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EPautos has a new advertiser, Fantasy Motor Quarterly (see here), a kind of high-end (and worldwide) cars-for-sale classifieds that comes out – you guessed it – quarterly.

FMQ features “The worlds finest vehicles available for purchase. With a primary focus on vintage, exotic and luxury automobiles we also feature yachts, jets and any fantasy machine with an engine!”

I wonder whether they have ’70s Trans Ams …?

Well, they do have Bugattis – the focus of the almost-here April issue. And not just cars, either. If you’re lookin for a P100 aircraft, here’s where you” find one. Also Chirons and Ettores.

Serious stuff!

If you’re interested in that, check them out.

And – as always – if you’ve been thinking about a radar detector, consider the Valentine 1. It’s the one I use – so I’m not just making a pitch for advertising support. EPautos doesn’t accept ads that for products or service I can’t vouch for myself – or which I don;t use myself.

Likewise, I use Amsoil – and would use it (did use it) regardless of the decision to advertise here.

And anyone who cars about our motoring liberties ought to back (join!) the National Motorists Association. They got the 55 MPH highway speed limit taken down after years of battling – and they continue to battle against obnoxiousness such as red light cameras and automated speed cameras. If you ever need help with a ticket, they can be a godsend.

And thanks again to all of you who’ve supported this site and continue to do so. It’s what makes this possible, despite Goo-guhl and Gesichterbuch and all the rest of crony capitalist Cloverific cretins out there!

EPautos.com depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

Will you help us? 

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    Fantasy Motor US : Car News Home

    The Bugatti Page
    www. bugattipage. com

    Floyd Mayweather puts down 3.5 million for a Bugatti Chiron
    http: / / artofgears . com/2016/02/03/floyd-mayweather-puts-down-3-5-million-for-a-bugatti-chiron/

    • Hi Tor,

      At the risk of another PC Violation, I will say that I am anti-Abrahamic. I neither grok nor like the Abrahamic religions, which (based on my reading of the texts) are mean-minded tribal cults that have enabled (by encouraging and sanctifying) incalculable misery over a span of more than 2,000 years.

      I mean the Old Testament, the Talmud and the Koran. Vile, evil source waters of human unkindness. Chimpian “with us or against us” rationalizing of mass murder.

      The New Testament is better in various ways but still gimped by impenetrable (or at least, open to endless parsing that can never be resolved) language and logical contradictions. But the meanness one finds on almost every page of the Old Testament isn’t there, mostly.

      The Gnostics and other such heretics are more my kind of people.

      • eric, the shrub said something much more divisive, than your part of the quote. The statement was made to silence anyone who didn’t agree with him(his handlers). This was the real start of taking away the voice of any opposition.

        Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists,” he said.

        When he said it I got up and stomped around and called him every nasty name I could think of and nearly blew the tv away.


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