If you should be a Rooster but aren’t and are planning on trying to force this obamination on me, then CluckOff.

            I can’t stand to watch you egglaying trangendered manbirds happily sitting on the roost while you hatch the next egg for the good of the barnyard. What is today’s egg policy? Safe eggs, fair eggs, you deserve only contempt and extermination.

            Stay the fuck out of my barnyard. I will fight you to the bitter end, until you exit my property line, my barnyard,
            you popinjay feathermucking mothercluckers.

            I Cock-a-Doodle-Don’t Even Know How You Can Stand To Live For Another Sunrise. Just kill yourselves, please. Google Rat Poison.

            If you have to wait for a man on TV to tell you the sun rose, or it’s cloudy. Or if you haven’t dared to crow about anything since you were a 3 year old boy.

            Then take a leap off the fiscal cliff already, do if for God, Country, Pundit, Planet, but just do it right now.

            You’ve been duped into thinking “I’m a hen now, I just surrogate eggs for others whenever I’m told. Mayor Bloomberg says my eggs are grade A, and I just love laying eggs for him in his lavish free public chicken coops.” Democrats love hens to be equal.

            Republicans making everyone the same; love laying eggs for non-profits, and troops, and soldiers, and charities, churches, and public works…

            Please, wake the flock up, sheeple.

        • “It’s exactly the overaction to sheep creeps that has dropped us to the 3rd lowest net worth in the developed World.”

          Think about it, though. Isn’t it possible that the overreaction is manufactured by news media? The news media basically tells it’s readers/viewers/listeners what to think, what to be interested in, and what to become outraged over. They then proceed on the premise that what they’re reporting IS what we believe, or think, or are interested in.

          It’s entirely possible that most people don’t believe the crap pushed by the media, but don’t express the disbelief publicly. I remember Dad watching the TV news. He’d be looking at the screen and appearing to be interested in what the newstwits were saying, then he’d say, “Batshit”. It was hilarious to us kids. We’d crack up over the expletive, but he’d only explain why it was batshit if we asked, which we seldom did.

          That simple little expletive outburst from Dad set me on the road to coming to disbelieve what the TV news pushed. Dad didn’t go around all the time talking about why he thought the news reports were “Batshit”. He just didn’t accept the news media’s views, though he would watch the TV news broadcasts after work like most of our neighbors did.

          Maybe there are a lot more people with attitudes like Dad’s than we think. I like to hope that there are, anyway.

  16. I drove without a driver’s license for about 7 years. Until one day I finally got pulled over. My friend who was in the passenger seat was pretty freaked out. He assumed I was going to jail, or worse.

    The revenue collectors didn’t understand what I meant when I said “I don’t have a license.”
    “What do you mean? Like.. you left it at home?”
    “No, I just don’t like the idea of asking for permission to drive my vehicle.”
    They laughed and went back to their tax car. While they were gone I explained to my friend that they were going to let me drive away, because they cannot stop me from driving my car.
    “I haven’t done anything wrong.”
    Sure enough, they came back, gave me a ticket, and gave me directions to my stated destination (I only told them where I was going because I was actually lost, and needed help finding it).
    Eventually I went to court, they told me that I was going to jail if I didn’t get my license.
    “Well, if you’re threatening me with violence then I guess I must comply.”
    The look on the judge’s face was priceless. I got my license, came back and showed it to him. Then they stole 100 more dollars from me. So basically, I didn’t ask for permission, I made them outright threaten me before I got the stupid “license”.

    • Eventually I went to court, they told me that I was going to jail if I didn’t get my license.

      “Well, if you’re threatening me with violence then I guess I must comply.”

      The look on the judge’s face was priceless. I got my license, came back and showed it to him. Then they stole 100 more dollars from me. So basically, I didn’t ask for permission, I made them outright threaten me before I got the stupid “license”.

      PRICELESS, indeed. It turns my stomach to think of what the typical Clover would say in response to being asked how something as innocuous and harmless as not possessing a drivers’ license can possibly justify coercive violence to enforce compliance.

    • Dear Trocki,

      “Well, if you’re threatening me with violence then I guess I must comply.” The look on the judge’s face was priceless… I made them outright threaten me before I got the stupid “license”.

      Exactly right.

      As Mahatma Gandhi noted so wisely, “You must make the injustice visible… ”

      If enough people make the injustice intrinsic to conventional monopolistic government visible, “The Government’s” business as usual will no longer be possible.

      One virtue of this sort of political defiance is that one can engage in it without handing the thugs an obvious excuse to beat you to a pulp.

    • I love it Trocki. Wish I had an internal bluetooth dvr hooked to my brain for things like that. Just download it to the computer.

  17. Why make things so difficult. Register the vehicles in another State.
    If you are careful and resourceful, you can save a lot of money on License Fees as well as enjoy immunity from some State’s Revenue Cameras.

    • At one time years ago I had coworkers and a neighbor who had cars registered in their nation of origin, Canada. The local constabulary didn’t seem to have much interest in them.

  18. Every time I have a discussion with a clover about these useless government fees, I am amazed at how they feel these ridiculous fees are necessary. As if society is going to fall apart if we don’t pay the government for the privilege of driving, opening a business, owning a dog, home ownership, energy, food ect. ect.

    The clovers will argue with you until you are blue in the face that we NEED government in our lives to prevent the world from crumbling yet when you ask for examples and/or facts to back up these claims they have none. This is why this nation was fucked from the very beginning. Apathy and Ignorance will ALWAYS prevail among the masses making it easy for the scoundrels in government to take advantage.

    • What I find most amusing is the ones that complain about the natural consequences of the system that they argue we must have or society would breakdown. They are the most hilarious of the bunch.

      • I know, and it’s almost perversely enjoyable to watch them get tripped up by their own arguments. Most of them lose their tempers at this point.

        • Dear Pedro, Brent, liberranter,

          I get some small satisfaction knowing that Stein’s Law will eventually kick in. The economy will go over the fiscal cliff like a barrel over Niagara Falls.

          Most of these parasites probably then take a significant hit in their pocketbooks.

      • Dear Brent,

        Ain’t that the truth!

        I’m on another listbot that includes both left liberal Democrats and right conservative Republican statists.

        They have kids and constant whine about how crappy the public school system is.

        But when I suggest a total privatization and market competition to ensure quality, they get all huffy and react exactly as you suggest.

        They really are hilarious.

    • It’s been like this for centuries. What makes people think that with all these new shiny “toys” to distract the masses that they’d somehow wake up?

    • Here’s why, Pedro –

      Most Clovers are on the take in one way or another. They either “work” for the government or collect benefits from the government. So, for them, these “unnecessary fees” are necessary!

      • “They either “work” for the government or collect benefits from the government”

        True, that. Black Americans today seem to be a homogenous mass in their voting habits. The black middle class is made up mostly of government employees, while the black lower class is almost exclusively made up of welfare recipients, the well-known “Free Shit Army”.

        Whites are not much better. White bureaucrats invented the practice of working to enlarge their departments in order to make their jobs more important and to climb the GS level ladder.

        White politicians are in the majority in Congress and Congress created the bureaucratic structure that makes the department expansion game possible. They also work non-stop to create more departments which can be expanded by their desk drones.

        • Absent the Citizen Solidarity necessary to hold it in check, government will continue to grow and free elections will not stop it.


          • “Free elections” will not only not stop it, but will ensure its acceleration. I’ve come to understand why the founders wanted to restrict the franchise to property-owning while males. It’s the ONLY way to stop the growth of the Free Shit Army.

            • Absolutely.

              If there’s going to be organized force – government – and taxes – then voting must be restricted to those paying the bill.

              Otherwise, it’s like opening the doors to a nice restaurant and telling every wino in sight he’s free to order whatever he likes and don’t worry about the tab.

          • present “citizen” solidarity is the necessary for continued growth.

            conscription, “civil” or martial. g.i., either way.

          • Voting is violence, despite the hook/line/sinker illusion of its being wrapped in velvet.

            The things properly on the table have been known & settled for a long, long time. Since then, the table has become a thing used for dissections & autopsies…of voters, by voters, for voters….This country is suffused in offensive (as opposed defensive)violence, starting at top, & rolling down to bottom.

            So, restricting “the vote” to propertied white males, or any other “bastion”, misses the dx & rx entirely.

          • “If there’s going to be organized force…”

            If the business end of a corkscrew is where you begin, then spam in a can is where you’ll inevitably end. no monopolies – of force, or anything else.

        • Yet when the real economic crash pays America a visit and the government checks become worthless, these parasite classes will first riot and loot each other. Being products of government schools and having no ability to make, fix, grow or create anything, they will either beg to be thrown into the government gulags to work as slave labor or they will perish.

    • I think it’s more telling of the clover personality. The only thing holding them back from going on killing spree is that it is illegal and they might not get to heaven, depending on where the killing spree occurred. After all, God can tell the difference between killing someone in war and just for fun…

      • Either way, killing is a sin. One can ask for forgiveness, but will still need to accept any consequences for one’s actions.

        An all-knowing and all-powerful God does know the reason for killing.


        I think people prefer to keep the system they know (even a bad system) instead of trying something that might be better. If they adapted and are somewhat successful in a bad system, they might prefer it to a new system that they may not be good for them.

        • “An all-knowing and all-powerful God does know the reason for killing.”

          So did Rooster Cogburn. Having pored over the Old Testament, I trust the judgment of Rooster over that of Gawd.

          Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

          • TGS — Rooster Cogburn was a good movie and a great character.

            I am NOMAD

            If libertarianism can’t work because there are bad people, then how would one expect other systems to work. The same bad people are in all systems.

        • I understand being risk-adverse. Believe me I understand it. I deal with that devil-I-know issue a fair amount. But arguing for a system that one complains about strongly just strikes me as some sort of fundamental mental issue. Some circuit isn’t working properly.

          These people who tell me libertarianism can’t work because there are bad people in the world then argue for a system that requires nothing but good people to operate for it function correctly. The inherent logical issue would cause NOMAD to explode.

          “just the right people” I suppose is what it comes down to.

  19. I’ve been doing this with my two dogs’ licenses for nearly four years. At one time I had five dogs and the county demanded annual renewals for their tags (a de facto “dog tax”). It was $25.00 per year, per dog – $50.00 if the dog was un-spayed/un-neutered (yes, that’s right: the local government taxes your dogs’ testicles and ovaries).

    After a mere two years I said “F*** THIS, AND F*** THEM!” and have not paid another cent in dog licensing fees since then. For the next two years the county barraged me with threatening letters every couple of months telling me “the registration renewal fee for your dog [dog name] is now [##] months overdue. A late fee of [$##.##] has been applied.” I watched in amusement as the late fees for each dog climbed into the three-digit range, smirking at the thought that some brainless bureau-rat really thought it was going to collect several hundred dollars in DOG licensing fees. To imagine that someone actually earns a living “working” at such a “job.” How little self-respect does one have to have?

    Anyway, the county no longer even bothers to send nagging renewal letters my way anymore. They probably assume that all of my dogs are now dead. As far as they’re concerned, that’s exactly the case.

    • Check this out, Lib –

      My county requires that all cats/dogs be given rabies shots.

      Now, our 10 cats (yeah, I know… another story) are 100 percent indoor cats. They never go outside, ever. There is no chance – zero – of their being infected. Yet I’m “required” to spend about $50 per animal to vaccinate them for absolutely no reason at all.

      Luckily, our vet is a good friend. ‘Nuff said.

      • 10 cats??? And all indoor at that? What kind of litterbox system do you have at your house…because my wife’s complaining about the work involved to deal with just 4 cats (all hers too). We had a littermaid for a bit, but those things are a piece of shit and when they did work right you’d still have to empty that container in the back pretty much every other day.

        I told my wife she should just ditch the litterbox all together since they’re indoor/outdoor, but she insists on having a box inside so “the wittle kittahs don’t have to freeze their wittle paws off in the cold or rain”. I think they’d figure out pretty quickly that they need to shit outside from now on.

        Whatever happened to that system I saw on tv years ago where you could teach your cat to shit the toilet?

        • Yeah… one cat just leads to another!

          Here’s what we do:

          At Lowes or Home Depot you can buy these deep (and fairly large) rubber storage bins. They’re ideal for us. Not only do they (mostly) keep the litter contained (less gets thrown out by the cats) the capacity is pretty large. We keep three of these in a closet upstairs and three more in the basement downstairs.

          Also, you can buy litter cheap at Wal-Mart: $3 for a 50 pound sack!

        • Literally!

          But they’re cool little beasts. Mostly they just sleep. We have:

          Four all black ones (three are kin), one all white with no tail, one huge gray Maine Coon, one sort-of Birman, two regular tabbys, a “saddle cat” tabby and another sort/half-Birman.

          I figure at least, if worst comes to worst, we’ll have food for a month!

          • wtf is a birman?? I have a cat who qualified as a “birdman” maybe… (take THAT anyway you like.)

            (strange animals, these felines)

          • There’s a reason why cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt. They are divine creatures, simultaneously the most beautiful, graceful and athletic life form on the planet.

            The greedy liberal town I live in wants me to voluntarily admit to having three indoor cats for the privilege of being taxed $50 per cat per year by these thieves for absolutely nothing in return. It’s bad enough that 70% of my crippling property tax goes to fund a school system for which I have absolutely no need. Now this pet tax. The economic collapse which would wipe out the parasite public sector class can’t come soon enough.

            • Hi Meta,


              Cats are fascinating, beautiful and highly intelligent creatures.

              The “pet tax” is beyond outrageous. As you mention, we’re already paying through the nose for other people’s “pets” (their kids) yet neither ask for nor receive anything in return. And now they want to tax us again – simply for having pets that impose no costs on anyone (other than ourselves, which we pay for completely).

              So, like your, ours cats are four-pawed Anne Franks. We keep them inside – and mum’s the word.

      • I always get my dogs vaccinated because they spent lots of time outside in a run, but I REFUSE to pay the State a “licensing fee” just for the privilege of owning them. I actually had two morons from County Animal Control come by the house one day a few years back after two of my dogs somehow got out of the run and ran through the neighborhood (lucky they didn’t become coyote snacks!). Funny thing is, the two goons never even mentioned the dogs’ tags; all they wanted to see was their rabies vaccination certificate. So why the HELL would ANYONE pay the county a “licensing fee” for a “license” the county itself apparently doesn’t much care about? Talk about the ultimate in Clover-think!

        Where your cats are concerned, getting them vaccinated for rabies when they’re only house cats is indeed a pointless move. The thing is, how can the county possibly know whether or not you’ve vaccinated your cats unless you got them from a county animal shelter? If you got them as kittens from, say, a neighbor, how would the county even know of their existence? I don’t know about where you are, but here in my neck of the woods, the only thing the vets care about are getting paid for their services. The question of shots only ever comes up if the animal 1) gets belligerent with the vet or vet techs and makes a move to bite or scratch, or 2) if they’re having some kind of surgery.

        • “The thing is, how can the county possibly know whether or not you’ve vaccinated your cats unless you got them from a county animal shelter?”

          Here’s how: They use vets as their snitches – and de facto enforcers.

          If you take your cat (or dog) in for any reason, the vet is required – required – to notify the county if you don’t pay to have the animal vaccinated.

          • Our county now requires the vets to report rabies vaccinations to the clerks office so they can send out tax bills. We get our dogs vaccinated, but refuse to pay the tax. So far the dog catcher has not come out. We live on a big farm with water on three sides and our dogs never go off it. If the dog catcher does come out here, she is going to get run off.

          • Proper care for a dog or cat is expensive. Our dog and two cats get the best of care. If I could not afford it I would own neither.

            My loathing of suffering extends to just about everything except gnats, flies, mosquitos and other vermin such as Statists. If I could figure out a way to torment them en masse I would surely do it.


          • Hi Eric. Just want to point out that in Virginia, the vet is also required to notify the Gestapo when the pet does get the rabies vaccine. Either way, the county knows you have the pet and will bill you for the license fee. I’m so glad that our troops are doing such a great job of protecting my freedoms.

        • I now have two cats at work that showed up this past summer as the usual feral kittens. I feed and house them in weather resistant cardboard boxes and take them in at night as the Wisconsin weather is not great for the homeless. This next Tuesday I will pay up for neuter/spay and have been trying to find them a decent home so that they can become friendly parasites.
          I’ll be damned if I pay the goo anything for being a sucker for these two.
          Up the street there are dozens of utterly worthless parasites thet devour foodstamps, disability, crazy money, and every sort of tax consumption of the system, oh, and they refuse to work other than begging.
          I’ll help the cats, thank you.

    • I knew a fellow who manumitted his cat. He filed a document with the county recorder wherein the cat was declared not to be property, but to be a guest of his, who frequently stayed at legnth at his home. Drove the goons nuts.

  20. Based on my earlier post though, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to just register one tag and switch it to whatever bike you happen to be riding. Even passing one of those plate scanners, is the cop going to be accurately able to determine the year/model/make of the motorcycle that just passed by his scanner? All he’ll see is that the tag came back as good and no warrants…then he’s looking at his next fish.

    • Turd,

      This works excellently with old bikes. How many swine will know the difference, say, between a ’75 Kawasaki S1 and a ’76 Kawasaki Kz900? The likelihood that they’ll try to read the VIN sticker is slim to none.

    • It’s the license plate scanners that will muck this up. I sat on a grand jury that heard a roadside-tax-collector testi-lie that he spotted a license plate, that was expired by one day, while sitting in a turnaround on the freeway. When pressed on the issue he claimed he had “really good eyesight”.

      We were mightily pissed off when the following week, one of the grand-jury members brought in a news article bloviating about the good fortune of that tax-collector’s department to have been granted a large sum of money from the department fatherland security six months earlier. Said funds were targeted to purchase license plate scanners for all department vehicles.

      If we could have turned the clock back, that indictment would not have been issued, and a cop would have been indited for perjury. Though most likely the local prosecutors would just have ignored said indictment. (when pressed, they admitted that indictments from a Grand Jury they didn’t agree with would simply be allowed to expire.)

      So, scanners are the problem, and the road-side-tax-collectors will be preserving public safety by taking your gas money at gunpoint.

  21. I was involved in an accident about 6 months ago which fortunately happened right in front of a cop that was parked on the side of the road. By fortunately, I am referring to the fact that the cop witnessed the accident so the other driver couldn’t say I changed lanes into him and then I also didn’t have to wait around for a unit to show up. Butt anyways, I was talking to the cop and asked him about these fancy looking cameras he had installed on both the front and back of his car. He informed me that those were plate reading cameras and they could scan 30 plates a second and run those numbers against a database that would tell him if there’s valid insurance, or if driver has warrants, a whole plethora of information available virtually instantly. He told me that our state is in the process of issuing new tags which are much easier for the plate readers to recognize. I’ve seen the new plates popping up as well. So anyways, this cop was basically just sitting on the side of the road with his plate readers fishing for people to either ticket or arrest and our accident in front of him interrupted his fishing expedition.

    So I don’t think the expired tag thing is going to be a viable option much longer anywhere. I’m sure that every cop is going to have these sooner or later…probably sooner.

    • I’ve been thinking about getting a bicycle gasoline motor conversion kit for both my wife and I to buzz around town. The great part is that you need no license, no insurance, and you can pop motorized wheelies on the public sidewalk. Just make sure not to kill, maim, or hurt anyone as this will be the end of this loophole. Also don’t do what I’m doing on here and promote the idea, its ok to promote on here where the IQ is higher than 130 but anywhere else and you’ll be asking the populace to intervene and regulate. As long as most people don’t follow suit or someone really stupid gets one and does evil with it then it should be a very economical way to avoid the system.

      • I understand that scooters under 50cc doesn’t require the usual statist badges, insurance, etc. Plus they get that ultra high gas mileage as well. Anything to skirt around “da-man” makes me happy as a pig in slop.

        • And here’s another thought – for the enterprising rodder:

          Buy a scooter. Then replace the 50 cc (or 150 cc) engine with something… larger. How will Porky be able to tell? Look, Ossifer… it’s a scooter!

          I must have had the wind at my back….

          • This is very commonly done on the smaller 2-stroke engines via Malossi and other brand replacement jugs, heads, expansion chambers, etc. It is remarkably inexpensive to double the output! So much so that the transmissions generally must be beefed up too.

  22. As always, you waken the mind from its hypnosis. We are POW’s: Prisoners of Washington. They are the ruthless Luca Brasi tax farmers, who have gone mad, who are yanking our young shoots from the ground and casting them aside like worthless weeds.

    Well I say there are none who are worthless weeds. No worthless men. There are only bad farmers. And far too many. The season grows short for Farmer Luca. His neighbors are rising to purge him from his neglected and bloodsoaked lands.

    This is the last Spring, that Luca puts the gun to our head, and assures us either our signature or our brains will be on his social harvest contract. The signatures of slaves are invalid, they can not bargain, but they can fight to break free. And the world will not stop us, nor hold us as fugitives for Farmer Luca.

    Luca’s Federal Family can no longer conceal and obscure his crimes. More and more, his victims and neighbors stalk him. One will stick a knife through his hand and pin him in place. Another will come behind him with the garrotte.

    A few muffled grunts and squeals, and then Luca is just another dead pig, who became too much of a hog, and who finally had to be slaughtered, and to be left to sleep with the fishes forever.

  23. LOL – I did this with an enduro bike I had, but I upped the camouflage a bit – since it was a street-legal dirt bike, I ensured the license plate had the appropriate amount of mud on it to obscure the tax tag yet show the plate somewhat. Plausible deniability.

    Nowadays I feel guilty about not contributing my fair share to the 47% that don’t make enough to pay taxes, so I pay 🙂

  24. I recently (in 2012) bought a used enclosed cargo trailer from a guy to haul around my home built ultralight airplane (no license required). The seller mentioned his wife was a city cop. Their McMansion was littered with all the crap money can buy: motor home, cars, quads, boats, tools, bikes, more tools, swimming pool, more cars, etc., etc. He had so much crap that formerly-nice shit was sitting outside and just going to rust.

    I asked if there were any issues with the cargo trailer and he said, “No. In fact, we just went to the coast with it last weekend and took the quads and it pulled just great. I use it all the time.”

    So, I asked why the tags on the license plate were expired in 2007 if he’s still pulling it around in 2012. He said, “Oh, my wife just flashes her police ID whenever we get pulled over for anything.” Then, he smiled.

    So, THAT’S what you’re paying taxes to support: That asshole, all his shit and his worthless wife. I ride a 1980 Honda CB650 I restored and I never tag it. I also built a motorized tadpole trike 3 years ago that gets 180 MPG on a Robin/Subaru 33cc 4 stroke engine and doesn’t require license, registration, insurance, etc. I ride it in the summer time.

    That’s just a couple of ways I beat The Man. It makes me want to puke… Pay $100 to get a pretty sticker to put on your license plate. That’s it! Nothing else goes with it in my state. They don’t inspect the vehicle or even require proof of insurance. You can do it online, for God’s sake. You get ABSOLUTELY nothing for your money. Could it be any more insane?

    • “Oh, my wife just flashes her police ID whenever we get pulled over for anything.” Then, he smiled.”

      Just… unbelievable. The smarmy arrogance of it all.

      These people… one day… let’s hope….

        • It’s clearly a caste system.

          I must be getting jaded or something, I’m not phased in the least.

          Anymore I just think, yet one more reason public courts should be voluntary and, at a minimum, run alongside private courts. Just another day on Mars.

          • It is caste system. One with tokens. A Monopoly of Force System. And the battleship and the gun are in cahoots with the banker, and they’re cheating.

            But so what. It’s just a game. By Milton Bradley. And Mortimer and Randolph Duke. Why play? When there’s no difference between a white one dollar Monopoly bill and a white and green one dollar Federal Reserve note?

            And when anyway, every day they add more Income Tax Spaces. More Go to Jail spaces. And Thimbles and Irons don’t have to pay rent. The game becomes unplayable. The castes become untenable.

            Don’t play along. Stop rolling the dice, don’t mortgage more properties, sell more houses and hotels back to the bank. Don’t try to survive one more round past Go. Don’t hope to land on the Free Parking space for a moment’s relief and the illusion there is still a way of winning.

            Rather, just walk away from their tables, and boards, and refuse to play any more little kids’ games. Instead, go outside and learn to play for keeps.

            On the real streets of Atlantic City, you’ll find real chance that’s so much more challenging and entertaining than the Monopoly Version.

            The Parker Brothers false currency, tokens, deeds, dishonest bankers, and arbitrary rules of play are a bland lifeless substitute for the real games and turns of a substantive life with real chance, and real players.

          • Yes it is a caste system. The Michigan Republicans made that painfully clear with their right to work law. Apparently the right to work is the right decision for every union except the police and firefighters. I know why Michigan politicians backed the police unions. To keep the protesters out and make sure the police didn’t join the protesters. They are the enforcement arm after all. I guess they threw a bone to the firefighters to make it less obvious how corrupt they all are.

    • O. M. F. G.

      I am seething with anger at that asshole and his tax-parasite pig-wife.

      Because you know she’s not getting that much stuff even with the inflated $100-$160K salaries these pigs get.

      Oh no; there are games to be played, and enriching they are.

      Meanwhile my wife and I–who, I’m quite certain, offer more productive skills to the world–feel like we’re just scraping by.

      The sick part? It’s engineered this way; carefully actuaried out to keep us just above water, running like little hamsters with their hearts bursting on that treadmill to nowhere.

      Even when we carefully structured our lives to avoid debt like the plague…only our small mortgage, nothing else. Savings in gold and silver. Extravagant only with our grocery budget–I won’t feed my kids GMO’s or processed food. We eat out maybe twice a month.

      But I have to pay for the fucking $50 million gubmint skool three blocks from my house, a disgusting monument to statism, the walls dripping with exhaled Ritalin residue and the putrescent stench of collectivism. I’d rather die than send my kids there for their spiritual, psychological, and intellectual slaughter…so I have to pay for private school, as well.

      Mind you, I send them to a fairly inexpensive Episcopal school; it’s literally old-school, but they’ll learn Latin, they’ll learn the trivium grammar-logic-rhetoric. But I still pay for both.

      As Eric says, Der Tag Kommt.

      And it need not even be all-violent; that pig with her toys will discover the rapacious psychopaths have stolen HER pension, too. Right about the time–age 60 or so, when she’s no longer a productive tax-cow, that she gets cancer from the oncoviruses in the vaccines…and the system starts to extract the final dregs of wealth from her, in the form of medical bills.

      • Meth
        Yep, you got it, exactly. Your reaction is JUST LIKE mine. These people made me sick. They were about 30 years old and had a little baby so I’m sure you’re right that they will simply not make it to the golden parachute they both imagine.

        The amount of crap they had combined with their very young age told me they are EYEBALL DEEP in debt. They are stupid and screwed. They are like little kids in a candy shop and the day-after stomach pains are yet to come for them.

        I have disengaged as much as possible from the system so I’m not feeding these assholes and the millions of their ilk in the public sector any more than I absolutely must.

        It’s one HELLUVA mess and I’m eager to get completely off the grid and remote so I don’t have to see these fucking losers any more. My revulsion for them is endless and I can’t change it at all. I have to just get away from it the best I can.

        I also paid for private school and home schooled my kids because the public system is so BAD. The kids are adults now and they are great people but I sadly can’t say the same for their peers who suffered under the jack boots of the Nazi monsters in charge of the public detention camps who dearly love to apply their Zero Judgment Policies against little kids.

        I sure hope there’s a day of reckoning for these assholes while I’m still alive to enjoy it…

        • Steve,

          I want to do the same. It literally sickens me physically to know that every measure of diligence I apply at work, every piece of ingenuity and craft I apply lovingly to the code I write, remunerates me well…

          …and I have to give almost half to people and actions I abhor. To people who use it against me…like that pig and her husband. Like the white phosphorus they used in Iraq; I saw the look of grief on a man’s face, holding up his burned little girl four years ago, and it did something to me.

          The plan is to save up a little more; to get all the “G’s” (guns, grub, ‘n goods) we need–and drop out. Stop paying into it. Live simply near like-minded people, and devote ourselves to our kids’ schooling and waking up more sheeple.

          • It’s heartening to find out what usually happens to the hated police after a revolution. Read up on the Hungarian Revolution which overthrew the Communist regime in 1956 and what was done to the Communist police. Unfortunately the revolution, though successful, was crushed by Soviet tanks. At least we here in the USA can rest assured that no nation on earth could be so self-loathing as to want to rescue the hated American political caste during an uprising of the serfs.

          • Meth

            I was a self employed programmer, too, until recently. I was paying 10% state income tax plus 30% federal marginal income tax rate plus 15% SS tax so my total ‘income’ taxes were 55% at the margin. I was literally working from Jan to July JUST TO PAY TAXES. (SS may or may not be there for me but it was definitely coming right of my ass every quarter and I couldn’t spend that money the way I wanted…)

            I just couldn’t take it anymore because, of course, that’s not ALL the taxes we pay. Honestly, my taxes were consuming 2/3 of everything I made by working sometimes 16 hour days and always 7 days a week. (Self employment is hard work)

            Further, there were constant threats of lawsuits and endless regulations and fees to deal with.

            I never got a true vacation for 13 years and SLEPT with my cell phone under my bed because my customers were worldwide and I could get a support call at ANY TIME and I HAD to be there or I lost the account or GOT SUED by some asshole and his mouthpiece.

            So, I finally closed the business in 2010 and hung it up. I didn’t even TRY to sell it because I didn’t want the inevitable lawsuit.

            I have spent the last 2 years getting ready to go off grid and remote with my wife. We have ZERO DEBT and a chunk of money in savings but THE MAN has now decided to pay me almost ZERO PERCENT INTEREST on savings and tax what little I do make (while, of course, rewarding borrowers, like the Pigs I mentioned, with low rates and tax deductions).

            It’s all screwed up, man. America is getting the government the stupid masses of voters ask for and deserve.

            My wife and I take care of my 83 year old ailing mother. It’s the only thing keeping us near civilization. Once my mother passes, we’re out of here!

          • @Tinsley–

            We’re looking at country places in Texas, near enough family but far enough from long pork/golden hordes/FSA.

            We’re also looking to buy land cheaply in Chile; although we might not be able to do both.

            The Chilean idea is Just In Case…just in case it descends to absolute hell here and it looks like it will stay that way for decades, not months. We could very well go full Soviet/East Germany/China. However, those three all depended on external support to work, never forget! Had it not been for the banksters covertly funding them to prop them up, they would have died out very quickly from their own internal contradictions.

            Why do you keep thinking we’re overpopulated? That is one of the key Elite memes; and it’s just not true. The world, and the universe, are places of embarrassing abundance! Why, just right now my yard is being illuminated with one megawatt of free solar energy! (9000 square feet, which is 1000 square yards; average isolation in Texas, 1000 watts/sq meter)

            YOU may feel crowded in. But it’s not an epidemic; move out to West Texas and you’ll feel lonely in a big hurry.

            I think you’re making the mistake of conflating misanthropy with overpopulation. I fully understand the former; I find it hard not to hate the Sheeple (even though it’s largely not their fault)…but I don’t expand that to overpopulation.

          • @Meth,
            I think Overpopulation per se is real. Can’t speak for others, but… Large, cheap labor pool (one of the reasons robots haven’t taken over is that in many places, people are still cheaper. Think McDonald’s drive-through, Starbucks, Home Depot, etc.)
            Twin that with the tendancy of the lower-IQ to breed, while the higher-IQ tries to plan for the future… There MUST be a way to curtail the lower IQs. Disease, famine, war, prison.
            Yet it seems to be planned out to do the opposite, maybe by sheer numbers: the idiots reproduce exponentially (strategy of numbers: SOME will make it to reporduce), and the long-term planners, high-investment, fewer-children types can’t compete: they just get pushed aside, as has happened before (China and Rome come to mind).

            So we engineer our own doom, in a sense, when we nanny-state things into always-safe playpens, so no one can get culled…
            Need to make up the deficit somehow.

          • @Jean:

            I implore you to do more research. You’re being duped; the Elites have been spreading overpopulation memes since the 1700’s (Bentham, Malthus, Ehrlich etc.)

            It’s just not true.

            You could give everyone 1500 square feet and they’d ALL–every human on planet Earth–fit in the state of Texas. That’s an extreme example of course; but it’s an interesting thought experiment.

            Spreading overpopulation memes plays right into the Elite’s hands. It produces a disdain for humanity; it dehumanizes the sheeple and paves the way psychologically for their festival of human sacrifice.

            The cycle is almost closed; they are preparing for a culling, a blood feast.

            You want to eliminate sheeple? Slow down their procreation?

            Make them prosperous!

            Prosperity breeds a middle class. A middle class gets smart, delays childbearing, and focuses more resources on fewer children. They follow suit.

            Why do you think Europe and North America have negative population growth rates, while third-world countries are breeding like rabbits?

            Bring back individual freedom, which brings back prosperity–problem solved.

          • @Meth,
            I agree with what you’re saying (though that might sound like i’m contradicting myself).
            However, I think the plan is to bring as many people as possible into a “city-state” arrangement, making places like New york City the “norm”, and making the conditions worse at the same time: all the people crammed into as small a space as possible.

            Up in Boston, I was apartment shopping recently. We’re talking like 250 sq ft of living space, for $2,000/mo, in the Back Bay area. That living space was a 1 BR apartment with a combination kitchen/living room. It was a combination of desire for space (want) and mobility via cars and cheap fuel (affordable commuting) that allowed the suburbs to develop…

            I firmly believe the Elites would prefer a large, uneducated, interchangeable peasantry. Sheriffs and King’s Men (Police, effectively) are little different from the brigands they’d arrest. Peasants have no mobility (fuel priced to impossible levels? No horses? Serfs tied to the land? Etc.) Communications are slwo and limited, at best. The people are dumbed down, though “educated” (indoctrinated), they are illiterate (Literacy tests to college grads, anyone?)…

            There’s a hole in your logic, though – let’s see if we can figure out the answer. (Not trying to be a dick – THIS time – thinking out loud and need ideas to fill the gap. doesn’t transalte in written text.)
            So, you note that US, europe have negative birth rates. (I’m guessing that translates to the term I know, below-replacement birth rates.)
            Third-world doesn’t, you note.
            I’d be curious as to who is breeding in the US, for example. I know that Blacks and Mexicans are supposed to be hgiher birth rates than whites, for example – which will itself change the demographics, and we could bring in IQ as well, but doesn’t even matter overall. Say White = Black = Mexican = Latino = Whatever for sake of argument.
            What is the IQ of the type who is breeding? Are we looking at the lower-IQ types, getting drunk and fornicating? ONS that results in pregnancy? Inside marriages? Upper-class types? Etc.

            I’d love to see the breakdown there (but don’t have time – I’ve got a program that’s destroying my credibility here, I need to force the boss to understand our infrastructure needs to evolve PAST the abacus… :X )
            But I’m trying to ask, are the sheeple just out-breeding the higher-IQ, and hopefully-correllated higher-class types?

            See Idiocracy if you haven’t. (You can use a Cliff’s Notes version, it can be painful at times, but it’s poignant in a way… And though the products and references are from “that time”, the message goes well beyond – you can change products and get the same effect.)
            An example, stupid to us, was that the Idiocracy tried to feed plants with Gatorade. “It has what plants need!” All the people could do was parrot the advertising back. Our protagonist couldn’t explain to the populace that salt kills plants – they wouldn’t believe him. But he told them he could talk to plants – and that, they believed. So on his first day out of cold sleep, he became the smartest man on earth, and solved the hunger problem, simply by WATERING THE PLANTS instead of salting the earth.

            As George Carlin said it, “Think of how dumb the Average person is. Now, realize: Half the population is DUMBER than that.”
            (I think that’s a paraphrase…)

            So, now we become the new Elite. I don’t want that, I doubt you would, either – I’m NOT my brother’s keeper. the problem is, my brother is pissing in my beer stein… In other words, it’s affecting ME. And it’s gaining momentum, and size – that herd is ready to stampede. And the herd doesn’t want me to take my beer and go elsewhere…

            So: Overpopulation. Open to a better term – I’m just looking at it as surplus of idots + rescinding Darwin’s Law + universal franchise + FSA + devaluation of currency + corruption of food/water/air + corruption of law + limited (practical) medium of exchange = Smart people need to withdraw all support, but can’t just sign out of the system (not allowed to, FRNs are primary means of exchange of value.)

            Anyway: Loadrunner ate my effing test scripts again, so… I’ve got about 3-5 hours of work to do in 45 minutes. It re-writes your programs to disk several times, as it’s both compiled AND interpreted in some weird system. C-language based. Looks like our backup software, since we’re running off a NAS, likes to get in there, too, and between the two things, we’re getting Action1.c file containing Action3.c’s content. Which is a problem when it’s random, and covers about 30 “functions” (.c files).
            I work at a financial institution, so somewhat Analogous to Eric’s site here, except we’re looking at the operating system & user software for trades. We’re running Windows XP. Still IE6-compliant. We’re running a Lotus Esprit frame with a Stnaley Steamer engine (my desktop is a Core i5 originally running Win7, downgraded to XP, with 4 GB Ram that the OS can’t even address… Who the F*CK comes up with this sh!t?! and then the product vendor, HP, won’t even accept that THEIR SOFTWARE has problems. I can’t even use their “help” files reliably – copy the example code in, and you have to debug it just to find out what it’s supposed to do! Let alone how I need to shoehorn in string manipulations, variable length parameters, design Perl programs to run fromt eh command line DURING execution, etc, etc, etc. Latest MESS was a .ASP app, with Viewstate – that LoadRunner can’t correllate by itself, so that’s manual – OK, No big deal – but the IDs for every element on the page, which are alldynamic and need to be correllated? Nope, doesn’t even know they changed. BTW, it’s a record/playback approach. Playback needs tweaking almost all teh time, but Wep 2.0 doesn’t fly in HTTP/HTML (proxy-type listener). It would be like using a stethoscope to determine engine timings… But I’m now too far OT and just venting, so I’ll shut up. 😛

            Just noting… it’s 5 PM SOMEWHERE, and there’s a liquor store up the street…

      • Dear methylamine,

        The sick part? It’s engineered this way; carefully actuaried out to keep us just above water, running like little hamsters with their hearts bursting on that treadmill to nowhere.


        Reminds me of Boxer, the horse in George Orwell’s political allegory “Animal Farm.”

        Boxer is a fictional character in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. He is described as the farm’s most dedicated and loyal laborer. Boxer serves as an allegory for the Russian working-class who helped to oust the Tsar Nicholas and establish the Soviet Union, but were eventually betrayed by the Stalinists.

        His death shows how far the pigs are willing to go. When he collapses from overwork, the pigs say they have sent him to a veterinarian, when they sent him to the knacker’s yard to be slaughtered, in exchange for money to buy a case of whiskey for the pigs. A strong and loyal draft horse, Boxer plays a huge part in keeping the Farm together prior to his death, and was the only close friend of Benjamin, the cynical donkey.

        Boxer has a motto right through from the beginning of the story: “I will work harder.”

        From Wiki.

        • I WAS boxer for a while… Passed over for promotion no matter the achievements, I just doubled-down.
          Learned the lesson the hard way when I was the ONLY choice for a position, and the management decided the position – one step up when my boss did the job, and I was due, and pulled off the major release ALONE – that position needed to be three levels up, and then it was going to be me @ 2 levels up, with two other people – at a level above me.

          F*CK ‘EM.

    • …nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. –Fourteenth Amendment

      Elections will never fix our broken America. However, if a significant number of Americans take the genuine law of the land into their own hands, that will do the job. A Fully Informed Grand Jury in every jurisdiction in America is a lawful weapon just begging to be used. The authority responsible can be forced to enforce the law. Refusing to do so opens the legal door to Federal Intervention.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • To be truthful Tinsley, I am often Emptily Uninformed. It helps for a time to visit this eOASIS and be reimplenished and reinformed by men such as you.

        Youth, Day, Old Age and Night – written by Walter “Walt” Whitman born in 1819.
        Youth, large, lusty, loving–youth full of grace, force, fascination,

        Do you know that Old Age may come after you with equal grace, force, fascination?

        Day full-blown and splendid-day of the immense sun, action, ambition, laughter,

        The Night follows close with millions of suns, and sleep and restoring darkness

    • ” “Oh, my wife just flashes her police ID whenever we get pulled over for anything.” Then, he smiled.”

      In Delaware, one of my neighbors was a city cop (Wilmington PD) who regularly disturbed the neighborhood with his “band practice” nights. He had three cars that he owned and parked them all on the streets, taking up two extra parking spaces (to which he wasn’t entitled by home ownership as per city code) that should have gone to two other rowhouse owners on the narrow, 19th century established street.

      None of his cars had current license plates. One that he parked in front of my house was 6 years out of date. This is an asshole who would cheerfully write tickets to his betters for the same violations he committed daily.

      Is there any reason to wonder why so many people despise Porky? FTP.

      • I despise America’s legislators with an even greater intensity. They make it easy for Porky to live a life of crime.


      • And no one torched the cars why, please?

        Without negative incentives, we incentivize bad behavior… That’s the logic behind prison, too.

  25. very good point in regards to motorcycles, i had a gsxr 750 for 2 1/2 years and never had it inspected or renewed the registration. the registration sticker and plate are just too small to typically see. the inspection sticker for bikes in pa goes on the forks. if you ride a harley the sticker is exposed but it is impossible to see on a bike with fairings. never got “caught”

    since i live in southern pa and the roads are typically littered with drivers from MD (whose inspection sticker is on their plates and not on their windshield) I was able to go 40 months without getting my commuter car inspected. Eventually got a ticket from a cop sitting on the median specifically looking for inspection stickers but it was a lot less than paying for the 3+ years worth of inspections. I was glad I did my part to deprive the POS state of PA out of a little revenue.

  26. “Now, here’s the thing: Failing to renew vehicle registration is a minor “offense” . . . ”

    Is the fine for failing to renew also “minor”?


    • In Virginia, where it sounds like this tax grift is from, the fine is the price of the renewal. If you get your car renewed before the court date, then they will drop the charge. I have gotten a dozen of these in the last 10 years in VA. They pull me over, I don’t say a word, sign my ticket, then I go get my car up to date. You can just mail in the compliance, before the court date. Sometimes the prosecutor of these cases will demand to proceed. Just let the judgement be rendered, then go to the clerk and show them the details. The clerk will dismiss it, paying only the registration fees. I have done this multiple times as well(at least in Virginia). Prosecutors don’t like to let things go even when it is the law.

      • In Jackson, the fine is $250, plus you get hit with “interest” on your renewal, an extra 10% per 90 days over due. They just changed this last year as a sting on outdated tags. It hits the poor the hardest. : ( It’s not like if you’re rich you have to decide between health insurance, car insurance, and tag fees..

        • Well, those “Poor people” should just learn to stay on their land, anyway, and not insult us with their presence….

          The point really is, I think, to keep us all split up, impoverished, and servile.

  27. In some Louisiana parishes, the fine for an expired safety inspection sticker is up to $200. I came upon an expired inspection sticker sting operation in Gonzales LA a few days ago and noted that the uniformed Law Parasites who make the kills for the Courthouse Gang to render, had filled an area adjacent to the main intersection with victims of bad law. Two deputies were fully engaged in writing tickets. They probably initiated the extortion of several thousand dollars that day.

    Bad Law Extortion continues to grow in America. Interestingly, legislating lawyers and juris doctors called judges have each taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution* yet they are some of the major beneficiaries of unchallened bad law. Americans have good reason to detest lawyers even though very few really know why they should.

    A general rebellion was justified as early as 1912. Will it ever come to pass?

    Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

    *No power that contravenes the Principles underpinning the Unanimous Declaration has Lawful Authority.

    The unconstitutional Eighteenth Amendment was eventually repealed, apparently due to years public pressure. However, misapplication of the Commerce Clause is yet to be addressed.

  28. Awesome article eric thankyou again. I cant wait till ppl wake up to these facts a shake down is a shake down no matter who the aggressor is. It truly boggles the mind that its taken this long to see a broader awakening, but i guess when THEY own all information outlets until the internet that its better late than never. viva la resistance (southern accent)

      • Eric, download

        Some of the court cases referenced include:

        “The right of a citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, by horsedrawn carriage, wagon, or automobile, is not a mere privilege which may be permitted or prohibited at will, but a common right which he has under his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Under this constitutional guaranty one may, therefore, under normal conditions, travel at his inclination along the public highways or in public places, and while conducting himself in an orderly and decent manner, neither interfering with nor disturbing another’s rights, he will be protected, not only in his person, but in his safe conduct.” Thompson v.Smith, 154 SE 579, 11 American Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, section 329, page 1135

        “Persons faced with an unconstitutional licensing law which purports to require a license as a prerequisite to exercise of right… may ignore the law and engage with impunity in exercise of such right.” Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham 394 U.S. 147 (1969).

        “The court makes it clear that a license relates to qualifications to engage in profession, business, trade or calling; thus, when merely traveling without compensation or profit, outside of business enterprise or adventure with the corporate state, no license is required of the natural individual traveling for personal business, pleasure and transportation.” Wingfield v. Fielder 2d Ca. 3d 213 (1972).

        These are just some of the court cases referenced. I would recommend downloading the PDF for future reference, just in case you are ever stopped and ticked for driving without license. Not to say these court cases would help as we all know how corrupt the system has become.


      • eric, I know you think I’m a clover (the military issue), however I’ve been doing this for years, on my Harley, and my 1971 ford bronco. Granted I’ve had to make a lot of right turns.

        • Are you a clover?

          If so, that’s too bad.

          Have you entered the subject line in the search slot on and fully understood this position?

          I guess, if People want to stick to an idea, that’s up to them, but it’s not right if they are unfamiliar with the opposing side.

          Are you aware?
          Or is it a one sided position?

          • Of course I’m not a clover and I know what it means. However in a discussion on a prior EPA article all the rebuttals to my arguments consisted of calling me a clover. In some peoples eyes disagreement equals cloverhood.

          • And yes I was/am aware of both sides of the argument. And yes LR is one of the blogs I read everyday. However I am smart enough, and independent enough to make up my own mind. Just because it is on LR’s blog site does not make it automatically correct. BS is BS no matter who publishes it.

    • If you can get away with it that’s great. I do know a common law default that got me an improper lane change ticket dismissed. TicketSlayer dot com uses the method I use and has ready made paperwork, well worth the little money charged.

      It works for 3 reasons: 1) Fairly easy to use. 2) It’s a lawful attack against the false legalism of pretended jurisdiction. 2) The courts and the system want to process you like cattle in their corral. They don’t want to have to try and wrangle a stubborn steer that might upset the corral when there are such easy pickin’s ready to be processed. A recent article in a Columbus Dispatch paper made this 3rd point.

      There may be a 4th reason as well. I can’t speak to the truth of this personally, but it’s been told that those who have successfully stymied the system this way, often get a pass the next time they’re pulled over.

      Anyway I’m all for peaceful resistance.


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