Deconstructing Bloomberg

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The Mayor of NY says:asshole bloomberg

“I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom.” (He made the statement during discussion of his soda ban — just shot down by the courts.)

If he were honest, this vile little creep would have said, ” I do think there are certain times I should infringe on your freedom.”

Because that’s what he really means. “We” is a dodge, a sleight-of-hand. It’s not “we,” Bloomberg. It’s you.  And other people like you.

People who think they have a “right” to order other people around. To threaten to cage – even kill – them, if they resist.

Bloomberg and his ilk are thugs. And should be regarded as such – and dealt with as such.


  1. Bloomberg is best understood as an alien being known as a Soul. He’s a high ranking extraterrestrial psychic parasite who destroys our free will while technologically assimilating all of the inhabitants of this planet.

    He believes himself to be benevolently and humanely improving us lowly human savages through his covert operations and panopticons intended to achieve absolute global hegemony.

    To the Bloombergs, we are mere hosts fortunate to be infused with the likes of him, an ancient race of symbiodespotic beings who call themselves “Souls”.

    • The thing about creatures such as he is they are cowards – the flip side of being a bully.

      Bloomberg would never have the balls to try to force another man to refrain from having a soda – or attempt to take away his gun. No, the little creep hides behind his Praetorian Guard and gets them to do his dirty work.

      I’ve met his type. I’m sure most of those here have as well. They are invariably mealy-mouthed, soft-fleshed types… who couch their lust to violence in the language of “we” should do (or need) this – and so on. Posturing as “liberal” and “concerned.”

      I’ve learned to immediately recognize such a person for what he is. A little Bloomberg who dearly hopes one day to be a big Bloomberg.

      The urge to break their jaw is hard to tamp down.

      • You’re absolutely right. The thing about Praetorian Guards is they’re always shape-shifting, now they include Grandmother Garrisons even!

        My own Mother is one sad to say, may Thor have mercy on her. Lately she’s a volunteer Guardian ad Litem in NC. Barely even able to walk from A to B, but yet eager to play her part in the evil enslavement system that claims to be noble and community minded, but in reality is despotic and predatory.

        Tough love for the deadbeat Dads, and mandatory contributions or else a beatdown and lockup by your Community Mafia, all for the childruns of course.

        Charlotte NC – Guardian ad Litem – Recruitment Video

        Everything is so insidiously corrupt and thoroughly hopeless, the truth sets you free, but free to do what, I sometimes wonder?

  2. Herr Bloomberg is the smylere with the knyf under the cloke!

    The Knight’s Tale – Geoffrey Chaucer (b.1343 – d.1400)(adapted from Teseida Delle Nozze di Emilia – Giovanni Boccaccio)

    There I first saw the dark imaginings
    of felony, and all the scheming;
    the cruel ire, red as any glowing coal,
    the pick-purse, and yes pale dread;
    the smiler with the knife under the cloak,

    the stable burning with the black smoke;
    the treason and the murder in the bed;
    the open war with wounds blood-covered;
    strife, with bloody knife and sharp menace.

    All full of groaning was that sorry place.

    The slayer of himself, yet I saw there –
    his heart-blood covered all his hair –
    the nail driven in the forehead by night;
    the cold death, with upward gaping mouth.

    And in the temple sat misfortune
    with discomfort and sorry countenance.

    And I saw madness, laughing in his rage,
    armed complaint, outcry and fierce outrage;
    the corpses in the woods, with throats cut;
    a thousand slain, and not killed by plague;
    the tyrant with the prey removed by force,
    the town destroyed, there was no thing left.

    And I saw the burnt ships dancing in the storm

    – – –

    Bolded Text – The Original Verion

    The smylere with the knyf under the cloke;

    Yet saugh I Woodnesse, laughynge in his rage,
    Armed Compleint, Outhees and fiers Outrage;
    The careyne in the busk, with throte ycorve;
    A thousand slayn, and nat of qualm ystorve;
    The tiraunt, with the pray of force yraft,
    The toun destroyed, there was no thyng laft.

    Knight’s Tale – The Age of Armour

    – – –

    Bloomberg is the “smiler with the knife under the cloak.” When Jews and Christians admit their major role in World Wars and Holocausts serving their “Dear Leaders”, then we may begin anew to enjoy peace and prosperity.

    When Americans/New Yorkers/Jews/Christians disavow the Bloombergs and unite in saying publicly and unequivocally “He Is Not One Of Us!” then we will see the ongoing tsunamis of hatred, plunder, and incarceration begin to recede.

  3. No kidding, Eric. He makes my skin crawl, looking at him is like looking at old people get it on. Maybe its a good thing he is so outspoken as it shows how much of a busybody, statist, authoritarian, elitist, control freak he really is. Any other adjectives?

    • It seems like he thinks he is a king.
      I read about his house in the Bahamas, the way he goes there often, his reputation there, and especially how his body guards get special exception to carry guns.
      How is he not a modern day king?

      King of the Clovers! … And a jerk.

      The way his life in the Bahamas reads, he certainly comes across as having loyalties other than towards regular people here in the unitedstate. Why would New Yorker’s care though, right? They’ve got more important things to focus on,… such as… ?

    • Terrorist.

      Let’s stop using sugar-coated titles like “thug” and “elitist” and “control freaks” for these fucking animals. They are Terrorists.


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