PT Cruiser Clover!

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Here’s a Clover in a PT Cruiser doing 46 in a 55:

Clovers love the PT Cruiser (and also the similar Chevy HHR). If you see either up ahead, the odds of it being a Clover are right up there with the odds of an asshole being elected jefe next year. Pretty much dead certain.

I’ve never been able to figure out why Clovers like the PT Cruiser/HHR so much. A Prius is also a Clovermobile – but that’s easy to grok. The PT, though?

You tell me.


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  1. The PT is probably Clover’s replacement for the Volvo. Down here in Oz, they now drive the Mitsubishi Magna:

    The ultimate clovermobile. Likely not available in the US, so the PT is the game. Every time I come across one of these, I do all I can to get outta the way, because it’s not long before the gimp behind the wheel will involve you in his accident.


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