Ecoboost Ford Engines Being Investigated

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DETROIT (AP) — The federal government is investigating Ford F-150 pickups with EcoBoost engines after drivers reported that the engines lost power during acceleration.

The government estimates around 400,000 F-150 pickups from the 2011 through 2013 model years are involved.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received 95 reports of engines losing power during hard acceleration, such as when passing. The incidents often occurred in rainy or humid weather. NHTSA has no reports of crashes or injuries.

NHTSA says Ford told dealers how to fix the issue but hasn’t alerted owners. NHTSA investigations often lead to recalls.

Ford owners in Ohio and Louisiana recently sued Ford in federal court, claiming the EcoBoost engine is defective because it loses power during acceleration.

The Dearborn, Mich., automaker says it’s cooperating with the investigation

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  1. the problem is condensation in the intercoolers and blow-by in the PCV system, both of which are common among turbo engines. The fix is a 1/16th weep hole in the lowest portion of the intercooler on the driver side and an oil catch can in the PCV system.

  2. I dont do clover passing either,sure those things do good,but they are not super cars-my pet peeves are the Toyota Guys(or gals)for some reason they have to get around this old dodge,but if I’m paying attention they have a rough time of it,in town the younger and faster yuppie chicks used to really get my goat and on occasion I shut them down,I hate to be a sore a$$,but if people are courteous,I ‘ll will go out of my way to help them.but the Clover that passes then slows down makes me see red.The Guy with big bucks shouldnt think He is top of the heap,dont these little microbeds,just get your goat?If a person wants a van they should buy a van,I spied a brand new interesting GM at Lowes yesterday(dealer provided)didnt go to investigate but should have,be safe my friend-Kevin

    • kevin, it’s probably both. If not trucking, I’m driving a pickup to get in a truck. The patch is full of new Ford’s, probably because they’re cheap compared to GM and don’t have the electronic issues of Dodge. Friday a guy in one comes up behind me in the ubiquitous crew cab ultra-short(useless)bed half ton Ford and goes around me. I’m doing about 69 in a 65 work zone and am just waiting to catch up to 3 tankers doing about 60, close to each other. I know the PSL is about to change to 75 at which point I’ll put the cruise on 80 after I pass the trucks. We run along till Mr. Speedy in the Ford feels he can pass after we’ve been through a couple places I would have passed if not for him. He finally pulls out and nails it, gets to nearly the front of the first truck, sees traffic about a mile away heading out way, backs out of it and resumes behind the line of trucks. What a genius I’m thinking the whole time. Next time there’s a clear view he doesn’t go right away so I mat the old 2005 Chevy 3/4 T 4WD ext. cab I’m driving and reel him and the big rigs in and leave it against the speed limiter(96) till I’m past the lead truck, back out and click the cruise at 80. They eventually all disappear. We get to the next work zone that’s replete with county sheriff SUV’s every morn and eve during rush hour so I slow to 65 since they’re pretty anal and low and behold, here comes Mr. slow Ford…..finally made the pass. He passes me at about 75 or 80 and I welcome it since they won’t look at me but him when he gets down there in a couple miles where they like to wait and get traffic from both directions so it’s double fine in the work zone. I guess Mr. Anal has a victim already since he’s not there and it’s prime time. He’s probably near Sterling City with a victim. I was sorta hoping Mr. Clover would find him and I could see the fun. Oh well, at least I can drink my beer in relative peace. This plays out nearly every day. And that day I had a SuperDuty pull right out in front of me after I’d passed clover and trucks and I turned on my lights and hit the bright button. It’s pisses me off to play those games. I see all this exhaust start spewing(this is really common to the Fords)so he’s trying to not get run over and it just keeps spewing and he’s slowly reaching the 80mph mark I’m set on cruise but he just can’t/won’t make it quite to 80 so I once again nail the old Chevy and pass him and drop back immediately to cruise speed and low and behold, he’s now gong well over 80. He finally decides he’ll go back to his speed and not run me over. This gets old every single day. The patch is eaten up with clovers and generally bad drivers. I don’t give a dam what speed somebody else wants to drive, just don’t play those stupid games in front of ME. Play with some other clover. I try to shrug it off and it helps to have a Shiner Bohemian Black to ease my ire.

      This same scenario plays out every day, many times for the most part when I’m driving a big rig. I just turn on the brights and never lift. At least they have some self-preservation and do the spewing exhaust thing till I”m not right on their bumper. I wish I could say the same for vac truck drivers who evidently don’t even see other trucks. What ever road they’re on is their personal driveway and they’ll pull out right in front of you and then laboriously achieve their 60 mph till they get a few to too many miles down the road and then start slowing. The give a signal when they can remember I guess or some just don’t know where it is and hang on the brakes for half a mile to come to sometimes a complete stop in the road cause they don’t see a water spigot open and they’re in no hurry to get in line, traffic behind them(as if they knew or cared)be damned. If the Pete had a rack of TOW’s on top I’d have to keep a re-stock on hand every day.

      I guess I got off the Ford thing but it all becomes the same countless times a day every damned day. Driver’s Ed. indeed. It’s something that really needs to be addressed where I drive.


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