Automated Clover

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Here’s a video of our automated and Cloverific future:

This is how it will be when all cars are externally controlled to never go faster than the speed limit and usually a lot slower. For “safety,” of course.


  1. Teslated future? 2nd largest building in US nearing completion, 300 Japanese workers in 5 shifts to build batteries and whatnot. Will need tons of Lithium, Cobalt, and Graphite.

    Another drone flyby of the Tesla Gigafactory

    Tesla Gigafactory: News, Updates, and Expansion

    Tesla Model X – don’t these look to be tinted for use in the new Tesla Uber service, and not consumer use?

  2. Would be fine in the city – confine autonomous vehicles to surface streets where the real-world average speed is already 25 mph (no parkways/freeways/etc.)

    There are plenty of people here in the U.S. who won’t or are not allowed to have driver’s licenses (have a single seizure & most states let the DMV bureaucrat decide, even if you are medically cleared).

    But they still need to get to work, doctor’s offices, grocery stores, etc. – they’ll just have to allow more time.

    • So it seems like the cars were getting to where they were going. We can only hope that Eric has a stroke every time someone only goes 5 mph over the limit. We need more drivers to irritate the hell out of Eric. It is too bad the truck driver did not walk out from behind the truck along the road because Eric was all ready to kill his ass. Clover
      Thanks for showing us your frustration. We need more of that.

      By the way if you are not able to drive the road along with other drivers then you are always free to leave the road. That is what you really believe right? If you do not like something it is your responsibility to leave.

      • Hey Clover, if I am bicycling along I can take the lane in front of you and you’ll just hang back there following along at whatever speed I can manage right? You’ll still get where you are going so you’re cool with that right?

          • It’s a no passing zone Clover. The law is the law.

            And no, you wouldn’t sit there at 15mph behind me. Like all of your ilk you’d take the first sketchy chance to pass even if it is just to get to a stop sign a few yards up ahead first.

            • Brent my car is capable of driving 15 miles per hour and I have driven that speed behind bikers or slow moving vehicles. That is where you and Eric are different from me. If there is 20 miles of no passing zones and you are driving 1/4th the speed limit it would be your responsibility to pull over and let some cars by when it is safe to do so every few miles. Brent one minute of extra travel time does make me furious like you. You and Eric blow your stacks when you are delayed by a couple of seconds. Brent it is not my kind that makes biking so bad for you it is guys like Eric.Clover

              • So what you’re saying is that is it is ok for you to inconvenience others, that it is ok for you to block others and not move over, but if someone does it to you, well, then it’s not okay anymore. Why? Because you only do it for a ‘little while’ or because you’re only a ‘little slow’. It’s always some grey situational opinion that serves your interests. No principles. You don’t have to pull over because you’re only doing 5mph under the PSL while you demand a bicyclist to do so. Even if the bicyclist was doing 25 in a 25 or 25 in a 30 or 40 in 45 you’d still demand it. I know. I’ve encountered your kind on the road.

                • Thanks brent for showing us you do not know how to read and have no common sense. You and Eric get mad when someone is only doing 5 mph over the speed limit or recommended speed in their car. Yes I said if you are doing 40 mph under the speed limit or whatever then every so often you should pull over and let others by. I am capable of following you at that speed for miles if it is not safe for you to pull over. If you do not understand the difference then you really are a stupid libertarian. A car driving 45 mph faster by not following you for 20 miles is a huge difference. Now if you feel like you need to drive 45 mph over the recommended speed when you are in your car then you should not be driving.Clover

                  • You’re lying again Clover. You’re avoiding the issue. You are flinging insults because you’re cornered.

                    The simple fact is that everything with you is a grey situational thing where you decide on a case by case basis what is appropriate based on your feelings. You don’t feel you should need to pull over and let someone by when you are doing 5mph under the PSL. But then if you’re stuck behind a bicyclist, then he must yield to you, must pull over and let you by, because that’s just too slow. It’s all just your opinion Clover. There’s no principle because you don’t have any, except what’s good for Clover.

                    • Thank you very much Brent. I love it how you show your stupidity and lack of any common sense. Clover

                      I have no problem driving behind your bike for whatever it takes to find a safe place to pass. You should pull over if you are delaying others by 40 mph or more for an extended period because you could take a 20 minute drive and make it an hour and 20 minutes. You do not have the responsibility to pull over if you are driving 5 mph over the recommended max speed no matter how fast the idiot behind you wants drive. If you can not see the difference then I can not see how much dumber a person could be than you. You have no understanding what the difference of delaying someone for hours compared to seconds. You want to delay others so that you save seconds. If someone feels they need to drive 40 mph over the speed limit or recommended max speed on a two lane road then I think they should be in jail. Most other people agree. That is called a democracy.Clover

                    • As usual Clover becomes abusive. Clover also rewrites the situation I outlined, typical dishonesty. Then it is followed by assigning me absurdities Clover made up. Why do you lie Clover?

                      The fact is Clover you make it all up as you go along to suit you. Not only what other people should do but also this exchange.

                    • Brent you are a joke. You call me a liar? Libertarians have me beat a thousand fold on that one. Libertarians are far more experienced liars than I ever could be. How about all that violence that Eric says we are given by our government. Ask him who he knows has had violence and he is unable to name a single person. Would you call that a lie then Brent?Clover
                      How about you saying how my kind has to pass no matter what. That is libertarian all the way. Eric has the title on that. Brent you lie daily. Eric lies daily,.
                      Then you say that a bike driving 40 mph under the limit does not have to pull over to let others by but a car only driving 5 mph over the recommend speed does. Brent you are not only a liar but you also lack all common sense.

                    • You’re lying again Clover.

                      Here’s a clue, I was discussing someone like you going five mph _UNDER_ the PSL who refuses to pull aside. You change it to over because like everything else you simply dishonestly re-frame things to suit you.

                    • Brent looking at Eric’s videos he has numerous examples of him telling others to pull over when they are going the recommended max speed or even 5+ mph faster. That is a fact Brent.Clover

                      Brent you have shown no examples of someone driving 5 mph under the recommended max speed for many miles. Even if there was I do not believe they have to pull over at 5 mph under the limit unless no one can pass for many miles. You see Brent, I am capable of following a slower vehicle for a few minutes without exploding with anger like you and Eric. Libertarians are incapable of living around others,

                    • Liar.

                      Or, ignoramus.

                      Which are you, Clover?

                      The “recommended max speed”… ain’t no such thing, Clover.

                      There are black and white speed limits. Period.

                      And there are orange/yellow advisory signs.

                      Advisory signs have no legal force; they are not “maximums.” They are advisories. And they are invariably set preposterously low; 10-15 MPH below the already ridiculous PSL.

                      Thus, a Clover hewing to a 40 MPH advisory sign on a road with a 55 MPH speed limit is driving 15 MPH below the speed limit and – typically – 20-25 MPH below the 85th percentile speed. In other words, a road toad, a Clover.

                      Why must you always lie, Clover?

                      Or are you (again) such an ignoramus that you don’t even know the meaning of basic road signage?

                      Are you never shamed by the constant correction you receive here?

                    • This isn’t about Eric, Clover. It’s about your lack of principles.

                      I have no obligation to produce video for you of someone X under for Y miles. If this evening is typical I will be stuck behind someone doing 40-45mph in a 50mph zone. This will go on for a few miles upon which if that driver turns the same direction I am going he will do 40-45mph in a 35mph zone and pull away from me. He will continue doing that through a 25mph zone, maybe slowing slightly. If he goes straight the speed limit will drop to 45mph and he will continue doing 40-45mph. The speed limit will change but their speed does not.

                      The simple fact is you’re not working from principle but self-serving feelings. A set of ever changing goal posts to whatever serves Clover today, this moment. No hard rules, just feelings. You feel this or that.

                    • Eric I do not give a rats ass what you feel the speed limit should be. Move your ass to Germany if it is so good for you. Eric I do not care what a liar and jerk like you says.Clover

                      Then it comes to Brent. Someone who gets furious because there are other cars on the road. Brent is incapable of driving around others. He says that I am the self serving one. Brent I have none of the problems you have with other drivers. Dropping my speed by 5 or 10 mph for drivers does not get me furious like Brent and Eric. I believe everyone has rights not just the jerks who call themselves libertarians.

                    • Clover froths:

                      “Eric I do not give a rats ass what you feel the speed limit should be. ”

                      But it’s not what I feel. It’s what it is.

                      You tried to conflate an advisory sign with a speed limit sign. They are two very different things.

                      Facts, Clover.

                      You’re the liar – or the ignoramus. The illiterate.

                      Which is it?

                    • Why do you lie Clover? Why is it that you have to make these baseless claims? The fact is that I dismantle the sort of asshattery you do on the roads, exposing it for what it is so you lie and insult and fling dung because you cannot logically defend your backwards ways.

                      You’re a troll on the road and off. You go out of your way to anger people and then claim they are the problem if they *gasp* get angry. How about this Clover, how about you learn how to be around people by not constantly trying to anger them? How about you stop being a selfish arse? Of course not. It’s never your fault, it’s always the fault of your victims.

                    • Eric I understand speed limits and warning signs. It is you that act like a 6 year old with your gotchas. Anyone complaining about someone driving under the speed limit when they are passing an advisory sign as you call them telling you to slow down well below the speed limit is a 1st grade mentality statement. I would call it a lie because at that time you are not supposed to be following the speed limit but the reduced speed sign. They do not change the speed limit around these curves or hills because they found that actually changing the speed limit every time, people would have a hard time telling you what the speed limit of the road was with it changing every 30 seconds.Clover

                      To sum it up Eric, grow up. I guess that is not possible though because libertarians are just like 2 year olds. It is all about me me me.

                    • I did “getcha,” Clover.

                      Because I pointed out your errors – and lies.

                      I will do so now, again.

                      You write:

                      “…at that time you are not supposed to be following the speed limit but the reduced speed sign.”

                      Nope. You are under no legal obligation to follow the advisory sign. The speed limit remains 55 MPH (in the case you’re referring to). Not 45 MPH.

                      Whether you like that or not is immaterial.

                      It’s a fact.

                      You won’t concede it, of course. Because you equate your feelings with facts. You feel that an advisory sign is the same thing as a legal speed limit; that one is just as bound by the advisory sign as by the speed limit.

                      But then why have advisory signs at all? Why not simply reduce the posted legal maximum from 55 to 45?

                      Do you see?

                      Will you admit – for once – that you are wrong on the facts?

                    • Eric I told you why they do not change the speed limits around curves but yest a 2 year old like is can not read. Clover

                      Eric if you crashed into someone because you were not following the recommended reduced speed sign then you would be ticketed for driving too fast whether or not you were exceeding the speed limit or not

                      Gotcha! You lose again.

                    • Like I said Eric if you choose not to follow advisory signs then you could get jail time if you hit someone. The victim or relative of the victim could take everything you have because you chose to endanger others.Clover

                    • Clover,

                      The issue – which you continue to dodge – is whether an advisory sign is the same thing as a speed limit.

                      It’s not.

                      A person who slows to 45 on a road with a 55 MPH speed limit is driving 10 MPH below the posted speed limit.

                      That’s a fact. Blather non sequiturs all you like. That you feel people should obey advisory signs as if they were speed limits.

                      The fact does not change. The speed limit in our example is – and remains – 55 MPH.

                      Not 45 MPH.

                      Now, add to this the fact that speed limits are typically set 5-10 MPH (or more) below the 85th percentile; in other words, preposterously low – well below reasonable velocities. Which is why 85 percent (or more) of the traffic is operating at speeds 5-10 MPH faster than the PSL.

                      So, in real terms, the person doing 55 in a 55 is already driving 5-10 MPH slower than prevailing traffic. Now slow the Clover down by another 10 MPH – based on an advisory sign.

                      What have you got?


                    • Eric I could care less if an advisory sign is a speed limit sign. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?

                      The fact is that an individual has the right to follow the advisory sign. You in fact said they did not have that right with your statements you posted. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?

                      The other fact is that if you do not follow the advisory sign and if you then have an accident there, you would be ticketed for driving too fast no matter what the speed limit is. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?

                    • Clovɘr,

                      I couldn’t care less that you could care less about advisory signs.

                      A leo will not give a ticket for traveling faster than the number on an advisory sign.

                      A leo could give someone a ticket for traveling too fast for conditions if involved in a crash, regardless of their speed (or the PSL) at the time of the crash. (39:4-98 Rates of speed)

                    • Mithrandir you miss the point of advisory signs as Eric calls them. There are multiple reasons for them. One is that it might be a sharp curve in which even with perfect conditions you could slide off the roadway with your inertia particularly if you are a large vehicle like a truck. Another reason may be because there are road entrances that are not visible so you need to slow down so you do not hit entering vehicles. Another reason is there may be a hill in which you can not see what is on the other side. Another reason may be because there are kids or pedestrians or bikers that are common to the area. Most of these have nothing to do with road conditions but you could be driving too fast for the road and environment around the road. If you voluntarily refuse to follow the advisory then if you hit someone else they very well could sue your ass for voluntarily endangering others. The ticket would then be reckless driving rather than a $100 speeding ticket.Clover

                    • Clover still refuses to acknowledge that an advisory sign is not a speed limit. That the speed limit remains the same.

                      Illiterate imbecile.

                    • Eric I acknowledge that an advisory sign is not a speed limit. Who really cares if you could still get a reckless driving ticket instead and possible jail time.Clover

                    • Clover writes:

                      “Who really cares if you could still get a reckless driving ticket instead and possible jail time.”

                      For driving faster than an advisory sign?


                      As usual, hysterics, hyperbole – and deliberate dishonesty.

                    • Yes Eric it is willful endangerment of others. You chose to endanger others by your actions. You can be held accountable. You were warned to slow down but you refused and caused harm to others. If you injured me or my family I would take you for everything you got and win.Clover

                    • Bullshit.

                      If it were not bullshit, a cop would have legal authority to charge a person with something (let alone “willful endangerment”) for maintaining the speed limit in a curve with an advisory sign that has a lower number on it. Yet I can drive right on through such a curve at the speed limit and a cop is powerless (legally) to issue a ticket.

                      A fact, you got-damned illiterate imbecile.

                    • Clovɘr,

                      I do not think there is any issue with someone following a recommended speed from an advisory sign in an unfamiliar area. (I have done so many times in areas that were unfamiliar to me.)

                      However, an advisory sign is just advice. Not observing the recommended speed of an advisory sign (provided one did not exceed the PSL) would not legally justify receiving a speeding ticket.

                      The other issues you bring up do not address the point of whether an advisory sign has the same legal meaning as a PSL. (It does not regarding the issuing of speeding tickets by LE.)

                  • clover, the suggested speed of curves are nothing more or less than bureaucrats who like you, “feel” what the curve speed should be. I live on a Farm to Market road(well, a mile and a half from one but still have to use that road to get to the county road and my driveway)that had “suggested” speeds during my single digit years and later, when I was a teen. Those speeds were fairly much made for whatever vehicle the Tx. DOT manager of a county might determine.

                    Decades passed with those speeds being 45 mph on a fairly tight curve, one I regularly traveled at about 65 or 70 or more depending on the vehicle I was driving. Another curve had a 55 mph suggested speed which I regularly drove(on my side, using only half of the roadway)85 mph. In the late 80’s, early 90’s these suggested speeds were substituted for simply arrows to show it was a curve(for those who couldn’t see it was a curve possibly at night or those just simply blind).

                    Rock along a few years and then the suggested speed signs were added again. In the last 3 years they have slowly added base to the edge of the road and finally paved it to widen each lane about 4 feet. This was great, since I and a huge amount of the oil field truck traffic used this road(it’s always been an oilfield road but more at times and less during other times due to drilling and varying production)since it leads to the Round Top field….or actually, through it. But this last round of crude exploration resulted in a huge amount of truck traffic. Once the road was widened and trucks weren’t mirror to mirror meeting and running a bit off the edge when meeting other traffic, relative speed picked up quite a bit since it was easy to avoid being close to oncoming traffic. But due to the fact(I’m guessing this was their reasoning, the DOT I mean)it was much easier to drive this road at a higher speed, they lowered the 45mph curve to 35mph and the 55mph curve to 45 mph. Since I commonly drive this road in a loaded big rig I realized they had changed the suggested speed solely for 18 wheelers. Nothing had changed except the extra 4 feet of lane width. Driving it in a car, a nice handling car was still just about any speed you desired up to about 90 mph on one curve and 75 on the tighter curve although a pickup might want to drive another 10 mph less on each and depending on what sort of pickup and driver, even less speed than that.

                    A couple pickups I owned I never even looked at the speedo since I can easily judge a curve and often took the higher speed one at 85 mph and the lower one at about 60 or 65 depending on pickup.
                    But due to different vehicles we had, those curve suggested speeds were irrelevant…..unless you are my wife who thinks a bit of lean on a curve is uncomfortable, god forbid she might have to tighten her oh so loose torso a bit. Over 40 years her torso has continued to loosen and mine hasn’t varied much so now she, like you, bitches about the speed I take around those curves and I won’t even notice the speed since it’s very tame and safe.

                    But now the 35mph speed is fairly close for an 80,000 lb big rig and the 45mph is a bit under for a fully loaded rig. I know this from countless trips around each with this type of rig. It was easy to see the DOT thought the widening of the road would lead to unfamiliar drivers of big rigs needing a warning.

                    I saw this phenomena repeated countless times on countless roads. I could go on about this for more roads than I care to remember but those 25 mph curves for big rigs on some roads are easily and safely taken at twice that speed in a non big rig and 15mph over the suggested 25mph in an unloaded big rig. I travel these roads constantly. I have had cars I could easily and safely double and more the suggested mph signed on these roads.

                    But the fact remains, some of these roads are posted at 70 or 75 mph and that is the speed they use to collect revenue on the remote chance somebody might be bored and using these roads for that purpose.

                    Yesterday I came on a turned over big rig, a rock hauler with a belly dump on a straight, level road plenty wide I drive all the time. Even the barditches are almost level with the road and there is basically nothing but level fields both sides. I suspect the driver was doing something else and simply ran into the barditch and tried to move the rig back too fast but don’t really know what happened. As another friend did, he might have had a heart attack and had become not able to drive competently. Nothing is written in stone. Shit happens. Everything is dependent on the skills of the driver no matter what the driver is driving.

                    Some of these roads we used to, in our younger days and with much faster cars, try to see how much faster than double the suggested speed we could run them. It wasn’t uncommon to do 110mph around a 50 or 55 mph suggested speed curve. But clover, please, don’t you try this. It takes skill.

                    And clover, I know your eyes will glazed over reading this and you’ll simply repeat the same old mantra. You feel, it’s all about how You Feel.

                    You’re one of those people who get “run off the road” by traffic that doesn’t impede in your lane at all. But You Feel they were going to …….or could have……or maybe there was simply something about the vehicle you were meeting that freaked you out since you drive by feelings. Feelings, woe woe woe feelings……..

                    • No doubt last week when a DOT occifer stopped me and the spot I stopped wasn’t very conducive to traffic flow and I suggested we continue our conversation at a much better place a quarter mile away and he agreed, the occifer said not a word about my pulling up to a stop sign, and seeing no one coming either direction simply caught 3rd gear and turned to gain speed as quickly as I could for SAFETY. Evidently he knew it isn’t speed but difference in speed that’s dangerous. He said not a word about my failure to stop. The only time I stop is when it’s necessary to yield to other traffic.

                      As far as safety is concerned, stop signs shouldn’t exist and only yield signs would determine the need to stop. But let’s not let a thing such as logic enter this conversation. clover knows what clover knows, ’nuff said for him.


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