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I┬ácan’t figure out how to upload the audio file of my radio appearance the other day. it’s an MP3 format, about 22 MB. Word Press says “Maximum size: 2 MB” for uploading stuff… is there any way to change this setting?

If anyone knows how to convert this/upload this to WordPress, please respond to this!

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  1. You’d be better off using a service like “soundcloud” which lets you embed audio files (like your youtube files).

    Alternatively – you can just render a video with your MP3 as a soundtrack, and just use a single still image for the video portion. And use YouTube as you normally do.

    • Two comments.

      First for vali…do you mean downloading the .htaccess file using ftp and making the changes locally before uploading it via ftp? Wouldn’t it be easier to log in using ssh and do the edits directly on the server? Not trying to knock your advice but just wondering.

      Second, how about just uploading the file directly to your server and providing a link within the WordPress framework? Not suggesting this as a superior solution, just as another way of thinking about the issue.

      Peace out


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