Hero’s Wife Defends Shooting Rancher Jack Yantis

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**This is another update from LibertyFight.com by Martin Hill regarding the officer involved shooting death of Jack Yantis.**

On Monday November 30th, I broke the story identifying the two Adams County, Idaho Sheriffs who killed rancher Jack Yantis on Nov. 1st. The cops and the corporate media had refused to identify the two Sheriffs for a month, so I published it myself with the help of some people who live in Council Idaho and gave me the details. The Sheriff’s names were Brian Wood and Cody Roland. My article went super-viral and thirteen hours after I published the story, late Monday night, Sheriff Ryan Zollman released their names officially.

See the following two articles for a recap:

Just when I thought this story couldn’t get any crazier, the wife of Deputy Brian Wood, one of two Sheriffs who killed Jack Yantis on November 1st, posted a message on Facebook explaining her perspective of her husband’s controversial exchange with a 79 year old man (video below) a few years ago, in which the department Wood worked for at the time, McCall, Idaho PD, paid out $14,500 to 79-year old Rodney “Tom” Whaley.

MacKenzie Wood also posted the video of the exchange between her husband and Whaley, which was released by the news media the evening after I broke the story.

After setting the record straight about the 79-year-old troublemaker, in which her husband showed “grace and patience” with the oldster, she ends with her thoughts on the Yantis killing:“As such, I greatly look forward to the conclusion of the investigation and the truth about the November 1st gunfight becoming public.” (smile emoticon added.)

She added “Brian and Cody perpetually put their own safety at risk to be the kind of officer you would want to arrive on scene if you needed help. EVERY DAY you hear about the random shooting of an officer at something as simple as a traffic stop, and EVERY DAY they go to work knowing they could be next, but they go anyway. They certainly don’t do it for the money. They do it because they have a HEART for the people they serve! I am very proud of both of these men!”

I’ll say one thing, this broad truly gives new meaning to the term “stand by your man.”

A newspaper article appeared Tuesday in which Brian Wood’s father basically said that his son believes he did the right thing.

 The scary thing is that these people are sincere, they actually seem to believe everything they’re saying. They think that killing Jack Yantis was the necessary thing to do.

Below is her post in its’ entirety.




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  1. What is it men do and are accountable for? They imagine, construct, and perform the A thru X.

    Women may imitate and sometimes improve upon second-handedly your A thru X. Give their approval or rejection of what you’ve done. Or how you’ve done it. Seek out someone who’s better at the A thru X than you.

    But when women do the YYZ for you. Those things which are from outside you or your abilities. And beauties and wonders whichh it is such a joy to hear, see, and experience. Their YYZ can be the ultimate Rush.

    YYZ by 11-year-old on a Yamaha-EL01C.

    YYZ by Anna Sentina

    I’ll freely admit, I’m an Epsilon Minus now. I can hardly even remember my descent into Beta many years ago. It’s a really big fraternity though, so at least I’m never lonely.

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  3. MacKenzie Wood. This is the face of the clover that we must deal with

    If your woman thinks its okay for complete strangers to put their hands on you like you’re a plantation field slave, as long as they exhibit “grace and patience”, then you should adjust your behavior accordingly.

    It’s been a nice run, seeking relational love, and affording women the benefit of the doubt, and enjoy the elevated existence that this brings.

    But when women become comfortable with the notion that men can be treated like property of the state and its mandates. Then maybe those women deserve to be treated as they are in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

    But without any violence, coercions, or force of course. We still don’t do that sort of thing, regardless of what women’s opinions are of appropriate human behavior.

    Such clover women may find they are merely a valuable form of self-sovereign property and no longer something worth the risk of attempting romance with.

    The less capable and productive sex, rather than the softer. The ones where you enter into contracts with them and don’t concern yourself with their differing needs and perceptions. They’ll still have their stories and movies, just as men have of our long gone freedoms.

    Well my good helper, it’s been a lovely week here yet again. Here are the keys to my property and children. Now I’m off to enjoy my weekend at the concubine retreat where I’ll enjoy feminine companionship with woman who specialize only in being completely feminine, attractive, and expertly lovers.

    I know its a bit of a shock, this sudden drop in status to the usual historical norm. But I’m sure you recognize you have mostly yourself to blame. See you on Monday, Mom.

    • So I set down the Kindle and immediately see the wife reading another book in it. Did you bookmark my page? No, how do you do that? Well, you get a Cray supercomputer, type in Kindle Bookmark instructions. In a few days it will show various algorithms to create a program you can use to bookmark the page or You just click(punch, as she says)”bookmark”. Take my wife…….please……

      • For 1st Generation Kindle, 2nd Generation Kindle, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle, and the Kindle DX:

        When on a page you’d like to bookmark, simply press the Menu button and then select “Add bookmark” from the options.

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      • “You just click(punch, as she says)”bookmark”.”

        Punch? I thought that y’all Texans were Southerners. We Southerners say “mash”, as in WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T MASH THAT BUTTON.

    • For some strange reason, women LIKE to be owned. Too busy to elaborate, but – a quick google will tell you most of it.
      E.G., 50 shades of grey, magic mike, manosphere sites (Especially Citizen Renegade/Chateau Heartiste, and Roosh’s comments on modern man being a “clown” to get women, I.E., entertainment).
      Yet these same women, who demand we dance to them? Revert to 50 shades of grey the moment they’re in the bedroom. (And I’ve read a few analyses of 50 shades that say he’s STILL just a puppet.)

      Bottom line, they don’t want to submit, they want to be FORCED to submit, to be dominated mentally and physically – which strikes me as a VERY sick psychosis, honestly.

      We’re turning masculine and feminine on their heads, demanding men be women (emotive, feelings-based, passive followers) and demanding women be men (aggressive, take-charge, confrontational, leaders, yet they still need “title 9,” etc.). But you can’t change biology. Woman wants a man she can respect. If she’s the Alpha Bitch, she wants the bigger Alpha Bastard. And he doesn’t care about her – he’s got LOTS of other women who’ll jump at the chance to sleep with him (as if her p*ssy is more special than any other woman’s.) [She thinks her offer of sex will get him to choose to settle with her… Think that over.]

      The state is Father, Daddy, Provider, Protector, God.
      Female imperative above all. (And we could tie this to such tender things as abortion, too – the foetus is just a part of her, if it’s inconvenient now, well, it can be replaced, like the monthly menses… She’s often little more than sentient cattle. But I digress…)

      It’s disgusting, but there’s a reason there are no evidences of female leadership: Armor, Weapons, verifiable histories, books, scientific findings, log books, legends, even. Closest we come are the Amazons, the Isle of Lesbos, Tutankhamen (It is suggested Tut was actually a girl), a Celtic chiefess, and then literally legends of shield-maidens and valkyries and such. Mulan is based on one of those stories, a woman who masqueraded as a man to enter combat. Might’ve happened, but the reason it’s not recorded? “PATRIARCHY.” All men, around the world, conspired to keep all women from achieving their womanly leadership potential and carving civilizations out of chaos.

      Never happened. Never will. Woman’s psychology isn’t there. (Google “Tend and befriend.” Compares to “Fight of Flight.” Also, matches to “most likely to ensure survival of offspring.” Which means it’s likely true… Nasty, domineering bitches got their heads cut off in less civil times.)

      But men want female creatures, and women want masculine creatures. EVERY society fails on this eventually; Look at the latter writings of Rome, China dynasties, Samurai, etc. Not many of us are warriors….
      And without real risk, not many of us CAN be warriors. In our feminine, SAFE society? Little incentive. We’re all Peacocking around, parading a show of entertainment and colors, and all mostly interchangeable.

      And she STILL needs Title 9 – soon to be forced on STEM, because “Patriarchy.”

      Yet look who says they’re happy: Women who marry young, have families, and don’t slut around. Men who have feminine women who care for and nurture their families. And the not-so-happy? Female lawyers top the list. Let’s see, aggressive, argumentative, and usually no family of note, if at all. Maybe a child, likely a divorce, and likely lots of child care in the equation….

      She doesn’t want to be feminine, she wants to be dominated, though.
      But we can’t use our physical strength, that’s bad.
      So women run rings around us with their words, saying nothing they mean, mostly nothing of consequence, and if we try to demonstrate affection? Wrong time, wrong place, I’m busy, get off me. then, when she’s ready, and we’ve moved on because we were rebuffed? THEN we’re supposed to “play on demand.” Read her mind, dominate her, make her feel used and abused….

      Doesn’t work that way. You reject us, we’re not supposed to feel anything. but if we reject her, we get months of hurt directed back at us?
      You want a dildo, go buy one. You want to make bank, you better be a leader, a dominant, take-charge… MAN….


      • Hi Jean,

        I can relate to this.

        My wife and I are separated, and I believe part of the reason why is I lost some of my former Alpha-ness (which I freely admit) which happened because of work/financial-related problems. I’m a mess now – and she has lost respect for me as a result of it. Like many men, I probably screwed up by harboring the delusion that being vulnerable, open – all that stuff – was going to help when it actually hurts.

        In all honestly, I don’t want to be the Alpha Bastard. Nor do I want an Alpha Bitch. I’d just like some mutual affection and understanding but that may be entirely unrealistic.

        Right now, I’m pretty seriously broken. Whether I can be fixed remains to be seen.

        • That’s her problem, Eric – she is going to be sorry if the SHTF and she can’t support herself and you can. You might want to share that inconvenient truth with her. Reassert yourself. You can’t change Otherwise, sell your house give her half and retreat to Asia. There are plenty of decent women over there. I can hook you up with some nice feminine Filipinas who aren’t of the “mail order” variety. It is a lot cheaper to live over in those kinds of places than here, where everything costs an arm and a leg.

        • Eric, here’s a nugget of Welsh wisdom:

          “When a man marries, his wife starts right in trying to change him into the man she wanted to marry. If he gives in to her, she will despise him. If he resists, she’ll nag him ’til the end of his days.”

          • Hi Ed,

            Yeah. That may be exactly it.

            So much for all that stuff about being yourself (and loved for it) with the person you thought accepted and loved you as is.

    • Apparently, Tor, this woman’s definition of “grace and patience” would include drawing down on an elderly man and screaming obscenities at him.

      To me, exhibiting grace and patience would require a willingness to simply be quiet as respect for an elder demands of a gracious and patient man. I can’t imagine any “trained LEO” behaving in a gracious or patient manner.

      Admitting to having been trained, as LEOs always do, is admitting to being a slave or an automaton. Dogs are trained, humans are taught.

      • Amen.

        There is a code. A young man does not beat on or physically abuse women, kids and old people. If you do, you’re not a man.

        But for these “LEOs,” compliance (submission) is required, immediately. It doesn’t matter that you’re not any sort if threat to them or anyone else. You must obey. Now. And if you do not immediately obey, you can expect to be violently made to obey.


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