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Over 100 teens swarm Memphis plaza, ‘knocking out’ shoppers

September 8, 2014

CBS affiliate WREG reported that three people are now recovering after a mob of teenagers ran through a busy shopping plaza, seemingly picking out customers and Kroger employees at random to attack.

A video of the incident has been shared with local news stations in the area and is quickly going viral. It shows a young adult lying still on the ground as others repeatedly kick him and stomp his head. Other are seen being chased or knocked to the ground.

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  1. I’m all for nature’s eugenic forces being liberated. I wish TX, AK, NH, or some sub national area would gain independence. Especially under a regional nationalist banner.

    If one small area could start preferring a single type of citizen, and keeping the not preferred type somewhere else in its territory separately, I think something might still be done.

    Maybe we might eugenically settle out as a few strains of “meriKans” such that we would look and behave in a definite mode of being homogenized just like Italians or French. With a symphonic harmony of voice cadence and public behavior.

    It would be loosely along racialish lines, but not old world style, as I envision it. More important is economic. At a minimum, it’d be like Jews, where you can marry into this or that Texan strain or out.

    How this happens, observe Israel and copy them. Say Texas secedes fully. Say they require only correct English from back in 1848 as its only national language, with no exceptions. That’s the last time they were sovereign, for those 10 glorious years after Mexico.

    Only provisions for those not liking this would be to start a subsecession within Texas so you can speak modern English, Spanish, Ebonics or what have you.

    There would be a visual common decency clause that would be strictly enforced. And nothing violent. So no animal fighting and duels and other things that used to happen in 1848, but not in the new TX, at least not right away.

    But most anything else behind closed doors and with no public visibility would be okay. Gamble all you like, but no signs, no ads or billboards. No bringing up things that aren’t considered commonly decent. Period. Posse horses are saddled up and at the ready. Maybe a law of authority would be: if you’re in authority, you must remain on your horse at all times, no exceptions.

    That would keep authority, so much as they’re even allowed, apart from regular folks in a clear easy to see manner. So many dreams of lesser statisms, so little time.

    This is a real face of some of the meriKuh underclass.

    Sometimes you can better repurpose these kinds of statist narratives when you’ve never seen a single second of footage of the visual art in question. This humble thing is Pennsatuckey after taking a beating according to the image search.

    I’ve never seen any kind of female beating. But I’ve heard talk about it or at least claims about it from these kind of hardluck gals, probably looking for sympathy in general and maybe in a specific case because every week or payday, the rent is due. I’m not a good judge of age, but she calls to mind young girls and juveniles of time past, although perhaps she is older.

    “He locked me in his bathroom at his place and yelled at me for hours. Said he was going to get some gasoline and light me on fire.” Sure am glad to live here now. You know, just the usual things, LOL.

    Months later, another tale: “he had me at his brothers house and told me he lit some bum on fire out in the alley.

    Now usually I enforce a kind of three strikes rule from the owning principles of the family, but hearing that kind of stuff inspired me to concoct a tale of her place needing long term renovation. You just can’t take chances with anyone who knows anyone like that, or even claims to.

    I saw lots of nice seeming kids that had lived in rough families or left early or encouraged to leave before being 18 like I was. I left mine early but it wasn’t so bad because my had rental property where I could live and work so long as I was working. I wasn’t quite 16 when this began. Coming from money of some sort, even if without the upper class trappings made things easier.

    In the Upper Midwest, this didn’t seem to happen as much, I imagine cause those states are somewhat socialist in some regards. But it sure is common here in Vegas. Until a few years ago, there were only the church charities, they’ve just started public dole inroads now. Times are tougher now too of course.

    Lots of orange new blackers here. Low paid workers. Faces of proles in the bar. Half of them undocumented and getting their healthcare if any in some kind of unmarked office by a man whose business is by reputation, he has no shingle or title as far as anybody knows. For $54, you get a fancier ID card than your state ID, and you cross into Mexico where everything is much much cheaper. And medications are just handed to you, if you have the money, as it should be.

    Most of the meriKah TV False God Worship is about not looking at who you really are. How you really live. What your life is like. Better to fantasize all meriKah is rich, good looking, with great smiles and great clothes, homes, cars, and jobs.

    There is a strict rule where I live, not to discuss reducing the number of cable channels, internet speed for skypeing family, or any of that.

    There I’m told “it’s bad enough you’ve let us get this poor, I’m not giving anymore things up, I like the few luxuries I still have, and I won’t let any more of them be taken away.”

    With everyone in prison, jail, county holding, parole, probation, executed, on the lam, or in the system for one crime or another – often serious, but with no incarceration, at what point is the merikah flag color really just prison jumpsuit orange?

  2. The thing I wonder is, do we all have a goobernment spook assigned to each and every one of us? You know, like they do it Scotland? …And maybe they don’t tell us.
    Gooberment transparency, and all that, ya know.
    Who knows?
    The goobernment sure as Heck doesn’t.
    I mean, they don’t Even know how many People they employ, let alone what they all do.
    Act Up,… and see? …Maybe you’ll find out life in the USa is just like life in the GRD or USSR?

  3. you unrepentant shitters are all doomed

    This is why I also carry items assymetrical and of seemingly nontacticality:

    Surveillance footage from Chicago hero’s raid on Jianqing “Jennifer” Klyzek’s Tanning Spa in the 1000 block of Milwaukee Avenue. NSFWBYOB(aton)

    The footage shows a hero standing behind the petite woman slapping her in the head while another threatens to hit her with a Taser “10 fucking times.”

    Another hero then gets in her face and begins to shout at her. “You’re not a fucking American,” the hero continues. “I’ll put you in a UPS box and send you back to wherever the fuck you came from!”

    This hero killed his wife, called it a suicide. No investigation done. Picture of killer two hours beforehand with his “suicidal” wife.

    Ms. O’Connell had broken up with officer friendly and was packing to move out when she shot herself with his service weapon. That’s the usual thing of course – the one doing the dumping commits suicide.

    The Real Face of the War on Drugs

    – It’s the system not the people, that are declining. I remember. As a kid every movie was about frivolous sex and drugs. Full nudity and drug use was on display every weekend night after 10:30 on small town network TV even. It’s the state moral system that rips families apart. And encourages single parenting to maximize welfare loot. What moral system under attack are any of you possibly hallucinating about.

    Now everything even mildly taboo is blurred and bleeped, and every storyline is about shaping up to be a soldier, politician, cop, viceless dogooder, maybe all 4. You don’t even see kissing or cig smoking anymore. Just problems reactions and moralistic state solutions that compound the growing misery and individual impoverishment.

    You’re dressing the wrong guys up in the Jesus costume.

      • Thanks Helot. Those types of videos and pics, and the logical reframing of them by Eric, is what’s been getting him the most views and comments on the internet, reddit mostly.

        We’re talking many millions of worldwide views and upvote clicks and comments by readers of Bad Cop No Donut, Libertarian, Conspiracy and others. I don’t know the scale of it compared to Eric’s already massive traffic.

        I only know that in and of itself, it’s more than enough people to pay the bills here and put some food on Eric and Dom’s tables besides. If only they weren’t all cuckoo birds who don’t bring anyone the morning worm, but instead fly about cruising for vulnerable nests to land in and start freeloading on.

        The question is, what’s in all that traffic for Eric. Is it all cuckoos? He gets zero dollars per click and zero dollars per comment on his articles. Reddit never has any ads that I see, except one thanking me whenever I don’t use adblock.

        Possibly the net effect of my promotion has been only him having to buy more server time, because he has so many more freeloading eyeballs in attendance. He’s the captain of a ship that floats about earnestly but in vain. Maybe this is the Last Ship of capitalism, even. Adrift. Filled with experts and worthy crew who’ve now become ghosts.

        Mere spectres haunting a world that has undergone too many complex metamorphoses and has them behind. All of them are Lost, doomed to visit the empty cocoons and curse at the sky.

        The reason why I carry, is because the capacity for profitable cooperation is being proven nonexistent right in front of my eyes. The reason America is doomed isn’t because of American Ghetto Cockney slang talkers living in council housing.

        The only victory is Eric’s perceived moral victory. And my perceived moral victory. And presumably, the perceived moral victories of the many elite contributors here. And also all the unique visitors that come to this site.

        For most visitors, the moral victory might be getting something for nothing, because hey, you’ve been getting screwed over everywhere else, and it’s time you start joining them instead of being beaten by them.

        We have guys like you, Jean, eightsouthman, and many more that bring world class general discussion and engaging storytelling.

        Titans like methylamine, brentP, mithrandir, and so many more that engage in world class technical debates and dissertations on wide raging issues in accessible plain talk that broadens the understanding of any who read them.

        Brilliant published authors like Bevin, Mama Liberty, and so many more that are every bit as gifted and prolific as Eric, and delve into other areas that are there strengths that nicely compliment Eric and his strengths.

        So why does this site fail I wonder. It’s definitely a few rungs above the usual American business debacle. But it’s not nearly distant enough. It fails because it’s populated by a subset of a larger population that is also failing, I believe.

        The market agora isn’t igniting here. There’s nowhere near the needed critical mass of bids and asks. Of trades and exchanges that are required to get a capitalist engine. Too much of the time. Eric is expecting too much. We are each offering too little. No meeting of minds and magic of the invisible hands is occurring.

        Just one more freeform civic religion casting brimstone at all the other engines big and little that could and can. What a horrible thing it is to have to admit and then type that.

  4. Guy records a break in and is attacked by a bunch of frat kids

    From the OP: I’m a bouncer at one of the local bars. They followed me for 3 blocks trying to grab me and get my phone. Said they would kill me trying to punch and smacking me with a bag of bagels etc… Once I got to the bar I went inside and everything else was taken care of. I can’t really get into what happened after I went inside, but I’m fine.

    As a contrarian, I’m cheering on our future Clockwork Orange. Hell outta spite, I hope the dirty apes tear down the whole dang clocktower even. Am I a clueless idiot? Maybe. Time will tell. Or rather the darkage without time will.

    Our finest college yutes in action

    hood rats gonna hood. but these are upper crust got daddy’s frat$ college doods. I mean daaaaammmmnn!

    – protip for internet recording. Take your phone camera, turn your phone sideways. Film at will.

  5. Looks like that whole 50 years of white “war on poverty” guilt paying for other peoples Nike’s and babies is not working out well.

    • Yup.

      I think it is doing just what was intended – which was not to “help” blacks.

      It was (and is) intended to create a childish, aggrieved, mindset of entitlement (on the one hand) and (on the other hand) resentment and guilt and fear.

      The daunting thing, as I see it, is this:

      The black underclass – like the Soviet prole underclass of 100 years ago – is beyond salvation. It can be contained (perhaps). But its existence is a mortal threat to civil (let alone free) society.

      You cannot reason with these people. There can be no meeting of the minds. Because there are no minds to meet. We are dealing with a barbarian horde.

      This isn’t a race thing, per se.

      But it’s a fact.

      And we’d damned well better wake up to it, soon.

      Or we will be awakened in a way we will not like.

      • “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”
        Nothing so determined as a mind which WANTS to remain asleep. One of the points of the Matrix. You can’t help those who are willfully blind. But when YOU wake up? There’s no going back.

        You just try to minimize the casualties, and accept that “accidents happen.” We humans like to think we’re SO special…. SO unique.
        Most of us are worthless, evolution-wise and IQ- and utility-wise. Not just education. Not just interests. Not just those who are damaged…. There are a lot of people who are just cannon fodder. It’s the way of nature, nothing cruel there.
        Problem is, those who SEE that either go scary-sane, or scary-INsane, and there’s a lot of crossover. The person who sees that problem will want to control others, or want to be left alone. those who want to control are, I think, reacting from fear. Fear of what they are, what they might become, what others MIGHT do… Those who want to be left alone, they see that they can survive wlone if necessary, and while they may take some pleasure in time with others, the reality is, those others are NOT essential, and even the others who MIGHT do something lame or stupid, you can have some fun with… but they pack up (and take their crazy and stupid with them) and go home.

        Those who must control, “for safety,” refuse to go away and let things be, let people die. Might be motivated by the BEST of intentions (every sperm is sacred, right, Monty…?), might be motivated by the worst: I KNOW BEST, MY WILL MUST BE SUPREME! (Narcissism & egoism). The problem is a faulty premise, that they can control others (period, full stop.) You can ONLY control yourself, and sometimes that’s barely possible – or not even!

        “I tell myself I will not go, even as I climb the stairs.”

        • “You can lead a horse …”
          I like the Dorothy Parker version, “You can lead a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think.”
          And it’s not just sex that makes one a whore.

        • “Problem is, those who SEE that either go scary-sane, or scary-INsane, and there’s a lot of crossover. The person who sees that problem will want to control others, or want to be left alone.”

          Well said.

      • In the words of Starr Parker, “they” want to be sure that as many people as possible stay on “Uncle Sam’s Plantation.”

  6. Similar to TL, this is why I carry regularly. It’s not for the mid-morning stops into the local coffee shop where it’s me, the counter person, the cook in the back, and the girl in the corner on her laptop. It’s not for the casual stroll down the grocery aisle, picking up some fruit, eggs, bacon, and such. It’s for that one time when ‘the world’ decides “Eh, f%ck you today!”
    That said, the ‘news’ report if someone being attacked opened fire on the mob would have been funny. Funny uh-oh, not funny ha-ha. Probably something like “Gunman attack crowd of partying teenagers.” Somewhere in the story would be a mention or two of racism, there’d be a bystander who would say something like “I dunno, but people were just chillin’ an’ all of a sudden this white guy pulls out a gun and starts shootin’ people.” All this with no mention of the mob swarming, attacking people.

    Maybe I’m just cynical.

    • Hi Gabe,

      No. I think your analysis is spot on.

      These “youths” are (unfortunately) invariably black teens. The attacks are racially motivated. Yet, these attacks are almost never given the 24/7 hair shirt treatment (e.g., “Justice for Trayvon”).

      Black racism – a form so virulent few whites can even begin to appreciate it (see Fred Reed on this) is becoming more pervasive because TPTB encourage it.

      The situation is dynamite. No, make that C4.

      It could blow at any moment.

      • It’s already happening in some ways already.

        As many of you know, Michigan Avenue in Chicago is a major shopping street, that draws in many tourists from around the world. Most probably believe its a safe place to be, and in the past it was. But what few people know, there have been increasing mob attacks and strong armed robberies on shoppers, in spite of a good sized police presence. The local media and city hall do all they can to downplay these “incidents” but they do happen more often then you would think.

        It seems attacks are planned on the internet, so the people doing it, don’t even know each other. They pick a time and a place, and it happens, and the police have no handle on it at all. Most of these criminals come from south and west side ghettos. So its becoming harder to contain the violence in Chicago to those areas.

  7. You should carry protection tools for this 0.1% of the violence. And also for the 99.9% kind of violence as well.

    This video is happening all around us every second every minute every day. We’re normalized to it because this kind of behavior is acceptable when it is done by the state.

    How can it be one becomes so enraged by this rare form of primate savagery. But is inured to the far more common form of primate savagery known as statism you suffer under every moment?

    We might imagine confronting this gang if well-armed and there were a chance of prevailing. Why not also look for ways to confront the statist gang wherever you also have an equally good chance of prevailing.

    Burn the voice of this video narrator into your mind. For she is the voice of the state. The hideous intolerable whine of the state as it tells you what to do. And mocks your suffering and loss of manhood. Cackles amusedly at repeating the things not to do. You’s best hand over whatever they demand. Be’s abstainin’ from whatever they prohibit. Gibs me this. Gibs dem dat. Don’t do dat. I am the state. You are the nigger. You best mind me when I’m talking and surveilling you boy.

    This event is a great service to deluded western mankind. For it shows you the true nature of your so-called civilization. This is what you put up with each and every day. For every day of your life as a victim of the state.

    We have never been so free as under our current American Occupation. Not just a literary paradox; it sums up the existentialist abstraction that man is always free. The concrete experience is that political action is always available. Our mental and acting resistance gives us our acquaintance with our extreme situation. Our moments of anguish, the threat of caging, abuse, financial ruin, of becoming a ruined man due to a false criminal conviction.

    Our first task then, is to fight statism. To encourage individual existence and existentialism. And deny all socioreligiosity and statalisms.

    Existentialism Summary

    1. Freedom is existence, and in it existence precedes essence. This means that what we do, how we act in our life, determines our apparent “qualities.” It is not that someone tells the truth because she is honest, but rather she defines herself as honest by telling the truth again and again.

    I am an estimator in a way different than the way I am six feet tall, or the way a table is a table. The table simply is; I exist by defining myself in the world at each moment.

    2. Humans are not objects to be used by God or a government or corporation or society. Nor we to be “adjusted” or molded into roles –to be only a waiter or a conductor or a mother or worker. We must look deeper than our roles and find ourselves. We are subjects, not objects.

    3. Freedom is the central and unique potentiality which constitutes us as human. This means rejecting all determinism. This means saying that it is our choice how we respond to the available determining tendencies. It matters not where we are born, where we live, who is in authority. The given times, economics, and society around us. They matter not. For we have potential and choice. We are free.

    4. Choice. I am my choices. I cannot not choose. If I do not choose, that is still a choice. If faced with inevitable circumstances, we still choose how we are in those circumstances.

    5. Responsibility. Each of us is responsible for everything we do. If we seek advice from others, we choose our advisor and have some idea of the course he or she will recommend. We are responsible even for our very desire of fleeing responsibilities. There is a table. And a dealer. We are dealt the cards of our lives. It is up to each of us alone, how we play these cards, and whether we win, lose, or ignore the game.

    6. Past determinants seldom tell us the crucial information. We transform past determining tendencies through our choices. Explanations in terms of family, socioeconomic status, place of residence, family, etc., do not tell us why a person makes the crucial choices we are most interested in.

    7. Our acts define us. In life, a man commits himself, draws his own portrait, and there is nothing but that portrait. Our illusions and imaginings about ourselves, about what we could have been, are nothing but self-deception. We are known by our acts.

    8. We continually make ourselves as we are. A “brave” person is simply someone who usually acts bravely. Each act contributes to defining us as we are, and at any moment we can begin to act differently and draw a different portrate of ourselves. There is always a possibility to change, to start making a different kind of choice.

    9. We have the power of transforming ourself indefinitely. Our power to create ourself remains. No matter the circumstance, this is always true.

    10. Human reality identifies and defines itself by the ends which it pursues, rather than by alleged “causes” in the past. We our the very embodiement of our chosen reality and our chosen ends.

    11. Subjectivism means the freedom of the individual subject, and that we cannot pass beyond subjectivity. We use language. Employ high technology. Live in families. Work for pay by one means or the other. Nothing is special or noble about any thing we do. Every thing is subjective. We might equally chuck everything we currently know and do, and start all over tomorrow. There are costs and benefits of doing so, but it is always possible, and subjective not to do so.

    12. Despite different roles and historical situations, we all have to be in the world, to labor there and to die there. These circumstances are everywhere recognisable; and subjective because they are lived and are nothing if we do not live them. The human condition though diverse, is everywhere at root the same.

    13. We are condemned because we did not create ourselves. We became aware and cognizant at some subsequent moment of our lifespan. We must choose and act from within whatever situation we find ourselves. We begin from somewhere in the middle of a fluid developing situation. We can’t assemble a simplified hierarchical ideal and then populate it. We live as we have been set in motion. We will always have choices. We are condemned to be free.

    14. We are abandoned in the world… in the sense that we find ourself suddenly alone and without help. Perhaps before our cells divided we were part of some greater cosmic whole. But now we are pried apart, and nakedly individualized. We are condemned and abandoned to be our own separate selves.

    15. It is in anguish that we become conscious of our freedom. …My being provokes anguish to the extent that I distrust myself and my own reactions in that situation.” It is the anguish of uncertainty and abandonment.

    1) We must make some choices knowing that the consequences will have profound effects on others. We are like a commander sending his troops into battle.
    2) In choosing for ourselves we also choose for all humankind.

    16. We limit ourselves to a reliance on that which is within our power, our capability to influence. There are many things so very important to us over which we have little or no control. This often causes a deep, inescapable despair.

    17. Bad faith means to be guilty of regarding oneself not as a free person but as an object. To saying what you are is due to your creator. Or your class. Or your family. Under bad faith, you destructively hide the truth from yourself.

    You seek to know the truth very exactly only in order to conceal it more carefully from yourself and others. Bad faith is a kind of self-deception. A person can live his life in bad faith, and this implies a constant and very particular style of life.

    18. At some level I am aware of, and I choose, what I will allow fully into my consciousness and what I will not. Thus I cannot use “the unconscious” as an excuse for my behavior. Nor drunkeness or chemical stupor. Even though I may not admit it to myself, I am aware and I am choosing. Even in self-deception, I know I am the one deceiving myself, and that my inner censor must be conscious in order to know what to repress. Dreams are not truly dreams. The unconscious is not truly unconscious.

    Those who use “the unconscious” as exoneration of actions believe that our instincts, drives, and complexes make up a reality that simply is; that is neither true nor false in itself but simply real. This kind of scientism is but another type of bad faith.

    19. Saying you are overwhelmed by strong feelings; you saw red and couldn’t help yourself is a falsehood. Despite your feelings, You choose how to express them in action. Passion is no excuse. Blaming things on passion, is but another attempt at acting in bad faith.

    20. The study of being, of what constitutes a person as a person, is the necessary basis for psychoanalysis. This study is known as ontology.


    Being and Nothingness

    • RE: “Are you really suggesting that only blacks are capable of doing so? ”

      If that was directed at me, I”d say, “Hell, no,”

      I stopped in at my local watering hole this evening and about got drummed out for saying things like, “freedom” and “Lewrockwell. com” I hardly even opened my mouth and I had a black dude in a sport blazer (in a white owned business) eased up next to me at the bar and he “asked me” … er’ told me to leave, for talking to some guy. He just butted in and said this is how it is.

      Land of the flea?

      It’s like I was being monitored or something?

      It’s their bar I suppose,… so I left.

      Again, Land of the flea?

      Black, brown, white, who cares what color they are if they are hip to Fascism and controlling speech between People?

      Tyrants and wanna-be tyrants. Bastards.
      Fuck them and feed ’em fish heads.
      It’s too bad the crowd didn’t “get it” too.
      …As “they” say, “we” deserve to get what “we” asked for, good and hard.
      I see that now.

      ..Crap, I’m even having difficulty commenting about such here, …whoa.

  8. I’m having a hard time understanding her ghetto speak. These brats mistargeted their antics. Too gutless to do that to the local cop shop.

    • RE: “Are you really suggesting that only blacks are capable of doing so? ”

      If that was directed at me, I”d say, “Hell, no,”

      I stopped in at my local watering hole this evening and about got drummed out for saying things like, “freedom” and “Lewrockwell. com” I hardly even opened my mouth and I had a black dude in a sport blazer (in a white owned business) eased up next to me at the bar and he “asked me” … er’ told me to leave, for talking to some guy. He just butted in and said this is how it is.

      Land of the flea?

      It’s like I was being monitored or something?

      It’s their bar I suppose,… so I left.

      Again, Land of the flea?

      Black, brown, white, who cares what color they are if they are hip to Fascism and controlling speech between People?

      Tyrants and wanna-be tyrants. Bastards.
      Fuck them and feed ’em fish heads.
      It’s too bad the crowd didn’t “get it” too.
      …As “they” say, “we” deserve to get what “we” asked for, good and hard.
      I see that now.

  9. Actually, could be excellent propaganda, since Morons Demand Action for Insane Gun Laws (Moms, Common Sense replaced.)

    Kroger’s was targeted by MDA4CSGL/Bloomberg to jump on the “No Guns!” bandwagon, and refused.

    Could be either side doing this, or unrelated.
    If MDA, the were hoping for a gun-related fatality to make their point.
    If pro-gun, it was in similar hopes, to show that the violence REQUIRED a gun-weilding defender to stop.
    If unrelated, it’s just more Polar Bear Hunting, or a NWA Flash Mob. (NWA not a typo.)

    I can even understand getting together with friends and doing violent things, such as demolition derby, skeet shooting, or back yard wrestling.
    As long as everyone’s in agreement… It’s no different from football, basketball, roller derby, etc, etc, etc. 🙂

    Including others in it against their will, that’s crossing the line.
    Including others who don’t even know what’s going on?
    Well, if I had video of the attack, and someone defended themselves, and proceeded to murder the perp… I’d lose that tape/disc/memory. That camera would suddenly be offline.
    Act like a rabid animal, get put down, no evidence.

    That’s how real world works.

    • RE: “Are you really suggesting that only blacks are capable of doing so? ”

      If that was directed at me, I”d say, “Hell, no,”

      I stopped in at my local watering hole this evening and about got drummed out for saying things like, “freedom” and “Lewrockwell. com” I hardly even opened my mouth and I had a black dude in a sport blazer (in a white owned business) eased up next to me at the bar and he “asked me” … er’ told me to leave, for talking to some guy. He just butted in and said this is how it is.

      Land of the flea?

      It’s like I was being monitored or something?

      It’s their bar I suppose,… so I left.

      Again, Land of the flea?

      Black, brown, white, who cares what color they are if they are hip to Fascism and controlling speech between People?

      Tyrants and wanna-be tyrants. Bastards.
      Fuck them and feed ’em fish heads.
      It’s too bad the crowd didn’t “get it” too.
      …As “they” say, “we” deserve to get what “we” asked for, good and hard.
      I see that now.

  10. I’ve frequently seen the tern, “pussification”. Do you suppose these teens are too pussified to get in a straight-up fight?
    It seems that when these teens spend all day and night on a cell phone or online gaming, they become, “pussified” (or they are too poor to do so and they become filled with an uncontrollable Envy with the same result?) they can only sucker-punch/Sunday-punch? This is the Only things they can throw? The Only things they know?

    I saw three similar headlines on The Drudge Report today and wondered, whatever shards of ‘culture’ the People in this land have, is being dribbled away from them by outside influences, namely: goobernment intervention.

    What’s worse than a Clover?
    A violent zombie Clover!
    Out of chaos, T.P.T.B. intend a N.W.O.. It’s sickening to see it unfold before us.

    • Part Pussification, Part “good tactics” and “mob mentality.”
      The Mob has no mind, but a sort of group consciousness.

      Good tactics (old school) allows you to blend into the crowd (the human mind hasn’t adapted to cameras yet – especially in the mob mentality.)

      Also, one on one can get you hurt. It takes someone REALLY good to keep defending against a group – keep their back to a wall or confuse the group by moving around fast enogh, putting obstacles in the way, etc. Think Jackie Chan, or some of Bruce Lee’s work – and then remember, that’s movies. In a group? You kill several while moving around and putting them in each other’s way. And it’s easy to say and VERY difficult to do.

      Hence the reason for force multipliers. When facing a mob, you want fast, accurate fire, preferrably something that keeps you far away. So in reverse order of utility: Wrestling, Fists, Feet, Knives, hand axes, sticks & clubs, swords, staffs, Polearms, bow and arrow (when backed by other longer-reach close-range weapons), pistol, shotgun, rifle, standard vehicles, big rigs, armored vehicles, tanks, aircraft with carpet-bombing loads, tactical nukes. 😉

      Yes, I got silly there. Point is that distance is essential. someone who knows how to use a cane will do far better than the clueless with a naginata, or even a mossberg. someone inside a tank is fairly secure up to and including mob attacks, unless the mob has thermite and C4.

      The mob, like a tidal wave, overruns people.
      Breakuing the flow and keeping it distant gives you time and space. Time and space mean it’s not just the strong or highly-skilled who survive. Samurai vs. M-1 Garand, at more than about 20 feet? Samurai down. Within 20 feet, crapshoot. An M-1 makes a brutal club, too… But one good slice…. Please note, I’ve also looked at the amount of effort, hence guns > blades, even though most people won’t go after a person swinging a huge Sveinhelder sword – it takes EFFORT to swing 6 feet of steel blade around, and you get tired… guns can be brought to bear more effectively, and require less effort and concentration. But put the two together, lots of capacity. Gun until out of ammo, fall back to a decent sword-and-shield method (Targe and Dirk, say, though having a Spartan shield and sword would be awesome.) No shield leaves you open. Nothing to put your back against, you need to keep moving, and fatigue sets in.
      And then there’s the problem of armed mob violence… In this case, the mob used hands and feet. What if they had access to swords, forget guns?

      This is why I believe in NO restrictions. I want a Ma Deuce, I can afford a Ma Deuce, F*ck you, I’m BUYING Ma Deuce. If I can only manage an Uzi pistol – Well, it’s not accurate, but no one wants to get turned into swiss cheese, either. It’s like a rattlesnake’s rattle….

      Two notes:
      1: It occurs to me that the “corporation as a person” faces the same problem – it’s a Mob, there’s a consensus mindset, but no MIND controlling it. Like Lemmings stampeded off a cliff, some see what’s coming, but most have to jsut keep moving or get trampled, and each time around, some get pushed farther off the edge, some fall to their death, etc. And no lemming is accountable or responsible… Just the herd, keeps things going, until it wears itself out.

      2: I saw on Facebook, the ATF’s definition of armor-piercing ammo. Anything with a full jacket over a lead core; anything with a hollow point; anything with brass, manganese, steel, depleted uranium jacket.
      So, anything that’s actually a BULLET, except for Frangible bullets (dum-dums, RIP bullet). And the dum-dum and RIP are both considered “killer” rounds, as their purpose is to impart major itnernal trauma.
      So, after the fact: If you used a “normal” bullet, you’re trying to kill the poor unfortunate victim (criminal), and you’re a bloodthristy killer. If you use frangible ammo to prevent collaterol damage, you’re a bloodthirsty killer trying to murder this poor innocent “wealth redistribution worker,” because you’re doing maximum damage to them.
      So no matter what, if we follow the law, we’re criminals.

      We need to remember the three S’s. Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up. Applies to politicians, law makers, law enforcers, and bureaucrats. Because the COPS can use hollow-point and armor-piercing bullets on us. Our own MILITARY, IN COMBAT, can NOT use hollow-points nor dum-dums.

      The “Wild West” was more honest and sedate than the Acid-dream we inhabit now. I think that’s why the more I learn, the more I believe we allowed lunatics to run the asylum – and we’re paying the price. and that means my “refrain” is the sanest of the bad solutions… :-\

    • It is most definitely not “pussification”. Just the opposite in fact.
      They are tribal. Its in their nature.
      I learned the lesson in the late ’60’s when forced busing started at my school and have seen it ever since. Its racist to notice of course but that doesn’t alter the truth of the thing. That’s also why the news media stridently ignores it. Which is, of course, why the issue is getting worse.
      The new name I’ve seen for these American Hutu’s and Tutsi’s is:
      NAPA- North American Pavement Ape
      NAPA’s are very tribal.
      Ignore it at your peril.

      • “They are tribal. Its in their nature.” What a pile of horseshit. “They” are no more tribal than WABs…White American Bigots. Yeah, these people acted in a disgusting and cowardly manner. Are you really suggesting that only blacks are capable of doing so? Perhaps they are uniquely “tribal”? Look up the Rosewood massacre and see if that is so:

        Rosewood is only one of many atrocities committed by whites against blacks. Does that excuse what happened in this video? Hell no. But it does show that “tribal” is a more general trait among humans than you suggest.

          • Hi Helot,

            Not the Spam box. The Moderation queu. It’s an ongoing problem – and it’s not particular to you. It affects people who haven’t registered as users.

            I tried to get people to register; told ’em we don’t sell or “share” anyone’s info. For a variety of reasons, most people do not want to register.

            Hence, their posts sometimes get flagged and held for Moderation. Not by me or Dom. By the system.

        • Hi Mike,

          I was at the gym yesterday, stuck watching ESPN as I rode the hamster wheel… listened to one after another dimbulb fuuuhhhhhhtttttttttball cultist defend Ray Rice.

          They were all white.

          I doubt one had an IQ over 100.

          • I’ve stayed out of the Ray Rice thing and I will continue to stay out of that specifically, but has anyone noticed how as a people we’ve come to believe in the old company town way that what you say and do in your private life should be at risk of your livelihood?

          • Interesting, that, Eric. As you may remember, I know a lot of black people very well. None of them defend Rice. And all of them are just as disgusted as anyone about the kind of mob behavior in the video.

            • Yup. I thought so, too.

              Sports “fans” – most of whom are white – disgust me.

              The world is literally falling apart and all that matters to these dough heads is… the gaaaaaaaaaaame. Did “we” win last night? “We” are really looking good this season!

              Almost all the men I know, sports is their main topic of conversation. Which of course means they fucking have nothing worth saying.

              They worship thugs – provided the thug can throw a ball. The thug, often a near-Australopithecus that can barely speak (let alone write), would rape their wife, beat them to a bloody pulp (were he not being paid $1 million a year to play fuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhttttttball) but they blank all that out, pretend he’s a demigod, the apotheosis of human achievement… because he can run fast or throw/catch a ball.

              No, deeper than that. Because society has sent out the vibe that it is “manly” to be obsessed with sports. Not playing them. But watching them and talking about them… endlessly. Any man who does not care about “the game” is viewed with suspicion; he is at a disadvantage, socially and professionally. Hence, there is tremendous pressure to care very much about “the game.”

              It’s a brilliant diversion.

              Keeps the dumbasses occupied with trivia; destroys their moral sense. Turn them into fatuous, nihilistic morons.

              Is there anything more pathetic than some middle-aged guy wearing the colors of “his” team screaming at the TeeVee?

              Imagine if people dressed up in prison jumpsuits while watching Orange is the New Black… .

              The eugenics movement was misdirected.

        • Well “Mike in Spotsy”, you can certainly find occasional instances of mob behavior in any group. Unfortunately, it is a defining characteristic of the pavement ape. From the rampaging mob in a Minneapolis mall to Ferguson, MO to Hurricane Katrina. They may have to stand up to their waist in water but they are going to steal the TV. Period. Happens EVERY time. Blacks in large groups WILL loot and attack.

          Funny how you didn’t see that behavior in Whites during Katrina. You didn’t see it after the earthquake in Napa, CA. We didn’t see it in Japan after Fukashima.

          My experience in school was the blacks will gang up at every opportunity and travel everywhere in packs generating trouble. I can not recall one instance of the white kids displaying that behavior. Perhaps you grew up in a yankee paradise that didn’t experience such but in the real world it is not just common – its the norm.

          Dismiss it if you will. Ignore it at your peril.

  11. Some people have an unusual (and to me unimaginable) way of having fun.

    Getting together with friends and talking or doing other non-violent activities I can understand. This makes no sense to me.


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