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WESTBURY, NY — A special police task force has been created to snoop in on property owners and make sure that they aren’t allowing guests to stay in their homes without government approval.

Homeowners in the Long Island community of Westbury (pop. 15,000) have had their private property rights abridged to the point where they cannot even make autonomous decisions about what happens inside their own homes.

The police “Housing Enforcement Unit” will abide by an “aggressive zero tolerance” policy for homeowners who allow so-called “illegal tenants” in their homes.

The cops will sweep through communities and conduct housing inspections “without notice.”

A presentation given at a town hall meeting included a prop explaining the changes. That poster included the following statement: “Modify Search Warrant Law to Eliminate Prior Notice. Aggressively Use Warrants and Housing Sweeps on a Regular Basis — DONE!”

Mayor Peter Cavallaro claims that allowing property owners to make their own rules “victimizes the community as a whole.”

Westbury Village Justice Thomas Liotti backwardly argued that it was homeowners exercising their own freedom hurting “property rights” — not the government’s micromanaging of their own living space.

One resident, Perry Esposito, told a News-12 reporter that he doesn’t think its fair that his neighbors can take on a tenant to help them pay their exorbitant taxes, which can be in excess of $9,000.00 per year.

The town is dispersing fliers detailing to residents how they can snitch on their neighbors to the police.

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  1. “victimizing the community as a whole” “we want people to have affordable housing that’s legal” Man o man what are these people on? How is a mutual voluntary agreement between adults “victimizing” anyone? Just mind blowing.

  2. Wow, that “news” segment includes not even the slightest nod toward considering whether there might be two sides to the issue! Like, maybe being a property owner confers some slight amount of discretion as to who is staying in your home? Not even a possibility to be considered and dismissed, according to “Action 12 news”. But they DO helpfully inform viewers that they have all the relevant phone numbers on their website for anyone who wants to snitch on their neighbors.

    I sincerely hope that, when the cops come pounding on the door, at least one homeowner has the balls to tell them to FUCK OFF!!

  3. In the US and UK the people enjoy great comfort, luxury, and ease. But at the cost of being the chattel property of rich men.

    Once you consent to your arranged marriage to the great association of rich men, you will only be their concubine. All consenters are concubines. And isn’t that the fate of a woman?

    Raise the Red Lantern – click on CC and turn English On

  4. Might be stating the obvious, but these “crackdowns” are directed at the Air B&B business. Maybe Perry’s getting word from the union rank and file hotel employees that business is down…

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  6. I saw where you noted that in 48 states it is illegal to sell direct to consumers without going through dealerships.

    I have seen this statistic in various places, but cannot find the info I am looking for, which is: what are the two states where this practice is NOT illegal? I wonder if you know?

    Thanks for the help

    Direct is the model of the future.

  7. Union Facts Perry Esposito Lodge 447 – $137,277 per year

    Walking Dead Machinists Group Photo, Lodge 447

    Perry Esposito LI Fed of Labor

    Perry Esposito Business Rep Machinists Union District 15

    Our situation would be far worse without the help and support I got from my union, having friends like Perry Esposito who left the safety and comfort of his own home to help my family is very moving and we’ll never forget it.

    Little prison shacks made of ticky tacky, built by union labor, soulless zombies, empty minds made out of ticky tacky and they all walk just the same

  8. I am not sure I understand the problem.

    Bob owns a home in this community. (or at least pays his protection money, err I mean his taxes on time)

    Bob decides to let part of his home to one or more individuals at an amount agreed to between Bob and the unnamed individual(s).

    I am assuming that these individual(s) (or Bob) are not vandalizing any neighbors’ property or attacking other people in the area.

    1What harm is being committed by some individuals in the community subletting their home to one or more individuals?

    2Who is being harmed by the practice of subletting.

    3How is the amount of property taxes related to the issue of subletting ones home?

    I guess they never saw The More the Merrier (1943)


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