Reader Question: The AGW Menace?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mitch writes: I have read many of your articles over the years and this one is fantastic. I sat stunned at the AGW’s comments, yet, not surprised. What’s next? Hunt the guy’s family and salt his home? Every day I watch as the “highwaymen” of various policing agencies troll and pull over folks for doing nothing wrong (you may have guessed I’m no clover) and it infuriates me.

First, their very presence endangers us all. How oft have we seen people swerve and brake when one of these loathsome aggressors comes into view? Then we are faced with these wild-eyed, costumed bullies driving into traffic like a mad man and changing lanes erratically and tailgating. They are a complete and absolute hazard and should be removed from the road. The next hazard that needs to be eliminated are weigh/inspection stations.

These guys need to keep the freight moving. The slowing, then speeding up to reenter the highway is an unnecessary impedance and costly.

I once put a scenario to one of my liberal, socialist friends: Suppose I decide that since I own my car, the yearly registration fee will go unpaid. An AGW stops me to inquire of my registration and I inform him that I have not paid and he proceeds to write me a ticket. This is taking some time, so I inform the AGW that I’ll be going and that I’m not interested in his ticket and that he’s full of shit and I drive off. Then, while driving safely I find several AGWs aggressively following me, wanting me to stop and I refuse and continue to my destination. At what point will they start shooting at me? There ensued a bit of a pause at this point and the obvious absurdity percolates into their walnut sized brain. Haha. Thanks for all you do, hope I didn’t bore you any.

My reply: Bore me? Your comments made my day! It is comments such as yours that give me hope. Not everyone is a Clover – and I think there are more non-Clovers sprouting (as it were) all the time!

You’re absolutely right in re the hazards presented by AGWs, who spend the preponderance of their time looking for “violations” – as opposed to combatting crime. And you’re also very right about AGW escalation. A trivial “violation” becomes justification for summary capital punishment – the reason being that the worst “violation” there is – from the standpoint of an AGW – is Failure to Submit and Obey.

The point to hang onto is a simple yet critical one:

You have either harmed someone – their person or their property – or you have not.

If you believe that people may legitimately be subjected to violent measures not because of a harm they have caused but because you (or someone else, or the “representatives” of someone else) believe or feel that harm might be caused by the action/non-action at issue, then you have forfeited any sustainable foundation for the defense of individual liberty – and assured its inevitable destruction.

Thanks for the kind words!

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  1. I’ve seen it many times. They will drive like idiots(not safely)and endanger everyone on the road for your lack of “paper”. What could be more dangerous? They’re idiots and pscychopaths. Nothing escapes their “authoritah”. Never mind it might be bumper to bumper high speed rush hour. And it’s not uncommon for them to be the ones to cause accidents that the court system will say is your fault for “making” them be unsafe idiots.


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