Whistleblower: by Edward Snowden

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Juice Media puts out videos under the name Rap News and many of them really are outstanding (even if you don’t like rap you should appreciate this video).  A link to their page is HERE.

The Obama “I Have A Drone” video from a few months back was my favorite until their latest “Whistleblower” by Snow-den.

“By The Power of Greenwald!”



  1. This video is pretty good.

    The Obama administration is desperate to get its hands on Mr Snowden before he reveals any more secrets, reports BBC Washington correspondent Paul Adams.Source: BBC

    I wonder why?

    They say Prism cannot be used to intentionally target any Americans or anyone in the US, and that it is supervised by judges.

    I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

    It is heartening to see political asylum still available in some places on Earth.


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