Cimpl Justice: Update #2

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Click here to see the blatant lies of the visitation worker in the Milwaukee County Children’s Court case I am currently embroiled in.  I endeavored to audio/video record all encounters with these people precisely because of my suspicion they would try to lie and one of them actually lied, failing to recall what she actually said while the camera was rolling.  Note:  In Wisconsin, it is legal to record conversations so long as one party to the conversation either is recording or consents to the recording (see Wis Stats 968.31(2)(c)).  These people seriously need to be exposed.  If any reader can offer any help in this matter, it will be greatly appreciated.

Cimpl Justice
Cimpl Justice: Update #1



  1. Nothing is better than a good woman: her life itself is naturally a prayer of love.

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    Would only mean heartbreak for me. I say a little prayer for you.

    I Say A Little Prayer – Dionne Warwick

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    Don’t Make Me Over – Dionne Warwick

    Walk On By – Dionne Warwick

  2. Well, I have been in deep prayer to Christ Jesus and have come to a decision. I have received multiple confirmations so I feel at peace with this decision. Christ directed us to have peace, be still and let him fight our battles. I have pretty much done all that I can so I have given this battle over to the Lord. I will go on and not contest them having jurisdiction so we may swiftly proceed to the disposition phase. There the court makes orders that the mother must fulfill before it will allow her to have any unsupervised contact with my daughter or allow my daughter to live with her again. In the meantime, once we get to disposition, I can request she pay child support since my daughter lives with me full time. She will be required to provide a safe and secure home with sufficient space for a parent and child and provide adequate sleeping arrangements for my child. At this point, she lives with roommates and has not met any of those basic requirements. If I go this way, at least something good will come of it: my daughter’s mother must either finally take responsibility for actually providing for my daughter, or if she is unable after 15 months from when these proceedings first began (in November of 2013), proceedings MUST begin to terminate her parental rights. So either way my daughter benefits: either she gets two responsible parents instead of just one (me), or ties to her mother will forever be severed and she won’t have to continue being placed in the middle of the bull crap her mother keeps serving up. Any comments?

    • I really hope it works out for you. My son has been going through this for the last two and a half years with no resolution in sight. His ex-wife (certified mental case) keeps filing all sorts of petitions, demands, counter arguments, bogus demands for “restraining orders” and anything else she can think of. Many thousands of such filings to date. The court actually prosecuted HER as a frivolous litigant (can’t remember the exact phrase used), but they continue to accept many of her filings and continue to drag my son back into court at least once a WEEK since this began, often changing venues so he has to travel long distances. He can’t get a job, lost his business, his home, most of his tools and equipment, bank account, etc.

      He was awarded sole physical custody of the two boys AND “child support,” but he’ll never see a penny of it. What a laugh. She won’t work and is now on welfare. Wonderful. Last I knew she was living in her car… But it just goes ON and ON and ON!

      If you ever do get this mess straightened out. MOVE… get the hell out of California as fast as you can. sigh

      • I understand how you may have misunderstood, based on the details presented, that I live in California (hell, Wisconsin used to be America’s Dairyland but that title has since been conferred upon California, IIRC). It matters not. I am 100% with you on moving out of this state. The challenges to that are that I just landed a dream job that is currently only 8 minutes from my current home. In order to move out of state (the closest state to where I work now is the Peoples Republik of Illinois), I would have to become a commuter again (at least 30 minutes one way to work if I move just over the WI/IL border) or change jobs, FOR THE THIRD TIME because of this wretched woman. And aside from those challenges, so long as the “baby momma” has joint legal custody, I’m pretty much barred from moving out of the state without her expressed written consent unless the reason is one that fits the very limited and narrow list of reasons the State would allow me to move without her consent (ain’t “freedom” in Amerika grand?). I had filed a motion for modification of custody, placement and child support back in July of last year and was given a court date on the 19th of November of last year. Of course these events occurred and we landed in Children’s Court on the very day set for us to appear in Family Court. I would have most likely been granted sole legal custody, majority placement and child support, but was never given the chance to argue my position because of this current mess. And now even though I have sole custody and full placement (with “baby momma” only given 2 visits per week 2 hours each visit) temporarily through Children’s Court, I have to deal with all of this other crap. I know several people here either doubt or deny Christ Jesus, which you have perfect freedom to do so, but I must say that if it weren’t for my Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus, I wouldn’t have made it this far with my sanity intact nor would I have the wherewithal to press on. In my weakness, He is strong. Praise be to Him. Although it looks bleak because of the temporal ability of these thugs to carry out what they have so far, God sees and cares and they are doing nothing but heaping up coals of fire over their heads against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly people and He will cause me to be victorious in the end. I truly believe that God is using what these people meant for evil to accomplish getting “baby momma” out of my and my daughter’s life permanently so she won’t be able to cause any more trouble in our lives.

        The saddest aspect of what is happening in my and my daughter’s lives and what is happening to your son and grandsons is that these aren’t outliers in an otherwise just and fair system, but that they are very much standard and are nowhere near approaching the “worst case scenario.” I take comfort in knowing (because I’ve seen it happen several times in the past) that when someone attacks a child of God, He doesn’t take it lightly. May God have mercy on the souls of those that put their hand upon His anointed. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

        • Well putz… Long distance court BS must be really disgusting. And yes, I’m sure it’s probably not much better in most any state, come right down to it.

          My older son was sprayed with “mace” by his promiscuous ex-wife… and he was jailed for a long time because he pushed her away. “DOMESTIC ABUSE,” don’t you know. And he will never be “legally” allowed to have a gun for the rest of his life, it seems. Hope all of the predators know he is not to be attacked. I mean, none of the unofficial predators. The uniformed ones just love to violate his privacy and safety at any opportunity.

          He’s finally clear of the “probation” insanity – and so forth revolving door of Calif. injustice… but he can’t come to live near me because he will never again find a good job anywhere – or much of anything else. The injustice just goes on forever.

          The “progressive” women of this country – along with their pet politicians – have a great deal to answer for at some point. As for me and my house… we will be non aggresive and self governors… period.

  3. There certainly aren’t any men or women that work for CPS. They’re all one of the other lower 48 Facebook genders, to be sure.

    Facebook Sex Changes – Which one of 50 genders are you?

    This is what it might just come to, taking back the commons and reclaiming the streets and institutions for the agonizing and grueling long haul. Be sure to reconnoiter everything while its still intact, that way, you’ll be one step ahead, and able to do something about it, should it come to this.

    New Facebook Genders
    Agender, Androgyne, Androgynes, Androgynous, Bigender, Cis, Cis Female,
    Cis Male, Cis Man, Cis Woman, Cisgender, Cisgender Female, Cisgender Male, Cisgender Man, Cisgender Woman, Female to Male, FTM, Gender Fluid, Gender Nonconforming, Gender Questioning, Gender Variant,
    Genderqueer, Intersex, Male to Female, MTF, Neither, Neutrois, Non-binary,
    Other, Pangender, Trans, Trans Female, Trans Male, Trans Man, Trans Person, Trans*Female, Trans*Male, Trans*Man, Trans*Person, Trans*Woman, Transexual, Transexual Female, Transexual Male,
    Transexual Man, Transexual Person, Transexual Woman, Transgender Female, Transgender Person, Transmasculine, Two-spirit.

    – I wouldn’t have a problem with any of these, except for their undying adulation and worship for the state, whom they look to invent and defend their magic-mushroom “rights” to be non-human parasites and to make everyone egalitarianally enslaved creatures defined by bureaucrats and adminstrators. All bound and ensnared to all.

    • 50 genders, and I’m not there? I’ll sue for discrimination! 😉
      (BTW, for those who care: Several of those are just names for the same basic thing. Can we get a little more stupid, please? The world didn’t end yet… I’m hoping when it DOES end, all the morons fly right off the earth and burn up on re-entry… 😀

      • Dear Jean,

        I haven’t viewed these yet, but perhaps these can shed some light on the subject. I merely followed the 50 gender facebook newsblurb partway down the rabbit hole after seeing it on the drudgereport.

        Love Peace & Gender – Dr Warren Farrell, GirlWritesWhat and Stefan Molyneux

        Delusions of Gender – Dr. Cordelia Fine & Stefan Molyneux

        Review of Sexual Correctness: The Gender-Feminist Attack

        • Tor,
          Thank you for digging the background up – but as messed up as I am, I’m NORMAL…. FRIGHTENINGLY normal! compared to the imbeciles who dream this shite up!

          Garbage in…. Garbage out.
          We choose our ideals, and we move towards them – or away from them.
          I believe most of us would tend towards liberty, freedom, and not f*cking each other.
          I care a lot less about “what gender” I am. I care about being treated fairly, and not worrying I’ll be stabbed in the back. And worst-case scenario, I care about being able to stab back.

          So, Liberty/Freedom (might not be the same), add in virtues like honesty and integrity, and beauty… And I think I’ve got what’s key to me.
          I don’t need to go looking for stupidity (anti-beauty) or those who pretend they have meaning because they are (only) “beautiful”…
          I can turn on the news and see/hear that. 😉

          BTW, while beauty can be subjective – IE, I find atomic bomb pictures (test explosions) as beautiful and awe-inspiring, there’s a certain horror implicit in there, too.
          I see beauty in a Ferarri Testarosa, or a Selene… But I see the ugliness, too (Selene can’t even carry a spare tire, as they are customized to position on the car.)

          Same with women. The “hottest” have a certain look of lust, which indicates they’ve “been there, done that, got the dirty snachez to prove it.” And they want another.

          No innocence = no beauty.
          Just a side note. 🙂

  4. Welcome to the biggest, baddest, lesbian-thug-run man-hater club in the nation. It is called the “child protective agency”. They will lie, do and say anything to get even with your possession of male parts. They will steal your money and much more just to screw with you for being alive. By law they are not accountable to you or anyone else for their actions, which they always do in secret back offices you have no access to.

    Riverside County, CA CPS secretly filed court liens for an unspecified amount of money (which they do for free in any county), threatened me with arrest by mail, ran my checking account to zero and more for not paying child support. The only problem was I was never in arrears of any support payments. When I asked for documentation, accounting of how much they thought I owed and who in their office did the work and by what authority etc. I was told it was all a secret and I was not entitled. It took six months of weekly certified request letters and threats to the district attorney himself to get my money back.

    They act as judge, jury and executioner without any accountability. With a mouse click they anonymously issue arrest warrants, get the state to take your drivers or any license and secretly take every penny out of your savings and checking accounts. No judge, no court, no due process needed.

    Document EVERYTHING. Communicate only by mail (they will deny later what they say on the phone) and send EVERYTHING by registered return receipt US mail. Get every name, date and time and more with those assholes, because they always lie and conveniently never have an internal paper trail (only a “computer entry” that is not available to you).

      • Since it breaks up the traditional “family” structure – allowing more power for the state – you don’t possibly think this is accidental, right?

        Just another front in the war.

        And the problem is? We’re looking at ALL these fronts at once. Each of these trolls merely pays attention to their OWN interests.
        CPS: Steal children; get federal money.
        Cops: Steal adults, children, and money; get federal money.
        Government: Steal money from the productive, give to the unproductive to get votes; then, steal from the unproductive, too.
        EPA: Steal from everyone, drive prices higher, then shut down production (drive prices higher again) because a bird lives nearby.
        Also, regulate fuel emissions laws, so that everything costs more.
        Get rich in the process.

        DEA: Make everything natural illegal, and get rich from the Big Pharma kickbacks. Take power from citizens. Steal from citizens. and since drugs are bad, and “will ruin your life,” if anyone is caught with drugs, arrest them and cage them and ruin their lives.

        FDA: See DEA.

        FBI: See DEA, EPA, Cops.

        NSA: Spy on everyone, everywhere, with back doors into every system, and then give to FBI, Cops, DHS, TSA, etc, etc, etc. Everyone, in fact, EXCEPT us. Of course, with all these back doors, there’s never going to be any issue with PLANTING data or HACKING machines…

        Similar for every last one of them. SS (Secret Service, not the Schutzstaffel, thought there’s precious little difference at this point. Funny that the SS is TREASURY agents, though… Tells you who REALLY owns the POTUS.) SCOTUS. Et al.

        They don’t work for us.

    • Dear Gary,

      A larger principle is at work here.

      Create any government an agency with coercive power, and it will soon be filled with individuals whose life purpose to abuse that particular variety of coercive power.

      CPS has the power to take away peoples’ children. Those with a penchant for taking away peoples’ children will find their way into such an agency.

      The TSA has the power to sexually molest people. Those with a penchant for sexually molesting people will find their way into such an agency.

      • @Bevin – It is a malicious game industry . They could care less about the child in general. Their promotions and job reviews are based on pure numbers of instances disposed of quickly and in the shortest number of minutes spent on their part. In Riverside County they assign 5,000 children per case worker, (done in teams with no names disclosed) so they just do the quick paper chase and move on. Much worse hate and malicious behavior there then any police department I have ever seen. And a very profitable ($$$) industry it is too. Lots of money exchanged for foster care and group home placements. It is Hillary Clinton’s Stalinist funded community of child raisers to the max. When they can’t get custody of the child they just suck dollars from any male parent within their jurisdiction and quickly move on to the next victim. The old Soviet system with a pretty “protective” name attached.

        • Dear Gary,

          “And a very profitable ($$$) industry it is too. Lots of money exchanged for foster care and group home placements. ”

          Didn’t know about that angle! But thanks for sharing it. It underscores an additional perverse incentive, greed, on top of sadism and power lust, to abuse power under the cover of “doing good.”

          Ayn Rand was not always right. To wit, “limited government.”

          But she was dead on about the dark underside of the altruist collectivist mentality.

  5. Also, I fired my court appointed attorney, much to his consternation. I have been in contact with another lawyer that very much hates the DCF apparatus. He is willing to draft my opposition motion to the summary judgment motion the ADA in this case has filed (as a workaround to the jury trial requirement) for $900 and take me on as a full fledged client for a $2000 retainer. I hate to sound like a beggar, but if there is any help anyone out there can send my way, I am willing to accept. I am in prayer and trying to raise as much as I can to at least retain him to draft the opposition motion. Prayers, well wishes, advise, contacts, money, etc are all much appreciated. No matter what your philosophical belief is concerning the Big Guy In The Sky, we all agree on this one point: that it is never ethical to initiate force and that is what we are fighting in this case. According to my faith, if God be for me, who can come against me? I believe it, though things look a little bleak. Thanks to God in advance for anything you all do!


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