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No one likes a hypocrite – which helps to explain why thinking people increasingly tend to dislike cops. They routinely ignore or violate the laws they spend their days forcing us to obey. Everyone, for example, has seen cops insolently ignoring the posted speed limit. Frequently, while not wearing their “safety” belt. Insolently, because they are well-aware that they can do both with impunity, since we have no legal power to pull them over.Maserati cop car

Here’s another – put into black and white (literally):

A guy in Massachusetts painted his Maserati in cop-style regalia. He did not claim to be a cop. But his car kind of looked like it might be a cop car. He was charged with impersonating a police officer – a serious crime.

But cops routinely – and legally – impersonate us. That is, they pretend to be ordinary citizens, for the purpose of entrapping us in the act of committing some “offense” or other. The obvious example is, of course, “speeding.” Instead of driving around looking for them in a marked cop car, the cop will go chameleon and drive around in an unmarked car – one deliberately shorn of external light bars and insignia and painted in “civilian” colors. Cops will even go so far as to dress to look like construction workers – and erect a fake “work site” – again, for the purpose of blending in so as to more efficiently catch their prey. In TN, the cops were (and may still be) driving around in big rigs, for the same purpose.

Why can they impersonate us – but it’s a “crime” for us to do the same?unmarked pig

You know perfectly well why. Because the game is meant to be rigged – in their favor.

Cops are also legally entitled to lie to us – but if we lie to them, it is a chargeable offense. Even our silence is no longer golden. The courts in CA have ruled that unless we specifically invoke our rapidly fading away right to remain silent, we do not have the right to remain silent. That is, our silence can be construed in court as evidence of guilt (no, really … see here).

There is also a movement – by them – to forbid us from owning body armor. It is of a piece with prior efforts to forbid the possession by us of any firearm that can fire automatically, or which is above a certain caliber. Indeed, to deny us the privilege of owning any firearms at all.

While extending to them virtual carte blanche to point firearms at us.hero cop pic

There is the extreme example of the bullet-head in Ferguson, Missouri who literally threatened to “fucking kill” a journalist covering the unrest – and backed up the threat by lowering the muzzle of his loaded assault rifle and pointing it at the journalist. We all know what would happen to one of us if we were to point a loaded rifle at a cop and threaten to “fucking kill” him.

Cops can lay their hands on us – with legal impunity. If we so much as raise our hands to defend against this, we have committed a “crime” (“resisting”) and can expect to be punished.


As happend to protestor Cecily McMillan, who was sentenced to several months in jail (she faced years in jail) for the “crime” of reacting instinctively to the grasping from behind of her breasts by one of New York’s Not-So-Finest back in ’12. The 25-year-old graduate student was lectured by the court that “A civilized society must not allow an assault to be committed under the guise of civil disobedience.” But it’s ok for an assault to be committed under the color of law – and we’d damned well better not “resist.”doubel standard pic

All this stuff is obvious – to such an extent these days that one would need to be deliberately oblivious (that is, in denial) not to be aware of it. From the murder in the street by chokehold of a man for the “crime” of selling cigarettes to the now-sanctioned-by-law digital inspection of our body cavities (which would be sexual assault were any of us to do the same thing) the cop class has become a protected class.

There is a legal double standard on the front and back end.

They may do things to us that we may not do to them – and even when they do things to us that are beyond their already generous mandate to run amok, they rarely if ever face the kinds of consequences you and I would for doing the exact same things.

For doing lesser things.

Even when a cop is caught blatantly disregarding the laws he’s (supposedly) bound to obey – for example, the law in NY that forbids the use of chokeholds to “subdue” a “perpetrator” – typically, the very worst that will happen to him is that we he will be “taken off the streets” (briefly) and assigned “desk duty.” Or “suspended” – with pay. That is, he will enjoy a paid vacation, at the expense of the very people he spends his days abusing.hero chokehold

This rot now transcends American society. From socialism for the rich (and rent-seeking) to the not-so-free market for the rest of us. If you have pull – connections, an official title (and by dint of that, some form of qualified immunity) then you’re more or less free to do as you like. Of course, thus has it ever been. But what sticks in the craw is the now-nauseating warbles about “freedom” and – the worst one – the “rule of law.”

Just as in any Third World Dear Leadership state, the rulers both make – and are above – the law. Which is whatever they say it is, subject to interpretation at their whim.

So, please. Spare us the claptrap about serving and protecting. We know what you’re up to – and what you’re all about. You may have us under your power – for now.

But you lost our respect – and earned our contempt – a long time ago.

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  1. So why do American cops behave so badly

    It is merely a symptom of strong & growing authoritarianism from American government at all levels.

    Cops are openly corrupt because the American legal system & courts/judges/lawyers are corrupt.
    That legal system is corrupt because the American political system & institutions/elections/officials are corrupt. The cops are much more visible, but he underlying causes are not apparent to most Americans.

    Voting & Elections do not change anything; citizen voting is a fool’s game (rigged system) that gives a facade of legitimacy to government corruption. Majority of Americans instinctively sense this — and don’t vote in most elections. 95% of elected government officials ‘take’ office/power with votes from only a minority of the electorate (Obama in 2012, for example, got only 30% of the popular vote from the 220 million eligible American citizen voters). Majority-Rule is a joke in America.

    Recognizing the scary cop-problem should lead thinking-people to dig deeper on cause & effect. But the government school system and mainstream media have been spectacularly successful in blocking objective thinking about government and politics.

  2. Here in Oz our local car industry will be gone within 2 years. Creating concern about where the next cop cars will come from.

    On a GM forum, I noticed a remark from an ex-cop who got out of the force after awhile because of the brutality and lying of cops which came from up above. He said cops with PTSD are harassed, denied claims & promotions, threatened, bullied, and isolated from the “social interactions” of the elitist state sponsored thug scrum. Of course, the politicians here in Oz proclaim that ptsd cops are treated with compassion, understanding, and all the lies that state can put forth.

    So now we know what these animals are really like. They fit in with IS (islamic state of butchers) quite well. Any difference between cops & IS? ……………

  3. I have visited many countries in Europe and Asia, and the cops look like regular people, except for their uniforms and (sometimes) openly carried weapons. American cops are often scary, with their overly bulked up physiques, tough guy attitude and menacing black uniforms.

    • Ah yeah. I went to many festivals in Asia, among thousands of People, and not a cop in uniform in sight. No chain link fences surrounding the crowd, either. The only time I saw a cop was when they were helping to direct traffic at busy intersections.

      Hm, now that I think about it, that’s how I remember things were in Tijuana, as well.

      • There’s something different about America. Something lacking.

        My generation was the Nihil generation. Nothing was asked of us. We were free to be anything or nothing. Superfluous. Supernumery. Even though we dabbled in something. Most of us chose the path of least resistance. The path to nothingness. Most of us were raised to be nothing. And we became nothing.

        You younger people are post nihil generations. You’ll have to either outsmart and usurp your nothingness elders. Or assist us in maturing and coming of age. Plead. Beg. Shame us into at least being something. So we’ll get out of the world’s way, and let everyone else alone to be whatever something they’re supposed to be.

        Africans are more violent than us on average. Less accomplished on average. But they don’t feel they are nothing.

        Most of Eurasia is genetically specialized and behaviorially tribalized. Races and cultures who belong somewhere. Men who know and accept their place in the world. Of course there are exceptions. But even they certainly don’t feel they are nothing.

        It’s daunting, facing these great masses of Nihils. It makes you feel like you are less than nothing. Which you are.

        These Nihils look up to cops and authority figures, I believe, because at least they are something. Never mind what kind of something. In their estimation, even being a predatory brutalist something is better than nothing.

        The problem of the Myth of Authority is magnified manyfold in the unitedState. Mainly because of the Myth of Nothing. The Cult of Nothing. The X Generation. The Nothing Generation. Generation Nihil.


        (indefinite) The absence of anything; nothing.

        From nihilum, from ne- (“not”) and hilum (“a trifle, a bagatelle”).

        (Classical) IPA(key): /ni.hil/

        nihil n

        (indefinite) nothing  [quotations ▼]
        Nihilne in mentem? ― Does nothing come to mind?
        Nihil est. ― It’s nothing.

        Related terms
        nihil album
        nihil debet
        nihil dicit

        nihil Wiktionary

  4. You say that the English have enslaved India and her people and hold them in subjection because the latter have not resisted resolutely enough and have not met force by force.

    But the case is just the opposite. If the English have enslaved the people of India it is just because the latter recognized, and still recognize, force as the fundamental principle of the social order. In accord with that principle they submitted to their little rajahs, and on their behalf struggled against one another, fought the Europeans, the English, and are now trying to fight with them again.

    A commercial company enslaved a nation comprising two hundred millions. Tell this to a man free from superstition and he will fail to grasp what these words mean. What does it mean that thirty thousand men, not athletes but rather weak and ordinary people, have subdued two hundred million vigorous, clever, capable, and freedom-loving people? Do not the figures make it clear that it is not the English who have enslaved the Indians, but the Indians who have enslaved themselves?

    When the Indians complain that the English have enslaved them it is as if drunkards complained that the spirit-dealers who have settled among them have enslaved them. You tell them that they might give up drinking, but they reply that they are so accustomed to it that they cannot abstain, and that they must have alcohol to keep up their energy. Is it not the same thing with the millions of people who submit to thousands’ or even to hundreds, of others-of their own or other nations?

    If the people of India are enslaved by violence it is only because they themselves live and have lived by violence, and do not recognize the eternal law of love inherent in humanity.

    Pitiful and foolish is the man who seeks what he already has, and does not know that he has it. Yes, Pitiful and foolish is he who does not know the bliss of love which surrounds him and which I have given him.


    As soon as men live entirely in accord with the law of love natural to their hearts and now revealed to them, which excludes all resistance by violence, and therefore hold aloof from all participation in violence-as soon as this happens, not only will hundreds be unable to enslave millions, but not even millions will be able to enslave a single individual. Do not resist the evil- doer and take no part in doing so, either in the violent deeds of the administration, in the law courts, the collection of taxes, or above all in soldiering, and no one in the world will be able to enslave you.

    From Tolstoy’s A Letter to a Hindu

  5. Contradictions. We’re squeamish about sex writing. But not violence writing. Or human bondage writing. Contradictions.

    How to shoot characters

    How to make deaths in your stories seem real

    Examples of tone in your story

    Here, words like “death” and “depressing” set a negative or unhappy tone:

    And the trees all died. They were orange trees. I don’t know why they died, they just died. Something wrong with the soil possibly or maybe the stuff we got from the nursery wasn’t the best. We complained about it. So we’ve got thirty kids there, each kid had his or her own little tree to plant and we’ve got these thirty dead trees. All these kids looking at these little brown sticks, it was depressing.

    In contrast, in Charlotte’s Web, although the book is sad, the tone is one of peace and acceptance:

    But I feel peaceful. Your success in the ring this morning was, to a small degree, my success. Your future is assured. You will live, secure and safe, Wilbur. Nothing can harm you now. These autumn days will shorten and grow cold. The leaves will shake loose from the trees and fall. Christmas will come, and the snows of winter. You will live to enjoy the beauty of the frozen world, for you mean a great deal to Zuckerman and he will not harm you, ever.

    Winter will pass, the days will lengthen, the ice will melt in the pasture pond. The song sparrow will return and sing, the frogs will awake, the warm wind will blow again. All these sights and sounds and smells will be yours to enjoy, Wilbur—this lovely world, these precious days…”

      • She was a young girl. She -Imho -was pretty.

        I’m not fond of the whole piercing bit, but no matter,… some cop-thug-asshole cut her life short and it’s likely the cop-thug will Get Off Scot-free.

        May he rot in Hell.

        …And, the whole bunch of People who support his shit, especially the supposed, Evangelical “Christians”!

        I’m getting the whole V-thing, even-more-so, now.

        Que, Jean. …But, WHoa. It’s like I’m/we’re being ‘directed’, funneled, manipulated.

        • I prefer the real life V’s of the Tottenham looting riots, if there need be such, only the next time, focus on looting the government. That way, you’re not stealing from individuals with rightful title. You’re reacquiring from brutal criminals that which was never rightfully theirs.

          Tottenham Protest and Riot Photos – 7 August 2011

          Remember remember, the 7th August, only this time we steal from the thieves in power.

          • Key phrase: “you’re not stealing from individuals with rightful title. You’re reacquiring from brutal criminals that which was never rightfully theirs.”

            Again: Que, Jean,.. and every Robbin Hood….And every Thug in the hood.?

          • Helot –
            Remember that the rich Robin Hood stole from was the Sherriff – the local tax collector. And the poor he gave to were the tax payers.

        • I have little doubt we are being pushed into either rebellion or submission. “THEY” think they have it all sewn up this time. THEY always do (think that).

          Maybe I’m just an agent provocateur?
          Maybe I’m a prophet? 😉

          Maybe just a realist, like “The Man who Shot Liberty Valence.” Who wasn’t who he was supposed to be…

  6. As I’ve stated before: I’m an anarcho-capitalist on principle. But, I still have some very basic constitutional knowledge (which is more than anyone in Washington DC has these days)… The “rule of law” would be the US Constitution*. What you have now is just blatant thuggery…

    I ALMOST sent this one to a family member, but then I realized that it still leaves the possibility of a “good cop” open (I don’t know anyone who denies that SOME cops are bad.) THe bottom line is, though, even the ones who don’t do the things described in the article are still legally empowered aggressors.

    I fail to understand how a thinking person could have any respect for the modern US police as an institution.

    *Anarcho-capitalism is the ultimate “rule by law” system because the NAP is applied strictly to everyone.

    • “I fail to understand how a thinking person could have any respect for the modern US police as an institution.”

      You can say that again.

      Keyword: “thinking”.

      • Now that I think about it, I half-take that back.

        I interacted with some really deep thinking individuals who were much like Mamma Liberty (who has gone strangely silent) those individuals would talk freedom up and down and seemed to Love liberty, but then they’d SHock the shit out of me and say they respected the local cop in their area… because he’d, paraphrasing: “just write simple tickets and didn’t seem to mess with people much”.

        I saw a disconnect.
        They didn’t.
        I found it revolting in light of everything else they said. A “Contradiction” in my eyes.

        I’d like to know more about the, ‘how’ and the, ‘why’ they think this way, but… they Never say anything more on the subject. …It’s an unsettling quiet. … I’m reminded of quicksand.

        • Note that I said I “don’t understand” how a thinking person could respect cops, not that it wasn’t possible for a thinking person to do so…

  7. I was at a car show this past monday which was mostly rained out- though all the motorcyclists came and about 15 cars. There was a biker cop present as well showing the police bike; no one parked by him or spoke to him save for a 3 year old naturally. The cop then left 45 min into the show….boom- shunned!

    • I tried talking to a bike cop one time at a gas station. He had a newer style road king with the wider back tire. I asked him a few questions about it. He looked at the car I was driving (my ’94 Saturn beater at the time) and went on to tell me it was a very expensive bike and out of my price range. It was an interesting conversation and I’m glad I had it. Being a lonely piece shit comes with the territory for maggots!

      • That’s so sad. I almost shed a tear. He must have been human at some point, he wasn’t born in a uniform with a badge was he?

        Whether you’re a maggot or a part of the rotten apple cores the maggots feast on, the PTB are warily meting out every blood soaked morsel these days.

        I doubt Maggots are allowed to take home bikes or autos anymore? It’s not like he owns anything at all. He uses the plantation vehicles to make sure the slaves don’t enjoy the things they supposedly own. That way everyone loses.

        It’s like we’re being held down in preparation for a great big statist gangbang. But then the flaccid chief statists stand around giving speeches to empty arenas about how they’ve all taken vows of chastity and aren’t allowed to rape anyone anymore.

        No one is properly fucking anyone over anymore. Now they pretend to get their jollies making sure no one is fucking anyone. I’m not buying it. A few months from now there’ll be rape drones piloted by pigs with iphones and they’ll never even leave their squad cars. Seems to be the way things are heading anyway.

        One big sad sack race of broken down GMO hobbits into endless oncoming onslaught billions of angry cudgel wielding Chinese Arab Spaniard beat down teams more than game to make bloodsports of the lot of us.

        Good times.

        Take-home police cars may be nearing end of the road

        Lone Saudi cop instigates angry drifter jihad

        • Around here (Maryland, supposedly “the Free State”) the public fodder is that the swine are allowed to take “their” cars home and park in their own driveways when off duty. This “presence” reduces crime in the neighborhood.
          I don’t know about that, but at least you know w/o asking that your neighbor is a statist troll.

      • People like that are hilarious.
        They have no concept of having multiple vehicles. That maybe someone has a beater car for a variety of reasons. Would a person who liked motorcycles spend their money on a car or a motorcycle first? An engineer I worked with from overseas drove an old Explorer… but he had a nice Harley.

        When my Cannondale was practically new a driver (clover) of an old Camry got mad at me because I passed her. She declared that I must be poor because I was on a bicycle. Yeah my MSRP $1500 bicycle (no I didn’t pay MSRP) vs. her $900 car. (before cash for clunkers). LOL.

        What warped shallow people.

        • Hi Brent,

          Some also resent people who have multiple vehicles – especially older vehicles, which they look upon as “junk.”

          One of the (many) reasons I loathe suburbia – where petty harassments (and not so petty harassments) abound designed specifically to discourage people from keeping fix-‘er-uppers/project cars/parts cars… .

          In our old neighborhood, there was a nice old guy who really liked classic F-trucks from the late ’60s/early ’70s. He kept six or seven in his back yard, which was completely surrounded by a high fence. It was impossible to see the trucks or even know they were there unless you climbed over the fence into his yard. Yet the neighbors complained. And the county harassed him about keeping “unregistered” vehicles – notwithstanding that they were not used on “public” roads or ever set tire on “public” property. The old guy just liked having them.

          And people would not leave him alone.

          • Your mentioning multiple vehicles reminds me of a bumper sticker one used to see quite a bit. It would be on a beat up car and said something like “My other car is a Mercedes.” One day, I got to laughing so hard that I almost drove right off the road when I saw a clunker with the bumper sticker “My other car is a piece of shit too.”

          • It’s not only that, but they can’t fathom why or how. Even if one has cars that are all in decent condition. They just can’t grasp it.

            Yeah, I have four cars. My car payment is zero. They can’t get it that someone can own multiple cars and spend less than they do on one.

            But back to ‘junk’. What kills me is there are these ‘car hoarders’ who die and then there’s all this stuff for sale and then people are interested. For crying out loud, if so many people like this stuff, stop harassing the people who save it. Although I don’t particularly like car hoarders who just let stuff rot outside. If they keep it indoors, then fine, if it’s out in a field, please let someone else have it before it’s too late.

          • People that rat you out for owning a few ‘unsightly’ old trucks (or anything else, for that matter) would probably keep their mouths shut about it, if they knew their usual mewling protestations would earn any type of response from their neighbors. The proper response to this is forcing them to shit out their own teeth… after you knock them the hell out!

            Just a thought.

          • eric, BrentP, I recently spent several months in the west Tx. desert around such towns as Seagraves, Seminole, Welch, Loop, etc. I never realized there were so many car hoarders out there in that dry country. Many of them don’t have more than a handful of cars and some have big fenced in commercial type yards of them. If you want anything from old iron, the cars are there and for sale. I have my eye on a ’57 Pontiac in Loop. If the pc police were turned loosed though, these cars wouldn’t exist. They’re not hurting too bad since they have little rain, not as intense sun or heat as we have in my parts and nobody is being threatened in any way for them to sit there. I recently saw a complete Anglia and had some daydreams on the spot. When yall get ready for some pieces or parts or whole cars from the wayback machine, let me know. I can put you in touch with many “hoarders”. They’re always ready to talk about them.

            Just last week I was hauling around some out of the way places and saw several hoarders in my parts that had several cars, many of them tarped, on their property. You can see some from my front door, about 50 feet away……and I don’t have any neighbors you can see. Looking out the kitchen window, I just realized I need to take the new tarp I bought yesterday and change the old one out. Complain all you want. Anybody in these parts would laugh at you.


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