Today’s Dog-Murdering Heroes

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Mello and Laylo, both killed by the St. Paul SWAT. (Source: KMSP)

ST. PAUL, MN — A SWAT team left a family traumatized and mourning the loss of two beloved family pets that were abruptly gunned down in their living room during a surprise morning raid.  In the wake of their devastation, police walked away with enough evidence to issue a $200 ticket.

At approximately 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 9th, the home of Camille Perry and Larry Lee Arman was breached with a battering ram, and strange men charged in with rifles and opened fire on their pets.

Mr. Arman, owner of a towing business, says he was laying asleep when he heard the front door breached and then the gunfire.

“The first thing I heard was ‘boom,’” he recalled to KMSP. “Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop. Right in front of us.”

Larry Lee Arman demonstrates where he was during the violent raid. (Source: KMSP)

“I was laying right here, and I really thought I was being murdered,” Mr. Arman recalled.

Arman’s girlfriend Camille, who is 8-months pregnant, ran frantically to protect their two sons, ages 4 and 7.   She contends that the sleeping children were directly in line with the attacks from police, as they shot her dog as it retreated.

“The gunshots scared the living daylights out of me, and knowing that they were in such close range of the dog and where we were laying with my kids made it worse,” Perry said to the Pioneer Press. “Our oldest dog actually ran back to protect us in front of the bed and they kept shooting her, even though we were laying right there.”

When the gun smoke cleared, it was evident that the invaders were members of the St. Paul SWAT team.

The hail of bullets unleashed into their two pet dogs, Mellow and Laylo, had killed them both.  Blood was splattered all over the living room, staining the carpet and a pair of shoes.

“One was running for her life, and they murdered her right here,” Mr. Arman said to KMSP.

Larry Lee Arman's broken door after experiencing a battering ram.  (Source: KMSP)

Officers proceeded to tear the house apart for hours.  Besides the two dead dogs, the extensive damages included multiple broken doors, broken door frames, and walls with the insulation and vents ripped out.  All damages were left to the homeowner to cover.

The 4-year-old son was quoted as innocently asking, “Did you see all the soldiers?”

Arman and Perry were left scratching their heads as to why they were targeted.  Mr. Arman admits that he uses marijuana recreationally, but there was no need to breach his door and shoot up his home.

The warrant stated that police were to seize drugs and weapons.  The officer responsible for providing the supporting affidavit to acquire the search warrant was Officer Matthew Severance.

The police recovered a water pipe and some marijuana residue.  According to Minnesota law, small amounts of marijuana are considered petty misdemeanors, and are punished with at $200 fine.  Cops also made off with some of Arman’s clothes and some of his cash.

The community was wholly shocked at the SWAT teams actions, appalled at the deaths of dogs that were “full of love,” according to neighbors, and then dumped on the side of the road like “pieces of meat.”

Police claimed their lives were in danger from the pets, who were “an immediate threat to officers” performing official government business.  There has been no indication that the department sees anything wrong with the raid or that anyone involved might be fired or disciplined in any way.  This was by the book.

See an interview conducted with the family by KMSP-TV:



  1. Becoming quite the sport for the ultra armored “no knock” assholes looking for pot.

    The victim should consider himself lucky he didn’t have pet mice. His whole house and the neighbors would have been shot up by the highly trained screaming men with assault rifles.

    • HA! Kick ass comment, Garysco. And, So True.

      The victim Should consider himself lucky he didn’t have pet mice.

      Fucking mice in pockets are the cause of sooo much trouble.

      Anyway, I had this bit I wanted to post,… maybe this is the spot?

      A Very relevant scene from the first episode of The Beverly Hillbillies you all might like:

      Cousin Pearl says,… after rushing into the cabin right after the brakes went out in the old jalopy Jethro was steering, on the account of someone complained the brakes was giving trouble, so he took ’em out,… that’s why they weren’t there…

      Cousin Pearl says,”Jeb.”

      Jeb says, “Yeah?:”

      Cousin Pearl says, “Jeb, Cousin Ellie May come runnin’ over ta my place and she says you sold the swamp ta some oil company!?”

      Jeb, “Well, yeah. I guess I did.”

      [Fast forward a bit…]

      Cousin Pearl asks, “Grannie, how much they gonna pay ’em!?

      Jeb says, “All right! I’ll tell ya! He said around somewhere tween twenty-five and a hundred.”

      Cousin Pearl asks, “Twenty five and a hundred!?”

      Jeb says, rather agitated, “I know it don’t sound like much, but Mr. Bruester seemed to set great store by the fact he was gonna pay me in some New kind of Dollar!

      Cousin Pearl says, “They ain’t No New Kind of Dollar!”

      Jeb says,”Well. It’s New to me. I heard of Gold Dollars, Silver Dollars, Paper Dollars. But he said he was gonna pay me in… what’d he call ’em Grannie!?

      Grannie says: “Mill-ion Dollars.”

      [Fast forward a bit…]

      Cousin Pearl says, “Grannie, gimmie, The Jug!”

      Grannie says, “It’s empty. But I’ll fix sum.”

      Jeb says with an effort as if gettin’ Up is hard to do, “I’ll Go Grannie.”

      [Fast forward a bit…]

      Cousin Pearl says, “It meant, you’re Rich!”

      Jeb says, “Me?”

      Cousin Pearl says, “The richest man in [unintelligible] maybe in the whole state!?
      Oh, Jeb! You can have anything you wont! Do any-thing you wont! Go Any-place you wont!””

      Jeb says, “Yeah. That’s another thing he kept saying. He said I’d reckon I’d be moving away from here soon. …What do you think Pearl? You think I oughtta move?”

      Cousin Pearl says, “Jeb. How can you even ask? Look around you! You’re eight miles from your nearest neighbor! You’re over-run with: skunks, possums, coyotes,… boabcat.
      You use kerosene lamps for light! You cook on a wood stove! Summer And Winter! ! You’re drinkin’ homemade moonshine! Washin’ with home-made lye soap! And your bathroom Is Fifty Feet from The House! And you ask: “Should you move?”!

      Jeb says, “Yeeahhh. I reckon you’re right. … A man’d be a Danged fool to leave all this.”

      He walks away and out the door with a brown jug under his arm.

      [Transcribing is freaking hard to do. I hope you enjoyed the bit as much as I did seeing it.]

      That said. I agree with FerFal. At the Very least, Get close to the small towns.

      However: YMMV. Cause that Hillbilly set=up sure does seem nice. …Ride, Sally, ride. ?


      Wow, drinkin’, Washin’, oughtta, runnin’, and gimmie aren’t in the internet Spellcheck. I guess that Spellcheck bastard ain’t American? …Pardon my statist connotation there. Perhaps, “Americana” is a better way of saying it? Idk? At least it recognizes the word, ‘Ain’t’.
      Who the Hell programs the Internet Spellchecking thingie, anyway? Ozy?

      Crap, according to some writers, the empire isn’t folding until I’m old and the rest of you are 7′ under. …That’s such a fucking drag. I’m in the, “Let’s get it over with” camp. Only, the bastards at The Top have extended ‘Other Plans”.

      …I thought it’d be all over by now – LOng over – and we’d be going back Up by now on a path built by savings and productivity.
      I guess, …Every fucking minute a Sucker is born. The Empire can keep this shit up for twenty years more until I’m dead? And, The People are ok with that?

      Fuck You, Empire! And all the warmongering People who let you ride into town.

      Hang ’em High, eh?

  2. My guess as to why them? Revenge in a tattle-tale society. Someone got their car towed, was angry about it, and made a report. The cops smelled loot and used it.

  3. Again with “Officer Safety”.

    These SOBs should find another line of work if they are so afraid for there safety.

    Kick in doors, shoot animals and property, damage property, go home and get a commendation for a job well done.
    Perhaps I am in the wrong line of work.


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