Obama is “Firearms Salesman of the Year.”

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Firearms production has nearly tripled since 2000

Kurt Nimmo
February 24, 2014

Collectable-Arms-Ammo-2Earlier this month, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives released figures from 2012on firearms manufacturing.

The Annual Firearms Manufacturers and Export Report shows more than 8.57 million guns were made in the U.S in 2012, a 31 percent increase from the prior year and almost triple from 2000. The report is delayed a year because of the Trade Secrets Act.

Government stats reveal the Obama administration has served as a boon to the gun industry. More than 26 million firearms were manufactured in the United States since the election of Obama. That overshadows the 25.5 million guns produced during the entire eight years of the Bush administration. The tally during Obama’s reign will likely surpass that of the Clinton administration when 33 million guns were produced.

“The numbers reflect growing consumer demand. Wait until you see the data for 2013. The reason for increasing demand is multi-faceted but surely is driven by concern that state and federal legislation would infringe on the Second Amendment,” Lawrence G. Keane, Senior Vice President, Assistant Secretary & General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation told Guns.com.

A number of state legislatures have reacted to efforts by the federal government to seriously hamper the Second Amendment. The latest bill was passed in Missouri. The Second Amendment Preservation Act, which declares federal gun laws null and void in the state, passed the Missouri Senate on a 23-10 vote last week.

Legislators in the state also proposed a constitutional amendment that would define the right to bear arms as “unalienable” and require Missouri to defend against any infringement of the Second Amendment.

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    • I think all their Reichstag Fires are designed not just to increase their control but also boost demand. Buy now, slave later.

      As soon as the terrers started on nineleven, the first thing the Chimp said was:

      “Federal agencies will be open for business tomorrow. Our financial institutions remain strong, and the American economy will be open for business as well.”

      The Chimp

      “We must also work together to achieve important goals for the American people here at home. This work begins with keeping our economy growing. I encourage you all to go shopping more.”

    • Yes, it does seem like it was their plan all along.

      Now, with so many people owning these defensive tools, instead of many charges being something simple like domestic disturbance, the charge can be upped, the fines are upped, revenue to the state increases and the jails remain filled.

      It seems that way with the pot laws in Colorado and Washington state as well.

      Colorado House Passes Marijuana DUI Bill

      “Giving law enforcement the tools they need […] * Testing on drivers will require a blood draw” …


      Do you suppose revenue from arresting drivers under the influence of alcohol is down so maybe they need to Up the numbers? They’ve got to keep those jails filled, it’s their Puritanical duty. A witches brew, they see in you.

      Another common thread to all this and other trends is that individuals are constantly lead to spend rather than save their income.

      Even the news about the droughts in the West are causing people to stock up on canned goods and fill their freezers in anticipation of higher prices and lower supply of vegetables and meats.
      I read a comment the other day, guy says, “I was just finished buying everything I needed to survive a natural disaster and I thought I could save some money now, but what with these droughts, I guess I’m off to the grocery store to stock up.”

      And the cattle drive continues… with a deer drive here and there.

      How The Minimum Wage Helps To Strengthen Government’s Grip on Everyone

      “Government’s fangs are ready for some new blood, and there are definitely more controls in the hopper (for all of us) that are sure to follow.”


      The above article highlights why it’s a bad idea to pile on the bandwagon of heaping scorn on those who are on Welfare and say things like, “If they are on Welfare they should be sterilized, or drug tested, and things like that.

      As Chris Rossini notes, “Here’s an important takeaway: While the government has its venomous fangs in you (and the rest who comprise one of the largest Welfare States in the world) the controls are not limited just for you. The controls and regulations are for all Americans.”


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