Top Five “Heroes” Award

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Without further ado:


  1. damn mang. sorry to hear the news. here’s what’s out there now. 1, 6, & 15 are married; 16 has a boyfriend; 9 is a lesbian ;11 is taken. I realize finding a replacement most likely isn’t the problem. it’s a financial flow thing I imagine.

    not that many years ago, i was frittering away all kinds of cash. now there’s no flow at all. there’s still some stuff and assets. things that couldn’t be liquidated. t what remains can hardly be made liquid at all. i never thought this could happen.

    some of my friends were in the low millions in net worth, now they’re decimated and upside down. one of them is now worth a negative 800k. he used to race his own vehicles in mexican off road races. and he dropped a ton of cash on a new business in utah he had to abandon. he burned thru money like all of us did, only on a grander scale. now he goes to lake havasu in this half million RV he can’t sell and races RC cars and planes and acts like nothing’s changed.

    my rich little sister and her pilot boyfriend separated. she ran into him and a stewardess in a Houston mall one day a few months back. Oooops. To be blunt about it, she had put on a dozen extra pounds or so. But that stewardess didn’t look like much to get excited about either. now they’ve got joint custody of enough debt to choke a whole slew of spendthrift couples.

    i guess I’m justly coldly detached in a weird way. i try to maintain things the same as anyone, but then when it goes south, i just get real mathematical and tolerant of things, no matter how bad they get. it’s kept things together so far, but it doesn’t really feel that great, i’ve managed to find a solution to the equations of this broken system gaining in entropy every day. but staying together under diminished attractions isn’t necessarily all that much better than breaking up, i’d be willing to wager.

  2. Eric, I wonder how you picked out only 5 “heroes” for the award ceremony, when there are SOOO many “heroic” acts committed, er, performed to choose from!


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