Routinizing The Police State

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Police impose checkpoints, deploy drones at high school football game

At the entrance to a Summerville High School football game, police officers scan fans with metal detectors and examine personal belongings in a bin.  (Photo: WCIV

SUMMERVILLE, SC — Fans were startled by the heavy presence of police officers, drone surveillance, and warrantless checkpoints upon entry at the local high school football game.

The prison-like security at Summerville High School was called “the reality of the world we live in today.” As students and fans filed into the homecoming football game on Friday, October 24th, 2014, they were forced to place their belongings in a bin for police examination, then walk through a metal detector. Stadium-goers were restricted from bringing certain items into the stands.

A Summerville High School student is startled when a metal detector buzzes as she tries to enter the homecoming football game.  (Photo: WCIV

“It is very scary to come here tonight,” said Summerville resident said Ann Almers to WCIV. “It’s such a change, I’ve been coming to the stadium for so many years. Now we have armed guards. I couldn’t carry my purse, I forgot my phone. I’m a little out of sorts.”

Fans also were quick to notice the conspicuous presence of police officers mixed among the crowd and perched on the rooftops, surveillance drones whirring overhead, and even SWAT team members ready for action.

The security bonanza was imposed because school district officials had allegedly been tipped off that rival gangs might fight at the game, WCIV reported. No incidents of violence were reported.

The event might have been the site of the most elaborate and intrusive level of security employed at any high school sports event to date. With a precedent set, more schools are sure to follow suit with drone surveillance and police checkpoints.

See video of the checkpoints via WCIV:



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  1. The Summerville cops will now blow their own trumpets regarding the “success” of their operation in stopping gang violence, without any gang members even visible. Because if this lie, it’ll happen again.

    Tell one of them that he’s part of the only violent gang there and you intend to prove it.

    Ignore the checkpoint.

    Proof will rear its ugly head in 3.. 2.. 1..

  2. How many more years will pass before rectal examinations by the patriotic hands of the heros will be done at such venues?

    • “How many more years will pass before rectal examinations by the patriotic hands of the heros will be done at such venues?”

      The Masses – “Don’t be silly, they would never do _____________, the people would not put up with it!”

      How many examples can you list over just the last 20 years?

      Same as it ever was, and unfortunately, will continue to be. Likely at an accelerating pace. Especially here in Canada where two nutcases have triggered full on Terroristphobia and the Government is wetting itself in anticipation of the new powers they are going to ram through unopposed. Harper is just itching to copy the USA.

      • I saw one report on the shooter where they said he was dressed in black, as was the custom of terrorists. So what does that say about SWAT teams?


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