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Just  quick update to thank everyone who’s pitched in over the past several days. I put a bunch of letters – with stickers! – in the mail today. They should be in your hands by Christmas, UPS willing.

Speaking of which: Several people sent in generous donations via Pay Pal but did not include their address info. I need that in order to send you the stickers, so please don’t forget to include it! (If you’re concerned about Pay Pal and privacy, please e-mail me privately at [email protected] and I’ll take it from there.)

To reiterate a promise I’ve made before: I will never “share” any of your information with anyone. I’m as jealous of my privacy as anyone and respect yours, too.

Again: Thanks to all who’ve pitched in so far!

And, best wishes to everyone this Christmas. Despite all the harshness out there, we’ve still got a great deal to be thankful for. I look forward to a productive new year – and, thanks to people like you – a freer future!

PS: I will be a guest this Saturday on Inside Track/Voices of the West/ 1030 KVOI The Voice in Tuscson, AZ.

It’ll also be available on site early next week.

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  1. Dog Poet Transmitting…….

    May your noses always be cold and wet.

    Coming to you from a place called gratitude:

    There are so many things to talk about. No doubt there are many more that are not worth talking about. I try to cover both sides of that equation here (grin). This is why my momma used to say, “take what you find useful and ignore the rest”.

    Most days most of us never have anything driving us in a grimacing fury to express. For me such things just flood out for whatever the reason in a tor-rent and I have come to just be comfortable with that.

    Most of the time, we note the ridiculous and unreasonable, as well as the horrific and intolerable of this statist banality. We like to segue, following that, into ways of being and possible solutions, as well as positive mind sets and routes of passage up, in, around and out of the mazes and snares of this entangling world.

    I am grateful for my general lack of worldly success. The most powerful and positive result of that is I don’t have to concern myself with how powerful backers might take what I say. Here, we don’t have to concern ourselves with what an employer might say. We don’t have to concern ourselves with approbation or censure from friends and family because we don’t have friends and family in the same way that most people do. We too liberated of mind, and too shackled of spirit for the most part.

    Our family is only and ever that which shares with us a familial relationship to those things we believe in. Our friends are only those who are friends of our own friends in this invisible sphere. What we mean by this is that our friends are led and inspired by forces much like our own, regardless of what face they put on it and regardless of what belief system they express it through.

    We do not base our friendships on pedestrian similarities of material taste and preference. You can be abandoned online by anyone at any time. This is a treacherous world and anyone seeking a higher plane of residence can and should anticipate the certainty of betrayal and slander at any point.

    Here one is above the kind of thing that happens to you when you are owned by the economic interests that you depend on and the fame profile that grants you such ease and sycophancy in your every move from the Percale sheet of morning to the winding sheets and stretch limos of another kind of mourning.

    Here we need no take your talking points from the people who create the mischief in the first place, and play are rotten part when you, like all the rest of the poseurs you associate with, travel around on public relations tours to places like the Sudan, without a clue as to what is going on there and WHO is actually RESPONSIBLE for what is going on well… what really can unthinking airheads really say about such a place?

    The world of the moment in the doomed materialism of the west is controlled by managed insanities of loathsome characters spouting cultural marxisms for the purpose of personal profit.

    Just the sort of thing is trumpeted by the press which is owned by the people pushing and celebrating these tiny demographic with the destruction of a functioning society in mind. Then they have it written up by people from the same area of expertise; lifestyle wise. This kind of social climate makes is possible for things like this to go on elsewhere now you add both of those together and you get things like this.

    We talk incessantly about denial and not wanting to know. What we do not talk about is the pain and deep insecurity that these create. When you are not true to yourself, something inside you knows; SOMETHING INSIDE YOU KNOWS! You wind up at war with yourself and that deep channel, through which atavistic …and others fears flow, begins to vibrate with the sound of something rushing through.

    Fear displaces love; love displaces fear. This is all you need to know and the reason that itis best if one adopts a Bhakti perspective in their devotional life. If you are a Christian, then adore Christ and seek to emulate him. If you are a Muslim you adapt your Bhakti to that and so on and so on for any faith that may be the one that appeals to you.

    We try to be a living example of the maxim; ‘those who love much are forgiven much’. I might add that those who love much are led often toward that which they love. Love is MAGNETIC. It attracts you to itself. Let us here also state that there are many things that go under the common (accent of the word, ‘common’) definition of Love. This explains star crossed lovers (although Karma certainly plays a part). It explains how you can love someone so much and then come to hate them; hate is love suppressed. You MUST seek a higher love.

    As love ascends up the ladder of variable permutations it becomes ever more refined and expansive. The highest expression of love is sacrifice and that is why Christ came in the age of Pisces. The cosmos IS choreographed at that level. It is. :Love in the age of Kali Yuga.

    It is Spiritual Survival on the Temporal Plane. The critically important reason that one should adopt a Bhakti form of practice is due to the age we are in. The force of Kali Yuga and by extension, the force of Materialism, is powerful. You can be an excellent swimmer but you can get into the wrong kind of waves and then look out. We all need a swimming coach in these perilous times, as much to tell us how to swim, as where to swim and no less importantly, when to go into the water at all.

    I have had moments of higher love. It can express itself as a keening rapture that is simultaneously, self contained and giving itself away at the same time. You cannot exhaust the cosmic reservoir of love. The more you take, the more you can access BECAUSE, as you dispense Love… love increases your capacity to express it. BECAUSE all Love wants to do is love more AND here is an amazing cosmic truth.

    If you follow the path of knowledge and the luminous awareness of all things, you will still have to come back and follow the path of Love, whereas, all knowledge and whatever else is useful and valuable is “added unto you”. You get all of this as accessories to love. How marvelous is that?

    This is the reason that one must hammer on about how ridiculous and embarrassingly obvious (if you have Love) the materializations of the world are at this time. It is why I am compelled to ration out doses of objective criticism and dissonant rantings concerning it, so that I can offset it with the bliss of what you have here before you today.

    Love will untangle every snare. Love will take you past, up and around obstacles wherever they may be. Love is far seeing. Love knows the road up ahead. Love is precognitive and one of the fruits of love is Wisdom and another is Understanding. When one is accompanied, on either side, by these twin companions, not much can go wrong. We see things go wrong all the time, in the world and in our respective lives, simply because of the intense presence of Materialism.

    You come up against it daily; when driving your car, while negotiating your way through the blizzard of expenses in this ‘pay as you go’ culture but it is more than that. It is also the worry of ‘pay later’ convenience, which is one of the chains that bind.

    Love sees through all that nonsense and just cruises right on through. Because love fills your life, everything is manageable if not downright pleasant. This is the essence of disciplines such as Tantra; if you have the love, the rest comes automatically AND as has been said, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

    You get the complete package with love and what is more impressive is that you don’t have to worry about the details because love takes care of those as well. Love is the ultimate multifunction. Mind… the love has to be at a high level to perform at a high level so… prime the pump and also exercise it through the performance medium.

    We are in denial; the majority of us. We are possessed by a cognitive disconnect; the majority of us. We do not realize what an operational, functional, comprehensive and joy filled excursion it becomes to ride on the ineffable’s love bus. It, quite simply, gets better and better ♫it’s getting better all the time… until it goes past anything you ever imagined and which can no way, no how, be duplicated in even the most sumptuous offerings of material nature, all of which are temporary, no matter what. Love is not temporary. Love is eternal.

    So this Christmas season which is geared to the solstice, in all of its ancient meaning, we celebrate the birth of the light. Most profoundly, that birth of the light expresses itself within us and consumes all of our darkness.

    Darkness is turned into light; on what may be a simile to that effect, according to visible and his rules of usage (grin), in scripture it says, “be not deceived, even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment”. Every being serves a purpose, even a being who looks like an angel in order to deceive you, even the devil works for god; his wonders to perform. Let us close with, “love conquers all.”

    End Transmission…….

  2. Inside Track and Voices of the West – by Emil Franzi

    Long time Tucson talker Emil Franzi brings years of experience with interviews and debate direct to you on the Tucson airwaves. Inside Track is a staple for the Tucson listener.

    The current temperature in Tucson is 65 F. The metro area population is 1 million.

    Dispelling common political and election myths – Emil Franzi

    Emil Franzi

    Born in Boston, Mass., Franzi grew up in Glendale, California, and came to Tucson in 1957. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 1961 with a B.A. in History and Political Science. Franzi was a founding member of the university’s Conservative Club (later Young Americans for Freedom) and has been a certified member of the Center-Right in some form ever since.

    During a five-year return trip to California, he was chairman of both the Los Angeles County and California Young Republicans. After returning to Arizona during the Nixon era, he defected from the GOP to the Libertarian Party, and served as McBride elector in 1976 and on the Libertarian National Committee. Franzi later returned to the GOP after noticing that it had vastly improved.

    Recognizing the power of the pen, Franzi became a columnist and contributor to various publications including Arizona Highways, City Magazine and, under previous regimes, The Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Weekly, writing more than a million words in the 1990s.

    He has been an Explorer columnist since 2006, and a radio talk show host since 1996. Franzi has hosted Inside Track with Tom Danehy since 2000, currently on KVOI 1030 AM. He has also hosted Voices of the West since 2006 on the same station.

    He has received two Arizona Press Club awards for reporting. In 2012, Franzi assessed the condition of the Southern Arizona media, and determined the time was right to launch this on-line news weekly.

    Married to Kathleen, he is the proud father of three great daughters: Carroll Schneider and Dr. Rebecca Franzi who reside in Virginia, and Monica, who’s now back in Tucson. So far, Emil’s been blessed with one grandchild, Julia Graziani.


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