We’ll Save You… Or Else!

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Now they’re killing people to keep ’em “safe.” hero pic

Another Situation (in Oklahoma, over the weekend; see here) being a case in point.

It had been raining torrentially and there was floodwater. A couple of guys were trying – perhaps stupidly – to prevent their truck from being washed away by rising water. It’s not known at this point – details are still sketchy – but it seems a reasonable supposition that the men were not rolling in cash, hence valued the truck such that they were willing to take a risk to try to save it.

Perhaps not prudent, but certainly by any sane standard their business. Consenting adults and all. No one else was being forced to help the men save their truck. And no one else was being placed at risk because of the men trying to save their truck. Hence no plausible threat to “public safety.”

And so, no legitimate reason to interfere.

Not in principle unlike the still (for now) generally accepted idea that a guy who wants to drink beer and watch football rather than do crunches and go for a run has a right to his beer belly and diabetes – even if a six-pack would be healthier(as well as more aesthetic).Low IQ hero pic

Well, along came a pair of  Oklahoma Troopers. Who made the mens’ business their business. They did not offer to help. Throw ’em a rope, use their squad car to pull the truck out of the drink. Most of all, they did not suggest that the men might want to abandon the truck and move to a safer place. Plead with them. Reason with them.

They did what cops increasingly do as a reflex – the way a scorpion will sting you if you pick it up, even with the best of intentions: They ordered the men to abandon their truck.

For their safety, of course.

Staatspolizei Hauptsturmfuhrer (that’s State Police Captain) Paul Timmons stated that his fellow troopers (their own term and most apt) were  “… worried about them getting swept away… (The men) for whatever reason, were just really upset about having to leave the vehicle there.

Italics added.

And when the men refused to do as ordered for their safety – the cops opened up. Orders must be obeyed.

One of the men – Nehemiah Fischer – is now dead.

The floodwaters did not kill him.

The Oklahoma State Police did.truck pic

Keeping you safe – by making you dead. Not much harm can come to a corpse. A graveyard is very safe indeed.

Why couldn’t the troopers have left these men in peace? What conceivable threat to public (let alone officer) safety did they represent?

The answer, of course, is none. Their crime was failure to obey. It is increasingly a capital offense in this country.

It is certainly true the men might have drowned… well, had they not been shot.

Much the same as a guy who declines to wear a seat belt might be injured or killed if he wrecks… but will be threatened with summary execution (via high-powered pistol) if he refuses a trooper’s order to buckle up for “safety.” Much the same as “safety checks” on people in their own homes can and have resulted in mayhem (and death) that reminds one of Lavrenty Beria’s NKVD troikas back in 1920s Soviet Russia. Old people proned and Tazed for declining to go see a doctor. Babies flash-banged in their cribs.

Obey! Do it now! Stop resisting!

How has it come to this?

Because cops have become indistinguishable from soldiers – occupying troops. It is not just the look and the equipment. It is the attitude and the tactics.

Soldiers bark orders, establish dominance, require immediate surrender – and “neutralize threats” using any means necessary. This is what cops now do, too.

As policy.

It is not “bad cops.”

It is cops – generally.man shot by pigs

They have become Neidermeyer with high-powered weapons – ready to use them on people who only represent a “threat” to their “safety” in the lunatic world of black (and cammo) clad automatons who consider the American people the enemy and themselves a kind of Praetorian Guard entitled to servile deference and absolute obedience.

The fact is many more people are killed by cops than cops killed by people. Almost 400 so far this year alone (see here). This is several times as many cops who “fell” in the “line of duty” during the past several years. If the body count is the criteria, then cops represent a much greater threat to our safety than we do to theirs.

It’s more than a little weird to listen to heavily armed men wearing body armor whine about how skeered they are all the time.

In reality, it’s just the excuse. The window dressing needed to justify what’s going on. They can’t just come out and say: Obey us, immediately – or we will shoot you! Our authority is absolute. There is no debating, no discussing. Just obey. Immediately.

Instead, they tell us that they are keeping us safe.

Even if they have to kill us to do it.

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  1. Eric, you wrote, “And when the men refused to do as ordered for their safety – the cops opened up. Orders must be obeyed.”

    That is not what happened at all. Once the men got to dry land, one of them attacked the police officer. THAT is why he was shot. They were also drunk.

    I’m sure by now you know this and yet you leave this irresponsible post up there to fan the flames against police. Why?

    • Hi Miranda,

      The point is that these “heroes” initiated – and so precipitated – the incident. They couldn’t just leave the men alone, could they? Just had to insist, didn’t they?

      Ask yourself – and please be honest: Would the shooting have occurred if the heroes had simply offered their advice, then shrugged their shoulders and left the men alone?

      I think you know the answer.

      Cops are not keepers of the peace. They are enforcers, order-barkers.

      Obey – or else.

      If we lived in a free country, cops would have no legal authority to interfere with peaceful people – no matter how much they (or you or anyone else) believed they were behaving foolishly. Because free people have a right to behave foolishly – and suffer the consequences.

      But we don’t live in a free country. For “our safety,” we must submit to orders barked by armed cretins who seem to derive an almost sexual satisfaction from bullying other people.

  2. Abdicating conscience for führerprinzip – These Police are fully aware that they serve and enforce on behalf of for-profit private corporations, and not for the service and protection of the citizenry.

    “You gotta make a living somewhere” and “You gotta take care of your family somehow” are synonymous to “I was just following orders” and “How do you know he’s a gook? Because he’s dead.“

    We can easily glean just how far these officers would go (in other situations) to provide for their families. Perhaps taking a life from your family will suffice their preferential appetite for a time. I would assume these same concerns motivated men like Peter von Hagenbach, members of the Schutzstaffel, Oberkapo, and those tried at the Nuremberg Trials. These concerns are motivating without a doubt. I voluntarily choose to contract and trade with my fellow man to get my daily bread, not initiate aggression against him.

    Trampling on everyone else is ok if it puts food on their plate. Better yet, if it wasn’t their idea of just what will be trampled on, the cry of ignorance as innocence is useful to wash their hands with. This to say, abdicates the conscience of those weaker in virtue.

    These armed individuals in costumes are not concerned with any oath to any constitution, free speech, rights, virtue, integrity, or you. They are simply going to do what they have been trained to do. They are no longer free thinking individuals while in uniform. They are practicing the “see-hear-speak-no-evil” mentality. They are willing to sacrifice others for their own benefit and disregard their participation. I can only hope they will sleep on it as others have.

    Would you ever imagine the manager of a corporation making a statement publicly in opposition to his board of directors? These police work for a board of directors, not your so called representatives.

  3. 25 seconds of the dashcam vid has been cherry picked and released. The slave-catcher pigs are screaming at the two dudes of course like they’re a couple of escaped field niggers.

    Dash cam video shows pastor attack Oklahoma trooper before being shot dead.

    Those two cunts and fellow Okey littermates deserve all the backlash they’re gonna get. Hopefully sooner and not later.

    I guess the swine’s story is they feared they were going to drown in a few inches of water. They say they got pushed by a mere mundane and therefore had no choice but to gun the pastor down to preserve their Porcine Pride.

  4. It is interesting to speculate as to what would have been the outcome to this story if instead of gubment “first responders” showing up on the scene of these two guys trying to save their truck a few good ol’ boys got there instead.

    I am willing to bet that the good ol’ boys would not hesitate to help them out – despite the risk to themselves.

    Unfortunately, for these two guys, in a rare occasion, the “first responders” actually got there first.

    • Hi Skunk,


      Around here, the “good ol’ boy” solution would have been more likely. Truck/rope/winch.

      Not Glock/badge/obey.


    Sheesh, this is almost a joke! (obviously not to the shot men). They actually shot the guy because he was “doing something dangerous and potentially life threatening”, so they did something dangerous and life threatening to show him how wrong it was? If they wanted him to die, just leave the scene! who else would have been hurt, and no paperwork to fill out!

    Shows though, there is no situation that a cop cannot make worse somehow. They have a talent and a skill to know instinctively the wrong approach to use for any situation.

    • Hi Mamba,


      And: Check the picture of the trooper. Another beady-eyed, buzz-cut, probably steroid-jacked asshole. These guys think they’re in the Marines – and we’re maggots.

  6. I b jus tryin 2 protek da mans feedom!

    “and the Executive Government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons” – Abraham Lincoln, the emancipation proclamation (January 1st, 1863)

  7. At the inspiration of 8, I have done a little fact-checking on a previous post.
    Germany did not surrender the day after Chuck Norris was born. In fact, Norris was born about 1-1/2 years before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. So much for that theory. Too bad, it made a good story.

  8. Government and collectivist logic is as follows:
    If an individual takes a risk and things go sideways a ‘first responder’ will be at risk to rescue that individual and it will cost taxpayers money. Of course government doesn’t care about the later except that it will be money those running things could have spent on things they value. Also the former they don’t have any duty to perform so that isn’t true either. If they want to let someone die they can.

    This is why everything is to be collectivized or at least the perception there of is to be created. The problem with a collective is someone has to run it and by making everything that can go sideways a cost to the collective those running the collective get to control every aspect of everyone’s life.

  9. Since they act agrressively without provocation, maybe we should return the favor.
    Of course, I’m (a) preaching to the choir, and (b) advocating pre-emptive “defensive” force, which is anathema to any civilized person…
    But the pigs are neither civilized, nor people…


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