The Nihilism of The State

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The public has been very effectively conditioned to literally worship cops (e.g., “New York’s Finest”) as “heroes” …”the thin blue line”… this ludicrous image of a cohort of self-sacrificing Spartans staving off the ravening hordes.Nihilism lead

In fact, it is they who raven us.

The typical cop is a nihilistic job-holder … at best, morally indifferent to spending his days handing out tickets and untroubled by putting people in handcuffs and taking them to jail for “crimes” that have no victim. He is just doing his job; he doesn’t write the laws, etc. Doesn’t think about things very much; just want to put in his 20 and collect his pension at 50.

At worst, he’s a thug who enjoys the work.

And who has been given legal sanction to brutalize people who are legally sanctioned if they attempt to defend themselves in any way, even if it’s only just trying to run away.

Most of us – probably more than 90 percent of us – have never hurt anyone in a criminal sense. Yet almost all of us have been hurt in a criminal sense by a cop. We have not done anything to harm anyone else, were minding our own business… yet an armed stranger has accosted us, used violent threats to obtain our submission to his demands.

What is that, if not assault?

This person perhaps hands us a piece of paper ordering us to pay an amount of money; the note contains further threats that failure to pay the money will result in various violent repercussions.

What is that, if not theft?

Aren’t assault and theft criminal?

If we do either of these things, they certainly are. So why are they considered different things when done by a person wearing a special outfit?

The cop apologist will say – but it’s the law! The cop is not taking your money; he is issuing you a fine as punishment for having broken the law.

Said another way: It’s ok to take someone’s money using violent threats provided it is done “legally.”

Logically, then, assault and theft are not wrong things as such. It is merely a question of the law. Right and wrong are irrelevances.Nihilism 2

Theft – as such – is not a moral absolute.

Nor assault. It merely depends on the state’s definition (and application).

Ask any cop. Ask a politician.

The law is all that matters.

Any judge will tell you the same.

By inference – taken to its logical conclusion – the prohibition against murder is also conditional. It depends on who does it – and under whose auspices. For ordinary people not clothed (literally) in the state’s raiments, it is always wrong (legally) to deliberately take another person’s life. Yet the people who wear the state’s raiments commit murder all the time. It is of course called other things. He “resisted.” Or, “war” … and “collateral damages.” But is it not the same thing, fundamentally? People’s lives are taken, deliberately, by violent means.

What the state has done is to nihilize the populace. To make right and wrong a matter of the law – of semantics and of procedure and of statute – rather than of moral absolutes.

It has made it possible – made it easy – to talk openly about taking other people’s things and not feeling ashamed. About controlling other people’s lives… about murdering other people. debate image

We are appalled when confronted with a serial killer like Ted Bundy talking cold-bloodedly about the people he murdered for his own reasons. We politely listen when politicians talk about the need to “regime change” a country whose leadership is not agreeable to them.

About their “plans” for us.

We are disgusted by mafia thugs extorting “protection” money from shop-keepers yet blithely accept the same thing when it’s done by the greatest mafia that ever was.

We accept (most of us) that it’s ok for a “majority” to dispossess us of our property, tell us what we can (and can’t do) and at the same time, tell our kids that might doesn’t make right.

It’s a very odd thing.

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    • The guy must not have been around much or he would have had “Texas women”. Reading a book yesterday and this Baltimore native young woman goes to Texas and is mainly in Austin and San Antonio. She’s trying to figure out why Texas women are so good-looking. Must be something in the air.

      • I didn’t know there was anything in the TX air but bull**** (not that there’s anything wrong w/that).
        There are a lot of sweet looking ladies there.

        • The bullshit in the air now originates in Austin with San Antonio being a close second in the PC war. The idea of a few states sounds better to most of us such as Dallas to the east is East Tx., Ft. Worth up to Whichita Falls and on to the border to the far west is West Tx. San Antonio south is Mexico with Austin being it’s own state and good riddance.

          They’re all trying to re-write history and the pukes in Austin, esp. at UT and the Mexicans in SA are trying to erase the people who founded the country……unless they have a Mexican surname.

          We’ll see another war when they raze the Alamo.

      • 8, back in the 80s, I saw this on the wall of a men’s room in Whiskey Bend, outside Longview:

        “Hey, y’all, this gal just told me,
        Your buddy ain’t all that ugly. He just needs to wipe that snot out of his beard”

  1. I thought this one would garner five hundred comments or more. Must be the nihilism of the surfers, too besotted with freeeee to even give a tip of the hat or an atta man where it is well deserved.

    The kiddo now also likes 100.3 the bull Houston radio station praise Elvis. Nothing wrong with neux country music now with 50% more nihilism.

    Humble n Kind Tim McGraw

    The World you git is whatcha get and you don’t pitch a fit.

    • Hi Rich,

      Yep. More “anarcho-tyranny.”

      I experienced some last night, on the way home from a local hangout with friends. A “sobriety” checkpoint – with probably two-thirds of the county’s cops hassling drivers for no legitimate reason.

      Lord knows, there’s no violent crime out there for them to deal with…

          • Meanwhile as this dangerous felon serves time for her badly done counterfeit license plate, another woman “from” New York will become president, after a lifetime of corrupt nonsense without even a slap on the wrist. Hello selective enforcement.

            • Hi Rich –

              Yup. And, it’s much more than mere corruption. Hillary is a murderer. Perhaps not personally. But on her authority, just like The Chimp and all the rest of them. Glibly ordering proxies to do wet work for her.

              • Eric,
                These people view that sort of thing as power.
                They want to control the man who wields the sword, so they can claim to be blameless.

                They don’t have to do “X” – they have “people” for that.

                And we little proles? We don’t matter… (even if we’re the ones who will do the wetwork. Why else would veterans be seen as “potential domestic terrorists?”)

              • eric, Hitlery got her start with Waco and the taste of blood is something she can’t get enough of. Think of Ghaddafi who did his best to stop terrorists and how she engineered, as Sec. of State, his horrible demise, with a bayonet up his ass before he was finally offed. Still, that wasn’t good enough so she arranges the death of another country and it’s US ambassador.

                Now I’m not naive enough to think the guy got the job of ambassador for shits and giggles but it’s pretty bad when you can’t trust the person or persons who got you the post. She has no loyalties, none….except to herself. Scum of the frickin earth.

          • Eric, you must have been reading my mind because it is he, and what he wrote while rotting in the camps, full of disappointment at having not acted, that often has me pondering whether we will someday rue not having acted.

    • Can confirm. Somewhere I have my mundane’s copy for driving with a fictitious plate.

      Think that one was a thousand dollar shared responsibility payment IIRC.

      Would have been a nice chunk of change to throw Eric’s way instead, but I guess I’d rather keep tilting at the Founder’s Windmills and remain a SWP.

  2. God told this Moscow Nanny to behead the child.

    Under Abrahamic philosophy, we all are nil. Only God is the something.

    It is this ancient practice of pretending to be a mere insubstantial ghost in a corporeal machine that has led to the statIst nihilism we find ourselves surrounded by today.

    Even Paine engaged in this morality theater nearly all his life. Only when he was near death, did he dare disclose what he really understood about the Incomprehensibly big lie of God and the church.

    • Funny how we can rail on God and the church, yet the “God” that the globalist worship get a free pass and neither a mention at all. Funny how your type always give the Shining one, Lucifer, a pass.

      • “Funny how your type always give the Shining one, Lucifer, a pass.”

        John, atheists don’t believe that Lucifer exists. Still, you’re right, I don’t see them reacting to his mention the way they do to the mention of God.

        • I’d bet anyone recommending taking the word of Lucifer would get about the same reaction. Like the old song goes, you can’t have one without the other(sing it Dinah).

      • Hi John,

        Is it necessary to adhere to a specific religious doctrine/belief system in order to not be a nihilist? In order to have values – and specifically, values that recognize the equal claims of others as well as oneself?

        I think it’s not only possible but – arguably – essential.

      • Dear John,

        There are about 7 billion people in the world, and about 4,200 religions.

        The world is divided into two groups.

        1. Those who reject 4,199 of them as mistaken, and

        2. Those who reject all 4,200 of them as mistaken

        PS: one of those 4,200 religions is known as “STATISM”, and it has way too many followers.

        • bevin, religion is the toughest thing to recover from I’ve seen. I’ve seen countless people recover from every type of drug known. I’ve seen people get some honesty and change their way of living completely….but religion, the ones that were truly inculcated throughout their life are the hardest core cases of brainwashing going.

          My wife was brought up as a devout Catholic, pounded into her, sent to Catholic school(for God’s sake), the whole nine yards. She saw through the entire thing early on though and thinks so little of it she gave her rosary and bible away. You couldn’t drag her into a church for any other reason than you could me, to attend a funeral. Hell, we’re both allergic to church weddings.

          One college friend was a true Jesus freak and even looked like him, sounded like him(well, who knows?)and believed it all after converting from Catholicism. I don’t know if it was that good gummint LSD or a combination of watching those hypocrites of various ilks wrap themselves in the flag and clutch a bible while sending tens of thousands of their own countrymen to their death for “god and country”.

          He’s a really nice guy and still fairly much lives life as righteously as he can but there’s no religion to it.

          • Dear 8sm,

            Amen to that!


            Remember young “David”?

            the ones that were truly inculcated throughout their life are the hardest core cases of brainwashing going.

            I’m glad he’s an anarchist, but it sure was hard to figure him out.

            Re: Christianity

            I do agree with prominent atheist Sam Harris, that blind faith in Christianity is far less dangerous than blind faith in Islam.

            Sam Harris responds to comments and criticism

            Anyone familiar with my work knows that I am extremely critical of all religious faiths. I have argued elsewhere that the ascendancy of Christian conservatism in American politics should terrify and embarrass us. I have argued that the religious dogmatism of the Jewish settlers could well be the cause of World War III.

            And yet, there are gradations to the evil that is done in name of God, and these gradations must be honestly observed. So let us now acknowledge the obvious:

            there is a direct link between the doctrine of Islam and Muslim violence. Acknowledging this link remains especially taboo among political liberals. While liberals are leery of religious fundamentalism in general, they consistently imagine that all religions at their core teach the same thing and teach it equally well. This is one of the many delusions borne of political correctness.

            • What he says about muslims can equally be applied to Christians. I see no difference. I’m sure he remembers that little skirmish where neighbors were pitted against neighbors in this country, all because one group were more radical about being “righteous”.

              • The difference is, that was a hundred and twenty five years back now.
                For the Moslems, it’s today.
                And they are more righteous than all others….

                “Me against my brother.
                Me and my brother against my uncle.
                All of us against the outsider.” (Bastardized an Arab proverb for that)

            • Dear Bevin,

              As you correctly point out, Statism is a religion. As such, Sam Harris (and pretty much all of the new atheists) are not really atheists at all. They have simply transferred their need for “order” from a deity to the State.

              Harris is a “western exceptionalist” and a statist to his core. As such, he suffers from plenty of delusions of his own.

              I’ve taken the liberty of rewriting his last paragraph.

              “there is a direct link between the doctrine of American Exceptionalism and the rise of “radical” Islam. Acknowledging this link remains especially taboo among “serious” political thinkers. While Statists are leery of populism in general, they consistently imagine that all countries, at their core, desire the kind of controlled democracy America seeks to impose on them. This is one of the many delusions borne of political correctness.”


              • Hi Jeremy!

                Yes, and arguably more dangerous since its standard of value is not the salvation of the individual but the vigor of the state. Therefore, whatever makes the state stronger – even at the expense of the individual – is the highest good. And of course, the state is nothing more than the men (and women) who control the machinery of state coercion. Therefore, whatever makes them stronger is the highest good.

                State worship is a kind of institutionalized sociopathy. Like Ted Bundy expecting (demanding) the cooperation – the worship – of his victims.

                • Hi Eric,

                  Statism is the most pervasive, most dangerous, most irrational and least acknowledged of all the religions. Atheists like Harris, who purport to reject belief based on irrational faith, are hopelessly blind to the irrational faith that lies at the core of their belief in Statism.


                • eric, as the Hitleresque bureaucrat in Pirate Radio said “You see, that’s the wonderful thing about being the Government……when you don’t like something you make it against the law”.

                  And that really sums up govt. It imposes some bureaucratically derived moral or more’ in regards to any thing that comes to view and passes laws based only in the tiny minds of those involved.

                  I’ve been victimized for the same “foul” for a decade at a time. I had a belly full long before I ever found epa. Now I have a place to vent even if you can’t HEAR ME. As an old friend’s uncle who was tongue-tied use to say Dot Dammit……and he was red in the face meant it when he said it.

              • Dear Jeremy,


                My citation of Harris’ observations must not be construed as an endorsement of Harris’ other views.

                it was confined to his observation about the relative dangers of Islam vs. Christianity.

                “Democracy” is an even more dangerous religion.

                • “’Democracy” ‘is an even more dangerous religion.”
                  Boy, you can’t say that often enough. The Founding Fathers, for all their faults, at least had that right.

                  • Dear Phil,


                    The tragedy is that they mistakenly believed that constitutional republicanism was sufficiently different from democracy to save them.

                    As we now know with 20/20 hindsight, it wasn’t.

                • Bevin, I see democracy as simply one variant of statism, and an especially dangerous one. By giving people the illusion that they have some control over the government, they can be made to accept a degree of authoritarianism that would be unpalatable under other statist systems. I can hear Joe Lunchbucket saying, “I don’t like that law, but it’s what the majority wants. I just have to accept it until a majority of people who think like me can elect officials who will repeal it.” Thus, the concept of majority rule provides a surface acceptability to acts which any principled analysis would quickly show to be illegitimate.

                  • Dear Mike,

                    Dead on. That’s why democracy is even more insidious than rule by some tinpot dictator in some banana republic.

                    The tinpot dictator pisses on your head. But he’s upfront about it. It’s an honest “Fuck you!”

                    Champions of Democracy piss on your head, and convince you “It’s raining, and it’s good for the crops”.

                    • Hi Jeremy,

                      Democracy is the greatest long con yet devised by authoritarian collectivists as a way to rule with the apparent consent of “the people.”

                      It’s ingenious because while just as oppressive as rule by a king or a Strong Man, it diffuses authority among a clique of kings and strong men, who, together, rule in their common interest.

                      And one of the ways it harmlessly bleeds off potential challengers is by co-opting them. Everyone has the chance to become a member of the ruling clique. Everyone can profit from it, if they are cagey and corrupt enough.

                      Democracy sociopathizes society. It tends to turn everyone – or a majority – into amoral power-lusting control freaks; to make everything a matter of money and power. To normalize and institutionalize these “values.”

                      The psychologically normal person – who has no desire to control others, who just wishes to be left in peace to pursue happiness as he sees it – becomes first an eccentric and then an outcast.

                    • Dear Eric,

                      Democracy sociopathizes society. It tends to turn everyone – or a majority – into amoral power-lusting control freaks; to make everything a matter of money and power. To normalize and institutionalize these “values.”

                      You nailed it. Here’s George Smith commenting on precisely that phenomenon:

                      [Ayn] Rand gave us some of the finest analyses of a mixed economy—its premises, implications, and long-range consequences—ever penned by a free-market advocate.

                      In “The New Fascism,” for example, she compared a mixed economy to a system that operates by the law of the jungle, a system in which “no one’s interests are safe, everyone’s interests are on a public auction block, and anything goes for anyone who can get away with it.”

                      A mixed economy divides a country “into an ever-growing number of enemy camps, into economic groups fighting one another for self preservation in an indeterminate mixture of defense and offense.”

                      Although Rand did not invoke Thomas Hobbes in this context, it is safe to say that the economic “chaos” of a mixed economy resembles the Hobbesian war of all against all in a state of nature, a system in which interest groups feel the need to screw others before they get screwed themselves.

                      A mixed economy is ruled by pressure groups. It is an amoral, institutionalized civil war of special interests and lobbies, all fighting to seize a momentary control of the legislative machinery, to extort some special privilege at one another’s expense by an act of government—i.e., by force.


                    • Dear Brent,

                      It’s wonder more people can’t see the fallacy of both majoritarian democracy and constitutional republicanism.

                      I’ve often wondered why not. I think many well-intended people mistakenly equate objectivity with monopoly.

                      They don’t realize that a single, supreme “authority” laying down the law is not the same as objectivity. Monopoly is not objectivity.

                      The Catholic Church ruled that the solar system of geocentric. That didn’t make it true.

                      The irony is that if one seeks legal objectivity, one needs market competition to gradually discover and manifest it by means of common law, not statutory law.

                      Sadly even someone as brilliant as Ayn Rand failed to see this point.

                    • Good one, Jeremy. The progressive movement, circa the early 1900s, pulled a fast one by substituting democracy for liberty as the political ideal. Not coincidentally, the same era saw the images on US coinage shift from Lady Liberty to dead politicians, as well as legislation from Congress forbidding any building in DC from being higher than the Capitol building, on the grounds that nothing should challenge the majesty of government.

                      It is clear that the government indoctrination centers (great phraseology, Phillip) perpetuated the sleight of hand and continue to reinforce it today. One subject that I have never seen addressed, and which I would love to research if time would ever permit, is the effect of mass immigration from Europe around 1890 to 1910 on the public’s acceptance of democracy as the ideal, and on the ability of the progressives to enact their programs. I would guess that the effect was huge. Those immigrants came from countries where the government was everything. It would be natural for them to believe it should be the same here. What they overlooked, of course, was that the economic opportunity they came here for existed precisely because government didn’t control everything.

                    • “forbidding any building in DC from being higher than the Capitol building, on the grounds that nothing should challenge the majesty of government”
                      Another result of that prohibition is that there is a clear “line of sight” (radio wise) between the NSA at Ft. Meade and ‘the Farm’ in NOVA – or at least so says Tom Clancy

                • Dear Bevin,

                  I understand that you do not endorse Harris’ other views. However, I find his obsession with Islam to be hypocritical and dangerous. Of course, there is ample justification in a fundamentalist reading of the doctrine of Islam to support Harris’ views. But, he also denigrates the idea that Muslim “terrorism” is the product of anything other than the doctrine of Islam. He whitewashes the role that decades of intervention have played in radicalizing Muslims.

                  As you know, the US defines every military aged Muslim male killed in a “combat zone” as a terrorist (it’s like a sick Monty Python skit: “Why did you kill him?, because he’s a terrorist. How do you know he’s a terrorist?, because we killed him). Of course violent Muslim groups use religious rhetoric to attract recruits to the cause. But, the conditions have to be pretty desperate for people to be open to recruitment. But Harris insists that, absent these desperate conditions, Muslims would still be uniquely and disproportionately drawn to violence.

                  Perhaps he is right, but I find it unlikely.


                  • Dear Jeremy,

                    Point taken.

                    Decades of US “bombing for democracy” have surely contributed to intensification of Islamic fundamentalist hatred for the US and the West, and made an already warlike religion even more so.

                    I for one however, saw no signs of radical Islam spreading to the West before these decades of aggression against Islamic nations.

                    However bad Sharia Law might have been for their own domestic populations, it was not bleeding over into Europe. It remained a geographically contained phenomenon.

                    Some fellow opponents of the NWO say the Islamization of Europe is all part of a larger, more insidious plan cooked up by the NWO. Obama’s immigration policies tend to support that claim.

                    • Morning, Bevin!

                      I concur.

                      The U.S. government has been literally tormenting these people for decades and their rage is now boiling over.

                      Americans, in general, have this depressing inability to empathize with The Other. Imagine if what had been done to Iraq had been to the United States. A foreign power possessed of vastly superior force decided to “regime change” us, hurled bombers and fighter aircraft at us; killed tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people and laid waste to the country, then occupied it with brutal thugs and installed a puppet regime to proxy rule over us.


                      But we’re told they “hate us for our freedoms.”

                      It’s nauseating that people still buy it.

                    • “tormenting these people for decades ” – yes, in a couple more years it will be a full century, since we ‘assisted’ the Brits in parceling out the defeated Ottoman Empire after ‘the Great War.’

                    • Dear Bevin and Eric,

                      Yes, imagine if the Mexican government began flying military drones over areas of “known drug activity” in the US 24/7. Imagine that it claimed that “narco-terrorists” posed an existential threat to the people and State of Mexico. Imagine it claimed that Americans who purchased or sold drugs were allies of the “narco-terrorists and enemies of Mexico. Imagine that it claimed that anyone not actively fighting against these “narco-terrorists”, including low-level dealers, was to be considered equally culpable and could be targeted.

                      Imagine the Mexican government claimed that any male it killed in an “area of conflict” was a “narco-terrorist” and that the “few” civilians killed were to be dismissed as lamentable, but justifiable, collateral damage. Imagine it claimed the sole right to determine who qualified as civilians and who did not. Further imagine that, while conducting daily bombing raids that destroyed homes, apartment complexes, churches and schools that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of women, children and the elderly, it’s leaders preached to the rest of the world that the “difference between us and them is that we don’t target civilians”.

                      Now I, and any sane person, would condemn these actions by the Mexican government as criminal and entirely unjustifiable. But how does this imaginary scenario differ from actual US policy?


                    • “imagine if the Mexican government began flying military drones over areas of ‘known drug activity’”
                      Or even think of it this way – take the current situation in the Middle East – substitute Mexico for Iraq (or Syria), the US for Iran, and Russia (or China) for the US. I guess there are a lot of sheep that would say, “That’s none of our business.” But would the US gunvermin stand idly by in an attempted ‘regime change’ in Mexico? I don’t think so.

              • Dear Jeremy,

                Believe me when I say I am painfully aware of just how much US hegemonists intent on imposing universal liberal democracy, mirror “Islamo-fascist” suicide bombers intent on imposing universal Sharia Law.

                Obama’s Roadmap to World War III
                By Joachim Hagopian
                December 4, 2015


                In the last couple years US-NATO forces have intentionally pursued an aggressive path with a current trajectory leading humanity straight into World War III.

                In contrast to the West’s overt warmongering transgressions, the political, economic and military forces of the East in Russia and China have exercised far more prudent, defensive posturing that has demonstrated remarkable restraint, thus saving us from a potential nuclear holocaust that would certainly amount to the earth’s first known manmade caused mass life extinction.

          • Hey 8, while your wife’s Catholic education may not have been perfect, at least it wasn’t gunvermin indoctrination.

            • PtB, that’s exactly what it was. Only those who deny that the Catholic church wishes to rule the entire world could think otherwise.

              • Ah, the Catholic Church!

                Yes, if we’re talking about the Pope in Rome, we’re talking about the NWO.

                I was thinking more in terms of American Protestants who have a relatively casual relationship with church dogma.

                • The Catholic church ran the world, mostly via Spain for centuries. Columbus discovered America and the only people who were surprised was Columbus. Even the other sailors(Muslims as it were)on the Pinta cruised off and contacted the century and a half old colonies the Church kept quiet.

                  The Spaniards, via the church, had conquered most of all S. American tribes who they lumped together and called Aztec although there really were no such people. There various tribes, some quite large who necessarily didn’t get along.

                  Columbus discovering America is another of those “pubic education” lies. If he discovered America, how was it the Spaniards had been kicking ass for at least 150 years? They plundered hell out of the precious metal and stone markets killing 100’s of thousands or more indigenous people in the process and who accompanied every expedition, every ship that sailed back and forth? None other than the baddest assed priest they could find to keep the Spaniards from getting the Church’s gold and silver.

                  When It came to torturing people to get answers they wanted(where is the gold, silver, precious stone), the Priests were in charge of the process.

                  We’re speaking of the same church, the same group, the NWO so to speak that aided Hitler and Lenin and Stalin.

                  • The Church is inherently communist. Never understood why. I think it’s a shortsightedness of humans….
                    E.G., “Those who beat their swords into plowshares shall farm for those who do not.” TJ knew it was true a few different ways.

                    • Jean, it’s easy. Everybody is the same amount of having nothing while they give virtually everything they have to the church.

                      It’s not like the Vatican is a mud hut.

                    • @ 8South,

                      Give everything to the glory of god (and the governmnet of God’s Kingdom on earth shall live the high life… In service to God, of course. )

                      I am reminded of the Bishop in V for Vendetta… But the Vatican has LONG been known for such issues.
                      And the current antiPope is an exercise in Satanic worship (and I don’t mean Anton Szander LaVey’s Satanism, in the least, these people worship evil, not the self like Satanists.)

                    • bevin, holy shit….so to speak. I just read that linked article about the church. One line in there I was impressed with and enraged by at the same time.

                      ““Another statement, made by a nationally syndicated Catholic priest, perhaps is even more telling. ‘The Catholic church,’ he said, ‘must be the biggest corporation in the United States. We have a branch office in every neighborhood. Our assets and real estate holdings must exceed those of Standard Oil, A.T.&T., and U.S. Steel combined. And our roster of dues-paying members must be second only to the tax rolls of the United States Government.’” (…) ”

                      So who, beyond the priests, benefits from this money? No one I suppose except for their brokers and accounting firms.

                      My wife keyed me in on the Catholic church when she spoke of the opulent material possessions priests had. Father so and so, a really young guy, had a new GTO, a new Harley and was always going places. Even the old priests were excellent partiers. No doubt in my mind the priests took vacations where they wouldn’t be identified and blended into the population according to what she told me. Who needs girlfriends when you can afford high priced prostitutes….. or little boys, whichever way you swing?

                    • Dear 8sm,

                      Holy shit is right! Religious connotation intended.

                      Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst in a vintage BMW.

                      Bishop of Bling is a nickname that the Roman Catholic Bishop of Limburg – Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst – has earned for himself, due to funding his lavish lifestyle with Church funds.

                      Tebartz-van has been accused of buying first class tickets (when going to India to visit the poor) and spending over $15,000 on a bath for his home.”

                  • “the baddest assed priest they could find ”

                    Well, I’m not scared of any Catholics, not even their priests, but those fuckin Mormons make me a little nervous.

      • Lucifer, may be the reason we have women, that may also be why he went crazy and had to be smoted.

        Every whim of Yahweh has to be made manifest by an Angel apprentice and Lucifer likely did the deed.

        Under the hood of heaven he took these words and made them flesh: It is not good for man to be alone as we are, I will fashion for him a helpmeet blood of his blood flesh of his flesh.

        Think of angels as atomic engineers. They take dark matter and energy and quarks and somehow set them in a electro wave harmonic motion that we perceive as life.

        Old Scratch is today hung in Heaven as penance and is called both the morning and the evening star. Only as of late has science found these two one and the same the planet Venus in Rome, aka Aphrodite in Athens.

        In what world are any of us giving the globalist state craftsmen any kind of pass? It’s downfall from hegemony is this blog’s raisson d’etre to a large degree.

        Venus – Bananarama

        • Moses stoood on da Red Sea sho’
          Smotin’ that watah wif a two by fo’, sangin’
          Oh Lawd cain’t you line dem tracka-lacka.
          Oh Lawd, cain’t you line da track.
          Oh Lawd, cain’t you line ’em….

          See Eloise go a’linin’ track.

          Taj Mahal “Line the Track”

    • ” nihilization”

      Now here you’ve done made up a word. Didn’t we already have enough words out there clogging everything up and rurnin everybody’s life? Oh, it’s just one more word, you say. Ha! That’s what all the tyrants say and just look where we are now.

          • Dear Tor,

            Speaking of British TV series, I just binge-watched “Luther”, starring Idris Elba as a “Dirty Harry” style London Detective Chief Inspector.

            I’m sure it was unintentional, but this British police procedural/thriller revealed just how far the once proud Anglo-Saxon “noble savages” have fallen.

            Deprived of the right to keep and bear arms, they now cower helplessly when attacked by serial killers armed only with edged weapons.

            One episode showed a family of four or five attacked in broad daylight in their living room by a psycho serial killer armed only with a pick axe, who kidnapped them and moved them to a remote location where he proceeded to torture them at his leisure.


            Did not one of them think to rush to grab a chef’s knife from the kitchen, or even a fireplace poker from the living room?

            • It’s fear and cowardice. We’ve been domesticated.
              And there’s the concern that “child X” will be injured, so let’s not do anything to provoke them. After all, it’s not their fault they’re murderous savages, it’s OUR fault for being prosperous.

              Nation of sheep, governed by wolves…. UK, US, IngSoc reigns supreme.

              I’m with you, BTW: Kill the attacker or die trying. Most people I know are the same, and not just “on paper.” But I like the rough-and-tumble types, I fit right in.

              • Dear Jean,

                I was dumbstruck by the depiction of sheep-like passivity.

                I have to assume it was a reasonably credible depiction of how crime victims would react in the UK.

                After all, it won all sorts of UK awards.

                • You can see it here, too, often, and not just in movies…

                  You can see it with the criminals on “COPS” (as of the last time I watched it, circa 1990, and the clips they use to advertise the show.)
                  “I didn’ do NUFFIN!”
                  Like the child who says, “I didn’t eat the cookies…” with crumbs falling off their face, and chocolate smudges on their forehead… 😉

                  And a thug-scrum immediately follows at the first sign of non-compliance (obeisance, really, like a dog laying down, showing its throat, and urinating on itself).
                  Then, one skinny black guy gets mobbed by 3-10 officers, sitting on him, constraining arms, legs, head, driving him to the ground, and maybe beating on him…

                  Pro Wrestling has been a social disaster that way, as you have matches of 10 guys even, a melee, and it’s all choreographed, and everyone knows it is… But TV, we forget – it’s NOT choreographed, and this “stuff” REALLY. HAPPENS.

                  The Average Boob thinks he’s immune. Or not that dumb.
                  But it’s like a young man’s belief in his fighting ability. I used to be “decent” – but never had many fights. (My interest came from being assaulted and being punched out, so I had incentive.)
                  Young men think they can fight an army and win.
                  Us “older” fellows know better – and actually, have better odds, given our knowledge – and economy of movement. We know we have to “cheat” (dirty tricks, placement, controlling distance, breathing, cover up and retreat until the attacker leaves a hole, and, “if you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.”)
                  But we’re also not going to antagonize an army… 😉 (Usually.)

                  Most people really ARE sheep or rabbits. They fear violence – it’s like they think everyone else is a Spartan warrior, trained from age 7 in warfare… They fear it irrationally, even when they USE it against others. I don’t understand…

            • “Did not one of them think to rush to grab a chef’s knife from the kitchen, or even a fireplace poker from the living room?”

              See, then they would have been prosecuted for assaulting the poor, misunderstood psycho…er… I meantersay mentally ill person.

              A big difference between UK horror films and US horror films is that the monster in the UK film can be just an asshole with a knife. Disarmed slaves aren’t even allowed to imagine defending themselves with a weapon of any kind.

            • “lethal zombie killer bowie knife”….shit. Jim Bowie is spinning in his grave. He didn’t need zombie nor lethal nor any other qualifier to lay his enemies low.

              I like the machete with a sheath. Gee, what’ll they think of next, a sheath….for a machete. My machete is a hell of a lot longer than 17″ and has a sheath since every sharp blade needs one to protect”the cutting edge”, dumbasses and I suppose, my wife.

              At least she just takes her cuts and doesn’t complain. But most of hers are due to her chef’s knife or my axe. I had just sharpened my double bit axe and told her to be careful carrying it. We get through cutting firewood and she walks up the steps with the axe in front of her instead of to her side, runs into it with her knee and cuts her jeans and leg. Oh shit. No shit.

              I finally took a piece of 1″ abs tubing and split it and made two corners so it goes around the entire axe. I can honestly say I have never cut myself in those 30 some odd years of when I first put a new handle and sharpened it with my diamond hone and a couple years ago when I made the guard for it…..but she has.

              Next we’ll outlaw bricks. Ever dropped one on your foot? I guess cats are next, sharp damn claws they have even when they’re just playing. Of course dogs too or any other pet….like your goldfish. Next we remove glass from windows, sharp stuff it is and so is that aluminum frame on the corners.

              I can just see the new puncture proof nail and screw designs…..and screwdrivers too. Well hell, let’s just outlaw everything but marshmallows….but then again, that’s a hell of a choking hazard. Does danger never end?

              One of the best makeshift weapons I ever saw used was a spare tire a guy clocked another guy with. Well, those are nearly outlawed anyway……and then there are rocks…….and sticks……

              • Dear 8sm,

                Friggin’ insane, ain’t it? Irrationality verging on hysteria.

                Notice how regulating blade lengths is the edged weapon analog of regulating firearms magazine capacities?

                They’re missing the entire point.

                It ain’t the object, it’s what one does with it.

                One can have a “illegal” 30 round capacity M16 and shoot a home invader in self defense.

                No problem morally, objectively.

                Or, one can have a perfectly legal baseball bat, and bash in a random stranger’s skull with it as part of some sicko gang initiation.

                Big problem morally, objectively.

                How dumb can people get? I’m not talking about the demagogues who want to control us. I’m talking about the sheeple who buy into these “make us safe” arguments.

              • “she walks up the steps with the axe in front of her instead of to her side, runs into it with her knee and cuts her jeans and leg. ”


                Hope it’s not too serious.

              • Dear 8,
                Bricks are ALREADY illegal in Great Britain.
                Flowerpots, too.
                They think this will limit the crimes by blocking intent. It is illegal to defend yourself over there…. As, for example, the instant you pick up a flowerpot with the intent to hit someone with it (including the man sodomizing your 7-year-old daughter) – YOU become a criminal.

                Here’s the deal:
                TPTB like the Status (Statist) Quo. It means they get money through passive means, they get wealthy, just by breathing. It means THEY control the means of extortion, I.E. state-sanctioned force & violence.
                Everyone else? Is tax-cattle.

                The parallel is a society of Vampires, where the vampires are protected by full-time werewolves (in the half-man, half-wolf mode of “The Howling” – called crinos, war form. 7 foot tall, wolf’s head, claws, insanely strong.) The vampires suck the lifeblood of the “cattle” (us) while protected by the only ones permitted to use force (werewolves).

                I’m in the financial industry, a “too big to fail.” They are CONSERVATIVE, as in “risk averse.” Change = risk = potential to lose revenue. That means ALL change. As in, we have applications running on hardware that’s 10 years out of date. And the software is verging on 15 years out of date. Because a hardware or software upgrade might disrupt business. And, why spend money if you don’t have to? The WebLogic ($100K/license) infrastructure is FINE! (Runs Java 5. Java 9 is the current standard. We’re planning an upgrade to 8. Comparison would be, we’re running a 1920s Studebaker, soon will upgrade to a 1970s VW bus, and the current standard is a 2015 Hyundai. )

                I don’t know if this little rant makes sense, to outsiders, but… It’s like we’re frickin’ Fred Flintstone, pushing the car with our feet… And the competition is the Jetsons. So we decided to get a car that has someone PUSH instead of the driver running.

                This is part of why I cannot understand others’ reticence to use that “final solution.” This is “turning the other cheek” when slapped, in the “churchianity” understanding of it. (Literal understanding, turn your face and offer the other cheek. Actual meaning is more like, show your @$$ and tell them to “try it again.” I.E., Braveheart)
                No, we can’t ever respond to the violence directed at us with violence…
                We just embrace the Statist Quo and complain. And the State creeps further and further up our ass… We’re choking now, and still bending over, while the Pope tells us we’re Muslims deep down, and the state imports known violent actors to our shores and claims WE are the violent ones.
                And profits from that exploitation, mind, on BOTH ends. Supply both sides of the war, all the way down to the footsoldiers (recruiting and supplying the physical bodies).
                At what point do we acknowledge the Rubicon was already crossed, and we weren’t the ones who did it? It moved past US…

                My guess is, never. We’ll just be labeled “domestic Ter’rists” and sent to the FEMA Re-education death camp, without even a whimper. Hasn’t happened in Britain yet because they’ve already stolen the schools there… Why re-educate the populace when you can just educate the next generation? “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future…” {“Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” But if you change history, or teach the wrong lessons, you change the future…}

                How far do we allow our culture to be debased? Because we’ve allowed it to change by “X”; our children grow up thinking this is “normal.” As in, these children don’t know the pre-internet world. they can’t read, can’t comprehend. Surely that’s not accidental, if you want to stagnate progress…? Ensure your profits indefinitely?

                It’s the shepherd who must guard the flock. The sheepdog helps keep the flock together.
                The Sheeple imagine the shepherd to be benevolent.
                The shepherd enjoys mutton each night, though.
                And so does the sheep dog.

                And the closer we get to (the illusion of) a full-on Democracy, the worse it becomes, trying to put things right. Because the children were taught a lie, and it takes YEARS to undo that damage. And some cannot overcome their programming. (“Give me the child for 7 years, it will be a bolshevik forever.” -Stalin.)

                But we wait…

                And bitch.

                And point to “that loony” (kazinski, say)…

                And pretend we’re better, more noble, than that….

                “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” – Mao Zedong

                We keep this up, we won’t even have flowerpots, forget knives. And as people are removed more and more from the effects of violence, they stop understanding it. They’re not desensitized when their friend dies from a beat-down. They’re insensitive because they’ve never HAD a beat-down – maybe lots of bullying, but then, I’m the result of that: Can’t fight back, not allowed! And can’t do anything more than endure….

                So who has the weapons? Those who will do us harm.

                This is a self-defeating strategy.

        • Well just give me a nihilizectomy. I prefer to think in terms of nihilwasm, more past tense-ish, as it were. You may call me “His Dudeness”.

          • I have also created a word Ed. Purityrannical . (Puritan + Tyrannical , which describes the thinking of so many members of the Christian Right).

            • Dear Bryan,

              Good one.

              In fact, the mentality is the same as that of Islamic fundamentalists who demand the imposition of Sharia Law.

              Of course the Islamic fundamentalists are far worse in degree.

              • Hate to admit it, but yes.
                It’s as if the Westboro Baptist Church was representative of all Christians. Except Islam is historically (and currently) FAR more vile and violent. Beheadings, stonings, amputation are de riguer.

                But there are plenty who think passing Christianity as “the law” would make us a perfect society. They don’t realize they are just as guilty… (Forgiveness rather than wrath was the focus of the New Testament; they seem to not comprehend that.)

                • Vengeance is MINE, Sayeth the lord.

                  Seems pretty clear cut to me.

                  But that would bring down the whole prison/law enforcement complex, so we’d better downplay that one…

                  • “Vengeance is mine” is Old Testament.
                    I’m somewhat partial to “Spare the child, Spoil the Rod.” (Order intentional.)

                    Everyone’s a f*ckin’ hero these days. The latest Woman of the Year was a man.
                    Insane, people – and I’m the “normal” one, WRT having and using a brain, but I’m considered “fringe” by the peace-loving sheep… Who would lie down before the wolves, and cut their own throat, just to NOT endure “violence.”

                    American men don’t need a sex change op… They don’t have balls any more, those have gone the way of the manual transmission….

  3. Ever notice that police unions are “fraternal”? This should tell you something. The “thin-blue-line” is a gang, little different than street gangs–at least when it comes to “covering-up” questionable behavior by police.
    In today’s day and age, “officer safety” trumps de-escalation of force. This, in part, is due to the militarization of the police along with training in Israeli police tactics. This becomes a problem, with the “us vs. them” attitude that is fosters, along with the fact that Israel is a very different place, being on a constant “war footing”, and by necessity, its police tactics are very different.
    There are too many instances of police being “given a pass”, even when incontrovertible video and audio evidence is presented. Grand juries, guided by police-friendly prosecutors, quite often refuse to charge those police officers who abuse their authority.
    Police officers, who want to do the right thing, are quite often marginalized and put into harms way, by their own brethren…When a police officer is beating on someone that is already restrained while yelling, “stop resisting” THAT is but one reason police have a “bad name” in many instances…
    Here are changes that can help reduce the police-induced violence:
    1. Eliminate both “absolute” and “qualified” immunity for all public officials. The threat of being sued personally would encourage them to behave themselves.
    2. Any public funds disbursed to citizens as a result of police misconduct should come out of their pension funds–NOT from the taxpayers.
    3. Regular drug-testing of police officers as well as incident-based drug testing should take place whenever an officer is involved in a violent situation with a citizen–no exceptions.
    4. Testing for steroid use should be a part of the drug testing program. You know damn well, many police officers “bulk up” with the “help” of steroids. Steroids also affect users mentally as well, making them more aggressive. The potential for abuse of citizens increases greatly with steroid use.
    5. Internal affairs should only be used for disagreements between individual officers–NOT for investigations involving citizen abuse. State-level investigations should be mandatory for all suspected abuses involving citizens.
    6. Prosecutors should be charged with malfeasance IF any evidence implicating police officer misconduct is not presented to the grand jury.
    7. A national or state-by-state database of abusive individuals who should NEVER be allowed to perform police work should be established–a “blacklist” of abusive (former) police officers.
    8. Get rid of police unions. Police unions (fraternities) protect the guilty, and are responsible for the massive whitewashing of questionable police behavior that is presently being committed.
    9. Most people are unaware that police have special “rules” that prohibit them from being questioned for 48 hours. This allows them to “get their stories straight” and makes it easier to “cover up” bad police behavior. Police must be subject to the same laws as civilians.
    10. All police should be required to wear bodycams and utilize dashcams that cannot be turned off. Any police officers who causes a dash or body cam to be turned off should be summarily fired–no excuses. Today’s body and dash cams are reliable enough to withstand harsh treatment. Body and dashcam footage should be uploaded to a public channel “on the cloud” for public perusal.
    11. All interrogations must be video and audio recorded. Police should be prohibited from lying or fabricating stories in order to get suspects to confess. False confessions ARE a problem in many departments. Unknown to most people, police can lie with impunity while civilians can be charged with lying to police…fair? I think not…
    12. Any legislation passed that restricts the rights of ordinary citizens, such as firearms magazine capacity limits, types of weapons allowed, or restrictive concealed-carry laws should apply equally to police. No special exemptions to be given to police. Laws must be equally applied.
    Police work is not inherently dangerous…there are many other professions that are much more dangerous.
    A little “Andy Taylor” could go a long way in allaying fears that citizens have of police.
    That being said, I have no problem with police officers who do their job in a fair, conscientious manner…however, it is time to call to task those police officers who only “protect and serve” themselves

    • Dear anarchyst,

      I know from your tag “anarchyst” that you realize the real answer is none of the above.

      After all, solutions 1 through 12 are all predicated upon the efficacy of the fox guarding the hen house.

      But I would agree they are useful as interim talking points to convert others who run up against cognitive dissonance, who remain convinced that “We can’t live without government!”

  4. Pension at 50?, only if you started at 30. Try pension at 40, if you knew the right people (family) and got in early enough, and then get a cush fedgov job or go into private security after that retirement. $200k+/yr

  5. Now granted, I don’t (say) own a liquor store in a bad part of town, so I personally have no use for cops. I’d imagine most people like me (i.e. middle class, comfortable, working, surburbanites) have not need for cops. They are only a hassle. I guess if I had a cash-based business operating in a seedy area of town, I’d think differently. I also often wonder at what keeps the veneer of civility going on. Is it fear of the law? Conscience? What?

    • A sawed-off shotgun under the Licka Sto counter is far cheaper, and a much better deterrent, than the tax-fed cops. The cops may run off a few customers. The shotgun will only run off thieves of the non-badged type).

      Plus, you only gotta pay for the shotgun ONCE! You pay for the cops every year.

    • ” I guess if I had a cash-based business operating in a seedy area of town, I’d think differently. ”

      You might not think any differently once you find out that the cops won’t protect you, or even punish anybody for robbing you, and that they also don’t want you protecting yourself.

      I ran a cash business in a seedy area of town in Richmond for about 12 years, and never called the cops for fear they’d arrest me for protecting my own business interests or just for going armed without a CCL. Cops can kiss my ass; all cops, everywhere.

      On the veneer of civility, I don’t know what keeps it intact, more or less. I suspect that it’s because most of us are fairly decent and wouldn’t be able to live with ourselves if we did harm to our fellow humans. I doubt that fear of the law enters into the thinking of most of us.

        • Theoretically, the 2nd Amendment, along with its ‘brothers’ and the Constitution itself, is “the Law.” In actual practice, those in ‘authoritah’ act as if it either did not exist, or does not mean what it clearly states. Even (or perhaps especially) those who have taken an oath to ‘preserve, protect and defend’ it.
          So it’s worthless.

        • “Isn’t the Second Amendment “the Law”?”

          Yes, it’s the supreme law, in fact, but our illegitimate governments presume the authority to fuck with us in any way they please. CCL id a concealed carry license. I won’t get one and I carry whatever I need to inside or outside my clothes. It’s none of their fucking business.

          That’s one reason I won’t call the cops. Another is that calling them for whatever reason is inviting them into your business.

          • Sorry, Guys. I’m absolutely with you. I was just doing what everybody needs to do, point out that 2A IS the law, and nothing to the contrary is legitimate. And everybody walking around loose has that right and that there is no such thing as an illegal gun or a prohibited person, except those violent thugs who should never be out of the nut house or the pen.

            • The second amendment to the Constitution is most certainly the law of the land. And the only reason it hasn’t been utterly decimated by government is the years of activism by ordinary citizens insisting on their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

              To contrast, consider what has happened to the fourth amendment. It states that citizens are “…to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause…”

              Do you think that the Patriot Act, DUI checkpoints and asset forfeiture laws meet this standard? They most certainly do not, but people put up with it because there is no organized opposition against it. Without continued gun rights activism, things like gun buyback programs would probably be mandatory by now.

              • Keep in mind, ‘to keep and bear arms’ is not a Constitutional right. The 2nd Amendment is an acknowledgement that bearing arms is a human right, that the gunvermin is not to violate (or ‘infringe’). Same with the rest of “The Bill of Rights.”

              • “Do you think that the Patriot Act, DUI checkpoints and asset forfeiture laws meet this standard?”

                I find it amazing so few people get their backs up over those laws you listed. Shrubsuckers just can’t understand why I hate him and the rest of the Bush cabal and the Republican party(and Democrats, too frickin scared to not sign). The Patriot Act is enough to sour you completely on the Republocrats and the DC crowd.

                • The reason people don’t get upset over DUI checkpoints and asset forfeiture and the rest is because they believe the cops they worship will only use these on those bad people over there, not themselves. And for the most part the cops make sure to prey on the people who won’t be protected by society. They won’t do it to a suburban soccer mom in a luxury vehicle. They won’t find some pretext to take her car or contents there of 99 times out of a 100 or more. Why? Because they know that she has the resources to fight, go to the media, and people will stand behind her. So they pick on immigrants off to buy a truck for their business or minorities or whomever they know will be an easier victim.

                  There is an old PBS program called ‘hard target’ by a Chicago PD detective. Well it applies to cops as well as other criminals. Be the hard target and they’ll go elsewhere.

                  Also anyone who voices displeasure with these laws in public is labeled as condoning drunk driving or endorsing drug use or whatever. Typical social emotionally manipulative nonsense. Social isolation is the result.

                  • I got attacked in that way by a former employer. I heard about a DUI checkpoint that had delayed each driver by nearly an hour due to the long line. I of course pointed out that the DUI checkpoints are unconstitutional. That asshole replied: “You don’t have a right to drive drunk.” What audacity he had to make the assumption that I drive drunk!!!! Grrrr! I replied that the Bill of Rights states that we are to be considered as innocent until proven guilty, and the DUI checkpoints are assuming that we are guilty until proven innocent. He had no reply for that. He was a Hillary supporter though, and a corrupt narcissist, so I know that I had not changed his opinion.

                    • “He was a Hillary supporter though, and a corrupt narcissist, ” You forgot to add, ‘but I repeat myself’. 😉

              • Dear Dan,

                “… people put up with it because there is no organized opposition against it. ”


                “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”
                — Martin Luther King, Jr.

                Dubya was right when he said the Constitution is just a piece of paper, although not quite in the sense he meant it. The Constitution doesn’t really protect us, because government officials ignore it whenever it stands in the way of their insatiable power lust.

                What actually protects us is not any documents, but our beliefs. Tyranny prevails only because enough people assume that “Government is essential. Therefore it must be tolerated”.

                People think tyranny must be “overthrown”. They don’t get it. They think the revolution is “out there”. They don’t realize it’s inside their heads.

                • bevin, so true but govt. and the schools have ropa doped the public.

                  Many men have warned about this:”A general State education is a mere contrivance for moulding people to be exactly like one another; and as the mould in which it casts them is that which pleases the dominant power in the government, whether this be a monarch, an aristocracy, or a majority of the existing generation; in proportion as it is efficient and successful, it establishes a despotism over the mind, leading by a natural tendency to one over the body.”
                  — John Stuart Mill….and others

                  “Education is a weapon,
                  whose effect depends on who
                  holds it in his hands and
                  at whom it is aimed.”
                  — Josef Stalin

                  “We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses
                  hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.”
                  — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin……. have used it to gain total power.

            • Dear Ernie,

              The notion that “The Constitution protects us by stipulating what the government may not do to us” is an interesting paradox.

              Within the existing context, certain legal provisions may indeed protect us. For example the 2A.

              But from a larger context, constitutions and laws never protect us. They merely legitimize government oppression.

              No matter how often we repeat the mantra that “The Constitution merely enumerates pre-existing rights, and does not confer them”, the public perception will always be that rights are merely government privileges that may be rescinded at the discretion of the “legitimate authorities”.

              This is one of the many reasons why “limited government” and the “rule of law” simply will not do, and must rejected in toto.

              • Bevin, respectfully, I have to disagree. I do not dispute that constitution and law BY THEMSELVES are useless or worse. This was the point by (John Adams?) that the government established by the cabal of 1787 was only suitable to a moral and religious people and wholly unsuited to any other.

                The only liberty there is is that which is claimed by the individual. It has to come from within, it is functionally different for everybody. You cannot fight for another’s freedom. Everybody is somebody’s wierdo.

                There should have been impeachments and treason prosecutions from the very beginning of the USA. That there was not simply shows that the fix was in from the start.

                I don’t buy anarchy. It only works until something stronger comes along. Anarchy, Christianity, democracy, and communism all are impossible ideals.

                Freedom can only be found within. And to do so requires constant struggle against a hostile world and society. It requires fluid and flexible tactics. I found Sun Tzu to be some of the most profound wisdom I have ever perused.

                Some societies are more pleasant than others. But to be somewhat free in the Soviet union or the USA, you had to be (or have to be) nomenklatura, or effectively invisible.

                The USA’s chief virtues were its isolation and low population density. Those are gone, with extensive land available but tied up in the strong hands of the gentry and nobility.

                Nevertheless, I always make a point to the unthinking (liberals and conservatives among many) that the second amendment is THE LAW. It gives them something to cogitate upon, which cannot hurt my cause. Or yours…
                Be well, friend.

                • Dear Ernie,

                  I know you mean well. I really do. I used to take the same position.

                  “Anarchy leaves a power vacuum that must be filled. Better to fill it with a constitutional republic than let it be filled with something far worse”.

                  Not so.

                  Government is a vaccine that brings on the very disease it purportedly prevents.

                  Expecting “constitutional checks and balances” and “legal constraints” to prevent creeping expansion of state power is the height of utopian naivete.

                  Our “political leaders” are sociopaths who choose “public service” because they are motivated by insatiable power lust.

                  The harsh reality is staring us right in the face. How much respect do any of the current presidential candidates have for the constitution?

                  Park your new Lexus on the street with the keys in the ignition. Leave a note on the windshield saying “Please no not steal this car”.

                  That note is the constitution. Think it will discourage car thieves? As Michael Corleone told Kay Adams, “Oh, who’s being naive?”

                  Market anarchism, by contrast, is the diametric opposite. It is the furthest thing from utopian naivete. It is tough-minded realpolitik, rooted in a mature understanding of the dark side of human nature.

                  Like Taichi, market anarchism uses that dark force against itself. it fights fire with fire, and ensures the most benevolent outcome possible in the real world we inhabit.

      • Ed, I did the whole CCL deal, passed the tests while they screamed at me for emptying my gun into the head and faster than they said. They were constantly on my ass for being a good shot. “if you get into it and the cops look at what you did on this shooting…etc. bs bs”. Shit man, no cops were going to look at my silhouette’s if I shot somebody. They’d either leave me alone or not and no prosecutor is going to try to find out what you scored.

        Then they told me all this crap about if I chose not to shoot somebody and could have and back to my target shooting, more bs. Then there’s the aspect of shooting somebody’s eye….and brains out when you could have shot them anywhere….more bs. I got the paperwork, ran it through the shredder and used it to start bbq fires. Fish heads up their asses, firearms “instructors” and all the rest.

        • “Fish heads up their asses, firearms “instructors” and all the rest.”

          Yeah, they sound a like a bunch of shitasses. Here, if you want a CCL, you go suck up to the sheriff a little and he’ll give you one if your record is clear of felonies.

          The sheriff here can kiss my ass. I wouldn’t ask him for a match if I was having a nicotine fit. 😉

      • Amen that.

        I used to have to work in a bad part of downtown DC. It was illegal for me to have a gun for protection. But the cops did nothing about the criminals who didn’t much care for the law. So I carried anyway, the law be damned!

        As for civility: Most people are ok. I doubt nine of ten of my neighbors would behave any differently if cops evaporated tomorrow. And the tenth?

        I’ve got hoglegs for him.

        • eric, here’s a link just for you since you love autonomous cars so much. I spoke with a Volvo big rig driver last week. He’s afraid the auto braking is gonna get him killed.

          Volvo is the ultimate nanny road tractor too. And just so you know, the driver is an afterthought, no real skill needed(or so Volvo thinks), the new one I looked at had 4 gauges and everything else idiot lights. Horns on them are just like pushing the center of the wheel on a car and the air horn is just enough to qualify as legal so they’re really sick and since they’re well-insulated(one of the only good things about them)you can barely hear them, the problem being, everyone else can barely hear them too.

          I used to drive one and still drive another on occasion and while they’re good trucks for the road(as long as you don’t mind flying blind gauge wise), they suck bad for construction. That fuel pressure gauge, the turbo boost gauge and the pyrometer are sorely missed though, as well as temp for all gear boxes, volt and amp gauges, brake application pressure, oil temp for the engine, etc.

        • Dear Eric,

          “As for civility: Most people are ok. I doubt nine of ten of my neighbors would behave any differently if cops evaporated tomorrow. And the tenth? ”

          Dead on.

          In fact, if cops evaporated tomorrow, they would surely behave better!

          The authoritarian collectivists among them would no longer be able to delegate the dirty work of extorting money from you in the form of taxes, while pretending they did you no wrong.

      • Oh, and they said you were “obligated” to shoot people in certain circumstances. Such as? A bank robbery. Oh yeah, sure I will. Like I give a shit. There’d be lots more air to breathe if I shot everybody who ripped me off for a few grand but money isn’t that big a deal to me. I won’t kill for it and damned sure won’t kill for a bank’s money……or somebody’s 7-11 money.

        If someone else wants to shoot somebody for money, then that’s their business but I won’t be bullied into shooting someone for some “thing”.

    • There is no such thing as the”veneer of civility”, because the vast majority of people are not criminals. Most people just want to work, enjoy their family and leave others alone.

  6. Bastiat knew the difference 160 odd years ago, others before him surely but so pure and so succinctly was it put by him (Bastiat) that one wonders how confusion could be. Ahh, but confusion it is not, deliberate it is in the minds of controllers.


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