Florida Heroes Gas Prisoner to Death

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Randall Jordan-Aparo was gassed to death in a Florida prison cell.

Randall Jordan-Aparo had been ill for weeks prior to his death, begging for medical attention as he increasingly grew weaker.

When he could barely breathe, walk or talk, he demanded that the prison’s nurses take him to the hospital. They allegedly refused, even after consulting by phone with doctors and other medical staff.

Jordan-Aparo became angry, and cursed the nurses, threatening “to sue their asses’’ if they didn’t get him to the hospital, records show.

The nurses called the guards, claiming Jordan-Aparo was being “rude.” The guards placed him in a steel-walled solitary-confinement cell.

“The next day, the captain comes down there and gasses him, and gasses him and gasses him,’’ Land told Miguel.

He was sprayed so much that photographs show the outline of his body surrounded by mustard-colored gas all over the cell walls.

The prison’s supervisors and guards fabricated reports saying that their use of chemical agents was justified because Jordan-Aparo was “causing a disturbance.’’ Land, who said he viewed video footage of the inmate’s last hours, said the inmate was too sick to cause a disturbance and that all he wanted was to go to the hospital.

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