Get Ready For North Korean-Style Wailing For Slain Vegas Heroes

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Motive Sought in Las Vegas Shooting

Motive Sought in Las Vegas Shooting

The attack at a CiCi’s Pizza restaurant Sunday killed Officers Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31, who are both husbands and fathers. One of the shooters yelled, “This is a revolution,” but a motive remains under investigation, Las Vegas police spokesman Larry Hadfield told The Associated Press.

“It’s a tragic day,” Sheriff Doug Gillespie said at a news conference Sunday afternoon. “But we still have a community to police, and we still have a community to protect. We will be out there doing it with our heads held high, but with an emptiness in our hearts.”

For added safety, officers who normally work alone will be paired up with another officer for a time, Gillespie said.

The deadly rampage in the aging shopping center about five miles northeast of the Las Vegas Strip took place in a matter of minutes. Police were called at 11:22 a.m. to the pizzeria, where one of the officers was able to fire back at his assailants. It’s unclear whether he hit them, Gillespie said.

Shots were reported five minutes later at a nearby Wal-Mart, where the shooters gunned down a person just inside the front door and exchanged gunfire with police before killing themselves, police said.

The female suspect shot the male suspect before killing herself, Gillespie said. The victim’s identity hasn’t been confirmed, and the suspects’ names haven’t been released.

Both officers were pronounced dead at University Medical Center. Beck had been with the department since 2001 and leaves behind a wife and three children. Soldo had been with the force since 2006 and is survived by a wife and baby, police said.

He was described as a good father and a “great guy” by his sister-in-law, Colleen Soldo of Beatrice, Nebraska. She said he attended high school in Lincoln, Nebraska, and previously worked as a corrections officer.

Sheree Burns, 48, told the Las Vegas Sun she was eating at the restaurant, seated just behind the two officers.

A man came up to one of the officers and shot him in the head, Burns said. She said she ducked under her table but peeked up and saw the other officer being shot.

She said the man took an officer’s handgun and the two attackers fled.

Pauline Pacheco was shopping at Wal-Mart when she saw the armed man and grabbed her father to escape, KLAS-TV reported.

“We saw when the man was walking, he was shouting, yelling bad words, and suddenly he had a gun,” she told the station. “It was terrible, it was terrible. That man was crazy.”

Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill said the male suspect yelled “everyone get out” before shooting at Wal-Mart. The suspects then walked to the back of the store.

Gov. Brian Sandoval said in a statement he was devastated by the murders of the two officers and an innocent bystander in an “act of senseless violence.”

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  1. Illuminati-Created “Demons” to Blame for Vegas Police Shootings

    “I’m an atheist. How am I supposed to understand the force you say is behind these killings?”

    “If you are a complete materialist, then you can’t understand it. If not, then I recommend you think of this force as the spirit of predation, always needing blood, like a wolf or a lion, or some other ravening beast, but unnaturally so. These killings are not Green Man/Fertility Rites. Quite the opposite. These instances of predation comprise a serial ritual, accomplished for purposes of blackening, not greening; for worldwide sterility, not fertility; for the thanatos metropolis, not the verdant earth.”

    Was the 60’s Golden Age of Rock a Psyop?

    Dr. John Coleman (former MI6) has shown that the Beatles were largely a Tavistock creation. When they first arrived at JFK International Airport, the TV networks treated them as if they were royalty or the Pope; the screaming teenage girls were reportedly bussed in and paid to put on an act;

    the Beatles were put on the covers of Life and Newsweek. Of course, they then became the cultural icons of the sixties–pushing drugs, free sex, and revolution. “Go ahead, guys, grow your hair long–that’s what pretty girls want: long-haired drugged-up revolutionaries.”

    I do agree that some of the hits of 60s rock groups were probably written for them. One possible clue to this: some of these groups would have a fantastic top 40 hit, but when you bought the album, all the other songs would be junk.

    • “Demons”

      I don’t buy it at all. It’s just another way to defer blame from the individual’s actions. Were they influenced by a certain culture? Probably. But ultimately the choice was theirs alone.

      “60’s Psyop”

      What is the motivation? The degradation of traditional family values? That, I can believe. These values tend to create strong willed, self reliant individuals. Individuals who question and create and solve problems on their own. Can’t have that if the plan is to come to fruition.

      • Back when I was young we had a couple of kids in the neighborhood who were breaking into beach cottages. When they got caught, they told their parents they were just playing “It Takes a Thief” and “Mission Impossible”, twp popular TV shows at that time.

        Back when I was still an indentured servant for the USAF, the written form of the RPG “Dungeons & Dragons” was all the rage. We had otherwise “normal” young men spending their disposable income on the books and dice needed to play. They ate, slept and breathed it and were more caught up in their D&D characters than they were in their real lives. This was well before the Internet as we now know it (the Radio Shack TRS-80 was the pinnacle of personal computing at that time).

        A few years back, I was listening to the Mancow morning radio show when some nitwit called in all distraught after seeing the movie Avatar. He thought the fictional planet Pandora was so beautiful that living on Earth now sucked and he wanted to commit suicide. Obviously that movie didn’t affect him…

        On another occasion, we went to a fireworks display with some friends on the 4th. The local radio station was hosting the event and played an Elvis song. This woman who was in her late forties with a masters degree in education went “Ohhhh, Elllllvis!” and virtually swooned into some kind of Elvis induced trance. I’ve never seen anything like it.

        Naw, TV and music don’t influence kids; and especially not video games or the Internet. Not on your life. Hell, two 12 year old girls wouldn’t stab their friend 19 times just to impress some fictional internet character named Slenderman. Ohhh…that’s right…they already did that.

        I realize these are just anecdotal snippets from my limited life experience with no sound scientific basis. But I’ve seen enough of this idiocy and idol worship to know that most of the genus Boobus Americanus are easily influenced by popular media, sports and music. They seem quite eager to imitate whatever “culture” the PTB present to them even if it means their own demise. I just wish I wasn’t riding in the same handbasket with them…

  2. Obama praises Australia’s gun control laws

    The Australians were unable to respond, because their mouths were otherwise occupied servicing Queen Elizabeth’s decrepit old pussy.

    In the United British and Muslim Kingdoms, subjects aren’t expected to do much except say yes sire and collect checks from the sales of natural resources to the industrial and productive nations.

    Brits have India doing all the production at slave wages.

    America and Germany type nations will do all the difficult shit stuff, you Ausfags just go ahead and have some more tea and crumpets.

    • Due respect, Tor, I think you’re being a little harsh to the Aussies.
      Not all of them wanted gun control, and some died fighting it… (Crocodile dundee, for example – the character was based on a real person.)

      Problem is, there, as Nazi Germany, as Soviet Russia, as in the USSA/Amerikastan – most people are too busy “living their lives” to actually pay attention to the writing on the walls.

      But the words of the prophets
      Are written on the subway walls –
      And ten’ment halls;

      And Echoed in the Sounds…. Of Silence.

      “Fools,” said I, “You do not know –
      Silence like a cancer grows.
      Hear my words that I might teach you.
      Take my arms that I might reach you.”
      But my words like silent raindrops fell
      And echoed in the wells of silence

      (Out-of-order excerpts from Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence)

  3. Maybe it kind of boils down to being Sir Richard Harris in “A Man Called Horse”

    You’ve been kidnapped by these savage Americans, you don’t speak their violent collectivist language.

    Do you spend you life hopelessly trying to impart English manners and customs to brutalist subsistence people without dignity or conception of live and let live?

    Or do you take two shoshone chiefs scalps and earn your place in the Dakota tribe?

    These two had makeup. They had weapons. They could have disguised themselves as just two superheroes on their way to work. Stolen a car. Killed the two heroes, made their getaway and driven to their secondary auto far away from the scene of the ambush.

    They could have started over in Phoenix, or wherever and never spoken a word about what they did. Warriors recognize warriors, you don’t have to boast or breathe a word of what you did.

    Maybe things will turn around settle down. Or maybe civilization takes a step back. We make a few friends we trust and crash on the floor of a common dwelling teepee style.

    All you need is a squaw and a blanket. And to pass some agreed-to test of manhood or tribal placement. It might be better to live a simple life like a man, than some kind of forced artificial borg exisence in a dehumanized borg prison cube.

  4. These two bits bear repeating, if for anything, for posterities sake:

    “- In the initial news story and story comments, the story was that Joseph Wilcox was able to wound the couple before the police arrived. Not surprisingly, that part is being left out now, to credit the police with stopping the crime.”

    “Nothing is more important in a police state than the convenience of authorities. Everything else has to cater to their important work of standing around and clocking countless hours of overtime doing nothing.”

    Yup, “Nothing is more important in a police state than the convenience of authorities.” – How Very rank. And oh so Very true.

  5. Timeline of shootings of Vegas officers, shopper

    – In the initial news story and story comments, the story was that Joseph Wilcox was able to wound the couple before the police arrived. Not surprisingly, that part is being left out now, to credit the police with stopping the crime.

    “A SHOPPER’S CONFRONTATION: Minutes later, the Millers enter the store, and Jerad Miller fires a single shot, telling shoppers to get out and saying this is a revolution and police are on their way. Joseph Wilcox, 31, standing in line and armed with a concealed weapon, sees them and tells a friend he is going to confront them. He moves toward Jerad Miller, not realizing Amanda Miller is with him. As he starts to confront the man, Amanda Miller shoots him in the ribs.”

    After a crime or car accident with injuries the police often block off large swaths of the city and detain people for many hours on end. Probably thousands in this case were held, or were unable to retrieve their vehicles from the parking lot.

    Nothing is more important in a police state than the convenience of authorities. Everything else has to cater to their important work of standing around and clocking countless hours of overtime doing nothing.

    • We’ll also never know if they were on any MAOI inhibitors or other prescription medication. Note just about every school shooting involves children on meds that have some dangerous side effects re: “tell your doctor if you’ve had thoughts of suicide.” But because the nightly news is nearly 100% sponsored by drug companies it is rarely mentioned. In fact, I’m amazed the fact that the kid in LA was under psychiatric care was mentioned at all, but of course it was drowned out by the #yesallwomen BS.

      One wonders if the drug makers got a pass on “thoughts of murder or manslaughter” when coming up with the list of side effects.

  6. The Las Vegas police shooters were stopped by a guy who was conceal carrying. He had neutralized the guy but didn’t realize he wasn’t alone.

    The citizen ended up being shot by the woman who was there, because he didn’t realize there were two of them.

    The guy ended up wounding the shooters, before the wife was able to kill them. Most likely, many more people would have been killed, had it not been for the first responder. As usual, the first responder is the person there on the scene. An ordinary guy with his own personal firearm.


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