The War on Fantasy Football

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Paris just got shot up – and probably there are creeps out there looking to do the same (or worse) here in America. You’d think the federal government – and state governments – would have better things to do than launch a jihad against people who play fantasy football.prohee 1

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department and the FBI are “investigating” fantasy sports leagues sites FanDuel and DraftKings, not unlike 1920s-era Prohees went after people for having a beer, in violation of the Volstead Act, which illegalized alcohol.

Fast forward to now and the “vice” at issue is putting together a fantasy football team and playing against others who’ve done the same. This harmless – or at least, victim-free pastime – is now the focus of the same misguided moralizing busybodyism that gave us Prohibition back in the 1920s.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board recently decreed that fantasy sports constitutes “gaming” (like online poker) and therefore requires an expensive license – payable, naturally, to the government. The FBI and Justice Department are busying themselves with the constitutional non sequitur as to whether fantasy sports leagues qualify an exemption from the 2006 federal ban on Internet gambling.

Meanwhile, Jihadi John makes videos … and gets ready for more.

It would be clown car comical were it not so serious. The diversion of resources and misguided focus of the federal apparat is appalling – and unconscionable. You’d think they’d have better things to do – but apparently, not.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board, meanwhile, merely wants to shove its hands into people’s pockets – again.fantasy football

The bleating about the “dangers” of fantasy sports is risible. Because the object of this exercise is not to ban the activity. It is to control – and profit – from it. The objection – mostly sallying forth from the “brick and mortar” casinos that hold sway over pretty much everything that involves politics in Nevada – is that fantasy football (and so on) is the same thing as betting on the outcome of an NFL game and thus, “betting on sports” and thus falls under the existing laws that give state bureaucrats the empower to regulate and profit from such activity.

Except, there is no game. No actual players. It is fantasy football. Nothing actually takes place except in the minds of the players. To call this “betting on sports” is not unlike characterizing random thoughts about a pretty girl you saw at the bar as a marriage proposal. Pete Rose got in trouble because the teams he bet on were real – and the argument could be made that real harm might have resulted because real people were actually involved in actual sports contests. But a fantasy roster has no reality; there is no possibility of harm – no matter which “team” ends up winning.

The whole thing is silly – and vicious.

Is there anything the government won’t leave alone?

Who is harmed by guys getting online and putting their fantasy “team” up against other guys’ equally fantasized teams? Will the government decide that Halo5 matches also constitute “betting on sports”?

Probably – if there’s money and control to be had.Jefferson pic

Minimally, though, the Feds have no role – constitutionally – to play. There are bigger fish to fry – and regardless, this is a 10th Amendment case-in-point. Where is the legal authority for the federal government to involve itself in this matter? Why not leave each state free to decide what is – and isn’t – acceptable within its borders? That was what the Constitution intended. It is also why the 10th Amendment was added to the Constitution. To prevent federal over-reach by defining (and so, limiting) the scope of the federal government’s lawful authority. Lately – as in cases such as this – the principle of federalism, of leaving the states largely free to set policy within their borders – has been grossly abused through deliberate neglect.

One of the very real but not recognized dangers of federal involvement in this issue is that Washington could decree either way.

The hopeful assumption of the Prohees (so to speak) is that Washington will outlaw “online gambling” (fantasy sports and otherwise) altogether. But what if it does the reverse? Then states that don’t want it will have no choice but to allow it – just as states that do want it might be compelled by federal fatwa to disallow it. And if Washington can regulate – can dictate – on this question, what questions will it refrain from meddling in?

We live in crazy – and dangerous times. Which is why it’s so crazy – and dangerous – for government officials to be wasting their time (and our money) on nonsense such as micromanaging and persecuting fantasy football leagues. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. Why not a war on Fantasy Football. Once you accept that bars close at a mandated time. Or that its fine by you, that you take a moment to read the nearest sign, before you commence parking your own vehicle. Or that you private business must collect a sales tax in an arcane and abstruse method. Or that your kids must spend 20 hours a week, listening to absolute gobbledeegook.

    Then every kind of madness will flourish. When you appreciate the borders that protect you. That laws keep your jobs from going overseas. That rules protect you artistic creations and piecework items. When you defer to even one single instance of such absolute nonsense.

    When you capitulate to even the tiniest brute savagery and accept it as inevitable. And bark at any true man, who dares to say otherwise.

    Then you have become persona non-grata to every kind of independent person, who doesn’t do this. You become leprous Jihad hugging scum, as bad or worse than criminals, thieves, deadbeats, double-dealers, iron fist patriarchs, and many more unsavory sorts of zombies you must swerve away from and scrupulously avoid, just so you can continue to live some semblance of a human life.

    We live in a post-9/11 world, ya know!” you might hear. The translation of this is: “From now on you’re supposed to be so scared that you put up with all sorts of totalitarian bullshit!”

    As long as you accept authoritarian controls over society whenever you feel scared or uncertain, it will be in the interest of those in power to keep you feeling scared and uncertain.

    If you empower the ruling class whenever you are afraid, you are REWARDING politicians for endangering you. And basic economics dictates that what you reward, you will get more of.

    The last “false flag” stunt that will ever happen is the one to which the people respond, “Whatever risks and dangers exist in the world, no, Mr. and Mrs. Politician, you can’t have more power.”

    When the people reach that point, then nearly all terrorism and wars will cease. To put it another way, when YOU stop rewarding evil, most evil will finally stop happening.

  2. Wars on imagined football player assemblages. Wars on imagined protection racket assemblages. Are they not both totally absurd.

    Where is the maths that demonstrate, I must look up to Rahm Emanuel and his crew. Who again today are using giant scissors to cut some ceremonial ribbon at some kind of pseudo institutional flim flam shop.

    That’s just embarrassing to think about. What are you still 5 years old and waiting for Santa Claus too?

    A gang, actually fulfills a need of the community. It should be studied and regarded as vastly superior to Rahm and his Chi Town friends. Whose thicket of tomes and pamphlets aren’t even worth spending a moment reading about.

    How Street Gangs Work

    Why Do People Join Gangs?

    There are many possible reasons for someone to join a gang, but four primary reasons seem to describe most gang members:


    Many gangs exist mainly as a moneymaking enterprise. By committing thefts and dealing drugs, gang members can make relatively large amounts of money. People who are faced with a lack of money may turn to crime if they can’t earn enough with a legitimate job. This partly explains why gangs exist in poor, rundown areas of cities. However, not everyone who is poor joins a gang, and not every gang member is poor.

    Peer pressure

    Gang members tend to be young. This is partly because gangs intentionally recruit teenagers, but it’s also because young people are very susceptible to peer pressure. If they live in a gang-dominated area, or go to a school with a strong gang presence, they might find that many of their friends are joining gangs. It can be difficult for a teen to understand the harm that joining a gang can bring if he’s worried about losing all of his friends. Many teenagers do resist the temptation of gang membership, but for others it is easier to follow the crowd. Peer pressure is a driving force behind gang membership in affluent areas.


    With nothing else to occupy their time, youths sometimes turn to mischief to entertain themselves. If gangs are already present in the neighborhood, that can provide an outlet. Alternatively, teenagers might form their own gangs. This is why many communities have tried to combat gangs by simply giving kids something to do. Dances, sports tournaments and other youth outreach programs can literally keep kids off the streets. Unfortunately, many youths and even gang experts use boredom as an excuse. Authors of articles about gang violence often write something like, “There’s nothing else to do where they live.” Indeed, youth sports programs, swimming pools or even libraries are often in short supply or poor repair in tough urban areas. But for every teenager who gets bored and joins a gang, there are 10 who find positive, productive ways to spend their time.


    If poverty is a condition, despair is a state of mind. People who have always lived in poverty with parents who lived in poverty often see no chance of ever getting a decent job, leaving their poor neighborhood or getting an education. They are surrounded by drugs and gangs, and their parents may be addicts or non-responsive. A neighborhood gang can seem like the only real family they’ll ever have. Joining a gang gives them a sense of belonging and being a part of something important that they can’t get otherwise. In some cases, parents approve of their children joining gangs, and may have been a member of the same gang in the past.

    – This is the given, and probably false narrative. We need to look deeper and think more creatively, to truly arrive at a true understanding of how a free organisms, choose or are forced to become a member of a violence and protection racket super-organism.

    Gang Life
    There are three major types of street gangs, each defined by factors such as prerequisites for inclusion, location or gang activities:

    Ethnic Gangs
    These gangs define themselves by the nationality or race of the gang members. One category of ethnic gang is defined less by the ethnicities of the members than by the ethnicities they hate. Neo-Nazi gangs, skinhead gangs and white supremacist gangs unite because of their hatred for non-Protestant Christians, Jews, blacks and Hispanics.

    Turf Gangs
    Turf gangs define themselves by the territory that they control. The gang members themselves usually live within this territory. There may be a common ethnicity within the gang simply because some neighborhoods have a certain amount of ethnic homogeneity. These gangs often name themselves after the area they control, such as the 10th Street Gang or the East Side Cobras. If members of other gangs stray into their territory, the punishment is usually a beating or death. This can spark deadly turf wars between rival gangs.

    Prison Gangs
    When gang members go to prison, they don’t necessarily relinquish their gang membership. Street gangs continue to exist (and fight other gangs) inside prison walls. But some gangs start inside prisons, and only later do they extend their reach to the outside world. These gangs obviously require members to have been in prison at one time, and are particularly tough and brutal. One gang expert wrote, “Putting young gang members in prison is like sending them to criminal college”

    Again, this is the given consensus. And the groupthink on most everything is usually clear, simple, and woefully wrong.

    Turns out this is sketchy clickbait. There’s nothing here that describes how gangs actually function and behave.

    Might be, because all mainstream media themselves are aligned with various gangs, and it’s better for them to distract and deflect, than to shine any kind of truthful light, on how the world actually operates, and how basic ubiquitous entities like gangs, are structured and administered. To meet the goals of the membership.

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    J/K actually this truck has been in the family for 20 years, we use it to smuggle Spanish Rappers from South of the Rio up here, my Dads gave it to me as a graduation gift just as a beater work truck (as we have been using it for years for a base for hanging at Home Depot and pretending to work truck). To his surprise I decided to restore it and it is now ten times nicer than we ever remember it!

    This is my first attempt at a restoration and I feel like I did a pretty good job for an 18 year old 🙂 Please rate, comment, or subscribe and check out my other videos! Thanks and enjoy! (Some transcriptions error might have been made on my part, Toro Mexicano.)

    Fantasy Rugby, Who’s In Your Primero Row?

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  4. These types of wars are an existential threat, and should be carefully analyzed and not be treated lightly. I grew up in a hippie liberal house, where there were no hard and fast rules.

    But all too soon, I was sent to Catholic School. And there I was taught all kinds of rules. And even new languages and customs, I had barely been exposed to before being thrown in the deep end of rules and wars against all kinds of enemies, concrete and conceptual.

    Absolutely, all the wars us young boys were drafted into, and made to march against, were equally as seemingly mundane, as the latest LARP fest trumpeted on the news spigot as our “Krieg Against Fantasy Football.”

    This war on Fantasy Football is waged, often in a flashing, thunderous, lightning like manner and then shown to be won or lost, on a battlefield that they hope has been opened up deep within your mind.

    This war is about Gleichschaltung.

    Everywhere here, you can go into a room and see hundreds of contests from all over and can make all manner of wagers for $5 on up to a very significant sum. No such wars are here, so far.

    In the adjacent county to Las Vegas Metro, I can walk into a bar, and within a minute, I’ll have a young lady sit next to me and chat me up and see if I’d like any kind of “companionship.”

    As in the Seinfeld episode, it’s all very “adult” and reference is made only to what kind of “party” I might like to have with her and how much I might be willing to spend for such festivities.

    Most of you younger folk, probably have little experience with this. Unless you’ve visited Craig and his list of Casual Encounter seekers. Or be perplexed to live where bars never close. Where grown women stare into slot machines at the laundromat, while their kids wander about fending for themselves, or staring into their smart digiparent device.

    All around you there is arrested development. But isn’t that really what all these rules are about. Arresting our development for the sake of the common objectives?

    Everywhere in this Homeland, there are such intrusive and draconian rules. And then the marginal places with less rules. And also the vanguard places with emerging and even more constricting rules. It’s all a part of Gleichschaltung.

    Gleichschaltung “means” phasing, cooptation, synchronization, forcible-coordination, and enforced political conformity.

    This kind of war is in the plotline of every dystopian novel. The post SHTF drama building the action up to a crescendo-ing climax. Then ending with a conquering of individuals or with a triumph of the sovereign spirit and pioneer gumption of America as we remember it.


    DEFINITION: The shifting of an entire society according to a predetermined clearly defined world-view, philosophy or belief system, it also meant (theoretically) to build a classless society, a Volksgemeinschaft = people with same ideals; anti-ndividualism, a homeland where the individual exists only for the good of the nationalist and socialist ends of the superstate.

    e.g. Goebbels once said: “You are nothing; the Volk (people) is everything”)

    This is a lot of stuff to slog through. But it’s better to have too much, as an insurance. Than not to have enough, and continue to be mercilessly victimized by it.

    Because as you know, this is all mostly still going on. Despite the way its packaged, to emphasize we’re above all of it. We don’t suffer under a single party dictatorship. We have two major parties to choose from. And even start other ones, or replace the ones we now have as our masters.

    Fűher principle: Following, without questioning of authority, the worldview of one strong leader, personal sacrifice for the sake of the ruler and the ruling government established principles of conduct. Best expressed in the Enabling Act
    of 1933 which granted Hitler dictatorial powers and disbanded parliament.

    Another good example: A German soldier taking an oath not to uphold the constitution as in a democracy, but pledges loyalty to an individual leader = Hitler.

    Political parties: Only a one party system; no free elections; power rests in the hands of one party, The National Socialists (Nazi Party) and one leader, Adolph Hitler.

    The Military

    The SA, Hitler’s so-called storm troopers, were a type of private army which Hitler used to his advantage during the 1920’s and early 30’s to whip up support for the Nazi Party.

    The SA would often use violence to break-up political
    meetings of opposing parties, such as the Communist Party. When elections were held, the SA would be out in force “encouraging,” i.e. frequently threatening citizens to vote for the Nazis.

    After 1933, the SA became too powerful a force of its own; Hitler recognized that, if Germany were to go to war, it would need the support of the traditional Germany military machine, i.e. support of the elite General Staff officers, many of whom were soldiers in the first World War, many who were from wealthy, land owning families, many who were sympathetic to the concept of having and needing a strong leader and a strong military, many who were, at heart, suspicious of a democracy, such as the German Weimar Republic, established as part of the Versailles Peace Treaty ending World War 1.

    The SA was forced to dissolve about 1934 and most if its members were integrated into the German armed forces. The SS, Hitler’s elite military force was established to raise a generation of specially trained men who would follow orders without question.

    They participated, for example, as the Einsatgruppen (Special Forces) and were responsible for conducting the mass executions in front of open pit grave sites (usually dug by the victims themselves) of thousands of innocent, Jewish citizens and political dissidents. Especially in the Soviet Union. Many were concentration camp guards or, as Rudolf Hoess at Auschwitz, rose to the ranks of a commandant of a concentration camp.

    The Main Office of the Order Police participated in roundups of Jews, guarding and shooting of Jews in ghettos, concentration camps and in towns occupied by the Germans.

    Sicherheitsdienst SD = the Nazi CIA became the watchdog of the state, carefully monitoring the allegiance of all members of society, including the SS Heydrich was the leader of the SD and had tremendous power; he was present at the Wannsee Conference.

    The Foreign Office

    Civil servants and career diplomats working in the foreign office carried out Nazi policy on an international level: negotiated with governments under Nazi control for
    deportation of Jews to concentration camps (e.g., from France, Holland, Greece, Italy, Hungary, etc.).


    Although there was an attempt to undermine all religion and church related activities, many Germans still went to church on Sundays.

    However, there was a strong pull towards substituting organized religion for the Nazi belief system in which Hitler was viewed by many as a Christ-like savior of Germany. There was an attempt—which eventually failed—to substitute in Catholic schools, the picture of Christ and the crucifix on classroom walls with the picture of Hitler and the Nazi Swastika.

    Racism/Belief in the inferiority of the physically and mentally handicapped Anti-Semitism becomes official Nazi policy—belief in Jews as belonging to a race, which, like a bacterium or disease, wanted to destroy the pure, noble Aryan race; People with physical or mental infirmities become outsiders in German society and through the Euthanasia policy, begun in 1939, were murdered in state-run “MercyKilling” centers.

    Grotesque example of racism becoming public policy is seen in the establishment, within government bureaucracy, of Jewish Affairs Offices and Jewish Affairs Civil Servants who would study a family’s background to determine the “degree of its Jewishness” and later would determine who would be sent to concentration camps.

    The Nuremberg Laws defined a Jew as anyone descended from at least three grandparents who were racially full Jews. As the years past, policy was revised to include almost anyone with some degree of “Jewish blood.”

    The legal system

    Judges and lawyers all conform to Nazi doctrine. Laws are passed which take away the rights of Jews legally (e.g. The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 which outlaws marriage or sexual relations between Jews and Germans; eventually leads to removal of German citizenship from Jews and from professionals such as practicing physicians in state hospitals.

    Establishment of the so-called peoples’ court where judgments handed down by judges was determined by Nazi policy. German lawyers and judges who were directly working for the government were civil servants before Hitler took control of Germany and most remained faithful civil servants after Hitler came to power.


    Censorship of literature, (e.g. book burning on university campuses) film, visual and performing arts; Creation of a Reich Chamber of Culture which defined what was “good, acceptable” art; Jewish artists—musicians, writers, painters were no longer allowed to practice their craft.

    Newspapers could only print pro-government opinions. Anti-Semitism becomes recurring theme of articles and cartoons in Nazi daily newspaper Der Völkischer Beobachter and in the weekly, very salacious, vulgar weekly paper, Der Stűrmer whose
    editor Steicher was one of Hitler’s strongest supporters and one of the most virulent antiSemites in the Nazi party.

    Streicher later was the publisher of the infamous racist children’s book “The Poisonous Mushroom.”
    Radio was used as propaganda tool as well as films (e.g., The Eternal Jew). Goebbels becomes Minister of Propaganda, an extremely important position in a dictatorship.


    All curriculum followed Nazi ideology; a new subject was introduced into the schools: Rassenkunda (racial social studies); most subjects like biology, history, literature, even math (e.g. word problems with a racial theme) had a racial component.

    Teachers were eventually required to join the Nazi Party Teacher’s Union (1936), if they wished to keep their positions.

    Principals and teachers who did not follow Nazi dogma were dismissed. The Education Ministry determined curriculum which emphasized the superiority of the German nation, the Aryan race and the inferiority of any group or individual who did not conform to pre-determined, Nazi standards. (e.g., physical fitness was emphasized—a healthy body became a prerequisite for a healthy i.e., Nazi mind; one who excelled in sports was considered more worthy than the “book worm”.)

    Jewish professors lose their university positions; Jewish students barred from the German university.

    Establishment of the Hitler Youth where both boys and girls were indoctrinated into Nazi philosophy; the Hitler youth organization took the place of religious youth organizations which were no longer permitted; Hitler youth ceremonies often took on the look of a religious service; young people professed their faith not in God or Christ but in Hitler and National Socialism. Children could begin to participate as young as 6 years of age. Uniforms were often worn in school and many teachers became active as HitlerYouth leaders.

    Camp-outs were encouraged where young people would be trained in map reading, and learning how to hike like future soldiers; they learned how to use weapons; lectures were given about German’s heroic past and its glorious future, traditional German folk songs and new Nazi patriotic songs were sung around camp fires and were spiritually effective indoctrination tools.

    Business and Industry

    Hitler knew that he needed big business on his side if he wanted to wage a war against other countries and against the Jews. The Krupp industry became a main supplier of military weaponry and the chemical company, E. G. Farben produced the gas, Cyclon B which eventually was used in the concentration camp gas chambers.

    Construction companies were hired to build gas chambers and crematoria. Many of the sources available document that the Nazi “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” was often viewed as a dispassionate, “get the job done” objective.

    In some of the memos written, for example, before and after the Wannsee Conference on January 30, 1943 when the “Final Solution” was officially discussed, albeit with euphemistic language, we observe that the language employed by Nazi officials is often the same type of language found in most business communications:

    1. a goal to be achieved is set forth,
    2. the experts in various areas are called on to use their expertise in achieving
    the outlined objectives,
    3. deadlines are set forth,
    4. efficiency—time on task management—is a major concern,
    5. financial resources must be taken into account, etc.

    Trade Unions were outlawed and no worker or organization was permitted to strike; unions were considered to be Communist controlled. The German Railroad’s participation in genocide is an outrageous example of the “business as usual” mentality of Nazi perpetrators; the SS had contracts with the German Railroad to transport Jews and other undesirables to concentration camps in the East. The Jews had to pay for their own transportation, euphemistically referred to as resettlement.

    One of the saddest of ironies: children under 5 years of age went for half-fare. Participation was wide-spread—from the conductors who ran the trains, laborers who repaired broken railroad tracks, small-town railroad civil servants whose stations were stopping points for trains on their way to concentration camps, from high, level managers who coordinated the timetables so that the trains would efficiently run to “pick-up and deliver” their “loads,” only to immediately turn around and begin the process all over again, from railroad management personnel who worked directly with the SS in preparing transportation lists of those who were to be sent away and whose signatures appeared on many railroad documents.

    Banking “industry,” working very closely with the Finance Ministry was also involved in genocide: they accepted money confiscated from Jewish owned businesses which the Nazis took over or closed down. Banks became the intermediaries between Jews who owned businesses in Germany and the Nazi government. Firms, once Jewish-owned, were aryianized. The gold-teeth taken from prisoners before they were gassed and burned was melted down and deposited in German banks.

    Professionals from all walks of life

    Most notably the many doctors who were active in the Nazi
    Euthanasia policy; the doctors whom like Joseph Mengele, conducted so-called scientific experiments on prisoners in concentration camps; doctors who could determine, by the movement of a finger, those who would die immediately in the
    gas chambers or those who might temporarily live. Also involved: chemists who perfected the gas for the gas chambers; engineers and architects who designed the gas chambers and crematoria; physicists who worked on experimental weapons.

    The Family

    Large families were encouraged. The more children one had, the better Nat-Soc one became. Mothers with five or more children were given Mother’s Day medals and had front row seats during May Day parade.

  5. The tenth amendment forces the states to compete with each other. If one state makes something illegal people move away to a state where it is legal. If one state taxes too much people move away to a state that taxes less. By using fedgov there’s no where to run. So states that want to control and tax seek to have fed gov force it on other states so they don’t have to deal with any downsizes to their greed and control freakism.

    • 4 Steps to Get Started Today

      A system with the X of the tenth amendment. And the X of secularized deistic sacred wonder and supporting common dignity of fellow travelers.

      X’er Movement. Tenther Movement. Deistic, Holy Greco Roman Scholarship traditions movement. X’ers where X is for “Christ” which means simply “king.”

      (I mean civil religious only in the historical shared trust sense.

      A secular sacredness, not necessarily mystical commonly held generally accepted principle of what this country is “supposed” to be. A narrative of what we once were. As well as an objective exposition of who we now are.

      And to what degree, if any, we can each proselytize and mission complete political actions to achieve a shared vision of who we want to be in the future.)

      Start with one of these issues. Choose something that’s important to you. With nearly constant federal overreach, there’s an endless litany of acts that need to be nullified. But, focusing – issue by issue – is a strategy that works.

      Lead a Campaign from below. NSA/Spying. 2nd Amendment Preservation. State Marijuana Laws. Right to Try. Hemp Freedom Act. Police Militarization. Nullify Agenda 21. Obamacare.

      More details and guidance for Xthers here:

      X is Latin for tenth. As in the Tenth Amendments.

      X is like the Christ in Christmas. A secularized Paine-esque purely reason based conception of classic deism and locally attended moral institutional congregations and clubs.

      Drones. Common Core. NDAA: Indefinite Detention. ALPRs/License Plate Tracking. Many more.


      Once you’ve picked an issue to work on, take a look and see the status of legislation in your area. During the “off-season” when legislatures are out of session, it’s good to get acquainted with bills that may have been introduced in the past, too.

      Also, review the model legislation provided, which is the best combination of a move forward to nullify unconstitutional acts, and the ability to actually pass.


      Next up is action. While there may be specific actions, phone calls, events, and the like for your area, there’s a general rule of thumb on what needs to be done. a) Get model legislation in the hands of your state and local legislators b) Call them back after a week or two to find out if they’ve decided to support or introduce the bill c) Find others to do the same….


      There’s strength in numbers! You cannot nullify an unconstitutional act on your own. But, you can take action that will help create a domino effect. Invite your friends to join you, and together we’ll push forward for liberty!

  6. Its like the Chicago red light and speed camera scandal going on. Its pretty clear to anyone paying attention that it is for revenue (to the tune of 80 million a year!!), nothing else.

    But they bleat that its for the public “good”……………

    • Sarcasm? The troof as I know it….the end all be all. Any subject researched will turn up something, some case, that has to do with the commerce act.


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