Cimpl Justice: Update #1

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As you all know, I gave a chilling account of my Kafkaesque experience with the Milwaukee County Children’s Court back in December 2013.  As of now, the court has only continued in its attempt to run roughshod over my and my daughter’s rights.  The Cloverite refrain “In the best interests of the child” echos through the halls of “justice” like the shrill voice of Mrs. Lovejoy on “The Simpsons” shouting “Won’t someone PLEASE think of the chiiiiiiillll-dreeeeeeen! The unspoken message of that refrain is that all rights to every other person must yield to “the best interests of the child.” What is further unspoken but becomes horrifically apparent once someone gets caught up in the children’s court labyrinthine bureaucracy is this:  We decide what is in the child’s best interest despite having little knowledge concerning the child above what is given to us in the form of the scribbles on paper of some basket weaving undergraduate with the logic and rhetorical skills of an incessantly barking chihuahua and an ego the size of Darius the Mede or Julius Caesar. What is most disturbing is that my experience is far from unique nor is it a radical shift into the set of worst case scenarios. I detail my latest experiences here and will add more updates as is feasible. May God keep you good parents from ever experiencing such a nightmare and may His wrath pour out unmingled upon the heads of those who seek to destroy innocent lives.

Cimpl Justice
Cimpl Justice: Update #2


  1. Forgive me all for I have sinned: I contacted my state representative (Cory Mason) and gave him the rundown on my case. Although thoroughly statist, even he was sore appalled at the gross violations of my rights. He has made it his duty to get DCF in Wisconsin audited and possibly have their funding reduced and make some calls to several individuals within the labrinth to “remind” them of their duty to respect my rights as a human, citizen and constituent. Not bad for a Democrat.

      • That is my prayer as well. I might have to call a federal slug if things don’t make a quick enough turnaround. I’ve been speaking to several people and it seems this kind of thing has been going on for quite some time here in Wisconsin. Interesting times lie ahead… interesting times…

  2. Wisconsin Fathers For Children and Families

    Top 10 Deadbeat Dads

    Any system so pathetic, so malignant, as to impoverish children and their parents, and then have the audacity to host a site called Deadbeat Dads, is beyond the reach of rational discourse for me. Your days are waning, the moon is darkening, the time doth runneth out, you costumed deadbeat cannibal vampires of all fangs and dental dam preferences.

    Let us all recite the “Oath of Honor” shall we?

    On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my
    character or the public trust.
    I will always have the courage to hold myself and others
    accountable for our actions.
    I will always uphold the Constitution, my community,
    and the agency I serve.


    You have betrayed everything. You will be held accountable for everything.

    In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.
    John Steinbeck

    The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.
    William Blake

    Is there not some chosen curse, some hidden thunder in the stores of heaven, red with uncommon wrath, to blast the man who owes his greatness to his country’s ruin!
    Joseph Addison

    But the child’s sob curses deeper in the silence than the strong man in his wrath!
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Wrath is the last thing in a man to grow old.

  3. The question was asked elsewhere, are Muslim and Christian nations different. Are our justice systems different? I think the answer to that is no. They are fundamentally the same. They both attempt to appear to function in a superior fashion by attending to the exterior of things.

    The courts mandate is to have the ideal of true justice. Statutes with high sounding principles, which are never adhered to. When true justice is found to be impossible or too costly (which is everywhere), at least the appearance of justice must be upheld.

    That is why you experience such horror and inhumanity. The system’s priority is it’s public relations and public face. It has no regard for atomic human beings; oftentimes live humans are trapped and even used for parts and life fluid to oil the gears and feed the system.

    Look at this picture of Dubai

    It appears like a paradise on Earth, but we know this is only an illusion, and we know it on a gut level. Few of us would live there, even if you paid us to. Like all Muslim cities, it cares more about its godly appearance and righteous perception, than it does about individual reality.

    Too much of Western Civilization is about appearance. Too little is about substance. That is why it has been surpassed by French Syndicalism, Japanese Fascism, Israeli Theocracy, Swiss Confederacy, Indian Commonwealth Provincialism, and Chinese State Capitalism.

    Western Civilization knows it’s demise is coming, it’s even created it’s own euthanizing body template: the European Union. This capitalist killer is hard at work forming an African Union, Latin American Union, North American Union, and Trans Pacific Partnership. Every day Western Civilization lays on the table and allows it’s own children to feast and devour it.

    If you turn up the volume real high on C-Span, you can hear all the They Live aliens hungrily feasting on the corpses of our own founders and fathers, and all they toiled and attempted to provide for us and our posterity.

    48.025 Declaration of paternal interest in matters affecting children.
    48.027 Child custody jurisdiction.
    48.029 Pregnancy testing prohibited.
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    48.04 Employees of court.
    48.06 Services for court.
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    48.07 Additional sources of court services.
    48.08 Duties of person furnishing services to court.
    48.09 Representation of the interests of the public.
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    48.14 Jurisdiction over other matters relating to children.
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    48.195 Taking a newborn child into custody.
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  4. If you ever have a vendetta against any individual, all you have to do is call CPS and make up a purely fictional story about the abuse you’ve observed. That’s it.

    An anonymous “tip”, and you have ruined your enemy’s life forever.

    What an awful society to live in!

    In ancient Hebrew culture, if you falsely accused someone, and it was discovered that you had lied, then you reaped the punishment which would have been assigned to the accused person. That is more just than anything going on in the USA at this time.

    • The system is so rigged in favor of snitches, tattletales, spies and as you say people with personal vendettas that those who have been proven to be liars and have made in many cases malicious false reports aren’t even prosecuted under current law and given the paltry punishments the law dictates. These laws that allow the ruination of others at the hands of an individual (or government) with an axe to grind are purposefully enacted in hopes that someone will use them as such in that such acts serve to divide the masses so that government can keep their jackboots on the collective necks of the masses. In my opinion, the only reason I am entangled with CPS in such a way is because I have merchandise highly valuable to them: a young, beautiful, well behaved child that is still impressionable. As such, she can bring in thousands per month in federal subsidies to the State of Wisconsin while placed in foster care. Further, if they could diagnose her (illegitimately of course) all manner of “mental disorders” they could claim additional monies for each “disorder” she is diagnosed with, and would be classified as “special needs” thereby bringing in more money to the state. The sweet spot for them once the lease on my child expires (15 months), would be to adopt her out. CHA CHING for the state. In the name of The Lord Christ Jesus I rebuke the plan of the Devourer and all who knowingly or unknowlingly allows him to use them for such evil. The whole dirty business is driven my lust for money for the state, NOT “the best interests of the child.”

      • You have all my sympathy, MP (and apologies for the delay in getting your “update” live).

        The nightmare scenario you’ve described is not only all-too-real, it’s one that any of us could find ourselves in tomorrow.

        Here’s one way:

        Your wife is going to see a “therapist” for her issues with depression; turns out she’s actually going to see this guy to talk about you. When you find out, you’re obviously angry about it. But now she wants you to go see the “therapist.” You make the mistake of telling the wife you’d better not since you might take a swing at this bastard who has turned her against you and fucked up your marriage. You can guess what happens next. She tells the therapist that you’re “angry” – which he eggs her on to describing as “potentially violent.” Then he asks: Does your husband own guns?

        Cue SWAT, bag over the head and involuntary psychiatric detention.

        Extreme? Not at all. It could very easily happen. That’s the power these shysters wield over us.

        • Thanks, Eric. BTW today is my birthday (what a way to spend my birthday; in fear of the state swooping in and trying to take my child). Could you imagine if I WERE married to the B****? Joined at the hip for life with a person that has little regard for my children and quite possibly derives pleasure in making me miserable. Words can’t effectively describe the absolute rage I have over this whole fiasco. In an attempt to trip me up and have an excuse to take my child, the damn BMCW contract agency by the name of Integrated Family Services told me I would be transporting my daughter twice weekly to a visitation center operated by yet another contracted agency by the name of Reversing The Trend. IFS told my daughter’s mother that the visits would occur in her house and that the worker who is to supervise the visits would be transporting my daughter from my home to her home. Of course when I and the people from Reversing The Trend tried to get things straightened out, we received rudeness, incomplete information and the general run around. It wasn’t until 3:30pm on Tuesday, the day the first visit was set, that I and Reversing The Trend were given the correct information (Me transporting my daughter to her mother’s home). Mind you, the visits were set to occur at 4:00 pm that same day. I don’t trust anyone that works in government, especially the mouth-breathing, knuckle-walking, room-temp I.Q. idiots of “Child Protective Services.” A pox on the homes, lineages and associates of all CPS agents, functionaries and subsidiaries. May God severely punish all in connection with this despicable, contemptable group of slugs.

          • The pox is already within the genome.
            The cure is to burn out the plague.

            Problem is, it’s sort of like malignant, metastasized cancer. It’s omnipresent.
            Part of why it IS so hard to correct our problems: The enforcers are part of the problem. The system is part of the problem. Our neighbor is part of the problem. EVERY PERSON is inside the matrix. (Sometimes even us…)

            Can’t take the whole thing apart, quickly and cleanly. Not a single slice to sever the head. It’s the Hydra, and for every head you sever, two more grow back.
            That lasts until you sear the wounds…

    • Hi Linda,

      It is awful – and its source waters are the repudiation of the old American idea that a person is innocent until proved guilty. Nowadays, people are subject to searches, detention – and much worse – without their ever having given reason to suspect them of anything. Much less of anything having been proved.

      All these problems would go away if assertions were insufficient. If, in any situation, authorities had to have specific, tangible evidence that some crime was being committed (or about to be committed). If not, then they should be powerless to bother you.

      It’s one of the reforms that would save us from what we’re on our way to becoming.

      • Dear Eric,

        It appears that we live in a time of the Salem Witch Trials.

        Where if you survived the drowning you actually might be a witch, but if you drown — then you were for sure innocent.

  5. FAQs Milwaukee Children’s Court

    I think the primary mistake is that people wrongly try to apply the scientific method to human beings. People are not inanimate, and overcome any system designed by other humans.

    Current wisdom is probably of negative value. It is a myth that there are finite events that can be taken out of context from human lives and then used to construct “common law.”

    Rather than getting “the facts,” and then having an external body make decisions, it would make more sense to give the money currently given to that system, directly to the parties involved. Either as a loan or a permanent transfer.

    The current immense system would be completely shut down, freeing up a vast amount of money to fund all manner of individual cases.

    Anyone caught committing a “crime” would be financially scrutinized, and possibly made to accept public resources to help them cease the activity. Their use of public resources would be public knowledge. Private parties could also bring other parties into this system by the filing of lawsuits.

    All crimes would be assumed to have a monetary solution. Those who are determined to pose a present danger, would be relocated by the system to areas outside the regular day to day citizens live in, but not into incarcerating facilities.

    How the US Legal System Became a Costly Nightmare

    • The problem starts with trying to construct “common law” in any circumstances. Natural law is the only law that justly governs nature, and as you well know, it cannot be created but only discovered based on mores, customs, cultural norms, accepted practices and interations between people. Natural law is based on natural rights that derive from God (or if you aren’t a believer, our humanity). Natural rights are negative in that they impose no positive obligation on anyone in their observance. I have a right to be left alone, to live my life as I see fit, to keep the fruits of my labor, to protect myself, etc. So long as I am peaceful and don’t infringe upon those same rights among many of other individuals, no one has a right to interfere in my life. Because our legal system is predicated on POSITIVE law (mainly the scribblings on paper of some group of sociopaths in an old building in the middle of the state) which places positive obligations upon others in their observance, our country is in this sorry state. “Right to healthcare” positively imposes upon others to provide that healthcare; a positive right based on positive law. A similar right from a natural point of view would be a right to seek or not seek healthcare as you see fit. It doesn’t impose upon others to provide it but only prohibits others from stopping you from searching for healthcare, regardless of whether you procure it or not. In a natural law setting, “Best interest of the child” would not be a consideration in any case, only that child’s rights in comparison to the parents’ rights. This “best interest of the child” nonsense in reality is a smokescreen used by the government to run roughshod over EVERYONE’S rights to the chorus of thunderous applause and cheers. The most detrimental part is that the very ones that stand in ovation to such depredations don’t understand the consequences of their support of such a system until they are victimized by the same. The scales quickly fall from their eyes allowing them to see clearly the true nature of the system only all too late in that the damage has already been done. Further, the system so demonizes individuals in situations such as this, that more often than not the victims are regarded as pariahs in the mainstream “Amoricon” society (the composition of Boobus Americanus as Butler Shaffer so aptly calls them). We lovers of liberty must continue to chip away, minute by minute, day by day, year by year, at the Mount Everest that is Government. Natural Rights and Natural Law; Anarcho-Capitalism; Peace; Liberty; these are the things we must continually fight for.


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