Back Door For “Real” ID

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You may have thought – hoped – you could dodge the creepy “real” ID driver’s license the feds have been pushing since the terrorists who hate us for our freedoms gave the feds the excuse they needed to take away our freedoms. Including, for instance the freedom to travel.REAL ID lead

Without permission, that is.

Without being ear-tagged like a steer, with biometic identifiers unique to each individual, such as a digitized photo (for use with facial recognition technology) as well as a bar code/scannable strip that contains all your vitals such as Social Security number, date of birth, address and so on. Some “real” IDs have RFID chips – which can be used to track/scan you in real time without you even opening your wallet.

And we’re all going to be forced to carry them around.

Because without one, you’ll be stripped of your ex-right and former liberty to travel.

Unable to drive. Unable to travel by air or train.

It’s the usual offer you can’t refuse.

Like being a “customer” of the DMV or the IRS.

These “real” ID cards are being sold to the populace using the ought-to-tired-by-now (but unfortunately, isn’t) canard about “security” and thwarting would-be evildoers.

In fact, great evil is made possible, made likely, by them – from the merely annoying (identify theft, fraud; all your personal data in one place and now scannable by anyone – not just the benevolent state – with the right equipment ) to the potentially deadly (literally) serious. Has there ever been a free society in which the populace was not free to travel without permission, with their comings and goings subject to cataloging? What is the purpose of collecting, collating and cross-referencing such information? Can it be benign? Has such cataloging ever been benign?real ID 2

People are – with reason – suspicious.

Which is why a few holdout states have not yet adopted – that is, required – the “real” ID. Which infuriates the feds.

Which explains the news.

Next year – 2016 – you will no longer be able to fly or take a train unless you have a “real”  ID. Or its equivalent, a biometric passport. So saith the TSA – which is protecting our freedoms by taking them away, one by one.   

Consider what this means. You will either submit to being electronically ear-tagged like a steer – or you will be effectively denied the right (yes, that increasingly useless word) to travel outside the U.S. or to return. Or even to fly/take the train or drive a vehicle within the U.S.

The net cinches tighter.

“It is a choice,”flippantly explained David Fierro, the Public Information Officer for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. “If you use a passport when you’re traveling you don’t have any problems,” he soothes. “If you use your driver’s license as identification, you’ll need to either apply for the Real ID card or get a passport.”real ID lead 2

Not unlike the “choice” one gets at the ballot box – Democrat authoritarian collectivist or Republican authoritarian collectivist.

Never neither.

Never freedom.

But, the truth is it’s already a done deal – or might as well be. The only holdouts (as of early 2015) are Arizona, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York and – wait for it – American Samoa (apparently, there is still a residue of freedom there that must be stomped, in order to keep us safe).

Open your wallet and have a look. If you live in one of the states not listed above, you are already ear-tagged like a steer. Look for a gold star on your driver’s license. If you find one, your DL is a “real” ID. The hauptam der heimat sicherheitsdeinst (Department Homeland Security; sounds better in the original, doesn’t it?) says that 70-80 percent of American drivers are “real” ID’d.

The rest are just a mopping up operation.real cameras

You may have noticed the last time you went to the DMV – under duress, as always – to get your permission-to-drive-your-car renewed. Remember how you used to be able to smile? And how they now insist you pose unsmiling? How carefully they snap your pic? Using that new equipment? Yup. You’re on much more than Candid Camera now. Your digitized picture has been entered into the “real” ID database. Those cameras sprouting like spring tulips all across the country? They’re not just watching you anymore. They are keeping track of you. Or will be, soon.

Everywhere you go. 24-7.

Those who do not like it – who “choose” not to be ear-tagged – will be rendered inert. Even traveling on foot (or bicycle) will become problematic since without “ID,” one is vulnerable to being hassled by “heroes” – the state’s costumed enforcers – who may demand a formerly-free person provide said ID upon demand merely to prove he’s not a criminal.

Does anyone out there notice the inversion? Or care anymore?Papers, please!

Thus died freedom in this country – to the accompaniment of flag-snapping and hand-clapping.

For the record – the historical record (one day, people will look back on this era and marvel that such a thing could have happened… again! Didn’t they remember the past?) just 43 congressmen and 1 out of 99 senators voted against all this, when the law was proposed back in ’05.

One of those lonely stalwarts was Ron Paul, who tried:

“Supporters claim it is not a national ID because it is voluntary. However, any state that opts out will automatically make non-persons out of its citizens. The citizens of that state will be unable to have any dealings with the federal government because their ID will not be accepted. They will not be able to fly or to take a train. In essence, in the eyes of the federal government they will cease to exist. It is absurd to call this voluntary.”

Such sentiments are not patriotic and freedom-lovin,’ of course – and Dr. Paul was jeered (moo’d?) off the dais. His son. Rand, took note and drew the appropriate conclusions. One does not become a leader in the United States by promising to defend the liberties of the people.

One becomes a leader by demanding they be taken away.

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  1. For my set up, I could use the browser back button one click at a time. It’ll usually show up that way. Or go into browser history. Whatever I was working on is usually there in the big ass list of pages I’ve visited to day.

    I’m paranoid, and write everything into a word pad file first. Where I hit the save button all the time. Only when I’m fairly far along, do I post into the website itself, and clean it up, because truly, wordpress is the devil.

    • I’ve re-written most of it; I think what happened was that my log-in expired (yes, even for me) while I was getting more coffee… and that disconnected me and disappeared the text of the article.

      • Well that’s mostly encouraging then.

        Looks like a similar thing that happened to your site, has happened to Google pulled all their ads. So now their site gets no revenue without warning. In this case, antiwar has enough resources to determine what’s happening and take defensive measures. But for how long.

        Either way the human ant colony builders win. Google/USA triumphs. Or Giant Web Institutionists like antiwar win.

        Don’t hold your breath for any of this helping an independent like you.

        The antiwar site was founded in December 1995, as a response to the Bosnian war. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation, operating under the auspices of the Randolph Bourne Institute, based in Atherton, California.

        It was previously affiliated with the Center for Libertarian Studies and functioned before that as an independent, ad-supported website.

        In 2011 the site discovered it was being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. After their Freedom of Information Act request failed to produce results, they worked with the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California which in May 2013 filed a freedom of the press lawsuit for full FBI records on, Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo.

        The documents received in November 2013 indicated that the FBI in San Francisco, and later in Newark, New Jersey, began monitoring the site after Eric Garris passed along to the FBI a threat to hack the website. The FBI mistakenly took this as an actual threat against its own website and began monitoring and its editors.

        • Here’s full disclosure on how Goo-guhl fucked EPautos:

          The Adsense ads were generating on average $1,500 a month – not a princely sum, but sufficient to leave (after paying for fixed costs – taxes, the servers and Dom’s pay) a couple hundred bucks.

          Overnight, it went to almost nothing.

          What changed? Our traffic was as high as ever. There was no legitimate reason for it.

          They would not tell us anything. Hell, it was literally not possible to even get a human on the effing phone to discuss the matter with. Mind, we were in business with these creeps and they unilaterally changed the terms and provided no specific explanation (just formulaic “FAQ” pages that told us nothing about EPautos and how Goo-guhl’s policies had changed with regard to us, and no way to even ask them).

          Dom made Herculean efforts; no effect. They literally just pulled the plug on us – and I can only assume it was done for purely greedheaded reasons and/or to fuck EPautos because Goo-guhl dislikes Libertarian/anti-state web sites. What’s happened to Anti-War supports this idea, even if they are left-liberal. They’re a thorn in the side of the PTB.

          The only reason EPautos is still up – still alive and (kind of) kicking – is because you guys (the readers) stepped up. That plus a few dedicated advertisers, who operate outside the Goo-guhl matrix.

          Things are still very difficult. As most of you know, I had to let Dom go. I could not (and still cannot) afford to pay him, given the site’s reduced revenue stream. I can just barely afford to do this on my own.

          So, I sympathize with Anti-War.

          And: They’re a huge site, with massive traffic. By any fair standard, that site should be generating tens of thousands of dollars a month from ads.

          • That antiwar article and the comments cover everything. They probably were making maybe five times what you were. Lots of other people mention the same thing you describe happening to you.

            thing is antiwar isn’t a stand-alone thing like your site, it’s a bumper sticker on the half a million a year in revenue Randolph Bourne Institute Inc. battleship.


            Randolph Bourne Institute Inc.
            Redwood City, California
            EIN: 71-0929026
            International, Foreign Affairs and National Security

            2012 annual income amount

            Asset Amount

            Randolph Bourne was greatly influenced by Horace Kallen’s 1915 essay “Democracy Versus the Melting-Pot,” and argued, like Kallen, that Americanism ought not to be associated with Anglo-Saxonism.

            In his 1916 article “Trans-National America,” Bourne argued that the US should accommodate immigrant cultures into a “cosmopolitan America,” instead of forcing immigrants to assimilate to Anglophilic culture.

            Bourne’s ideas have been influential in the shaping of postmodern ideas of cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism, and recent intellectuals have written extensively on Bourne’s ideology.

            Bourne’s face was deformed at birth by misused forceps, and, at age four, he suffered tuberculosis of the spine, resulting in stunted growth and a hunched back. He chronicled his experiences in his essay titled, “The Handicapped.”

            – huh, WTF, enough appendices of info, let’s get to the bottom of YOUR issues with Google maybe. If you can fax the blacklist notice to me at 206-736-4386 (make a copy and blot out any personal info) I could make the required changes to your site, and then return you something you can send in with your humble appeal to have your adsense revenue re-instated at some future date.

            No one can say you didn’t tilt hard enough and long enough at all these windmills. Maybe consider starting a secondary wordpress blog without any ads and its there you do you no-holds-barred content and extremist state-hating.

            Most likely, whatever you ran afoul with is unknown to them. Some bot said you committed a cybercrime, and that was the end of their investigation. Its up to you to atone for the crime, and act the way they say.

            In due time they’ll accept you back. It would be up to you to prove your case. But under Google justice, this only might happen after you admit all wrongdoing and accept all revenue withholding, mandatory site restrictions, and mandatory site alterations you perform using your own resources.
            – – –
            – The sneaky thing is, they just reduce your revenue by 99% for no reason, and there’s nothing tell you how to get it back. It’s probably a full time job, but I’d be happy to look into it, unless someone else here wants to step up.
            – – –

            Ad request revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of ad requests you made, then multiplying by 1000.

            Ad request RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of ad requests) * 1000

            For example, if you earned an estimated $60 from 15,000 ad requests, your ad request RPM would equal ($60 / 15,000) * 1000, or $4.00.

            • I won’t do business with them anymore.

              Forget prostrating myself before them.

              Their entire “model” is exploitative; the antitheses of value for value.

              They do not pay for the site real estate they use – for the visibility (and name recognition) this provides. The way their “model” works is, they pay you (a pittance, based on their own inscrutable formula) if someone clicks on an ad. It’s like Ford demanding 30 seconds during halftime at the Super Bowl, but only paying if a customer shows up at a Ford dealer and says, “I’m, here to buy a car because I saw the ad during the Super Bowl.”

              As hard as things are right now, I much prefer the site being supported by readers who believe it’s worth supporting; by advertisers who believe they’re getting a fair return on their investment (which they do).

              Ultimately, what we’re doing now is in keeping with Libertarian ideals. Not based on the exploitative nihilism of Goo-guhl.

              • Got it. There is so much to grok, so little to grok from.

                There comes a time in the life of every human when he or she must decide to risk “his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor” on an outcome dubious. Those who fail the challenge are merely overgrown children, can never be anything else. Jill Boardman encountered her personal challenge — and accepted it — at 3:47 that afternoon.

                Anybody can look at a pretty girl and see a pretty girl. An artist can look at a pretty girl and see the old woman she will become. A better artist can look at an old woman and see the pretty girl that she used to be. But a great artist — a master — and that is what Auguste Rodin was — can look at an old woman, portray her exactly as she is… and force the viewer to see the pretty girl she used to be…. and more than that, he can make anyone with the sensitivity of an armadillo, or even you, see that this lovely young girl is still alive, not old and ugly at all, but simply prisoned inside her ruined body. He can make you feel the quiet, endless tragedy that there was never a girl born who ever grew older than eighteen in her heart…. no matter what the merciless hours have done to her. Look at her, Ben. Growing old doesn’t matter to you and me; we were never meant to be admired — but it does to them. Look at her!

  2. Just realized how much info is missing in facebook for this page. Thought I filled everything out complete.


    Category::People: Author
    Name. Eric Peters
    Facebook Web Address.
    Start Info
    Joined Facebook
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    Fans of the freelance car/bike/political columnist Eric Peters.
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    Personal Interests
    + Enter some personal interests
    Add a phone number
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    Official Page
    Enter the official brand, celebrity or organisation your Page is about

    – maybe this is because I didn’t want to link this fan page to my regular facebook page. Which is only my page in name only. It’s used by several people for their online games they play, and they would be furious if something happened to all their accounts linked to this facebook page on the owner’s side.

    It’s a humbling lesson in the agora I suppose. If there’s nothing in it for the hundreds of thousands of visitors here, they won’t even join Eric’s facebook author fan page. Or his twitter account. Or mention his gofundme campaign.

    You’ll be kicking yourself in the future, I’m guessing. When all the little fish are starved out of the pond, you’ll find out there’s not much more than bottomfeeders and sharks left when you go fishing in the oceans of information called the internet you take for granted today.

    • As always, Tor, I really appreciate the help!

      Getting the site “out there” (marketing it, publicizing it) is a whole ‘nother job and I already have two or three too many of those.

      And, to be clear: Anyone (including you) who might be interested in helping me to market/promote the site – it could become a paying gig if this little operation ever gets stable and I am in a position to do that.

      I’d love to be able to concentrate on writing; on the back and forth of posts and replies to posts. Doing radio (and maybe TV, if they want me)… and have a paid staff to handle the tech stuff, to copy edit the articles, to promote the site, to sell ads.

      As it is, all those jobs are mine.

      • PS – I just inadvertently deleted your Kool Aid ID… while wasting another 15 minutes going through 65 fake/spam “new subscribers”… if I could get a handle on that – blocking the fuckers – this shit would not happen…

          • Fucking got-damned WP just lost 2/3 of an almost done article…. site’s been acting weird lately and now this. I have no tech support and it is driving me batty. Now I get to re-write the effing article, which was – I thought – pretty good and ready to roll, almost.

            I miss the pre-internet world. A guy could make a living and it was a lot less stress.

              • I went to get a fresh cup of coffee… left appx. 800 words… came back to find a “are you sure you want to do this” box on my screen and then the last 2/3 of the article just effing disappeared. It defeats me. Lost all my mojo. I write stream of conscious style; it just flows (when it’s working) and now it’s fucking gone, just like that – because of this got-damned computer and this got-damned WP shit.

  3. Dan Casey is at it again

    Every month or so the Roanoke Times’ Dan Casey goes after gun owners to get his blog readership numbers up. His rants are usually something he has taken at face value from some anti-gun organization. Occasionally he has some anti-gun twist of his own design.

    It seems to be beyond his comprehension just how rare an event it is for a CHP holder to commit a violent crime. With over 6 MILLION CHP holders nationwide, the CHP crime numbers are miniscule. Dan is as silent as a church mouse whenever a story comes out about a CHP holder stopping a criminal dead in his tracks.
    – – –

    More great moments in concealed carry
    By Dan Casey

    It’s kind of funny how certain gun activists blow a gasket whenever you point out murders, shootings or other crimes by idiots or insaniacs with handgun permits.

    The diehards HATE that, because the anecdotes always call into question their claim that permit holders (like me) are less violent than your typical Buddhist monk.

    They talk like all permit holders ought to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for goodness sake.

    Meanwhile, the activists lobby for laws that would prevent anybody from unearthing any more hair-raising”Great Moments in Concealed Carry” tales.

    The Violence Policy Center unearthed a real gem recently: two permit-holding neighbors from Florida who got into an impromptu duel and killed each other:

    On April 28, 2010, Robert G. Webster and his wife were returning home from a visit to the doctor when he got into a confrontation with neighbor and fellow concealed handgun permit holder Charles E. Ingram, 57.

    According to witnesses, as the argument escalated, Webster, age 63, walked out of his yard with a gun at his side and then raised it.

    Ingram, who had also left his yard, standing in the sidewalk and street, raised his gun as Webster approached. Both men fired at approximately the same time.

    Webster died at the scene. Ingram died less than a month later from wounds inflicted by Webster.

    Detectives investigating the shooting concluded that both men might have faced criminal charges had they lived.

    The pro-gun control VPC keeps a log of violent crimes committed by concealed-carry permit holders since 2007. Here’s the summary:

    9 law enforcement officers killed by concealed handgun permit holders
    180 private citizens killed by concealed handgun permit holders
    16 mass shootings committed by concealed handgun permit holders
    20 murder-suicides committed by concealed handgun permit holders

    Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. 9/13/10 Update. I didn’t see the article on the fag rag’s website. In Dan’s mind, Roanoke still retains its original name: “Big Lick.” In Dan’s case it’d be rechristened Big Daddy Govt Boot Lick, Virginia.

    – I did find Dan’s oldest article which advised watching this.

    How can you defend the second amendment and then fail to agree, there’s no constitutional basis for preventing public nudity. (assuming Dan isn’t lying.) Why are conservatives and even libertarian so vulnerable to this issue. To be fair, I didn’t watch the vid. There’s a good chance Dan is just making it up that Republic of Texas has a problem with topless women of questionable physical attractiveness.

    – Libertarians who are philosophically consistent need to be for concealed carry and open carry of guns. And concealed carry and open carry of breasts and genitals. Right?

  4. I really want to use my Eric Peters Autos Fan Page to comment on this Dan Casey’s articles

    Would anyone volunteer to be added as an admin to the page? I’m too 4chan-ish and unpredictable to trust myself to comment, I don’t want to get the page banned on facebook.

    Either that, or some more mature minded person read some of these Dan Casey pieces and help me build a well-reasoned rebuttal.

    I can’t get very far past his smug little face and his authoritarian idiocies. You only get one chance with your reputation IRL. I wouldn’t want to post anything all his fellow lapdog Roanokers could misconstrue and have it reflect poorly on this website.

    I miss the days of anonymous commenting and not merely being your own boring self online a lot.

  5. Tor Clover:

    Eric you are such a zero IQ loser. I thought you were going to stop blogging already. You don’t even know how to avoid a clover farmer on his tractor driving on the road, idiot….

    Eric Peters is a gun nut and a big fan of racist rantings

    Eric Peters’ evil twin’s day job is as an ambulance chasing lawyer from Lynchburg, VA.

    Tell me Eric if you are so good at hating the government you racist gun nut, how is it your identical twin is a member of the bar, damn your a stupid libertarian.

  6. Brilliant and eccentric physicist Elwood Ralson has a unique problem. He’s convinced that humanity is being run through a bizarre experiment by some nearly-omnipotent aliens who are determined to prevent excessive intellectual or technological development on mankind’s part while still being interested in human intellects and technology. Whenever any human culture gets too far advanced, the aliens do something to bring it to an end.

    And it’s driving Ralson to suicide—he, in particular, they want dead before he can help his colleagues develop a defense against the atomic bomb which may prevent the final end of human existence. In the end, however, he’s able to complete the theoretical background for such a device before the urge to commit suicide becomes overpowering.

    Breeds There A Man 1951 Asimov

  7. Proces of frog boiling began some time ago

    It started when cattle got yellow earmarks and dogs received rfid chips. Predictive programming in full scale.

    Through media mind bleaching it will be accaptable to tag people also.

    What is more dangerous: lack of interest or ignnorance? Do not know and do not care.

  8. I just had my Arizona permission to operate a motor vehicle on a public thoroughfare extended in December of 2014. I just checked and it does have a gold star on it. I thought it was somewhat strange when I was told to remove my glasses for the photo, since I am required to use corrective lenses while driving. I guess that is to improve the efficiency of the facial recognition someware.

  9. maybe a bit like these guys, I too have a valid message for your consumption. But is it worth withstanding such delivery techniques to digest such thought nuggets?

    Like today’s Tom Sawyer. I get high on you. And the space I pervade. I get by on you. No my mind is not for rent. To any god or government. Always hopeful, yet filled with discontent. I know changes aren’t permanent. But change is.

    What you say when in my company. Is what my place is in society. Catch my witness, catch my wit. Catch my spirit, catch my spit. Catch my drift.

    My world is, my world is. Love and life to me so deep. Maybe as my eyes are wide.

    Enter and exit a warrior, today’s Tom Sawyer, I get high on you, And the energy you trade, I move right through on to help actuate the friction of my day.

  10. You bring up an important point, Chris T. How does one distinguish between true organic progress, and contrived crony capitalism market interference.

    Anywhere there is a man trying to do work to move A to B. There are countless hive minds inserting themselves and C, D, and E between A and B and then using a man’s own honest efforts to power their piggybacked systems as if a man trying to work for himself must serve as a power source for the ends of other men.

    Always, there is unwanted tracking and recordkeeping in all new technologies that are difficult to avoid or defeat.

    One thing i hate about new tech, is the myriad tattling technologies.
    I don’t want an odometer in my car telling my family exactly how many miles I’ve driven. Or receipts in my pockets that tell them everywhere I’ve made a purchase and when. Or browser histories chronicling every site i visit. Or a cable box that lists all my recent viewings. Or a credit history. Or a criminal history. Or medical records. Or employment records. Or automobile maintenance records at the dealership. Or any of it. Leave me alone already.

    In the long run, a man in the free market under true innovation and desired improvements should win over men in a martial economy. That is why I hope America fails and falls to another power group. Because I think other countries are far less police state oriented than America at this point.

    Or better still, if all nations fail to control technology, then it will be every man for himself against every corporation and big business. May the best entities win in a fairer competition than what now exists under nation-states.

    I am all for prudently avoiding bad technology for yourself. If you can get a purely mechanical version of everything with no nanny state tracking capabilities, good.

    What I can’t support, is the idea that everyone is better off with less options. That somehow we’d be better off if we all had to work from sunup to sundown just to feed and house ourselves.

    Every dystopia movie ends in completely the wrong way. The answer isn’t to smash the matrix. To kill big brother. To destroy everything and start over from scratch as savages with spears.

    The answer might be to learn from the successes of nature that are already there. Just as our bodies have immune systems against infections and disease. We need economic and technological immune systems to protect us from predations and those who rule us by force.

    There’s honest technology. And then there’s predations and thwarting of technology that is used to limit and control us. The challenge is, how do we successful outsmart those alien bodies and gangs which pollute and misdirect all our hard work and innovations for their own sinister enrichment and aggrandizement.

    • Tor,I thought I heard the Fifes playing-You have my vote (if it counts)I despise having to give an account of my actions and locations at various times,ad Nausuem;
      Its one thing that got me in trouble with a former employer(the work got done,on time and correctly{why did He have to Micromanage?}[I depise MM’ers]And as Dear Wifey has learned,it doesnt work with yours truly.
      Some of the people,that used to be in my circle,gave capitalism a bad name,nothing wrong with free enterprise,but being a hog,grunting at the trough,with the other bully pigs,doesnt bode well for the “runts”.
      If we cant find “Galt Gulch” perhaps we can find “Serendip”

    • People like us are the Killer-T cells of this “human host” called society.
      We’ve been infected with AIDS, basically – and fooled that these foreign bodies are in fact Americans, and freedom-loving.

      Part of the problem is, we Killer-T cells are being eliminated, singly, through subversion, compromise, and outright elimination.
      And the longer we wait, the greater the cost.

      AIDS is an apt analogue, as it subverts the Killer-T cells in the human body. It infects those cells specifically, compromising the body’s ability to defend itself against disease. AIDS doesn’t kill you; other diseases kill you because of a compromised immune system.

      We’ve been compromised. We’ve allowed ourselves to compromise away our integrity and our liberty – because we “delegated” responsibility. Rule of management: you CANNOT delegate responsibility.

      time for the “silent majority” to get out of the way. They are the sheep, they don’t care who the farmer is – so let’s invoke Mary….
      Because that night, behind closed curtains, and with some mint Jelly…
      Mary had a little lamb…

      We either address the problems while we can, or we vacate the field – and HOPE we can outrun the zeitgeist of Big Brother/Big Fatherland, with rendition and chaos for all.

      If that’s the end game anyway, STOP RUNNING – and engage the enemy on YOUR terms. hit and fade, and keep mobile, and target ONLY the high-value targets. Use those same methods against the Liberal/Progressive/socialist/Communist sub-humans, eliminate the top echelons of the 1%ers, and keep your head down and invisible.

      Time to look into electronic warfare methods, too – devices that interrupt license plate readers, and cameras, and microphones, and radar. Be a ghost when you have a target…
      Then show up with “business as usual” again.

      Subvert their system using their methods.

      Since we can’t outright kill the beast, we need to turn it on itself…

    • Correction: Some non-Western countries are less police-state-like than the US. However, people in those countries tend to be less individualistic than Westerners, and gladly submit to high taxes and Government monitoring without requiring the stick of Law Enforcement.

      • I agree. The people of greatest interest of me is the United Kingdom. Many things are exclusively under the purview of the government, and this is completely taken for granted without question.

        It’s troubling as an individualist, since England, Canada, and Australia seem to be far more intellectual on average than America.

        A Han Chinese. A Tamil, or a Hindi. These “breeds” have been around so long, they are likely stable and distinct even with no outside government compulsion.

        If America is going to go this same route, which I hope it isn’t. I’d like America to be a culture only of ideas, and productivity. Not one that prefers any characteristic or behavior over another. But rather one that embraces all possibilities and concerns itself only with desirable ends, and never any specific means.

  11. I am an American citizen currently in American Samoa. I went to renew my expired Nevada license and was sent to the local office of Homeland Security where they wanted to make copies of my passport, current DL, and social security card so that they could do a background check. It was supposedly going to take 24 hours.

  12. its just like in Revelation, nobody can do anything unless they have the mark of the beast on them, only the gov is making people carry cards instead of triple 6

    • Hi Jessica,

      I am not a Christian (or even religious) but it’s interesting that such “predictive programming” seems to be coming to pass.

      I incline more and more toward the idea that the “gods” of antiquity – Sumer/Akkadia in particular, long before the Old Kingdom of Egypt – may have been the remnant of an ancient high-technology civilization, either native to this world or otherwise, who lived immensely long lives, who may be our masters… and that we are property. That what we call “history” has been planned or is being actively controlled. So many convenient synergies, all inclining to what appears to be a common nexus.

        • The deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the stranger it gets. The hairless ape cannot be explained satisfactorily as being the result of evolutionary processes. He seems to have just appeared, deus ex machina….

      • Eric,

        I truly enjoy your site, in a sick and twisted way.

        I’m always sure to stop by whenever I start feeling overly optimistic.
        Just a few minutes brings me smashing back to earth then I’m sure to be agitated and passive aggressive the rest of the day.

        • Me too, Matt!

          Honest, I’d prefer to just write about cars. And bikes. If only they’d let us have them the way we want them. And leave us alone to enjoy them…

  13. I know Michigan had resisted the Real ID but I haven’t heard anything lately. Just checked 3 IDs within my family and I do not see yellow star. Can anyone verify?

  14. Questions:
    1) I didn’t think Montana was part of the national ID program, I don’t have a gold star on my recent DL, so shouldn’t MT be in the holdout list?
    2) I have one of the newer wallets for credit cards with an RFID aluminum shield to prevent hackers from getting credit card info. Does this help to prevent surreptitious scanning of ID info?

  15. Sadly, most libertarians are stasists. Men who want things to stabilize as they are, or even to revert to the way they were in the past. They look for some kind of advantage within the status quo. And ways to impose the old order. They seek an advantage over others and are satisfied that they are better than others, and claim some imagined moral victory where none exists in reality.

    One’s inferiors are not so easily controlled nor denied. It would be better for all if those of greater ability traded shared their advantages with select others they care about to enrich all parties. And not try to stifle progress over time. Because time doesn’t work that way. You can’t live in reverse. Rather they should use their natural advantages to shape progress to secure their freedoms in return for their contributions to the wealth of others.

    The only effective path to liberty really, is to be a dynamist. To embrace and foster improvement and freeing of humanity for higher pursuits. There are no guarantees in this case, but rather it is up to the individual to hold on to and regain, those things that were good in the past, even though circumstances have changed. It is nearly always better to gamble on new freedoms, rather than retreat to the devils and drudgeries you already know.

    Friends and Enemies of Progress
    In the 1998 book, The Future and Its Enemies, conventional political boundaries are abandoned such as those of left and right and liberal and conservative.

    Rather the world is postulated to divide the world into dynamists and stasists.

    The book’s thesis is that the most useful and pertinent intellectual concept is about those who welcome the future and those who want to stop, turn back, or regulate change.

    Dynamists prefer an open-ended society where creativity and enterprise, operating under general and predictable rules, generate progress in unpredictable ways. Dynamists appreciate evolutionary processes such as market competition, playful experimentation, scientific inquiry, and technological innovation. They work creatively across barriers and obstacles and in areas once thought to be disparate to construct combinations based on the free play of imagination and discovery.

    Further, they seek progress, rather than perfection, through trial and error, feedback loops, incremental improvement, diversity, and choice. They are learners, experimenters, risk takers, and entrepreneurs who understand the importance of local knowledge and evolved solutions to complex problems. Not surprisingly, dynamists are frequently attracted to biological metaphors as symbols of unpredictable change and growth, variety, experimentation, feedback, and adaptation.

    Stasists have an aversion to change and either abhor progress or want to control it according to their own vision. They include those who long for the good old days, technophobes, technocrats, supporters of big government programs, and individuals whose investments or jobs are in jeopardy due to some innovation. They may come from the “left” (unionists, environmentalists, Luddites) or from the “right” (traditionalists, nativists). Stasists on the left want to regulate the market and the development of technology. Those on the right loathe change and have protectionist economic leanings.

    Of course, not all change is for the good. The desirability of a given change is subject to rational assessment. What is required is a libertarian support system that guarantees man the freedom to seek his material and moral well-being as long as he does not infringe the equivalent rights of others.

    Only then will a person be able to use his rationality and free will to choose, create, and integrate all the values, virtues, and goods that can lead to individual well-being. This naturally includes the rational evaluation, choice, and use of technology and innovations.

    • Hey,anybody know how I can go about getting my gun ownership rights restored?(Voting and jury duty-not important to me)
      Which will come first the NWO or the Singularity?-Kevin(waiting anxiously for spring)

      • Hi Kevin,

        Semantics! Our rights are not granted (nor restored). Tyrants have managed to help us forget this and substitute conditional privileges, issued (and rescinded) at their discretion.

        Now, legally speaking, they can (and do) give and take away your legal privilege to have/carry a gun.

        • According to the Declaration of Independence, our rights were endowed to us by our creator.
          The ‘Bill of Rights’ was a partial listing of rights that the framers recognized that they were NOT to violate.
          The gunvermin can neither give not take away rights. They can only infringe.

      • Kevin, it depends on what state you had charges from and where you now live. It’s very complicated if you live in a different state from the state of where you were convicted(nice ring to it eh?). In Tx. it’s nearly impossible unless you had deferred adjudication and since the Shrub was guvna here, the other Republicans dole out pardons like they’re pulling their own teeth. Do a search and there are some places you can get info on this. I used to know a couple but have since lost them……along with most everything else. Good luck to you since so many states and pols are trying to take away EVERYBODY’S gun rights. I don’t mean that though to stymie you since it can be done in many states through various means, mostly, all with different criteria.

        • Thanks Eight,since reviewing my “Hammer” papers,I still find it incredulous that I was even sent to the Pen anyway,Money matters,if enough money is spent(wink,wink) the Judges hands probaly wouldnt be tied ,have downloaded forms to submit( which is probaly a joke) but I know enough now to avoid the so called legal issues-Kevin

    • Several years ago (30?) I realized that I could no longer be a ‘conservative’ because conservatism is nothing more than a defense of the status quo, and the status quo was no longer worth defending. So for a while I considered myself a reactionary, wanting to turn back the clock. But that won’t work. The problems we are having today were ‘built into’ the Constitution, no matter whether that was intended or not.
      One big problem is that many (most?) of those who now call themselves conservatives are only “Hey, not so fast” progressives. They have no problem with the progressive ideas themselves, only their implementation.
      Have you read the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto?
      How many of these do you agree with, or at least not seriously disagree with? What about your neighbors? And “your” elected officials?

          • good stuff. I remember reading something similar a ways back.
            – –

            Stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the
            origin of all poems,
            You shall possess the good of the earth and sun, there are
            millions of suns left,
            You shall no longer take things at second or third hand, nor
            look through the eyes of the dead, nor feed on the
            specters in books,
            You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things
            from me,
            You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your self.

            I have heard what the talkers were talking, the talk of the
            beginning and the end,
            But I do not talk of the beginning or the end.

            There was never any more inception than there is now,
            Nor any more youth or age than there is now,
            And will never be any more perfection than there is now,
            Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now.

            Always a knit of identity, always distinction, always a breed
            of life.
            To elaborate is no avail, learn’d and unlearn’d feel that it is so.

            The spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me, he complains
            of my gab and my loitering.

            I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,
            I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.

            The last scud of day holds back for me,
            It flings my likeness after the rest and true as any on the
            shadow’d wilds,
            It coaxes me to the vapor and the dusk.

            I depart as air, I shake my white locks at the runaway sun,
            I effuse my flesh in eddies, and drift it in lacy jags.

            I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love,
            If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles.

            You will hardly know who I am or what I mean,
            But I shall be good health to you nevertheless,
            And filter and fiber your blood.

            Failing to fetch me at first keep encouraged,
            Missing me one place search another,
            I stop somewhere waiting for you.


          • It was hilarious when Pat Paulsen was running against Nixon and he came out with the campaign slogan: “we can’t stand pat”. Loved the triple entendre. (For those who are too young to remember, Nixon’s wife was named Pat.)

      • You give yourself away as an irrationalist, Keith, with your sentence.

        For there is only one world.

        There are 7.1 billion humans each of them comprised of around 37 trillion unique cells observing the one singular world in slightly different ways.

        But clearly, if you are a rational man, you must concede it is the same world for all.

        To say each man inhabits his own world, is baseless magical thinking. I hope you can understand and begin to reconcile that error.

        What color is the sky in the eyes of astronauts aboard the international space station. Or the eyes of the crews of submarines of war. What color is it to observers in the artic or antarctic circles. And in the eyes of those permanently blind.

        The answer is the color of the sky is not in the eyes of a single man. Or any number of men. It is an objective truth. For those on the side of the Earth nearest the star called the sun it is one way. For those in the shadow of the Earth, there are too many stars to count.

        Yet if you think about it the same stars are there in the day as in the night. And burn in the same way whether observed by human eyes or not. What color is the sky if you imagine a nearly infinite number of men dispersed throughout the universe at one mile intervals. For some there is brightness. For others there is darkness. Are not all skies in the aggreagate a part of an answer to vast for a single man to calculate unaided?

        What color is the sky
        On some Latakia, Syrian beach at night,
        Where stands a beautiful child with her father,
        Watching the east, the autumn sky, as the warriors of ISIS draw near.

        What color is such a sky where
        Up through the darkness,
        While ravening clouds, the burial clouds, in black masses spreading,
        Lower sullen and fast athwart and down the sky,

        Where amid a transparent clear belt of ether yet left in the east,
        Ascends large and calm, the lord-star Jupiter,
        And nigh at hand, only a very little above,
        Swim the delicate sisters, the Pleiades.

        Does the debased lunacy of Allah and yammering Yahweh light such a sky

        From the beach, the child fearfully holds the hand of her father,
        Those burial-clouds that lower victorious soon to devour all,
        Watching, silently weeps.

        Weep not, child,
        Weep not, my darling,
        For now all men of reason are your protecting fathers
        With countless kisses let us remove your tears,

        The ravening clouds shall not long be victorious,
        They shall not long possess the sky, they devour the stars only in apparition,

        Jupiter shall emerge, be patient, watch again another night, the Pleiades shall emerge,

        They are immortal, all those stars both silvery and golden shall shine out again,

        The great stars and the little ones shall shine out again, they endure,
        The vast immortal suns and the long-enduring pensive moons shall again shine.

        Then dearest child mournest thou only for Jupiter?
        Considerest thou alone the burial of the stars?
        Something far more for you there is,

        With my virtual lips soothing thee, adding I whisper,
        I give thee the first suggestion, the problem and indirection,
        Something there is more immortal even than the stars,
        Across a virtual bridge comes saving counsel and consolation

        Tis true, many the burials, many the days and nights, passing away,
        Have your dark young eyes witnessed but trouble yourself not

        Something of you shall yet endure longer even than lustrous Jupiter
        Longer than sun or any revolving satellite,
        Or of the radiant sisters of the Pleiades
        The coming colors of your sky one day soon is a wonder beyond all comprehension

    • Sounds good in theory, but ignores where the change originates.

      If you assume that all change is of the organic, human “evolution” kind, you’d be right.

      But it completely ignores the changes that isn’t really organic, but the result of some sort of desing, or rather, any connected group using its ability to influence the behavior of others.

      Ed Bernays anyone?

      People who oppose that kind of change, the one induced by manipulation, etc, are perhaps stasist, but really, they are just fighting back.

      If you think that’s all just a rehash of some very old discredited writings, then ask yourself, why so many rather ditzy fellow citizens come to believe things such as Saddam being able to nuke LA into smithereens, or that North Korea is even remotely a threat to anyone this side of Japan, etc?

      While they could get that from FNN or CNN, they don’t watch the news, yet still believe it!

  16. Can we finally nail shut the libertarian idea that technology will free us? It will do no such thing; instead it will allow what Big Nanny has always wanted but couldn’t do before: complete surveillance, monitoring, registering, tracking, and control of our lives, movements, and habits.

    Let’s face another truth. Most people will heartily gobble all of this technotyranny up because gee, it makes things so convenient and easy. Once again, as I’ve whined before, others are making my choices for me. The problem with capitalism is that it caters to buffoons and the apathetic, and devil take the rest. Capitalism might be the best system we have, but it too will lead us down the primrose path.

    Time to listen to the theme from “Brazil” again.

    • I agree, Ross.

      I’m fighting a rearguard action on sail fawns. Lots of pressure to get one because “everyone” has one and the expectation, therefore, is that I must get one, too.

        • I got mine because of a long commute and folks just don’t stop to help a breakdown like they used to. (Maybe never this close to Mordor on the Potomac?)

          • Through some miracle it is still possible to get an anonymous pay-as-you go phone in the U.S. (Tracfone, etc.). Something like that is ideal for emergency use.

            Although the phone needs to be activated you can use a library computer or VPN service along with a temporary email address to accomplish this in a private manner.

            Just keep the battery out of the phone until needed so it won’t be tracked unless actually being used.

            • If ‘THEY’ are really out to get you, they will track the phone to the place of purchase and view the security camera footage to find your face. Or so the TV shows say.
              Doubt it happens often, but it’s within the realm of possibility.

              • PtB, bringing up another point. It’s now illegal(WTF isn’t?)to alter your appearance for the purpose of altering your appearance. I think the law actually says something like “to commit a crime” but simply being available is a crime these days so it’s a catch-22. And if you pay cash, who’s to know what you look like once out of the store? I continue to look for a store without cameras but seriously doubt any exist.

                Last month I paid our pre-paid cell phone bill. I’m identified as a state of the union and my wife is another state. So, I’m bopping along trying to figure out how to alter my appearance next time and I see both those monikers are associated with our address.

                I wanted to behead the other half when she got home. She had paid for her phone with a credit card after I had told her under no circumstance would a card be used. I’m still grinding my teeth.

                But, if she had not done something that stupid we’d be fairly much anonymous except for my face I deigned to show since it’s on probably every database with facial recognition software if not everybody with a Tx DL isn’t.

              • At this stage unless someone really is out to get you it’s probably not something you need to worry about. If concerned, wearing big sunglasses (the kind used after cataract surgery) and a wide-brimmed hat should give some protection from overhead cameras.

            • No miracle is required, just enough common sense to buy the phone and all the time for it with CASH, without fail. Oh, and, of course, don’t give them your real name, if you give them any. I haven’t had to…

              • “No miracle is required…”

                The miracle is that given the metasticizing police state there is still a way to get a cell phone anonymously!

            • Fold some aluminum foil into the lining of your wallet or pocketbook and you will significantly reduce their ability to read RFID chips thereby wrapped inside a pseudo-Faraday cage.

        • Yeah. I go “dark” when I am on the road (as now). I’m in AZ, attending a media ride and drive for the Ford Edge. I can e-mail, but that’s it.

          Still, I will not give in. I will never own a sail fawn.

          It’s pleasantly retro – recalls a better time – to not be “reachable” when I am away from the house.

            • Brent,
              The phone can be turned ON, and the microphone and camera enabled, without you being aware, or it showing. IE, no lights go on, the screen stays off, etc – but YOU can be monitored. 😛

              • If Brent is only talking about being pestered, then turning the phone off is probably sufficient. If the concern is being ‘tracked,’ then the battery must be removed. Eventually they will probably come up with a passive GPS chip so that even that will not be enough.
                Homing pigeons, anyone?

                • Yes… My current Droid has a non-removable battery. Don’t like that. Also cant’ udnerstand it, UNLESS….
                  Planned obsolescence, to ensure you buy the latest and greatest when the contract runs out – because you need to be able to handle all the javascript CR@P that the WWW is made of any more.
                  I mean, why have ONE call where you wait 3 seconds (or even 30, though that is annoying), pulling a static page of 100 Kb – when on that same page, you could have 30 calls for content, each call being about 20 Kb (the extra is effing OVERHEAD… Nothing more!)… and each call takes about 300 milliseconds.
                  BTW, for the 30 second pause? You got EVERYTHING.
                  For all these little pauses? You’re getting non-seamless (I.E., NOT invisible to the user) fragments.

                  Let’s use EP here as an example.
                  Advertisers are each their own call. If it’s a changing ad? Each change is a call.
                  The article item here? “The “New” 1976 Firebirds!” Same deal. Plus the “Latest Stuff” entry; and if it’s updating as we read? Each update is a call. It is polling on the minute? Hour? Or being PUSHED each time someone posts a comment? (I’ve seen that…)

                  Scrolling the items? Javascript on our end, tying up CPU.
                  The marquis or “focus box” on the homepage? You notice when the pictures are different sizes, the entire page re-arranges itself? Javascript fail. Code fail. (No offense intended, Eric, by your own admission, you’re not a coder. I’ve seen professionals do worse. And somehow, they keep their job… Like a cop who shoots a subdued suspect, they just keep giving their “gift” of chaos to the world.)

                  This is a fairly light page, too. Look at BuzzFeed or even MSN… ALL those requests take processing time, formatting, adjusting… they go through the internet Backbone servers, Fiber and copper channels, asking for – as a result of breaking down the data – sometimes THOUSANDS more requests, and THOUSANDS more characters, plus associated Server and Client-side rendering and processing times. 23 ms on the server + 100 ms latency on the network + 300 ms on the client + 200 ms on the database + transit time = 1.5 seconds, maybe.
                  Not bad!
                  Except now you have 1500 people making THAT request…
                  And then making another request half a second later (new add must scroll by), plus then another half a second (new ad), plus some have embedded video that auto-plays….
                  And everyone is using the same Javascript libraries, with the same issues, across the ENTIRE WWW!!!

                  Half a second for _A_ user isnt’ a big deal, but compound that across a billion users… Even if you push most of that to the Client side, there’s still the Server handling the request, unpacking the request, processing the request, packign the new request for the internal system’s database, sending that to the database, which in turn unpacks the request, then processes it, then finds the data, then assembles the data, then pakcs that, then sends that back to the app server, then the app server unpacks the data for processing, then re-packs it, then sends it…

                  Sorry, I’m ranting.
                  I’m a Performance Engineer, and all I effing want to view the web 90% of the time, is EFFING LYNX ON UNIX! NO images, just gimme the text.

                  I think it comparable to modern cars vs. a car you DRIVE. I don’t want the USBs, don’t want the extra Bluetooth connections, don’t want the integrated GPS, don’t want the touch screens, don’t want the radar-infected Lane Departure Warning, Blindspot indicators, Crash Avoidance system, Traction control Murder Device, ABS that prevents me from actually STOPPING, “Door Ajar” (Stop the car!!!) device, Seatbelt “Reminder” (Can’t drive unless you buckle up!!!), etc, etc, etc.
                  the nice things for a comfortable car to have are:
                  – good seats, with good ergonomics: Pedals are in the right relation to seat and floor; wheel in the right place for my hands, while I can lean on the door or the arm rest (no need to hold my arms out fully extended, because if I don’t slouch back at 45 degrees or so, I can’t see out the windshield – too tall a torso!), etc
                  – comfortable ride, or sport suspension (choice varies on task and performance requirement)
                  – Responsive handling: when I turn the wheel, the car turns. When I hit the gas, the car MOVES. When I hit the brakes, it STOPS. the computers aren’t doing it all FOR me, telling me when to start, when to stop, at what rate I can accelerate, how fast I can turn, etc.)
                  – Clear, bright headlights for night driving
                  – smooth shifting, whether auto or manual (with the acknowledgement that manual MAY rely on ME – in fact, that would be PREFERRED – instead of the hydraulic clutch with a ZERO friction zone)
                  – “high” top speed – say, 120-150 MPH without straining, able to cruise at that speed.

                  Extras but really nice:
                  – AC & heat
                  – Radio and CD player.
                  – Cruise control, MAYBE.

                  I don’t need 500 Javascript libraries to drive my car – the car is driving itself at that point. the Browser controls what I see these days – INCLUDING ILLEGAL IMAGES, which _I_ can be prosecuted for, even if I don’t know they were there! (True case, man was busted for child porn because he hit a site which connected to an illegal image, which the FBI had placed online, and his browser downloaded it as a “web beacon”, a 1X1 pixel “image”. He’s doing federal time for something he probably didn’t know existed, PERIOD. And given CyberCrime? He didn’t need to know it was there, he just got caught in the dragnet/witch hunt. It was on his hard drive in the cache….)

                  We are ennobling Boobus Amoroncan’tus. The dumber, the better – Idiocracy writ large.

                  We need to go the OPPOSITE direction: ennoble the producer, the thinker, the innovator.
                  Not “The Jock,” “The cool kids” (who have no clue and could care less), and “the princess” (Hot girls, basically, who claim they hate the attention – but without the attention, what would they be? Starving for ego gratification.)

                  We’ve reached the point where it’s WHO you know, not WHAT you know – and it’s not even a secret any more! Those “cool kids” and “Jocks” who joined a dozen clubs in high school and college? THAT was their education: Shmoozing, socializing, “making connections,” seducing, networking. they never do REAL WORK because they’re incapable of it. All they can do is “Make Decisions,” a la Bush “The Decider.”

                  Whereas, in simpler and better times, they would’ve been seen to be empty shirts with no ability, today they are over-paid bureaucrats (even when in business, at the C-level. Not one LICK of work gets done – that’s all delegated to others, and it rolls downhill to someone like me, who knows more about a dozen subjects than they ever will – but I don’t play politics, I’m here to do a job – so I’m locked in a corner / lab, and told to do that job, for peanuts, while A-hole upstairs finds more ways to waste resources on his “corporate planning session” in Hawaii, or such.)

                  We don’t need nannies, paper-pushers, and supervisors. We need people who do work, think great thoughts, and build a future. Not those who get in the way.
                  We should include euthanasia under “justifiable homicide.” Clovers add nothing to society, regardless of the arena they colonize.
                  And for their aggresions, we should be allowed to respond in kind… But then _WE_ are seen as “uncivilized.” They all but spit in your face, but when you get offended and seek redress, YOU are being unreasonable and aggressive and “violent.” Just a Neanderthal…

                  Well, then – club them like baby seals and move on. Damned either way, might as well make the world a better place support PROGRESS… Growth. Advancement. Innovation.

                    • Since everyone around me still has room-temperature IQs….?
                      and I still haven’t killed a single one, even by accident, so now I’m depressed, too. 🙁

                      We have problem, we have solution, but since there’s some assembly required, I just haven’t done it yet…
                      (There IS a shortage of ammo these days…)

              • I was speaking of being pestered, getting calls from people, being ‘reachable’.
                My phone is ancient and thus spying/tracking capability is likely rather limited. I would also notice it losing charge when I had it ‘off’ if that were being done.

    • Technology is neither good nor bad, it depends on what you do with it.
      Capitalism caters to those who have money to spend. Our problem is that the gunvermin takes money away from those who earn it and gives it to those who either cannot or WILL not earn it. Since they did not work for it, they value it less and spend it carelessly.

    • I must disagree with your assertion that capitalism “caters to buffoons and the apathetic”. Quite the contrary: it punishes those types, and severely. The system that does what you describe is the one that has dominated the USSA for at least 100 years, a combination of fascism, communism, and mercantilism. Unfortunately, the USSA system has been so often described as capitalism that the two are commonly viewed as one and the same. Capitalism has thereby attained a bad reputation that it does not deserve.

  17. As far as I know MA is still holding out too, although the new governor might give in. The reason NY and MA are against this is because it stops them from giving licences to illegals.

  18. Back Door For “Real” ID and its subtitle..How you will become a Nazi and learn to love it or ELSE!

    David Ward
    Memphis, Tennessee

    • Yes. We wouldn’t want to dissent from our slavery. We want the rule of “law”. In that there is peace and safety……wouldn’t want to venture on the anarchic side of the fence.

      Live it…….love it……”freedom” isn’t free.

      • ancap, I once thought Fred and Kris had it right with freedom just being another word for nothing left to lose but that doesn’t look like it’s true any longer if it ever was.

        I figured the draft board could wait when I was too sick to get out of bed on my 18th birthday but my good old dad showed up at lunch with one I never signed for. That brought my spirits right up. And I knew what he and the govt. both had in mind since it was immediately after the Tet offensive……and that was on a Saturday. Maybe the post office doesn’t work that day but the armed forces never sleep it would seem.

  19. Why is it only the state that can issue “Real ID”? Why can’t the people who really know you do it? For example the financial company you have your money or insurance with, or your credit card company, maybe even religious organizations(*). Real ID is a specification, any organization that meets the spec should be able to issue them.

    Actually license plates and driver certificates should be issued by insurance companies, not the government.

    * The Catholic Church is in some sense a nation state, The Vatican, why can’t they issue Catholic ID that meets the Real ID spec?

        • Exactly.

          I think it was Robert Heinlein who made the point. You know it’s time to move on when they start requiring IDs….

          • Time to move – on THEM.
            The original, “Time to move,” was from Daniel Boone: “Time to move when you can see your neighbor’s chimney smoke.” Wish I could do that – I’ve become too “civilized.”

            and I’m a misanthrope! 😛

    • License-Plates should be entirely abolished.

      Their primary deliberate purpose has always been for ID/tracking of the populace, but it’s now reached Orwellian levels with automatic license-plate cameras & nationwide real-time databases.

      Theoretically, a license-plate merely certifies that the vehicle is properly registered/taxes-paid with the government … but there’s no need to publicly advertise that trivia with a unique license-plate # that readily enables personal tracking of your travels and locations. Your vehicle registration slip and VIN easily allow the cops to check a vehicles registration/tax/owner information if ever required for legitimate law enforcement reasons.

      Imagine a world with no vehicle license plates — cops and politicians shudder at the thought, but free citizens should demand it.

      • been wondering when this issue would surface. look into it and you’ll be astonished. 2 sorts of entities are required to pay the “privilege” tax: private carriers and public carriers. in general, a person moving himself about in a motor vehicle is definitely not either. however, each time you apply for a new tag you are self-assessing yourself as a private carrier of passengers. don’t do it and see if the state tax assessor designates you as a private carrier of passenger. won’t happen. uphill legal battle, but rock-solid.

        research the case law in its full history and you will be floored how this came about.

        • Hi Iohann,

          It is an uphill legal problem – and more. Hence the problem. Who has the time (or the desire) to constantly be hassled by cops, arrested and taken to jail; fight in court? If it were just a one-time fight, ok. To make the case, as they say. But the problem is the state’s enforcers (cops) will just continue to screw with you – because hey, it’s “the law” to have plates, registration, an ID card. Debating legal points with them will get you nowhere – and may just get you a wood shampoo

          • Need to put mines on the back of the car….
            Flip a switch, the mine is armed and drops. Cop rolls over it, photo sensor triggers the mine, and no more cop.


            “They send one of your to the hospital, send ten of theirs to the morgue.” (Paraphrase from “the untouchables.” Just goes to show, “THEY” have ALWAYS been above the law – “for your own good.” Time to stop running.)

          • It used to be that plates from Alaska, or Hawaii, or somewhere far from the local porky never actually expired. Nobody noticed the 73 vintage 30 day Nebraska plates on my Jeep in California for a couple of years. Now of course, the bad guys have too much tech. I wonder if plates from say, Jamaica would work? So long as there is something there on the bumper it might not get noticed…Especially by a NaziCam?

          • I have found that the best I can do here in Idaho is not register my vehicles after it expires. You will deal with cops every once in a while, but I like that best because that is what I get ticketed for. If I get caught speeding(rare because I have a detector in each of my personal vehicles)they will give me the registration ticket. That’s not freedom, but it’s the best I can do at this point. I’d like to do more, but they have all the money and time in the world. I don’t. That’s why I pick and choose my battles.

            If I were independently wealthy and didn’t have a wife and children, I’d be in a court room with statist fuckers every week, until they learned to not mess with me. But, that’s not a situation I can survive in. I suppose it’s a similar story for all of us us in one way or another.

        • It’s not that I don’t believe you, but if what you say is true one must follow it through a series of changes of law and court decisions back to the start. Ever seen how Larkin Rose goes through the income tax? Step by step he shows how the entire thing was constructed slowly with word changes and interpretations and so forth. However how does one get a judge to listen or even a jury? Larkin Rose couldn’t manage that.

          And that’s the problem. Everyone in the system and the jury pool believe all of this is legitimate. It doesn’t go away until a critical mass is convinced of what occurred. That’s the real problem, beliefs and perceptions.

          The powers that be used perceptions, beliefs, and emotional manipulations on top of a school system that conditioned people as children. I don’t think just not obeying is going to accomplish anything unless a lot of people do that all at the same time or close to it. I think the tower has to be dismantled or tumbled over along the lines of how it was built. And like anything else, it’s easier to tear down than to build.

          • “And that’s the problem. Everyone in the system and the jury pool believe all of this is legitimate. It doesn’t go away until a critical mass is convinced of what occurred. That’s the real problem, beliefs and perceptions. ”

            Makes for an interesting question; how can they be a “jury of your peers” when they have the IQ of half-boiled tapioca?

            We will always stick out, we who THINK for ourselves.
            We will always be seen as “the other.”
            Same as Blacks, gays, transgenders, Einstein, etc.

            Except we’re closer to the first: the black man can’t change his skin color to “fit in.” * We can’t get our heads far enough up our @$$es to see things from the mAsses viewpoint…

            *: Blacks know they can “pass” in what we’ll term “polite society” regardless of their skin – you just have to go looking for the details. But there have been posts by BLACKS walking people through this social phenomena – where the Black man through his glance tells another Black to not interfere right now, he’s “acting white,” essentially…

            They wonder “why white folk be Racis’.”
            Seems to me, they are the ones with the real problem… (and it was backed by Spike Lee’s “WhiteBlack” tv show/experiment. The Racist was the black male. He was an Angry Black Man even when in white makeup… Yet the white man in black makeup didn’t have the issue, even when he WAS faced with discrimination. And the white woman, WHOAH… Did SHE learn a lesson, when the black man, in normal mode, finally told her they were leaving the black neighborhood – and in the car, he explained if they hadn’t left about that time, they both might’ve been injured or killed in a beat-down…)

            Anyway – the whole race thing is a segue to make the point: the intelligent learn to STFU, or get damaged / ostracized. Transgendered children learn that same lesson, not acting “sissy,” “prissy,” showing any emotion, running a filter on every thought, word, and deed.
            Just like we do in “normal” society.
            Like we sometimes do even with our families…. Where we can generally expect there WON’T be violence (not always).

            Suppression by group ostracism. but we no longer have a group to go to. no land to discover.

            what happens when you put a brink on the rattling top of a pot…?

            Time to fish or cut bait, in more ways then one…

  20. “Look for a gold star on your driver’s license”

    I suppose it would have caused PR problems to require a gold star to be displayed on one’s clothing.

  21. “But, the truth is it’s already a done deal – or might as well be. The only holdouts (as of early 2015) are Arizona, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York and – wait for it – American Samoa”

    I’m Proud to live in Arizona! It’s shocking to see that Utah, Wyoming and Texas(!) are Not on the Holdout List. Almost equally shocking is that New York still a holdout. I’d have thought they’d almost be the first on board….right after Connecticut.

    • Mike, I just checked my Tx. DL, no star. Right now the Tx. lege is considering a new bill to replace one they wrote a few years ago. Seems the DPS interpreted as they liked and got ten fingerprints from everyone getting a new DL. They do this often here since it’s a “law and order” state as far as they’re concerned. The Lege claimed that wasn’t the intent of the law and want to go back to simply getting a thumbprint(just cut off your thumbs), no problem. Since my prints, face recognition photo and everything else are most likely on every database known to man….no big deal for me. Anything beyond that I reckon I’ll give em a stool sample since they probably have a cross for it too but if they don’t, I want to make sure they have the largest sample I can give them.

      • When did you get it? I lost my old one and had to get another, it has a gold star watermark just left of “9a” in the endorsement section

  22. when I was a kid in the ’50’s most of the WWII movies had scenes like the above picture where a Gestapo stooge demands “your papers” and the theater goers would hiss at such an absurd demand – we live in Amerika, that will never happen here! Well that generation (my Dad’s) is gone and there aren’t enough of us around who remember that, or perhaps worse, don’t care as long as BigBrother lets us have just enough to get by on.
    My generation protested Vietnam and other absurdities and it seems like today’s can’t look up from their i-whatever’s to see they’ve been tagged and corralled by the Amerikan Stasi. Almost glad to be on the downhill side of my life, and being there I resolve to die standing up rather than live on my knees.

    • On the tombstone of the USA it will read “It can’t happen here”

      Anyway, the WW2 generation was the first generation that was largely subjected to scientific management. Each generation has been subjected to ever greater amounts of it.

      The world war 2 generation opposed going to war until FDR goaded the empire of Japan into attacking. And then instead of crushing the attack they knew was coming they intentionally had the Navy caught off guard. The WW2 generation quickly fell into line and from that point forward was loyal, obedient, and conformist. This created the problems with the baby boomer generation. From their perspective these kids shouldn’t have a problem going to war in some foreign land because their government said so. They rebelled but only until they sold out to the system.

      So-called generation X is probably the one that hates the system the most, but that’s not saying much. Most of us are well conditioned and can’t think. Most have various concepts from the prior two generations but have serious cognitive dissidence issues. But the constant screwing over in favor of the WW2 generation and the boomers through generational wealth transfer and denied opportunities have probably caused the most resistance since the 19th century. Few however actually know how they are being screwed and think government can fix it. That doesn’t leave much to work with.

      The millennials… this is what I call the “baby on board” generation. Government keeps them safe. Government is mommy and daddy. Permanent childhood as the system was desired to produce. Wandering into millennial political discussion is just nuts.

      Each generation feeds into the next and the conditioning gets greater and greater. The management more effective. The chemicals more interesting.

    • Mike, in 1974 I was 6 years old visiting grandparents in Leipzig, Germany. On just about every corner were posted guards demanding our “papers”, such as passports. After about 2 months we went to Holland to visit some more. After the German experience, our passports were pretty well worn by all the snooping guards to the point we’d be lucky to make it back to Oz before they fell apart.

      I had a conversation with an employment agency here that required my birth certificate. I told her that everything the grabbermint issues in relation to me, came from me in the first place and, that a driver’s licence should be enough because I had to use the BC to get it. She did note to me that the regs weren’t designed to make any sense.

      It’s obvious that it’s all about control and fleecing your account, preferably automagically as you pass the next camera a little too fast, etc. The banks want their money back so they can own the world, because it’s them who create the money through signatures of the living..

      Remove yourself from the system legally. Take a look at this – it might be useful:

  23. Funny timing this came up. I was buying a car from my normal dealer last month(Audi TTRS Eric, sneaky fast little car) and my DL was expiring the next day. The staff said “we can’t submit this paperwork as your DL is expiring tomorrow.” I said what does that have to do with purchasing property?…. Also, the next day tried to pick up a firearm at a local FFL, same issue. We cant do this as your DL is expired, you are doing a NICS check… Of course I couldn’t renew online so I had to make the journey and supplicate myself at DPS, lord of all it surveils in Texas. I’m slowly falling down, I employ 45 people with good paying jobs but as I become nothing more than a middle manager for defacto GOVT control/ownership I may just burn it to the ground as I “fall down.” Ayn Rand was so right…

  24. Anyone who’s read Tom Wood’s book “Nullification” knows that the states have the ability to shut this down anytime. Much of the book was devoted to the state’s ignoring the federal government’s law. Of course the reason the states didn’t like it was because there was no funding attached to it. So Real-ID 2.0 came with payoff money. So much for state’s rights…

    Interesting that prior to 1978, passports were only required during times of war, even though it seems the feds played fast and loose with that rule too.

  25. The whole “ID” thing is in and of itself part of the theater.

    I’ve been stopped while bicycling on more than one occasion and I’ve even been stopped walking. Without ID the cop simply asks for your name and some other piece of information like address or social security number. They then can call up everything they need. If you give them another person’s information better hope you picked someone who looks a lot like you. In Illinois I got myself a FOID card, government permission to own a firearm. They required a photograph. Guess what my FOID card came back with? My DL photo.

    We’ve been in these databases for many years. The ‘real ID’ is part of the feds exercising, expanding power, tying into all the state government databases, etc. There are few people alive today in first world countries that are not filed, stamped, indexed, or numbered.

    What is happening is what we are told does not exist, the slippery slope. Never mind what people argued decades ago that was laughed at. It has come to pass. But time and time again the slippery slope will be labeled a logical fallacy when it has been true in many areas and predictably so.

    Oh well, like with other things when statists complain about it I just tell them this is what they wanted.

    • So they are “laughing at” the slippery slope argument? How does it go again, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you …”
      They also laugh at ‘conspiracy theories.’ But how many people were arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced last year on a charge of conspiracy?
      When citizens conspire, it’s a crime. But when the gunvermin or TPTB conspire, that’s a laughable theory.

  26. Govt bureaucrats are not wealth producers, therefore their jobs are not in demand by anyone. In order to make themselves look like they actually do productive work, they constantly run around in a permanent cycle of make-work — most of these busybodies are constantly looking for something to do. In order to not be exposed as the worthless parasites they are, what strategy do you think they employ to deflect attention away from themselves…? You got it. They play the game of “how can we make the world safer for the brain-dead proletariat masses and make it look like we’ve done something useful.” The end result is quite obvious: they regulate the hell out of us!

    Now, if this is true, then the next logical question to ask should be obvious to anyone with a brain. Does this seemingly never-ending noxious cycle ever stop, or is it perpetual? And if it’s the latter, then it looks like were stuck with a continually growing bureaucracy that’s out of control. What does this portend for the future? I leave it to you.

    Pleasant dreams.

    • “Govt bureaucrats are not wealth producers”
      So true – and yet all gunvermin spending in included in the GDP – gross domestic product – when in reality (of course that concept never intrudes on gunvermin thought) such spending should be SUBTRACTED from the true GDP, because most if not all gunvermin spending is counterproductive.

      • لديك بقرتان is arabic for Paulsen’s `you have two cows.`

        A powerful idea transcends place and language and situation. It exists and is real forever across various temporary schemes of measuring time and space.

        My theory of two cows, is all that matters are the producers. I am a productionist. I am on the side of whoever obtains the cows, and creates wealth using the cows.

        Atlas Shrugged is a novel about the nobility of the Productive men of mind. It is the key to libertarianism and freedom even today. That a producer has an unlimited an unrestricted right to his product, and no one has any claim or portion of it whatsoever.

        There are infinite ways of interfering with a man and his two cows, such that you divert some or all of a man’s honest effort away from him for your own ends. I spit upon every way Ayn Randian villain who lives by such evildoing. Really such monsters are of no consequence, and are not men at all, since it is only those who produce that really matter.

        Hopefully the takers will get their comeuppance in due course. I care only about the makers, and grant no reality to the takers whatsoever.

        It is the making that matters. The takings are nothing to me and never were anything and never will be anything. May the takers decrease and disappear and be forever forgotten and never considered. May it be as if they were never born.

        • Sometimes it’s necessary to PRODUCE something to deal with the consumers.
          Every equation must be balanced, the energy accounted for as well as the chemical components…

  27. Is euthanasia still NOT an option for these parasites?

    If we wait any longer, we’ll be trackable – hell, most of us ARE trackable.

    How can you have ANY sort of transformation of society, if you can’t move around without being monitored by Big Brother using every camera in the area?
    Funny how they echo Simon and Garfunkel’s “sound of silence” – yet no one even sees the club hitting them in the head.

    They live by the sword; we must speak their language. As it is, we are already tax cattle, tagged and ID’d, led to slaughter every April 15th, and whenever the town is short on revenue.


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